Mr Robot (2015) s03e08 Episode Script


1 - - 71 buildings exploded or caught fire.
Elliot, tell me what it is that you think he did.
I don't know if I can say.
[CRASHING] No matter what happens now, everything will be fine.
I should be at home with my family.
My brother is probably flipping out right now.
- I'll be back later.
- What do normal people do when they get this sad? I do morphine.
[SNIFFING] If what I discovered is real, do you know what that means? We can potentially undo this whole thing.
Everything in this room is only here to tell a story.
If anything does happen to us If I don't make it back to my computer, I sent the email to go out automatically.
No, don't do this! Stop! To someone I trust.
Your dad pushed you out a window? Broke my arm.
Went to the hospital.
- I was angry.
- [SHATTERING] I hated myself.
[HONEY AND THE BEES' "THESE OLD MEMORIES"] These old memories Bring you tears [COUGHING] It's okay.
I'll get it out of my system before the movie.
Don't you worry.
[COUGHS] Here.
All right.
Dump them on in there.
[COUGHS] Come on.
You know what to do.
[COUGHS] Come on, kiddo.
Shake 'em up.
[COUGHS] What? You don't want any? Told you I didn't wanna come.
I know, but It's movie night.
Is it the movie? I thought you wanted to see "Shallow Grave.
" I hear it's pretty good.
Um, maybe we could see this, uh, "Jerky Boys" thing.
Maybe it's not sold out yet.
[COUGHING] I wanna go home.
How long are you gonna be mad at me? - I told you I was sorry.
- You're not sorry.
You're just sick and don't want to admit it.
You're right.
I made some mistakes.
I wish I could have been a better father to you.
All I'm asking is that you forgive me.
Do you think you'll ever be able to do that? No.
Maybe we should leave.
[COUGHING] [WHEEZING] - [THUD] - [GASPS] - Oh, my! - Somebody call 911! [TENSE MUSIC] Shh, the movie's about to start.
Your movie will begin shortly.
Please keep our theaters clean by disposing of your trash in the specified waste containers.
Food and refreshments are available in the lobby.
Gift certificates are only available on special occasions.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
[EXCITING MUSIC] [SOFT AMBIENT MUSIC] [CLICKING] When you delete something, you're making a choice to destroy it.
To never see it again.
You choose to delete because you need to free up space.
Because you don't want it anymore.
Because it no longer holds value.
Is that what happened to Mobley and Trenton? Were they unwanted? Taking up too much space? [TENSE MUSIC] [DRILLING] [SPARKING] [POUNDING ON DOOR] - You can't keep doing this.
- What? Why did you wipe-down? Routine.
You need to talk to Angela.
She is not doing well.
Last time I saw her, she was going through a full-on breakdown.
I don't care.
She should be breaking down.
I recall her being there for you when you had your little episode.
Multiple times.
Guess I'm an asshole.
It's been three weeks.
You haven't left your apartment.
- I'm getting worried about you.
- Don't.
What happened with the attacks, that's not you.
Even if it was him, it was me.
[TENSE MUSIC] How do you even know he did this? What does it even matter, Darlene? He got what he wanted.
Didn't he? Except, wait a minute.
E Corp's still gonna be just fine because of Ecoin.
He sure didn't see that coming, did he? Whoops! Oh, well.
Consolation prize, at least we get to be miraculously off the hook for everything.
Yes, sure, a couple of good people had to die in disgrace for that.
But who's counting at this point? Am I right? I mean, I'm sure he's just doing fucking dandy.
If that's what this is about, you can still get rid of him.
You don't get it.
I tried everything.
The medication, therapy Fuck, I even put myself in jail.
He won't leave.
He won't leave because I wanted this.
[SOFTLY] I liked it.
Fuck you.
You're really scaring the shit out of me right now.
I'm not trying to scare you.
I just Just give me some time.
I need to find my own way to cope with this.
I don't believe you.
I feel like [SNIFFS] I feel like you're giving up.
Just let me stay with you.
Okay, that'll make me feel better.
I just wanna be alone.
Give me some time.
Okay? I tell you what.
You come by tomorrow, we'll smoke up, and we can watch "Careful Massacre.
" It's not even Halloween.
Since when did we start following the rules? I'd like that.
Me too.
Just for the day.
You'd be doing me a big favor.
Of course.
She's practically family.
I'll bring her toys and food over.
She likes this purple eggplant thing.
I know.
You, uh, left it here the last time.
