MOZU (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
I wonder what that girl really saw? Miyuki says she saw a monster.
I hate it when the PSB does reckless investigating.
Five years ago, Inspector Kuraki's late wife was on special assignment for the PSB.
That assignment and this bombing may be related.
Therefore, look very closely at things.
When my daughter had just about recovered.
On a day of heavy snowfall, two days from Christmas.
She died in an accident.
Beside her, sat my wife.
No one knows if Dharma is an organization or an individual.
Furthermore, where did the name Dharma come from? That remains an unanswered question.
The identity of that woman? Unknown.
I'll continue helping you until your memory returns.
Young man loses memory! Why is my employer targeting me? My mouth is sealed! You were the perpetrator of the bombing incident! You weren't the culprit.
Then why are you targeting me? Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss You sure took your time.
Well I hadn't heard that Shingai Kazuhiko had a younger sister.
Will you tell me all the information you know? Yes.
Shall I tell about the presence of another, secret, party? PSB Kuraki is an eyesore, isn't he? Yes.
He's like a fly.
Ensure he can't fly about for a while.
Nakagami, I depend on you.
Showtime! I don't want to believe this story.
To think Athena Security is involved.
They are underworld types.
I've only met staff directly under Higashi's control.
You went to meet them? I warned you to check your ego if you wanted a successful investigation.
Why do you act so high and mighty? It's your fault the investigation is faltering.
We seek different goals.
Who cares? Our job is to resolve the bombing incident case! Enough.
Shingai really lost his memory, right? Yes.
After seeing his reactions, I don't think he's lying.
Describe the method he uses to kill them.
All victims we are aware of, were killed by being stabbed in the back of the neck.
From the depth and shape of the wounds, possibly an ice-pick.
Ice-pick!? However, there's no proof Shingai killed them.
The chances of Shingai placing a bomb inside Kakehi's bag are high, right? No.
By the time Shingai followed Kakehi into the café, Kakehi was already with the mystery woman.
Shingai sat at a table five or six meters away from Kakehi.
In other words, Shingai was too far away to reach into Kakehi's bag.
I'm going to the restroom.
From there, Kakehi approached the restroom meanwhhile, Shingai also stood up and left his seat.
Any chance Shingai planted the bomb in Kakehi's bag while he was in the restroom? No.
Since Kakehi left his bag below his seat and then headed towards the restroom.
Basically, Shingai didn't have enough time to plant the bomb? Yes.
Did you find out what Kakehi was doing there with the mystery woman? No.
I also know nothing about her.
Though the PSB conceals information from those outside their ranks, like me.
You've been deliberately leaking information to us.
We don't know whether you're telling us everything you know about this matter.
What do you want to know? When one considers if you're lying, another possibility appears.
That the so-called mystery woman was actually you in disguise.
That's possible.
Well since there is nothing more to talk about, I'll excuse myself.
What a shady woman.
Could you listen for a bit? What is it? I've investigated your background.
If you have so much free time, why not focus on actual investigating.
Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Rumor has it, the reason your late wife quit the PSB, was due to her participation in an assignment five years ago.
Just what happened? I never once discussed that incident with my wife.
Why not? Not only did she not say a word, but I also never asked.
You know about Dharma, right? Yes.
Do you think that operation and Dharma were related? I don't know.
You're unqualified as a husband.
I'm not one to talk.
Since my wife and I are in the process of separating.
A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night Thank you very much for today! I enjoyed myself.
Is it alright if I take just one photo of you two? Take as many as you want.
Here goes.
Ready? Say cheese.
Thank you.
You took it? Yes! If you'll excuse me.
Hello, is this Nakajima Ami? Yes.
Could this be Mr.
Shingai? Yes.
How did it go with regaining your memories? They still haven't returned.
Um, I have certain task for you to do.
Task? You see, umm I want you to investigate my past.
How did it go with Shingai Kazuhiko? Due to his amazing physical ability, I doubted whether he was a murderer or not.
That so? You say he uses a metal skewer to pierce the victims necks? Yes.
That's weird.
So it seems.
What about Lieutenant Osugi? I gave him information regarding Shingai Kazuhiko.
I see.
I wonder what move he'll make.
The problem remains Shingai.
Even if we caught him, it would be pointless if he cannot remember.
Although, he said his amnesia was temporary.
I hope so.
Taitō Police Station Police Box So the explosives used in that incident were RDX not C4.
To think terrorists used military explosives in their attack.
Japan becomes more dangerous.
That means they was obtained through Self-Defense Forces personnel.
