MOZU (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

The cause of Chihiro's death was Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Why was Chihiro the only one who returned alive? During the seventy-two hours she had been imprisoned, what happened to Chihiro? I'm only chasing after the truth.
I will find Ivan Tyler and discover the truth! I've been abducted before.
Perhaps with you, a Japanese member within the terrorists saved your life? I'll avenge Kazuhiko! I'll kill every one of them! It's the same crime Shingai Hiromi committed, right? That's right.
This makes the third murder in two weeks by icepick.
Where the hell has Shingai gone? My father named me after our dead older sister, and had raised me as a female.
Though I tricked him and changed places.
Dad? It seems like a certain man has returned to Japan.
A certain man? Higashi.
I won't let myself be used by you.
Your wife betrayed her countrymen.
I'm the same as your wife.
I came back alive because I sold out my colleagues.
The MPD has announced the death of Chief Cabinet Secretary Morihara.
The MPD has also announced that Inspector Kuraki Naotake of their PSB is wanted for questioning.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
Here's an audience with the replacement for the dead CCS Morihara, newly inaugurated, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuba Shiho.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuba Shiho.
The occurrence in Hokkaido, the firefight between an armed spy ship and Japanese Coast Guard vessels, which Diet Member Morihara accepted condemnation for, was reason enough to issue a state of high alert to preempt terror attacks.
What the opposition party demands is government transparency on information withheld for more than twenty-five years.
If the ruling party accepts, then intelligence the government safeguards as highly classified should be made available to the general public Be careful with it.
Thank you! TL Note: Headlines relate to Kuraki being suspected of Morihara's murder.
Here, thank you very much.
Murderer Suspect : Kuraki Naotake Oh, you're injured, not dead? I brought in refreshments.
Thank you.
I heard components for TNT explosives were collected from the inspector's home.
No way.
The inspector wouldn't have done such a thing.
Although, there are testimonies from countless eye-witnesses saying he quarrelled with Morihara just before the explosion occurred.
As a police officer, what would you think? There's evidence and motive.
And maybe he should be considered suspicious, though - Only the man himself knows the truth.
Yes, though, how are we going to find Inspector Kuraki? He won't be so easy to locate.
I know.
That's where the problem lies.
Where the hell is he? From the start, HQ.
Currently, at 15.
00, target B still hasn't contacted people under watch.
Continuing surveillance without interruption.
Investigating Target E, from their residence with the investigation team.
Tokyo's Squad Four, target E has no history of using public transport.
Besides, we're currently communicating with the public to list and connect places of association.
A WOWOW & TBS Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 2 - Wings of Phantasia Someone removed the serial number from the car's chassis, though, the car is used by the Russian ambassador.
Yet the Ambassador won't acknowledge that? Yes.
It has been reported as stolen.
That's why it will be difficult to investigate further.
Is that so? Will this matter be covered up? There will be trouble proving a Russian official was driving.
A Russian official Here's the car that hit you.
There is no mistake? No.
There isn't.
You really didn't see the driver's face? Ever since my father went missing, there have been numerous hang-up calls made to my parent's home.
I always thought those silent calls were from my father.
Though, the other day, I met with my father.
So he was alive? Yes.
It was at the time when a silent call was made to my parent's home.
The same time, huh? That silent phone call may have been a warning directed towards my father.
What do you mean? Our family is always watched by the PSB.
Why? I believe because he betrayed the PSB.
When I entered the PSB, my father was considered a menace.
That might have been the upper echelon's intent.
The man who matches that personal description is undoubtedly my father.
Huh? Recently, I've felt someone's presence.
That was my father.
I followed him once I realized he was tailing me.
And then, he ran me over with that car.
I It couldn't have been I was actually ran over by the car my father drove.
Murder victim in another strange serial-like hunting game Victim stabbed from behind in the neck.
Same culprit? Do you have a minute? I'm in a rush.
You met with the inspector directly before Morihara got killed in the terrorism bombing, right? I already gave a statement to the poli- That was when you were shown the photo of Shingai Hiromi? Inspector Kuraki concluded you and Shingai Kazuhiko were connected after seeing your reaction.
He showed me a photo of a dead man I never saw before and I looked away.
It's gross, isn't it? That's a strange thing to say.
Huh? You have seen more tragic scenes as a journalist writing articles in Gurujibu.
You shouldn't have considered that photo gross to look at.
