Mr Robot (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

shutdown -r

1 Everywhere I look you're there.
- - That is why I wanted to meet.
So I could find out why you are so special to Phillip Price.
Why come after me? Your pet project Angela Moss was allowed to continue with her lawsuit which put my plans in jeopardy.
We're not safe here.
I have to warn her.
She has to know what they heard.
Moss, I'm gonna need you to come with us.
We're ready.
My exploit will give me full access to their management interface.
Now I own the Dark Army.
[YELLS] I suppose there's some banal excuse why a month isn't enough time to get my project shipped to the Congo? Trenton's right.
Encryption keys were exported the night of the hack.
Why would Romero do this? He did it for the reason we need those keys now: in case our revolution failed.
Bang! [LAUGHS] - I don't trust him.
- All of his data's in the FBI evidence storage system.
The FBI.
The Dark Army has a man on the inside.
- I'll hit up my contact.
- We can't trust them.
- I might have an angle.
- She was in my home attempting to steal my badge to get on Sentinel.
There are files that can help decrypt all of E Corp's data.
What's the plan here? She talks like she knows everything.
How do you want to proceed? We haven't seen each other in months.
We've been battling each other in our own voids.
When we were kids, Darlene and I, we made this snowman.
That was the day my dad pushed me out the window.
You remember when we made Kevin McCallister? Do you want to talk about it? Do you remember when you said Elliot would one day follow in the footsteps of his father? I think it's time he died for us too.
If Dark Army's targeting me, then they're gonna target her next.
Hopefully, she made it to our rendezvous.
Let's go.
You're coming with me.
Finally you guys came to your sen - [YELLS] Dude, what the fuck? - Shut up.
Are you seriously gonna arrest me right now? I told you we can fix this, okay? Let's just log into Sentinel.
I said shut the fuck up.
It's the EC and 302 from last night, the Alderson case.
I just submitted it for upload.
Why are you giving me this? Um, sorry, Santiago must not have told you.
You're on the Alderson arrest.
I brought her in last night.
No clue what you're talking about.
I'm headed to JFK in 20.
Got a flight to San Fran today.
Santiago! What are you doing? Taking her to holding.
I thought you were putting Agent Kaz on this.
Why are you doing this yourself? The ADIC wanted her in holding.
That's what I'm doing.
Get back inside.
Fine, I'll take it up with the ADIC then.
Are you gonna finally tell me what the fuck is going on? I can't talk to you about it, Dom.
You're not authorized to know.
There's intel you're not privy to that's connected to this.
I'd be more comfortable if we took it up with the ADIC.
If you want to call him, you can.
But I I just don't want you to embarrass yourself.
[SCOFFS] What? Are you scared of me now? There are cameras everywhere.
You really think I'm going to do [THUD] She's not here.
Robot's note.
If what he said is true and the Dark Army owns the FBI, then maybe she ran into them while she was trying to access Sentinel.
Dark Army has dozens of operatives who live in and around Manhattan.
Combing through their command and control server is going to take too long.
There are over 600,000 compromised systems on here.
I can't go through every one.
I don't even know what I'm searching for.
I need something to go on.
A name, place, something, anything.
Think, think, think.
What do I know? Anything you can remember? Any detail? Anything.
Tell me something.
Don't you get it? She's gonna die.
Darlene's gonna die.
She's gonna die.
She's gonna fucking die like everyone else.
[GLASS SHATTERS] [PANTING] [GRUNTS] I should have never done this.
I should have left this alone.
I'll never learn.
I brought this on myself.
I'll never learn.
This is on me.
This is on me.
For how many? One.
[MACHINERY WHIRRING] So, Ferris wheel.
Cute touch.
I need information from you.
You do not get to summon me like you're Ali Baba, squeeze me for information then shove me back in some lamp.
Darlene's in trouble! She might already be dead.
The whole reason you're in this goddamn mess is because we're not working together, because you refuse to talk to me.
I wish that were true.
The sick part is I actually missed you.
The only reason we haven't been talking Is because I haven't let myself.
'Cause I've been scared of you.
The part of me that is you.
[TENSE MUSIC] Why are we talking now? The 71 buildings.
I didn't know about that.
If you did, would you have done it? Would you have done it? I would have I would have found another way.
Because as much as there is a part of you in me there is a part of me in you.
Your note on the mirror, what did you mean by it? What do you know? I need to find Darlene.
Tell me what you know.
The FBI has a mole.
