Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Young Master Hui-seong, is that you?
-Long time no see.
-Young master, you're back!
Come inside. Come on in, young master.
This is Lady Ae-sin.
She is your fiancée.
I thought so, that's why I was regretting
not coming sooner.
Did you at least
retrieve my parents' bodies?
Did you at least bury them?
We discarded them, of course.
They were servants.
-That's how it was done back then--
-Even so, you should have buried them.
Any decent human being
would have done so.
They may have been your parents,
but they were mere slaves to us.
Say that again.
Have you gone mad?
A gun is pointed at you!
Is anybody out there?
There isn't anyone here!
He's asking where the bodies are.
Where else would they be?
We always dump the bodies at
When those who used to serve us die,
we would take them to
In other words
They were all buried together.
It's nice to meet you.
I am your fiancé,
Kim Hui-seong.
Do you not like
the flowers?
If it's not the flowers,
then it must be me.
Am I not to your liking?
"The child must bear
its parents' sin too."
Remember that?
You'd better find where the bodies are.
If you don't,
I will do everything in my power
to destroy your family.
Just like your father did.
That's how it is now.
Anything you say or do
can be used against you.
I will look into it.
I promise.
Find them
and notify the American legation.
The American legation?
Why there?
I'm a Captain of the US Marine Corps,
Eugene Choi.
Why you imbeciles!
Where were you all this time? You fools!
Sir, sir!
I apologize for coming so late.
Ten years.
You turned up unannounced
after being ten years late.
My grandfather is out
visiting our ancestral grave,
so come back another time.
When I do,
would you be less angry at me then?
I am not angry.
I'm just surprised
because you are exactly how I imagined.
How did you imagine me?
A fair-skinned and fragile
"A fair-skinned and fragile weakling"?
You are not exactly as how I imagined.
You are
like a flower.
You wanted to know anything that happened
to Lady Ae-sin or her grandfather.
I heard you'd pay for the information
regardless of its importance.
So is this about Ae-sin
or her grandfather?
Lady Ae-sin, sir.
It's not anything important--
That's for me to decide.
Of course.
the lady's fiancé came back from Japan.
Is this a worthy information?
Is it not?
Twenty hwans?
I could buy four pigs with this much.
Is this really for me, sir?
I'm paying you generously
because I want to see you again.
Of course, sir. You can count on it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, sir.
When did you arrive in Joseon?
Who are you to ask me that?
Why do you care when I--
You bastard!
Why are all these scumbags
coming to Joseon?
They should just fucking stay in Japan!
Let us take care of him, sir.
This piece of shit got on my nerves.
It was this guy.
I'm not lying.
Do you know the second rule
that the Japanese legation issued
upon its foundation in Joseon?
"Do not humiliate the empire
by running around naked."
Forgive me. Please spare my life!
If you want to do business here,
put on some clothes.
I have a lot of worries these days.
Because of dishonorable rats like you
who come to Joseon
looking for easy profit,
our district hasn't been able to expand.
We're losing money because of you.
Don't you agree?
-Take him.
-Yes, sir!
Sir, I'm sorry. Please!
Please forgive me!
Please be gentle.
I've been waiting for this day and night.
Bring it forward.
It is a bottle vase with flower design.
I do like flowers.
I must say, the drawing on the vase
and its shape
are quite resplendent.
Many offered me their gold and jade
in return for the vase,
but I came straight over to you, my lord.
Of course.
That you should.
I hear that even a lowly interpreter
could gain the favor of Japan
with a single white porcelain.
So why can't I?
As long as it's made by you,
whatever it may be,
I wouldn't mind spending a fortune.
So come back again.
Thank you.
I am grateful
for your recognition, my lord.
Stop trembling, you fool.
A man should be bold and daring.
But I was just imitating your work.
How could you sell something like that?
It doesn't matter who made it.
The fact that the buyer finds it beautiful
is all that matters.
See? I told you that you had the talent.
If we keep this up
and you keep your mouth shut,
we'll get our hands on plenty of gold.
-But Master!
-Stop it already.
Let's go eat some baeksuk.
I'm Lady Ae-sin's wherryman.
He kept asking, so I had to tell him.
There was one other person
who asked about your whereabouts.
Have you been well, sir?
Do I look well?
-You've been hanging around here,
so you must've seen me.
Do I look well to you?
-Why are you wandering around here?
