Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Yesterday seemed like a distant past,
today felt unfamiliar,
and tomorrow was terrifying.
It was a time of turbulence.
All of us, each in our own way,
were living through
the rapidly changing Joseon.
The peddler comes through our doors
so often.
How does she not even have a small ring?
Where did you hide them, Ae-sin?
I urgently need one.
Look at what this little wench has.
Where's Ae-sin?
The peddler is here,
so she is at the gazebo now.
My lady, your grandfather
Do not tell me.
Is it the newspaper?
Did I get caught?
I can not believe you!
So much for getting
a good night's sleep today.
I told you it was a bad idea.
Gosh, what should we do now?
How dare you!
Is this why the peddler
is here every two weeks?
I told you many times
to distance yourself from worldly affairs.
It is not a lady's job
to serve in the government,
so I do not know why
she takes interest in the newspaper.
Father, I will talk some sense into her.
Do not just sit there.
Apologize to your grandfather.
I am sorry.
I do not believe you.
-I mean it.
-No, you're lying.
Starting today,
you will be confined to this house.
You will not be allowed any visitors.
Skip morning greetings as well.
You will read and transcribe
the Analects of Confucius day and night.
Engrave the words in your heart.
If you only read the words,
you will learn
nothing from them.
Why did Confucius
have to say so many things?
Mencius' words I could take,
but Confucius' words
keep putting me to sleep.
I told you to just go to sleep.
How can I go to sleep
when you are still up, my lady?
You should
have hidden the newspapers better.
My arm will fall off at this rate.
We survived Mencius' words just fine.
The words of both philosophers
will eventually take one of my arms.
What is it?
Let's go and wish my grandfather
a good morning.
Why do you always have to win?
Do you know why Queen Min died
at such a young age?
Was it because our country is too weak?
No, you're wrong.
She socialized with Western barbarians
and interfered with governmental affairs
as well as the King's duties.
Joseon is changing.
Again, you are wrong.
Joseon is not changing.
It is falling apart.
I will only read the newspapers
once a month.
Even lowborn people can study and
obtain posts in the government nowadays.
I am sure that a woman
could be of use too.
Do not be of use!
Do not be of any use.
You are already considered
highly educated for a girl.
Hence, I will not allow those newspapers.
Qing, Germany, and France
are all flooding into Joseon. The Japanese even steal rice from us.
That is how Joseon is--
That is precisely why I am forbidding you.
Does our country not have a king?
Are there no ministers in the court?
Even if they were all absent,
it cannot be you.
Our family
has worried enough
about the well-being of this kingdom.
Your father and uncle
are more than enough.
Be elegant and proper. Find a good husband
and live as a flower under his care.
Fill your time
with embroidering butterflies.
Live your life
embroidering beautiful plants.
Is that really too much to ask?
Then I would rather die.
If something happens to Lady Ae-sin,
I'm going to follow her and die too.
I will take my life as well. My lady!
My lady!
I made lots of dishes for her
but she is refusing to eat.
Lady Ae-sin!
I'm going to take my own life
if anything happens to her!
My gosh
She has not eaten anything for four days.
She is even refusing to drink water.
Her servant is utterly distraught as well.
I am worried that we might end up
burying two bodies, my lord.
Yes, my lord.
I wish to eat wild boar,
so have the gunner, Jang, come and see me.
How could you wish to eat meat when--
Since you'd like to eat it,
I will fetch him right away, my lord.
The new culture has made this country
shallow and crude.
The politicians are nothing but traitors,
and young scholars have scattered
across the country
after losing purpose.
This old man
is greatly displeased with today's Joseon.
I am sorry to hear that, my lord.
Joseon is becoming
more and more dangerous.
And she seems to want
to become a hidden fighter
throughout that time just like her father.
I have been doing everything I could
to stop her
from following her father's footsteps. However, if that is her wish,
and if I cannot stop her any longer,
I should teach her the means of survival.
I have already lost two children,
so I absolutely
cannot lose my granddaughter too.
I will not ask you to protect her.
Just teach her what she must know
to protect herself.
