Mr Inbetween (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

See You in Your Dreams

1 Uh, so my name's Ray.
I'm, uh, Brittany's dad.
: I work in the security industry.
So, basically, I work in a club.
And, um you know, my job is to kind of make sure that people behave themselves while they're in the in the club.
Yeah, love? Are you a bouncer? Uh Mm.
Yeah, there's a bit more to it than that, but, yeah, basically, um, yeah, I'm a bouncer.
Yeah, man? You're pretty small for a bouncer.
Yeah, I guess, but, um, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, mate.
What does that mean? Well, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
I don't get it.
Um Well, in a fight, what matters is how much heart you've got.
That's kind of what decides a fight.
- Yeah, man? - Do you think you could beat my dad in a fight? Well, I've never met him, but, um, I'd I'd say - probably not.
- What about Conor McGregor? Uh, uh, definitely, definitely couldn't beat Conor McGregor.
Yeah, love? Is your job dangerous? Um No.
Not really, no.
I wouldn't say it was.
Yeah, mate? Have you ever killed anybody? Uh, once.
Really? What happened? Uh, this kid was asking me too many questions.
I'm just kidding, mate.
I'm just kidding.
Uh, okay, man.
What, no socks went out of fashion, did they, mate? Your mate beat the shit out of old Stan last night.
Dirk? Yeah.
What happened? Stan was getting flirty with Giselle.
You know, nothing out of the usual.
- Mm.
- Your mate comes in like a bull at a gate, starts getting rough.
Stan said something I don't know what.
Next second, old Stan's laying on the ground, getting his head stomped on.
Is he all right? No, he's not all right.
I had to get Mandy to take him to the hospital.
Now, I know he's your mate and all, but he's got to go.
DIRK: Hello? It's me.
Hi, mate.
How you doing? Eh.
Feeling all right? Yes, pretty much.
Not a bad joint.
Yeah, it's [GROANS.]
all I can bloody afford, isn't it? You want a drink or something, mate? A sandwich? Some pharmaceuticals? Nah, I'm good.
So you beat the shit out of old Stan, eh? - Yeah.
- Ooh.
He was getting pretty handsy with, um, Giselle.
- As usual.
Dirty old bugger.
Well Got to fire you.
Oh, mate.
I'll leave you to it, all right? Ray.
Yeah? I don't want your money, mate.
KATE: Do you think how do I put this do you think there is a difference in the act of killing between when you were in the Army and-and what you do now? Does-does it feel any different? No.
No difference at all? No, killing's killing.
You know, you get medals in the Army for when you kill people, but, you know, I don't get those anymore, but, you know Yeah.
I can't imagine hit men get medals.
We get paid better though, so Yeah? No one tells you what to do now.
You know, if I want to do a job, I do it.
If I don't want to do a job, I don't.
You know, I can say no.
- Yes or no.
- Mm.
Do you ever feel sorry for any of your victims? Not really, no.
- Never? Why would I? Well, what about their families? What about 'em? Well, doesn't it ever bother you you know, the pain that you're causing the loved ones that are left behind, grieving for for the person that you've just murdered? You know, I killed people when I was in the Army, you know? Nobody, you know They had families, so Yeah, sure, but I think you know, I think the difference is choice.
When you're in the Army, you-you don't have a choice.
But here, you-you do.
You've got a choice.
- You don't actually have to do this job.
- No, no, no, - no, no, no, no, no.
- You could I mean, you could choose - to do something different.
- No, no, no, no.
I chose to join the Army.
You know, I could say, like, somebody put a gun to my head and said you got to join the army or, you know I had a choice.
That's-that's what I decided to do.
I was gonna go over there and fucking kill people, - so - Yeah, okay.
You got no problem with that.
- Okay.
- As soon as I come back here and I start doing the same thing, suddenly you're all, fucking, I don't know, "high and mighty" about it.
Like, you know like I should feel bad about it or something.
- Should I feel bad about it? - Uh, I'm-I'm just asking a question.
Yeah, you're asking some questions.
It's the questions you're asking, - you know what I mean? - Well, okay, well, so, what about what about your daughter? I mean, you-you know, from what you've told me, you really love her.
I'm sure she loves you.
Surely she'd be really, you know, devastated if something happened to you.
- Hey, my friend.
- Hi.
Get that one and a pack of John Kelsey's, friend.
Money, champ.
Thanks, mate.
Could've just had one of these, prez.
No, I don't smoke that.
What's wrong with them? It's all the chemicals, mate.
It tastes like shit.
