Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

First Vacation

I should be clear:
I'm not in this for the romance.
It's just an earpiece.
- You look nice.
- Thank you. So do you.
No contact. With anyone.
Like even my mother?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [horn honking]
- [Jane] What do you think happens
if we fail?
- Our marriage?
- Our mission.
What a shitty day.
Do you want to kiss me?

[computer chimes]
[John] "Hihi.
Welcome to
the Italian Dolemites."
[Francesco De Leo: "Muse"]
Check in to the Fanus Hotel,
room 602.
Observe and report on
your neighbors,
Gavol and Parker Martin.

[soft whirring]
Bug both their phones.
Record an important call
at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Do not fail.
[Jane] The champagne has a note.
It says, "Please enjoy,
make sure to finish
the mission this time."
- Hihi's so passive-aggressive now.
- I know.
I didn't know hihi was a woman.
- Wait, what
- It's a joke.
- What is wrong with you?
- I was joking and
- Why?
- I thought it was funny
- Is it?
- and I'm punishing myself.
- You should punish.
- Appropriately.

[Gavol] Just
didn't want to eat cheese.
[Parker] Well,
that's their specialty.
I mean, if you didn't
want to eat cheese,
you should have said
something earlier.
[Gavol] Why?
You ordered what you wanted
- and I ordered what I wanted.
- [John clears throat]
[Parker] You just [sighs]
- Mm.
- [Parker] You're having this
You're still hard.
Genetic lottery, I guess.
- [Parker] Can we talk about something?
- [Gavol] What?
I think that
sleeping in separate rooms
is just a a little
overboard, don't you?
Your snoring has gotten so bad.
I just need to be able to sleep.
- [Parker] I know it's not
- You know we've never slept
- in the same bed?
- [Parker]about the snoring.
- Gavol?
- That's not true.
- Is that true?
- Yeah.
Mm, one bed, one bathroom
You sure you're gonna be okay?
[Parker] You want to sleep
apart even on vacation?
[Jane chuckles] I mean, you're
the one that goes downstairs
every time after we have sex.
That's only because I know
how only children are.
- How are only children?
- You guys need, like
- What do we need?
- You guys are like raptors.
- [laughs]
- Where you need like 15 meters
- of space between.
- So crazy.
[Gavol] You're not
having a shower?
[Parker] No.
[Parker] I'm gonna watch TV.
They're clearly gonna go to bed.
We should go out.
Maybe we could
get a drink downstairs.
[Jane] I mean, that hihi note
made me feel kind of anxious.
- I just, I don't want to fail.
- We're not gonna fail.
Okay? I'll be vigilant.
It's just, you know
It might be nice
to go out and
get some of
the ambiance, you know?
But it's nice and cozy in here.
Yeah, but we can bring the,
like, baby monitor with us.
- Ugh.
- It'll be nice.
We can watch them from anywhere.
It's observe and report.
Yeah, I just, I want
to stay in here with you.
[Gavol] Night, love.
- [Parker] Can we talk?
- [Gavol] Right now?
[Parker sighs] I want
to have a
a naked moment.
"Naked moment." What's that?
It's therapy-speak.
[Parker] I think we should try
the two of us sleeping in
the same bed together. I
Even the possibility of you
snoring is gonna keep me up.
Well, it's, it's gotten better.
How, how do you know
it's gotten better?
You're asleep.
Why is she being so mean to him?
He just wants to sleep
next to his wife.
I don't know.
She sounds exhausted.
[John] Yeah, but is it so bad
to just, like, want to have
affection from your wife?
It's not the worst thing
in the world.
[Jane] I mean,
that's Gavol Martin.
Her net worth is, what?
Like, the GDP of Australia?
- She needs sleep. This is you know.
- [John] Yeah. That's fair.
What was the point, Gavol,
of me arranging
this whole experience
Why do you think we need
to bug both of their phones?
Why not just hers?
I don't know.
Okay, I-I did some research
on this guy.
He's a surfer.
I mean, he was.
- But that's it.
- Mm.
How about tomorrow
I'm all yours?
Okay? I won't work
the whole day,
but just, in order to do that,
I just, I need
to be able to sleep.
Can you promise me something?
Yeah. What?
That we'll never be like that?
Even if it all goes to shit?
Like that?
Hmm. Deal.
[quietly] Deal.
What was that?
Check outside.
- Sure.
- [John cocks gun]
[Jane cocks gun]
- Clear.
- [John] Clear.
- Thought I heard something.
- It's all, it's all good.
[Jane exhales]