May I leave now? One more thing, Your opinion.
What do you think? Do you really believe that Inspector Kuraki killed Morihara? That person didn't do it.
On that day, there wasn't anyone who went near Morihara's car in the cameras line of sight.
Therefore, steps were taken so the car was parked where there was no surveillance.
You found one? Morihara's personal car was originally parked at his residence.
It should have been on many surveillance cameras.
Although this one street has no cameras.
The best choice to plant the bomb was there.
From 7:23 until 7:25 in the morning, it took this street.
It took two minutes to pass through this street, yet, there's no surveillance footage of that time.
During this time, the culprit planted the bomb? The car may have been stopped somewhere along this street.
The possibility is high, yes? Oww! Narumiya, that, go.
Search for that You know, the Za- Zabu- Bru- Bulldog fielder.
No, that's not it.
Zabru- Zabu- Bulldog film.
Wow! No, that's wrong.
Zapruder film.
What is that and why talk like a foreigner? It's footage of the Kennedy assassination.
It's the most famous footage filmed by an ordinary person.
Yes! Search for that! Okay, okay.
Lieutenant Osugi, Nanami Shiori is making suspicious movements.
She might be going to meet with someone.
What's going on? One hour ago, the bug planted inside the store ceased.
It's unknown whether it broke down or whether they discovered it.
Three Gurujibuan terrorists were in there, right? We've watched them three days, they haven't left their rooms.
We still don't know if one of the terrorists is of Asian descent who was caught by Hokkaido cameras.
If the listening device was destroyed, it's possible they've noticed they're under surveillance.
Listen up, we break down the doors in fifteen minutes.
Don't say a word.
Why did you come here? I instructed you not to when I made contact, didn't I? Sorry.
I have something I want to make sure of.
What? Another homicide happened.
Again? Using the same technique as my brother? That's right.
The man who broke your brother out of jail, that phony prison guard who I met with was killed.
You were the only one who knew I met him.
It wasn't you, was it? Perhaps other incidents- Would there be a problem if I killed him? I hear a man's voice faintly inside.
Shall we break down the door? Hold on a second, she might be meeting Shingai.
Then all the more reason to.
No telling what Shingai Kazuhiko would do in the confusion.
I'll be there soon, just hang on a little longer.
We need to arrest him here, otherwise, it's possible he'll escape.
A woman's voice can be heard.
We're going in! Hey! Katou! So did you do it? You're Shingai Kazuhiko, aren't you? We're leaving here immediately.
It's feasible they're armed and expecting us, right? Their weapons may be machine guns, if so armed, we'll be at a disadvantage.
And it will be futile if they use hand grenades.
What's their location? Before we rushed in, someone came here.
What's wrong? Are you okay? Hey! Osugi, I'm so sorry.
Was it Shingai Kazuhik? Without a doubt.
As expected, those two, are connected.
Nikolai! Sergei! Did you kill my comrades? You should be concerned about yourself.
Now you too are in a position where the police are after you.
I'll be alright.
I was prepared for this.
Ever since I decided to become your collaborator.
This makes the second time you've saved me.
Though why did you save me in the first place? Hurry! Bring the woman here! Did you hear me? What's taking so long? I'm fed up with negotiations.
Sit here! Chop-chop! It's that guy from the Japanese Government.
He said they're abandoning you.
Persuade him otherwise.
What does this mean? The Japanese Government does not negotiate with terrorists.
We only came here because I accepted your request.
You said our safety was assured, didn't you, Mr.
Kuriyama? The person by that name does not exist.
So no one takes responsibility for us? You intend to let me die here!? Unfortunate, though- Are you fucking kidding me!? Dammit! Kill this chick! Take her away.
Remove the evidence.
Start the next mission! It was an impulsive decision.
That's all there was to it.
I see.
Even so, I owe my life to your impulsive decision.
Have you figured out who that Kuriyama guy was? It's not like we ever met face to face, so I still don't know who he is.
Though, if I were to hear his voice Are you going to take revenge against him? I'll have my revenge.
That's certain.
You haven't answered my question from before.
Are you the killer? I see no meaning in killing, so I don't.
Answer my questions.
Where is Ivan Tyler? He's not here.
He's not anywhere! Shit! Where the hell is Tyler!? He's not anywhere anymore.
You want to die that badly? Five years ago, Tyler existed! That guy wasn't Tyler.