I wish to repay you for your kindness.
I'll do anything you ask of me, sir.
I will do whatever you ask.
Hey, boy. My hands are already full.
You said you had
enough of your own problems.
Just let me serve you
and I'll do anything you ask.
So this is how he must've felt.
It must've been troublesome
and uneasy.
And don't ever come back.
Bull's eye!
Your archery skills are always top-notch.
You're too kind.
I owe it to the lack of wind.
My sister-in-law sure is
beautiful and talented.
If only she gave birth to a son
to carry on the family line,
I couldn't ask for more.
What's wrong? Did I hit a soft spot?
It seems like I am your target today.
I'm just saying because it creates
conflict at the annual family gatherings.
It's been years since
Sang-wan passed away.
Losing a child is always sad,
but you should move on
and carry on the family line
even if you must adopt a son.
Why can't you see
that's the right thing to do?
At this rate, your sons-in-law will end up
with all of the family's assets.
If that is what Father wants,
then that is what I will do.
-Look here.
-Father is still very healthy,
and Ae-sin could marry a man
who could come live with us.
Even if I were to hold
a memorial service for Sang-wan,
it would still be none of your business.
Father's adoptive grandson
is my son as well
and I do not intend to
adopt one from your family.
-Why you
-Another bull's eye!
Look here!
I wonder why Lady Yun is absent today.
She never misses an outing.
My servants tell me
that she has become bedridden.
Why? Does she have a cold?
It is probably because she feels guilty.
How could she show herself in front of me
when Hui-seong has not
returned home for ten years?
What has the world come to?
This is all because the new era has let
even lowlifes rise in status.
How dare a slave point a gun at me.
Goodness gracious, how disastrous.
Why couldn't you say that
in front of him yesterday?
Stop it with the nonsense
and try getting in touch
with our old servants.
By the looks of it,
he'll do anything to get what he wants.
You should stay in bed.
Why are you getting up?
To send a telegram.
Another telegram? To whom?
I should tell him to stay away
from Joseon for the time being.
What if he stays in Joseon
and sees us get humiliated by that man
like we did yesterday?
Of course not. You should go.
That punk, I'll teach him a lesson
when he comes back home.
I just told you that he should not.
Is someone talking smack about me?
It's either my parents
or my fiancée.
Either way, I deserve it.
A fiancée? I fold.
A fiancée? I fold too.
Why are you speaking Japanese
all of a sudden?
Anyway, I'm all-in.
Hurry and show your hands.
By the way, why are you
all wearing Western dresses?
You make it sound like we never wear them.
I'll say.
Seeing how slow you are
at accepting the Western culture,
it worries me dearly.
Seeing how a commoner like you
had to borrow that dress,
it worries me more.
At least choose one that fits.
Who is higher in status
doesn't matter at a gambling table,
so why do you keep addressing me like
I'm beneath you?
Shut your mouth, you lowly bitch.
How dare you
If you want, I can show you the difference
between a noble and a commoner
outside the hotel.
what's your move?
If you're scared, you should fold.
I will
-My goodness.
Oh, dear me.
I'm afraid this adorable deer
happened to be in my hands.
In a pair, that is
Not so fast.
Dear me.
Oh, dear.
I'm afraid
I'll get an earful from you too.
It is I who have the best hand.
Now please
Thank you very much.
-How much did you lose?
-A lot.
I see.
-My money
-Here you go.
How much did you lose? Here you go.
All right.
This is for you.
Goodness, you're making me dizzy. Then how do you think I'm feeling?
Why are you so against marriage?
If marriage is so great,
why didn't you get married again?
I have standards, you know.
There isn't a man who is handsome enough
in Joseon for me.
From what I saw though,
Young Master Hui-seong is very handsome.
He even brought flowers for his fiancée.
What's the problem?
The flowers are the problem.
What good of a man is he
when flowers are all he has in his hands?
He's coming to see his fiancée.
Did you expect a gun?
Should he have wielded his sword?
Why are you taking a stranger's side?
I feel like I should take his side
for him to stick around.
You are not exactly as how I imagined.
You are
like a flower.
That's why
I want the engagement annulled.
In my next life,
I wish to be one of those.
And me?
live in a house like this.
I will bloom in the garden.
The lady's fiancé came back from Japan.
Next. Next.
You could hurt yourself, sir.
And the boys too.
