MOZU (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
This operation's name is GLARKE ALPHA.
The infiltration you mentioned, where was it into? That's the only thing I cannot divulge.
That guy knew too much.
we intended to use him from the start, but Why did you plan a terror attack in Japan? There's no need to answer.
Since I already know.
My father was also in the police force.
Your father went missing while on assignment.
About my father You're still not in a position where you are able to know.
I hate it when the PSB does reckless investigating.
Higashi was formerly with the PSB.
Huh? The police, as in PSB, are involved in the backing of a criminal group? To them, I've already settled this business with you.
I'll disappear for the time being.
Why did you use Chihiro? She was my former subordinate.
Not just your former subordinate, also your former lover, right? Have you caught the mystery woman? That woman was my wife.
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Were you intending to run off somewhere? If you were, you'd better get lost right this minute.
This is the only chance you'll have.
You say some scary things.
What do you want? I thought I'd give you some advice as an old boy of the PSB.
I don't need any.
Get lost.
Do you know about Omelas? It's a short story about Utopia.
Omelas was naturally blessed.
Without a class system, without kneeling before a tyrant.
No one lived in poverty.
It was a peaceful city.
Even so, somewhere in that city where light never penetrated, was a basement, locked and shut.
That basement was a sewer, where one child had been imprisoned for a long time.
That child was denied decent food, its body smeared in excrement.
Living the same filthy life it had always lived.
Truth was, all citizens of Omelas knew about the child's existence, No one tried to rescue him.
The reason being because keeping that child imprisoned was a condition they had to follow if they wanted to preserve their utopia.
Omelas's natural beauty and good fortune depended entirely on this child's abominable misery.
Everyone understood that.
If everyone else's bliss and happiness meant that one child had to be confined to a basement, then citizens turned a blind eye.
What are you trying to say? That it's the same, right? The way our society exists now and the way it was then in Omelas.
To maintain what's known as the structure of this country, things which release a foul stench must be concealed.
That's the reason for the guard at the basement where the child was confined.
That's the reason for the Public Safety Bureau.
And that's the truth.
That's how we preserve order in this country.
Though, I grew tired of that sort of work.
And so I quit the PSB.
Kuraki, you who think the same as me, should reach the same conclusion.
Don't compare yourself to me.
Have you found that absolute truth of yours? No, not yet.
Then you should give up on it.
I think you'll unearth something quite intriguing about Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
I like him.
He has held his human decency much longer than anyone else here, no matter how deep into the darkness he sinks.
You also resemble him.
You guys are my favorites.
I well understand the reason why the same woman fell for you both.
See you.
Don't come chasing me.
Ciao! Until the Presidental visit next month, I have decided to confine Assistant Commissioner Muroi to house arrest.
You're going to cover-up the conspiracy to assassinate the president? I still haven't decided about that.
Could someone else be pulling the strings behind Assistant Commissioner Muroi? Why do you think that? I think yours was a tactical move to deal with Muroi swiftly, because of someone in the shadows.
That may be, though Lieutenant Osugi, you're not in a position to know.
Now that Shingai has been restrained, there is no worry about Muroi being killed.
These events have become inconvenient to the government.
To place an assistant commissioner under house arrest, I'd like the co-operation of you two men as well.
It's not like I can say no.
Inspector Kuraki? I'm alright with it.
Much appreciated.
Though, please don't kill him.
Of course not.
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Since I've been caught by Senior Superintendent Tsuki, I'm done for.
I've become one of his pet dogs, like you people.
I'm not his dog.
I'm not too sure.
You people haven't seen what he's really like.
Lieutenant Osugi, please refrain from unnecessary conversation.
That tone of yours reminds me of Kuraki's wife.
Inspector Kuraki.
I'm going to have a look around.
Even so, this is a real problem with Muroi, isn't it? Who would've thought leaders in the force were conspirators in a bombing.
The punishment is still pending.
I'd like to hear everyone's opinions first.
What shall we do, chief? Of course, this incident cannot be made public.
Since aspects of this incident are still being resolved.
I'm counting on you to keep things on track, Tsuki.
The problem is what to do with Muroi.
Didn't I mention we should deliberate slowly.
Because he wants the heads of everyone here on a silver platter.
While cleaning the sewers of the PSB, I caught wind of curious reports.
