MOZU (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 What we're looking at, are fragments of the truth.
What you've been told is far from the truth.
I only want to know the absolute truth.
I've had enough and seen my limit of the distorted truth.
Shrike - Season 01 25 minute recap A large blast suddenly went off.
I'm here in front of the Izutsu store in Ginza.
If you were walking, you would've heard a loud blast ring out.
Next minute, the street was blown away.
From the Public Safety Bureau? Even if he comes here, the body is in no condition to be viewed.
He's here.
Wait up.
You're her husband from the PSB, right? I'm Osugi from Division 1, Criminal Investigation Bureau, I'm honored to meet -- Hate to say this, but I hope this won't upset -- It won't be an issue.
Then just to confirm, your name was Kuraki.
Two deceased persons were found at Ground Zero.
The first is Kuraki Chihiro, 35 years old, former PSB officer.
It's unmistakably my wife.
Inspector Kuraki is zero mistakes, ultra-elite PSB officer.
The door was open, I let myself in.
No matter how you view it, this is a criminal offense.
It was placed in this room of yours.
Who is that guy? Why are you people chasing after him? Hey! Anyone I hate more than female detectives or PSB detectives, it's someone who's both.
Sorry for that.
What are you hiding? Don't think you can get away from me, girl! I doubt you being at the site of the explosion was a coincidence.
Akeboshi Miki, 31 years old.
Born in Tokyo.
Father was a PSB officer, mother was a teacher.
Has a sister who is a veterinarian.
Despite your position as an inspector, you shouldn't be able to view PSB officers private information.
When you were in high school, your father went missing while on undisclosed assignment.
He went missing as a PSB officer.
I've thought this over.
Only two possibilities come to mind.
He was tripped up in some incident, of which there -- I'm leaving.
Running away, huh? What do you want from me? What you know.
Tell me about every bit of info related to the bombing.
The person I was tailing, was a man by the name of Shingai Kazuhiko.
Shingai is a professional killer.
You'll be a target! Huh? What are you talking about? Do you know about the shrike? Shrike? Without a doubt, the shrike will come for you.
You're giving me the creeps, dammit! You supposed to make him fall without layin' a finger on him.
Shut up, idiot! It won't be a problem once his body splatters like tofu on concrete! Let's go! Okay.
We were the only two in the world who knew this name.
Hiromi, you're the shrike.
It was the name Kazuhiko thought up and gave to me.
This is bad, did you hear he didn't have the IC chip? Shut up.
Big brother! I need to apologize to you for something.
That can wait, now hurry! Forgive me Shrike.
After the bombing, Higashi ordered his men to snuff out Kazuhiko, by shoving him off a cliff.
He decided to seal Kazuhiko's mouth permanently.
Is Shingai hiding somewhere? He was hired by a large company who specializes in security.
Athena Security.
Was it the likes of you who ordered him to use a bomb? Why do you involve yourself in the bombing inquiry? Why did my wife have to die? That's the only thing I want to know.
Five years ago, Inspector Kuraki's late wife was on special assignment from the PSB.
That assignment and this bombing incident may be related.
Therefore you must look very closely.
Just who is this guy? Tsuki Shunsuke, NPA Special Inspector.
He investigates the police force.
What I'm cleaning up this time are the sewers of the PSB.
The police, as in the PSB, are involved in backing a criminal group? It's may be your dad's fault that you're disliked for no reason.
But, don't you be ashamed.
No matter who twists your arm, don't give in.
Never give in! The same goes for you, Dad.
Am I right in thinking that the PSB's ace has finally returned? There's only two months until the President of Saldonia arrives in Japan.
I've assigned you as a member of his police detail.
From now on, those are your prime duties.
There's no problem if I continue my duty as a husband? You're Higashi Kazuo, aren't you? PSB Kuraki is an eyesore, Isn't he? He's like a fly.
Ensure he can't fly about for a while.
Nakagami, I depend on you.
Showtime! Do you know what your name is? I don't know.
Even though the past you may be different.
I'm sure God had good reasons to keep you alive.
Thank you.
Shingai, Who's the chick? I don't know.
Right now I'm Please just wait there a minute.
As we're coming to pick you up, then kill you.
Hey you! Kuraki Sorry, we have an emergency patient! We haven't been told.
Not like you could've! I've decided to kill this chick of yours.
