MOZU (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
Regarding Shingai, his route or whereabouts are completely unknown.
Perhaps both.
You sure took your time.
Well I hadn't heard that Shingai Kazuhiko had a sister.
Tell us about the method he uses to kill them.
From the depth and shape of the wound, he could've used an ice-pick.
An ice-pick!? When you were in high school, your father went missing while on assignment.
Intelligence about that mission has vanished.
I too, am restricted by what I can actually see.
Every year in Japan, over 80,000 people go missing.
The chances of them being killed, or committing suicide are high.
What about Police Lieutenant Osugi? I gave him information regarding Shingai Kazuhiko.
You Public Safety guys are all the same, aren't you? PSB's Kuraki is an eyesore, isn't he? He's like a fly.
Why do you involve yourself in the bombing inquiry? Why did my wife have to die? That's the only thing I want to know.
Who is behind you? For your sake, it's best you don't know.
Huh? Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss Severe head injury, patient unconscious.
He might be in shock from blood loss.
Order a transfusion, then prepare a ultrascan.
Carry him to emergency room, run a CT scan! Metropolitan Police Department Roppongi Police Station Cool, though isn't it difficult? Megumi! You idiot! Lower your voice.
All of you are junior high students, right!? What's with you, grandpa? Shut up.
Huh!? Stop already.
Nice meeting you.
Did it go alright? Yes.
With this, the fly will be quiet.
That's a cheerful report.
I'll do in Shingai next.
Please allow me to make arrangements.
Fine then.
Capture him alive.
Nakagami, I expect no less.
We're going ahead.
Megumi! Why do you talk that way in front of everyone? Isn't it enough to be angry at me? Things will be horrid for me at school tomorrow.
It's all your fault Dad! Hey, Megumi! Wait, Megumi! Hey! Megumi, wait over there.
What do you want? I have a message from Inspector Kuraki.
Shinagawa exit.
Thank you for riding this train.
This train is bound for Central Tokyo.
Sorry, I'd rather not be home alone tonight.
Are you alright? Yes, thank you.
Want something to drink? Oh yes, it happened again.
Huh? When? Midnight, yesterday.
A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night You think that she has contacts with a guy in the NPA? Yes.
This guy? There's a possibility we were pawns in their investigation.
Pawns, you say? Yes.
He must have given her information in small pieces so he could control our movements.
Who is that guy? Tsuki Shunsuke, NPA Special Inspector.
He's known as the Eliminator, due to his extreme Internals Affairs methods.
Why is a guy like him concerned about us? His duty is to investigate the police.
That means someone within the force was involved in the bombing? Stories like those have become a bad habit of the PSB.
So these guys have gotten serious? The proof being those injuries of yours.
The bombing incident might conceal a larger conspiracy.
What exactly was your purpose calling me here? As you can see, I can't exactly move.
Find out what kind of relationship she and Superintendent Tsuki have.
I refuse.
End of story.
I see.
If that's all, I'm leaving.
There is another reason I called you.
What the hell? Family? What's with this all of a sudden? You have one, right? Sure do.
A wife and a daughter.
Although quite a difficult daughter.
I don't know how to deal with her.
Right now, my wife and I are in the middle of separating.
Police Lieutenant Osugi, if you continue investigating further into this incident, people around you might become involved.
How many years do you think I've been in the police force? I realize that - Your family may become targets.
I believe you understand how it feels to lose family.
Now is the time to turn back if you want to let go of this case.
Emergency Entrance To resolve this incident as swiftly as possible, seek assistance.
Yes! Stand.
How have things gone since we recovered evidence on Shingai? Still persisting, huh? I told you it was being examined by the PSB.
Please let my people meet with them so we can confirm.
Are you trying to take command of this? That's not it, but I think the section is purposely dragging their heels.
Why do you think they're doing that? I don't know.
That's why I'm requesting an explanation from you.
From me? Many people died in this assault, we can't leave this case unsolved.
I understand your way of thinking.
I might even agree with you.
Then what is it? Has someone been pressuring you? Unfortunately, no matter whose ally or enemy you are, you're another stupid, useless, ordinary police officer.
Hear me, I'm commanding this investigation.
As of now, headquarters is officially off limits to you.
