Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Don't draw attention.
American guns treat
the nobles and slaves just the same.
That is democracy.
I can't even read his name.
The man I thought was a comrade
has been a foreigner
every step of the way.
Is he a foe
or an ally?
I'll cooperate.
Would you like to change clothes with me?
As you can see,
mine's not good for concealment.
I can see that.
why are you cooperating?
My lady, it's not like you can
just lift up your skirt
like some commoner.
Besides, I don't have time to waste here
since I have a party to organize.
I'm the owner of Glory Hotel, Hina Kudo.
Mr. Choi, could we get the VIP coach?
It's the one at the far front.
Lead the way.
Thank you for helping.
Don't mention it, my lady.
The current state of Joseon is to blame
for what you're going through.
I must say though,
my business is profiting from it.
At least someone's gaining from it all.
How did a woman
become the owner of such a large hotel?
I inherited it
from my deceased Japanese husband.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
My father married me off for money.
As you can see, I am quite the beauty.
You seemed to be fluent
in the American language as well.
During my stay in Tokyo,
I dated an English gentleman.
The Westerners sure like young widows.
They think we're like
the main characters of sob stories.
Then again, sad endings always leave
a lasting impression.
What is that and
why does it leave a lasting impression?
A sorrowful conclusion.
Step outside for a minute.
And go where?
You can't be with a man alone.
Why do you--
Leave the door open and stay nearby.
I don't want anybody listening.
Including you, too.
Yes, my lady.
As you can see, there's no rifle.
That's a relief. You look like you want
to shoot me with one.
Why you
You should learn to stay calm
while living in Joseon from now on.
Now I understand
why America's dignity means
so much to you.
Are you a stooge of America?
I'm not sure if they will
let me be one quite yet.
My rifle holds no power,
but yours
can station an army.
You had a good set of skills.
I had the wrong impression
that you were a comrade.
It seemed that way.
You had many chances to correct me.
The Righteous Bandit
and the Righteous Army
Are they your only allies?
Although it was brief, there was a moment
where our goals aligned.
This happened the moment I arrived,
so we're handling things in a rush.
Since that's the case,
it'll only end with a search.
It means that I'm trying to cover this up.
It won't do any good to neither us
or Joseon if this gets out of hand.
Take care.
Excuse me!
You can change back to your dress now.
I guess nothing happened.
No, and we owe it to you.
I'm curious though.
The dress you were wearing before
How much does something like that cost?
I did put on my best frock
since I'm taking the train today, but
I'm not sure. About two big bags of rice?
Goodness gracious.
Who would wear such an expensive dress?
That hotel of yours must be doing well
in terms of business.
That son of a bitch.
Are you all right?
Are you not hurt?
-Why don't you just rip my clothes off?
I have eyes and ears too, you know.
I would've moved out of the way myself.
Get out of my way!
So much for my knight in shining armor.
What the
My lady.
-What is it?
What exactly is a hotel?
Why does she make so much money off of it?
I'm not exactly sure,
but I hear you can eat, drink coffee,
and even sleep there.
So it's a tavern.
Yes, a tavern.
You could say she's a tavern owner.
Yes, you're right.
Her business must be blooming
because she's so pretty.
She's absolutely beautiful.
She was not that striking.
What are you talking about?
I've never seen a beauty
quite like her in Hanseong.
What is it?
Then I'll be the one in all of Joseon.
In terms of what?
What's wrong with her?
What are you looking at, ma'am?
Do foreigners fascinate you as well?
I happened to see it.
See what?
I saw how he looks at another woman.
I meant to interrupt, not cooperate.
But in the end,
it brought them closer.
I'm not sure if I follow.
It means I might dig my claws
into another woman.
Mr. Choi, could we get the VIP coach?
I see you have a fair share of women.
That is a misunderstanding.
I'll soon clear that up with Hong-pa.
I wasn't talking about you.
Anyway, did you take the train yesterday?
I saw someone who looked like you.
It must have been a handsome man.
I am not in the mood for jokes.
I also saw an American gun.
The muzzle was the size of a chestnut,
and it was about
three and a half ja long.
That sounds about right.
So it was you!
I ended up in a predicament
because of this.
Thanks to that, we have a new type
of equipment to work with.
