MOZU (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

The cause of Chihiro's death was Operation GLARKE Alpha.
Why was Chihiro the only one who returned alive? During the seventy-two hours she was held prisoner, what happened to Chihiro? I'm only chasing after the truth.
I will find Ivan Tyler and find the truth! The Zapruder film.
What is that? Spit it out.
The most famous footage ever captured by an average person.
Famous or not, I still don't know what it is.
It's of the moment President Kennedy was assassinated.
This one street has no cameras.
The best choice was to plant the bomb there.
Search for that.
You know, the Za- Zabu- Bru- Bulldog fielder.
The culprit is Shingai Hiromi.
He may have a female name, though he is indeed, a male.
This voice Are you Shingai Hiromi? I asked you if you're Shingai Hiromi.
Weren't you listening !?!? Where have you been all this time, Senior Superintendent Tsuki? With the CIA.
I was actually ran over by a car driven by my father.
Why that incident? Just for the sake of knowing everything.
Kazuhiko Thank you.
I understood.
I realized my mission was to crush ideals and disrupt order.
Where is Tyler! Someone needs to stop the inspector.
I can't leave things as they are! I couldn't care less.
So long as I'm still able to learn the truth.
Hey! Brave of you to aim a gun at me.
I won't let anyone stand in my way.
No matter who they are, I can't forgive anyone who interferes in exposing the truth! If that's the case, then I'll kill you before you commit more crimes.
Dammit! If you're gonna shoot, then shoot! Shit! Dammit! Glad you could make it.
The identity of the victim is unknown.
The weapon, an icepick, was dropped nearby.
Glad you could make it.
Testimony asserts that the tied-up gentleman was abducted by two veiled men who worked together.
I believe this victim is most likely from that two-man team.
Hey, what is that? Perhaps some sort of message.
It's giving off a bad vibe.
Because of Ikezawa's conference, Shingai Kazuhiko might have been reborn as a monster.
A WOWOW & TBS Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 2 - Wings of Phantasia Headline: Serial Killer - The Reality of Shingai Hiromi.
That's the fifth time you've sighed.
When you grow up, you'll grow exhausted and sigh as well.
Have you caught the police officer wanted for questioning? Not yet.
Even if you caught him, the police would cover it up, right? Why do you think that? Because I don't trust the police.
Hey now, you realize that your own father is a police officer, right? Well, you see, Dad, I'll teach you something.
The general public has no faith in politicians or the police.
That's common knowledge.
Plus, there are rumors about a corrupt police officer on television recently.
They say he has been lying from the start.
How awful.
Police officers who lie are absolute scum.
I wonder what goes on in times like these.
Things are horrible in times like these, huh? Yes.
Aw, you made me lose, Dad.
Huh? The Serial Killer: Shingai Hiromi.
The Suspect: Kuraki Yo.
Hey Narumiya ! What do you want Dharma!? Dharma! Hey! You've realized something, haven't you? D D Dharma! You did it! We can use this.
We can, can't we? Dharma! Oh you.
We've got him! Shingai Kazuhiko.
So we finally meet, Kuraki Naotake.
Did you draw that symbol to lure me here? Yes.
Do you intend to kill me? I'm thinking about it.
But there's something I want to know first.
Meaning you'll only be punished if I can't get information out of you.
Actually, I want to discuss some things with you, too.
Do you know a man named Ivan Tyler.
With Al-Ahad? I heard terrorists who joined Al-Ahad talk about him.
Have you met Tyler? Before answering, I want to ask you something.
I followed Hiromi's actions after the bombing incident, though many of his actions weren't like him at all.
Do you know why that was? Answer.
Hard drive footage of perpetrator.
This is firm evidence.
That man is the true culprit who planted the bomb under Morihara's car.
With this, you'll remove Inspector Kuraki from the wanted list, right? I'll consider it.
Do you intend to rewrite the truth regarding Inspector Kuraki as well? What are you talking about? I won't sugarcoat it.