I will, my lord.
Did my grandfather order you to kill me?
I am glad if he did not
because he told me to die.
Winter is long, my lady.
Be sparing.
Why did he tell me to follow you?
My lady,
from this moment on,
I am your mentor.
My mentor?
What will you teach me?
Gunnery, my lady.
-It was your grandfather's order.
That being said, the one speaking formally
should be you.
How do you know my grandfather?
I mean, how do you know him, sir?
Get changed first.
You will find your clothes inside.
Will I shoot guns after I get changed?
I was talking to myself.
It sounded like a question. Have I not climbed enough?
The moment you fire a gun,
your location will be revealed.
What should your next move be?
-Do I shoot again?
-No, you run.
The climbing part is over.
Now, it is time for this.
You are too slow.
You should have shot as you turned.
But it could be an ally.
That was one huge wild boar.
It ran straight at me.
You already used that excuse
when you sprained your ankle.
The lovers' quarrel
that resulted in a torn face
was more plausible.
Do not worry.
I will not ask what you were doing.
I will believe you even if you say
that you fought with a boar over a woman.
Just do not die.
One day though,
if you ask me
to join you,
I will say yes
without a doubt.
That is why I have been training hard.
I hit at least two or three each time.
There is always another way.
You can write for a newspaper
or teach at a night school.
The Empress of this kingdom was murdered.
The King fled
to another country's legation
and has been
asking other countries for help
in the form of letters.
Thanks to that, foreign nations
have been intruding our land.
have no power.
I will fight with a gun.
Then train more.
You must be able to nail
all five out of five.
Yes, Master.
A special edition!
A special edition!
Get your special edition!
What's going on? Another change?
It sounds like the Americans
and the Spanish are close to war.
-"The Americans"?
What is that? A tin can?
What do you think Spain is, then?
Is it someone you know?
I think I have used up all of my wishes
for this year to survive
the battle in Spain.
Unlike you, I'm not American.
I heard you're being transferred again.
This time, to Joseon.
There are more Joseon students
in New York than ever before.
Life in Joseon must have improved.
Maybe they don't want to be isolated.
I thought you were going to return
to your country soon as well.
Yes, soon.
Eugene, Japan and Joseon are very close.
When I go back home,
you should visit me in Tokyo.
In Japan, there are many things
that you can't find in Joseon.
You can bring those things to Hanseong.
I'll buy you drinks.
If I go to Hanseong,
I won't be welcomed.
You'll still have to buy me drinks.
You'd better keep your word.
-Hello, my lady.
-Hello, my lady.
-Hello, my lady.
Lady Ae-sin!
My lady, do you not remember me?
I visited your residence a few times
with some fabrics.
That's right. I remember you.
My lady, she's Nam-jong.
Her father is the draper, Yun.
Oh, right.
You have grown so much
that I did not recognize you.
Tell me. How old are you this year?
I am two years older than you, my lady.
I see.
By the way,
what are you doing with a foreigner?
Do you go to the new school?
Yes. I learn English there.
She's my teacher.
She's pleased to meet you, my lady.
I understood that much.
You speak their language pretty well.
So, that language
What is the use of that thing you teach?
Is it for a title?
I haven't learned
such difficult words yet,
so I cannot interpret your question.
But as for me, I am not learning English
to gain a title.
I am doing it for love.
I do not care much for a title,
but I do want love.
Goodbye, my lady.
If she wants that more than a title,
it must definitely be something better.
You can do all the good things,
but do not even think
about mentioning the new school.
What could it be?
The preparations went without a hitch.
Tomorrow, all the streetlights in Jongno
will finally be lit.
America's technology
is bringing light to Joseon.
Joseon should be grateful to America.
Yes, definitely.
I will buy you a drink tomorrow
to thank you on behalf of Joseon.
How about at Hwawollu?
I heard the geisha there are outstanding.
As they say, seeing is believing.
Do you hear that? That's the sound
of the generator running.
It's all thanks to the wisdom
of the Americans
It must be the smoke.
I will crack the door open.