Don't fuck with me! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Mr.
Where's the IC chip? Hey, girlie! Did this guy entrust something to you? Missy, at least answer.
Oh my.
This is not good.
You overdid it with the torture.
For sins and crimes committed, you are hereby sentenced to death.
You are all eternally cursed.
By me, that is.
Hey! What are you wearing? You sick freak! It's cute.
Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huuuuuh? Did someone call forth a monster? Shingai Hiromi and Shingai Kazuhiko are identical twin brothers.
Brothers? Right Because Kazuhiko's brother, the person called Shingai Hiromi, is a cross dresser! Hiromi was the name of our older sister, who died before we were born.
Just tell everyone that Hiromi is really a boy so that they realize.
The woman Kakehi met with was the one who put the bomb into his bag.
Hey! The identity of this woman? Unknown.
It's possible the mystery woman was actually you in disguise.
No matter what inspector, it seems I'm a mysterious woman tailored to your needs? That's not my intention.
Yet, it's better to think of you as such until I know your motive.
And this is the mystery woman who set off the bombing incident.
That woman was my wife.
What did you come here for, you graceless fellow? I'll take revenge for Kazuhiko.
I'm not the Shingai Kazuhiko you knew.
I'm his brother.
Thanks to you guys, my memory was revived.
So he didn't have a sister? Even though my name is Hiromi, no.
You're a funny fellow.
I'm not the one you should be targeting.
To them, I've already settled this business with you.
Give up the ghost.
Higashi was formerly with the PSB.
First, we'll give Superintendent Wakamatsu a visit.
once we obtain a confession from him, they'll have no choice except to arrest Higashi and his thugs.
We have the same objective.
Well, I'm not sure about that.
One guy has a completely different objective from us.
Not for justice, not for the sake of the country, only for the woman he held closest to his heart.
The doors are closing.
Inspector, are you alright? Chihiro Huh? The task this time will be conducted under absolute secrecy.
This operation's name is GLARKE ALPHA.
Six elite officers sent in to infiltrate a secret facility.
One of those people was Chihiro.
The infiltration you mentioned, where was it into? That's the only thing I cannot disclose.
It's said that the operation had something to do with Dharma.
Dharma? You don't know? The presence of a mysterious entity known as Dharma.
Mysterious entity? No one knows if Dharma is an organization or an individual.
However, the largest unsolved question Where did the name Dharma come from? Why does it keep popping up? What's up with this guy? This man has been sighted in Japan.
Sighted? Yes.
Inside dreams.
People say he causes different actions to occur in different dreams.
Are you alright? What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare? Did my wife, ever say something about her dreams? That in her dreams, every time, the same man, would appear.
You still have those dreams? It's not every night.
I'll avenge Kazuhiko without fail! I'll kill everyone! Superintendent Wakamatsu used Higashi to erase people considered inconvenient to the country and so forth.
He was contracted for illegal activities for the 'dark side' of the PSB.
That guy knew too much.
Well, we intended to use him from the start The mastermind is that person.
That person? Why did Chihiro have to get involved? Inspector Kuraki! Please get away from Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
You're chasing the same truth.
Are you prepared for the answer? To the question of why your father went missing? Have you found that absolute truth of yours? No.
Not yet.
Then you should give up on it.
You guys are my favorites.
I well understand why the same woman fell for you both.
You're completely insane.
You may be right! Though I'll say it once more.
You will reach the same conclusion I did.
See you, Kuraki.
Ministry of Public Safety!? That's the structure of dreams you want to make reality.
You want to reorganize the National Police and the MPD's Regional Headquarters, to form a new organization, the Public Order Agency, with the Public Safety Bureau at its center.
This is the first I've heard anything about that.
Yet, aren't you considering fresh ideas as well? He intends to stage a terrorist attack and aims to assassinate the president.
A terrorist attack using a bomb? If a terrorist attack occurs, public opinion will strengthen for Morihara and weaken for the Police Force.
By amending the act, he'll form a new organization with the Public Safety Bureau at its center, unde the Ministry of Public Safety.
Assistant Commissioner Muroi will be made top cop, Morihara would hold absolute power over the country.
If that happens, everything he had a hand in, wiretaps, cover-ups, bribes, deals, etc He could continue doing them as the highest official in the government.
What a conspiracy! Once a terrorist attack occurs, everything is over.