[THUNDER BOOMING] [SIGHS] You piece of shit.
The attack in China.
While you were hiding in your room, knowing the rest of us were getting blown to pieces.
You helped them get to him before we did, didn't you? And the Tyrell cover-up.
You helped frame Markesh and Biswas.
This whole time, we've been punching ourselves in the face because of you! All I know is, if you were put in my position Nothing would make me betray everything I stand for.
You know one thing I'll say about you, DiPierro, your naiveté is adorable.
It's easy for you to play a hero in the back seat, but that's all world's ever amounted to.
The back seat.
The things I did.
I mean, the the things that I have to do Are you seriously trying to paint yourself a saint now after what you've put us through? You know, the only reason your girlfriend here is alive is because I never told the Dark Army she was a CHS.
Believe or not, I'm not a bad guy, DiPierro.
You don't understand what they put me through.
What they hold over me, but you will.
Soon enough.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [TENSE MUSIC] There's the cocksucker.
Dead center.
According to Wellick, he's been working both sides the whole time.
Probably the reason we didn't get pegged for Five/Nine.
We gotta find a way to trace him.
Why don't we jump on his desktop? I already did that remotely, nothing useful.
Which means whatever we're looking for is physical.
Number sets.
It's another cipher code.
Not this shit again.
This has gotta give us a location.
[SIGHS] Elliot.
Just give me a minute.
Just finished this book.
I got it on tape.
[CHUCKLES] Didn't care much for the ending.
I mean, a story can have a mediocre beginning and middle, and oftentimes it does, but always got to have a wow ending.
Otherwise, what's the point? Shit.
If he's here that means they must have Darlene.
Maybe I can manipulate him into helping us.
- What do we know about - Whatever scheme you're trying to come up with right now It ain't gonna change the inevitable, so I strongly recommend you choose the easy way here and come with me.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [KNOCKING, DOOR CLICKS OPENS] How'd you sleep last night? I didn't.
I've been waiting all night.
I need to see her as soon as possible.
I have important information for her.
It's a beautiful day, don't you think? [THUNDER RUMBLING] Look.
There are people that are trying to stop her.
I need to tell her.
Oh, I'm just the house manager.
But you can discuss that with Mr.
Price when he arrives.
I thought we'd get some breakfast first.
Do you like pancakes? [CHILLING ELECTRONIC MUSIC] It's this way.
[MUSIC FADES] - Elliot.
- Don't fucking move.
We are walking into some fucking hillbilly shit here.
Now, look.
I know this is all fucked up, but it's salvageable.
There's a lot of clean-up at the FBI you're going to have to take care of for me.
So this is the plus-one you've been squawking about? [SCOFFS] You're not turning this around on me.
Not after the fucking day I've had, cleaning up your mess once again.
I'm over it.
[YELLING] You hear me? It's high time you guys start cleaning up my mess for a change.
And by "mess" I assume you mean her.
I know how to fix this.
So do I.
[SIGHS] All right.
Come on, Miss, let's go.
Leon, you got this? Yeah, I got it.
Are you okay? Is that a joke? We're in a fucking barn out in the middle of nowhere with a handful of psychos.
"No" is the answer.
Listen, sir.
I don't know what you think I did, but This guy's a liability to you.
He's gotten sloppy.
- You don't have to do this.
- Dom.
My bosses know about everything.
There's security camera footage of him kidnapping - Ms.
Alderson and me - Miss.
Stop talking.
Hm? Okay, we got two operatives.
Leon's pretty good with a knife.
What are you thinking? I'm not trying to escape.
Elliot, these guys aren't fucking around.
Who do you think you're going to talk to out here? Who do you think? Whiterose.
You've played that game already.
She doesn't want to see you.
She's seeing us right now.
Now wait a minute.
Let's just slow things down a bit.
We can flip her.
She can be very valuable.
- No way I'm flipping.
- Dom.
Don't be stupid.
Listen to me.
I'm trying to get you out of this alive.
Valuable, huh? You think she would've gone far in the Bureau? She would have been one of the youngest ASACs ever, still could be.
No, she's a rising star.
[CRYING] But it's like she said, no way she's flipping.
Oh, no, no, don't get too worked up, Miss.
Just look at the sky.
Take a deep breath.
Try to enjoy the fresh air.
Just tell him you'll flip.
[BOTH BREATHING SLOWLY] This isn't worth it.
You can [GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [COUGHING] Oh, don't mind that.
