Move to Heaven (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Before you sign the statement,
let's go over everything again.
First, you went to Lee Seon-yeong's
at 20:00 on the night of the incident.
How many more times
does he have to repeat himself?
It's okay.
Around 8:00 p.m.,
I went to her apartment to talk with her.
I wanted to talk it out
and change her mind.
I thought she pushed me away
-because the idea of marriage scared her.
The moment I saw her,
I knew she was the one I'd marry,
so I hurried on with our wedding.
I felt like I scared her
by moving too fast.
So, I was planning to tell her
we can take things slow.
You have to stop this!
Calm down, and hear me out.
I'll kill myself.
I'll kill you!
Drop the knife, and let's talk.
Seon-yeong, drop the knife!
Is this 911?
My girlfriend is injured.
Please come quickly!
-Out of the way!
Officer Oh, hold him!
Step back. Wait here.
Please calm down.
Step back.
Uncle, draw the curtains.
Na-mu, close the door.
The curtains? Okay.
What is it now?
When we deal with a crime scene,
we must remove all the bloodstains.
After the primary cleaning, we must remove
the wallpaper and floor paper.
Thinking that the murder took place here
gives me the creeps.
Because it's horrible.
The culprit's been arrested by the police.
The body has been taken for an autopsy,
so there's nothing scary or creepy.
You don't need to be creeped out, Na-mu.
They are finally cleaning Unit 201 now.
They should've done it sooner!
Think of others in the building.
The housing prices dropped
because she was killed here.
The police had been here before.
How did she end up like that? Ugh.
He seemed to be a polite and friendly man.
I wonder why she did that.
Are you a corpse cleaner?
-My mom said
you'd spread germs if I talked to you.
Jun-su, come here now!
-Hae-sol, come here.
Come here!
A corpse cleaner?
Darn, unbelievable.
Feeling tired?
Excuse me.
I represent the committee of this complex.
You'll be done today, right?
Well, we can't say that for sure.
You must by today.
And about your van.
Can you move it to somewhere else,
so no one can see it?
Please do that now.
The residents are
really stressed out over this.
It's bad for kids' education too.
Do it quickly and leave.
Please. Okay?
And you aren't allowed to smoke here.
How is this bad for kids' education?
People don't like it
when death occurs in their surroundings.
Dad and I have been
often asked to move our van too.
Not to bother other residents,
we have to work with doors
and windows closed even in summer.
So how much more work do we have?
We clean it out today,
and we'll be back to sanitize tomorrow.
Oh boy.
Did you put them aside
to give someone again?
We'll go to Ms. Lee's kindergarten.
Gosh, count me out.
Instead, I'll wrap it up here for you.
Ugh, I'd rather be treated
as a criminal by those ladies
than deliver the deceased's stuff
to people who don't want it.
Okay? What the fuck?
You bitch!
You'd never get away
unless you die, bitch!
-Then kill me now.
-What? You shut your mouth!
You bitch!
Don't move.
Like a bitch, like a son.
You fuckers never listen!
I'll get my way!
Come here. I said, come back here!
Come here!
You need more beating!
Just kill me now! Just kill me!
Kill you?
I'll never let you get your way.
I'm sorry,
but we can't take these.
Sorry? Why not?
Her students believe
Ms. Lee just went on a trip.
I can't give these saying
they're gifts from their dead teacher.
It'd be awkward.
Why is giving a gift awkward?
Ms. Lee wanted to give these books
to her students as a gift.
For Min-su, the sleepyhead.
For Seong-min,
who hates brushing his teeth.
For Jun-su, the troublemaker.
For Ji-min, the shy one.
For Seo-jin, who loves insects.
For Mi-rim, who thinks she's fat.
She handpicked them for each student.
I understand, but--
Then how about this?
Without telling them
they're from Ms. Lee,
maybe you can have them read it.
What a waste they would be.
Okay, I can do that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Wow, how fun!
I'm glad she's taken the books.
What's wrong?
We need to meet
Ms. Kim Eun-mi of Rose Class.
What's this?
It's a gift from Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
It's my fault.
If she weren't my friend,
she'd still be alive now.
Those two met at my wedding.
Watch the steps.
-Bye, Ms. Lee.
-He was a guest for my husband.
He fell in love with Seon-yeong
at first sight
and pursued her, but it was one-sided.
At first, she just put up with him.
Later, she had no choice but to seek help.
But no one believed her.
When I suspected something's wrong,
things already got dangerous.
That's why
she quit her job and tried to leave.
But that jerk found out
and went to see her.
That's all lie.
I told the police about it.
Seon-yeong would rather die
than point a knife at someone.
Poor Seon-yeong. I am so sorry for her.
I feel so guilty.
It wasn't there.
It wasn't there.
It wasn't there!