Shit What are you doing? Listen, You're going to answer my questions honestly.
Huh This is the women's restroom.
Evidence found at Shingai Kazuhiko's apartment has been moved upstairs for analysis.
Isn't that strange to you? You think I'm involved? Yes! It seems you're in contact with a person called Tsuki.
I heard he's a man who dirties his hands to protect the castle.
Those are just rumors, aren't they? Don't tell me Is Superintendent Tsuki coercing you? Is that the reason? Answer me honestly! What's so funny? Sorry, it's just I'll answer honestly.
Senior Superintendent Tsuki does not want to be your romantic companion.
Wha -- Unfortunately, I think you were mistaken.
Tha -- That damn girl! Thank you very much.
Hey! Why are you thanking me, fool? Now what? Damm.
What? You realize I'm at work? Megumi.
Are you her father? I am very sorry if my daughter caused any trouble on this occasion.
Are you really in the police force? Yes Please give proper guidance to your child and ensure she doesn't repeat this.
Go on, I'll accept your apology.
I didn't do it.
Enough, apologize properly.
Apologize! Isn't her allowance sufficient? What she shoplifted was only a 300 yen accessory.
Price isn't the issue! I know that! Why must you always go on that way? You're too loud, shut up.
It's difficult enough having to raise our child alone.
You don't understand your daughter's feelings! That isn't the problem, shut up! Be quiet! My fault.
My mom and dad's failed marraige, just blame me.
Don't mess around! Do you even understand what you did? Saying sorry won't end this - Then what do I have to do for forgiveness? If I commit suicide like Yuka's mom, then will you forgive me? If you would, I'll go ahead and die! Hey! Let go! I'll go die! Now! Why do you say such things? I didn't do anything wrong, it got into my bag somehow! Don't lie! You don't see anything.
You simply agreed for convenience.
It was the same with Yuka's mom, right? Why you -- Let go! Megumi! Hey.
I hate the police.
And I really hate you Dad! Just go.
Since we're returning home by ourselves.
Megumi, are you okay? Hey! Hey, who are you? Hey! Police Lieutenant Osugi Ryota of the CIB's Division One, right? You a reporter? What does a reporter want with me? Seems your daughter shoplifted.
Is it okay if I publish that story? Something like, police officer dad arrives and uses influence to free shoplifting princess.
Quite the title, don't you think? Wait! Stop with that.
Huh? Stop? What do you hope to achieve? As expected, this won't take long.
Actually, I want something in exchange for that material.
I don't have anything to exchange.
How about a PSB inspector involved in the bombing investigation? Who would want to buy such material from you? Perhaps concerned officials? A comment from PSB Kuraki about how his investigation is going, okay? Capture it with this.
If a news article was printed about your daughter, at her age Um Was it Megumi, again? I wonder what would happen to her.
Now you! Please use the phone number on this business card to contact me.
Alright? Have yourself a little think, Pops.
Terrorist Bombing Armed Terrorist Group Called Falcon Concern Among Lower-Classes.
I can finally go to sleep.
Good for you.
What are you doing? Huh? Nothing much.
Say, Kaori, did being the daughter of a police officer mean people were unpleasant to you? No.
Since I didn't tell anyone I see.
You first, If you want to take a bath.
DAD Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if poss Want some? Nice and sweet.
Did you come here to kill me? Of course not You say scary things, Kuraki.
Then what do you want? Do I have business with you? Did you find Shingai Kazuhiko? Who's that? You may not have come to kill me, you didn't come to chat, either.
Exactly what are you here for? I came for the sight.
The sight of a whipped dog.
You're mad.
Sorry, my hand slipped.
You'd be mad too.
I've only realized just now.
Well, goodbye.
Emergency Entrance What are you doing in a place like this? Same as you.
Isn't it early for you to be discharged? There are various matters I have to take care of.
I see.
Hop in.
Let's talk about "matters" until we arrive at your place.
So, what are you after? I'm not after anything How far will you take this reckless investigation of yours? You're injured, right? I'll do whatever I must to uncover how my wife was involved in that bombing.
I see.
Why do you hate the PSB so much? Two years ago An incident happened when a poor mother let her child starve to death.
I remember that case.
At the time, the "demonic mother" story raised a fuss.