Well that's a possibility.
Though the JSDF doesn't carry RDX.
Could they have been smuggled in from abroad? I don't know about that.
Japan has excellent border security.
But, say they used a backdoor route, that would be a different story.
For example bribing a customs officer.
If they did that, it would be an internal crime.
And while theoretically possible, it's next to impossible to pull off.
Thanks for waiting.
Next month, President Tarakii of the Republic of Saldonian visits Japan, there are concerns over a possible terrororist attack.
President Tarakii has already been targeted using explosives.
In just one month, three attempts were made.
Since last month's bombing at the Hibi Dept store in Tokyo, core advisors of the Saldonia President have voiced opposition to his visit.
Next month's bilateral conference is a huge opportunity for Japan to guarantee a new oil supply route.
Yes? Superintendent Wakamatsu.
Inspector Kuraki.
What's wrong? Your leave of absence isn't over yet, right? I have several things to tell you.
I lost focus at the same time Superintendent Wakamatsu did.
I've confirmed reports about the bombing investigation.
Of course, as husband of a victim.
Unfortunately for you, the investigation progresses.
You've examined the problem regarding the explosives used? Yes.
Where he was able to obtain those explosives is unknown.
We don't know by what means he used.
Of course, chances of him smuggling them from overseas are high, though it seems we don't know from where he was able to import them in bulk.
In that case, you could speculate the prime source of materials is the Middle East.
Though, whether or not Kakehi had contacts there Why do you think it originated from the Middle East? The President of Saldonia, has had his life targeted by terrorists on fifteen occasions.
Saldonian terrorists, to assassinate the president, gave Kakehi (of Parasite Net) the duty importing the explosives in bulk.
Ridiculous If you have another hypothesis, please share it.
Screw your attitude! Wakamatsu.
Kitakyushu City Elementary School.
I remember all the students who graduated from here.
To me, they're like my grandchildren.
I treasure the graduation albums with pictures of all of them inside.
Sorry for me asking you to help me.
Don't be.
Ah! Found him.
Over here.
He's this one, this one.
It's true, you found him! Thank you so very much.
It's Mr.
Shingai Kazuhiko Ah.
Um I have a favor to ask.
Could you please let me borrow this for a little while? You have honest eyes.
Make sure to return it promptly.
Okay! Thank you so much! Didn't you quit smoking? I started smoking again after my daughter died.
I see.
Anyway, about my theory, what do you think? You're aware when the President of Saldonia arrives in Japan, our Government deems it mandatory to give a national ceremony, right? Yes.
The Presidental security detail has become one massive project, with the MPD's reputation hanging in the balance.
As of now, there's one month until his arrival.
What do you think would happen if rumors spread in the mass media stating Saldonian terrorists planned to assassinate the President while in Japan? If there's any whisper of that happening, they'll use it.
If the President delays his planned visit next month, new oil route talks will have to start all over.
It would be too late to down play such rumors as insubstantial.
Let me inquire into my theory behind the scenes.
Maximum security next month won't root out evil intent today.
Right now, repressing rumors comes first.
At the very least, in order to meet political demands.
Politics, huh? Today's Friday, isn't it? About time I clocked off.
I'll be waiting for your return.
Any fresh developments? Nothing of importance.
Say, Would you know if someone broke into the files in your house? Files? For example, would you know how to break into my wife's drawers? I can't even work out how to break into my own wife's drawers.
How the hell would I know how to get into your wife's? I see.
That's right.
Dharma In my wife's dream Dharma might have troubled my wife's dreams.
Hey, are you alright? What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare? After that, my wife gradually changed and became mentally ill.
Then after all Dharma was entwined in Operation GLARKE Alpha? I still don't know about that.
Perhaps even my daughter's dreams were haunted.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss I need to talk with you in person.
Can we meet now? Where should we meet? I'm heading to your place.
Huh? No, but See you there.
I'm in a hurry.
Break through the traffic.
Yes, sir.
Turn into the right lane.
Go straight here! Run the light! Huh? Duck down that side street just ahead.
Mister, what's going on here? Make a U-turn, then turn back down that road.
Hey! Hey! Are you alright? Mister? Hey.
Hey! Hey! Yes.
An accident.
Well, I wouldn't actually call it an accident.
The customer seemed to be trying to evade them, he Huh? Eh? Ah Address? Um Excuse me It's Kuraki.
Inspector Kuraki! I've been injured a little.
A little? I'll call an ambulance! Wait! I came here because I have something to discuss with you, not for you to call an ambulance.
