Mr Robot (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Did you have something to do with Vera getting busted? Who told you to put your business anywhere near social media? My aspirational little brother.
Someone's gonna get hurt for this.
What happened to Angela? She's not gonna work out for us.
Not on this level.
You didn't have to stick up for me in there.
Don't do it again! Evil Corp tapped you for CTO, yes? You're ruining your life.
I also ruined yours.
Terry Colby was involved in the cover-up of the Washington Township toxic waste scandal.
Sharon, how do you not blow your brains out married to him? I'm in here.
Do you mind sleeping here tonight? That girl in there is mine.
If you're around tonight come over and tell me about it.
Shayla? Sometimes the universe aligns perfectly.
Here I am locked away, and still it brings you right to me.
I feel the sensation, fight-or-flight.
It's constant.
I should just pick one.
I, Elliot Alderson, am flight.
I am fear.
I am anxiety, terror, panic.
Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight I'm gonna open up your gate Doesn't feel real.
You should eat.
Not hungry.
I don't even know what I ordered.
I'm sorry.
You don't like the guisada? Uh, no, it's It's good.
Thank you.
What are you thinking about? The first time we met.
Doesn't feel that long ago.
And now look at us.
Who woulda thought? If I could go back and undo this You can't.
You promised me.
I'm gonna get you out of this, okay? Time's up.
Let's go.
Sit down.
Come with me.
Let's go.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-) - Hello? - VERA: The origin of your name, I looked it up for you, bro.
Where are you taking her? Elliot "Brave and true.
" Did you know the origin of "brave" evolved from "savage"? I don't know what you think this is about.
But you need to let her go.
Yeah, well, funny thing.
My name means something similar.
"Brave traveler, adventurer.
" A savage traveler becomes a brave traveler.
Are we savages, or are we brave? Don't know, bro.
Listen to me, man.
When I found out you did this, I didn't get angry.
I got impressed.
Your power.
I want it, Elliot.
And I want it so bad it makes my dick hard.
And I want it today.
Yo, I don't know what you think I can do, I can’t just hack you out of prison.
Not all prisons are networked and even if yours is, it would take weeks to find security holes.
Has to be tonight.
I got crosshairs on my heart.
I don't make it out, I'm dead.
And that ain't meant to be just yet.
You do your thing, bro.
You're asking the impossible.
When we cross paths tonight, Elliot, I'ma hug you.
Please listen, man.
Yo, Shayla.
This is on me, okay? You gotta let her go.
Oh, that? She cool, bro.
Trust me, she cool.
She'll be there tonight, too.
It'll be one big happy-happy! Hey, Elliot.
I love you, bro.
Where's Shayla? Man, I'm not gonna tell you again.
Stop askin' so many questions.
Come on.
Vera may be out of his mind.
But, yes, it is possible to hack into a prison's network.
Most of them use regular industrial control systems.
I'm a blind man to what Vera sees in this dude.
Techie computer hacker genius, my thick Dominican dick.
When you have control of that, you basically have control of the cell doors.
But what these morons don't know is, it's almost impossible without any research.
Time to shine your cojones and get to work.
Our only rule, "Do what we say.
" You violate that dictate, we kill your sweetheart.
Yo, yo, Isaac, uh, how my dic-tate? Mmm? Shut up, bitch.
" Vera's bro, Isaac.
Something about him bugs me.
And you know what I like to do when that happens? Hi, I'm trying to reach Mister Beckett.
When would Mister Lattimer be available? I can come in today.
I already told you what it's in reference to.
I'm trying again for Mrs.
Regarding the Washington Township scandal.
I may have found some information.
Please don't put me on hold again! Happy Monday, Angela.
How fun.
I'm Emily Moss' daughter Angela Moss.
I called Six times.
I'm here to discuss the Washington Township case.
I'm listening.
You represented the victims' families.
Twenty-six families.
Mine included.
I thought, with the latest news in the data dumps, the Terry Colby scandal, his covering up the chemical waste spill Alleged.
Well, and documents.
But if we bring this stronger, more concrete case.
You'll see that I have the evidence from the data dumps, along with further research Stickies.
Oh, you've highlighted and underlined.
This is serious.
So, you wanna take Internet gossip to federal court and throw it at the strongest conglomerate in the history of civilization? Guy in the suit.
Twice convicted of sexual assault, charged again this past weekend.
Raped his pregnant girlfriend, bashed her head in with an Xbox.