They'll be frantically looking for this.
What did you steal this gun for?
Everyone wants a piece of Joseon,
so what's the big deal about a gun?
You're right. You should've just stolen
the whole crate.
Japan, Russia, and America.
It's like everyone's here now.
Yet, none of them
are on our side.
We have you.
You're on our side.
What about you?
It's not like Joseon is kind to its women.
Just consider me on your side.
Thank you.
What about you then?
I always say this,
but you should be in the dark
in case something happens.
Was this school the place
you wanted to come to?
This is a school for children of lowborns.
We should hurry back.
What if your grandfather finds out?
That's why you should
not tell him about this.
I could easily keep your secret,
but what about the people in the streets?
I hate not being able to read my own name.
How many letters that may be.
Come greet me at once!
Come greet me at once!
Come greet me at once!
Come greet her at once!
I know a little bit of English.
Please tell us
what you already know, my lady.
What's a "gun"?
It's a firearm.
Sorry? A firearm?
I guess I know an English word
that others do not know of. It must be one difficult word.
I know a few other words.
Do you know its spelling, my lady?
What's that?
We should start with the alphabet.
And what is that?
He wants to exchange some money.
What's he saying?
He wants to exchange some money.
I don't think that was it.
That's the change
after deducting the cost of the celadon.
You can check if you want.
That little
Is anybody out there? Bring me Ae-sin!
Head out immediately and find Ae-sun.
She's probably at a hotel
or whatever it's called.
Do you mean Glory Hotel?
I'm not sure of its name,
but a new hotel opened in Myeongdong.
She says she goes there for the coffee--
I bet she does drink coffee there.
You'll know what she does there
once you go there.
I don't even want to mention it.
I fold.
Me too.
What a bummer.
I'm all-in.
With a hand like this,
it'll be a waste to fold.
-Are you sure?
Read it and weep.
My gosh.
The moon is in the sky.
I'm sorry about this,
but I'm afraid I wiped it off the sky.
"In a game,
if you don't know who's being hustled,
then it's probably you."
My goodness. It seems
that you're out of money.
In a game,
if you don't know who's being hustled,
then it's probably you. It's you!
Are you all right?
I got hustled.
I got hustled?
My lady?
I'm pleased that you
honored us with your presence.
That greeting fits Glory Hotel.
It's a nice place.
Thank you for the compliment.
Will you sit by the window?
I'm looking for someone.
Lady Go Ae-sun.
Is she here?
Since you came this far
you should have some coffee.
If you don't like a window seat,
how about a couch by the wall?
Men have all the power in Joseon.
But those men are always at
Glory Hotel.
The modern boys, dandy boys,
and vagrants of Joseon.
All the boys flock to Glory.
That is very true.
I guess you're not here
just to look for Lady Go Ae-sun.
The ladies all left early.
The lady you asked for left even earlier.
What is it that the womenfolk
come here for?
Not much different from the men.
Food, alcohol, cigars, game of cards,
bed, men and love.
You can find everything here.
Excuse me then.
I stay here. I'm in the army.
All the commissioned officers stay here.
And I must eat.
It's convenient.
To stay in.
Enjoy your stay.
I'm glad you like it here.
It's convenient.
What a strange combination.
A nobleman's daughter and a swordsman?
Do you know that man?
He protects this hotel.
Would you like to hear more?
Not yet.
Then I'll bill the story to your room.
Why are you blocking the way?
Why cause trouble when there are
plenty of room in the street?
It's been a while, my lady.
Have you
been well?
You're the butcher from that time.
My parents were butchers.
Not me.
I may wield a blade,
but rather than cows and pigs,
I slaughter something else.
Why does my eye suddenly sting?
I heard about you. That you returned.
That you live that kind of life.
I saw for myself.
My goodness.
The world has changed, my lady.
Every noble in Joseon fears me.
But to you,
I must still be
a lowly butcher.
You are wrong.
To me, you're not a butcher.
You're one of the people.
So get it straight.
I don't know what kind of look I gave you,
but I gave you that look
not because you're a butcher.
It's because you're a traitor.
It's for this month. In Japanese yen.
Do you know of the man
who just went upstairs?
Shall I arrange a meeting?
You have a common interest.
Did he ask about me?
