Mr Robot (2015) s01e05 Episode Script


1 He wants to hack Steel Mountain's climate control system, raise the facility's heat high enough to destroy all the tapes.
This is what we're doing.
I'll hit up my Dark Army contact as soon as you take off.
You're just gonna hit up the world's most dangerous hacker crew? He has my bank account, Ollie.
We cannot just infect Allsafe's network because of this.
I'll lose my job! Evil Corp's upping their security protocol.
They are physically copying, then shipping all the analog backups.
We go up today.
I want you to be where you belong, here with me.
I think I'm happy where I am.
Don't let me down, okay? That girl in there is mine.
Did you have something to do with Vera getting busted? He's on murder charges, do you know that? It's my plan, I'll go in.
You might be able to hide it from these nerds but I know a junkie when I see one.
I'm alone.
No you're not.
I'm not goin' anywhere, kiddo.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-) I wish I had better news for you, Fernando, but this isn't the you're-getting-out meeting.
This is only as much as I could carry.
The DA has more.
How long this gonna be? We're talking years.
Yo, are you playin'? You get our people out.
That's your use to us.
They have a solid case.
For every charge they're gonna lay on you, they have these binders, your Twitters, your Instagram.
- You said they wouldn't figure this They can't, bro.
I'm tellin' you, it was airtight, V.
Fellas, this isn't The Imitation Game.
The code here is not that complicated.
Besides, who told you to put your business anywhere near social media? My aspirational little brother.
You know how much money we saved last year? Made our whole operation way more efficient.
We were careful.
You tweeted about every transaction your business was involved in.
That is the opposite of careful.
It's no wonder an anonymous tip turned you in.
Who called in the tip? This is what is meant by anonymous.
It is now spilled milk.
The information got out and now they're coming down hard.
There's no plea on the table.
They're gonna lay murder one on you.
I ain't pleading anyway.
Men can't sentence me.
That is a cosmic responsibility.
Someone's gonna get hurt for this.
That's how we get square with the universe.
Fernando, we need to discuss strategy.
You don't want supermax.
No, uh If they lock me up, the kind of door they close don't matter.
So, that's you.
That's who you are.
I know you.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Pardon me.
I already paid.
I just wanna pay my respects.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry man.
I'm sorry.
I just wanna pay my compliments.
Hey, excellent coffee.
Fantastic service.
Buy yourself something nice.
Steel Mountain.
We're trying to penetrate a data security facility whose tagline literally is Nothing ls actually impenetrable.
A place like this says it is, and it's close, but people still built this place.
And if you can hack the right person, all of a sudden you have a piece of powerful malware.
People always make the best exploits.
I've never found it hard to hack most people.
If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads.
Mobley is a glutton, who lacks discipline from his urges.
I don't want to get bugs.
They spread disease.
Romero is a know-it-all.
And a hypochondriac.
Bill Harper is our first exploit.
He isn't gonna give the search much scrutiny.
He can get us to Level One.
But Bill is not gonna be able to get us to Level Two.
And we need to get to Level Two.
You're gonna ask to speak to his supervisor, Wendy.
She'll get us to exactly where we need to be.
Then we'll be able to get rid of her from the van.
After that, you'll connect the Raspberry Pi to the climate control system and Bob's your uncle.
Now we can hear you, and you can hear us.
Robot? His flaw is he's absolutely insane.
We're talking clinical.
When they say, "If your friends jump off a bridge, would you?" He would, without hesitation.
Just to prove something.
He goes in there, he's liable to blow the whole place up, just like he wanted to in the first place.
Sure you don't wanna look over the info and the map again? I got it.
Okay, James Bond.
Let's go mess this shit up.
Boom, boom.
Yes, I also have security flaws.
I don't like being outside.
I liked morphine too much.
Sepiol? I'm talking to you right now and you don't exist.
Sam Sepiol? Sir? That's you, Elliot.
So sorry you had to wait.
As you can see, there's always a lot of bustle here.
How can I help you today? You need a tour.
Don't elaborate.
Uh, a tour.
