MOZU (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 Higashi was employed by Ikezawa.
He aims to become the second Muroi.
Then Higashi obeyed Ikezawa's order to have Morihara killed? Yes.
That's so.
So this string of homicides, using Shingai Hiromi's modus operandi happened because Higashi followed Ikezawa's instructions? This means Ikezawa is proceeding with his scheme, right? Yes.
His scheme to establish a Ministry of Public Safety.
Smolov said there was a facility in Hokkaido.
If I recall, he said Korou Island, right? Korou Island is at the Northernmost tip of Hokkaido.
It's an island which vanished twenty-five years ago.
The dungeon of Omelas should be on that island.
This is Korou Island.
The island, frozen in time twenty-five years ago.
Somewhere on this island is the Russian facility which investigators infiltrated during Operation GLARKE Alpha? Correct.
Now it's unpopulated, and no one lives there? Twenty-five years ago, earthquake researchers went there to investigate tectonic plates, and announced that a major earthquake could occur there within several years triggered by shifts in the earth's crust.
The Japanese Government relocated island residents to the mainland.
No major earthquake ever occurred there, right? A small earthquake occurred last month, though, it's fair to say there hasn't been one in twenty-five years.
Basically, the government had an ulterior motive for chasing away the island's inhabitants? Correct.
Something was discovered there.
What something? You're better off not knowing.
In the first place, what is this citizen surveillance system? In the mid-eighties, in order to keep tabs on the Japanese public, the PSB created a network which monitored information on a type of server.
Which was stolen by another country? To be precise, the correct expression would be hijacked.
The password was rewritten.
Now, it could only be accessed from that secret facility.
The secret facility that now needs to be destroyed? Since being blockaded 25 years ago, the island has grown to major significance over those years.
Don't tell me it was because information would be released from laws protecting state secrets? Correct.
At this rate, if opposition party demands are met, information concerning actual reasons why this island was blockaded would be disclosed.
If information about the island is declassified, intel about Operation GLARKE Alpha and Russia's secret facility would also come to light.
About that matter, both countries, Russia and Japan, must avoid such a situation.
You knew about this from the start.
Didn't you? Even if I told you not to go to that island, you still intend on going? Beyond the truth, hidden on that island, lies darkness.
If you look deep down into that darkness, you will never be able to return.
It's cold.
But delicious.
Say, Megumi- Quit it with the weird convo's.
Weird conversations? Ever since I can remember, you always bring up something I don't want to hear about when you use that tone of voice,.
It's cold.
But I can't stop eating it.
Huh? At best, you're going to throw some bad guys into prison cells, right? As one would expect from my daughter.
That doesn't feel much like praise.
If your dad is arrested by the police, what would you do? If your dad said he was innocent, would you believe him? I would.
Because no one can trust the police.
I see.
What will you do when you meet Tyler? The father who lives in my memories, isn't the person who would abandon his family.
Though reality disagrees.
I want to truly know who my father is.
What will you do, Inspector Kuraki? If what Morihara said about your wife really happened? Then I'll accept it.
If it is the truth, that is.
A WOWOW & TBS Drama Co-Production 'Shrike' Season 2 - Wings of Phantasia After the the Natural Energy Summit is held, leaders of each country will come to inspect this facility.
In order to ensure flawless security, arrangements have been made to deploy counter-terror Team Six to this facility.
They are part of the newly established Counter-Terrorism Unit.
Ladies and gentleman from the media, please go ahead and make a big deal about them.
We are thankful for this collaboration.
Okay, everyone from the mass media, please come this way.
PSB Chief Ikezawa, ever since your public appearances, you've become well known among the police force and the mass media.
I'm glad to hear that.
PSB Chief Ikezawa.
You come to a place like this, what do you want Lt Osugi? Everything you've done makes sense now.
I'm in a hurry, let's discuss this when we have more time.
Start the convoy.
Hey, don't go away! Hey! Hey.
Hey, stop, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, stop! Hey, hey, hey.
Follow them.
No, well- Eyes on the road! Why? We're pursuing! Follow them.
That investigator He hopped on board the bus behind us.
Leave him be.
That thing must be twenty-five years old, it will never start.
Since it's a small island, this must be the only facility here.
Are you going to destroy the whole thing? Yes.
We separate from here on out.
I understand.
Kuraki! Do you intend to stand in my way? Of course not.
Why did you come to this island? Isn't it obvious? I came to see the dungeon of Omelas.
Have you seen it? Yes.
Over there.
There wasn't enough time, so I didn't get to see everything, though I saw enough.
That's right, Kuraki.
I need to apologize to you for something.
About Morihara and the terrorist bombing.
I suggested what that clown shared with you over the phone.
I realized that long ago.
Is that so!? I'd expect no less.
But wait.
Just so you know, I warned you beforehand so that it could be fair between you and me.