Yes, but the truth was Mass media and the press pushed the demonic angle for ratings and sales! When reality couldn't have been further from the truth.
What do you mean? The mother worked diligently to provide food for her daughter.
One evening, though, without realizing it, the mother fell asleep, exhausted, after nursing her daughter.
Not long after, her daughter took her last breath.
The mass media created a furor using leaked documents from HQ.
Investigators released a statement full of crime scene errors and condition of the body.
The mother said investigators were prejudiced and cast her as a criminal.
In any event, reporters pounced and had a field day.
You bit your tongue on what really happened, didn't you? Yeah, though owing to the pressure from higher-ups.
Then I did something I shouldn't have.
At the time, the sister of the girl who died, was my daughter's friend.
It was basically a conflict of interest for me, investigating the mother of my daughter's close friend.
My daughter told me the mother would never kill her own daughter.
But I didn't take her word for it.
Why not? Because I saw PSB documents.
You see, that mother had joined a fringe religious group for a time.
The PBS men rambled on about religion, dangerous cult, stuff like that.
Believers wished to die of unnatural causes, carrying on about the occult.
I swallowed that story, and investigated with that drilled into my skull.
Around that time my daughter changed.
It was like her mouth couldn't shut.
She became rebellious.
The last straw snapped after, the mother committed suicide before the investigation ended.
Though she had just turned three years old last month, Isoda Haruka died of starvation.
I'm here at police HQ in Hibiya, where an immediate investigation is underway into the suicide of Miss Sanae Isoda, the demon mother, who jumped from a tall building last night and plunged to her death.
Miss Isoda said the ongoing investigation was one-sided, and she was treated as a criminal.
What did my daughter say to me after seeing the news? Murderer.
After that, my daughter closed her heart to me.
That's why you hate the PSB? No.
The number one reason was after the suicide, I searched for the PSB duo who fed me that fake info except the PSB and their goons had covered up all involvement.
It was their way of doing things that I couldn't stand.
I now understand why you hate the PSB.
Go ahead and say what you want.
You're right, I was the one at fault! I envy you.
Because you have a wife and a daughter, still in this world.
That's right.
So, what were you really after, today? I've spoken so much that I've forgotten.
Grandma, you're my dad's colleague, right? We're not exactly colleagues.
What? I can't reach my father's cell phone, Will my dad be coming here today? I wouldn't know.
Do you need something? Yes.
I'm in the middle of work, could you make this quick? I've been accused of shoplifting.
You're sadly mistaken if you think I can help you with such a charge.
Were you caught in the act? Why does it matter if I was, grandma? Since I'm still thirty, I don't think you're accurate in calling me grandma.
Thirty - forty, makes no difference to me, grandma.
Really? And so? From my friend's testimony, those seniors from my school, who always harass me, were in the shop at that time.
We figured out it was them who planted the items in my bag.
You mean those girls framed you? Typical police skepticism.
Those seniors must have been the ones who dropped that accessory in my bag.
Was that friend of yours watching when they placed it? I don't think so Then there's no evidence.
So that's it? Tell my dad about this, will you? Sorry to burst your bubble.
I am under no obligation to do that.
Tell him yourself.
Well, then.
Why did you become a police officer? Because my father was in the police force.
Really? I don't believe it.
That's how it was.
At the time, I thought it was the worst thing, my father being an officer.
Did you fight? Frequently.
But now it's all good, yeah? What, no comment? Hurry up and go to school.
Shingai, where are you? Sorry I couldn't meet the other day.
Where are you now? I'm going somewhere for an interview.
Um, I can meet you Thursday? Is that convenient for you? Tha -- That's fine.
I look forward to seeing you.
Drinking sake before the evening, what's your intention? It's a reception.
If you have something to say, hurry up and spill it.
Truth is that I've only actually lied to Inspector Kuraki once.
Yet it was a huge lie.
A huge lie? Let him hear that intriguing story you told me.
I told Inspector Kuraki that Shingai Kazuhiko was the killer.
However, though Shingai accepted the contracts, the actual murderer was a different person.
What? The performer of the murders was Shingai Hiromi.
Kazuhiko's younger sister.
His sister, you say? We began surveillance of both siblings immediately once we realized the existence of his sister.