I'm sure they told you at reception that we require appointments for tours.
My supervisor gives us all a hard time about that.
I'm Sam Sepiol.
You should look me up.
Okay A little inelegant, but we can work with it.
Tell you what, have your company call over to new accounts and we can set something up later this week.
Ask for Bill Harper.
They'll know where to find me.
“Listen Bill, you think your boss gives you a hard time now?" "You're gonna get a really hard time right after I walk out of here.
" "I'm not rescheduling, Bill.
" "When I walk out that door, I'm never coming back.
" That's your ass, Bill.
I really think you should look me up.
It It just doesn't work like that, I'm sorry, sir.
You take care, okay? I'm coming out, it's not working.
It's gonna work.
Hang in there.
I was being too weird.
Just like every other tech billionaire.
Slow your roll, it's gonna happen.
It's no wonder Wikipedia is never accurate, anyone can edit them.
Well, not anyone.
Nerds like Mobley built a lot of credit over the years With his 20,000 edits.
And still, people trust it.
Beholden to all the Mobley's of the world for their information.
Sepiol? Uh, Mr.
Sepiol! I have some good news.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Can you stop packing for like five minutes? Can we just hash this out like adults? I love you.
You don't even know why you're crying.
Let's get married.
Ollie, will you please stop? Angela, Angela, you can’t just give up on us like this.
I mean have you even thought this through? What are you gonna do? Go live with your dad in Jersey? Come on.
You're ruining your life.
But I also ruined yours.
Why do you have my work ID? Did you Do you Do you Do you know what's gonna happen? There will be fallout from this and I'm gonna tell them.
I used your computer.
So, tell them whatever you want.
Are you seriously Did you even think about how this would affect me? I did.
Here's an idea of how big this place is.
We have our own fire department.
Inside the building.
Just for us.
And you can't have a fire department without a fire truck.
And you can't have a fire truck without roads.
We have all of that.
Imagine that.
Elliot, now's the time we get rid of Bill.
There's so much information Okay.
We're gonna need to roll up our sleeves.
You have to destroy Bill in order to get to his supervisor.
There's one vault in here that's 200,000 square feet.
That's the size of a shopping mall.
And that's just one.
Bill, where Where are those giant vaults? Oh, they're on Level Two.
But that's not part of the tour.
Even I don't have authorization.
He's not gonna take you for ice cream.
He has to go away.
There's no place in this plan for Bill.
Now, right down here Everything okay, sir? We need to tear Bill down, piece by piece.
You need to wipe that smile off of his stupid face.
Sir, are you okay? You're not You're not saying anything.
Dig into him, Elliot.
You of all people can do this, Elliot.
You know how it feels when someone makes you small.
You understand what happens when someone exposes the thing you fear most about yourself.
- Answer me! Answer me! Get up.
Just get I hate you.
You're nothing.
You're worthless.
Think about it, Bill.
Think about what? If you died, would anyone care? Would they really care? Yeah, maybe they'd cry for a day, but, let's be honest, no one would give a shit.
They wouldn't.
The few people that would feel obligated to go to your funeral would probably be annoyed and leave as early as possible.
That's who you are, that's what you are.
You're nothing to anyone.
To everyone.
Think about it, Bill.
Because if you do, if you let yourself, you'll know I'm telling you the truth.
So, instead of wasting any more of my time, I need you to go call someone that matters.
Because, Bill You don't.
I'll, um I'll call my supervisor.
And that's why Bill Harper is a perfect exploit.
Desperate enough for the business to break protocol and let me in.
Lonely enough to break.
I need a supervisor in L-1, S-3.
Copy that.
Don't Don't apologize.
You're almost there.
You did great.
Once Wendy gets there, we'll send her a text letting her know her pregnant wife is in labor.
Once she leaves, that should give you enough time to plant the Pi, you dig? Trudy Davis, Accounts Supervisor.
Is there a problem here? Mr.
Sepiol Trudy? is asking for someone more senior than me.
I don't seem to have your name.
I'm Sam Sepiol? Is that a question? Trudy? Trudy? Wendy.