I remember.
Though you agitated me when you said "I won't let myself be used by you.
" That's why I unconsciously became a bit vicious.
You successfully framed me.
Though thanks to you, I was able to reach this place.
Thinking about the unexpected up side? If you have something to add, make it brief.
What you will soon see is what the people of Omelas wanted to most conceal.
The hidden dungeon.
What of it? I'm going to destroy that.
You really are the best! Go ahead, I want you to destroy it! Get lost.
At just the right time, huh? You're probably prepared to throw your life away, right? Yes.
I see.
What an extraordinary disappointment.
Though I won't stop you.
I want to see if you reduce your lifespan.
Moreover, I lied just before.
My number one purpose for coming here was because I wanted to see you.
You crazy lunatic.
Enjoy it, Kuraki.
However, you better hurry.
Since it's a good time for "others" to quietly break in.
Ciao, Kuraki! I wish you luck.
It sure is cold out today.
Good work.
Taitō Police Station Police Box What could it be? Mr Police Lieutenant who's rude to his errand boy.
Look up the schedule of PSB Chief Ikezawa.
Where's he headed to later? Ah He's meeting the Japanese ambassador to Russia.
Like an aspiring politician.
Thank you.
Ah, wait.
Um, well, actually, I have something to discuss with you.
Huh?! I'm kind of busy right now.
Just hear me out.
Ah, yesterday, I saw Dharma in my dreams again.
I see.
See ya! Just wait a minute.
What is it!? Well, you appeared in that dream.
Huh? I did? Yeah.
You were riding above Dharma.
He hung up.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You had to go and revive Hiromi.
Do you know about the shrike, as in the bird? The shrike? You're the agile shrike's prey! Shingai! Don't do it Shingai.
My only objective is to kill Hiromi! Shit.
TL Note: The name of the newspaper isn't important, it's the date that matters.
This is where Chihiro was Where's Shingai? Vanished.
I'm saved.
Like hell you are! You used Higashi to kill Morihara and then framed Kuraki as the culprit, didn't you!? As long as Kuraki wasn't around, I could proceed as I pleased.
I won't be foiled by the failures that toppled Muroi.
I beg to differ! Are you going to block my way? Do you think a mere police officer with honest intentions can stop me? No matter what happens, I'll protect the people closest to me with those intentions.
I'll throw a shithead like you into a fucking police cell! And I'll arrange your discharge for misappropriating expenses.
So you police are like that? Nanami.
Nanami? You! So you finally remember? Mr Kuriyama.
I've been observing you for a long time, as has this man.
Greetings, PSB Chief Ikezawa.
Who are you? We made an arrangement.
Huh? The crimes that PSB Chief Ikezawa perpetrated will all be covered in an article.
I'll publish that article despite being coerced not to.
Thanks to your puppet, top bureaucrat in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, proof that you deceived her and others by falsely claiming to be Kuriyama, has already been collected.
You initiated the request from a Japanese Diplomat and an influential person who sent us to the Gurujibu danger zone.
You used us for your own profit and self-interest.
So what? Because of the position I'm in now, it won't be difficult to erase the facts.
So it would have seemed.
However, you won't be able to erase that statement of yours.
I recorded that.
I'll take revenge against you as a journalist.
Senior Superintendent Tsuki, if you permit her to do what she intends to, the police force you're trying to protect will be dealt a severe blow.
To stop you, there was only this method or having you dead like Commissioner Muroi.
Everyone! Hands in the air and down on your knees! If a Ministry of Public Safety is established, political authority would be centralized and order would stabilize this country.
I will never allow that to occur.
This is your downfall, PSB Chief Ikezawa.
So this is the front-line base of the stolen system? You feel like submerging this submarine? It's you, right? Code name, Ivan Tyler.
Are you a PSB officer? Yes.
I'm the husband of the woman you detained here.
Why did you come to a place like this? I came here to hear the truth from you.
What do you want to know? What I want to know is why my wife betrayed her colleagues.
What happened to my wife during the seventy-two hours she was prisoner here.
I only want the truth.
What will you do once you find out? This submarine is sinking.
I don't give a damn about that.
Answer my questions! If I activate this installation file, this submarine will sink to the bottom of the ocean.
- READY - Detonation Prep Complete Do you intend to die here? Yes.
Tyler will die here.
That's how it is? Don't gamble your life.
I'm here to learn the truth! What did you do to my wife!? You risk your life to know? Yes.
Assemble! The murderer known as Shingai should be nearby.
Track him down immediately! We have received your directives and followed your instructions.
Is there anything else you need assistance with? No, it's fine.
We'll take it from here.
Move it.
This submarine is is an antique from the former Soviet Union.
Trouble occurred during intelligence activities and it ran aground here.
The Soviet Union feared America, an ally of Japan, might recover this submarine.