I'm telling you, his accused status is unfounded.
Since I have other things to attend to Your younger brother lost his memory after falling from that cliff.
So that's what happened? Although his memory returned after he was tortured by Higashi's men.
Higashi's? That guy deceived me.
You met him? He said Hiromi would be revived and live on for eternity, by becoming an urban legend.
That was before the PSB announcement.
Higashi said that? In other words, Higashi's employer is a police official in this matter.
And the person you killed here was? Higashi's subordinate.
I let his companion escape as a warning to Higashi.
How did you predict Higashi's subordinates would come here? Because when I met with Higashi, his subordinates were there and spread out to trail me.
I turned the tables and followed them instead.
So that's what happened? What's your objective now? Once you know how your brother truly died, do you intend to die? It doesn't seem like it will work out that way.
Will you try and dispel your brother's infamy? I don't want the stigma of killer.
Then what are your intentions? To grant my brother's wish.
On the verge of death, your brother was crying.
Then he called out your name.
Followed by "Thank you.
" He said that, then passed away.
Your brother.
There's nothing more you want to know, is there? No.
Then answer my questions.
Have you met Tyler? No one is able to meet him.
Where is he right now? He's not anywhere anymore.
Don't mess with me.
As supreme commander of Al-Ahad, Ivan Tyler advocates radical terrorist plots and leads the people of Gurujibu.
It is taboo within the Gurujibuan to speak Tyler's name.
He is feared and viewed as a very dangerous man.
Even now that he's something of a legend, everyone is frightened of being killed if they utter his name.
What are you saying? Ivan Tyler was an operative in charge of code deciphering against Japanese army during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05.
You're chasing a ghost.
Are you mistaken? No.
That can't be right.
Ah, hello.
Nice to meet you, I'm Kanamori from Eastern Harmony Japan.
I look forward to working with you.
So do I.
So there was an agenda underneath your latest press conference? Yes.
In order to sweep away suspicions held by the citizens of this country, especially with the imminent revisions of the laws concerning state secrets, we at the PSB are setting an example beforehand, for organizations like ours who also engage in secretive activities, by going public with incidents which could not have been revealed before.
The country- I want to request news coverage of the Abuhajibu area of Gurujibu.
is what I've come to believe.
I have a hunch a new chapter of history will be written from here.
Thank you for today.
No, thank you.
Actually, I have one more question off the record.
What? There was that incident where journalists were abducted then murdered in Gurujibu, right? I won't comment about that.
For a journalist like myself who's been to many dangerous places, I feel outraged that such things happened to people in the same profession.
Outraged? Why would you feel that way? Because if I'm ever abducted by terrorists, I bet my country wouldn't take any responsibility to save me.
You seem to know how the world works quite well.
I'm of the same opinion.
And that was off the record.
I apologize if I kept you here too long.
Don't be, goodbye.
Thank you very much, Mr Kuriyama.
Sorry, I have urgent business to take care of.
Sorry for intruding.
Why would you take such a dangerous risk to come here? The Tyler I searched for has already died.
In other words, the Ivan Tyler who interrogated my wife never really existed.
Did you know that was the code name of a double agent, from the Russian NKV, the current FSB, and its predecessor, the KGB? The Tyler of Al-Ahad whom you latched onto was named after the original.
The code name 'Ivan Tyler' is still used by the FSB, even today.
Ivan Tyler, a Gurujibuan man who became the model, was the one you pursued.
Without knowing it, however, you pursued the original Tyler.
He was the first Tyler, and was with the KGB.
He died in a failed operation.
He was an Englishman.
This French man was the second.
This American was the third.
Eight years ago, this third Tyler was compromised by the CIA who discovered his spying.
He committed suicide after being restrained.
Operation GLARKE Alpha happened less than eight years ago.
In other words, the one who detained your wife was the fourth Ivan.
He's the man I'm looking for? Most likely, yes.
Truth be told, I received intel that the fourth Tyler might be hiding in Japan, so I went to the CIA.