Even if we complained, everything would be utterly concealed.
Kuraki You're in the wrong.
This isn't a matter which you're able to make a judgment on.
For the sake of preserving order in our country, we need someone willing to do the dirty work.
You and your older brother too, are just sacrificial pawns.
Muroi! (Don't do it!) Kuraki, Why don't we change the national police force together? I have no interest in doing so.
Scapegoats are unavoidable for there to be justice.
I won't let Chihiro become a scapegoat for everything.
Kazuhiko Thank you.
We should not have allowed such terrorism to occur in this country.
To ensure that this incident is not allowed to repeat itself, I promise all citizens I shall throughly reinforce public order.
The conspiracy around the establishment of a Ministry of Public Safety would not be acceptable for general consumption, right? It has proven difficult to reveal the truth about Assistant Commissioner Muroi's death.
Everything will be covered up, right? That's right.
Information will be manipulated, the truth shrouded in smoke.
The truth of what happened will return to the darkness from whence it came.
Do you ever profit from knowing the truth? I haven't found it so I wouldn't know.
Although, in this latest incident as well, truth will once again be shrouded in darkness, right? Like always.
I won't allow that to happen.
Metropolitan Police Department Box sign: Operation GLARKE ALPHA Disappearance of Public Safety Bureau's Operative D-83.
Hidden 300-Million Yen Incident Attempted Assassination of the Saldonian President Season 2 : Wings of Phantasia; Starts Right After This! Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush Russian translated into English by XAXA.
The surveillance system secretly created by the PSB to keep tabs on citizens, was hacked by someone or something in the year 2000.
The PSB secretly investigated, when they received fake intel from a shady organization.
In order to obliterate the citizen surveillance system, investigators were sent to infiltrate.
This operation, launched five years ago was top secret even within the PSB.
Operation GLARKE Alpha.
However, the operation failed and six investigators were captured.
They were given seventy-two hours to disclose their identities.
No one revealed theirs, and five investigators were executed.
One returned alive.
The sole-surviving investigator who returned was my wife, a PSB officer.
Her name was Chihiro.
Chihiro became heartbroken after returning from the operation.
Before long, she was used by senior members of the PSB, and took part in a terrorist attack.
She died.
Why was Chihiro the only one who came back? During the seventy-two hours she was prisoner, what happened to Chihiro? I continue to investigate into Operation GLARKE Alpha, to seek the truth about what really happened.
I've pursued leads concerning the system stolen from Japan.
I suspected they were people from the undeworld, although it was actually an entity which boggled my imagination.
The enemy the Japanese PSB is fighting is none other than our nation's largest and most powerful neighbor, the Russian Federation.
In the first half of 2000, the reason Russian industry gained a huge lead over the Japanese private industry may have been because of this.
The Japanese Government, could not let the public know of the system's existence, and went to lengths to conceal the truth.
The so-called secret facility in Russia where Chihiro and the other investigators infiltrated is still unknown.
Yet, I learned the name of the person who imprisoned Chihiro and the other agents.
His name was Ivan Tyler.
From the little information concerning him, I learned Tyler was proficient in Japanese, and said to be Gurujibuan.
The day following the operation, the Republic of Gurujibu still hadn't achieved independence from Russia.
Therefore, while Tyler was a Gurujibuan citizen, he might have been affiliated with the Russian government.
Plus, if Tyler could speak Japanese, then I'm satisfied he was responsible for Chihiro and the other hostages.
I will hunt Ivan Tyler and find out the truth! Today, a suspicious ship from open waters crossed our borders through the disputed Cape Soukiba of Hokkaido.
Twelve Coast Guard ships encircled it upon discovery.
Earlier, Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara held a press conference.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara At this early dawn conference, I inform you about an intrusion into Japan's territorial waters.
The nation where this armed spy ship came from is unknown.
It is confirmed the ship has now departed Japanese waters.
Currently, the Government is co-ordinating efforts with neighbor countries and is doing everything in its power to investigate the truth of World arms exports on the incrrease.
You're Cherokov, from the Gurujibu Republic, right? Please accompany me.
The Public Safety Bureau, huh? Who ratted me out? Let's talk somewhere else.
Could it have been that woman? In any case, please accompany us.
Right now, my face is being monitored, yes? Suspect on the move! Apprehend him! Shiori! Ratted me out, didn't you? You bitch! There's something I want to discuss.
