Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You don’t look ignorant, so don’t worry.
You look like a work of art.
Let’s cut to the chase.
There was a lamp-lighting ceremony
on the day of the crime.
The loud noise from the generator
muffled the sound of gunfire,
and the big crowd there
provided the perfect hiding place.
That must have been
why you chose that day.
Aren't I right?
Why are you asking me that?
I am only asking for help.
I have no intention of helping.
The bullets came from two directions.
Are you sure you didn't see
either of the snipers?
Yes, I did not see anyone.
I think I might have seen one of them.
If you call that suspicious, I think I may have seen one of them too.
Who are you?
That is none of a foreigner’s concern.
Let me ask you, then. Who are you?
The Righteous Bandit?
-The Righteous Army?
-If I am,
does that mean we're allies?
I have no clue as to what you're saying.
I'm sorry for being so clueless.
All I've learned to do is paint.
What is it that you do here?
You must be more than just an interpreter
if you're an acting consul.
Only I get to ask the questions here.
You may go now.
-What's the reason?
For what, may I ask?
That woman you address as "my lady."
Why is it that everyone knows her,
and why do they protect her?
Oh, Lady Ae-sin?
I forgot to tell you.
Lady Ae-sin is the youngest daughter
of the prestigious Family of Go.
She's a noblewoman.
Her grandfather, Lord Go Sa-hong,
was not only the Majesty's mentor
but was also honored
as Official of Integrity.
"By strictly following them day and night
and maintaining unbiased,
one must establish order from above."
"These are internal virtues
a ruler who practices Confucianism
must possess."
-It looks tasty.
You're here. Eat up.
During the period of famine,
she'd feed the people
with rice from her own stock.
There isn't a soul in nearby villages
who doesn't owe her their lives.
You ought to know since you met her,
but she's a young lady of beauty
who's ignorant of the ways of the world
which is why all men and women
of Hanseong adore her.
You seem puzzled.
Ignorant, you say?
Yes, sir. She lived a very sheltered life.
Do you have an issue with me?
Did I do something wrong?
He's successful for a Joseon man
seeing how he bosses around Americans.
He must've accepted
the Western culture early.
That big piece of metal carriage
-sure clatters loudly.
-I know.
From what I hear,
rickshaw drivers
lost many customers to it.
And because of the gobstoppers
sold at Jingogae,
taffy vendors are going out of business.
-Ms. Haman.
-Yes, my lady.
Turn the palanquin around.
Why? Do you wish to go somewhere?
Since you mentioned it,
I'd like to go to Jingogae
for some gobstoppers.
Those are too expensive, my lady.
The French Bakery.
Take her to the French Bakery!
-Come on. It's that way.
Come on.
I want a lot and I want it fast.
It's urgent.
It seems, today,
you lost a lot and quickly as well.
I have everything you own now,
so all you have to do is move in yourself.
How dare you!
Who do you think you're addressing?
My gosh.
Just give me the money.
I'm afraid I can't take this.
Ms. Haman came looking for this
three times already.
It means that Lady Cho knows all about it.
What? What am I supposed to do then?
I need to get my things back.
What are you talking about?
What did you leave behind?
Should I get them for you?
My lady,
these are words of the wise.
"In a game,
if you don't know who's being hustled,
then it's probably you."
Say that again.
If you don't know who's being hustled--
How dare you!
My gosh. This is unbelievable.
It's good.
It's really good.
My gosh, how did you even
find a place like this?
You see, in Joseon,
there are those who must kneel
even before the commoners.
What is more, they must not speak
before they are
spoken to.
The potatoes taste nice.
In the winter, no other snack
is better than boiled potatoes.
Goodness, what's with the weather?
The soil will be frozen by tomorrow.
In Joseon
Serves you right.
they are known as butchers.
How dare a butcher like you
set foot in the market?
That's right, you bitch!
We're here to get paid.
You didn't pay for the meat.
-Please, pay us.
-You bitch, how dare you glare at me!
Why you little
I'll teach you a lesson.
-Please stop.
-What the hell is this?
How dare you lay your filthy hands on me?
You filthy bastard!
No, don't!
-Look at her acting like a mother.
-Filthy butchers!
You're not going anywhere.