Okay, honey, come here.
Come here.
- [alarm chiming]
- [Gavol] Sir Charles has said
the slopes should be
pretty quiet today.
- [Parker] Mm.
- [Jane sighs]
[Parker] Did you pack
the EpiPens?
[Gavol] Uh
- [Jane] John?
- [Gavol] Yeah.
[Parker] Well,
I'm not finding them.
[Gavol] Ugh.
I'm sure they'll have one
at the restaurant.
[Parker] Well,
probably not a kid's one.
[Jane] They're
headed to the slopes.
But doesn't seem like
they're on speaking terms.
[Jane] Our best bet to bug them
is if they split up.
[John] If they split up,
how we gonna find each other?
We could share our locations.
Yeah. You sure
you want to do that?
Well, we don't
Yeah, I mean
- What?
- Kind of a big step.
It's like knowing
each other's passcode
to the phone or something.
It's for work, like,
I'd just be
- We don't have to, I
- No, no. Um
Let's do it.
- Let's do it. All right.
- Are you sure?
I'm positive.
[chuckles] Okay.
- [John] Great.
- Done.
Who was that?
[John] Uh, that was, um
just some spam.
Keeps happening.
- [Jane] Hmm.
- This is a weird mission.
Makes me feel like
we're private investigators
for a failing marriage.
- Can I have a piece of your bacon?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I, uh, I know.
[while chewing]
I think the child
makes it so much worse
'cause he's buried in that game,
like, he wants out of
that family.
You know?
[John chomping loudly]
He wants out.
Right? Just [chomping]
[chuckles] Okay.
I don't know
how else to do it
- to, like, talk and
- [John] Yeah, just
talk in between.
Or-or chew, like,
like, you know.
[chewing quietly]
- Like
- No one does that.
- I do.
- You
Do you want to know how you eat?
This is how you eat.
[clinking cutlery]
[stifled chuckle] Okay.
- [Jane] It's like a drum solo.
- Sounds like Stomp.
[Jane] Yeah.
- In my ears, all the time.
- Really?
[chuckles] You're mean.
Ma'am, is this yours?
- Oh, my goodness, thank you.
- It's no problem.
- No problem at all.
- [chuckles softly]
Tom, imagine if
I'd lost my scarf?
- You would have been devastated.
- [Rita] Oh
I know you love that scarf.
- Yes.
- It's a beautiful scarf.
I almost took it.
You got to be careful.
- [Tom laughs]
- [John] Where did you get it from?
[Tom] Eh, I got it for her
on our second date.
- [Rita] Mm-hmm.
- Aw.
[Tom] What was that at?
At, um
- Forty-nine years ago.
- [Rita] Almost 50.
Half a century.
That is crazy.
That's incredible.
Where you guys from?
[Tom] We are from Konstanz.
That's, it's, eh,
it's the south of Germany,
- just at the Swiss border.
- Ah. - Oh.
- Oh, wow.
- [John] Well, that's cool.
We were just talking about
how we want to spend
more time around that area.
Is it nice?
[Tom] Yeah. You'd love it.
- [Tom] Yes, really.
- [Rita] It's really
- It's right against the lake.
- Oh, I hate to do this,
but we actually
have to go right now.
- [Tom] It's a very big lake.
- Oh, wow.
- It's the biggest lake in Germany.
- You'll like it.
- Oh, sure.
- Is it as big as Como?
We have lots of apples.
You should try them.
- And we have good food and wine.
- Oh, okay. Yes.
So nice meeting you.
[Tom] Maybe you want to come by?
We'll see you again. Bye.
You should try our wine.
[Jane] Honey,
come on, let's go.
Yeah, no.
- John. John.
- Thank you. I'll see you.
[John] What?
I hate vacation friends.
The whole point of
going on vacation is
to leave your friends behind,
you don't invite
new ones in your life.

