MOZU (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

The cause of Chihiro's death was Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Why was Chihiro the only one who returned alive? During the seventy-two hours she had been held prisoner, what happened to Chihiro? I'm only chasing after the truth.
I will find Ivan Tyler and discover the truth! Is there something you need from me, Kuraki? Nobody in Japan has a better grip on details surrounding the war in the Gurujibu Republic than you.
I want you to collaborate with me on something.
Are you one of police's dogs? Who is Tyler? Do you know about Omelas? It's from a short story about Utopia.
Somewhere in that city one child had been imprisoned an incredibly long time.
All citizens of Omelas knew about this child's existence.
Yet, no one tried to rescue him.
The reason was because keeping that child imprisoned was the condition they had to keep if they wanted to preserve Utopia.
When you were in high school, your father went missing while on assignment.
Dad, is that you? Do you remember me? As if I could ever forget you, Shingai Kazuhiko.
It's the sort of offense Shingai Hiromi committed, right? Is Superintendent Tsuki still leaving Morihara alone? Intel has come in that a Japanese person who didn't want to be seen went there.
A Japanese person? Take a look.
Shingai! Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! What is going on here? Shingai is alive.
Without a doubt, his brother Hiromi, died in the airport's underground.
We already know that.
It's as you've said.
Strange, that it is Shingai Kazuhiko, the elder brother.
Shingai Kazuhiko fell from a cliff.
His corpse was never found.
Shingai Hiromi, his younger brother, also survived when he fell from that same cliff.
Although he lost his memory afterward, he was never in a life-threatening condition.
But hey, Shingai couldn't have found common interests with Gurujibuan terrorists in the meantime.
After falling from the cliff in Ishikawa, Shingai Kazuhiko floated into open sea.
Perhaps the Gurujibuan spy ship picked him up when they passed through.
Huh? Hang on, give me one.
So, Shingai Kazuhiko was rescued by the Gurujibuan spy ship and then trained to become a terrorist? Is that what you're saying? Yes, that's right.
Do you have a hard time believing that? Whether we believe or not is irrelevant.
Although this is quite the fairytale scenario.
Truth is Near the Cape Soukiba train station, where the terrorists disembarked, a Japanese man who didn't to be seen was spotted by the station attendant.
It might have been Shingai.
At the moment, police in Hokkaido are sketching a description.
Show me the description as soon as it's posted.
As far as we know from that footage, there's no mistake, Gurujibuan terrorists mobilized with Shingai Kazuhiko.
If that's the case, that murder which featured Shingai Hiromi's modus operandi This means that the culprit was Shingai Kazuhiko? His younger brother was the murderer though Shingai Kazuhiko never killed anyone or showed any murderous behavior during the time we had him under surveillance.
Does he intend to revenge his brother's death by killing those involved? Huh? I'm smoking.
You pig!!! What are saying? Bastard.
He seems happy to meet me.
What do you want? Don't you have information about the Gurujibuan terrorists who landed at Hokkaido? Who knows? As you're a Gurujibuan spy, you would have heard details about terrorists who crossed into Japan from your homeland.
You know something, spit it out! Let's make a deal with the Justice Administration.
You really know something? You want information, you make a deal.
It appears you haven't realized the position you are in.
I'll have you acquitted immediately.
When that happens, your organization will assume you gave us vital information, yes? Then they will snuff you as traitor as soon as they can.
Tell us the information.
Or be erased by your organization after your release.
Those are your two options.
Consider wisely.
Which will you choose? I heard that among the terrorists who disembarked, there was a Japanese person.
Is that man named Shingai Kazuhiko? I don't know that name.
What about the name of the terrorist group who disembarked? It's Asia Al-Ahad.
That's plenty, right? Wait! If you're also Gurujibuan, you would know Ivan Tyler, right? Don't speak his name carelessly.
You'll die if you do.
Who is Tyler? He's a ghost.
Even if you chase after him, you will never catch him.
Al-Ahad? The Gurujibuan terror cell? Yeah, it looks like those guys disembarked in Japan.
Hold this for a while.
Huh? I said hold this for a while.
Why should I? Because I have other work to do.
I guess there's no helping it.