Are you all right?
Here is to the uncivilized Joseon
that is just beginning to develop.
What just happened?
Over there!
-This way!
-Yes, sir!
One target.
Two snipers.
A comrade?
Did you hear that strange thud just now?
It sounded like a gunshot.
A gunshot?
No way. Wasn't it the generator?
It's so cold.
I guess I was wrong.
By the way, when will the lights come on?
It's so cold. We'll freeze while we wait.
-Shall we just take off?
All right.
The smell of gunpowder.
Just now.
That man.
That woman.
Wait, a woman?
If you're looking for me, I'm over here.
I was not looking for you.
You were.
No, you are wrong.
Which way are you going?
Why do you ask?
I am thinking I should go the same way.
There are stragglers everywhere,
and it looks like we know something
about each other.
I think you mistook me for someone else.
However, your life will be spared
since you are a foreigner.
Why do you assume that I am a foreigner?
Your strange attire,
the way you talk,
which is formal yet insolent,
and most importantly,
the way you observe but fail to recognize.
You do not know who I am.
In this country,
no man would ever dare to keep me
standing outside like this.
Lady Ae-sin.
Is that really you?
My gosh! What are you doing here, my lady?
How have you been, my lady?
Why are you out at night without company?
My servants are running my errands now.
I will meet them at the apothecary.
I see.
There she is. We're over here!
Why are you all here?
Did something happen?
Something crazy happened over the hill.
You know, the bar on the outskirts.
Apparently, a Westerner died
in one of the rooms there.
Watching a raging fire is nothing
compared to what is going on over there.
Oh, dear.
The weather is terrible,
and it sounds like things will get rowdy.
We should hurry home.
This man is lost. Show him the way.
-Of course, my lady.
-Let's go.
Yes, my lady.
Watch her dress.
Goodbye, my lady.
Where are you going, sir?
That's why Lady Ae-sin
was in such a hurry.
-She told us to help him. You're terrible.
Hey, wait up. Hey!
Had he been a comrade,
he would have escaped fast.
Had he been a foe,
he should have escaped even faster.
I am thinking I should go the same way.
He would go the same way as me?
There are stragglers everywhere,
and it looks like we know something
about each other.
Is he gutsy
or careless?
Who are you?
I'm the acting consul from the States.
"The States"?
Are you saying you are American?
From your face to the way you talk,
you look like one of us.
I'm Eugene Choi.
What is this?
Oh, my goodness.
My apologies, sir.
We heard the acting consul would be
arriving. We were waiting for you, sir.
I'm Gwan-su.
I work at the legation as an interpreter.
My surname is Im.
I had no idea it'd be someone
who is originally from Joseon.
I am American.
-Oh, what I meant was--
-I'd like to meet the minister.
He is attending a funeral at the moment.
Last night,
an American died near the hill.
Where is it?
Pardon me?
Where is the funeral taking place?
The one in kimono
is the Japanese minister, Hayashi.
The tall one is the Russian minister,
Next to him is the British minister,
The ones with those hats are
Foreign Affairs Minister Lee Se-hun
and Vice-Chamberlain Lee Jeong-mun.
The man standing next to Ms. Taylor
is our minister, Mr. Horace Allen.
How many foreigners reside
in Hanseong at the moment?
Except for those
who are from Qing and Japan.
Well, that's
I think there are 9 from Germany,
and 28 from France.
There are also 57 from Russia
and 37 from England.
As for Americans, 95 I mean, 96, including you, sir.
In total, there are 227 foreigners
living here.
We've lost one of them,
so it's down to 226 now.
Oh, yes. You're right, sir.
Check every nook and cranny!
Can I help you, sir?
I came with the guys that are inside now.
I am their boss.
That is why I'm hanging out here.
Do you work for this family?
Yes, sir.
Do you think they are doing a good job?
Pardon me?
Are my guys searching thoroughly?
They must go through
every nook and cranny.
I told them to turn the house upside down.
The furniture pieces
and expensive dinnerware are all broken.
Who cares? They are not yours.