[CHUCKLES] And I got food left over, so we're good for the day.
When you make that decision, there's always that moment of hesitation.
That annoying, "Are you sure?" dialogue box.
And then you have to make a call.
Yes or no.
Yes means ridding myself and the world of Mr.
Robot forever.
That includes you.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Next? Maybe it's something I should have done a long time ago.
[CART WHEELS CLACKING] [BRENDA LEE'S "LOSING YOU"] Don't sigh a sigh for me Don't ever cry for me This is Hard Andy's pure grade, top shelf, all-name-brand supply.
No knock-offs or generics.
This is all straight from the pharma's assembly line.
You got Addys, Exies, Black Beauties, Oxies, Xannies, Roxis Morphine.
Miss Emma.
She's good.
Those come straight from the manufacturing plant in Jersey.
Like I said, Hard Andy's supply is always clean.
Pure as a nun's cunt.
I'm losing you - I'll take it.
- Perfect.
- Let me get you a bottle.
- The whole bag.
That's my whole stash.
Then you just made an easy sale.
Then one day like the tide you began to change Refresh my memory.
How do we know each other, again? Referral.
We got a friend in common.
- Take off your shirt.
- Come on, man.
You just did a pat-down outside.
I said take off your fucking shirt.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] See, people don't usually come in here trying to buy Hard Andy's whole stash unless one of three prerequisites are met.
One, they got their nose up some fuzz's ass which we will soon ascertain.
Pants, also.
Two, you're trying to resell in my market.
But you don't strike me as a dummy with a death wish.
Spin around.
Which leaves three.
Life that unbearable, baby? Cute little boy like you.
The pleasure I could give you.
Such a shame.
Maybe you do have that death wish after all.
What do you want? I was a friend of your brother.
I mean, Sunil.
Get lost, man.
I just wanted to pay my respects.
I was wondering if you could tell me where I should go.
That fat fuck doesn't deserve respect from anyone.
Do you know how much he's damaged my career? My firm is on the verge of firing me.
I get that you're going through a lot.
But don't believe the lies you read about him.
They're not true.
It's been all over the news.
What, do you think they just make this shit up now? The facts are there.
He was working with the Iranians.
And I have no doubt he got lured into some bullshit like that.
He's been a fuck-up his whole life.
I just want to know where I can go to say a few words.
Your guess is as good as mine.
There's no way I was gonna pay for a terrorist's funeral.
[SOMBER ELECTRONIC MUSIC] This is a reminder that today's city-wide curfew begins at 9:00 p.
this evening through 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Stay indoors and off the streets.
[HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] This is a reminder that today's city-wide curfew begins at 9:00 p.
this evening through 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Stay indoors and off the streets.
[SIREN WAILS DISTANTLY] Are you moving? Are you leaving the city? Please, sir.
We don't want any trouble.
I'm not here to give you any trouble.
- I just wanted to talk.
- [SPEAKING FARSI] Please, we just want to leave in peace.
I went to school with your daughter.
I wanted to say she was a good person.
What do you want from us? I want you to know she's innocent.
I'm sorry, how did you know my daughter, again? Did you speak with her before she left? Do you know why she went to Arizona? No.
[AMBIENT MUSIC] I just know her.
I know she wouldn't do this.
[SPEAKING FARSI] Shama was a victim.
Somebody did this to her.
This country now blames Muslims for everything.
There's no room for us here anymore.
Thank you for saying nice things about my daughter.
Are you sick? - What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? - Where are your parents? - Who cares? I don't need a babysitter.
Go home.
Leave me alone.
I don't know how to go home.
What do you mean? Just go back the way you came.
- Where did I come from? - Go down the street.
Take the train.
I don't know how to do that.
Well, how did you get here? I followed you.
- What are you doing? - Sitting here.
You don't own the beach.
Are you serious, man? Your parents are probably really worried about you.
I told you.
I don't need a babysitter.
Besides, I don't wanna go home.
Why do you think my sister didn't do anything wrong? Dude, you can't just stay here.
Come on.
Come with me.
You sure this is a shortcut? It's the way we always go.
My sister used to take me this way after prayer.
Our mosque is on the way.
Where do you pray? I don't.
You're lucky.
It's so boring, and your face is always up another guy's butt.
At the mosque, Shama used to trip whenever she put her shoes back on.
I can do it while standing and not fall down.
- You wanna see? - No.
- That's awesome.
- Can you do it? Probably.
