Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Excuse me.
I think you have to see this.
What do you think you're doing?
I'm not
doing anything, my lady.
Do you know why I came back to Joseon?
Why help me?
I was told every man's life is precious.
That one time.
After that moment
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
No matter how hard I thought,
this was the only way
that could lead to you, my lady.
I forgot about the errand
you asked me to run.
An idiot, you say?
Well, you're wrong.
That hurts.
Are you
It's been so long.
You've grown up so well
and made a life for yourself.
So are you glad to see me?
Cut to the chase.
Tell me where.
Where did you dump my parents' bodies?
I understand your resentment,
but that was how it was--
Cut to the chase.
They're somewhere up on a hill
on Ganghwa Island.
I can't remember exactly--
You'd better remember
if you wish to live.
Goodness, it's cold outside.
Throw it away.
You want me to throw this away?
Why throw away such an expensive dress?
Young master!
I think I bought way too much.
If my father finds out,
he'll get mad at me for splurging,
-so I'm giving them to you.
It's a gift.
One from my father and one from my mother.
Young master.
It's me, Hui-seong.
I'm home!
Why? What are you doing here?
Why the hell are you here?
Your mother said she sent you a telegram.
I sternly told you to stay put
and to state your name quietly!
I left before the telegram reached me.
Anyway, receive my bow.
This isn't the time for that,
you imbecile!
-Get over here.
-Get over here!
-My lord!
My lord!
Just like you ordered,
I found the servant from 30 years ago
and sent him to the American--
What's the matter?
Is something going on?
My son, it has been so long!
Too long, if you ask me.
Come here. Let me hug you.
Look at how close these two are.
We are a role model for every family.
You brat
Mother, I missed you.
Father, I apologize for taking too long.
Could you spare me some
if you have any left?
I wasn't able to bring any with me.
-You can charge the American legation--
-It's for free.
She was a seven-year-old girl.
She wouldn't enjoy alcohol anyway,
so I saved some.
Thank you.
It was around here somewhere.
I'm sure it wasn't over there.
It was
It was such a long time ago.
All I remember is that
it was somewhere up here.
After all, it's been 30 years.
So for 30 years,
you never came back up here.
You should've remembered them!
You brutally beat them to death!
Then you should've at least
buried them properly.
I'm sorry.
I truly am. I beg for your forgiveness.
How would I have been able to come up here
while working as a slave under my master?
The hierarchical society is no more,
but we can't change our roots.
Once you're born a slave,
you will always be one.
Yu-jin, please show me mercy.
Please, I beg of you.
I don't know if she'd like this,
but these are the flowers
my mother used to like.
I'm sure she'll love them.
It must be a family member.
It's my father.
He passed away during
the Battle of Ganghwa.
Let's run away! Let's go.
Then these graves are all from--
From then and until now.
Victims killed by Americans
are on this side
while those killed by the Japanese
are on the other.
Years later,
women were raped,
houses robbed and set on fire.
A whole village was completely ruined.
So who are you here to see?
That hill over there is for
My parents were slaves.
What's with that look?
Do I seem too decent
for a slave's offspring?
I was wondering if I should charge you
for the drink.
You should.
It seems as though you had a rough day.
I went to see my parents.
A letter came for you.
It must be good news.
It was one I've been waiting for.
I see news like that can make you smile.
It's just that you rarely do.
Do you have more news for me?
Not exactly,
but all powerful people who come here
have shown interest in you.
After all, you are an Asian-American
who's in the US Marine Corps.
Is it also your job to deliver information
-to the said powerful people?
-When I ask you something,
I ask as a woman and nothing more.
If you're done, could I now go upstairs?
I'm asking as a guest here.
How has your stay been so far?
I'm asking as the hotel owner.
I have no complaints.
I heard your room had been searched.
Nothing's missing.
I'm glad to hear that,
but usually when nothing gets lost,
it means something got discovered.
The hierarchical society is no more,
but we can't change our roots.
Once you're born a slave,
you will always be one.
In this country,
no man would ever dare to keep me
standing outside like this.
You know, you're all I have.
I hope you know that.
That was out of the blue.
Stop talking nonsense
and eat your chicken. Lady Ae-sin can hear us, you know.
This isn't the time nor place for it.
-My gosh.
an American soldier came to the hut
and your fiancé came to you?
You should stay away from the hut for now.
It's just a while for me,
but it will be hard for you to come here
if you get married.
I can't live like that.
What if you can't?
It's a promise between families.
I'm going to run away.
To England, France, or Germany.
There must be a way to help Joseon
from outside of Joseon.
I understand your willingness.
Go somewhere close first.
The American legation.
It's the gun we stole. We must return it.
We're not thieves.
"We"? What do you mean, Master?
Why must I return what you stole?
You said you're on my side.
Isn't that him from the legation?
Your Majesty,
I, Lee Se-hun, regretfully report that
groundless rumors have been circulating
and I checked the--
Do you mean
the rumor that I deposited a slush fund
in a Russia-China bank?
Yes, Your Majesty.
It's just a rumor that
the commoners gossip about,
but if the rumor were to reach
the Japanese legation,
that would be a problem for our--
Would the Japanese not know of a rumor
that already circulates the marketplace?
But Your Majesty--
The one piece of good news is that
the Japanese have not yet found proof.
Evidently, you are trying
to ascertain the truth with me.
Your Majesty, what are you insinuating?
-I only--
-Your Majesty.