We're retiring this shit-stain.
And you're taking his place.
You work for the Dark Army now.
You're gonna go back to the FBI.
It's gonna be business as usual.
You're gonna feed us any information and answer all our requests.
- Fuck you.
- Now, Dom.
You're gonna need to get your head around the position you're in here.
I'm no traitor.
You should kill me now because the first thing I do when you let me go is arrest your fucking ass.
[SNIFFLES] The name of your youngest family member, what is it? [TENSE MUSIC] Oh, that's right.
Four-year-old Jamie DiPierro of Morrisville.
That's your brother Joseph's kid, right? Yeah.
I want you to look at this jerk-off and imagine it's little Jamie.
[PANTING] [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] [CRYING] Now I want you to imagine your mom Trudie [GRUNTING] in Philly.
[AX CRUNCHES OUT FROM BODY] Now imagine Uncle Chris one morning as he's picking up his copy [YELLING] of the "Dallas Morning Star"! - [SOBBING] - [AX CRUNCHES FROM BODY] Or you're older brother, Jerry, while he's watching "Wheel of Fortune!" [CRYING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Am I illustrating my point? [YELLING] Dom, I'm going to need verbal confirmation that you're grasping the details of this agreement! [SOBBING] Okay.
In time this will get easier to live with.
I promise.
Head into the barn and await further instructions on how to clear up Santiago's missteps.
Now, forgive me while I take a moment to center myself.
[INHALES DEEPLY] This next bunch These are for me.
[GRUNTING] [DOOR CREAKS OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [FLY BUZZING] Jesus, Dom, what happened? Looks like she's just got her initiation.
Want some of this catnip, girl? All right.
Suit yourself.
All right, if we don't figure out a way get out of here, they are going to kill us.
Look around you.
They've been instructed to wait.
Not act.
Wait for what? They're preparing for someone important to come.
As instructed.
Everyone's loaded up in the barn.
You might want to send your guys to the woodpile over there.
I had to kill the FBI mole.
That's the bad news.
Good news, I got you someone even better.
She doesn't have as high of a rank, but she's got tremendous upside.
Besides That guy was a dickhead.
She's in the barn as well.
Where are you going? Me, I'm gonna take that overdue sabbatical I keep talking about.
Finally get to finish my book.
Well, that's the goal anyway.
I'm thinking the Sandals in Barbados.
They got a good special running this month.
You are not going anywhere.
We have work to do.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Tell me something.
She still making her spontaneous overtures? She make you taste her yet? Remember, doll face, I was you years ago.
And I've already done my time.
I think she'll be good with me.
Glad we did this.
[SPEAKS MANDARIN] I want to leave.
My staff not keeping you comfortable? I wouldn't have come if I had known this was your house.
I was getting concerned about you.
Hadn't been to work for weeks, you're not answering your phone, your emails.
I sent someone to your apartment.
When I saw what you were doing, I felt I I had to intervene.
[TENSE MUSIC] [DOOR SHUTS] I'm not supposed to be here.
And where do you think you're supposed to be? You know where.
With her.
She has a plan.
Yes, I've known about her delusional plan for years.
You don't know anything.
I had a chance to review your paperwork for Stage Three.
- Surprisingly - It's bullshit.
There is no Stage Three, but you already knew that.
I'm glad we can be honest.
Now we can talk.
The only reason you're involved in any of this is because I had Colby hire you.
I needed to manipulate you into dropping that contingency from your lawsuit.
You were threatening her plant.
And she would have done anything to stop those inspections, including killing you.
Why would you care if she killed me? You don't care about anyone but yourself.
Let go of them.
Then we can talk.
But if I didn't have her then how am I going to keep you honest? I own everything.
I own every single system the Dark Army has compromised.
I met your mother.
32 years ago.
When you took my laptop, you infected yourself with my malware.
If you hurt her, it will all get released.
Every bribe, blackmail, extortion, operation, all your illegal connections, everything will go public.
The entire Dark Army history.
[CHUCKLES] That's impossible.
And here I thought we were going to be honest.
We were both working at E Corp.
We dated for quite some time.
Seven days ago, the Russian government hired you to hack the DNC.
- Elliot.
- Two days before that, you bribed the president of South Korea to allow backdoors in all of their military networks.
- You're just pissing him off.
- Three weeks before that, you used Phillip Price to annex the Congo for China.
Am I being more honest now? I loved her.
But I never told her.
