Move to Heaven (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Hey, you!
Don't move, damn it!
Hey, come here, fuck!
Hey, come here!
Bring me morphine, targin, and fentanyl.
Now, you fuckers!
-Don't move.
-Take it easy, sir.
The wound on your shoulder
needs to be treated first.
-I'm a doctor, so--
-Cut the crap.
Bring me the drugs. Now! Stay still.
Okay, I'll give you the drugs,
-but let her go first.
-I don't trust you!
Don't move.
When I approach you with this,
you let her go, okay?
Stay close.
Stay still.
Stay still.
Fuck! Shit!
Let go, shit!
-Let go!
-Calm down, sir!
Let go! Damn it!
Don't move! Stay still!
He's a so-called human murder weapon.
He sent an opponent to the other side
with one punch.
A real monster.
Geu-ru! Get away from him!
You are in danger!
Get away from him, Geu-ru!
You're in danger!
Han Geu-ru!
So you are a cop now, huh?
-You look good in the uniform.
-Thank you.
Come here.
Hey, Jun-yeong was on patrol
and came here to say hello.
Anyway, you got the looks and manners.
What a perfect guy you are.
You're too kind. I was just in the area
and saw you out here.
So I just came by to say hello.
You can be straightforward with me.
You wanted to check in on her, right?
Since you two were kids,
I knew you always admired Na-mu.
Everyone in the neighborhood knows that.
Wait a minute.
Are you guys being awkward with each other
just because you haven't met
for a few years?
-Cut it out!
Actually, a few days ago--
Right, Park Jun-yeong!
It's been ages, hasn't it?
How long has it been?
Maybe three years?
-Right? That's right.
-Three years?
A rookie like you
shouldn't be slacking off.
I'm sure you must be super busy.
Are you not?
-Don't push me. I was about to go.
Visit us often, and bring your coworkers
with you next time.
I'll be generous with food.
-Thank you for the food.
It's a secret that I work with Geu-ru.
I'll kill you if you talk.
It depends on you.
-Ms. Oh!
-I'll come by again.
-Sure, have a good day.
What? What do you want to say?
Did it rain
only in front of our restaurant?
Dear Ms. Oh drooled over him so much
that it's like there was a downpour here.
I'll take you home, Geu-ru.
Taking him home?
He lives right across from here!
You think he can't find his way?
Is that why you take him home every day?
On top of that,
you go over there three times a day,
cook for him, and feed him
as if you were his mom!
Why don't you cook for your mom and dad?
-You might be awarded by the UN.
-Cut it out!
-That's enough!
-You little--
-Geu-ru, let's go.
-Yoon Na-mu!
Watch your mouth. I'm your mother!
Na-mu's mother,
Na-mu doesn't cook for me at my house.
My dad always cooked for us,
and she only ate.
And even now,
she only eats what I prepare.
I do all the dishes too.
She does nothing. She just sits there.
So don't be mad, and don't fight with her.
This is Move to Heaven.
Can you come right away? I'll pay more.
-We're rather in a hurry.
I see.
This is Move to Heaven with love and care.
How may I assist you?
Yes, that can be arranged right away.
Okay, thank you.
It's an urgent request.
Oh my!
Good grief.
I can't believe we already have a fly.
Let's get a bug spray.
Discard everything
except for his furniture
and electronic devices.
-You mean everything?
-Yes, please.
They said it'd hurt them more
to see their son's belongings.
Okay, I understand.
Thank you for the work.
No problem.
I'm in charge of accounting.
I counted them all.
Don't you dare try to pocket any.
Why were you in such a rush
to clean out his things?
Did you have to press me so hard?
-I was going to do it eventually--
-Eventually? When?
I know you will never throw away
even his old shirt.
Don't use me as an excuse.
You're doing this because you heard
that person is coming back.
-You can start with the bedroom there.
Mr. Jung Soo-hyun,
you passed away on May 12th, 2020.
We're trauma cleaners from Move to Heaven.