It's heavy.
Asia Al-Ahad is the second largest group of armed insurgents in Gurujibu.
Shoes Launching attacks outside their country is a signature of theirs.
I see.
There might be a man I'm searching for amongst the Al-Ahad terrorists who entered.
Does that means Shingai Kazuhiko and that guy acted together? So it seems.
That guy might have been involved in Operation GLARKE Alpha? He's the man who captured the six officers from the infiltration mission.
Since it's him, he should know what happened to my wife during the seventy-two hours she was imprisoned.
Who the hell is this guy? That still isn't clear.
Find out why Gurujibuan people are terrified of the man called Tyler.
He- Wow What a pain in the ass.
It's amazing when you gaze from above.
Hey, do I have to hold this forever? It's a spitting image.
What is? When you gaze from above.
At what from above? Didn't I remove my shoes? That's normal.
Why am I holding this? That's normal.
Hurry up and take this.
Why must I hold this when you don't? It stands upright, doesn't it? Dammit.
So you've found out? The car of the slain prison guard was discovered at Harumi Pier.
Because there were blood stains inside the vehicle, it's believed the murder took place inside it.
What about surveillance cameras in the vicinity? There were none.
That said, we believe there's footage captured prior to the murder from security cameras in the parking lot of a business establishment.
Over here.
The door opens.
The culprit crept into the back seat of the car? Most likely.
Where did the victim go at that time? Geez, I'll have one.
He was meeting a woman.
Have you found out the identity of this woman? Yes.
Hey, is this menthol? She's a freelance journalist, her name is Nanami Shiori.
A WOWOW & TBS Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 2 - Wings of Phantasia So that Nanami girl also ratted out Cherokov to the PSB? Yes.
Nanami is pursuing the airport incident involving Morihara.
That's why she met with one of Higashi's men? Most likely.
But the identity of that phony prison guard didn't register with the police.
She may be a journalist, though how was she able to get in touch with him? That woman isn't just any journalist.
She might have sold Cherokov out to cozy up with me and investigate further into Morihara.
If that is what she did, she's got quite the nerve.
I'm glad you're complying and being upfront with us.
Please tell me your name.
Osugi Ryota, CIB Division One.
You were involved in the terror bombing at the airport, half a year ago, right? Why did you rat out Cherokov to the PSB? To get close to Inspector Kuraki, I fed him bait.
Why did you think you could get close to Inspector Kuraki by selling out Cherokov? Because I know info he needs to investigate a Gurujibuan group.
That's why I cooperated with that PSB officer.
That man found me easily.
Admiring your own skills, huh? Seems that way.
I cooperated with the PSB as someone well-informed of the situation in Gurujibu then tossed that Russian away like a piece of trash.
What kind of relationship do you and he have? He's someone I interviewed.
Then what's his name and address? I don't know.
The interview was conducted under anonymity.
What was the interview about? About people like you, involved in the airport bombing six months ago.
What did you hear from this man? Wouldn't you like you know? Answer! How did the hit man escape his isolation cell? How was he connected to Higashi? Is he still in contact with Higashi? Those are my questions.
Quite a remarkable answer.
Do you have an ulterior motive for doing this? Since I want to receive help from you with my articles, I need to be cooperative, yes? How did you know about this man's existence? Since I had such trouble getting this information, I won't say.
How did you hear of this man's whereabouts? Something else I won't discuss.
How did you get in contact with this man? Also something I won't discuss.
If you won't discuss your connection with him, you'll be suspected- If you suspect me or don't trust me, fine.
But I'm not the culprit.
You only like certain questions, huh? Rather than me, the police should be questioned for covering up the airport assault.
Although I think questioning would not be beneficial.
Why are you investigating an incident which occurred six months ago? You know it's meaningless.
To write articles which can't be published in times like these.
That doesn't matter to me.
For what reason do you investigate that incident? Because writing articles isn't my only job.
For the sake of tradition, people in society, need to know what's happening - what is being concealed from them, in times like these.
That's why I investigate.
Even if articles can't be published.
It's for the sake of knowing the truth.
What do you think? About the time she got in touch with the victim? There's no mistake, someone broke into the victim's car.