You sure this is the fastest way to your home? I gotta get back to Coney Island.
Why? Because I have something to do.
- What? - It's personal.
Like what? Let's talk about something else.
Like what? - Don't worry about it.
- Why? Where are your parents? They usually leave me home alone when they go out.
The door locks automatically.
- Do you have a phone? - Pfft, I wish.
Do you know their number? - Their phone number.
- I don't know.
Today's citywide curfew begins at 9:00 p.
this evening through 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
- Do you like TV? - No.
- Do you like horses? - No.
- Do you like Wii U? - No.
Do you like movies? I used to.
I've never been to the movies.
My parents say it's too expensive.
That sucks.
- Would you take me? - Take you where? To the movies.
Can't take you to the movies.
I told you I have something I gotta do.
Besides, there's probably nothing good playing.
If your parents come home and see that you're missing, they'll probably call the cops.
How far away did they go? Are they close? - Danbury.
- In Connecticut? That's two hours away.
My uncle lives there.
He likes to live by the mall.
He's bald.
This is serious.
I can't sit here for two hours.
That's what I'm telling you.
We should go to the movies.
Are you lying to me just so I take you to the movies? No.
Sandman We're only going if something good is playing.
Sandman What's "Back to the Future?" Can we see "The Martian" instead? Are you kidding? First of all, "The Martian" looks like shit.
Second of all, you've never seen "Back to the Future"? No.
It looks like an old movie.
You don't understand.
Today's the day that Marty travels into the future.
I've wanted to see this movie on this day since I was your age.
- So weird that it's today.
- Why? It won't make sense to you.
Why? What are you doing? You just ruined it.
This is the best way to eat popcorn.
Trust me.
That's good.
No shit.
Come on.
So, what is this film about, anyway? It's hard to explain.
It's about going into the future to change the past, then coming back into an alternate present day.
No, uh, you can't go into the future to change the past.
It's way heavier than that.
He goes into the future to change the future.
But that allows Biff to change the past, which changes the future again.
No, no, it's much simpler than that.
It's about how one mistake can change the world.
Now seating for "Back to the Future Part II.
" Are you sure we can't see "The Martian?" Come on.
You're gonna love it.
But "The Martian" has 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.
That's because most critics have shitty taste.
[ALAN SILVESTRI'S "BACK TO THE FUTURE OVERTURE"] Excuse the disguise, Marty, but I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me.
Would you mind holding my Flux Capacitor for a second? I I I gotta clean my glasses.
Changed the blood, added a good 30 to 40 years to my life.
They also replaced my spleen and colon.
What do you think? [HUFFING] You look great, Doc.
The future.
I gotta check this out, Doc.
All in good time, Marty.
Were on a tight schedule here.
Tell me about my future.
I mean, I know I make it big, but what, do I become, like, a rich rock star? Please, Marty.
No one should know too much - about their own destiny.
- Right, right.
- I am rich, though, right? - Marty, please.
Take off your shirt.
Put on the jacket and shoes.
We've got a mission to accomplish! Hey, come on, dude.
[TENSE MUSIC] Have you seen a little boy like this tall? - Blue hoodie? - Yeah.
He peaced out.
Ugh, these heels are the pits.
I should have gone as 1955 Lorraine.
[TRUCK HORN HONKS] What? Try me.
I'm looking for a mosque.
It's near a playground.
Masjid Al Rahman, or The Islamic Society? Come on, we'll figure it out.
I have good friends in both places.
Come on.
What are you waiting for? Get in.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have a grave announcement to make.
Incredible as it may seem, both the observations of science and the evidence of our eyes lead to the inescapable assumption that those strange beings who landed in the Jersey farmlands tonight are the vanguard of an invading army from the planet Mars.
"War of the Worlds," huh? Why not? 'Cause it's about the end of the world.
No, that's incorrect.
Things get a little fakakta for a while, but at the end, humans actually persevere.
Monstrous creatures in the world now seems part of another life.
A life that has no continuity with the present.
Why did you bail on me at the theater? I would have come here with you, if that's what you wanted.
No, you wouldn't.
You keep saying you have - something you have to do.
- I do have something to do.
Now come on.
We're going back.
Why did you come to our house? Yo, this isn't cool, okay? I gotta go.
Is it that important? - Yes.
- Why? - It's none of your business.
- You're a baby.
- You're annoying.
- You are! - This is a nightmare.