I wonder whom he asked about.
Was it Gu Dong-mae or
Go Ae-sin?
You don't like either answer.
Still, don't kill him.
I hope that one day he'll ask about me.
Let's sit.
On the day of his funeral,
the Black Dragon Society barged in
and turned his house inside-out.
They were looking for something.
His widow does not go out at all.
Him and the widow have no contact either.
But just to be sure,
shall we search his room?
You guys are bad at that.
Searching rooms.
I apologize.
You searched my room.
We didn't yet.
We just talked about it.
I guess we're not
the only ones interested in you, sir.
Someone who has the guts
to search an American's room?
The Righteous Army? The Righteous Bandits?
Do you have any idea?
I guess it's not just wages that you want.
What are you looking for?
Your society seems to want
what the Righteous Bandits want.
I don't know. I never spoke to them.
-Let's search together.
-I'll search alone.
One thing's for sure.
Whoever has it
will definitely die, sir.
Take care.
I have important business to tend to.
No, no.
It's not worth much.
I won't take your money.
He really came for candy?
But he's not that kind of man.
That won't be enough to kill him.
You butcher!
My lady.
Something must have happened
since the street is crowded.
Wait here while I go and find out.
My lady, in Banchon,
a butcher girl stabbed
a commoner to death.
The leader of the butchers
is being beaten up.
The son ran away.
He couldn't leave.
It's okay.
Rough beatings hurt less.
Why help me?
So you won't get caught.
What for?
I was told every man's life is precious.
Who said that?
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
It's hard. I can't chew it.
For you.
Oh my Gat.
Forget about the gun now.
Now what you need to remember is a face.
Someone who boarded with you
but then disappeared.
The person took a seat at first,
then the seat became empty
and someone else took it.
You got a standing ticket
but found a seat.
I did. There was an empty seat,
so I sat in it.
That's right. Then that was the seat.
When we boarded at Jemulpo,
someone definitely took that seat.
When the Japanese were
harassing Lady Ae-sin,
some man saved her.
That man
saved the Japanese fool
from getting shot by Lady Ae-sin.
Although, I was hoping he wouldn't.
I'd have loved it if she shot
the Japanese man.
And what if he didn't stop her?
Lady Ae-sin acted
the way she did to defend us.
Did you want her to shoot someone
then end up in prison?
I was told you were looking for me.
Yes, come here.
He's here, sir.
He used to be an official
at the office of government maps.
He lost that cozy position
after he was caught dating
a court maid from the kitchen.
Take your seat.
Tell me what you remember.
He will draw the face you describe.
Now describe the person you saw.
You first.
It came out very nicely.
Isn't this person
very ugly?
We brought her anyway.
Who? Lady Ae-sin.
She was on the train as well
with everyone else.
I brought her over.
I told you to trust me.
Did he really
You won't believe me,
but it's not my will that this happened.
Did you not see anyone suspicious
this time as well?
I did.
I saw someone.
He's either a Joseon man or an American,
a foe or an ally.
Neither his identity
nor his intention is clear to me.
Do you need the real culprit this time? That sounds like you know the culprit.
-I don't.
-Take the gun,
but what will you do about the bullets?
Ask the thief that, not me.
-You're sure I won't find him.
Then you're an accomplice.
Are you trying to help or obstruct?
It's too weak to be called an assault,
but it's not concern.
I was curious all along.
You didn't answer last time.
You could've made me out
as the thief and locked me up.
Why do this now?
-What are you up to?
-Because it's not too late to do so?
Is that your intention?
I will now speak my mind.
Someone searched my room.
Are you with the people
who searched my room?
-What do you mean?
didn't just harm Joseon's dignity.
Do you know something about
what the people are searching for?
-Will you believe me if I say no?
-Who's in charge?
What are you doing?
Protecting you. What for?
Because I can.
What is this?
It is part of my intention.
it's jealousy.
Have you seen him before? Is he a noble?
I have seen him before,
but I'm not certain if he is a noble.
Don't try to protect him.
He's the most likely suspect
at the moment.
"Protect him"? This man?
He was a Japanese soldier
who mocked the people of Joseon
on the train.
Let's act like we know nothing
even if we're summoned again.
Sure thing.