It's possibile she and the killer may be complicit in murder.
That's right.
I'll investigate whether that woman interacted with Shingai Kazuhiko.
Do that.
I've seen that woman's train of thought before.
She's like you.
What do you mean, like me? You'll both do anything and everything to find the truth.
We're completely different.
Don't get mad.
I'm not mad.
So you're not mad? Hey.
The sketch of the man sighted at the Cape Soukiba station just came in.
Show us.
This guy.
How old does he look to you? So it's not Shingai Kazuhiko? This guy's movements? We still haven't caught up with him.
You haven't? So he's intentionally erased his trail? What does that mean? He is possibly a comrade of terrorists, and helped them cross into Japan.
The deceased was the president of the Imperial Capital newspaper.
He's baiting the mass media? Reporters from the newspapers will have a field day.
Any connection to Athena Security? We haven't found one yet.
Time of the murder? Five hours ago.
Any movements made by Nanami during this time? No.
She seems to have been at home.
It's been a while.
Higashi! Why don't you quiet down, have a seat and we'll talk.
What the hell do you want? I told you about Omelas before, right? But you didn't answer.
And you still won't? Did you come here to question me about that? Yes.
To me, this is a matter of utmost importance.
Kuraki, do you still intend on being a doorman in Omelas? Truth is, there is more to that story.
There came a time when the people of Omelas learned everything about the sad child in the dungeon.
A few experienced shock at the reality of the situation.
"I want to rescue the child.
" However, tens of thousands of people thought "Only one child is being sacrificed.
" The balance of the scales was a gamble.
The happiness of the one child in the dungeon, against the happiness of thousands of people in Omelas.
The outcome depended upon the acceptance of which truth.
Yet the citizens' lack of concern continued.
Though among them were people in low spirits who said, "No more.
" This minority group of citizens walked alone, past beautiful gates and went outside the Omelas walls.
And never returned again.
Reflecting back on that time when it seemed I had set forth from the gates of Omelas, what exactly do you think I experienced? Understanding.
It was my mission to crush ideals and disrupt order.
Hey, Kuraki, I realized what I ought to be doing.
Basically, I realized what my goal was.
You see, people, need to understand their goal in life, otherwise they'll drift along with their pointless plights.
Really? I'm so relieved to hear that.
Thank you.
Truth is, I thought I'd give you a warning- I don't need a warning from you.
If you don't want to end up like your dead wife don't get worked up just for the sake of charging into a fight.
That's right.
I've realized what your weakness is.
If that's the case, don't allow yourself to be used.
I certainly won't let myself be used by you.
I like you, I wouldn't do such a thing.
Therefore, I count on you to meet my expectations and not betray me.
Why did you come all this way to warn me? Because things are getting interesting.
You're insane, that's what you are! Thank you for the complement.
One last thing to ask.
What? After Operation GLARKE Alpha, where was Kuraki Chihiro found? Hokkaido.
See you, Kuraki.
Don't get yourself killed by doing something rash.
Though do get injured and suffer wherever possible.
That would be much more to my liking.
Ciao! Please order from this.
What's so important? There's something I want to show you.
Have you found this Ivan Tyler fellow? No, not yet.
I see.
Too bad.
You ready to order? Coffee.
Coming right up.
Osugi here.
It's Katou.
We've found unbelievable information regarding Nanami.
What? Eight months ago, Nanami went with a group of veteran reporters and cameramen, and traveled to the Gurujibu Republic.
It was there they were abducted by Gurujibuan terrorists.
Did you say abducted? Yes.
She was using an alias, though Nanami was unmistakable among the other hostages.
You're quite brazen, despite being under police surveillance.
If I compared it to being under surveillance by terrorists, this isn't that bad.
By terrorists? That's right.
I've been kidnapped by terrorists before.
Tell me about it.
Terrorists kidnapped Japanese journalists when Japan and Russian governments were negotiating the joint energy development project.
The Japanese Government withdrew from talks with the kidnappers, after their terms were rejected.
Nearly all the journalists were executed.
That incident, huh!? Why this one journalist, who should have been executed, was the only one who returned to Japan alive is unknown.
Why were you the only one who was freed? I wonder.