Who are you? Kuraki.
Is there something you need from me, Mr Kuraki? You wrote this article? What's the point of a pen name when the PSB is on the case? That isn't true.
It took me a while to track you down.
What is this so important? Nobody in Japan has a better grip on details surrounding the war in the Gurujibu Republic than you.
I want to collaborate with you on something.
On what? Do you know a man by the name of Ivan Tyler? The odds of him being Gurujibuan are high.
Unfortunately, I don't know him.
I see.
Although, among the Gurujibuan people I'm acquainted with, his name came up in a conversation.
Can I meet them? Since their eyes are wary and alert, your cover would be blown immediately Obvious police officer.
Would you be able to get them talking? They would grow suspicous.
They'll hear you out.
Right? It seems you've been snooping around for information on the terrorist bombing which occurred at the airport six months ago? Yes.
I know that incident like the back of my hand.
I see what you're getting at.
If I ask for information about Ivan Tyler, then you'll share information you have, yes? Yes.
You must want info badly if you're willing to go that far.
I might find out what happened to my wife.
Your wife? I will dig out the truth about what happened during those seventy-two hours and fill in the gaps.
A WOWOW & TBS Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 2 - Wings of Phantasia Good work getting here.
Did you find anything out? The explosive material is believed to have been low grade TNT explosives.
Does this seem to be related to the fire fight yesterday between our Coast Guard and that spy ship? We still don't know.
Although, we considered the possibility the terrorists used it as a breach.
The lone death was an on-duty security guard.
He was struck down, then shot point-blank while trying to flee.
We think they stole his key card and erased evidence.
What you're looking at here are the surveillance cameras.
Yet, we may be able to view footage if data inside them can be recovered.
I'll arrange for restoration.
Why are you? Please don't do it.
Spare me! You bastard! A cop shouldn't be doing thi- Did you think I'd let you loose in this store again? Doesn't look like you're in a good mood.
Shall I help you? No, and I am in a good mood.
I'm sure you said to wait at the store farther down.
Since you arrived early, you observed my natural courtesy.
Shall we go? How's foreign affairs? I haven't been able to discuss work details since I joined the PSB.
That is why I hate the PSB.
Welcome! Haven't our tasks become more similar? Don't say such stupid things.
Rather, than the things I've come to hate, like cover-ups, cover-ups and more cover-ups, yeah? That's not the nature of my job.
Missy, another bottle.
Coming up! You really hate concealing things, Lieutenant Osugi? Even though you just assaulted a civilian awhile ago, or was that "on duty" too? That guy was a street punk.
Who cares? You haven't changed.
Darkness this, darkness that, hey? Neither have you, still cherishing your own opinion.
Now you've- Here you go, sorry for the wait! Bringing some hot daughter with you.
What's with you, Osugi? She's a colleague.
This is the first time he ever brought a lady here.
Excuse me.
Someone's calling you, dimples.
What? That woman won't shut up.
I'm surprised.
I never dreamed I would receive a dinner invitation from you.
Why the change of heart? Because Senior Superintendent Tsuki has gone overseas.
If I recall, Superintendent Tsuki went to the CIA for- Yes.
Just like usual.
Since that guy always worries about our actions when he's around, I thought I might gather some information while he's away.
Information on what? Is Superintendent Tsuki still leaving Morihara alone? Most likely there still isn't enough evidence to arrest Morihara.
So, since then, you haven't met with Inspector Kuraki again? Huh? Yes.
Why not? Well, I have no particular reason to.
Really? Didn't you just tremble? What is this? An interrogation? That might be.
You suck at interrogating people.
Right now, It seems he has fallen off the radar, immersing himself in work, trying to unearth what happened in that GLARKE Alpha Operation.
That so? See, you'd be worried if he didn't come and meet you, right? I wouldn't be that worried.
See, you're distracted.
And it happens again.
Metropolitan Police HQ Hibiya, Tokyo PSB Chief Ikezawa? Kuraki.
Been a while, hasn't it? To be honest, I came because I have something to tell you.
Tell me? Yes.
It seems a certain man has returned to Japan.
A certain man? You're familiar with him, right? Athena Security's founder, Higashi.
Higashi! You knew Higashi? An alumni of the PSB.
It's a given I would know about him.