That's it for today.
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Straw shoes for sale.
-What lovely weather.
-Yes, sir.
-I wish you a good day.
-Thank you.
-Straw shoes for sale. Come take a look.
It's good for you. Buy a lot.
Isn't it yours?
You're oozing beauty.
You aged so beautifully
Why are you glaring at me?
You look very familiar.
You scumbag of a fool.
You never came home when I told you to.
I was just returning
from sending you a telegram.
You worthless excuse of a son.
You punk.
Mother. I missed you so much as well.
I'm so pleased to see you're so well.
If you were going to show up,
why not before I sent the telegram?
You're terrible.
Try it, Mother.
It's a foreign brew called coffee--
I know that.
What a waste of money.
When did you return to Hanseong?
Why won't you answer?
Have you become mute?
Not long ago.
And you're staying here
instead of coming home?
I was going to come home today.
For some reason, Father kept appearing
in my dreams since I was in Tokyo.
He told me to come with all his heart--
Don't you dare.
Don't think of coming home. Stay here.
Don't show yourself anywhere near us.
Is something the matter?
You don't need to know.
Just stay here and keep quiet.
No, just go back to Tokyo.
That would be best.
Not for me. I'm not going anywhere.
Where should I go, away from my fiancée?
I should get married
and put both sets of parents at ease.
I can't believe I gave birth
to such a filial son.
Will you not tell Father that I'm back?
The fact that you're back
should be kept from the whole country.
Don't be seen in public
and don't tell anyone your name.
Use your childhood name.
Good morning.
You stupid fool.
Would you like to see my room? Shall I put the bill on your room, sir?
-You do that. Third floor, Mother.
-Stop there.
What about the letter and carriage?
Send it now.
Mother, watch the stairs.
Follow me.
My lady.
What is it?
I think you should come outside.
Hello, my lady.
I'm Gui-dan and I work at Glory Hotel.
Our guest who's staying at
Room 303 sent you
this carriage and this letter.
The weather is so very bright.
It is like a flower, and so are you.
What's wrong?
Take the flower carriage and come to me.
Can you not write
without using the word "flower"?
I'm a man who loves
beautiful, yet useless things.
I'm pleased you came.
Why did you ask to meet
at a place like this?
People in Tokyo--
This is not Tokyo.
This is Hanseong.
I must've made another mistake
or you must dislike me for all reasons.
I'm not sure if I like you or not
for we have only met twice.
Will you be sure if we meet many times?
-Can we not meet?
-Is there another way?
All I want is to annul the marriage.
Don't. I like you too much for that.
Now? At first,
I waited.
After five years passed,
I started hearing disgraceful rumors.
My grandfather was concerned.
My aunt cursed you.
What about you?
I was disappointed.
It may have been true
that we had never met,
but a promise between families
was a promise with me.
If a man cannot keep a promise
with a woman,
what can he keep?
So I forgot about you.
Just like I forgot about you
I thought you'd forgotten about me.
That means
you did think about me.
I'm saying we should forget
about each other.
I believe I gave you my answer to that.
I don't want to.
I will keep it a secret
that you broke a promise.
How about this?
postpone the marriage.
People already think I'm a scumbag
so I'll become your shield.
Do you mean that?
I do.
In return, how about we become friends?
Welcome, sir.
Do you want your key?
I must leave.
The American legation asked for me.
Why would they ask for you?
Enjoy your coffee.
I heard you asked to see me again.
I shall come. Lead the way.
That was all very awkward.
Both of them.
How much further must we go?
To the left.
You said no man in Hanseong
wouldn't be able to keep you for long,
but you even had coffee with him.
You must be close.
Are you comrades?
You befriend men?
I'm considering it.
With that man,
friends is the closest I'll be.
I know that letter.
I go to school, you see.
I never asked.
And then
Your name uses letters from
the back end of the alphabet.
I only got as far as F.
Still, there are some things
I can say in English.
I overheard what
the advanced class was learning.
It's quite long, so listen carefully.
Why does everyone want to know that?
If you're done using me, may I go?
I apologize.
If you apologize so sincerely,
it sounds like you did use me.
Let's say you repaid me for
-the boat ride.
-Says who?
I don't want to pay you back yet.
Today, you owe me.
Where are the papers?
Since you asked,
I'm doing my best to look for them,
but do they really exist?