It doesn't look like it's here, Boss.
Are you sure about that?
Or do you guys just suck at your job?
We searched thoroughly, Boss.
Then you guys couldn't find it
either because the document
disappeared into thin air
or because someone
has already hidden it somewhere safe.
I sent a few guys to the funeral. We will join them there
and tail Ms. Taylor.
-Let's go.
-Yes, sir!
Are you sad that your master is dead now?
Look at that. It's as if that baby
understood what I just said.
She must be crying because she is scared.
I'm going to take off too.
Why is she scared though?
I never kill people
when I can't make money off them.
Goodness, how indecent.
Let's get going, sir.
The minister said we should start
investigating right away when you arrive.
As you can see, he has a lot on his plate.
He said we will get help
from the Police Bureau,
but we will be in command.
He said that there are mobs everywhere,
and the frequent heinous terrorist attacks
targeting foreigners make him
deeply concerned
for the safety of his fellow countrymen.
He asked for an authorization
for US troops to be stationed in Joseon
to restore public order in the country,
Your Majesty.
We have our own troops. We have no reasons
to let American troops
straighten out our public order.
It makes no sense, Your Majesty.
If we need help,
the Japanese will jump in and help us
as they have always done.
Japan is in no position
to help anyone at the moment.
In fact, Japanese soldiers have been
causing many problems as of late.
If we must seek help,
we should turn neither to the Americans
nor the Japanese.
I think it'd be best
to ask Russia for help.
Se-hun and Jeong-mun.
-Yes, Your Majesty.
-Yes, Your Majesty.
Is there any evidence that shows
it was a local's doing?
-No, Your Majesty.
-No, Your Majesty.
Then why isn't any of you
enraged by the fact
that he is talking as if
the people of Joseon are all mobs?
Minister Allen.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I am truly sorry for the loss
of your fellow countryman.
I heard that his funeral was held
earlier today.
But why is it
that you seem so chipper?
You may all leave now. I am quite tired.
Bring some coffee and cigars
to my bedchamber.
It must've been the biggest spectacle
since the night
when the first streetlamp went on
two springs ago.
Is there a specific reason?
We only had two streetlamps,
and we finally got 600 more last night.
It sure was a spectacle.
I heard many people took the train here
with their families to see it.
That means there must be
a number of witnesses.
Yes, sir. It's like a holiday here
whenever there is such an event.
Get in touch with the Police Bureau
and tell them to gather everyone
who witnessed the scene, heard
anything, or have talked about it.
Please don't worry.
That won't be a problem.
Even that will be an event worth watching.
I'll leave it to you, then.
Where are you going, sir?
I'm calling it a day.
What about me, sir?
I'll call it a day too, then.
Hong-pa, are you inside?
I'm here.
When will you catch a tiger?
All you catch is pheasants and rabbits.
You are such a coward.
Have some.
It won't be good when it's cold.
No tiger would get caught
by a mere gunner like me.
Oh, boy.
Did you know that chicken or what?
You've been staring at it
with such sad eyes,
so I was wondering
if it was your long lost friend.
I've never had this before.
But you look like you can easily afford
a bowl of baeksuk.
You want rice wine, right? -That'd be great.
-Just a moment.
Two snipers and one target.
I think others made a move
because they couldn't trust me.
-The Righteous Bandit, perhaps?
Or one of your militiamen?
If not those two,
he could've been a bandit
from Gangwon Province or Mount Jiri.
He seemed pretty clueless,
but I'm fine because
I now know that I have a comrade.
Having the same target
doesn't make him your comrade.
As they say, allies today
may not be allies tomorrow.
Hence, do not trust anybody,
including me.
I stopped trusting you a while ago.
You are practically homeless.
How am I supposed to trust you?
Get going now.
Oh, boy. I'm suddenly so tired.
I don't have that many bowls left.
Stop shooting and leave.
Okay, Master. I'll get going, then.
Whoever that did it must get caught. -Are they going to come out or what?
-Hey, did you see anything?
A suspicious-looking person?
No, I didn't see any.