Everyone knows what became of the secret mission launched by PSB five years ago.
Operation GLARKE Alpha, right? What are you doing? I was thinking of peeling the skin off of this.
I'll peel it.
About the origin of that operation Origin? There must be someone behind Assistant Commissioner Muroi's actions.
I think it's Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara? Do you have any basis for that accusation? For Operation GLARKE Alpha, Commissioner Muroi took responsibility for his role.
During that time, the Government Cabinet went into crisis management, as the operation was ordered by Morihara.
Will the Saldonian President use his diplomatic clout next month? Japan may have tired of fainthearted diplomacy.
There are also large meetings being held, ahead of the President of Saldonia's visit here next week.
for the duration of the President's stay, our government has prepared a 24/7 escort consisting of 5000 police officers and security guards That isn't something which ought to concern you.
So it would seem.
If things do go as Assistant Commissioner Muroi planned, the president will be embroiled in a terrorist attack.
Everyone here would be blamed and we would thus lose our positions.
If that happens, CCS Morihara and AC Muroi have enough breathing room to jump to the top of the Japanese Police Force's chain of command.
Yet, thanks to you, Muroi's scheme has suffered a setback, right? What exactly could the chief cabinet secretary be scheming? Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara wants an era of police bureaucracy.
He wants a total rearrangement of the police force's structure.
It seems to me You're having an illuminating conversation.
Could I also be included as a friend? What brings you here, Chief Cabinet Secretary? I came here because I heard you talking about me.
Only joking.
I was having a lunch meeting nearby, with colleagues from the financial world.
You come to this church often, Chief Cabinet Secretary.
Tsuki right? Yes, you must know everything.
You're like an nosy reporter for one of those gossip magazines.
Was there anything we could do for you? Stop sniffing around the people in my circle.
Is that advice, Chief Cabinet Secretary? A warning.
I understand.
Does that conclude our conversation? You like baseball, don't you? Yes.
Are you anti-Giants? Two out, bases loaded, I wonder who would be victorious.
With that, I'll excuse myself.
Chief Cabinet Secretary.
What could it be? What would be the structure of the so called 'Ministry of Public Safety'? Ministry of Public Safety? That's your dream enterprise, what you want to make reality.
You want to reorganize the National Police Agency and the MPD's Regional HQ, to form a new organization, the Public Order Agency, with the Public Safety Bureau at its center.
This is the first time I've heard anything about that.
Yet, aren't you considering some fresh ideas as well? With that, I'll excuse myself.
Such a peaceful place.
When I was little, once I heard the sound of keys outside the door, I knew my father had come home.
Even after he wasn't around anymore, for some reason, I still heard that sound once or twice.
Then the sound of the door opening.
After losing someone precious to you, you wonder how you continue living.
I still don't understand how to.
Though spending every day feeling as though you're an empty shell, I don't think those precious people, would've wanted that.
If you please would.
What's wrong? Are you alright? What are you doing!? Is this place to your liking? Yes.
This pie is made with organic ingredients from a local farm.
That reminds me, yesterday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara came to meet me.
Why would you tell me about that? I wonder why.
Although he did it in order to twist my arm, I was impressed by him heading all the way over just to see little old me.
You still haven't given up? Even though our contest is in stalemate? I've become your pet dog, right? And so, what are you worried about? Then stop struggling in vain.
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My mistake.
Sorry I bothered you.
Be seated.
Before, you said that Assistant Commissioner Muroi was your wife's former lover, right? Yes.
Before we met, they dated each other.
I see.
You think Assistant Commissioner Muroi was the only one who used your wife? Yes.
So your daughter's biological father was? Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
You're confident about that? Yes.
I had the wrong idea.
I thought your wife got pregnant after her involvement in Operation GLARKE Alpha.
That so? Yes.
I loved my daughter.
Even after I discovered she wasn't really mine.
I always loved her.
My daughter is precious to me, too.
That's why I understand how you feel.
Chihiro became heart broken.
Shingai thinks that Chihiro felt compelled to activate the bomb.
That's what he told me.
Compelled? No need to worry.
I won't run away.
Your father and I must have done countless joint-mobilizations.
Is that true? Yes.
What kind of person was he? An excellent individual.
Only, he used to act a bit high-handed.
Why? Do you know why he went missing? You joined the PSB to find out? Please answer me.