Butchers had knives in their hands
but couldn't wield them at anyone.
Every night was filled with humiliation.
What does being a butcher mean?
What am I?
Why did you give birth to me
if this was how I would be treated?
To save their own children,
the mothers in Joseon
took their own lives,
were murdered,
chose to abandon their child.
Die on the streets, become a gypsy,
or join the bandits.
Make sure you never show yourself to me.
I can't stand the sight
of another butcher.
I don't want to see you. Get lost.
Go before I kill you!
Fine. I'm going. I will!
I'm not coming back.
I won't ever come back!
I don't want butcher parents anyway!
Do you know what the first thing I did
after coming to Joseon was?
I let everyone know that
I was a runaway son of a butcher.
Unlike my father,
I was able to cut anyone down.
You are
Gosh, no
Please don't kill me, Dong-mae.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about everything.
I beg you, please.
Please, spare my life.
Dong-mae, please.
You can live.
Dong-mae! No!
You'll forever crawl on all fours
like a dog.
You'll never be able to run away again.
You'll beg on the streets
for the rest of your life.
Thinking that you're better off dead.
That's how
you'll live your life.
You can tell that Joseon bitch
is a noblewoman at a glance.
Joeson noblewomen are easy to toy with.
Once we have our way with them,
they kill themselves.
That is so convenient.
If they kill themselves,
that's less trouble for us.
What's my fortune for today?
You're good.
There must be a fight over there.
It's no fight. Something irked him again.
The man with the sword is Gu Dong-mae.
He is a yakuza leader who has
absolute control of this area.
Don't look, my lady.
It's a horrendous sight.
Isn’t that the guy from the palanquin?
You saved his life.
The fool knows no gratitude.
He has no idea who saved his life.
He was given another chance
and he uses it like that.
My goodness.
What are you thinking about?
About where to go.
Where will you go?
Shall I follow the ornament
and visit my enemy
or follow the bowl to my savior?
Since the weather is so nice,
shall I just go on a picnic?
I keep going far, far away.
I don't know which is farther.
Or am I there already?
What did you drink?
I am hungry. Let's get something to eat.
That is a great idea.
For someone who lived abroad so long,
Joseon food must suit your palate well.
I couldn't eat this when I was in Joseon.
Oh, thank you.
In fact, I'm famished
from thinking too hard all day.
I did some thinking, sir.
The dead American. Logan Taylor.
Isn't something odd?
What is odd?
I think that behind his death
is some secret that only you and I
don't know about.
It was hot.
Hear me out, sir.
He was a diplomatic adviser
for the royal court and pro-Japanese,
so his death involves
America, Joseon and Japan.
No less than three nations.
But I have to say,
it's so strangely quiet.
Perhaps, the culprit who shot him
was American?
Why would Americans want him dead?
Then it was Japanese.
Yes, that's it.
On the day of his funeral,
the Black Dragon Society barged in
and turned his house inside-out.
They were looking for something.
His widow and kids
are at Minister Allen's.
They're hiding from something.
-The Black Dragon Society?
It's an organization led
by a man named Gu Dong-mae.
You'll know when you see him.
It looks obvious
They draw their swords like this
without warning,
dress like that and look like that.
Interpreter. We need interpreting.
If you value your life, come quietly.
Are they with that Black Dragon Society?
You can't say that out loud like that.
You just keep quiet and eat.
Stay out of this.
Sir. Why are you doing this to me?
Sir, save me.
Shut up.
That poor man.
No one they take comes back alive.
Yesterday at Jingogae,
Gu Dong-mae flew into a rage
and caused a bloodbath.
I don't know what it's about,
but I work for the American legation.
Whatever it is is a misunderstanding.
Are you all listening to me?
Sir, over here. I'm right here!
Why are you following us?
We're going in the same direction.
Don't mind me.
I told you to stay out of this.
If you want to show weapons,
I have one of mine as well.
What a bother.
Let's leave him.
We'll see you around.
Thank you, sir.
I couldn't believe you went on eating
while they took me away.
I will repay you for
Does this happen often?
What does?
They needed an interpreter and urgently.
An interpreter? Them?
What can I interpret
when I know no Japanese?
Lead the way.
Where to?
Where they were taking you.
I'm curious why
they need an English interpreter.