Why would you come all this way to tell me Higashi returned? Higashi was employed by former Section Chief of the PSB's Division One, Muroi.
Six months ago, the Tokyo Airport bombing targeted the Saldonian Republic's President.
It looks like Higashi collaborated somewhat in the now deceased Muroi's scheme.
Is that right? I have nothing to say about that matter.
Do you believe the facts behind that attack will stay covered-up? You shouldn't hold such thoughts.
Besides, Senior Superintendent Tsuki's judgment was wrong.
The conspiracy, underlying that attack, wasn't as large that it needed to be covered-up.
It's better if you don't think naïvely of that man.
All of a sudden, you are concerned about Tsuki? Most unfortunate for you, Kuraki.
Did you think that coming here and badgering me, would result in me telling you what really happened? I didn't- You're wasting your time.
I thought this would happen.
Though, I'll dig up the truth come hell or high water.
Firstly, I'll question Higashi until he talks.
That guy's insane.
Be careful when you try to manipulate him.
I'll do the manipulating.
M-Megumi, C'mon, you were the one who found this lovely cafe.
Me? Obviously you.
But the meaning wouldn't change even if it wasn't.
You're not one to credit others.
Once upon a time, you called my table manners elegant.
You must be joking, right? I never saw any such manners, let alone say I did that.
You don't remember because of work.
He says because of work, you couldn't roast frozen chicken without burning it.
Besides, I took you to the French place.
What part of that meal was French? Your face looking like a French bulldog? Do you even know what a French bulldog looks like? Stop already.
I finally understand why Mom left you.
What? I'm going to the restroom.
Hey! Megumi, aren't we in the middle of something? You're so loud the gods could hear you.
You told Megumi I'm a worse than smelly junkie, didn't you? My name is not "you.
" Keiko! Don't call me by my name, it's bad luck! Well then, "you.
" Then what should I call you!? Don't call me anything! Oh, hurry up and answer! Don't rush me, I'm answering.
Osugi here, what's wrong? The cafe is this way.
What? I thought there would be an exchange of greetings or something.
Been a while, hasn't it? It has indeed.
Have you lost weight? You’re still asking those kinds of questions? I was being considerate since you told me to exchange greetings.
Bring those over here.
Is it ready yet? Shit Dammit! Shit.
Glad you could make it.
Mr Osugi, there's remnants of a puddle here.
Look at me, I'm soaked.
Show me the deceased.
Stabbed in the neck from behind.
The murderer killed the victim elsewhere then abandoned the corpse here.
Identity of the victim? Well, you see It's someone who died ten years ago.
What? Delicious.
Do you frequent this place often, inspector? First time I've been here in several years.
That so? Has the incident with the armed spy ship and explosion at the Energy Research Center, been assigned to foreign affairs? Yes, I'm in charge of the investigation.
Was it an international terrorist group who jumped from the armed spy ship? We're investigating that idea, though it's still unknown.
And your personal opinion is? Where do you think the terrorists were from? I think that there's a high possibility that the terrorists were from Gurujibu.
I see.
The Energy Research Center was seeking a joint Russo-Japanese energy project, wasn't it? It seems strange Gurujibuan terrorists perpetrated that explosion due to antagonism between Gurujibu and Russia.
As you say.
Moreover, the armed spy ship and the coast guard vessels were hemmed in by high and soaring cliffs around Cape Soukiba.
It's possible they might have smuggled themselves into the country.
That's certainly true.
Let me also know how the investigation progresses.
Why your interest in this case? Tyler might have been among them.
Tyler? Nothing.
Umm It's Kuraki.
Understood, I'll be there soon.
Sorry, I have to leave early.
It's the sort of offense Shingai Hiromi committed, right? That's right.
His identity? The verification we have, such identiy card and his possessions, differ from the person he's supposed to be, who died ten years ago.
A person from the criminal underworld? Yes.
So I was curious and investigated and success! What? That time Shingai Hiromi miraculously escaped from his isolation cell, the someone who aided his escape, impersonated a prison guard.
This is him.
You're not mistaken? No.
I confirmed it using surveillance camera footage, there's no mistaking it! He's the fake prison guard.
Did you quit? Huh? Been three months already, since I've quit smoking.
My daughter keeps saying she hates the smell of cigarettes.
Well, even though it's only the two of us here.