Hey, I'm trying to get some sleep here.
Okay? What are you doing?
There was no dog.
Maybe a cat? No cat either.
What are you talking about?
There was no pet.
There was no pet at Ms. Lee's place.
What kind of random nonsense is this?
Ms. Lee didn't have a pet.
That's why we must go to her place now.
Go where now?
To Ms. Lee's place.
In the middle of the night?
It's far from here!
Hey, kid!
Darn it.
You said you didn't know
Ms. Lee quit her job at the kindergarten.
That's right.
So you went to her place to talk.
What happened after that?
Darn it.
Hey, kid, see?
There's nothing in here.
What is it that you're looking for?
Petkit Mate. Color, white. Weight, 599 g.
Size, 9 cm in width, 12 cm in length.
Audio system, two mics and two speakers.
A camera in full HD, 1080p.
Wireless transmission
with a 2,4GHz band.
-It can capture, save, and share a moment.
You can take a photo or video
and easily share
the special moment with friends.
It rotates 360 degrees.
The unique rotating bottom allows you
to check every corner of your house
without a blind spot.
She said she'd go on a trip.
I asked her where and for how long
out of concern.
She told me to back off,
and the fight began.
I said I'd tell her parents about it
if they didn't know.
She got worked up and started screaming.
Then, she got the knife from the kitchen.
She threatened to kill me and herself
if I told her parents that.
Then she started to swing it at me.
I was afraid
she might hurt herself with that knife,
so I had to take it from her.
We wrestled over it quite a bit.
Then I fell with her in my arms.
A wide angle of 110 degrees.
A camera with a wide-angle lens
of 110 degrees
enables you
to monitor every hidden corner.
Wait, a camera?
Is it what you're looking for?
I don't think there's one in here.
Full HD videos of two million pixels.
The 1920-by-1080 HD resolution enables
you to monitor without missing a spot.
When I came to my senses and got up,
I saw too much blood.
At first, I thought it was mine.
But it was Ms. Lee's.
Hey! Move aside.
I'll have a look.
I'm telling you. There's no camera here.
You need to call
your cop friend now.
So I immediately called 911 on my phone
-until they came--
-He gave her first aid.
Don't you have
the specifics of his indictment?
He's such an honest suspect,
which is rare to see.
Let's sign the paper.
Hang on a second.
Mr. Kim Yong-u,
let me check with you one last time.
I swear…
I really loved Seon-yeong.
This bastard is pure evil.
Seon-yeong, this will be the last time.
Let me say one last thing before I go.
I swear it won't take five minutes.
You can call the police
if it takes longer.
Don't do this to me.
I'll keep banging on your door
until you open it.
Do you want neighbors
to call the police like the last time?
What do you want?
What are you--
I told you.
There are only two ways
that you can leave me.
It's either I leave you,
or you have to die.
Is this 911?
Please come quickly.
Out of the way! Now!
Officer Oh, hurry!
Calm down.
Mr. Kim Yong-u.
You'll be indicted
for the murder of Lee Seon-yeong.
APRIL 2020
Geu-ru, say hello to the prosecutor
in charge of Ms. Lee's case.
I didn't expect to see such a young man
when I heard he was a trauma cleaner.
I'm Han Geu-ru, 20 years old.
Well, first off,
can you please tell me
how you could find this critical evidence
when my team couldn't?
The second box in the small room
had manuals for electronic devices.
TV, washing machine, air conditioner,
laptop, air purifier, air fryer, and--
A camera, right?
There was the user's guide, but no camera.
A Petkit camera is for monitoring pets,
but Ms. Lee didn't have any pets.
So I found it odd.
I can't sleep when things are odd.
Thank you.
Because you found it odd,
the truth could come out.
Because you couldn't sleep,
Ms. Lee could finally rest in peace.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you have something else to say?
That man.
I have something to show to the man
who did that to Ms. Lee.
What is it?
I love you the second-best
to my mom in the world.
Ms. Lee Seon-yeong of Azalea Class
is the prettiest in the whole wide world.
Ms. Lee, I'm sorry I ran away
when I had to brush my teeth.
Ms. Lee, I promise
I will eat carrots from now.
Please don't go.
I want to marry you
when I grow up, Ms. Lee.
Wait just 20 years.
From Azalea Class
of Neulchan Kindergarten,
Min-su, Ji-min, Seo-jin,
Seong-min, Jun-su, and Mi-rim
loved Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
But you, Mr. Kim Yong-u,
did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
You did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
You did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
You did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
You did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
You did not love Ms. Lee Seon-yeong.
I have a question.
Is this how you always handle
the deceased's belongings?
I don't understand what you mean by that.
Well, it seems like the deceased
only tell you important stories.
How did you know?
My dad said the deceased tell their story
when looking at their belongings closely.