I can't help you if they never existed.
Judging by the fact
that Logan demanded more money,
it definitely exists.
He never lies when it comes to money.
Dead men tell no tales
and the widow makes no movement.
For now, waiting for it to appear
might be our best bet.
If it's that valuable,
the person who has it
will look for a buyer.
-Watch my throat.
-Sorry, sir.
Rinoie is coming to Joseon tomorrow.
Don't tell him anything.
Don't collude with him
because you're both from Joseon.
I'm disappointed to hear you say that.
Even though it was just for a while,
I was once Japanese.
Welcome, sir.
How was your trip?
Joseon will finally get back on track.
You're here.
Why isn't Hayashi here?
He rests on Sundays.
The government didn't send anyone either.
I take it they rest on Sundays.
I'm honored that you allowed me
to come greet you, my lord.
What is Hayashi looking for?
Did you not get seasick?
You should take a breather.
Is it true that it's a certificate
proving the king
deposited a slush fund in a bank in China?
Shall I tell you if I find it?
I've been feeling homesick.
I'm back to being a Korean, my lord.
You seem to know how to use that
brain of yours more than a sword.
I guess it's a lie that
you are an amazing swordsman.
A swordsman is only good
for his sword, sir.
The train station's that way.
There's a railroad already?
There are 2 trains a day. The first one at
7 a.m. and the next one at 1 p.m.
Money really is good.
Civilization entered
the barren Joseon soil.
I heard there's a hotel in Hanseong too.
It's a Western-style building
so the business is going well.
Will you stay there?
Why would I ask if I want to stay there?
If it's good, I'll take control of it.
En garde.
I won't be able to beat you anymore.
What's gotten into you today?
So many people are after me.
I have something to tell you, ma'am.
I thought about it for a few days and--
Do you have to tell me now
what you thought about for so long?
Let me wash up first.
Well done.
Okay. It's because of Room 304.
I'll tell you after you're--
Tell me now. What is it?
The thing is,
the guest in Room 304 asked us
to clean the room,
and I happened to take care of the job,
but I keep thinking that
the way things were cluttered seemed odd.
"Odd"? How so?
Things were all over the place,
but it did not seem like
there was a fight.
Shall I say it looked like someone
had searched the room to find something?
And the guest in Room 304
didn't say anything else about it?
-What about other rooms?
It's just that room.
So if the guest claims later on
that something went missing,
he will probably suspect me first.
I thought you should know--
Bed, men, love,
and now a veiled enmity.
My hotel has everything, and I suppose
there will be some unnecessary things too.
Pardon me?
I'm just saying
you must keep your lips sealed.
If word gets out,
our hotel's reputation will be ruined,
and it'll make our guests anxious.
Do you understand? Yes, ma'am.
It couldn't have been Dong-mae.
Who would rummage
through a foreigner's room?
Who could it be?
The man who concluded
that the assassination was carried out
by the Righteous Army
is the acting consul
of the American legation.
He's currently staying
in Room 304 at Glory Hotel.
I'm not sure why,
but Musin Society
is keeping an eye on him as well.
Considering everything, it seems
highly likely that he has the document.
We'll have to search his room first.
Find out when his room is usually empty.
Yes, sir.
But his appearance is
-a bit peculiar.
He's from America,
and he's officially American.
However, he looks just like one of us.
Did you find it, sir?
No, I didn't.
I don't think it's here.
We've looked through everywhere,
so let's leave before anyone shows up.
Yes, sir.
It wasn't stolen.
It's worth my mother's life.
You must have gotten your way
with everything. You haven't aged much.
Do I know you, sir?
Stop babbling nonsense and survive
and get to America.
That audacious young man.
He must be that boy.
Yes, he is that boy.
He survived and made it to America.
Oh, my.
Don't worry, Master.
That sound is coming
from Japanese soldiers' shooting drill
across the river.
Why are you standing there
looking all guilty
when Japanese soldiers are training?
Get ready to cook some rice.
I'll make soup.
Yes, Master!
Turn left. Advance!
I just remembered something.
The Joseon bastard who attacked us.
He's actually not from Joseon.
He's an American soldier,
not a Joseon man.
What are you talking about?
I heard him talking
in the Joseon language.
No, I remembered
where I had seen him before.
At the train station
on the day we arrived here.
That bastard was there that day,
clad in the American military uniform.
He's an American soldier.