If one of us dies, everything gets leaked.
Well, we can survive a leak.
You can't survive a bullet through your throat.
The closer we became, the more I held back.
I was cruel to her in that way.
It made me feel strong To torture her like that Like that.
We have an opportunity for both of us to leave with what we want.
I know exactly what you want.
You want to reverse Five/Nine.
And honestly we couldn't care less about that.
It's already served its purpose.
When she told me she was pregnant, she was very emphatic that her child wasn't going to be raised by a monster, as she put it.
- [WHIMPERING] - No! I also know how to move whatever project you have in the Washington Township Plant to the Congo.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] While you sit back, missing your deadlines, doing nothing, I've engineered a hack that can solve all of your problems and I'm willing to give it to you.
[YELLING] Do you hear me? I can move your projects to the Congo! You'll get what you want! We won't bother you anymore! Sometime after that she met and then She married your father.
Who agreed to raise you as his own.
You're very sure of yourself.
You are just one hacker.
What makes you believe that you are better than an army of people exactly like you? Because I am.
[PANTING] I did something in one night you've been trying to pull off for months.
I never planned on telling you, until I realized what whiterose had done to you.
Look, it's not possible what she's talking about.
Angela, this so-called project of hers, it stems from an obsessive, psychotic denial of reality.
[PANTING] Don't do this.
Let me help you.
I'm sorry, Mr.
You're good at playing games.
But this was simply the wrong hand to play.
[SOBBING] She has murdered countless people to fulfill this this ridiculous fantasy.
History is finally coming for you.
You're lying.
I am your father.
Biologically speaking, anyway.
The Cyber Bombings [CRYING] All of those people.
That was my fault.
She used me for that.
Your jealousy has always blinded you to Mr.
Alderson's value.
That is why you can never see my plan through to the end.
[SNIFFLING] I have to believe there was a purpose.
It was a dig at me.
It's that small, unfortunately.
You can't believe him.
He's he's lying.
Know that I will find you as soon as our project is complete.
But for the here and now our time has come to an end.
[SPEAKING IN MANDARIN] No, it's not over.
It's not over.
It can't be.
[SOBBING] She was gonna bring my mom back.
We were gonna be reunited.
[SPEAKING IN MANDARIN] You made an offer, cuz.
Now it's time to pay up.
Please tell me you're not bluffing.
What are you gonna do to her? What are you asking? Retribution.
I want it.
Coast Guard is allowing the shipment of humanitarian aid to Iran.
Trust me.
It'll work.
I'm afraid your only move here Accept that you've been conned.
It's downloaded.
Now, you know I ain't got to tell you what they going to do if this don't check out right.
It'll check out.
You know I've always had faith in you, cuz.
Do your thing.
Find a way to live with what you did.
What do we do now? Undo the hack.
[BIRDS CHIRPING IN DISTANCE] [CLICKS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] Don't think I'm doing this for you.
You are a terrible person.
Don't ever convince yourself of anything else.
All you deserve for the rest of your life is pure and utter agony.
That'll begin to scratch the surface of how I feel about you.
You've taken everything from me.
[CRYING] My whole life is ruined because of you.
Live with that.
Die with that.
The FBI had Romero's keylogger files, but he encrypted them with a password.
Thing is, the FBI didn't know Romero.
I do.
Is this really it? The moment this can all truly end? Reverse everything we've done.
Finally bring Five/Nine to an end.
This is it.
Everything that was typed on those machines at the arcade on the night of the hack.
So what'd you find? He didn't do it.
Romero was just spying on us.
He caught someone else exporting the key data.
If he didn't do it, then who the fuck did? [SUBWAY WHIRRING] Reminder, today's city-wide curfew starts at 9:00 p.
this evening until 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Stay indoors and stay off the streets.
Why did you bring up Kevin McCallister? The snowman.
When we were in Coney Island, you asked me if I remembered.
What was that all about? It felt so random.
That was the day Dad pushed me out the window.
What are you What do you mean Dad pushed you out the window? He was mad that I told Mom about his cancer, and he pushed me out the window.
You were young.
I guess I never told you.
What are you talking about Elliot? I was there.
We were in your room looking for a camera when Dad came home.
For some reason you freaked out and told me to go hid in the closet.
Then Dad came in the room, and all of the sudden you I don't know.
You just snapped.
You started swinging your baseball bat, hitting everything.
That's not what happened.
Trust me, I remember.