Yes, well, if you die in my house, I'll be in a bind.
It's okay.
More importantly This is proof that they've gotten serious.
Meaning it's confirmed now.
You were done in by one of Higashi's men? This was intended as a warning.
Anyway, I need to talk to you What do you have to talk about at a time like this? You lie because it's necessary, isn't that the case? That's right.
I'll admit that much.
You don't think I'm a woman you can trust, right? Or that the one I was tailing was Kakehi, not Shingai.
From your perspective, you thought Shingai was involved in the terrorist attack.
That's why you tailed Shingai, right? It's only natural to doubt whether the reason Shingai was tailing Kakehi, was because Kakehi was the target of that terrorist attack.
At the very least, that's the typical idea a PSB officer would hold.
Basically, no matter what kind of conditions you were in, It was impossible to keep your eye on both Shingai and Kakehi.
I was aware that, though I decided it impossible for Kakehi to be killed in the Café, and nothing DID happen in that café as far as we know.
I forgot to mention, today I visited that café and showed a photo of Shingai to the manager on duty the day of the explosion.
The manager replied he didn't recall seeing his face before.
What do you think about that? Can't be helped.
Who knows how many people went in and out of that café that day? A large amount of people visit daily.
Certainly true.
Yet, if the opposite was true, then I wonder if Shingai never entered that café.
In the first place, during the time you saw Kakehi, Shingai might have intervened.
Am I wrong? Ah! It must of just been my imagination.
Nooooo! I went to your parents house.
One of the next door neighbors startled me.
Did you find anything? I found nothing about you or your family.
But, there was a picture story book in your sister's room.
I brought it along with me.
Picture book? Yes.
The motif of the book is a bird known as the shrike.
Shrike? You might remember something if you see it.
From here, I'm headed towards Tokyo.
Thank you very much.
No matter what, Inspector, it seems I'm a mysterious woman tailored to your needs? That's not my intention.
Yet, it is better to think of you as such until I figure out your motives.
I doubt you'll ever understand my reasons.
I'll change the subject.
You know, to some degree, about Shingai Kazuhiko's sister.
I don't really have much information pertaining to Shingai's sister.
That so? Don't believe me? I have one other question.
You know Senior Superintendent Tsuki, from the National Police Agency? The other day, I saw you and Superintendent Tsuki together.
You were watching us? Honestly, how would you feel if I confessed that I tailed you? What kind of relationship do you and he have? An extremely private relationship.
It didn't look so romantic.
That so? Though not only am I and the superintendent both single, we are also both consenting adults.
Kind of like a date.
If you're willing to assert scandalous conduct, fine.
But I'm, interested in his official position.
Tsuki Shunsuke.
A senior superintendent affiliated with Internal Affairs Bureau of the NPA.
A special inspector.
I'm not mistaken, am I? No.
A special inspectors job is supposed to investigate and extinguish any corruption within the police force.
So I've heard.
But in reality, their job is to suppress corruption within the force, cover up all evidence, and quash mass media curiosity.
I didn't know they went that fa -- I think he is feeding me bait.
What do you think? I don't know.
That so? Thank you.
You have my gratitude.
After all, talking with you was worthwhile.
You didn't believe a word I said, right? Not only now, I think you've lied to me from the beginning.
Please let me summon an ambulance.
I'm fine.
But you're- I have one favor to ask.
Tell Lieutenant Osugi, to visit me in the hospital.
Inspector, are you alright? Chihiro Huh? Those files Inspector.
Please keep it together.
I should take you the hospital.
No, I'm fine.
To Santa, could I please have some red shoes? From Shizuku.
Merry Christmas - From Mama Santa.
Coming up on Shrike Next episode I'll do Shingai next.
Do you understand what you've done? Mr.
Shingai! How about a PSB detective involved in the bombing investigation? My father was also in the police force.
The truth is that I've only actually lied to Inspector Kuraki once.
Yet it was a huge lie.
A huge lie? Now I understand why you hate the PSB.
I believe you understand how it feels to lose family.
Many people died in this attack, we can't leave this case unsolved? Senior Superintendent Tsuki does not want to be your romantic companion.
I'll do whatever I must to learn why my wife became involved in the bombing.
I hate the police! And I hate you Dad! What I'm proposing, is an alliance.
Tsuki Shunsuke, NPA Special Inspector, known as the Eliminator, due to his extreme Internals Affairs methods.
No matter who tries to twist your arm, don't give in.
Never give in! You'd be mad too.
I've only just realized.
Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product(s) of the staff's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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