MOZU (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 Ministry of Public Safety!? You want to reorganize the National Police Agency and the MPD Regional Headquarters, to form a new organization, the Public Order Agency, with the Public Safety Bureau at its center.
This is the first I've heard about that.
Yet, aren't you considering some fresh ideas, as well? He plans another terror attack using a bomb, and aims to assassinate the president.
A bomb attack? If a terrorist attack occurs, public opinion will strengthen for Morihara, and weaken for the Police Force.
By amending the law, the National Police Agency and the MPD's Regional Headquarters will be restructured to form a new organization, the Public Order Agency, with the Public Safety Bureau at its center, under control of the Ministry of Public Safety he wants to make.
If Assistant Commissioner Muroi was made top cop, Morihara would hold absolute power over the country.
If that happens, anything he has a hand in, wiretaps, cover-ups, bribes, deals.
etc He could continue doing them as the highest official in the government.
What a conspiracy! They's why, once the terror attack occurs, everything is over.
Even if we complained, everything would be utterly concealed.
If I was Muroi, I would target the president in a place which couldn't be changed no matter how many alterations were made to security arrangements.
Superintendent Tsuki, you have been accused of plotting domestic terror, your prupose being to disrupt law and order in this country.
Thus, you're being arrested.
Inspector Kuraki, the mastermind of this latest bombing incident has been identified as Kuraki Chihiro.
Your wife.
She was suspected of aiding and abetting and now, so are you, as her husband.
You shall all be placed under surveillance.
Naturally, you are removed from the president's police detail.
You intend to use Chihiro as the scapegoat for everything? I won't let things go as you've planned.
I'd like you to explain why I'm under restraint.
Your punishment is currently being considered by Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
When will he reach a decision on said punishment? Your hearing is tomorrow.
Does that have anything to do with the Saldonian President visiting Japan today? My apologies.
I haven't heard the details about this current matter.
I see.
This means I will be dealt with AFTER the bombing occurs, yes? Bombing? If such a thing occurred, reports of security measures being flawless would be questioned.
You're not in a position to know.
Those who are behind the conspiracy are now moving on a grand scale.
You see, it's only a handful of people.
Why won't you act on this!? Even if what you said was true, have you evidence to prove it? There isn't.
Then it's unjustifiable.
If I don't act on this here, then it'd would be the same as quitting.
Osugi! I've worked as a police officer for twenty-four years and I have no hesitation in acting on serious situation like this.
First Division Chief, I bet my life as a detective on this, this conspiracy must be stopped! First and foremost, our duty is to locate and capture murderers.
First Division Chief, there was a tip that the murderer, Shingai Hiromi, has entered the airport.
Thank you! Hell yeah, let's roll! Even if there really is a conspiracy behind a terrorism bombing, just how will you, who is unable to leave here, prevent it? I will do nothing.
Just waiting here will suffice.
Hey! Search for her! Security update? Cabinet Secretary Morihara has left his seat at the reception and is en route.
Place an escort there to avoid any mistakes.
Of those entering the country, what's the profile of persons deemed threats? We have received no reports of threats entering the country.
We will guide you through the steps to your departure.
We ask travelers to remove their shoes, in order to be examined, as part of our current heightened security checks.
It's Osugi.
We're heading towards the airport.
How do you intend to stop him? Commissioner Muroi is in the control room along with the rest of the investigators.
Though if he were to come out of there alone The possibility of him leaving to activate the bomb is high.
I'll monitor Commissioner Muroi's movements, you search for the bomb.
Got it.
Leave it to us.
A TBS & WOWOW Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 1 - Cries of the Night Listen up, split into groups and search.
Roger! Lieutenant Osugi.
What could the PSB need from us? What are you searching for? We've received a tip that the murderer, Shingai Hiromi, entered this airport.
It doesn't appear like you're searching for a murderer.
This is part of a larger investigation.
Excuse me.
Please communicate this to Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
Communicate what? Don't kill Shingai until nightfall.
Over here, if you would.
Stop right there.
Inspector Kuraki, you have trespassed into a restricted zone.
We're restraining you.
Your suspicious movements inside the airport have been recorded by surveillance cameras.
I see.
After the explosion, you plan to use that as evidence and blame me as the culprit.
Isn't that our way of doing things? The alignment of husband and wife, terrorist couple, will be complete.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara has left the reception hall.
Kuraki You're wrong.
This isn't a matter which you're able to make a judgment.
How are things on your end? You called at just the right time.
You've succeeded in hacking it? Yes.
But if it's discovered I'm doing this, I'll likely be fired.
Though if I don't do this, the nation might be obliterated.
Contact me as soon as you find it, I should be able to do something about the grave you've dug yourself into.
That's cruel.
Have you seen my daughter, Selma? Over there, ma'am.
Freeze! You, huh? Is it okay for you to be out of hospital? Pass that to me.
I can't take my eyes off such amusing people as Kuraki and yourself.
Do so in silence! Kuraki pursues me, demanding to know why his wife activated the bomb.
Although, an answer from me won't convince that guy.
Kuraki's wife Huh? That's the answer.
After you.
You're chasing the same truth.
What does that mean? Are you prepared for the answer? To the question of why your father went missing? How did it go, did you find it? I'm monitoring airport radio commuications.
Tracking all transmissions from the communicat Ah! There's one unregistered electromagnetic signal.
Where is it? Back of that third-story lounge.
That's nearby.
Senior! Choii! This way.
Excuse me.
Whoa! Ah! Sorry! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey! Are you okay? Hey! What happened? Assistant Commissioner Muroi, took the bomb detonator and fled.
Narumiya, he has the detonator.
