Mr Robot (2015) s03e09 Episode Script


1 71 buildings owned by E Corp exploded or caught fire.
All those people who died, they think the total will be over 4,000.
What are you doing? See? They all came back.
I thought I would never win.
Not until I met Whiterose.
Don't think for a second that I don't know that you're keeping something from me.
No, no, no.
Listen to me.
You have to stop the attack! Your wife's dead, which means that your son is currently being raised at Peaceful Acres Foster Care.
If you're thinking about telling anyone here about me, you won't live to place a flower at your wife's grave.
But we still haven't discussed the coltan mines.
The fucking Congo can wait.
It's time Phillip Price's hand got slapped.
If the UN approves our annexation of the Congo, we can finally move our operation.
My actions were never meant to harm E Corp.
Trust me, it will survive.
But I won't.
Alderson can die for us, just like his father.
Something ain't right about this guy.
I don't trust him.
If what I discovered is real, do you know what that means? We could potentially undo this whole thing.
If anything does happen to us, I sent the email to go out automatically to someone I trust.
Maybe there still are things left for me to do.
Evil Corp is 80% of our business.
If we lose them, it's gonna be it for us.
It's gonna be it for me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Allsafe officially opened its doors in '04.
We have a relatively small roster, but that way our clients have unprecedented access, our undivided attention All those are standards E Corp expects - from any vendor we hire.
- Terry, please.
Let him continue.
Allsafe has several other clients also in the Fortune 100.
And when called upon, we help them out in some pretty sticky incident response scenarios.
We'll be making a bit of a splash next month when we release our 2012 report.
That's all teddy bears and hand jobs, but what are your financials? We can't wake up one day and find ourselves tits up, dicks blowing in the breeze.
Um, well, yes.
Of course, of course, Thank you, Angela.
Hey, hon, you want to top me off? And add a pinch of Sweet'N Low, but not too much.
[ETHEREAL MUSIC] Angela, uh, my assistant can handle that.
- It's okay.
- No, no.
It's okay.
Regarding our financials, Mr.
Colby, this will correspond to page eight.
Well, that was a cute field trip, Phillip.
Next time I waste an afternoon, though, I'd prefer a happy ending.
Now what's the real angle here? We headed to Legz & Lace for happy hour? We're gonna hire them.
Set the deal in motion immediately.
What I I don't understand.
Is there something bigger behind the scenes here we should know about, or I want the contract executed as soon as possible.
Price, if I may I'm hesitant to depend on Allsafe as our security operation center.
I'm confident I could lead a team to establish our own internal SOC.
And with the appropriate resources I'm sorry, Mister, uh - Wellick.
- Wellick! Mr.
Wellick! I'm sorry if I misled you into thinking that I was seeking your counsel or approval, because I most certainly am not.
- Understood.
- Good.
Just hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.
This decision has been made.
[CAR HORNS HONKING] Remember to alert the Bureau if you're going to leave the city, Mr.
And no international travel for now.
He took over again.
"They own the FBI.
" What is he trying to say? Who's "they"? [DOG BARKING] Dark Army.
It's gotta be.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Fuck, I left my machine unlocked.
Trenton's email.
Did he see this? If he did, he knows that Trenton was close to finding a way to undo Five/Nine and that I'm gonna finish what she started.
He also looked up info on Tyrell Wellick's release.
Why? What exactly did Mr.
Robot do last night? [SIREN WAILING] Seventy-one buildings.
Was it worth it? Get the fuck out of my home.
Gotta say, your revised plan was batshit insane.
It was supposed to be only one building, but what you did I did what had to be done.
You mean, what they told you to do.
What'd they promise you, huh? Money? This isn't about them.
This is about when you fucked me! I lost everything because of you.
My son's taken to Denmark, and my wife's dead! Okay.
Okay, I can't say that it's all been smooth sailing, but you gotta see the big picture.
There is no big picture! There was a job, and I fulfilled my duty, and that's more than I can say for you.
Oh, come on! You know damn well that's not how the Dark Army works.
You don't go from most wanted man on the planet to hero unless they have plans for you, how can you not see that? The things I did, the things I sacrificed, I earned my freedom.
That's the least they could give me.
You're being added to a collection of puppets.
No puppet, no puppet.
You're the puppet! Wake up! You made a deal with a force that's bigger than you! When the time comes, they're gonna ask you to pay what they feel you owe them! This is a childish conspiracy! Childish? Who's the one who said we were gods, huh? Time to grow up.