Kazuhiko only accepted the jobs, his sister did the actual killings.
The employer, Athena Security's Higashi and his henchmen, assumed Kazuhiko handled everything himself.
Do you mean the sister was the mass murderer? We observed peculiar movements by Hiromi, though we never saw similar movements by Kazuhiko.
In the time we had her under surveillance, she committed at least two homicides.
Under surveillance To be precise, while tailing her.
Both murders, were during peak congestion, she suddenly slammed a sharp object into the back of her target's necks.
Basically, it was the sister who targeted Kakehi during that incident.
Yes, on that day I was tailing Shingai Hiromi.
After the day of the incident, Kazuhiko Shingai disappeared, true? What about his sister? Her whereabouts have been unknown since the bombing.
Why would you keep quiet about this matter to HQ, only to tell Inspector Kuraki? Huh? I gather you have a special task in mind for him.
And it's connected with you and Senior Superintendent Tsuki, right? This Tsuki guy.
Cleaning police scandals as Internal Affairs plumber.
Speaking of which, his job is the equivalent of janitor, right? You talk too much.
You guys are secretly searching for underlying causes of the bombing.
In other words, you're a spy Tsuki sent in to mingle with us.
So that you could use us as your chess pawns, yes? There's a high chance that's how it is.
Hit the nail on the head, right? You have, bull's-eye.
Deepest apologies for abruptly entering.
I'm Tsuki Shunsuke.
What on earth is this? What could this be about? I apologize for not speaking with you earlier.
It's just since the problem persists.
I didn't have the courage to ask for cooperation from you two.
Once again You still won't provide an explanation for the current state of affairs, huh? I had my gaze on her for months.
I told Akeboshi about the current situation, and she agreed to become my assistant.
Although it's a bad term to use, she basically became my spy.
What are you scheming? Various things.
Well, to omit some less relevant thoughts, Will you help us find a solution to the bombing incident? No I'm not in the mood to partner with you.
You don't say.
I wouldn't want to either.
However, we don't know who placed the device into Kakehi's bag or who the mystery woman was.
That's why it would be better to combine forces.
You, Police Lt Osugi, have been removed from the investigation's HQ.
And you, Inspector Kuraki, even if you continue digging, you won't find the answers you want.
What I'm proposing, is an alliance.
Well then.
First, I have something I want confirmed.
What is it? There should be someone backing Higashi and his people.
Most likely, an organization holding great power and influence, right? You know something about that? If you give me an answer, I'll accept your proposal.
Is that so? Then I shall give you an answer.
The one's backing Higashi and his people are the police.
Specifically, the Public Safety Bureau.
The police, as in the PSB, are involved in backing a criminal group? That's right.
To put it like you surmised, what I'm cleaning up this time are the sewers of the PSB.
I believe you understand my wording, right? Call it partnership or whatever you like, we have no choice except to combine our forces, since our enemy is the PSB.
I saw footage from surveillance cameras.
You didn't do it.
I told you a senior put it into my bag, didn't I? Yes.
You did.
Oh well I'm really hated, aren't I? I'm sorry that I didn't believe you.
It couldn't be helped.
I'll believe you from now on.
And also, you might have to accept that you're disliked because your dad's a cop.
But, don't you be ashamed.
No matter who tries to twist your arm, don't give in.
Never give in! I understand.
The same goes for you, Dad.
Will we be able to meet any more? O -- Of course we will.
Anyway, how did you know that your senior was the culprit? Because I'm the daughter of a detective.
Shingai! Oh no! Sorry.
Coming up on Shrike Next episode Is that a woman? No, it's a monster.
That girl saw this at the scene of the explosion.
Treat her as our important guest.
Since she's a present for Shingai.
Five years ago, after that operation failed, my wife's mental state became stranger each passing day.
Shingai! There is only one truth.
Now no one may ever know that truth.
He'll erase important parts.
What? Did you have suddenly seen Dharma in your dreams? Huh? Who are you people? I'll kill you.
Why have police lieutenants come here? Why do you look at me that way? Didn't you say you would always be on my side no matter what? Chihiro.
You are a professional! Am I right in thinking that the PSB's ace has finally returned? I ran away from the truth once, that's why I won't run from it again.
We're coming to pick you up, then kill you.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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