We only prepped for Wendy.
Where the hell is Wendy? I need Wendy, actually.
How do you know Wendy? She didn't come in today.
What is it that you need Mr.
Sepiol? Um, I would love a tour of Level Two.
I don't know what you've been told but we don't allow that.
I'll see you out.
You can go, Bill.
Follow me to the lobby.
This woman's a ghost.
None of these are her.
No Facebook, no Linkedln.
She's been married for 30 years.
All we have is her husband's cell phone number, he doesn't even have a picture online.
No hobbies, no kids, no credit problems, no weird sex stuff.
House paid off.
So, I need I need to think.
The elevator's almost here.
That's how they work when you press the button.
People People are all just people, right? When it gets down to it, everyone is the same.
They love something.
They want something.
They fear something.
Specifics help, but specifics don't change the ways that everyone is vulnerable.
It just changes the way that we access those vulnerabilities.
I, uh, I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I need to go to my office.
Reception will see you out.
- What'd you do? - I spoofed a text from her husband.
- It's a palm print scanner.
- Get out of there.
There's one door manually locked.
It's a fire code thing and I think you can pick it.
Where? It's at the end of the hallway if you're heading north on L-1.
The stairs don't go to Level Two.
They go to a parking lot.
You're on the complete wrong side of the building.
You're gonna have to double back and go through the door you came in and make a run for it.
Elliot? I thought I saw you.
What are you doing here? Thank you! Y'all come back to Wingstravaganza.
Okay, real important, Wingstravaganza means "wings" and "extravaganza.
" Oh, do you know what "extravaganza" means? Yep.
It's a big deal.
You got it.
You look nervous.
Are you excited? - Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
So, you'll shadow me for the week.
But don't sweat it.
It's like every other server job.
Well, I've actually never been a waitress before.
This is kinda like a new beginning for me.
What were you doing before? Pharmaceutical sales.
You must've made bank.
What happened? Um, you know, Obamacare.
Right this way.
Welcome to Steel Mountain's data center.
Our facility meets diamond specifications and features a tier-10 certified build and design, providing you with a safe, rock-solid fortress for your data needs.
All of our facilities implement comprehensive security measures including rigorous background checks Exactly.
So, yeah.
Nice meeting you.
You, too.
Tell your wife I said hi.
I will.
Those men I just shook hands with, financiers of Hezbollah and ISIS.
I wouldn't stare.
Did he know I was gonna be here? Does he know why I'm here? Shit, he's gonna kill me.
As you were saying Uh, just a routine data process check.
Allsafe does 'em all the time.
But why would they send you? That type of thing isn't usually handled by the engineers, is it? We've been overlapping a lot in our duties.
Budget reasons.
It seems we both had the idea to work off-site today.
Let's call this fortuitous.
Join me for lunch? Sure Sure.
I eat lunch.
So you are like the rest of us.
He got owned man.
We gotta go! We're not going anywhere.
This changes nothing.
What can I get you, Elliot? They have a lot of things here.
He has a vulnerability.
He's an arrogant prick.
And he's proud of it.
He cares what you think about him, even though he probably hates that he does.
Tyrell Wellick's greatest asset is his hubris, but it's also his flaw.
And that's your exploit.
would be nice.
You eat here? This place? Is that your plan? To piss him off? No, wait, man.
Now, remember, Elliot, you lose our signal on Level Two.
Elliot? Elliot? Can you even hear us? I'm impressed you came all the way out here.
Allsafe is finished, but you won't let it die.
We're the same.
We're perfectionists.
I've seen our waiter here for the last seven years.
He must be in his fifties.
Maybe has kids, divorced, second wife, more kids.
And I wonder what must he think of himself? His life's potential reached at a 30-grand a year salary.
An economy car he still owes money on.
A two-bedroom apartment.
Child support.
I couldn't bear it.
A life like that.
The life of an ordinary cockroach whose biggest value is to serve me salad.
as a backup.
I'm getting a signal on that right now.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Goddamn withdrawals again.