You took your baseball bat and you smashed the window, and then you kept telling Dad you were gonna jump.
Elliot, you weren't pushed.
You jumped.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I don't remember any of that.
Well, I'm here to remember for you.
This is our stop.
I'm gonna ride the train a little longer.
Are you okay? I'll get it done.
The email from Trenton.
I know she sent it to you because she could trust you.
The same as I always have.
I'm gonna get off at the next stop.
I think you should come with me.
It wasn't Romero.
It was you who exported the keys.
Why? We're close, Elliot.
You pull the ripcord now and everything will be for nothing.
There was a huge cost to get to this point.
I still believe if we hold out a little longer No.
You do this, and they will have won.
You really believe undoing this is going to fix anything? Huh? Do you? I mean, who is this really gonna help? Me.
I'm doing this for me.
I can't live with what I did anymore.
[SUBWAY WHIRRING] And you're wrong.
They won't win.
Because one good thing came out of all of this.
They showed themselves, the top 1% of the 1%, the ones in control, the ones who play God without permission.
And now I'm gonna take them down.
All of them.
Whatever happens after this, I want us to keep talking.
I want us to be a team.
I know I can't force you so I'm asking.
I jumped.
I wasn't pushed.
Did you know that? [YELLS] [M83'S "INTRO" PLAYING] We didn't need a story We didn't need a real world We just have to keep walking And we became the stories You asked me before why I did this.
We, the damned! The reason is I thought What if we were wrong? We were you before you even existed Carry on What if there's something we weren't seeing? What if we failed? And after us the flood The real reason is it's It's because it's what you would've done.
You were right.
There was a part of you in me.
Carry on I never wanted to tell you that because it's not in my nature.
It's not why I exist.
Only you know why I'm here.
On the night of the hack, I transferred the keys from the arcade to a remote virtual machine on our box at home.
I then burned it to a CD.
Footprints of snow Blind from the road Hail You'll find the seed data and the algorithm embedded in one of those pictures.
We carry on, carry on You'll know the one.
Follow us We are one With those two pieces, you should be able to regenerate the keys that were used to encrypt all of E Corp's data.
Runs deep and strong Hand to the heart Lips to the horn We can save We can be reborn Head on my breast And with that Hail You can make it like Five/Nine never happened.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] This is a reminder, today's city-wide curfew begins at 9:00 p.
this evening through 4:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Stay indoors and off the streets.
[DISTANT SIRENS WAILING] [CAR HORN BLARES] Dude, what the fuck? Slow down.
Fucking asshole.
- Shit.
- [HORN BLARES] Like I was saying, this shit has been fucking rough.
I hear you.
It's hit everybody.
Yeah, the difference being when it hits you, you don't have to suck some cuck's shrimp dick to buy a damn sandwich.
This is true.
I think things are gonna change though.
For the better.
Soon, so - Hang in there.
- [SCOFFS] Hanging's what I do best.
But I don't know what you mean.
E Corp's in a world of shit.
Daddy lost both his homes and his bike 'cause of them.
And now this country's attackin' Iran.
If anything, this is the calm before the damn storm.
Yeah, well Hold out hope.
Trust me.
I think I think E Corp will be able to bring back their lost data.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, well, I hope not.
That just means debt's gonna come back.
And I certainly don't know how my $80,000 student loan I owe Parsons is gonna help me fix anything.
[FIONA APPLE'S "CRIMINAL" PLAYING] Well, it's a start.
Path to recovery.
The economy will start to bounce back.
[CHUCKLES] Girl, you don't have to sound so simplistic.
That's not the way this crony capitalism works.
Shit, educate yourself on some Marx before you go just theorizing about economic forces.
Okay, so What do you think would fix all of this then? [SCOFFS] An act of God.
And right about now, he needs a hell of a good blowjob, just like every other stressed-out, powerful motherfucker trying to hold their shit together, right? [BOTH LAUGH] Well, this is me.
I'm really glad I met you tonight.
You too, babes.
Why you coming to this ugly ass building anyways? My brother lives here.
You think he'd be down for a good time tonight? Well, he definitely needs to get laid, but I don't think that's gonna happen.
- What? There go them damn esés again.
Fuck, and now they parking.
I got to go, babe.
Can I help you, fellas? My sister, only the north stars of the cosmos can help a visionary like me.
But, yes, you can shine a light on a dark corner of my mind.
What? Who are you? I'm just I'm just a brave traveler who's finally come home.