I'm going to kill that bastard.
-Hey! Pick up your weapons and follow me!
-What the hell?
Are you crazy?
You haven't even told the superiors.
What are you waiting for?
Don't you hear me?
Have you really lost your mind? Hey!
The Japanese are surrounding
the legation at the moment.
I got you in this trouble.
I'm truly sorry, sir.
It is all my fault.
You only helped me because I'm too weak.
It's not because you're too weak.
It's because Joseon is.
Pardon me?
America is a powerful nation.
It'll never lose to Japan.
Your country won't protect you,
but my country will keep me safe.
What do you mean by that, sir?
It must've sounded complicated,
but I was telling you not to cry.
I am trying not to cry,
but there are
so many Japanese soldiers outside now.
I told you that it's fine.
But I think you'll lose this time, sir.
Is that why you're crying?
What if you get punished because of me?
You're already convinced that I'll lose.
By the way, how did you sneak in here?
I just had to jump over the back wall.
It's a piece of cake.
The back wall? Where?
So he really is an American soldier.
What now?
We should ask them first.
Shut up.
Interpret what I say.
An American soldier has inflicted
an injury on a Japanese soldier.
We consider this a provocation against
the Empire of Japan, so we must
investigate and punish the assailant.
They want to punish
the American soldier who inflicted
an injury on a Japanese soldier.
What is that bastard saying?
What are they saying?
Well, first off
As for the injury,
he said his heart aches
and he's sorry to hear about it.
He is sorry to hear about the injury.
What? He's sorry?
Forget it. We're going to
take that guy in the middle and teach him
a lesson,
so tell him to shut up and follow us.
They'd like to
take him with them now
for their investigation.
Why is that guy smirking at me like that?
Interpret what he said!
Why is that man smirking like that?
Isn't it obvious? "Take him if you can."
He was sneering at him to ridicule him.
Are you out of your mind?
I can't tell him that.
That's none of my business.
Why are you taking it out on me?
What is your problem?
What do you want from me?
Are you trying to pick a fight?
Look at this rude man.
How old are you, punk?
I'm old enough.
What are you going to do about it?
-Did you just hit me?
Fine, we're standing right in front
of the American legation.
Go ahead. Hit me again. Come on!
You bastard.
Do you think I won't be able to?
Are you trying to say
this is your turf or what?
Sergeant Tsuda.
Sergeant Yamada.
How do you know our names?
The American legation has information
on everything and everyone.
So you'd better
pay attention to what I'm about to say.
I'm not sure if you're aware of it,
but you just
declared war against America.
Am I right?
We don't even need an aimed shot.
Just one bullet fired into the air
will start the war. Will you shoot first?
Or should I?
Disarm! Disarm, you idiots!
Tsuda, come to your senses. We must
go back before this gets out of hand.
All of you, back to our legation now!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
What? "That's none of my business.
Why are you taking it out on me?"
Look who's talking.
You called me a bastard
and grabbed me by the collar.
I was too into it.
It sounded like you really meant it,
so my feelings were hurt.
Goodness, don't take it to heart.
Thanks to us, they didn't end up
shooting at each other.
And I'm paying for this Jajangmyeon.
There's something else I'm upset about.
Can I order dumplings too?
I guess this will hurt
your feelings again. No!
I suppose you don't need
the list of gunners anymore. You said you needed it.
I brought it with me.
Excuse me, we'd like a plate of dumplings.
A double portion, please.
Gunner Jang asked me
to say hello to you for him.
Everything is well with him.
He is still the same.
He at least asked me to say hello to you
because he considers you a friend.
Sir, I've been thinking
What now?
About the gun that went missing
I figured those who have the knowledge
of how to use guns would know
its whereabouts regardless of who took it.
Hence, I obtained a list of people
who handle guns most often.
Namely, gunners.
I'm impressed by how hard you work.
I'm flattered.
I only work hard because I enjoy my job.
Who can be in the know of this, sir?
Gosh, should I just kill him?
Pardon me? Kill whom?
Is a man called Gunner Jang
on that list by any chance?
How did you know?
Oh, were you suspecting him too?
You're here.
All right.
Is that a sickle?
No, this is a hoe.
Sickles don't even sell.
Then what about hoes?
I guess people need to dig up
kudzu roots to survive.
What brings you here?
I need the skillful hands
of the former trainer
at the weapon foundry.