[Jane] This is taking forever.
Is there another way down,
other than skiing?
'Cause, uh
I cannot do that.
You don't know how to ski?
Mm-mm. No.
You bought all the ski gear.
Yeah, 'cause I look fly.
Please be joking.
I would never joke
about fashion.
- [sighs]
- [phone buzzing]
Who is that?
Hello? Are you okay?
You called me
three times in a row.
I thought something was wrong.
Yeah, well, I can't right now
Did you try turning it off
and then turning it on?
[sighs, sniffs]
Go, go to,
go to "settings."
It's gonna ask for a password.
Golly Wolly 0401
exclamation point.
Zero, four, zero, one.
Exclamation point.
Well, then I don't know.
I will call the company
when I get back.
Yeah, she's here.
I got to go.
All right. Bye.
Bye, I love you.
- Mm.
- How often do you contact her?
A few times a day.
A few times a day?
Are you fucking serious?
No, don't smile, that's
- Okay, I'm
- That is so dangerous.
- What does she know about us?
- I-I, she doesn't
- What does she know about us?
- She doesn't know
anything compromising.
She doesn't.
Does she call you
by your new name?
- No.
- No.
But listen, she doesn't
she thinks
I travel a lot for work,
she knows I'm married.
- The
- That's it. That's, that's, that's it.
There's a reason
we don't keep contacts, John.
- I-I know.
- This is, this is
I-I, it's not, it's not
It's dangerous, not just for us,
it's dangerous for your mom.
It's so fucking selfish of you.
Look, I can't abandon my mom.
Okay? I'm all she's got.
Okay? My dad died.
I'm the only man in her life.
I take care of her.
I have to talk to my mom.
- It wasn't an option.
- I understand that.
- I'm just saying this is
- I know, but
I would never compromise us
or this in that way.
I-I, I'm sorry
I didn't talk to you about it,
but I didn't know
how to talk to you
about it, okay?
I'm sorry.
But I'm sure you talk
to your dad at least a little
I don't.
- [John] You don't what?
- I don't talk to my dad.
Not at all?
- No.
- When you took this job,
you just disappeared on him?
And don't judge me
right now for that.
I'm-I'm not trying
to judge you, I just
You don't know
anything about my dad.
What if he molested me?
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
- There's no way I could have
- It's okay,
he didn't molest me,
I'm just saying,
- that is like
- Wait, what?
The point is you just don't
know anything, so don't
Wait a sec
you, he didn't molest you?
- You just
- Of course he didn't molest me.
[John] That was
the first example of why
- you wouldn't talk to him?
- That's not don't
- And it's not true?
- Don't divert the fucking point.

[Jane] Okay,
that's them. [inhales]
Come on, we're gonna lose them.
John, let's go!
[in distance] Come on,
let's fucking go!
[sniffs, exhales]

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa. Ooh.
Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa! [grunts]
[muttering] How 'bout
we make a fucking sport
where you take
a beautiful mountain,
- throw yourself down it?
- [Jane] Are you okay?
No, I'm not.
I'm not doing that again.
Yeah, that's a great idea, Jorgensen.
Maybe rich assholes will
- play it in the future.
- [Parker] Just saying.
Why come to a ski resort
if you don't even want to ski?
I'm not feeling well.
Just ski without me.
[exasperated sigh]