Don't fuck with me! Spit out what you know! Dammit! Where's Tyler!? You stupid fool.
Good work getting here.
Good work getting here.
The weapon was an icepick.
We must find Shingai right away! Yes.
Shit! How were you able to track me down? A little investigating, here and there.
I see you're messing about, like usual.
You're a changed man.
You've quit being a killer's intermediary, though aren't you a hit man yourself? What do you think? If you're changing your occupation to professional killer, why not team up with me once again? Quit the foolish behavior.
Right now, you're in the cross-hairs of three snipers.
Make any suspicious movements they take one shot each.
We came here to solve a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding? I'd like you to explain your betrayal.
You were the one who betrayed me in the first place.
I didn't know your brother was the assassin.
In this world, your could lose your life for breach of contract.
Isn't that right? So there's no reason for you to bear a grudge.
I'm grateful for your understanding.
If you intend to avenge your brother, your target ought to be a guy with the PSB, called Wakamatsu.
He's to blame for everything.
Were you employed by that man? Yes.
I only followed his instructions, as a businessman, you see.
Wakamatsu was killed by your brother.
So he got his just desserts? Yes.
In my opinion.
Who was the mastermind behind Wakamatsu and Muroi? Morihara.
Morihara? The politician who was killed in that explosion? Yes.
Basically, there's no one left for you to take revenge against.
I didn't return to Japan for revenge.
Then, what is your goal? Ah, wait, wait, wait.
Let's see if I'm right.
Perhaps Atonement for your brother? Atonement? That's right.
Because you believe you're to blame for your brother becoming an insane serial killer? Right, aren't I? What did you do to your brother? Go on, tell me.
Shingai- Shut it! I understand.
Don't get so upset.
Our misunderstanding has been resolved.
It's time I leave.
Don't be depressed.
Before long, your brother will be brought back to life.
Huh? He'll live on for eternity, that brother of yours.
What are you talking about? Shingai 'Hiromi' will become an urban legend.
Just like Dharma.
You really have gone insane, huh? Thank you for the complement.
See you, Shingai.
Two of the terrorists were exposed to chemicals and lost consciousness.
And the other one? He drank a large quantity of water, it's unknown whether he's gained consciousness yet.
They're believed to have been tortured by water boarding.
Inspector Kuraki, huh? Most likely.
No, I'm certain it was him.
I believe foreign affairs intel on Al-Ahad terrorists was acquired somehow.
Before we could rush in, they were abducted.
What's that guy thinking? Someone needs to stop the inspector.
Commence boarding via the New Japan Ocean reception desk.
Have your boarding tickets ready please proceed to the boarding area of the second ferry.
I robbed my brother of his life.
What exactly did you do to your younger brother? One day, while looking at my him, I decided to swap places with him.
You're really cute Hiromi, aren't you? My father named me after our dead older sister, and raised me as a female.
Do you want to meet our dead mother, Kazuhiko? I do.
Well, you see, if you dress like a girl, then you can meet her.
Really? Starting from today, you, Kazuhiko, will become me, Hiromi, and I, Hiromi, shall become you, Kazuhiko.
I want to become you! There are rules.
After this ritual, you'll no longer be able to return to being yourself.
Is that alright? Yes.
And you must keep this a secret from Dad.
Can you make that promise? Yeah.
Then, let's pray.
Dear God, please let us see our mom.
Dear God, please let us see our mom.
Dear God, please let us see our mom.
Dear God It was a childish way of thinking.
Our swap would've been easily exposed if someone thought it through.
Yet, at that age, I never considered those around us might find out.
Besides, our father had grown insane.
He never noticed we changed places.
You're really cute Hiromi, aren't you? No.
He might have pretended he hadn't.
In his mind, everything was fine as long as he had a cute daughter.
I robbed Kazuhiko of his life with that underhanded trick and betrayed him, pure and simple.
He gradually became mentally ill.
By the time I noticed how serious his sick taste for murder was, he had already been eternally cursed by substituting for me.
By then it was too late.
That's why I have a responsibility to find out how my brother truly died.
As the older brother who robbed him of his life.
I found out who the mastermind was.
It was Morihara.
So you've reached the truth? No, not yet.
Hey, what will you do once you know everything? Atone for my sins.
Do you intend to die? This is an emergency press conference according to PSB Chief Ikezawa.
We're connecting mid-way.