Incidentally, Japan, in order to improve diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union, chose not to publicize the violation of our territorty and accidental stranding.
Thus, both countries agreed to a secret agreement.
The Soviets abandoned the submarine and the Japanese blockaded the island.
Such are the dynamics of diplomacy.
This meant after the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia was reformed, Russia positioned a spy here under the veil of secrecy? At a certain time, that Russian, cracked the code of Japan's most important system, the citizen surveillance system, and hijacked it from here.
Operation GLARKE Alpha was launched to recapture that system.
Though the true objective of that operation was- That's right.
To capture the traitor .
However, that operation ended in failure.
Due to the deteriorating relationship between both countries in that operation, Japan could not publicize the truth.
To begin with, the reality about the citizen surveillance system and myself, could not be known.
Furthermore, Russia, left behind evidence to suggest Operation GLARKE Alpha actually happened.
That was your wife, Kuraki Chihiro.
The 'fact' that your wife sold out her colleagues was information we purposely leaked to those on the Japanese side.
Like this submarine, your wife continued to live.
A major inconvenience to resolving the tension between both countries.
That's the reason your wife was the lone survivor.
Though why did you choose my wife? What did you do to her during the seventy-two hours she was held prisoner? To her, there was only one thing she wanted to protect.
There's always something that people want to protect.
However, people become weak when they want to protect too many things.
She only had only one thing.
I remember what that one thing was.
If she lost that, she would lose all reason for living.
The one thing which she wanted to protect was you.
Shingai! If it was to protect you, I was confident she wouldn't reveal the truth, no matter what happened.
Even when we murdered her colleagues in front of her, she endured the seventy-two hours without weakening.
"If you speak even a little about what happened or what you witnessed, we shall kill your husband.
" Then she was released and didn't talk about anything.
This is the truth.
Both of you, freeze! Akeboshi Hiro is long dead.
He's no longer with us.
What's with that? Then who's standing before me? My name is Ivan Tyler.
Execute or Cancel? - READY! - - DETONATE! - This sub is sinking.
Take that woman with you and escape.
Dad! Tyler's last mission is to go down with this submarine.
Hurry up and take her away.
Stop! Don't do it! Don't do it.
I'm begging you! Come with us! The dungeon of Omelas is going to sink.
Kuraki! Hurry and come up! It's too soon for you to die! Shingai's body could not be found.
Where could he have vanished? Who knows? It doesn't matter where, he's someone who cannot exist.
Allow him to disappear.
Ikezawa died, since that's the case, there's no need to publish Nanami's article.
What will you do with her? Why are you dragging me away? For the sake of your mental health, you will have a psychological assessment.
Do you intend to lock her away? Of course not.
She's just undergoing an examination.
Senior Superintendent Tsuki has covered-up another incident? Yes.
That is his job.
And then? The culprit was Ikezawa, the PSB's Chief.
What happened to him? Murdered.
That was also covered-up by the Police Force.
Oh my.
This is a fairly serious illness.
Her delusional tendencies have escalated.
Next question, recently Then we must protect her from herself for now? Yes.
Anything else you want to add here? There is.
But that story is too long to share here.
Since a certain individual is coming to return the favor.
Do you understand what this means? Since I don't, I wonder if you could tell me that interesting story next time.
It's Tsuki.
Please use Dharma to cover-up that matter.
What happened with the silent phone calls? The phone still rings.
I see.
Tyler died in that place.
I realize that.
If a first-class intel-analyst slipped into an enemy organization, they would first have to deceive friends and family, yes? The Ivan Tyler in that place sank along with the submarine.
How about you quit? Since those are bad for your health.
I'm sure that's what your wife would have said.
I better head home soon.
Since I have a family waiting for me there.
I see.
That's good to hear.
I'm having a Christmas party this year, why don't you come over if -- I'll pass.
I was lying, as if I would have a party.
Could you hear me out? I'll pass.
What is it? Rather than exposing the truth, do you think it's better to continue hiding the truth in distress? Exposing the truth is your hobby, isn't it? I thought the truth should be completely exposed.
If it was for your daughter's sake, would you be able to hide the truth? For my daughter, I'd carry the truth with me to the grave.
I see.
These are the words we are going to exchange from now.
No one believes you should assume responsibility.
And again, you have nothing to fear.
Then I'll ask number of questions which I hope you'll answer.
Out of the investigators sent to infiltrate who were captured, you were the sole survivor.
All of the other personnel were killed.
Let me ask why.
Why were you the only one left alive? Why were you the only one who came back? During the seventy-two hours you were restrained, what happened, exactly? Completely timed and translated from Japanese into English by Miharu-Rush, Russian translated into English by XAXA.
This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the product(s) of the staff's imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Completely translated and timed by Miharu-Rush.
Russian translated into English by XAXA.
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