Or is it Tyrell Wellick? Is he toying with me? What kind of game are we playing? Am I his malware? I had to wash my face.
Hard to breathe here.
I know you framed Terry Colby.
I I didn't.
Your father worked at Evil Corp before he died.
That's a matter of public record.
I'm not turning you in, if that's what you're thinking.
I don't even have proof, and even if I did, I don't care.
I just wanted to know your weakness and now I do.
How ordinary.
It's like our waiter.
But even extraordinary people, and I believe you are, are driven by human banalities.
And unfortunately, we're all human.
Except me, of course.
I'm joking, Elliot.
Enjoy your long drive back home.
I'm having a helicopter take me back to New York.
You take care, Elliot.
Dude, bullshit.
What did they say? Oh, I don't know, basically that they're a bunch of dickless assholes.
Where you going? To fix it.
No one else is going to.
Darlene, wait.
I really don't think you should keep pushing them.
Put it this way, either I'm fixing this or breaking it.
Their call.
Hi, pumpkin.
Hey, Daddy.
Why aren't you at work? I broke up with Ollie.
I know.
Just got off the phone with him.
Come on.
He was sobbing.
He wanted me to tell you something like, "I'll always love you.
Please come back.
" Oh, and he can learn to forgive you.
What did you say? I told him that I thought you should have broken up with him a long time ago and hung up on him.
What did he mean, anyway? Just normal work and money stuff.
And, well, he cheated on me.
So, there's that.
Well, the cheating part, I'm not surprised.
Not trying to make you feel bad, honey, but come on, the kid's a douchebag.
As for the money Dad, no.
I'll float you some money.
For professional development.
Call it a loan.
But do not pay me back.
And you'll stay here and commute until you can save for an apartment.
I can't make you do any of that.
And you didn't.
It's what I want.
Are you hungry? Yeah.
No, no.
Sit, sit.
What would you like? You don't need to cook for me, Dad.
French toast, coming up! Mmm-hmm.
Why are they backing out? This is a library.
You want to discuss that, go back to the IRC island.
They banned me from the channel.
What happened? We just owned Steel Mountain.
We did our part and it went perfect.
Come on, we both know that shit didn't go perfect.
Well, it doesn't matter, they called it off.
We pulled our side together and your side called it off like it was nothing.
You got your answer.
You better tell your pal Whiterose to stop being a pussy and start growing a pair because we don't have time to dilly-dally around.
And now you're gonna talk about this in the world? Do you even care who hears you? Face it, Darlene, it's over.
Walk away.
I can't go back to my people with that.
Tell me why.
You said the Dark Army was with us on this.
Between us? I'm not about to goddamn tweet about it.
They were out before you ever got to Steel Mountain.
I don't know why.
That's all they said to me.
I know you had your heart set, but for real this time, just let it go.
I meet suits, mostly.
No, I imagine it must be exciting to work in government.
It's like a spy movie.
Can you read my secret emails? No.
My job is mostly paperwork and bureaucracy.
They always want more than the technology allows.
I don't even have time to read your secret emails.
But it's a stopgap.
For me, I'm restless.
So, I'm always itching for something else.
There have been a lot of something elses.
For both of us.
Before this, I worked at an NGO.
And before that I worked at, um, Microsoft for a year, which felt like a decade.
Your place is beautiful.
I wish I could take the compliment.
The decorating is Scott's domain.
No? Really? Yes.
Very nice.
Where's all the The antiques from? They're They're So they tapped you for CTO, yes? Don't be surprised.
Suspicious is more accurate.
I was beginning to wonder why you set this dinner.
Four people in the world know about my conversations.
And somehow, you're number five.
Then I'm exactly what you need in a right hand.
So, that's what this is about? Isn't everything about something? Like we were thinking about, is it baby-proof? Uh-huh.
Yeah, that's That's a consideration.
If you were me, would you trust you as your right hand? If I were you, I wouldn't have even let me in the house.
It's me.
Is now a good time? Yeah.
I'm at my new job.
- How's it goin'? - Seriously, it's hard as hell, but I'm getting the hang of it.