[indistinct chatter]
[Parker] Hey.
Graham, you want something?
[Graham] No, thanks.
[Parker continues indistinctly]
[Jane] We only have a couple of
hours to bug those phones.
[Parker] I'm not trying to
force him into anything, just
[Gavol] Come on.
He doesn't want anything.
- Let's go. Thank you.
- [Parker] Thank you.
[John] Who is she even calling?
I mean, who do
billionaires talk to?
[Jane] Maybe
she's calling her mom.
[John] Nice.
Nice, Jane.
- Oh!
- Look who's here. - [Jane] Hey!
[laughing] Hi.
Enjoying the Christmas market?
Yes. We, uh
We actually have to go, so
[John] Yeah, we have to leave.
[Tom] Listen, guys,
before you go,
Rita and I, we found
a lovely tapas place.
- Yes, yes.
- That We would love that. That, that sounds great.
- [John and Jane] Let's do it.
- [Rita] I was telling Tom,
"Look at the chic couple."
What's your hotel number?
We are staying at this gorgeous
room with these large windows
- overlook the mountain.
- Stop talking.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop. Shut
- And when the sun
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
I have a gun
and I will shoot you.
Just stay quiet.
[John] Wow.
[Jane] Well,
we just lost our target.
[John] And our vacation friends.
"I have a gun"?
[quiet chatter]
[Parker] Hey, buddy.
Burger's here.
[John] For two people
who hate each other,
they sure are inseparable.
[Parker] You said last night
that you weren't going to work
the whole day.
No, I didn't.
I said I wasn't
gonna work the whole day.
I have to work
some of the day.
That's not what she said.
No, he obviously
misunderstood her.
[Gavol] You're just deliberately
misunderstanding me
so you can be upset with me.
[Parker] No.
No, you said,
"I will not work
the whole day."
I said, "I will not work
the whole day."
Okay, I wish, I w
[exclaims] I wish I had
a recording right now,
so I can play back
how wrong you are.
We do have a recording.
Should we give it to him?
What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
- [John] We were having fun,
like, a minute ago.
What is going on?
Why did you go to the gym
to call your mom?
- [chuckles]
- Like, why hide that from me?
You're being weird.
You're being distant
and you're pulling away
from me, and it's fine,
I think you just think this is
getting too intense for you.
You know, this is crazy coming
from a woman who wanted us
to have separate rooms
for most of our relationship.
- Look, I don't
- So, that's what you want?
- That's what I want?
- [Jane] That's what you're attracted to.
No, you proved my point,
you like cool, distant Jane.
I can, I can be
cool and distant.
- [John] I didn't say that.
- I don't really care.
- I didn't
- I can keep secrets, too.
[clears throat]
[John] What are you doing?
- [clears throat]
- [John] Okay.
So if you want to be
Mrs. Cool, let's be cool.
Yeah, let's just
not talk for the rest
of the fucking time.
I can be cool, too.
[Gavol] Are you sulking?
You're sulking.
Do you even want to be
in this marriage anymore?
Why would you say that
to me right now?
[Parker] Because
I'm not sure I do.
Well, that's clear.
It's clear we need to have
a serious talk later.
I'm going to my meeting.
[John] All right,
they're finally splitting up.
I'm gonna follow her.
Have fun being cool.
- [Jane] All right, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- [John] Bye.

[car operator] Right this way.
Sorry, sir.
Alpine Peak Club members only.
[speaks Swahili] Mm-hmm.
But sir Sir?

Scusi, could I get
a vodka with ice?