- You are! - So are you! - I wish you were dead! So do I! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sometimes I feel like I Did something bad that made Shama leave.
You didn't do anything wrong.
All right.
I'm gonna give you five.
- And then we're gonna go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Just leave me alone.
It wasn't your fault.
Or hers.
It was mine.
All of it.
So don't blame her or yourself.
You can blame me.
You know, you talk about yourself a lot.
And you're not allowed to wear shoes here.
I'm not gonna trip when I put them back on.
We'll see.
Did you know I could be President of the United States? - Yeah? - My sister couldn't be.
She wasn't born here.
My mom and dad couldn't, either.
I'm the only person in my family who could be President.
Isn't that cool? If I were President I would be able to stay here.
In the house we live in.
I would find a way to bring back my sister.
I'd put the real bad guys in jail.
And And I'd make everyone eat Pop Tarts for dinner.
And then make everyone be nice to me.
So you'd be a dictator.
What's a dictator? It's like a really bad President.
- Can you be President? - Probably not.
So you're like my sister? You weren't born here? No, I was.
- Where? - New Jersey.
Really? Me too.
- What part? - Washington Township.
- Where were you born? - Trenton.
Looks like your parents still aren't home.
[KEYS JINGLING] You had the keys this whole time? Thanks for taking me to the movies.
What's your name? Elliot.
Thanks, Elliot.
Sorry I made you late.
Hope you can still do your important thing.
Hey, Elliot? Can I see you again? [AMBIENT MUSIC] Yeah.
Before you go, I'll take you to see "The Martian.
" It's always better to see movies on the big screen.
Really? - Yeah.
- Thanks, Elliot.
I think you'll like it.
Matt Damon is awesome.
Stay here.
I've got something for you.
[SNIFFS] [CRYING] Because you said you were sick.
[KNOCKING] You again.
What the fuck do you want? You're gonna have a funeral for your brother.
- A proper one.
- Okay, dipshit.
We're not having a funeral for that waste of space.
Your problem is you never knew him.
If you did, you'd know he's not - capable of that.
- Get the fuck off my property - before I call the cops.
- I'll go.
But before I do, you should probably change your corporate email password.
Using your street address, even if it's an old one, isn't the smartest.
Don't feel special.
I hack everyone.
From the emails I found, you and your law firm swapped some shady memos that I don't think the IRS would look too kindly on.
- What do you think you found? - If you don't want me sending them out, make sure your brother gets a funeral.
A good one.
I want an invite.
I'll make sure you get my email.
Got these from Hard Andy.
One of your shady clients I was talking about.
I won't be needing them anymore.
The money you make selling them back to him will more than pay for a funeral.
Start writing a eulogy.
A good one.
I'll be in the back listening.
It's me.
[KNOCKING] Come on.
Open up.
Let's talk.
I'm worried about you.
I wish I could say something that could snap you out of this.
[ROBBIE ROBB'S "IN TIME"] Remember when we used to do our wishing game? We'd close our eyes, and we'd wish for something.
Whatever we wanted.
We both wished we could get bigger bedrooms.
That was a big one.
You would always wish for more protractors, which was weird.
I would wish for a faster computer.
Probably faster modem too.
You would wish for better clothes.
I didn't really care about that.
We both we both wished we could drive.
I just wanted to drive away.
We wanted to go on road trips.
And eat lots of Sour Patch Kids that we would buy from gas stations.
After we made all our wishes We'd close our eyes really hard, hoping that when we opened them, it'd all come true.
And we thought the harder we closed them, the stronger our wishes would be.
And even though they never came true, we still liked doing it.
Because the ending was never our favorite part, anyway.
It was the wishing.
I didn't get that at first.
You remember what you used to say to me right before we opened our eyes that would make it all better? [SIGHS] The time is almost here No matter what happens, we'll be okay.
Our dreams will all come true I promise you 'Cause I can see For miles and miles In time we'll be dancing in the streets all night [TIRES SQUEAL] In time yes everything will be all right [TIRES SQUEAL] That's the thing about deletion.
But we're going far You and me, yes I know we are It's not always permanent.
In time we'll be dancing in the streets all night In time we'll be dancing in the streets all night There are many reasons why you wanna recover a file you just deleted.
When you have that moment of panic, where it hits you, where that thing you thought had no value suddenly becomes important.
Where you suddenly find new purpose for it.
Our eyes will not be blind You'll see this rain come down Without this sound - We can all we can all - Maybe there are still things left for me to do.