I don't know who stole the gun,
but it taught those Westerners a lesson.
That's right.
And we taught the Japanese a lesson too.
I wonder if those Japanese people
will get in trouble.
I hope they do.
I don't think that will happen.
Waves of Japanese people
keep entering our soil.
You see,
the rumors that there will be war
between Japan and Russia might be true.
You really think so?
The price of gold in Jingogae
keeps on rising,
so it mustn't be just a rumor.
Oh, no.
Again, only lowborn commoners like us
will suffer.
Why are you getting angry?
I'm so angry that I can't eat anymore.
Good grief.
As per the Emperor of Joseon's command,
I will now leave Japan and return
to Joseon after successfully completing
my duty
as the minister of Joseon to Japan.
This is white porcelain from Joseon,
which the daimyo in the ancient times
said they would never exchange
even with a country or a castle.
Sir, it is my small gift for you
that expresses how much
I am looking forward to the day
that you visit Joseon.
There is a devil called "Sorrow."
It is the fifth devil you encounter
on your path to attaining Buddhahood.
It is the demon in your mind
that saddens you
and makes you feel
as if everything in life is futile
and meaningless.
Being mesmerized by the beauty
of Joseon's white porcelain
can deeply sadden you
and make you feel
as if nothing in life matters.
Hence, some say it brings you sorrow
like the devil does.
Is that so, sir?
I need you
to bring sorrow to the Emperor of Joseon.
Remind him of Queen Min's death.
Tell him to never forget
the screams he heard that day.
Make him suffer from sleepless nights.
Make him anxious every moment.
Instill fear in him by saying
Operation Fox Hunt will continue.
He must stay weak and fear us
in order to survive. Harass him.
In three years from now,
I will cross the Genkai Sea
and step on Joseon's soil.
I want you
to bring Joseon to me then.
Of course. I am at your command, sir.
Here, have this rice taffy.
Just me? What about you?
I eat it every day. Trust me.
Stop drooling
and don't save it for later. Just eat it.
Is your back okay?
That American baby is big.
My back is totally fine.
I can carry two babies on my back
if that means I can buy you these snacks.
My apologies, sir. I'm truly sorry.
I'm sorry, sir.
That Japanese man bumped into you.
Why are you apologizing?
Be quiet.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, sir.
I apologize. I sincerely apologize, sir.
Please help my sister.
Sir, please help. My sister
-Japanese men are trying to
-Please, no!
Please, sir. You can't take this. No
Kid, stop pulling me.
Please help us, sir.
I beg of you, sir. Please?
My sister will die if you don't help us.
Please help my father, young master.
He will die if you do not! I cannot really afford to help anyone
at the moment.
I have enough of my own problems.
Do you happen to have a bullet?
-I beg your pardon?
-See? You can't help me.
Listen up, kid.
This is your fight. I'm only helping.
Got that? Okay?
Yes, sir.
Okay. Let's go.
This isn't my money, sir.
I'm simply running an errand.
I will die if you take this money!
Do you wish to die by my hand?
Give it to me
unless you want me to keep beating you!
Nice, American dollars.
It's our lucky day.
You filthy Joseon rats
Take your brother and stay over there.
Hey, you're that guy in
That young lad was
as good as Leonardo da Vinci.
What is this bastard saying?
Do you have a death wish?
Of course not.
This happens in every fight
whether it's with Westerners or Asians.
Just accept your defeat.
Fighting is such a hassle.
Shut your mouth, you Joseon bastard!
This man keeps talking to me.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you very much.
Thank you.
You must fight your own battles
from now on.
Good job back there.
I thought you needed to send a telegram.
Why aren't you going
to the postal service office, sir?
You fool.
Sending a telegram is very costly.
We cannot send
more than one message a month.
I will visit him in my dream tonight
and beg him to return home soon.
The smell of my homeland.
Thank you.
Hello, sir.
How may I help you?
-I'd like a room with the best view--
-You're a Joseon man.
You are stunning. What is your name?
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
I'll give you Room 303.
It has a great view.
Did you just return from Japan?
Yes, after ten years.
I can't believe
how much Hanseong has changed.
Has it changed for the better?
The city has gotten
brighter and more lively.
And my great-grandfather's residence
has been turned into a hotel.