[steam hissing]
[Gavol sighs]
Don't judge me.
I know it's supposed to be
a place to relax.
[inhales, exhales]
I think it's broken, anyway.
- Hi.
- [Jane] Hi.
- I think we're neighbors.
- [Parker] Ah, the honeymooners.
You guys seem happy.
[chuckling] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is that your son?
- [Parker] Yeah.
- Mm.
He's enjoying the nature, I see.
Probably not good he spends
so much time on that thing.
- He looks pretty content.
- [Parker] Mm.
I think kids
should be content.
Yeah, well,
content does not equal happy.
[door opens]
On the house, madame.
[Gavol] And my favorite, too.
You must be psychic.
What can I get you, sir?
Can I have a bowl of
uncooked rice?
And whatever she's having.
Okay. Yes.
Where are you from?
I lived in Uganda
for a year and a half.
I heard you tell
the lift operator,
"white man's gonna eat you,"
just to get on the gondola.
I don't like people telling me
where I can and can't go.
Thank you.
[waiter] You're welcome.
You hungry?
It's for your phone.
Thank you.
[John] Yeah.
Should help with the moisture.
[Gavol] Cheers.
[Jane] I saw you guys
out on the slopes.
- Are you gonna go out again?
- [Parker] Oh, probably not.
My wife's not feeling well.
- [Jane] That's too bad.
- Mm.
She'll live.
What about you?
What about me?
How are you?
[chuckles softly]
Yeah, I'm, uh
I've been better.
[Gavol] Why are you
flirting with me?
If you have to ask that,
I'm not doing a good job, am I?
- You know what?
- What?
This would actually be a really
good time for an affair.
Beautiful place
interesting man
Also, I think
I'm about to get divorced.
You can't work it out?
Are you trying to sleep with me
or fix my marriage?
[Parker] You know, I married
Gavol after just three months.
God, she was the most alive
person I think I'd ever met.
I was a pro surfer.
And I would nail these
impossible waves
and there she would be,
with sand in her hair,
just beaming at me.
And afterward,
we'd both be so turned on,
we'd just
- fuck and fuck and fuck.
- [laughs]
[Gavol] Well, I think that
cheating is the biggest lie you
can have in a marriage, so
- I don't think I could lie that big.
- Mm.
I lie about little things.
What kind of little things?
Well, um
telling my husband of a meeting
when I don't have a meeting.
I think, he, um
It hurts his feelings less
if it's about work.
Sometimes I just need
to get away from him.
I understand that.
[Parker] And now,
I keep trying to
have that feeling again.
But I'm-I'm just not sure
it can come back.
[inhales deeply]
- [laughs] Sorry.
- No, I'm, uh
I'm actually just trying
to picture you as a surfer.
That was an age ago.
I don't even know
that guy anymore.
But I'll, uh
I'll live. I'm
It's him I'm worried about.
You know?
How he'll get on in life.
He feels
He feels lonely to me.
He's so sucked into
that video game,
I don't see how
he can't be lonely.
Give me your phone.
- What?
- Give me your phone.
I'm, I'm gonna help you connect
with, uh, what's his name?
- Graham.
- [Jane] Graham.
Graham, what game
are you playing?
- Skate City.
- Skate City.
- Skate City.
- Yeah, yeah.
[phone chimes softly]
[Jane] All right.
It's downloading.
He loves Skate City;
now you love Skate City.
- Yeah.
- [Jane chuckles]
[Parker] Okay, I'll take that.
[Gavol] He wanted to come here
to spend
some time together, but
I see the way
he looks at me now and
and now he
- [phone buzzes]
- [sighs] Sorry.
- I don't know why I'm getting
- No, no, no, it's okay.
Actually, let me, um
- Yeah.
- check your phone,
make sure it's, uh
[Gavol sighs]
[phone chimes softly]
I think it's working now.
- Oh, oh, gosh, wow.
- Mm.
That's, uh
You're a miracle worker.
- Oh, shit
- Whoa. You okay?
- You all right? [chuckles]
- Uh Yeah, sorry.
I just felt a bit, um unwell.
- It must be the altitude.
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
You want,
you want some water or
Uh, no, I'm just going to, um
I'm just gonna go to the,
to the lad
- [John] You sure?
- Yeah, just, excuse me.
[indistinct chatter]
[voice mail beeps]
[John on voice mail] What's up?
It's me, leave a message.
Hey, I bugged his phone.
It's 4:58.
Where are you?
[sighs deeply]
Yeah, no.
[phone whirs]
[Gavol] Um, sorry, excuse me,
could you point me
in the direction of the ladies'?
[man] I'm headed there.
I can show you.
[Gavol] Oh, okay, thank you.
[man] You're feeling okay, miss?
[Gavol] Yeah, I'll be fine.
Um, thanks.
Thank you.
Why are,
why are you taking me outside?
- What are you doing?
- [man] You look like you could use some help.
[Gavol] No, wait.
Where-where are we going?
Where are we No!
- Get your hands off me!
- [man] Shut up.
[Gavol through static] You know
who I am.
- [man] Shut up.
- Help!
[line beeping]
[John on voice mail] What's up?
It's me, leave a message.
He's such a sucking dick.
[Gavol over phone] Help!
Get off me! Help!
Who are you?
Tell me who you are.
What do you want?
You want money?
Is that what you want?
Stay back!
[indistinct yelling nearby]
[Gavol] Please stop.
- [man] You be calm.
- [Gavol] Get off me!
Oh, God
- [man] Come on.
- [man 2] Open the door.
Get in. Come on.
- [Gavol panting]
- [man mutters]
[man grunting]
[vehicle door shuts]
[line beeping]
[phone buzzing]
[Jane over phone] Hey.
Did you bug Gavol's phone?
Where the fuck are you?
[quietly] They're
kidnapping Gavol.
- [Jane] What?
- They're kidnapping Gavol. Right now.
- [engine idling]
- [Jane] Fuck.
Where are you?
I can't see your location.
- [John sighs] I turned it off.
- You're so immature.
- Like, wh
- We can talk about this later.
Okay, yeah,
I've been fucking
- Whatever, we
- [line beeps]
I hear a phone ringing.
It's Parker's.
[John] This is the call.
I'm recording.
[Parker sighs] What is it,
[man] Parker Martin?
[Parker] Yeah?
Who is, who is this?
[man] We have your wife, Gavol.
If you hang up or make
any sign of getting help
- [Gavol] Help!
- we will kill her.
- Help!
- [Parker] Who are you?
- Who is this?
- [Gavol] Stop it!
Get your hands off me!
- [man] Did you hear that?
- [Gavol sobs]
- How much?
- [man] I need you
to relinquish all your shares
as soon as we hang up.
You have one hour.
[Parker] That's impossible.
But the board would
never allow me.
[man] Then make them allow it.
Fifty-one percent
as soon as we get off the call.
Listen to me,
this is terrorism by default.
They cannot legally comply.
[man] I will kill your wife.
It's a simple yes or no.
Yes or no?
No deal.
[man] Say goodbye
to your husband.
[Gavol] Did he say no?
All right, that was awful.
But we recorded it.
We completed the mission.
You should come back now.
Hey, I get it, too,
but this is not our job.
- We work for
- Yeah, but we did.
She's a mother, okay?
We can't just leave her there.
That's not our fucking job.
Don't do something stupid
right now.
- You need to come back.
- Give me 15 minutes.
- John, I'm serious.
- Fifteen minutes.
If I don't hit you back,
come find me.
John, listen to me!
[exasperated exhale]
You're so annoying.
[cocks gun]
[muffled gunshot]
- [muffled gunshot]
- [man yelps]
[muffled gunshot]
- Run!
- [Gavol grunting]
[gunfire continues]
[gunfire continues]
[grunting, panting]
Why did I wear red?
Fucking fashion.
[phone buzzes]
[man yells]
No, stop that.
Stop, stop, stop!