What, are you stalking me, mate? - Hey? How are you? - Hey, good.
What you doing What the fuck?! Jesus.
Get him! Hold him, hold him, hold him.
- Got him.
- Hold him.
- VINNIE: Kev! - I got him.
- VINNIE: Kev! RAY: I got him.
Got him.
VINNIE: Kev! I got you.
RAY: Good? Let's get out of here.
Let's go, mate.
So who's paying you? Your VP.
Alex? Mm-hmm.
Uh, you got a smoke? Quit.
You quit? Good for you, mate.
I got some rollies in me pocket.
You good I get 'em out? Hey, go for it.
They paying you all right? Yeah.
Mind me asking how much? - $250.
- Fuck.
Yeah, well, you're good.
I'll give you that.
I never saw it coming.
Nothing personal.
Yeah, I know.
I'm surprised I've fucking lived this long, to tell you the truth.
I'm guessing if I was to try and buy you out, you'd just pocket the cash and kill me anyway.
Still got to get your $250.
- Mm-hmm.
It was weird, but I mean, I'd never shot any bloke before that.
And it's not like it is in the movies, right? - It's different.
- Mm.
And this fellow, I remember, his legs went all sort of wobbly and sat down on the floor.
He just looked real fucking tired, you know.
Just real tired.
He looked up at me, you know.
He sort of looked me right in the eye.
Just said, "Fuck, mate.
" Then he just [EXHALES.]
That was it.
Lights went out of his eyes.
20 years, and that bloke still comes to me in my dreams.
Every time I see him, he just looks at me with this look, you know.
That same look.
Doesn't say anything, just just looks at me.
Scares the shit out of me.
You don't get that? Blokes you've knocked come to you in your dreams? Sometimes.
Doesn't bother you? [CHUCKLES.]
Bothers the shit out of me.
Not enough to make you want to quit, though.
Every job's got its downside, man.
Come on, mate.
Right, eh? [GRUNTS.]
Let him go, man.
- [SIGHS.]
Keep an eye out.
Top spot.
I'll see you in your dreams.
Yeah? [SNIFFS.]
So what happened? I was asleep upstairs, woke up.
Saw a light, uh, spinning around.
- Mm.
- Got up, went to the money room.
Got clocked as soon as I walked in the fucking door.
Did you get a look at him? Nah.
It was too fucking dark.
What about the CCTV? Yeah, I got about 30 seconds of the prick.
- Mm.
- He got in back here.
- Yeah.
- Knew what he was doing.
How much did he get? FREDDY: The night's takings.
It's Dirk.
Fucking little I give the guy a job.
I treat him like a fucking Shit.
I know he's your mate and all, but I want him gone.
- What do you mean, gone? - I mean gone-gone.
I'm not gonna whack him.
Yeah, well, I'll find somebody who will.
Oh! Bloody hell, Ray.
- Wakey, wakey.
What's going on? Need a favor.
What? Need some backup.
Smoke, Ray? Nah, I quit.
- What? - Mm.
When? About a month ago.
Cold turkey? Yeah, I started cold turkey, but I was just getting too fucking angry all of a sudden.
- I had to get on the fucking patches.
- That work? - Yeah, they do.
You start off Like, you start off with the strong ones.
- Mm.
- And then, like, you have them for a week, and then you go to the next, - you know, less strong - Yeah.
- less strong week by week.
- Yeah.
And, yeah eventually you know, got off 'em.
- Wow.
- You thinking of quitting, - are you? - No.
God, no.
It's fresh.
It's romantic.
What's going on, Ray? [RAY SIGHS.]
You got to leave town, mate.
: What? I know you ripped Freddy off.
You got to go, mate.
You got to go today, and you can't ever come back.
- Yeah.
Nah, fuck that.
You got to go.
Or what? Are you gonna shoot me? Do it.
You remember when I killed that kid in Uyghur prov? Mm.
That was it for me.
It's like my life had promise, you know? Had a spark.
Then, after that, just [SCOFFS.]
Mate, pick a spot.
All right? Anywhere you want to go, - you know? - Mm.
I'll drive you, all right? I'll set you up.
You know, get you on your feet.
Hey, sorry about all that shit with Freddy.
Forget it.
Come on.
I got to go.
If you miss The train I'm on You will know That I am gone You can hear The whistle blow A hundred miles A hundred miles A hundred miles A hundred miles A hundred miles You can hear The whistle blow A hundred miles Lord, I'm one - Lord, I'm two - Lord, I'm two - Lord, I'm three.
- Lord.