Being abducted meant that you were in a danger zone, right? That's right.
You, who had covered Gurujibu for years, should not have taken part in such reckless behavior.
Did someone ask you to do it? Difficult questions to answer.
After all these years, even if I told you, there's no proof to verify.
Now someone is requesting without going through official channels.
Rather, has not made them official.
Is that how it is? You have a clever mind.
As expected of the PSB ace.
All hostages in that incident should have been executed.
The Japanese Government admitted that.
Perhaps with you, a Japanese member within the terrorists saved your life? Why do you think that? This guy is the killer, Shingai Hiromi.
Shingai had a twin.
This is the younger brother.
You show me something like that? Disgusting.
His older brother returned to Japan with Gurujibuan terrorists of Asia Al-Ahad.
Thank you for sharing that information.
This guy's older brother, did you know him? I don't understand the significance if I did.
You're a suspect in murder investigations.
Victims were killed by the same modus operandi as Shingai.
So? His older brother, Shingai Kazuhiko, returned to Japan, and might be killing for revenge.
There's no reason to suspect me.
There is.
If you were dispatched by Shingai Kazuhiko to search for facts behind the airport attack six months ago, you would be an accomplice.
Aren't you investigating a forgotten incident, putting your life at risk, because Shingai Kazuhiko saved your life? If true, everything falls into place.
That's wrong.
Why were you the only one released by the terrorists? Why don't you tell me? Why was your wife the only one released? Where did you find that out? I may not look the part, but I am a journalist.
Answer me! I'm the same as your wife.
I came back alive because I sold out my colleagues.
Losing someone precious to you must be tough.
I lost precious colleagues, I know - really know - how tough.
Oh look, Japan's monster.
As long as he's breathing, our country will never be safe.
You seem to think the same thing.
Thanks for the coffee.
Hey! I learned something about that woman's past.
She was By Al-Ahad- Abducted.
I heard about it just now.
Then this conversation will be quick.
There's common ground between Nanami and Shingai.
Is there a possibility those two are connected? Yes.
Nanami flinched when I showed her a photo of Shingai Hiromi.
So there's the possibility she's an acquaintance of Shingai Kazuhiko? The problem is the man who was killed last night.
Who was slain by someone using the stabbing modus operandi.
He was president of Imperial Capital newspaper and had nothing to do with Shingai or Nanami.
The last victim had something in common with Shingai but since he did - Hey.
Hey! Good work getting here.
Good work getting here.
Where's the murder scene? Down here.
Glad you could make it.
Glad you could make it.
Had to be in a difficult area, didn't it? I feel I've seen this victim on television recently.
Popular commentator with a foul mouth.
Appears he was stabbed in the back of the neck.
Dammit, it seems he had nothing in common with Shingai.
This makes it the third killing in two weeks by icepick.
Shit Where the hell has Shingai gone? Kazuhiko Been twelve years, huh? What are you talking about? Wasn't it you who came and returned the album? Huh? I must be wrong.
I thought you died six months ago? That wasn't me.
It was Hiromi.
What did you say? What do you mean? Wasn't it a man who died? And wasn't your little sister a girl? Even though he had a woman's name and wore womens clothing, Hiromi was really a man.
Huh? Truth be told, I should have been the one brought up as a woman.
It's the one-piece you like, Hiromi.
Your pink one-piece, huh? I don't like it.
C'mon, hurry up and put it on.
I don't like it.
Hurry up and put it on! Brat! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Put it on properly.
You like it, right? Hiromi? I'm sorry! You're really cute, Hiromi.
My father named me after our dead older sister, and raised me as a female.
Though I tricked him and changed places.
You changed places? Yes.
I took Hiromi's life away from him.
I didn't know all that happened.
Have some hot milk.
It will calm you down.
In the past, we really wished someone would believe us.
It sounds as if you're reading your will.
What could have been done back then? I'm the only one who should bear this responsibility.
When that child came here, if administrators had heard what you just said, they would have wept.
Don't make that child cry any more.
I will separate them in 3,2,1! Ta-da! In a public area, there is a festival inside of a phone box there's a paper bag.
Look inside.