[Jane] John?!
- [shivering]
- [grunts] Okay. All right.
You're okay.
Here, I'm gonna
bring you up, okay?
One, two, three
[Graham] Dad, Mum is back.
[door opens]
[John groaning]
[Jane] Come on.
[John groans]
[Jane grunts] Okay.
[John coughs, wheezes]
You said no?
[Jane] I'm drawing you a bath.
This is gonna help.
You said fucking no?!
- You said
- Gavol, Gavol, I didn't say no.
- I mean, well, yes, I said no.
- I heard what you said!
My mouth was gagged,
not my ears, and you said no.
- And it was very fucking cold.
- [water running]
Gavol, we talked about this.
We talked about it, we said that
if we were ever
in a situation
Yeah, I know what we said,
but your first instinct
was just to kill me!
It was.
And now I'm so fucking glad
you're not dead.
[Gavol continues indistinctly]
Do you feel your fingers?
This is why I told you
to come back.
This is cold water.
It's gonna make your fingers
hurt in a minute,
but that's a good thing, okay?
I can't feel my penis.
Your what?
I can't feel my penis.
Your penis?
[exhales, sniffles]
- Okay.
- [grunts]
You're not gonna
lose your penis.
I promise, okay?
you're gonna get
a lot of texts from me.
I was mad.
We're a team.
We need to listen to each other.
You can't just
go rogue like that.
What if we had gotten
another fail?
if you
put your mouth on it
- You fucking asshole!
- Ow! I'm still hurt.
I'm I'm sorr
- Ah.
- [Jane] God.
It's just, it started
hurting a second ago.
It's okay.
[chuckles softly]
[Jane scoffs]
You really care about me.
I really, really care about you.