Can't you find out and then tell me?
I'm not at all curious.
In that case,
I will lead from behind.
How do you like that?
What's that?
They dress in that shameful fashion
once the sun goes down.
We should leave
while our legs are still intact.
You're the interpreter from earlier.
How dare you come here yourself?
You said you'd see me around.
You fool.
Who is Gu Dong-mae?
Unless you can kill ten
with each bullet, we're dead.
That's why I shot first.
So the police would hear.
wasn't it a good shot?
Is this what you're like?
Let's stay alive until help arrives.
What if they kill us first?
Now I'm thinking
we should drop a hint that I'm American.
That should work.
Is this really what you're like?
I'll ask again.
-Who is--
-I am Gu Dong-mae.
If you draw a gun at night
at Jingogae of all places,
you'll get into real trouble, sir.
I might not attend your funeral
to say goodbye.
Why don't we introduce ourselves now?
I'm Eugene Choi, the acting consul
for the American legation.
Is that a Joseon surname?
He's from America, not Joseon.
I was American yesterday.
I was paid in dollars.
Today I'm Japanese
and will be paid in yen.
So I called for an interpreter.
I heard he refused and I was disappointed.
Why do you need an interpreter?
For money, of course.
I was not paid for my work, but my client is nowhere to be found.
On second thought,
he was shot to death.
The four men who died
while protecting Logan were my family.
Their lives are worth nothing,
but their wages are not.
The widow needs to pay up,
but she hides in Horace Allen's house.
There is no way to reach her now.
I was hoping to write a pleading letter.
Would the American gentleman
help me with that?
If those are the circumstances,
I apologize.
I wish to help, but I'm a poor writer.
I recommend this man.
He has a quick mind and will help you.
Help him out. It seems urgent.
I trust you.
Sir, you can't just leave.
Sir. What shall I do?
We have no choice.
It could become a bother.
Let him go.
You must've lived a busy life.
Many people are after you.
I'll stay out of it.
The document that Logan had on him
has disappeared.
it seems the document hasn't yet fallen
into the hands of the Japanese.
I will allow the American Army
to set up camp.
Send an official letter to America
and make the preparations.
Is that what you wish to do, Your Majesty?
Minister Allen,
pretends to help us
with his innocent face,
but he cares only for American profit.
The Japanese
are gaining power all over Asia.
I know of no other way
to keep them in check.
Do you?
I do not.
My deepest apology, Your Majesty.
I worry so much that I cannot sleep.
Find the document
as soon as possible.
I will do everything I can, Your Majesty.
I, Interpreter Im Gwan-su,
shall receive the royal command.
I will pass on this letter as soon as
the minister returns from Unsan Mine.
It is very important.
You must do that.
Yes, my lord.
Where are your manners?
Where are you going, sir?
As you see, the Majesty sent a letter
Do what you will. I have urgent business.
Why that
Did he say something is more important
than the royal command?
Unlike what he looks like,
he is entirely American.
He's not yet used to our ways.
-An American?
-Yes, my lord.
Perhaps it's because
he lived abroad for so long.
Whether a subordinate dies
or receives a royal command,
he's very cool
He is very indifferent.
You need a boat?
Hey, you're the man who came by last time.
What are you doing?
Did you follow me?
Anyone can see you're standing behind me.
Get me a wherryman. I'm going to the kiln site.
What business do you have there?
Lady Ae-sin, you can come now.
I'm looking for a potter,
to be more exact.
It is from an old memory,
so I'm not so sure,
but I think he once left this dock
in a wherry.
I have never seen any man
who makes up such a story.
You can leave your name at the tavern.
You may come by again
when you're about to forget about it.
Why do I have to do that?
Lady Ae-sin, please be careful.
Haven't you heard the rumors
about Hwang Eun-san?
From the Japanese and the Westerners
to the nobles,
most people left empty-handed
after waiting for three months
at the tavern to get a white porcelain pot
made by him.
But thanks to him, I can earn a living.
I will get you on the other side quickly,
my lady.
Is Hwang Eun-san the name of the potter?
Were you going to ask him for pottery
without even knowing his name?
He did not even know who I was.
He would obviously not know Hwang Eun-san.
Do you know how to row a boat?
I have a lot of experience with boats
in many aspects.