There are no gods.
Our closest deities are a society of the richest, most influential men in existence.
I'm done with this.
Men who fuck over the rest of us for profit, for fun, and then leave us in the streets for dead.
Just like your Joanna! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You don't talk about my wife.
Wouldn't she want you to realize the truth and fight? Or would she want you to be their little bitch? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] There you go.
Fight! That's the Tyrell who's been missing.
Now you want to stop them, too, before they put you in that choke collar? Unless you're into that sort of thing.
[DOORBELL RINGS] What? Oh, hello, sir.
May I come in? Oh, shit.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
Good evening, Mr.
Please join us.
After all, you were a part of this too.
It's weird, being here again.
Like we've come to that slow glide at the end of a roller coaster.
We're coming full circle.
Darlene and Mr.
Robot started this whole thing, and now she and I are gonna end it.
Trenton was investigating Romero ever since she found out he was monitoring our machines.
This is big.
Why'd she send this to you? I don't know.
If Trenton's right, and encryption keys were exported the night of the hack, then there's a chance we can recover all of E Corp's data.
If we can find those keys.
Why would Romero do this? There was never supposed to be a Plan B, that was the whole point.
This hack was supposed to be all in.
He did it for the reason we need those keys now, in case our revolution failed.
We need access to his keylogger files.
The feds confiscated his drives.
Now all of his data is in the FBI evidence storage system.
Sentinel, yeah, I know it well.
That's why I'm here.
I need you to give me all the intel you have about the FBI.
You do realize this isn't Angela batting her lashes at some feds to drop a femtocell at their E Corp office? Sentinel is the Fort Knox of closed networks.
And you want us to just waltz in there and Not us.
I'm gonna do it.
Did you not hear me? You will get busted.
I don't care how good you think you are.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] The only way we do this is if I go to them.
I'll hit up my contact We can't trust them.
The Dark Army owns the FBI.
- How do you know that? - Doesn't matter.
Going to them isn't an option.
- I might have an angle.
- No, I told you I spent the last two months working with the feds.
I know how the operate.
I'm miles ahead of you on this.
Okay? I can do this.
What's your angle? My angle is you trust me.
You gotta promise me.
Any sign of trouble, you bail.
Even if we do this, do you really think it'll make a difference? I mean the whole world has gone to shit.
And we did that.
All we can do now is rebuild.
At least that's a start.
And the Dark Army? You think they're just gonna be painting each other's toenails while we go and undo everything they've worked for? You just worry about getting into Sentinel.
Let me worry about the Dark Army.
Believe me now? Lovely lady like you with a Taurus? I don't think so.
It's not a good fit.
But this baby, huh? It's nice.
Bang a left up here.
I hear you're looking to barter a TAG Heuer? My ex-husband's.
I'm sure we can arrange a deal.
And I really want to feel you pump the gas here.
Let her open up.
[LAUGHING] Yeah? Doesn't that feel good? - [ALARM DINGING] - Oh.
Is this supposed to I think it's dead.
You know what? Coast her to the shoulder here on the left.
I'll check things out.
Onboard computer's so smart, it probably senses something.
[DOOR OPENS] What are you doing? You know what to do.
Tell you what, why don't you stroll on back to the lot, peruse those Sonatas.
I'll meet you there in a second.
Go ahead.
I'm right behind you.
I called OnStar and the cops are on their way, so we don't have much time.
I need you to set a meet.
Look kid, I already told you, we're done Stage Three.
What the fuck is Stage Three? Just do what you do and set the meet with Whiterose.
Since when do I take orders from you? If you don't move on this, it'll be on you to tell your employer why you fucked with their timeline.
You're late.
I'm surprised you agreed to meet.
Thought you weren't allowed one-on-ones.
Technically, you're not a source anymore, so I'll classify this as a social meet.
But I suggest you get to the point of why you called.
First, how about a peace offering? Shots? You said you had something to tell me.
So talk or this is over.
I've been thinking about our last conversation.
Especially after Everything with Trenton and Mobley, and you were right.
There are things I haven't told you.
I'm listening.
Okay, well, how does this work? Is this off the record, or am I fucking my own immunity? Depends.
Everything you said, you were on point.
Whiterose was behind everything.
Five/Nine, the Dark Army were our partners.
They handled the Chinese side, we took care of it over here.
And Whiterose, did you talk to him? There was a middle man.