Though why did you go to the CIA? That isn't part of your job description.
Was it because the fourth Tyler might be someone I know? And who is it? I cannot say.
It's unfortunate, we've run out of time.
I don't know how extreme the security for this office is, though you can guess, right? We've been waiting for you.
Follow me.
Enjoy your meal.
There's something I want you to tell me about Ivan Tyler.
What was the mission he was given? Japanese people are so impatient.
First off, let's have a drink.
My apologies.
To us.
I never imagined I'd see Japan's PSB get in touch with us at the FSB, or see such a beautiful woman like you in their ranks.
Won't you collaborate with us? What will you give me in exchange? I'm not the one offering a reward.
Any offer comes from the PSB.
That's unfortunate, since, there's nothing I want as a reward from Japan's Public Safety Bureau.
Then what's needed to move these negotiations forward? Let's see To start with, we need a relationship of mutual trust.
Even so, you're beautiful.
I wonder if you people with the PSB would do anything to earn the mutual trust of your opposites.
What would you guys do? Well, let's see In the case of a female intelligence operative, we'd utilize her feminine features.
What sort of reward do you want? Why not state it clearly? What I'm hoping for is an adult relationship.
In your country, when you have an adult relationship, isn't the woman in a pinned down position? If they need to be pinned down, yes.
Everything will be fine if you're obedient.
That's a good girl.
Smolov, you'll hand over the intel, yes? If you let go of my hand, yes.
So firm.
Did you tail me? I tailed Smolov.
Why did you contact Smolov? Senior Superintendent Tsuki asked me to.
You must've caught that conversation with a IC recorder, right? Let me listen to it.
The Russian spy- I want to hear the tone of his voice.
So I can confirm whether he was telling the truth.
Let me hear that conversation.
It's distasteful.
To think that you'd want to hear a secret conversation.
Is it private business? No.
I want to listen because it's necessary.
Go ahead, listen.
Though if I were you, I'd at least put on earphones.
How did it go? Were any of his lies transparent? Yes.
He's still hiding something.
Huh? I'll question Smolov directly.
This question of whether your wife betrayed her colleagues, just to find out.
Do you intend to throw everything away, inspector? Yes.
Why do you pursue the truth about your father? Well, with that- For the truth, would you do anything? Yes.
I'm the same.
I will expose the truth without fail.
By whatever means necessary.
Actually, I've been keeping quiet about something, inspector.
Is it something important? It's about that person of interest.
I've investigated that matter too.
I asked the station attendant directly and he said it was a Japanese man.
That Japanese man is my father.
I was run over by him.
What does that mean? I don't understand, why would he run me over? Or why was he driving the Russian Ambassador's car? Do you believe your father has common interest with Russia? I'm not sure.
Although, if my father was at that train station, then I can only think that he helped them cross from Russia to Cape Soukiba.
I've heard Ivan Tyler is the code name given by Russia to one of their double agents.
If my father was Tyler, what would you do, inspector? It doesn't matter who they are, I'll question them for the truth.
And what would you do to Tyler's daughter? If it comes down to it, would you use her to find out the truth? I've received word from Akeboshi.
Are you here to try and stop me again? No, you're wrong.
Did you know this man? He was Higashi's subordinate, killed by Shingai.
So that victim was Higashi's subordinate? This was the guy who planted the bomb under Morihara's car.
So it was Higashi's doing? You know you don't have to expose the truth alone, right? I'll help out too.
Why the change of heart? It's what my daughter told me.
"Police officers who lie are absolute scum.
" I can't do much to change the culture of the police force, however, throwing the trash of the police force into a cell is something that I can do.
You have free will.
Do as you please.
Sarah's just arriving, she's right over there.
He's here among us, right? That Russian spy, Smolov.
Let's find him.
Leave this floor to me.
Never have I seen such a beautiful woman like yourself.
That's a very delicious looking little fukuro you have there.
What the hell!? I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
What the hell? Sorry sir.
Come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come.