Lady Ae-sin, do you know this man?
Don't forget
to get your change
for the baeksuk you had later.
I owe you.
Then repay me.
If opportunity allows.
You will get a chance
if you wish to repay me.
Why are you going to the kiln site?
Have you not finished interrogating me? That is none of a foreigner’s concern.
Let me see.
My, how beautiful.
This one is very pretty.
It is exquisite.
We cannot sell this, Master.
It has a crack here.
Be quiet, you dunce.
A ton of people are asking me
for my pottery.
No, Master.
Selling pottery like this
will ruin your reputation.
Got it?
Talk politely, will you?
Listen, you fool.
You just have to keep your mouth shut.
This is a naturally formed crack,
and even this crack is part of my art.
Let go! Let go of it, you fool.
Then what will you do to make sure
they won't tell anyone?
I think Lady Ae-sin is a discreet person,
and this young man here
seems to be the quiet type.
I will have nothing to worry about
as long as you keep your lips sealed.
What is the problem?
I apologize, Lady Ae-sin.
I will get everything ready
as quickly as possible.
I apologize again.
I'm used to it.
Do not concern yourself with it.
Lady Ae-sin, I know why you're here,
but what is this man, who seems to have
accepted the Western culture, doing here?
Hong-pa must have sent him here
for a reason.
Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
Stop babbling nonsense and survive
and get to America.
I'm Lady Ae-sin's wherryman.
Her wherryman?
Then shouldn't you
be guarding your oar on the wherry?
Why did you come all the way here?
I came here to meet a remarkable potter,
but I guess he isn't here today.
I have never met anyone who tells
such ludicrous jokes right off the bat.
You must have gotten your way
with everything. You haven't aged much.
What? What are you talking about now?
Do I know you, sir?
You are one strange man.
You were all rude to me until just now.
Why talk politely all of a sudden?
Well, I guess you can tell
that I am not someone you can disrespect.
Gosh, where does this fellow
even come from?
Why did you bring this rude lad--
Gunner Jang asked me
to say hello to you for him.
Everything is well with him.
He is still the same.
Oh, boy.
And he is definitely
as rude as he has always been.
He at least asked me to say hello to you
because he considers you a friend.
You got it all wrong, my lady.
That brat Seung-gu's father and I
were friends.
By the way, why are you
standing there smirking, young man?
If there is something funny, please share
so that we can laugh together.
Are you taking it out on me
because you can't argue with a noble lady?
How petty.
What? What did you just say?
-How dare you--
-Since I came all the way here anyway,
I'll take an earthen pot.
But not the one with a crack.
I won't sell you a thing!
There is a wait list of people
from all over the world,
who would be happy to buy
even pots with cracks.
Hey, Ko! What's taking you so long?
Hurry up.
I want these folks gone. Bring it quickly!
Hurry up already!
He refused to sell to me.
How could you buy those bowls?
We've been doing business for long.
They mostly gave you
cracked or broken bowls.
Even things like that can be of use.
You are close to a gunner,
and you came all the way here
to buy broken bowls.
They cannot really be used
to store things.
They must be for shooting practice.
I am not quite following.
It looks like you are.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm just not good at rowing.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm just not used to being on a boat.
Why did you want to go to the kiln site?
It did not seem like his pottery
was what you were after.
I just wanted to see him.
You two did not seem to know each other.
I know him.
He's just forgotten about me.
Russian bolt action rifles
are long-barrelled and have strong recoil,
so they're hard to maneuver
if you're petite.
But they're more accurate
than German rifles,
so you'll be less likely
to miss your target
even when you're
out of the effective shooting range.
You need to practice holding it properly
before you practice shooting with it.
That's my advice to you.
Well, you're probably
not following anyway.
I am obviously not following.
How much do ornaments like that cost?
You mean the price?
How much would they have cost
about 30 years ago?
Three decades ago?
You should have been able
to buy a big bag of rice
That is worth at least three mals of rice.
Do not exchange it for less.
She didn't even know how much it cost.
Will you not row the boat?
My mind was drifting away for a moment.
What were you thinking about?
You never answer any of my questions.
I always wear ornaments
to make sure look different
from when I'm disguised.
I read from the newspaper that
we are living in the Romantic era now.