If the Dark Army was involved, then Whiterose had to greenlight it.
Would you be willing to go on the record about what you know? If I testified You know what the Dark Army's capable of.
Darlene, you gotta rethink this.
We can protect you, we'll make things right.
Tyrell's walking free, and your friends are dead.
Do it for them! Fine.
I gotta use the bathroom.
["CHICKEN CURRY" BY JOEY BADA$$ PLAYS] Fuck This is a reminder that today's city-wide curfew begins at 9:00 p.
this evening through 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Stay indoors and off the streets.
[ETHEREAL MUSIC] This is proof.
It's finally happening.
[SIREN WAILING] We're going back to the way things should be.
Angela, I want to help you, but you got to explain to me what you think is happening.
I can't tell you that.
Only Whiterose can do that.
Whiterose manipulated you.
She exploited your feelings about your mom, and used them against you.
That's what she does.
I thought that you wanted our parents back.
That's never going to happen.
That's because you don't understand.
We can't talk here.
There are people that are trying to stop this.
Let's go inside.
I know this may sound like bullshit, but I'm sorry I was such a pain in the ass.
The pressure of trying to find Tyrell and lying to my brother, and secluding myself in that apartment, just feeling lonely as shit, I guess it was just too much.
So this is my long-winded way of saying I don't think I have it in me to testify.
Maybe I'm not as cool and collected as I put on.
I get the front you put up.
It's a trick I use myself.
You are an FBI agent, yet somehow I feel like you're the only one I can trust.
Maybe that's because you can.
Maybe so.
Okay, well, I hope the intel helped.
Sorry I couldn't do more.
You're leaving? Thanks for the drink, and for listening.
Wait, you want another? On me? So you still single? Wow! Jumping right into this conversation again.
Haven't you learned my social game isn't my strong suit? Well, I'm willing to bet you've got some untapped talent.
What's your type? Where are you going with this? Well, I am one hell of a wingwoman, okay? So let's pick you out one of these lovelies here.
What about that ginger? What, are you not into fire crotch? Hypocrite.
Dye job.
Goth hipster in the corner? Identity issues.
Oh, okay.
Ooh, what about that? Oh, my God.
Barkeep! Another round.
'Sup, cuz? Oh, shit.
Sorry, dude.
Don't let me interrupt your flow or anything, I mean I didn't know you had a female caller.
Who's he? This is why you're asking about our plan, isn't it? Angela.
You've been trying to listen to me, haven't you? Did you hear me? Did you hear what we were saying out there? I've just been sitting here, smoking these trees, girl.
I don't know what the fuck you talking about.
You're trying to trap me.
Aren't you? [WHISPERING] Angela.
You have to leave.
Get out now, trust me.
You've been trying to trick me.
That's why you wanted me to explain everything.
It's you who's trying to stop our plan.
I thought you were on my side.
Dude, your girl's trippin'.
Look, I don't know what you guys got going on, and I'm sorry, sweetheart, but we really ain't got the time right now.
We got business to attend to, and she-she gotta go, bro.
- One way or another.
- Don't worry, I'm leaving.
You're not going to get any more information out of me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Slow your roll, cuz.
We gotta get.
We got a tight schedule to maintain.
I am here mainly as a formality, Wellick, to fake a smile and pretend to welcome you back.
You have been appointed CTO at E Corp.
[SCOFFS] I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
- You coming here personally - Yes, yes.
Right, right.
But the direct purpose of my visit I felt it was important to share with you formally that the CTO title is nothing more than that.
You are a mere figurehead I inherited from a deal gone wrong.
It happens from time to time.
But I wanted you to understand the nature of your position in case you should have loftier designs.
There'll be none of that.
Obedience will be your only task at my company.
I worry that could potentially get awkward if you thought differently, so I came here out of respect.
By your silence, I assume you accept this position? I know what this is.
You're embarrassed that you fired me.
There's no shame in admitting the truth.
You're out of moves and your company needs me.
E Corp needs my image, the face of a hero.
That's why you're here.
Oh, Wellick, Wellick.
It's not that I'm out of moves.
It's that you're not worth one.
See you at the office, mm? Five/Nine, fsociety.
You knew the entire time, didn't you? Five/Nine, yes.
Well, not all the minutiae, of course.
But since the cyber bombings, the breadcrumbs haven't been that difficult to follow.
World catastrophes like this, they aren't caused by lone wolves like you.
They occur because men like me allow them.
You just happened to stumble into one of them.