Morihara? What's the significance of the truth you have not found? Who are you? M has, buried something beneath the snow of a vast country.
Located in an unusual evil design.
Since M lent a hand, that vast nation was able to steal the system from Japan.
Japan pursued their doomed operation because it was ordered by the highest individual in charge.
That was M.
The system's theft, and the operation's failure.
Everything was part of M's scheme.
This is t-the truth.
If you don't believe it, if want to confirm it for yourself, ask M directly.
Who are you!? I was told I had to read it.
Please help me.
What kind of person was it? I don't know.
They suddenly abducted me.
It's a fake.
Ah, hello there.
Kuraki of the Public Safety Bureau.
Since sir is in a rush, come back late- Shut it.
I'll call the guards.
That's enough you two, be quiet.
I have five minutes.
I can listen to what you have to say.
Dad? Why? What do you want with me, Kuraki? You were the one who ordered Operation GLARKE Alpha, right? Where did you get that? Answer me.
Even if I did, would there be a problem? You knew my wife, didn't you? Yes, I knew her.
Kuraki Chihiro.
She was captured and should have been frightened, yet she endured seventy-two hours of captivity and survived.
I knew of her because she's the sole-surviving hero who returned.
Did you say hero? Of course I did.
I also know of your own heroics.
Why was my wife the only one who returned alive? You must know, as well.
She did not provide detailed explanations as to why.
I've already heard those answers.
What I want to hear is the truth.
If that's the case, go question the Russians.
You know why! The failed Operation GLARKE Alpha, the intel leaked to Russia, wasn't that all your doing!? Everything was done for the sake of strengthening ties between you and Russia.
All part of your damn charade, wasn't it!? I'll set your speech aside and pretend I never heard it.
Answer my questions.
Like the rumors say, you're quite persistent.
I understand.
I'll tell you.
Then you'll have a clear mind, okay? Quite simple.
Your wife betrayed her fellow investigators.
That's why she returned alive.
Because she let her colleagues die.
Wait! How does it feel to discover the truth you've waited so long for? Bet you're feeling clear-minded now, aren't you? Such a revealing look in your eyes.
What I expect as a suitable reaction from the husband whose vulgar wife betrayed her colleagues.
With that Kuraki, I'll excuse myself.
Keep up the good work.
Something is on fire! News just came in.
Not long ago, The entrance to the House of Representatives at the Tokyo Diet Building, two members of the National Diet were in a car when it exploded.
I repeat, not long ago, at the entrance of the Diet Building, a car suddenly exploded.
TERRORIST BOMBING !! The explosion seems to have been caused by a bomb-like device.
News is coming in that Cabinet Secretary Morihara was a passenger inside the car.
Here is footage captured by on-sight photographers.
Another bulletin.
The MPD has announced the death of Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara.
CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY MONIHARA DEAD The MPD has also announced that Inspector Kuraki Naotake of the PSB is wanted for questioning.
The suspect Kuraki, just before the car exploded, was said to have argued with CCS Morihara according to eye witness reports.
Meanwhile, Kuraki's whereabouts are unknown.
I repeat, the MPD's Public Safety Bureau's Inspector Kuraki Naotake is a wanted suspect.
The suspect, Kuraki.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Coming up on Shrike Next episode I've heard TNT explosives were discovered in the inspector's home.
Nanami Shiori is making suspicious movements.
So no one takes responsibility for us? The weapon was an icepick.
We must find Shingai! If you're changing your occupation to professional killer, why not team up with me again? Did you kill my comrades? You should be concerned for yourself.
How do we find Kuraki? It's possible they know they're under surveillance.
Ah! Wait, you're Someone needs to stop the inspector.
I'll stop him.
What sort of methods will you use? Do you really believe Inspector Kuraki killed Morihara? Morihara's personal car was originally parked near his residence it should have been captured surveillance cameras, though, this one street, doesn't have cameras.
They had no choice but to plant the bomb here.
I met with my father the other day.
So he was alive? It seems they've participated in at least twenty murders.
There have been no more offenses and we are still investigating.
Shingai Hiromi will be an urban legend.
Just like Dharma.
This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product(s) of the staff's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Streaming or Profiteering! Please support the official release if possible.
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