-Are you
-I'm Kim Hui-seong.
It is an honor to meet the son
of the wealthiest family in Joseon.
I'm Hina Kudo.
It seems like you didn't want
to tell me your name at first.
I was going to introduce myself to you.
The moon is exceptionally bright tonight.
I just said in Japanese that the moon is
incredibly bright tonight.
I like
admiring beautiful things like the moon,
which is rather a useless thing to do.
You're from Joseon too, right?
Nice to meet you. I'm Kim Hui-seong.
My great-grandfather's residence
has been turned into a hotel.
My name is Kim Hui-seong.
I never asked your name.
Why do other men hate me?
Oh, no. Where did the time go?
I have to go somewhere urgently.
Aren't you the man in Room 304?
-It's very nice to see you--
-You can wait here.
Yes. I will, sir.
I'm staying in the room next to his.
I have to go and see my fiancée today.
I'd like to buy flowers for her,
but I blew all my money
while playing cards last night.
By any chance,
do you have a brother?
No, I don't.
Let's see. Is he here to sell, buy,
or pick up something?
I saw him at the American legation.
I heard that you used to be slave hunters.
I'm looking for someone.
The Kims, the noble family
that lived in Ganghwa Island 30 years ago.
They owned a lot of land.
The son and his wife from the Yun family.
They might have a few children as well.
Goodness. Based on my experience,
I know that I shouldn't take this on
One more if you find them. My gosh.
Why are you looking for that family?
Are you trying to kill them?
Do you wish to kill them?
Is that your plan?
You may bring them dead.
I knew it. So whatever it's about,
it mustn't be a nice story.
I don't even need to look for them.
Practically everyone in Hanseong
knows that family.
They rip tenant farmers off and collect
kickbacks from their government jobs.
His Majesty is the only person in Joseon
who is wealthier than them.
I need to know more.
Keep going.
There was one slave
whom we failed to catch
back when we were legendary slave hunters,
and it was that family's slave.
Was that boy nine or ten years old?
He's probably dead by now.
But we didn't exactly fail.
We saw his hair sticking out of the crate,
but you said we should just turn back.
Thanks to you, we got beaten up to a pulp.
My back still aches
whenever I think about that time.
The beating, I could tolerate.
Then what couldn't you tolerate?
Our reputation hitting rock bottom.
We got our names known
by catching runaway slaves.
Why did you let him go?
That nine-year-old slave.
The crate
I don't think we can catch that rat.
It was shaking so badly.
That poor little thing must have been
shivering with fear inside.
That's why I didn't catch him.
Well, you know. That's the story.
Thank you for that.
Why is he thanking you?
We haven't even told him
where that family lives.
You can tell me now.
Where do they live?
Sir, where are you going?
I can run your errands.
It's something I must do myself.
What is it?
-Pardon me?
I don't think I know you.
Who might you be?
Do not move.
She told you to stay still!
Lord Kim passed away from illness
ten years ago.
Oh, my.
My goodness.
Do you know something about
what the people are searching for?
Protecting you.
It is part of my intention.
Perhaps it's jealousy.
Who are you?
I said, who are you?
How rude of you.
I'm asking who you are.
Isn't that a military uniform?
But it isn't a Joseon uniform.
What do you think you're
What's wrong, my dear?
Have you been drinking?
That That
What are you trying to say?
slave boy who got away.
The Choi family's son.
Did you at least
retrieve my parents’ bodies?
Did you at least bury them?
I said, who are you?
Why are you looking over--
Is that you, young master?
-Young Master Hui-seong, is that you?
-Long time no see.
Young master, you're back! Finally!
Come inside. Come on in, young master.
This is Lady Ae-sin.
She is your fiancée.
I thought so, that's why I was regretting
not coming sooner.
He is the acting consul
of the American legation.
But his appearance is a bit peculiar.
What is Hayashi looking for?
The fate of Joseon might be
Starting today I am a Korean, sir.
Bed, men, love,
and now a veiled enmity.
The lady's fiancé came back from Japan.
Is this a worthy information?
If a man can't even keep his word
to his woman,
he can't protect anything.
On my way to Joseon, I thought to myself,
should I do anything,
it will be for the doom of Joseon.
Will you shoot first?
should I?
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