Maybe it is true.
Those who have accepted
the Western culture enjoy coffee,
wear clothes from France,
and get excited by imported goods.
I'm no different.
But my romance
lies in the muzzle of a German rifle.
Who knows?
How you saw me that night
could have been romance in and of itself.
A young lady from one of the most
noble families in Joseon
should not make such a remark.
You are right.
It is nice to meet you.
Let me know
if you ever need porcelain bowls.
I did not know that I had a comrade
so nearby.
Gosh, what is taking her so long? I'm getting anxious.
Goodness, what took you so long?
Did you manage to send a telegram?
Yes, I did. "Hui-seong, you brat!
My dear son,
how are you doing so far away
from the family?
We don't hear from you for months
unless I get in touch with you first"
My dear,
I hope you didn't write all of that
in the telegram message.
One word costs one mal of rice.
I wanted to write all of that,
but I wrote, "You must return home."
Just the four words.
Happy now?
Gosh, you scared me there for a second.
You see,
the telegram will only reach Incheon
and get delivered
in person to Japan from there.
I told you
that I'd just go to Japan myself
and drag that brat home.
My dear, the ferry ride to Japan
costs a big bag of rice.
Gosh, seriously! Is rice
more important to you than our son?
If he does not return home this year,
our family will have no heir.
We must do whatever it takes
to bring him back home.
That brat. I cannot believe
how immature he still is at the age of 30.
He's 32 now.
When did that fool get so old?
What if the girl
your parents want you to marry is ugly?
I'll still have to marry her.
That is how things are done in Joseon.
How cruel. Your country is putting you
through so many ordeals.
What will you do
when you go back to Joseon,
my young master?
I won't do anything.
What have I done in Japan?
Oh, right.
I met
You sinful man.
You're right.
I have committed many sins.
You're talking in your language again.
You should jump on the bandwagon
when you're back in Joseon.
I heard everyone in Joseon
is trying to sell the country.
I know, right?
Everyone is trying to sell it off
to other countries.
I don't even know
if there is any land left to sell.
Gosh, again
Lady Ae-sin, here it is.
You did a great job.
I suppose Young Master Hui-seong
has yet to return
when Lady Ae-sin gets a new dress made
every year.
A man crossed the ocean with big goals.
His studies come first, of course.
You sure are very kind, my lady.
Lady Ae-sun told me that about you.
She did?
What do you mean by that?
Lady Ae-sun bought a pair
of Western shoes.
But she didn't pay for it,
saying you would make the payment.
Lady Cho will be furious if she finds out. Western shoes are made in the main store,
aren't they?
Yes, my lady.
I will pay for what she took.
I also want the same pair tailored.
I will go to the main store myself.
-Let them know.
-Yes, my lady.
The main store is in Jemulpo.
Will you go that far?
I'll use this chance to take the train.
I want to see if it's really that fast
like people say.
I’ll never know unless I try it myself.
Don’t be scared.
Let Mr. Haengrang know as well.
We are going, too?
Dear me.
Then I'll need a new set of clothes.
I should be dressed properly
if we're going that far away.
Western shoes have different sizes
from danghye.
Please wait inside.
Hey, guess what.
We'll be riding a train.
My gosh, you can't be dressed like that.
Ride what?
Does Lady Ae-sin want
to ride that Japanese-made steel carriage?
The Japanese might have made it,
but Joseon men drive it.
Don't be silly.
Don't you have a proper robe?
As long as it keeps me warm, it's fine.
What else do I need? This is who I am.
Where do you spend all your money on?
I’m saving it to buy you something
if you need anything.
Do you need a new set of clothes?
Who? Me?
Why would you buy me anything? You must have a lot of money.
Come on. Do you have a proper robe or not?
Why are you spewing nonsense
without answering my question?
Are you cold?
The cold gets to you as you get older.
What should I wear?
A silk dress would be nice.
Can you lend me some money?
Just a moment, sir.
I will help you
after I measure Lady Ae-sin.
We're done, my lady.
Leave them there.
Yes, my lady.
I will go fetch the lady’s things
and come back.
I didn’t
bring that many clothes.
You must not be staying
in Joseon for long.
It's quite the opposite,
which is why I'm here.
It looks good on you.