No, no.
I ran the operation.
I pushed the button.
- I am the one - There you go again.
"I, I, I" You're still thinking like a lone wolf.
Why don't you tell me how I should be thinking? Like a leader! I am a leader! Then where are your followers? You can't force an agenda, Mr.
You have to inspire one.
[LAUGHING] Nice digs.
Remember, I only let you in because you said you're not into girls.
No, I said I wasn't a lesbian, end quote.
I didn't say I wasn't into girls.
Very clever.
How about that nightcap? Right, but only one.
I gotta work in the morning, and you gotta get home before curfew.
Screw curfew.
Hey, that rhymes.
An E Kit? God, I can't believe you bought into that shit.
You can never be too prepared.
Such a Girl Scout.
You think that's Girl Scout-y? Check this out.
Alexa, give me the daily Five/Nine.
Hello, and welcome to your daily Five/Nine report.
Officials advise to stay away from the Upper East Side, where armed theft is at peak levels.
What else does that thing do? Alexa, play John Prine.
Shuffling songs by John Prine.
Why you didn't go after that blonde is beyond me.
She was mint.
Wasn't meant to be.
You didn't even try.
Jesus H.
, I think I'm drunk.
But it's Probably a good thing, 'cause I have like legit trouble sleeping.
I take melatonin, but I gotta down, like, six of them to even get drowsy, and then Send me an angel who flies from Montgomery What was that? - It's cool.
- No, it's No, it's not.
What am I doing? This isn't professional.
Dude, you said it yourself.
I'm not a source anymore.
Believe it or not, I'm actually a real person.
- Darlene, seriously.
- All right.
I'm sorry, it's just I like you.
You're drunk.
Come on, at least give me more credit than that.
And no matter how I try, the years just flow by Like a broken down dam Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery Wait, hold on.
Um, one second.
Just give me one thing that I can hold on to To believe in this living is just a hard way to go There's flies in the kitchen You could've kept the gun on.
Don't overthink this.
How the hell can a person Go to work in the morning [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] We have to get moving.
We're not safe here.
I have to warn her.
She has to know what they heard.
I could just get on the subway, she'll find us like before.
She'll protect us.
[PHONE BUZZING] Since the cyber bombings, there's been a wave of backlash against the FBI from Americans of all backgrounds and political views The one thing we heard over and over from those Was the sentiment that our law enforcement agencies can no longer be trusted.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You ready? Yo, Dr.
How you doing? And this is where we part ways.
Peace, brother.
Your bag.
Where we going? Shut the fuck up.
No questions.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I hear you have some information on Stage Three.
I need my laptop.
It has my plans.
It's fine.
We can pull everything we need from there.
Why don't you have a seat? Your password.
The first time you and I met to discuss the E Corp hack, you said this was a two-step plan.
So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when out of the blue, I now hear there is a third.
So, Mr.
Alderson, why don't you tell me what it is you want? I asked for a meet with Whiterose.
I'll relay any messages to her.
I need to speak with her directly.
You've had all the time you'll ever get with Whiterose.
I thought she wanted to kill E Corp.
Yes, I believe that's what we did.
No, E Coin didn't exist when we first created this plan.
Now it's the only thing keeping them afloat.
It's becoming the world standard.
And E Corp's entire existence relies upon it.
So what do you propose we do? If you truly want to end them, eliminating E Coin is the only way.
Alderson, is this everything that you came to discuss with me? Anything else on your mind? Are you in or out? Good-bye, Mr.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I got CDs, everybody, come on! They get your turnt! Scan me 05 E Coin, it's yours! I got CDs! CDs! Yo, this shit'll get you turnt! All right, scan me 05 E Coin, and it's yours! Hey, these savage tracks'll give you life, yo.
I will not take your CD this time.
Miss Moss? Mrs.
Moss, I'm gonna need you to come with us.
CDs! CDs! This shit'll get you turnt! Scan me 05 E Coin, and it's yours! We're ready.
You're not talking your way out of this.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Well, you were right.
Everything we did was what they wanted.
Whiterose, Price, and who the fuck knows who else? I'm a prisoner, just like before.
Where does that leave me? What am I supposed to do? The CTO position is worthless.
You heard him.
We can use it.
You see how they operate? In the shadows.
You just settle in, smile, nod.
When the time is right we'll expose them.
Do you get it now? E Corp, they might as well be a front for them! Whiterose, Price, their friends, they're the ones we need to take down.