At first it took me, like, years to marry ketchups, but it turns out, I'm amazing at upselling expensive cocktails.
I'm not surprised.
And then when I have to put together to-go orders, it's like bagging molly so I'm like kind of an expert.
How are you? I'm good.
I've never heard you say a sentence like that before, ever.
I did what I had to do today.
Well, if you're around tonight, come over and tell me about it.
Okay? I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
You seem to know how to drink your wine.
I indulge in few things.
But, I do love wine.
Yourself? In my other life, when I could drink for one.
But, even then, I had cheap tastes.
It's, uh, safe to smell, though.
Put your nose in there.
You know, to me, it smells like every wine.
But I'd love to learn.
Dried red fruit.
Fresh violet.
Uh, lemon peel.
Try it again.
Really, really think about it.
Mmm, I do smell the lemon.
Sharon? Yes? How do you not blow your brains out being married to him? Excuse me? Shall I repeat the question? You're a guest in our house.
A very honest one.
I think I'll mistake what you said as a joke in poor taste and excuse myself to the bathroom.
Well, I have a beautiful vintage over here.
I would love to just show you the label.
Let's see here.
There's the one.
This is my prized possession, actually.
Take a look at this.
I'm in here.
Can I help you? Thank you for a lovely evening.
Siege and storm! We got problems.
Is the Pi online? Yeah, we're in the whole system.
We could deliver the whole payload right now if we wanted.
- And yet, I hear no applause.
- Then applaud.
You have to tell them.
What? We lost China.
I'm sorry? The Dark Army is bailing.
- Why? - They don't answer "whys," apparently.
That's no problem, we'll just call 'em back, we'll set up another meeting ASAP Dude, did you not hear me? They've gone dark.
It's not happening.
I know, I know.
I get it, okay, I fucked up.
Let's not wait, then.
Let's do it anyway.
Just us.
Let's do it.
Right now.
Okay? We execute now.
We execute on our side and trust that the Dark Army gets their shit together and follows.
Why do they get to dictate terms? We dictate terms.
Shh, shh, shh.
We can go now.
If we move forward and they don't, China still holds all the redundant information.
It will be pointless.
And if we wait, it'll also be pointless.
Everything you guys did today would be for nothing.
Ah, are you crazy! It will have no effect! It'll take down their network for weeks.
They'll recover! It would still hurt them.
We don't want to hurt them, we want to kill them.
And neither will happen if we do nothing, right now.
What are you doing? Huh? Take another step, and I'll do it.
Think about what you're doing.
Okay? All right? In a month, they're gonna be up and running again with even better security.
We are not gonna get another shot at this.
The revolution that we've always talked about will be gone.
Dead and buried.
We will have failed because of you.
Please, do not do this.
Is there anyone here who can communicate with this woman? Please.
Tell me it's okay to execute.
But we were so close.
It's not over.
We'll rework it.
We'll figure something out.
We got this far, we'll find a way.
Just not tonight.
This is all my fault.
Come on.
You can crash at my place.
My father picked me up from school one day and we played hooky and went to the beach.
It was too cold to go in the water so we sat on a blanket and ate pizza.
When I got home, my sneakers were full of sand and I dumped it on my bedroom floor.
I didn't know the difference.
I was six.
My mother screamed at me for the mess.
But, he wasn't mad.
He said that billions of years ago the world shifting and oceans moving brought that sand to that spot on the beach and then I took it away.
"Every day," he said, "we change the world.
" Which is a nice thought until I think about how many days and lifetimes I would need to bring a shoe full of sand home until there is no beach.
Until it made a difference to anyone.
Every day we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means anything, that takes more time than most people have.
It never happens all at once.
It's slow.
It's methodical.
It's exhausting.
We don't all have the stomach for it.
Hey, sweetie.
I'm gonna go for a run.
Shayla's got the dog.
She doesn't shit on her pillows.
That's a plus, I guess.
- Shayla? - Hey, bro.
Sometimes, the universe aligns perfectly.
Here I am, locked away, but still, it brings you right to me.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-)
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