Claims she cheated during Halo.
Yet I have a better chance of defending him.
You called back.
I called every lawyer from this case.
And you're the only one that called me back.
Shit, shit, shit "Connection closed by remote host"? But we had a fish.
I was in.
The exploit started to run and then Was it the code? Bro, what's the deal? I gotta take her for a walk.
Why? 'Cause she'll piss on the floor if I don't.
You think I give a shit about your goddamn floor? I'm just playin', brother.
Yeah, you can take her.
You hear what I said? I said you can take her.
Come on.
It's out.
Okay, gotcha.
Did she like my little toy? Did you write that exploit yourself? I had an hour.
So, what, you just pulled code from Rapid9 or some shit? Since when did you become a script kiddie? I repeat, I had an hour.
Malware detection must've caught it.
You fucked me.
Hey, don't put this on me.
Okay, this is a shit show and you gave me no time to do it right.
I can run circles around an ICS given the proper whitepapers and time.
Where the hell are you going? I have no problem telling these two douche tools they're gonna have to sit on their pricks till we can find a better solution.
You don't understand.
These guys are Assholes? Yeah, I'm gonna tell them what's up.
That's what's up, girl.
Hmm? Now, let's go.
So, none of those guys called you back? Not even Lattimer? Pussies.
I bet they didn't even bother to read the data dumps.
But you read them.
You know it took me eight years to rebuild my career after our case was dismissed? So, as much as I think this company is evil incarnate, and trust me, they are You know, it's not worth it.
What would it take? Hypothetically, what do we need to prove our case? Hypothetically, a reliable eye witness.
You know, if you miraculously find someone on the inside to flip, someone who was there when the decision was made to falsify chemical waste intel So, unless you're Facebook friends with one of those assholes This hypothetical is just that.
Let's move on.
Where're you working these days? You have a boyfriend? How's your dad? I work for a company that doesn't respect me, my boyfriend recently cheated on me, and my father is drowning in debt.
I'll see you next time.
Fluorescent lights are hell, no? Was there a change in schedule? I thought I had Spencer next.
These interviews, they're just a waste of your time.
I mean, you know our regulatory and IP issues inside out.
I was thinking we play hooky the rest of the day, hit the back nine.
Is that a Vacheron? Patek Philippe Tourbillon.
A gift from the Prince of, uh Oh, does it even matter? No.
But I'm not blowing off my remaining interviews.
Look, I know you think you were a shoo-in for CTO, and you're pissed Probably wishing I'd fall into the subway tracks.
So, how 'bout you cut the bullshit.
I'm afraid your paranoia has gotten the best of you, but, nevertheless, please excuse me.
I'll leave you to review your notes before Spencer arrives.
Oh, and thank you for dinner.
The entire evening was enchanting, the food, the wine Your lovely Sharon.
Please tell her I say hello.
Did you enjoy the view? What? Did you think she wouldn't tell me? I'm not sure what you're trying You wanna watch me piss, too? I've had several glasses of water.
Scott, a misunderstanding.
Happy to pull my dick out for you, if that's your thing, watching the Knowles family urinate.
Hell, I could fly my brother in from Miami.
He has a bladder of a small child.
You'd probably bust a nut watching him take a leak.
I'm not sure what she told you, but if I were you, I would tell her to find more appropriate ways of managing her imagination.
Tyrell, I want you to accept a hard truth, right here, right now, in front of me.
You are not going to be CTO.
I want to see that look wash over your face.
It's the only way I know you'll stop playing these silly, silly games.
Oh, I'm fully aware you're CTO, Scott.
I'm not sure what more I can offer you.
I feel bad.
After all, you got a child on the way, you need all the help you can get.
In fact, this would probably pay off the rest of your mortgage.
Aren't you still in that neat little two-bedroom in Chelsea? There.
That's the look I was looking for.
I keep brute-force thinking, but it's not working.
I need help.
Elliot, you in there? Shit.
Why is she here? Elliot! Lemme in! Elliot, you in there? Little blonde bitty.
Elliot, hit the buzzer! I know you're in there! Go.
Shut her up and get her the hell outta here.
What about Darlene? She stays with us.
And we'll be watching you, so don't bother trying any dumb shit, you dumb shit.
Fuck! Do you understand why you're angry? Because you know I'm right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I tried looking for you after Gideon's the other night, where were you? I had to think about things, you know? We always knew what Evil Corp did.