I see.
without our willingness to listen,
my dad said we couldn't hear it clearly.
Take it. It's my business card.
Do you see the number here?
Should anything happen to you
or to Move to Heaven,
don't hesitate to call me anytime.
I don't need it.
-Why not?
-Because I memorize it all.
Lee Ju-yeong, Division 4,
Seoul Nambu Prosecutor's Office.
390 Geonju-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.
Zip code, 08899.
Phone number, 02-3129-4200.
Fax number, 02-3129-4255.
How will you pay this week's interest?
It's five million won.
If you can't make it,
a fight at tomorrow's game will do.
A real estate office?
-The man who has just left is my uncle.
He thinks he gave you the wrong address,
so he wants me to check with you.
He said it was 4, Haneulsan-ro 29-gil.
Did I get it wrong?
No, that's the correct one.
He wanted to sell it quickly
so that he could get the deposit soon.
But tell him since it's not an apartment,
it'd take time.
But I'll try to get him the best deal.
Okay, I'll tell him that.
What's this?
It's a baby monitor.
It's for a mom
to hear a baby crying, right?
My mom and dad used it when I was a baby.
I tested with my dad before.
I could hear him
even from the storage room.
It's like a walkie-talkie.
Whoa, this is really cool.
All righty.
-Please let me go.
-Get in, damn it.
-Darn it.
-Get in.
-I won't do it anymore.
-Just fucking get in.
-I'm begging you.
-Get in.
-Please just this once.
-Damn, get in.
Please this once.
-I'm sorry!
Dad, you're going to kill Mom! Please!
-Who do you think you are?
-Stop it!
-Mom, go. Just run away!
-What the fuck? Get off me, punk!
Don't hurt them. They can't fight back.
Kill me instead!
Are you fucking crazy?
Face the fucking wall!
What a fucking nutjob.
You little punk.
You little--
Who are you?
A passerby.
Then mind your own business, and pass by.
I'd really love to do that,
but there's no other way,
but here to get to my house.
And you're literally getting in my way
when I do my daily exercise.
So what?
If you promise me
you won't lay a hand on her,
I'll reconsider.
See? Happy?
let's each go our own way.
-You liked that, bitch?
Come to think of it,
I just remembered one thing.
A bastard like you
never gets out of this shitty habit.
You little--
Where's your uncle?
He's in the shower.
Tell me, is everything all right
when you're alone with him?
What do you mean by that?
For example,
does he yell at you
or try to hit you?
Uncle does
yell a lot.
And he often practices
hitting other people.
His exercise appears to be scary,
but he never hits me.
Okay, then.
However, if anything happens
when you're alone with him,
make sure you scream near that tent.
-Not really.
If something happens, we should call 911.
They won't come
even if I scream near the tent.
I'll come running.
I'll be swifter than they.
-You are hurt.
Your wrist is bleeding.
It is nothing.
I tripped during my exercise.
I didn't realize I got hurt.
-You must see a doctor if you're hurt.
-No one sees a doctor for this.
Forget it.
Then let's apply ointment.
Uncle, you could pass away
unless you got it treated.
Mr. Kim Seon-u
whom I cleaned up after with my dad
passed away as he left his wound
from work untreated in time.
It caused his parents to cry a lot.
I have no parents to cry over that shit,
so it doesn't matter.
I understand. I'm coming now.
Please follow that taxi.
Is he your boyfriend?
Is he cheating on you?
Yes, so please hurry.
Shoot. Darn it.
-In here?
-There's such a place?
-In here?
-How can it be?
There's a secret passage
no one knows about.
What the--
There really is!
Wow, this looks fun! Where is it?
It's awesome!
What is this place?
-I can't believe it.
It looks fun.
-Now it starts.
-How much did you bet?
Darn, I bet a lot on him.
And now!
The moment you've been waiting for.
The highlight of the night.
Crush, the rising star
versus the prodigal fighter,
We will begin this big match shortly.
If you haven't made your bet yet,
you should hurry.
-Ten, nine, eight,
-Nine, eight,
-seven, six,
-seven, six,
-five, four,
-five, four,
-three, two, one!
-three, two, one!
Whom did you bet on this time?
He seems like an old geezer.
He's a so-called human murder weapon.
For real?
He sent an opponent to the other side
with one punch.
He's the legend I've heard of?
He came back after serving time.
That's it!
The legend, my foot!
He's only being beaten up!
He might have a plan.
He's a freaking psycho once he snaps.
He'll show what he can do
when the stakes go up.
That's it!
The legend, my ass!
Nice! Destroy him!
How much did you bet?
I'm going to rake in some dough.
Gosh, what's wrong with him?
Is he for real?
Geu-ru, what shall we do?
They say your uncle is a murderer!
Subtitle translation by: Jean S. Kim
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