We just need a launching pad.
A place to begin, dig in.
Find that vulnerability.
The FBI.
The Dark Army has a man on the inside.
- I don't understand.
- How do you not understand? You were trying to hack me.
An FBI agent.
And I already told you why.
Your bullshit's not gonna fly! Enough! You gonna fill me in? Tell him.
Get fucked.
Every time you guys get intel, one of my friends ends up dead.
And Tyrell's bullshit release was as pathetic as a dry hand job.
Why should I trust you or anyone else here? The FBI is obviously in bed with the Dark Army.
Where'd you hear that? Chew balls.
Why is she here? She was in my home, attempting to steal my badge to get on Sentinel.
Full disclosure, sir, we had relations tonight.
I plan on self-reporting it to the OPR, I'm not keeping anything from the Bureau.
Do you have any idea how fucking big the crime you committed is? You can forget about immunity this time.
And why the hell were you trying to get into Sentinel anyway? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You're in too deep this time, Darlene.
You gotta talk.
There are files in Sentinel that can help decrypt all of E Corp's data.
That means bringing everything back.
The solution to undoing Five/Nine is in a machine on the other side of this floor, okay? They're in Romero's collection.
Sit with me, look over my shoulder, I'll even walk through it with your engineer, whatever.
You guys can personally take the keys to E Corp and be the heroes, okay? You can fix everything.
Isn't that what you want? What you've been waiting for? She's right! Wasn't this the point of our entire strategy? You need to understand something This is the opportunity we've been chasing! - You're missing the point.
- We have nothing to lose.
If she's lying, we put her in jail, but if she's not And what if our testimony gets thrown out because of your grossly unprofessional behavior? Sleeping with a CHS, for Chrissake.
She's not a CHS anymore.
And you know I didn't break any rules.
So what's really happening here? Why not take her up on her offer? Get back to your desk and write the 302 explaining your actions minute by minute.
I'm assigning Agent Kaz to Darlene.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] That will continue to be part of the debate What's the plan here? She talks like she knows everything.
You sound stressed.
Of course I'm fucking stressed.
I could be burnt.
Meanwhile, she claims she can undo the hack.
And where is she now? Locked in a goddamn interview room.
Is that all you've got? "Okay"? Jesus, will you just tell me how do you want to proceed? Not one box even packed? I suppose there's some banal excuse why a month isn't enough time for those lazy mules to get my project shipped to the Congo? Border security.
Border security across the Eastern seaboard is restricted to levels we've never seen before.
Hence our extensive payroll.
We own mayors, district attorneys, governors, fucking presidents! The country is operating under martial law.
Our contacts are afraid.
You've always asked that I be honest with you.
This is your fault.
You blindly indulge all of Elliot Alderson's whims.
And it has landed us here.
If you'd listened to me, if you believed in my strategy as much as you did his, we could have avoided this.
We had the UN vote, these attacks weren't necessary.
[PLAYS MUSICAL GLASSES] People like Phillip Price do not respect mercy.
You only get their attention with force and a lot of it.
That is the only currency with these men.
I will go back to our partners with a more persuasive argument.
See? That's all I needed to hear.
And What now? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DOG BARKING] [GRUNTING] I keep looking at this note, wondering what Mr.
Robot did last night.
[DOG BARKING] If the Dark Army does own the FBI, how did he find out? Does it matter? I don't need him.
Darlene will be checking in soon about Sentinel, and I have to enact Stage Three.
Alderson is claiming there is a third stage.
He wants to target E Corp.
But I'm sure you knew all along there is no Stage Three.
A third stage.
That wasn't part of our original plan, was it? - No.
- So what do you make of that? His sister is currently being held at the FBI.
Claiming she can decrypt E Corp's data.
I can't help but notice their actions are incongruous.
He's lying to us.
I don't think their target is E Corp anymore.
I think it's us.
When the Dark Army operatives' malware copies my file to their command and control server Get yourself back to work.
It'll be queued up for an operator to review its contents.
Once opened, my exploit will give me full access to their management interface.
Why the dismay? We expected something like this out of him, did we not? You never understood my commitment to Mr.
You say that I was wrong to order the attack.
Maybe I'm wrong about him as well.
So tell me, what would you do if you had your way? And now I own the Dark Army.
[MUSICAL GLASSES CONTINUE PLAYING] Do you remember when you said Elliot will one day follow in the footsteps of his father? I think it's time he died for us too.