Those who are up to something
wouldn't make it obvious.
I didn't see anyone.
But that man
I really didn't see anyone suspicious.
Those lamps were incredibly bright.
I was so mesmerized by them that
I didn't pay attention to anything else.
Mr. Taylor, who was right by my side,
After hearing the gunshot,
I just closed my eyes, covered my ears,
and hid.
Sir, I've been focusing
on mastering English, so Japanese isn't-- So basically, no one
saw anything.
After I heard that a Westerner died,
I stepped out to see what was going on,
and I ran into Lady Ae-sin
on the way there.
She was there too?
Yes, I was so surprised to see her.
She had told me she'd be picking
up her herbal decoction.
Gosh, I'm so forgetful.
Since everyone is saying
they didn't see anything
He was there too.
You were there too, sir?
Oh, then you must have seen
Lady Ae-sin as well.
-So what?
Who cares?
It's not like they can summon her.
Well, that is true,
Sir, we should summon her, right?
You jerk. I get that you have
a lofty position, but you can't do that.
How dare you talk
about summoning Lady Ae-sin?
Well, you're right.
But we ought to question
every witness fairly
according to the law.
She will understand
as she is thoughtful and considerate.
Please don't worry, sir.
I will be sure to bring her.
What did you just say?
You need to take Lady Ae-sin to where?
Don't you know who her grandfather is?
Our government is in a bit of a bind
as an American died on our land.
I am really sorry,
but some people saw her at the scene,
so we'll have to--
Who the hell said that?
Who said they saw Lady Ae-sin there?
Shall I pull their eyes out
and suck out all the fluid
so that they can't see a thing?
Lower your voice.
Oh, my lady.
How long have you been standing there?
Please forget what I said--
I only heard the last few words.
Both today and tomorrow won't work.
How about the day after tomorrow?
I'll let them know, my lady.
I sincerely apologize
for the inconvenience.
I understand.
Do not tell my grandfather though.
Who could have said they saw me there?
Which way are you going?
Why do you ask?
I thought I should go that way
There are stragglers everywhere,
and it looks like we know something
about each other.
It must have been that man.
Gosh, what is this?
It tastes awful. Is this poison or what?
Keep your voice down.
It's called coffee.
The King drinks it often as well.
I heard Lord Lee Wan-ik will return soon.
You should familiarize yourself
with coffee to get a meeting with him.
I know that I got
on the bandwagon a little late,
but don't be all condescending like that.
I have never had coffee before,
but I can confidently say that
no one is more pro-Japanese than I am.
-Jeez, you're such a talker.
-Hold on.
Hey, show me your face. How much
does it cost to spend a night with you?
Please let go of me, sir.
I am a server here, not a whore.
-It's the same thing.
-Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Let go of her, sir.
If I let go of her hand,
will you let me hold yours?
Hey, you are actually prettier.
I must say, you have a good eye, sir.
But you won't be able
to hold either of our hands.
Why is that?
-You bitch! Are you out of your mind?
-Shut up!
She is Ms. Hina Kudo,
the owner of this hotel.
You should choose
your friends more selectively.
I am utterly disappointed, Mr. Jeong.
The owner?
This wench owns this huge hotel?
Shut your mouth, will you?
I apologize on his behalf.
Please forgive us, Ms. Hina.
I'll get him out of here.
You must leave this instant
if you want to call yourself pro-Japanese!
I am so sorry.
You broke that expensive thing for me.
I am truly sorry, my lady.
It's just a saucer.
We can buy another one.
You are more important to me.
If anyone tries to harm
or take advantage of you,
bite that person
instead of breaking into tears.
Yes, my lady.
I am sorry about the commotion.
I sincerely apologize.
It got a little rowdy, didn't it?
I apologize.
Yes, it did, but it was fun.
I don't think we've met.
Which room are you staying in?
Room 304.
Room 304? I heard
an American is staying in that room.
I thought that this hotel
was Japanese-owned.
I'll send a complimentary drink
to your room
to apologize for all the trouble.
Please kindly accept it.