We didn't have the proof, but we knew.
We were right about it all along.
In fact, that news report, it wasn't a confirmation, it was a reminder Of how angry I am.
You remember Nayar? The lawyer on the case.
I went to her, Elliot.
Listen, Angela, now's not a I have an idea that will change the world.
I know it sounds really stupid.
But, I know how to do it.
I think it could actually work.
I can't tell you what it is, because Evil Corp, Angela, Vera, his brother, Darlene, Shayla, - this is too much.
- But I feel passionate about it, Elliot.
I should just tell her what she wants to hear.
Angela, trust yourself.
You'll do what's right.
That's all I needed.
How's Shayla, by the way? She's, uh You know Tell her I say, "Hi.
" You have no time to pull off whatever it is you think you're doing.
What are you doing here? How did you know? Darlene.
These guys aren't playing around, they will fucking kill you.
Now, wise up and let's go.
Darlene's in there.
We can't leave.
Then we call the cops.
I mean there's no other choice here.
It's the only way out of this.
I can't call the cops.
Shayla will die.
Oh, come on, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.
You think his employees have a long life expectancy? She was dead the minute she started working with that maniac.
Forget it, it's not happening.
This is a zero-sum game.
Calculate all the outcomes.
If you don't pull off this ridiculous miracle, and odds are you won't, you die and so does Shayla.
That much we know.
But assume for a second that you do pull this off, bust Vera out of prison.
Who's to say he doesn't kill you, Shayla, Darlene? It would be in his own best interest to do that.
Either way, you all end up dead.
It's the only way Vera wins.
Zero-sum, Elliot.
You're playing a game you already lost.
You know I'm right.
No, there's gotta be a way.
I can think of a way.
I get it, kiddo.
You want to help people, watch over 'em.
Best thing you can do for Shayla, allow her to become a memory.
True courage is about being honest with yourself, especially when it's difficult.
There's no plan where both you and Shayla survive.
I can think of a way.
This new world that we are so close to creating will never be.
And that new world, that is success, fsociety is success.
Look at what you accomplished at Steel Mountain.
That got us nowhere.
You took them down.
You won that battle.
This This is failure.
This is the old Elliot.
The one who turns to morphine, to drugs when he feels weak.
A coward, who can't face the truth, even though it's staring him right in the face.
There's that sensation again.
Three lives at stake, including my own.
I, Elliot Alderson, am What? Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Van Halen What's up, man? You ain't got no Drake, no Pitbull, no nothing? Like, what's up? What the What's up, Rain Man? I'm ready to bust Vera out.
I can get into the network.
We need to go to the jail, now.
She stays here.
No, I'm not leaving you.
Don't worry, he's in no position to be giving out orders.
Let's go, girl.
Remember when the panic would set in and we had a solution? To be honest, I miss that.
Life is so much easier when you're numb.
What's the plan, bitch boy? First Shayla, now Darlene.
Yo, what the f Elliot, what are you doing? Like a hard drive blasted by excessive voltage, my mind is frayed, close to fried.
I can feel the static running through my brain.
Serotonin receptors working overtime.
I need more time.
Tonight, tonight, tonight.
More time, right now.
I'm working on our project as we speak, so it's in your best interest to keep talking with me.
At the security desk, my cell phone's running an undetectable, activated signal sniffer that will locate any kind of wireless signal in sight.
By the time I leave this building, I'll own its network.
Good on you.
But stupid.
You showed your face, and then I skip out tonight Who do you think they're gonna finger? I'm opening every cell.
That way, they can't trace it back to you or me.
Yeah, bro, that's what I'm talking about! Woo! I told you, didn't I? The universe got big plans for us, bro.
Sit back down.
When you get out, I realize you're gonna have to split.
You won't be able to stay in the tri-state area.
Oh, I love this.
Go on.
Wherever you go, you're gonna need funding to keep surviving.
Which means, your whole operation still needs to be making you money.
Come on, Elliot, give it to me! I hacked Isaac's phone.
He had everything, your crew, shipments, the entire operation.
I took it all.
I own your whole world.
I need your word, when this goes down, Shayla and I go free.
You leave us alone.
If anyone tries to hurt us, if I even see one of your guys following me, I leak everything.
You're saying this knowin' You can kill me anytime? Yes.
That's why I coded the leak to auto-send every 24 hours unless I continuously disable it.
No one else has access.
If anything happens to me, or Shayla, your money gets deleted.