I'm Han-Geu-ru.
Oh, I'm Yoon Na-mu.
I'm Cho Sang-gu.
That's us.
Now we'll begin
to help you with your final move,
Mr. Jung Soo-hyun.
Uncle and Na-mu can start from here.
So the dead guy was a doctor?
He was such a young
and good-looking doctor.
And I heard he was their only son.
His parents must be devastated.
It's all lie when people say
everyone is equal in death.
It's better to be young, good-looking,
and a doctor even when you're dead.
because people treat you differently.
That's not what I did!
Are you sure about that?
Such a shame.
You're right.
I did, but I couldn't help it.
We should've said yes
if we had known he'd end up like this.
He's my son.
I never allow such things in my family!
Do you still care about your reputation
when our son is dead?
Well, excuse me.
You're his family. You need to see this.
Do you know who this is?
Why do you ask?
The deceased left the letter
for this person, so I must deliver it.
That's not your business.
Just do as you are told.
-Let's go.
It can't be!
What? What's wrong?
Hey, what are you doing?
You burned your hand!
I know you are an idiot but not this much.
You're human, not a robot.
Why did you put it there?
-Uncle Sang-gu!
-You said he wasn't stupid.
You said he was darn smart.
He should know better what'd happen
if he puts his hand in the fire?
Do you think he doesn't know?
It's all burnt!
The heart Mr. Jung left
for his loved one is gone.
I need to give it to that person,
so that they can read,
but it's all gone now.
Forget it.
We need to treat your hand first.
I can't just leave it here.
I must take it with me.
How are you going to do that?
It's burnt to ashes.
Staring at the ashes
won't turn them back into a letter.
His parents must've had a reason
to want everything gone.
"It was his only wish."
"We should've said yes
if we had known he'd end up like this."
"He's my son.
I never allow such things in my family!"
-What's that?
-That's what they said.
I thought he works like a camera,
but he can be a recorder too?
Hey, it's a compliment.
I got it.
He had a lover but had to break up
because his parents didn't approve.
And then, this sudden tragedy
happened to this doctor.
So it means
you are going to look for a woman
this doctor guy was in love with?
Oh no.
What do you mean by "you"?
It should be "we."
You also work for Move to Heaven.
Are we private detectives,
not trauma cleaners?
We find money and people,
and now we deliver things?
Why not feeding our clients too?
Let me get this straight.
To be exact,
Geu-ru did all the work, not you.
You just tagged along.
That was
because I didn't put my mind to it.
Once I do,
I can do everything he does, you know.
Then do it.
Try to find out who his lover is.
If you find her, I'll eat my hat.
Let's not eat anybody's hat.
Instead, we'll have--
A finger flick?
No way!
Do you find this sort of thing scary?
That's so unlike you.
I'm not scared.
I just think a finger flick is childish.
Let's both bet 50,000 won instead.
-50,000 won?
Don't back out.
Let's see what we have here.
It's so obvious.
I think she's a musician
based on the flyers he kept.
Classical music lovers
always keep these things.
He had a huge collection of albums
at his house.
-What's that?
-It's an end pin stopper.
What's that for?
It's used when cello players
hold their instrument in place.
Oh, I see.
Then she might be a cellorist?
"Cellorist"? Isn't it a cellist?
Right, a cellist.
Come on. I said a cellist!
Here they are.
-This one!
-It must be her.
Look at her. They'd make a good couple.
If you put it that way, she's better.
-She's a match.
-What? She'd be a better match.
Mr. Jung was going to go to this concert
tomorrow night.
We can find her there.
May 16th? Yes, it's tomorrow.
Performers are in rehearsal now,
so you can't meet them.
We're truly sorry,
but this is extremely important.
Why don't you contact them in person?
I told you so many times.
We don't know how to reach them.
If we knew, why would we be asking you?
I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
I have to use the restroom.
I have to use the restroom.
And I have to go now.
Every man for his own trade, they say.