I'm the owner of Glory Hotel,
Hina Kudo.
-I'm Eugene Choi.
-Two foreigners met in Joseon.
Shall we shake hands?
Dress your wound first.
You're bleeding a lot.
You can send the handshake
up to my room along with the drink.
I'll leave the key with you.
What's the matter?
I've never seen that man before.
Did you hurt your hand?
Let's go to the room.
Did you get hurt or hurt someone?
What happened?
I was trying to help one of the girls.
Then I should help this girl here.
Did you find the document
you were looking for?
You sure know everything.
Do you know anything else?
We went through the dead body
as well as his house
but found nothing.
If I knew anything, I'd find it myself.
Is Ms. Taylor
one of the women who visit this place
through the back door?
If she is seeing someone,
-I should look into it.
-Don't you know that I never give out
any information about my hotel guests?
I was all nice to you for nothing.
I'm off.
Don't forget to put on ointment.
A scar does not suit that hand.
Is this style of teacup in fashion now?
I told you that you can count on me, sir.
Look at this humongous place.
It sure is
the legation of a mighty nation.
Some might shit their pants
while trying to find the toilet.
Welcome, Lady Ae-sin.
Please come inside.
Isn’t that the man who asked you
for directions the other day?
Was he summoned too?
Pardon me?
Oh, no. That gentleman wasn’t summoned.
He is here all the time.
What do you mean? He is always here?
He works here.
That gentleman is the acting consul.
He is here to investigate the case.
This way, my lady.
I guess that's how they call each other.
He must be an interpreter.
Even that son of a tenant farmer,
Lee Wan-ik,
studied the Western language
and worked his way up
to become a minister in Japan.
Please have a seat, my lady.
That is
I must say, it kind of makes sense
for you sit there.
But this is awkward.
-Ask him why he wanted to see me.
-Yes, my lady.
-Lady Ae-sin--
-A few nights ago when streetlamps lit up,
did you see anything or anyone suspicious
on the streets of Jongno?
I don't even remember
what happened yesterday.
What about you? Anything comes to mind?
Did you see anything?
I did.
I saw the things I bought.
I ginned some cotton and bought fabrics
to prepare for winter. Why do you ask?
I’m asking all three of you.
These days,
Joseon is filled with oddities.
There is one in front of me.
I'd like to know more details
of what I should have seen.
Ask him.
-Sir, Lady Ae-sin asks--
-Shut your mouth.
My lady would never
see anything suspicious.
She only looks straight ahead
when she walks,
and her eyes sparkle like glass marbles.
Nobody could paint eyes like hers.
She is like a work of art.
My lady is an innocent child.
She is like a baby.
That didn't answer my question.
I am sorry for knowing nothing.
What is he saying?
Yes, sir. Would you please
Would the two of you
please give them some privacy?
Are you telling us
to leave Lady Ae-sin here all alone?
Wait outside. Don’t worry about me.
How could I not worry?
You can neither speak
nor read that language, my lady.
You don't know a single word.
You're practically illiterate
What are you waiting for? Let's go.
You don’t look ignorant, so don’t worry.
You look like a work of art.
Let’s cut to the chase.
There was a lamp-lighting ceremony
on the day of the crime.
The loud noise from the generator
muffled the sound of gunfire,
and the big crowd there
provided the perfect hiding place.
That must have been
why you chose that day.
Aren't I right?
Why are you asking me that?
I am only asking for help.
I have no intention of helping.
The bullets came from two directions.
Are you sure you didn't see
either of the snipers?
Yes, I did not see anyone.
I think I might have seen one of them.
If you call that suspicious,
I think I may have seen one of them too.
Who are you?
That is none of a foreigner’s concern.
Let me ask you, then. Who are you, really?
Unlike what he looks like,
he is entirely American.
An American?
What's my fortune for today?
Isn’t that the guy from the palanquin?
You saved his life.
I read from the newspaper that
we are living in the Romantic era now.
But my romance
lies in the muzzle of a German rifle.
Do not draw attention.
American guns treat
the nobles and slaves just the same.
That is democracy.
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