Hey! Come on, come.
This is wonderful! Sorry, sorry, sorry sir, come, come.
Wait! What's the big idea!? I listened to everything word you said from a IC recorder.
So you're a damn liar, huh? Where is that woman? Seems she doesn't want to see you.
You may have said you didn't know what Tyler's mission was, though you actually do.
Tyler is unmistakably a FSB spy.
Basically, he's one of your comrades.
What's wrong? You're starting to sweat.
Even though it's cold.
The fourth Ivan Tyler is Japanese, right? What is his mission? If you don't talk, I'll warm you up.
Fine then.
I'll talk.
Though, don't ever tell anyone that you heard this from me.
We promise.
Tyler is a Japanese person.
And his mission is? I heard it was to destroy a secret facility.
What facility? I don't know.
The top brass only talked about it in secret.
My friend told me where it was last month.
It's location? Hokkaido.
Where in Hokkaido? Hokkaido's Korou Island.
Freeze! Tell me, how did it feel to run over your daughter? Why did you abandon us? You threw away your own family.
Sorry for interfering.
Kuraki! Why would you intervene? He's not your employer, right? No.
Then get out of there.
Not going to happen, Kuraki.
This is what the situation calls for.
Therefore, don't come chasing me further.
I want to know where the dungeon of Omelas is.
Dungeon? Yes.
He's deposited documents there and plans to erase that thing and the dungeon from existence.
That's why before he destroys it, I want to look inside that dungeon.
No matter what.
Why would you share your information with us? Isn't it obvious? It was to make things interesting.
See you, Kuraki.
I'll be waiting in Hokkaido.
Ciao! Higashi was employed by Ikezawa.
PSB Chief Ikezawa employed him? Why would he do such a thing? He realized the truth behind the airport bombing six months ago, and planned to become the second Muroi.
For that reason, he implied Inspector Kuraki was the suspect behind Morihara's murder.
Why Inspector Kuraki? To avoid Muroi's failure and ensure his scheme's success, Ikezawa handicapped Kuraki, the greatest hindrance to his plan.
That's why he blamed Inspector Kuraki? Correct.
Then Higashi obeyed Ikezawa's order to have Morihara killed? Yes.
That's right.
So this string of homicides, showing Shingai Hiromi's modus operandi happened because Higashi followed Ikezawa's instructions? This means Ikezawa is proceeding with his scheme? Correct.
His scheme points to the establishment of a Ministry of Public Safety.
He even killed Morihara in order to usurp Muroi and what remains of his plan, and establish a Public Safety Ministry.
Right now, in place of Morihara, he's guiding politicians he has under his control.
He's played us like fools.
Why didn't you report to me Shingai Kazuhiko was alive? Isn't it obvious? To make things interesting.
Smolov said there was a facility in Hokkaido.
If I recall, at Korou Island, right? Korou Island is at the Northernmost tip of Hokkaido.
It's an island which vanished twenty-five years ago.
The island vanished? The dungeon of Omelas should be on that island.
I had you investigate those details about my brother Hiromi, and now you're become wrapped up in this.
I'll return the favor one day.
What will you do now? I want Hiromi to rest in peace.
That's why I'm going to kill Hiromi.
Your father betrayed this country.
Why did my father double-cross Japan for Russia? That's something only he knows.
After defecting to Russia, the PSB labeled him as a S-Level dangerous person.
That's why I was always watched, right? Yes.
Why was he considered so dangerous? Because of his terrifying perfection.
The objective of Operation GLARKE Alpha was said to be the recapture of the surveillance system.
That was only the official stance.
Huh? After the system was hijacked, Japan deposited massive funds into the National Budget without the public noticing, and switched to a new system for our communication network.
Basically, at the time of Operation GLARKE Alpha, the surveillance system which had been hijacked had already stopped functioning.
The hidden objective of Operation GLARKE Alpha was to restrain - or erase your father, the traitor, Akeboshi Hiro.
This is the truth which you wanted to know.
Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
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