I'm not trading anything.
I mean your restroom strategy.
We're in here, thanks to your trick.
It wasn't a trick.
-I really have to go now.
And it's urgent.
Oh my.
Are you Kim So-mi?
Excuse me.
-Are you Jennifer Song?
-Yes, I am.
-Is Jung Soo-hyun your friend?
-Who? No.
Oh, he isn't? Sorry about that.
Do you know Jung Soo-hyun?
Jung-- No, I don't.
-You don't?
Sorry about that.
Oh man.
Did you find her?
No. I don't think I can find her.
Maybe she isn't here.
I mean…
I think we met with everyone.
What took you so long?
I thought you fell asleep in there.
I found the lover.
Yes, we also found them.
But all three of them said no.
None of them was his lover.
They didn't even know him.
That can't be.
His lover, a cellist, is right here.
They said they don't know him.
The one Mr. Jung was in love with is…
this person.
Oh my. Are you sure?
That one?
Ian Park.
This is his lover.
-Let's keep the schedule as is.
-Okay, then get some rest.
Mr. Jung Soo-hyun.
Do you know him?
No, I don't know anybody by that name.
I see. We're sorry.
Hey, we should go now.
Are you sure you don't know him?
Mr. Jung Soo-hyun?
I used to know him,
but he's a stranger to me now.
He has nothing to do with me.
Let's get going, okay? Go.
I don't understand.
How can a person you used to know
turn back to a stranger?
When you live in the world, you'll meet
complicated and delicate situations.
I will explain it when we get home.
What are you playing at?
What's that got to do with you
if I knew Jung Soo-hyun or not?
Mr. Jung Soo-hyun
passed away on May 12th, 2020.
What do you mean--
I said we should get going.
Look at the time. We're late.
-Let's go now.
-I'm sorry.
-Sorry. Move now.
Hurry up now.
Your call cannot be connected.
Please leave a message--
Well, actually,
can I talk to Dr. Jung Soo-hyun
from the ER?
You can't just drop the bomb like that
without any buffer.
It's all over now. Let's just go.
Now that we're here,
why not staying for the concert?
You want to stay for this kind of music?
Next door,
your music taste doesn't suit you.
What are you talking about?
I love classical music.
As if!
We can't give this to him now.
We must give it after the concert.
He said he had nothing to do with him,
dead or alive.
Mr. Jung wanted to give it to him.
And it's our job to do so on his behalf.
Are you saying
we should stay for the concert?
Not for me. You guys go ahead without me.
Yeah! Ian is gone!
Report to the police first.
We must find him now.
The concert?
We need to find him to have one!
Did I hear it right?
Ian is gone?
Why did he act like this?
He said he didn't know Mr. Jung.
We must find him.
Hey, Geu-ru!
-Gosh, darn it.
He must be in shock by the news
that his lover is dead.
If I were him,
I'd go to a meaningful place
where we shared a happy memory.
"A happy memory"?
But how would we know that?
Think! I got it!
-The place where they first met?
-It could be some kind of concert hall.
-A concert hall?
There are so many.
What about a club?
You're joking, right?
Would you go to a club in this situation?
-Well, I might--
-No, that's wrong.
The place where Mr. Jung
first met him is--
I knew it.
Why? What's going on?
We made a bet on whether you'd be on duty
again this Christmas.
Wow, you're so predictable
that we all can see you through.
You are no fun.
I'm sorry for being so predictable.
Incoming patients from a traffic accident.
This way.
-What do we have here?
-TA, unconscious,
15 minutes of travel time.
-Check his vitals and prepare to intubate.
-Yes, Doctor.
His leg is bleeding excessively.
I'll take it from here.
Be quiet!
You can speak Korean.
How are you feeling?
Not too bad.
The instrument you valued over your life
seems fine too.
Thanks to a scary doctor.
Could you play me something?
Soo-hyun, eating ice cream in winter
is making my hands cold.
What's wrong with you?
