MOZU (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Rumor has it your late wife quit the PSB due to participation in an assignment five years ago.
Just what happened? Did you have a nightmare? People say he causes different actions to occur in different dreams.
It's said that he uses an IC chip to manipulate people through dreams.
Surely more with both my daughter and Chihiro.
You know, about Shingai Kazuhiko's younger sister.
The performer of the murders was Kazuhiko's sister.
Never appear before my eyes again.
Go, enjoy it, you abnormal bastard.
The possibility of Shingai having the IC chip is high? The one's backing Higashi and his people are.
the police.
No matter who tries to twist your arm, don't give in.
Never give in! This girl is looking there but there's no footage beyond that point.
Miyuki says she saw a monster.
Since I'm here with you.
Thank you.
Shingai! Oh no! Sorry.
Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! He's holding out.
Oh, really? Did you forget about me? Shingai? It doesn't matter that you killed Akai.
If you could just tell us where the IC chip is How will you make me remember that? You really don't remember? Where's the IC chip? Do you remember now? I really don't… remembe- You're a professional! You won't open your mouth easily! But hey, won't you remember? I see Then just answer me one question.
A PSB officer named Kuraki is searching for you.
Kuraki's wife died in the bombing incident you set up.
Like us, that guy will use any means necessary.
He's dangerous.
Kuraki Yes.
We'll protect you from him, so remember where the IC chip is.
Just give me a little… more time.
He's dying! What the hell.
Oh no, he stopped him.
We'll keep doing this until you remember! Um, a large blast suddenly went off.
I'm in front of the Izutsu store in Ginza.
I was walking quickly, then a very loud sound suddenly rang out.
The next minute, the street was blown away.
It's still hot here, I'm fairly certain it was some sort of explosion.
What's she doing in such a dangerous place? Hey, what's this girl looking at? And how come none of the surveillance camera's picked it up? Please, observe what happens next.
Crap! Watch out! This is bad! Crap! Hey, what's this? Someone's arm? It seemed a woman appeared.
Who is that? Was that really an arm? Possibly.
Man, that is something! Is it okay for me to use this captured footage? Just a minute, Minami.
What is it, inspector? It's police lieutenant! Sorry.
Listen up, you're going to reply to everything I say with yes.
You won't upload this onto the net and use it for Douga, right? Understood? Your reply? Your reply? Your reply? Yes.
It's okay.
Though, I've already made a statement to the police, why have you police lieutenants come here? because we're in a position where we don't want to be seen.
Because you're police lieutenants? That's not it.
Ah! You went ahead and copied it.
I hate adults.
That wasn't right, huh? I wonder what that woman was doing.
That woman wasn't caught on the surveillance footage? Since the PSB are managing it, they might have hidden all footage of her.
Meaning we can't trust headquarters? In any case, whatever that girl was looking at, might be decisive evidence.
Leaving that aside, are you alright? We're not here on official business, should you move around for that? I'm supposed to be hospitalized, so That's how it is? She's been that way for ages.
You mean continuously drawing pictures? Yes, that's right.
Any conversations? She has only said "I saw a monster.
" A monster? Yes.
What that girl has been drawing is the monster Though which piece goes where That girl's mother? She didn't see her mother at the scene of the explosion? Her mother died in the explosion I'm finished! I wonder what you've finished, Miyuki.
It's finished! What are you doing? Is this What the hell is this? What the girl saw at the scene.
Is that a woman? No, it's a monster.
It scattered people's body parts.
Scattered them? A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night Translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Sale or Profit! Is this your PSB post? No.
This is Senior Superintendent Tsuki's personal office.
Hurry up, show me the footage.
The footage of Shingai.
Coming through.
This is footage from last night.
Seems Shingai was waiting for that girl.
Who's that? Free writer based in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Fast forward.
No one saw that ?!.
The man at the rear injected something into Shingai.
We think he lost consciousness.
Shingai's whereabouts afterward remain unknown.
All surveillance footage has been erased.
This particular surveillance footage was found by chance.
Are you protecting this woman? Shingai, Who's the chick? I don't know.
You're trembling.
Comes out in his facial expression.
So it seems.
Is she someone you met after losing your memory? I told you, I don't know her! She's a girl you only just met, huh? Then there's no problem.
If we kill her.
She might hold information within her head.
Kill her.
Do you kill people who aren't involved!? You got her involved.
You can reunite with her after she's dead.
We can use the girl.
Treat her as our important guest.
Since she's a present for Shingai.
As you wish.
She should be somewhere in this vicinity.
Nakajima Ami, 21 years old.
She visited Shingai many times while he was hospitalized and could possibly have information about him.
She purchased a two hour ticket for the bullet train.
I've already deployed investigators to the station premises, Search the surrounding vicinity and protect her upon sight.
I'm retrieving the phone number.
The numbers are 080 Ah once again.
Got it.
That girl, who is she, exactly? Don't you lay a finger on her.
Even though you and her just met, huh? Stop! Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Hello? (She picked up!) Hello, is this Miss Nakajima Ami? Yes, with whom am I speaking? Ah.
I'm a friend of Shingai's.
Shingai wants to meet.
Will it be okay if he comes to pick you up? Yes, where will he be coming from? Well, right now I'm Is that so? He'll pick you up shortly.
Please wait there a minute.
Since we're coming to pick you up, then kill you.
Is it Miss Nakajima Ami? Yes Shingai told me to bring you with me.
I have a taxi waiting.
Was that really Shingai who called? Sure, let's go.