I doubt you know
what the color of this suit is.
Dark blue looks fairly good on you.
It makes you look like a hedgehog.
This is a rare coincidence.
You work in the legation
and you speak the American language
pretty well.
So if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
What is "love"?
Why are you asking?
Because I want to do it.
I heard it’s better than earning a title.
I suppose it is, in a way.
But you can’t do it alone.
You need someone to do it with.
If so, would you like to do it with me?
Is it because I’m a woman?
You know, I can shoot a rifle.
It's much harder than shooting a rifle.
It's much riskier
and requires more passion.
It must be quite difficult.
Why are you asking me?
Because you are my comrade.
Why do you think I’m a comrade?
One American and four Japanese died.
You and I both know the real culprit.
Still, you didn’t arrest me.
Is there another reason
for what you've done besides that?
Why did you try to shoot him?
-Why did you shoot him?
-He dishonored America.
He dishonored Joseon, too.
He said the Japanese
enlightened the savage Joseon.
He sugarcoated the Japanese intervention
by calling it enlightenment.
Did Joseon
ever have an honor to lose
in the first place?
I never needed the real culprit.
I only needed the circumstances.
The assassination
will be concluded as an act
of the remnants of the Righteous Army.
I already achieved what I wanted.
Am I in Joseon, Japan, or China?
I can't tell.
How do you do, my lady?
Please have a seat.
You can sit.
I'm sitting in the next compartment.
Thank you, my lady.
These filthy Joseon pigs do not
deserve to be a part
of the Japanese empire.
Those bastards.
This one's young and pretty.
We should let her live.
Let's see if she looks pretty
when she's scared.
Oh, no! My lady!
What's with this one?
Do you want to feel it?
Is this how you do it?
Where should I aim for it to be lethal?
Or is it here?
What are you doing?
Take the gun. What if she shoots?
My lady, this isn't something to toy with. There you go, sir. My goodness.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Be careful, my lady.
What's this now?
This isn't my second time seeing them,
but those Americans' pale face
and blue eyes sure give me the creeps.
It's as if I'm looking at a goblin.
I heard they eat people.
I hope they eat the Japanese.
Who knows?
They might be worse than the Japanese.
Why are there American soldiers in Joseon?
-My gosh.
-What the hell are you doing?
I can't understand a word you're saying!
Go on. Search me.
I'm not hiding anything under here.
Why is she lifting her skirt
like a mad woman?
What do you want? Do you want me to strip?
What do you think you're doing?
Do you want me to take everything off?
What are you saying?
How rude of you.
Who do you think you're talking to?
How dare you?
He wants to search the inside
of your skirt.
We are looking for an American rifle
that went missing on the train.
I need your cooperation.
You're a soldier?
But how is it that
a man from Joseon
is wearing an American uniform?
I never said I'm from Joseon.
I am Eugene Choi,
a Captain of the US Marine Corps.
The attack will be concluded as an act
of the remnants of the Righteous Army.
I already achieved what I wanted.
-Give us a moment.
-For what?
Don't you see them?
You'll be outnumbered without--
She needs us to be her second set of eyes.
Let's back off for now.
Was this what you were after?
Using that American's death
to bring American soldiers into Joseon.
I'll say no more.
-Please cooperate--
-How dare you.
How dare you threaten Joseon people
on the land of Joseon.
Is it even true that a rifle went missing?
is that another excuse for--
A box of sniper rifles
in the freight cart was torn apart.
Only one of the rifles is missing.
How do you think it'll be used?
Don't draw attention.
American guns treat
the nobles and slaves just the same.
That is democracy.
I can't even read his name.
The man I thought was a comrade
has been a foreigner
every step of the way.
Is he a foe
or an ally?
Men have all the power in Joseon.
But those men are always at Glory Hotel.
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
I'm Hina Kudo.
You should learn to stay calm
while living in Joseon from now on.
Are you a stooge of America?
Are you with the people
who searched my room?
It means I might dig my claws
into another woman.
A butcher girl stabbed
a commoner to death.
A noble fool who lives in luxury.
Rather than cows and pigs,
I slaughter something else.
The slave boy who got away.
The Choi family's son.
I'm Kim Hui-seong, your fiance.
It's a sorrowful conclusion.
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