Time's up, Vera.
Let's go.
Remember, I'ma hug you.
So what's your deal? I'm here to see Terry Colby.
Who is that? Another damn reporter? No comment.
Do you understand? Do I know you? Get the hell away from my home, get away from my home! WPA2 WiFi.
Borderline unhackable.
Getting that handshake could take days.
The noose is tightening.
The mobile feed on the cameras.
I don't need to hack WPA2 when there's dedicated 4G.
We're good, I can pull this off.
Get in.
Let's go, girl.
Nah, just him.
- Yo, Isaac.
What you doin'? - Nah, bro.
It's, it's fine.
I just wanna have a private chat with him.
Come on, it's cool.
We don't have any time, man.
I gotta get to work.
Get the fuck in the car! Hey, man.
Where you goin'? Don't be stupid.
All good, all good.
We're just gonna have a talk.
Elliot, are you Why are you doing this? I can free your brother.
I figured it out.
It just wasn't your day, bruh.
I hacked your whole operation.
If you kill me, you You don't get it.
Like I said, it just wasn't your day.
I suppose a bullet through the brain is peaceful in its own right.
You don't want me to free Vera.
That's why you don't care about the operation.
I'd pick better last words.
You're trying to kill him.
That's why Vera wants to leave tonight.
That's what's been bugging me about you.
You never wanted me to break him out.
Your best option for survival is to kill him in prison, because if you don't, you're dead.
You're the reason Vera's locked up right now, and he knows it.
Doesn't matter anyway.
Vera was just gloating about how he got in with the right crew, how he got the jump on some men.
Uh, he's not worried, man, he's protected now.
That leaves you with a zero-sum game.
If you don't get him out of jail, he'll have you killed for failing.
Only way this works in your favor is for you to kill him first.
And you can't do that with him inside anymore.
Shut up, motherfucker.
Shut the fuck up! Let me free him.
When I break Vera out tonight, you do with your brother what you want.
That's the only outcome where you got the possibility of living.
It's your best move.
What makes you think I still won't kill you afterwards? I don't.
I'm just playin' my best move.
I need 30 to 40 seconds with the patrol car's Bluetooth connection to run the exploit on the PLC.
And then? The plan executes at 9:49.
All the cell doors should open.
I wanted to ask you about something.
- Oh, yeah, what's that? - You.
Why don't you just admit you think about Yeah, gimme a call, we'll grab a drink.
- Talk.
- All right.
Do you know a good spot nearby? The exploit's on his laptop.
Now I need to force feed it into the jail's network.
Well, I like what I hear.
I paused the exploit.
Darlene's no longer part of the plan.
We got an alarm going on right now.
What in the hell? Tell you what, we go out, we drink, we dance, see where the night takes us.
You sure you wanna make that choice right now? I only need to press one key to run the exploit, or I can press another and disable the entire plan.
I made my move.
You make yours.
Please move back, miss.
I gotta get back ASAP.
Look, I I gotta come back down now.
My computer's on the fritz.
Let's go to the meet, DJ.
If I mis-typed one command, hit one wrong key, the cell doors won't open.
And we both know what that means.
Did I make a mistake? No.
I don't make mistakes.
One minute till Vera.
For all his insane, inhumane ideas, he does understand the world, the wild savagery of the world.
What you need your piece for, bro? Boy Wonder says he's opening all the cells.
If some fool tries to rush us, I wanna be ready.
Hey-o, what the shit? Power surge.
Caused by all cell doors opening at the same time.
What, what about security, sirens? The jail's network will show all cells locked and closed.
Alarms are silent for two minutes.
Run, run, run! Yes! Yes.
This shit right here! This shit tastes better than any pussy I ever had! Whoo! DJ, shoot the cocksucker.
My own brother.
That's what the universe asked of me.
To be my brother's keeper.
Like Cain after Abel, I'll be a fugitive and wander on the earth.
A brave fugitive, a brave wanderer.
Look how you helped me.
That's the kind of bravery I been talking about.
But, but now Now, I want you to look at Isaac.
Look! Dead proof.
My operation is over.
So go on, crash it, burn it to the ground.
Doesn't matter.
I'm gone.
A spirit.
One with all the heavens, all existence.
Shayla! Where is she? Keys, yo.
Told you you'd get her back, bro.
You just didn't realize She was with you the whole time.
Happy New Year 2016 - New Year, New Color ;-)
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