A suspect in the four serial murders this month, has been established.
We can confirm this is the same suspect suspected of perpetrating the bombing incident at the Central Tokyo Airport, in an assassination attempt made on the Saldonian President, half a year ago.
Umm The offender is unemployed and his address is unknown, his name is Shingai Hiromi.
He may have a female name, though he is indeed, a male.
That voice Police are doing everything in their power to locate the whereabouts of Shingai Hiromi in their ongoing investigations.
Shingai Hiromi is aged twenty-four, about 175cm tall, with a slim build.
The murder weapon in these four homicides was an icepick.
All murders were committed by stabbing an icepick into the base of the neck.
To perpetuate the bombing incident as well, we considered the possibility that he had an accomplice with versatile skills.
It seems he's participated in at least twenty murders.
There have been no further offenses and we are in the midst of investigations.
Cape Soukiba Train Station Sorry I had to put our chat on hold midway.
You were talking about the portrait the police artist drew.
There was no mistaking it, the person I saw was Japanese.
Is that so? Thank you very much.
Help catch a murder suspect! Ah! Wait.
You're going to freeze in that get-up.
I'll be alright.
Don't come over here.
Aren't you worn out? No, I'm fine.
The PSB's Chief, the man called Ikezawa, who headed that conference, I got curious and decided to investigate him.
I see.
What are you doing? Did you hear me? Don't come any closer! Leave me alone for now.
Fine then.
I sincerely apologize for what I said regarding the Shingai Hiromi incidents.
Four consecutive homicides, the common term for consecutive homicides would've been Miss Nanami, this is something only you can do, Please assist me with this important matter.
And your name is? Kuriyama, PSB officer.
opposite side of the icepick, though, the victims cause of death were indeed from being stabbed in the neck Where have you been all this time, Senior Superintendent Tsuki? With the CIA.
A souvenir.
We from CIB Division One are still on this serial killer's trail.
I realize that.
Then why let PSB chief, Ikezawa announce it? Because he learned the truth about what happened in the terrorist attack six months ago.
Yes, well, the culprits of that incident were Morihara and Muroi.
It wasn't Shingai Hiromi.
Too late.
Truth has been rewritten.
Ikezawa revived the monster known as Shingai Hiromi back to this world and now blames all recent homicides on him, right? You're not really going to track Inspector Kuraki's movements? What will you do when you find him? Stop him.
What sort of methods will you use? My methods.
Are you Shingai Hiromi? I asked you if you're Shingai Hiromi.
Weren't you listening !?!? You tortured those Al-Ahad terrorists, didn't you? What on earth are you doing? You're irritating me.
Why allow the possibility you'll be framed? I don't have time to clear my name now.
Clear your name when you're a wanted suspect or search for the truth behind your wife's past, which one should you do first? Do you even know!? Verifying the truth about my wife is my first priority.
Meaning, the Morihara assassination comes second? Yes.
No matter what I say to you, it is useless, isn't it? Before you commit any more crimes, you're coming with me! Will you pull the trigger if I don't comply? Do I have another means of stopping you? It will harm my career if I keep letting you escape.
This isn't something which concerns you! Like hell it isn't! I can't leave things as they are! I couldn't care less.
So long as I'm still able to find the truth.
Hey! Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
NOT FOR Selling, Renting, Coming up on Shrike Next episode Nice to meet you, I'm Kanamori from Eastern Harmony Japan.
We finally meet, Kuraki Naotake.
I'm telling you, his accused status is unfounded.
I'm not the one offering a reward.
An offer comes from the PSB.
Do you want to kill me? Isn't it obvious? It was to make things interesting.
He's here among us, right? That Russian spy.
Let's find him.
Because of Ikezawa's conference, Shingai Kazuhiko might have been reborn as a monster.
If you're gonna shoot, then shoot! Police officers who lie are absolute scum.
I'm of the exact same opinion.
And that was off the record.
This means Ikezawa is proceeding with his scheme? Kuraki! I want to know where the dungeon of Omelas is.
Do you intend to throw everything away, inspector? I will expose the truth.
By whatever means necessary.
Removing the trash of the police force is something I can do.
What is their mission? Freeze! The dungeon of Omelas should be on that island.
Dharma! Hey! You've realized something, haven't you? Dharma! So he's the man I'm searching for? It's unfortunate, we've run out of time.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product(s) of the staff's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
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