-People can see us.
-No one cares.
-They're watching us.
-No one is.
I'm good.
Watch the movie.
Be quiet, and watch the movie.
Hand me my phone, please.
What's this?
You got in?
Why didn't you tell me?
I haven't decided yet.
What do you mean?
It's San Francisco we're talking about.
You must go.
-When shall we leave?
I need to apply for leave.
My chief will be flipping out,
but I can take at least two months off
from all the vacation days I never used.
-Of course.
What shall we do first?
The weather is good, right?
I've always wanted
to go to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Is the food good?
The weather is nice, right?
And what else should we do?
Do I sound too much like a tourist?
Are you sure you want to go?
You think I'm faking?
Let's go, Soo-hyun.
And do whatever you want to do.
If you're happy, that makes me happy too.
So, we should go.
That's great.
Soo-hyun, you are early.
Let's go.
What's going on?
Did you check in already?
you aren't coming, are you?
Okay, I won't go either, then.
It's the opportunity you've longed for.
Your parents will never change
no matter how much time you give them.
I know.
That's why I decided
to get married as they wish.
Soo-hyun, don't be funny.
So, go to San Francisco.
Go there…
and be happy.
Hey, hang on a second.
Seriously, why are you doing this?
This is who I am.
A coward with no guts.
You know,
I deluded myself into thinking
that I could change after I met you.
Then tell me the truth.
Did you ever love me?
Answer me.
Tell me.
Say something, anything, Soo-hyun!
I shouldn't have loved you.
I shouldn't have run into
someone like you from the first place.
Jung Soo-hyun.
From now on, you and I are
complete strangers.
I didn't mean it.
I'm so sorry.
Over there!
I know it must be hard on you,
but you should calm down
and get back to the hall.
Mr. Jung wouldn't have wanted
you to be like this.
Who are you people?
We're trauma cleaners
for Mr. Jung Soo-hyun.
Trauma cleaners?
I found the letter
Mr. Jung wrote for his lover.
But it's gone now.
His father burned it.
But not everything is lost.
Mr. Jung planned to go to San Francisco
the day after tomorrow.
It was in there.
I mean Mr. Jung's letter.
"Since I met you, for the first time,
I want to live for tomorrow."
"I want to be a braver man
than I was yesterday all because of you."
Since I met you, for the first time,
I want to live for tomorrow.
I want to be a braver man
than I was yesterday all because of you.
I don't want to hide anymore
like a coward.
I'll never let go of your hand till I die.
I, Jung Soo-hyun, will take you
as my partner in life
to cherish and love you forever.
I wanted to say this
when I first met you at the hospital.
Sorry it took long.
I love you.
You've completed it.
Why? Is something wrong?
I solved the puzzle,
but I still don't get it.
-About what?
-Mr. Jung was a good man.
Mr. Ian is a nice man.
But I don't understand
why his parents were against their love.
I guess they were ashamed
their son didn't have a conventional love.
It's a shame when you aren't capable
of loving, not when in love, isn't it?
I heard parents are bound to get worried
when their kids are different from others.
I believe your dad was
also worried sick about you.
That's not true!
My dad was never ashamed of me.
How would you know?
When kids teased me when I didn't talk,
or when I couldn't go to school
because I talked too much in class,
he always told me not to worry.
He told me
I was just different, not wrong.
That he wasn't ashamed
because I did nothing wrong.
I envy Mr. Ian.
Dad must've had tons of stuff to tell me,
but I never got to hear any of it.
Mr. Ian heard from Mr. Jung
and got the present.
He can now remember him for long.
That's why I envy him.
Sang-gu, I have something to tell you.
Yes? What is it?
It's not a big deal,
but I'll fill you in on the details later.
Get up, you asshole.
Can't you hear me?
Get up now.
How can you fucking sleep
when your enemy stands
right in front of you?
Get up.
Get up, and kill your freaking enemy now.
Subtitle translation by: Jean S. Kim
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