You said Higashi helped Shingai Hiromi escape from isolation? Yes.
In that case, our "victim" accepted the order from Higashi to free Shingai.
Meaning he was hired by Higashi? So it seems.
But as you know, the one who freed Shingai from isolation was the same one killed by Shingai's modus operandi.
What do think about that? Few people know about Shingai's preferred killing technique.
Also, there's the relationship between victim and Higashi.
If Higashi knew who broke Shingai out of prison and Shingai himself, then more people could be targets.
If that's true then it would be Higashi's men.
I could think of people inside the police force who committed crimes.
Dammit, who would do this? Wow, you two have gotten bigger.
Only took you a year to notice.
Huh? Because you're an elderly woman.
Who did you call an elderly woman? Anzu, Kurumi, It would've been better if I kept quiet! That's enough, Aunt Mi is exhausted, go, get ready for your bath.
Once we have a bath, we'll play cards with Anzu later, okay? I'm up for that.
There was another silent call.
Huh? When? Yesterday evening.
I see.
Since we have cell phones, wouldn't it be easier to disconnect the landline? You can't.
The only calls we receive are either silent calls or from telemarketers.
I'm not made of money.
I work too, so that shouldn't be a problem, okay? Say, Kaori, you don't you think those hang-up calls are from Dad? I don't.
Why not? I think he's dead.
You know Dad went missing.
His death was never confirmed.
It's been fifteen years already and he hasn't contacted anyone Mama! Okay, I'm on my way now, so wait a second.
Hello? Dad, is that you? Answer me.
Shouldn't you let the answering machine take it? Yes.
The number of hang-up calls increases weekly.
I wonder why.
You should let the answering machine take all night-time calls.
Can you hear me? Loud and clear.
KARAOKE BAR I'm monitoring security camera feeds from the bar here.
Although, since our camera was brought in by the alcohol vendor and under the table, there are still blind spots.
Take a look at bar patrons whenever practicable.
Got it.
Well then, enter.
Roulette Bar Miss Shiori.
What's wrong? Why are you here? I came visit you at work.
Vodka on the rocks.
That's the spirit! Just a moment.
Are those the guys you were talking about? They're here.
Thank you.
What? Why were you looking at us? Well because Chill out, chill out.
This woman is a friend.
I looked because I wanted to make friends.
That so? In that case, we'll drink with you.
Come here.
Let's drink! Barman, vodka! Everyone vodka.
My treat.
We make friends with the girl.
Coming right up.
What are you guys doing in Japan? Not everything we'd like.
She asks what we're doing.
Like we're making plans for the future? I have one question, and I want a proper answer.
Do you know Ivan Tyler? What did you say? Did I ask something foul? How do you know that name? Umm I was asked by a man to inquire about him.
You're searching? Are you one of police's dogs? Hey now, give him an explanation.
Who requested that? Don't panic.
What's wrong? Haven't you said too much? No, I haven't.
Show us your belongings.
Give me the bag.
Wai- Nothing.
Of course there's nothing in there.
The guy searching for Tyler, who is he? Is he such an unsavory person? That Tyler fellow? Shiori, you're my beloved friend.
It's unfortunate now that things have turned out like this.
How would you know about Tyler? You'd better talk if you don't want to die! If I talk, I'll be killed too.
By who? Who is Tyler? You shouldn't say his name out loud.
Don't beat around the bush and tell me what the story is! I've heard a rumor they came to Japan.
Where are they? I don't know! Answer me! I kept my promise.
Now it's your turn.
What do you want to know? During the terrorism bombing, was it really an explosion that caused Assistant Commissioner Muroi's death? That's the official line.
Tell me the truth.
You were there at the time, right? He was killed by an assassin.
I can't tell you his name.
And I went to shoot the assassin.
By saying it like that, do you mean you didn't do it? What do you think? That you didn't.
Then, who was it? Why are you so fixiated on this? Because I'm interested in who killed the assassin.
Tell me.
That's something I can't tell you.
Fine then.
One last question, Wasn't the mastermind behind that attack Morihara, the politician? Why would you think that? The more I investigated, the more his presence became apparent.
You think that, go ahead and put that in your article.
Though such article wouldn't be get published in times like these.
In other words, I'm right? This is as far as this conversation goes.
I'm grateful to you for corroborating this.
Police Sergeant Akeboshi.