I haven't seen that rifle before.
It's from overseas.
It's an American rifle.
How did you get your hands
on something so valuable?
-I stole it.
I couldn't help it as I was so curious.
I heard American guns are very accurate.
I want to dismantle it
so that I can study it.
You'll obviously have to
assemble it afterward.
I have to return it.
-Will you be able to do it?
-Yes. What?
An American soldier helped a Joseon girl?
Yes, with his bare hands. Like this.
I heard he nearly killed
the Japanese scoundrels.
It's that American man at the legation
who looks like one of us.
That's why everyone at the market
is praising America
and saying that it's a great country.
People think that
American soldiers are here to help us.
There is no country with power
that will help Joseon.
American soldiers are not here to help us.
Oh, I see.
Right, I guess not.
Then why do you think he helped her?
Because he was capable of doing so.
You don't seem happy to see me.
What brings you here?
I'm trying to investigate those who
use guns since one of ours went missing.
Gunners are the first ones on the list.
But anyone would question
what a daughter of a noble family
is doing here in the mountains
more than what brought me here.
There is nothing to question.
My grandfather is craving wild boar meat.
So you're going to hunt one yourself?
Who knows?
I may begin my hunting now.
Are you after my master?
-Or are you after me?
-If I were, I wouldn't have come alone.
As you're well aware,
many armed men who have to obey my orders
are already on Joseon's soil.
Then why are you here?
At first, it started as curiosity.
But then, I neglected the problem.
Now, I'm here to sort it all out.
What do you mean by that?
Be more specific.
You want me to be specific?
On my way to Joseon, I thought to myself
that I shouldn't do anything
when I'm here.
Because if I were to do anything,
it will be for the doom of Joseon.
Oh, my goodness.
-But you already did it.
-That was the least I could do.
If what you are telling me is true,
I should have been arrested that day.
That's why I came here.
I should've done that,
but I became curious.
I wanted to find out if Joseon had changed
or if the woman I saw was an unusual one.
I neglected the problem
by not arresting you,
and I took your side
by not looking for the gun.
Now, I'm trying to sort out the mess.
Just live as a noble lady for a while.
Refrain from coming here. I came alone today,
but my soldiers
will raid this place next time.
Was it a good enough answer?
Then what about that incident?
Why did you help a Joseon girl?
I heard you fought with Japanese soldiers.
Because I'd win.
I saw you flinching
when I aimed at you earlier.
I felt like I'd lose.
-Well, then.
-Where are you headed?
I am thinking I should go the same way.
Hey, look. Make sure you have something
you can use as a weapon.
We might end up having to kill him.
Don't you worry.
I knew a day like this would come.
Why are you doing this?
What do you mean?
Saving Joseon.
Despite the current situation,
this country has a history of 500 years.
Throughout that time,
it has been through several invasions
from China and Japan.
Each time,
some of us risked our lives to protect it.
But now,
Joseon is being quietly torn apart.
At first, it was China, then Russia,
and now, it's Japan.
Even American soldiers joined in.
Given the state the nation is in,
someone has to fight, don't you think?
-Why does that have to be you?
-Why can't it be me?
-If you are worried about me--
-I'm worried about myself.
It looks like it'll rain tomorrow.
You can tell by the birds flying low.
Don't show yourself anywhere near us.
Right, of course.
Please wait here, sir.
I'll bring them out in a second.
Should I step aside, my lady?
There's no need.
You came here first.
Welcome, my lady.
I wrote down what I need.
Yes, my lady.
Pardon me, my lady.
There is a customer waiting.
Goodness, look at it rain.
My goodness.
Why did this fall over on its own?
They are all ruined.
I'll take care of it.
You should call the storekeeper.
I think I should pay for this.
Yes, my lady. My apologies.
Excuse me. I think you have to see this.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm not
doing anything, my lady.
-It's been so long.
-So are you glad to see me?
Cut to the chase.
Is your father's name Kim An-pyeong?
Who was it?
Was it my father or my grandfather?
That is my greeting. How have you been?
It will be hard for you to come here
if you get married.
I'm going to run away.
There must be a way to help Joseon
from outside of Joseon.
Your parents ended up like that
because of someone else.
This is Lord Lee Se-hun,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Usually when nothing gets lost,
it means something got discovered.
Once you're born a slave,
you will always be one.
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