We're going! Let go of me! We're going! Hey you! Dammit! Dammit! Make a scene, and I'll kill you.
Who are you people? The police.
Whoa! Damn you.
Take this! Pew! Pew! 1, 2, 3.
I want to hear what she says about Shingai.
I need to talk with her now.
There's a possibility of cerebral hemorrhage, please give us space.
Miss Tanaka, get ready for the CT scan.
We've only just searched the whole city.
Information from the public should flow in eventually.
But trust Senior Superintendent Tsuki to cover everything up.
He'll erase important parts.
Near the Shinagawa train station, a fight broke out between thieves.
In the uproar, police arrived and apprehended all suspects.
At one point, an ambulance was dispatched.
That went from attempted abduction to attempted robbery by a group of thieves? About how long will it take for her to regain consciousness? The CT scan showed nothing out of the ordinary, though, since we administered sedatives, we won't know until morning.
We've set up a 24-Hour police guard so- I'll hear her statement tomorrow.
You want to know the truth behind the bombing no matter what? It's my fault.
Huh? That my wife was heart broken.
Do you really think your wife killed your daughter? I've become so disconnected that I don't even know.
Shizuku? Shizuku, can you hear me? We must act immediately! Roger.
Blood transfusion carries risk.
To my knowledge, it was the first time my daughter was injured.
My daughter's blood type was Type-A Type-O ABO Blood Type Type-B Type-B My daughter wasn't really my child.
After that, distance between my wife and myself grew.
Then whose child was it? I don't know.
You don't know? Only that five years ago, after that operation failed, my wife's mental state became stranger each passing day.
Because of Operation GLARKE Alpha? I could do nothing for her.
Then our daughter died.
My wife loved me.
To the extent it was obsessive.
Does that mean for your sake, your wife would've been capable of killing your daughter? Truth always lies in the middle of the forest, right? I ran away from the truth once, that's why I won't run from it again.
I'll find it.
The absolute truth.
Your tenacity is frightening.
Why did my wife die in a place like that? Additionally, if I can shine a light on the truth, then I might find the answers I'm seeking.
You also loved your wife, obsessively.
Yes? What are you doing? You were in hospital, right? There's no problem now.
I've been discharged.
For once, you should listen to what I tell you.
Are you really okay? Yes.
Have security arrangements been changed for the presidental visit next month? Regarding the possibility of a terrorist attack, investigate and counter, any threats, prior to the visit.
That's still your assignment.
Today's Friday, isn't it? Yes.
I'll visit you after this security assignment for the president is over.
Thank you.
My wife will be delighted.
Am I right in thinking that the PSB's ace has finally returned? The doors are closing.
The doors are closing.
The doors are closing.
The doors are closing.
Are you going to the hospital from here? Yes.
Contact me immediately if she regains consciousness.
The doors are closing.
Sorry for this being so sudden.
Don't be.
Are your injuries better? Yes.
The truth is I provided counseling to Chihiro.
I'm sorry.
No It's fine.
There is a confidentiality agreement for counselors like me Whether I can disclose those sessions Please tell me.
The first time Chihiro came to my clinic, she was confused, unable to accept her daughter's death.
After, we continued having meetings.
Chihiro said that she didn't know how to talk to you about it.
She began medical treatment several months ago.
Then, suddenly, I lost all contact with her.
She didn't call on me or ask the doctor to visit her house.
When she finally appeared that final time we met, she wasn't the Chihiro I knew.
No more.
You need to be hospitalized.
I want to be by that man's side.
Chihiro, listen to me, at this rate you will If I'm taken from that house, I'll die.
She was stubborn and refused help.
Chihiro didn't want to leave her house, and our decision had backfired.
For a brief moment, she decided to return home.
It was at that time when Lily, What is it? You see, I was the one who killed my daughter.
She said that.
I don't think Chihiro literally meant that "I killed my daughter myself," When she said that.
That's just your speculation, right? Yes There is only one truth.
But now, no one may ever know that truth.
There's one more thing, I'd like to hear about from you.
What is that? Did my wife, ever mention her dreams? Dreams? I heard something about them.
Why are yo- What kinds of things did she say? In her dreams, every time, the same man, appeared.
Do you know about Dharma? Yes.
What the hell is Dharma? I don't know either.
In any case, it's just an urban legend.
I wonder about that.
What do you mean by that? What? Did you have suddenly seen Dharma in your dreams? Huh? What? Did you actually see it? No.
I haven't seen it.
Though I wouldn't call it an urban legend.
Too many people have seen it.
I've concluded you PSB guys avoid all honesty and simplicity.
Sorry, we have an emergency outpatient! We haven't been told.
As if we would! Good evening I've decided to kill this chick in front of you.
Don't fuck with me! Oh, yes, yes! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT! Mr.
Shingai! How is it? Have your memories returned, Shingai? Oh well.
How about you take your time and enjoy this? Involving such a cute girl in this.
Let her go! You're a real jerk, aren't you? Excuse me.
Excuse me? Please let me die, already.
It's wrong for someone like me to be alive.
Calm down, Chihiro.
Why do you look at me that way? Didn't you say you would always be on my side no matter what? Chihiro I only want to be with you.
I don't need anyone else! Not Shizuku as well? Huh? I'm sorry.
Chihiro believe me when I say this I love you.
That's the truth.
It's Kuraki.
Coming up on Shrike Next episode Are you crying? We have been highly mistaken.
We've fixiated on an idea.
I'm going to sleep for a while.
Up until that bombing incident.
That figure looked almost like the shrike's prey.
You are all eternally cursed.
By me, that is.
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