PSB Chief Ikezawa? Greetings.
Nice to meet you.
Do you need something? The truth is, I'm investigating the airport terror bombing from six months ago.
Could you tell me anything about that incident? Naturally, all information I hear from you will be confidential, so please enjoy peace of mind.
That is something I cannot do.
Is that so? Unfortunate.
Why that incident? Just for the sake of knowing everything.
So it really was Gurujibuan terrorists? Yes.
We determined the explosives matched those used by Gurujibuan terrorists.
Moreover, satellite imagery indicates before the battle with patrol boats, four people separated from the spy ship on an inflatable raft.
Basically, this means the Gurujibuan terrorists disembarked from the spy ship to Hokkaido and blew up the Energy Research Institute? Could be.
Evidence for the Gurujibuan operatives still hasn't turned up.
But, there was a small station where they disembarked to Cape Soukiba.
Intel has come in that a Japanese person who didn't want to be seen was there.
Japanese person? Yes.
The station attendant remembers, since few people use the Cape Soukiba station.
If that is the case, they could have a contact in Japan.
At the moment, Hokkaido Police are preparing a description of the person from the attendant.
Excuse me.
It's Foreign Affair's Akeboshi.
I haven't slept properly for three days.
That guy keeps showing up.
Huh? It like he's looking at me - now mocking, now threatening.
Although, the look in his eyes is always the same.
Dharma? I might have the wrong idea.
About what? Have you seen Dharma in your dreams? Dharma My understanding was that it's an apparatus of sounds and images feeding signals into a person's cerebrum then manipulating people through dreams.
I thought there were people behind the scenes in this country, controlling this occult-like way of using people.
That was my conclusion.
But you were wrong? Dharma might actually exist.
What do you mean by that? That it's possibly feeding signals into people's cerebrum, gathering data, and keeping tabs on people.
If that is the truth and Dharma really does exist then Dharma might steal something while one is dreaming? Lieutenant Osugi! You've must of seen Dharma yourself since you listened to the conclusion of Narumiya's story.
No You're making fun of people's troubles.
I wouldn't do that.
Does this guy really appear in your dreams? Yes.
Narumiya, you know what? Isn't it just that baldy police chief of yours? Whoa! A promotion from the police chief!? Oh you! What, was it really that funny? Hey, it's surprising such a lame act like that made her laugh? So what did you want? Huh? Oh! By the way, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Keisuke Narumiya.
Nice to meet you too, I'm Akeboshi.
So you've already met Lieutenant Osugi? This guy is my subordinate.
This guy played a tiny role in the airport terrorist attack, six months back.
T-T-tiny Is that so? So why have you come here? I heard the surveillance camera data was being restored Oh, yes.
This guy's skills as forensic researcher can be put to good use.
Everyone relies on me.
Says you, who just behaved like a foreigner earlier.
What's with you.
If it's the surveillance footage, I can parse it for you.
Let me see it.
It's Kuraki.
Why did you bring Inspector Kuraki here? What do you think of Kuraki in person? He has dirty shoes.
His thoughts are elsewhere.
Cigarette? He's smoking! Hurry up and show me.
Excuse me.
This is footage from the Energy Research Institute prior to the explosion.
Gurujibuan terrorists, aren't they? Yes.
Take a look from here.
Shingai! Hiromi Hiromi, you're the shrike.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush Russian translated into English by XAXA.
Coming up on Shrike Next episode He's a ghost.
Even if you chase after him, you will never catch him.
Shingai Kazuhiko fell from a cliff.
Though his corpse was never found.
No way, does he intend to take revenge? You have a clever mind.
As expected of the PSB ace.
You're insane! She's a free lance journalist, her name is Nanami Shiori.
That woman isn't just any journalist.
Since I want you to help with my article, you'll need to cooperate, yes? I've seen that woman's train of thought before.
She's like you in some regards.
The part where you'll do anything and everything to learn the truth.
This is the sketch of the man sighted at the Cape Soukiba station.
Do you still intend on being a doorman in Omelas? Hey, this means that guy might have been involved in Operation GLARKE Alpha.
I certainly won't let myself be used by you.
Why was your wife the only one who was released? Answer my question.
In the past, we needed someone who would believe in us.
Where has Shingai gone? What's the significance of truth? You haven't realized it.
Who are you? This is a work of fiction.
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