[quietly] Hey.
I care about you, too.
No, but
I, like, really
really care about you.
[Parker sobs]
So you had to agree to my death
to realize you still love me?
Well, that makes it
sound weird, but, yeah.
[chuckles softly, sniffles]
[John] These text messages
- "You better be shot or dead."
- [chuckles]
Yeah, damn.
You're just threatening
everybody's lives.
- It's like
- Just delete them.
me, an old lady
The mission's done.
Just get rid of them.
Don't mean anything.
[clears throat]
[John sighs]
- This is nice.
- Mm-hmm.
Sharing a bed
at the end of the day.
I know.
You want to do this
when we get back?
- What?
- Share a room.
- [chuckles]
- You want to do that?
You sound like
a little cartoon mouse.
- [squeaky voice] Really?
- [laughs]
- Well, I'm surprised.
- Yeah.
I'll do it if you want to.
Well, yeah, I want to,
but I hope you want to, too.
I wouldn't have brought it up
if I didn't want to.
- All right.
- Cool.
[John exhales]
You all right?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm just gonna go for a walk.
I just want to get
some snacks, babe.
I'm kind of hungry.
[John] You know you can just
let it out right here?
I mean, just
[stifled chuckle]
What are you talking about?
- [John] I think you have to fart.
- Oh, my
I don't have to fart.
- You're
- I know you farted the other night.
- [Jane] What?
- I-I went along with it.
'Cause I didn't
want you to fee
You seemed like you
were embarrassed.
- I don't care.
- I didn't fart that night.
- That's
- You didn't fart?
- You're being weird. I'm
- It's fine, just fart.
- Everyone farts, I don't care.
- I don't I know.
And I don't care,
and I don't have to, but
And I didn't.
I'll just stay here,
I don't need to eat.
[John chuckles softly]
Just let it out. Are you?
- Are you farting right now?
- [sighs] No.
- Jesus Christ.
- [chuckles]
- Oh, my God.
- Stop.
Oh. Oh!
- John, it's not that bad.
- Oh, I'm gonna jump
- out the window.
- Stop!
Oh. Oh, my God.
Just keep hitting me.
I need to distract my body.
[Cornell Campbell:
"Girl of My Dreams"]
Girl of my dreams ♪
You are so real ♪
I love you so ♪
You're so real ♪
Girl of my dreams ♪
Keep on playing
that sweet song ♪
Play for me ♪
You are so real ♪
I love you so ♪
- Play for me ♪
- Girl of my dreams ♪
Keep on playing
that sweet, sweet melody ♪
Play for me ♪
You are so real ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Girl of my dreams ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
You are so real ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Girl of my dreams ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
You are so real ♪
I love you ♪
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