With the weak electro-magnetic signal, he'll have to press the detonator's switch within fifty meters from the bomb.
Where's the detonator? I don't know.
Once the detonator gets within range, the signal of the bomb will change- Huh? What's wrong? The bomb is moving.
Huh? Where is it now!? The reception hall? The reception hall? Please wait.
Shouldn't I at least be able to answer the phone? Go ahead.
It's Kuraki.
We know the bomb's location.
The reception hall! Assistant Commissioner Muroi escaped with the detonator.
Please, hang up already.
I hung up.
Inspector Kuraki, what are you thinking!? Sorry for this.
Kuraki What do you intend to do? Face here, if you would.
Now continue facing the front of the camera, if you would.
Over here please.
Wait a moment.
There's a bomb in the reception hall! A bomb? Where did you get your information? No time to explain.
We need to evacuate quickly! Hang on a second! Hey! Move! A bomb is in the reception hall, everyone please leave in an orderly fashion.
Please evacuate.
Everybody evacuate.
There's a bomb! There is a bomb in the conference hall, please evacuate! We've received intel a bomb is in the reception hall! Remove the president! President, we're going to the VIP room.
There is a bomb! Run away! Please evacuate.
Everybody evacuate! Flee, there's a bomb! Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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I'm from the MPD, we need to find a bomb nearby.
Eh? Announce evacuation.
What are you waiting for? Make the announcement! Hello? The bomb is on the move again.
What? It's headed towards the VIP room.
The VIP room? Ah! Sorry! Whoa! It's inside that doll! The detonator still isn't within range.
You better hurry before things turn ugly.
To everyone in the airport, in order to search for a suspicious object, officials have requested you evacuate the building as a quickly as possible.
Once again, in order to search for a suspicious object, officials have requested you evacuate the building as a quickly as possible.
Everyone, please calm down! The exit is that way, please move in a calm fashion.
Seize him! Get off me! Everyone, there is a bomb, please run! Get out! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry up and run away! Hurry up! Hurry, get to safety! Selma? Selma! Selma! Selma! Hello? The detonator is within range.
It could explode any time now.
Hurry! Leave the VIP room.
Dammit! Hello? Lieutenant Osugi, are you listening? Hurry up and escape! Lieutenant Osugi, hurry! Please don't push! The exit is that way! MUROI! (Don't do it!) Lieutenant Osugi! Lieutenant Osugi is alive! Superintendent Muroi.
Once I'm standing at the top, I'll promote you.
We can change the structure of the national police force together? I have no interest in doing that.
Kuraki Beyond lies a bright new future.
Scapegoats are unavoidable if there is to be justice.
I'm sure Chihiro would've been glad.
I won't let Chihiro become a scapegoat for everything.
If it was for our nation then it'd fulfill her life-long ambitions! Don't fuck with me! For Rin as well, I can't give up on the future! In order to avoid this nation being in disrepair when she wakes up, I must change our country's future! You What did you do for Chihiro? Huh? All you gave her was despair! Kazuhiko Kazuhiko Thank you.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara.
Central Tokyo Airport!! Terror Bombing Incident!! We should never have allowed an act of terror within our borders.
To ensure that this incident never repeats itself, I promise all citizens that I will throughly enforce public order.
The conspiracy for the establishment of a Ministry of Public Safety would not be acceptable for general consumption, right? It has proved difficult to tell the truth about Assistant Commissioner Muroi's death.
At this rate, everything will be put away and covered up, right? Correct.
This is just one more unsolved case to add to the pile.
Can you do that? Information will be manipulated, the truth shrouded in smoke.
The truth of what happened will return to the darkness from whence it came.
When I was a high school student, I got a phone call.
There was no one there.
I think it was probably my father.
When I became a PSB officer, I searched for any information about him.
Though, I never found a thing.
I think most likely, the upper echelons covered it up.
I want to be in a position where I can find out.
I see.
Inspector Kuraki, you see, I heard something from Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
What? I see.
Your wife didn't know.
Assistant Commissioner Muroi never told her.
That one of the things she was handing over to Kakehi was a bomb.
On that day in that café, your wife fled, without handing the photos to Kakehi she should have.
Because she thought of you.
She didn't want to betray you.
Her impulse was to shield you.
That's what I think.
The taste of a good meal never changes.
It looks like nothing has changed in society.
Beer please.
A beer.
I'm unable to return to that side, right? Yes.
Do you ever profit from knowing the truth? I haven't found it, so I wouldn't know.
Do you still want to pursue the truth? It's something I can do.
Because I'm the only one who can.
Although, in this latest incident, truth will once again be shrouded in darkness, right? Just like always.
I won't allow that to happen.
Excuse me.
Yes, please just wait a moment.
Hi there! Two of the same.
Please just wait for a little while.
Pops! Metropolitan Police Department Hidden 300-Million Yen Incident Operation GLARKE ALPHA Operation GLARKE ALPHA Disappearance of Public Safety Bureau's Operative D-83.
Attempted Assassination of the Saldonian President Next season on Shrike Wings of Phantasia The MPD's Public Safety Bureau's Inspector Kuraki Naotake is wanted for questioning.
They've been murdered, stabbed in the neck from behind.
It's the same style of murder that Shingai Hiromi committed, right? Don't fuck with me! Where's Tyler? No matter what I say to you, it is useless, right? PSB Chief Ikezawa? Seems a certain individual has returned to Japan.
Oh look, the Japanese monster.
Is that you, Dad? Dharma might actually exist.
What did you do to my wife!? The other side of darkness is truth.
You really are the best! Who are you? I'm Kuraki.
'Shrike' Season 2 : Wings of Phantasia.
Starts Sunday, June 22nd on WOWOW.
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Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
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