Should you help me, when the times comes, I'll tell you.
Assistant Commissioner Muroi, Are you scheming something? I wonder if I am.
I now understand the reason you work so hard for Tsuki.
Though he's taking you for a ride.
Sound the alarm! Okay! Shit! Kuraki.
You may not believe me When Chihiro told me, you two were dating, I urged her to tie the knot quickly.
When you two decided to get married, the relationship between she and I had ended much earlier.
I honestly could give my blessing for your marriage.
Since I too hoped and wished for her to be happy.
Then why? Why did you involve Chihiro in Operation GLARKE Alpha? At the time, she needed someone supportive.
One day, I received a phone call from her.
It dawned on her that judging from Shizuku's blood type, Shizuku's biological father was actually me.
I was shocked.
So that's what you discussed then? Yes.
I'd say she gave me the cold shoulder after that.
What do you think happened to Chihiro? I'm not obligated to answer that.
Chihiro may have been the one who killed Shizuku.
You suspected Chihiro, right? She said it herself.
Do you still think she did it, even now? You still suspect it was her, Kuraki? Did you hear something about Shizuku's death from Chihiro? What if I did hear something, what would you do? Answer me! What did Chihiro tell you? Did she kill Shizuku? Kuraki, even if you knew the truth, it won't alter your reality.
Stop dodging my questions! You're the one who caused everything, Kuraki.
What? Shizuku dying and also Chihiro becoming heart broken.
Finally, her activating the bomb.
Everything happened because of you.
And that's the truth! Kuraki! Inspector Kuraki.
An Intruder? Most likely.
Do you intend to kill me? Kazuhiko died because of you.
Now I'm going to stab you repeatedly.
Revenge, huh? Ridiculous.
Listen, for the sake of preserving order in our country, we need someone willing to do the dirty work.
People like you.
Don't fuck with me.
You and your older brother, too, were just sacrificial pawns.
Where do you think you're going? Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
Shit! Now that I've done something on my own, I understand the meaning of life.
You, huh? You're the one who helped Shingai escape! Yes.
I released the boy who was confined to the basement.
What's your objective? Objective? I've realized what it is.
My part in disturbing the order.
Peaceful times for Omelas have come to an end.
Dammit! Hey! Hey! Can you hear me? Hey! Hey! I'll tell you one other thing.
I obtained two bombs.
The second one is in Muroi's possession.
Curiouser and curiouser, right? You're completely insane.
You may be right! Though I shall say it again.
You will reach the same conclusion I did.
See you, Kuraki.
I'm walking away from Omelas.
He intends to stage another bomb attack, and aims to assassinate the president.
A terrorist attack? If a terrorist attack occurs, public opinion will strengthen for Morihara, and weaken for the Police Force.
By amending the law, the National Police Agency and the MPD's Regional Headquarters will be restructured to form a new organization, the Public Order Agency, with the Public Safety Bureau at its center, under control of the Ministry of Public Safety he wants to create.
Ministry of Public Safety!? If Assistant Commissioner Muroi was made top cop, Morihara would hold absolute power over the country.
If that happens, everything he had a hand in, wiretaps, cover-ups, bribes, deals, etc He could continue doing them as the highest official in the government.
What a conspiracy! That's why, once the terror attack occurs, everything is over.
Even if we complained, everything would be utterly concealed.
If I was Muroi, I would target the president in a place which couldn't be changed no matter how many alterations were made to security arrangements.
MPD's Public Safety Bureau.
This room, I wonder what you'd call it.
This is my office.
We're seizing everything.
On whose orders? Superintendent Tsuki, you have been accused of plotting domestic terror, your prupose being to disrupt law and order in this country.
Thus, you are being arrested.
Inspector Kuraki, the mastermind of the bombing incident has been identified as Kuraki Chihiro.
Your wife.
She was suspected of aiding and abetting and now, so are you, her husband.
You shall all be placed under surveillance.
Naturally, you are removed from the president's police detail.
Kuraki, It's tough to lose an outstanding and talented detective like you.
You intend to use Chihiro as the scapegoat for everything? I won't let things go as you've planned.
President Tarakii of the Saldonian Republic, in order to negotiate a new oil supply route with Japan, arrives in Japan tomorrow.
5000 police officers have been mobilized around the vicinity of negotiating venue.
Security measures are on an unprecedented scale.
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