Lee Wan-ik is waiting outside.
Let him in.
You are excused.
Your Majesty.
I, Lee Wan-ik, am back
from working in our legation in Japan.
Please accept my bow.
Your Majesty. Have you been well?
Now that you're back, I hope to be.
I will serve you, Your Majesty.
I will hear your stories of Japan
in due time.
Your trip must have been a long one.
Take the time you need to rest
and gather your thoughts.
I thank you, Your Majesty.
What an arrogant fool you are.
An interpreter who got promoted
is still a mere interpreter.
Even if times have changed,
your low birth doesn't go anywhere.
Have you lost your ability to speak?
We have rules and manners.
Why do you just stand there
and not greet me?
How dare you?
This is why
our Majesty won't bestow you a title
and just sent you home.
I should just break your neck to
That is my greeting. How have you been?
Why you
I will heed your advice.
Let's go.
Don't cry, baby. Don't cry.
The child has a fever.
What's with that man?
Why is a Joseon man
in an American uniform?
That man is an American,
but he speaks fluent Korean.
You're infuriating.
Just speak in Korean.
Your English is crap.
What did that bitch just say?
You crazy bitch.
Shut your mouth if you want to get paid!
Just sign it already.
This old geezer is so annoying.
You have a death wish, don't you?
I was going to sign anyway.
Money, quickly, okay?
That mouth
Did you find what you were looking for?
The house is very big.
Do you care to look with me?
Is it here?
-It might not be.
-You wanted to look alone.
Two would be better than one.
Even if only one is left later on.
Then why bother?
I don't want to find it, whatever it is.
Don't try too hard.
Just take a brief look before you leave.
I searched from top to bottom
and it's not here.
A man called Kim Hui-seong
is staying at Glory Hotel.
I forgot I have an appointment.
I wish you well, sir.
You always worry about me.
I should hate you.
It's a pity that I like you. I told you not to try too hard.
It seems you looked very thoroughly.
Was I your appointment?
Is it today?
My room. Will you search it today?
I'll stay out of the way if--
Thank you for your consideration,
but it's not today either, sir.
You're the man next door.
You're with a friend today.
Hello, I'm Kim Hui-seong.
I stay next door to Room 304.
Is he Japanese?
He speaks Korean.
Say hello. He's Lady Ae-sin's fiancé.
It's easier to introduce myself
this way here.
I noticed last time that you
asked my fiancée to the legation often.
What's it about?
If you're going to take out
what's on your waists,
can you do that outside?
Is your friendship suffering?
Even so, friends
shouldn't fight with weapons.
Don't be like that.
It means something that we met like this.
-We should have drinks--
-I don't like to drink.
And try to relax.
If I drink tonight,
I might end up killing a man.
Or is it two?
There seems to be a deep rift.
I guess so.
Someone's about to feel some sorrow.
I hope it's neither of us.
Whose side are you on?
We'll see.
Say hello. He's Lady Ae-sin's fiancé.
Are you comrades?
I came to visit upon hearing
that you are unwell.
I caused you concern over nothing.
I have fully recovered.
I'm pleased to hear that.
I must say, I did feel uncomfortable
having to bring up the past.
I heard Hui-seong is back.
Hui-seong is?
He hasn't returned.
the man who came over today saying,
"I'm her fiancé."
Was he a ghost?
Are you saying
he showed up without notice like that?
He should've known better.
You said he's not back.
Okay, so That brat
I meant to say that
he's back in Joseon,
but he hasn't come home.
I am not very well yet.
My mind is not very clear.
He's never met his fiancée,
so he must've been curious.
I understand.
And it's behind the times
to find fault with the fact that
he visited his fiancée's house
before marriage.
I'll let that slide.
So send us the time and date of his birth.
Why rush something
that's already been delayed?
Even more reason to rush it. We can only proceed with their marriage
when you send us
Hui-seong's birth date and time.
It's best to take your time
during urgent--
How much more time do you want?
Must we wait for ten more years?
That's not what I mean.
Ae-sin has already passed
marriageable age and is wilting.
She is not wilting at all.
It's a waste of breath
to mention how beautiful she is
and everyone speaks of
what a good young lady she is.
No one can disagree
with how elegant and ladylike she is.
I could get exposed if I go head-on.
The back door is also risky
because the soldiers' camp is nearby.
It must be that way.
Sorry. I hit you too hard.
Yes. That's how I do it as well.
I jump over this wall to get in and out.
But who is that?
You just got hired by our legation.
Take tomorrow off and start the next day.
Can I really?
And speak quietly.
What you just saw is a secret.
Yes, sir. I didn't see anything.
Then I'll see you the day after tomorrow.
What are you--
The footsteps are coming closer.
Let's walk naturally.
I heard your fiancé is back.
I thought you were friends.
He's very handsome.
are you getting married?
I was curious about that.
-We drifted apart.
-I mean it.
Mean what?
I asked because I was curious.
You're not answering.
I must join my company.
They'll be worried I'm late.
You were caught jumping over
the American legation's wall.
You're shameless too.
Once again.
I owe you.
I'll walk you.
It'll be dangerous on your own.
We'll be noticed if we walk together.
That's exactly why.
The safest place in Joseon is next to me
since I'll be the one to get noticed.
Thank you for your letter.
It must be winter
in Hamgyong Province already.
I'm worried because you get cold easily.
Is everything well with you?
Every day here in Joseon
has been peaceful for me.
I want to ask you something.
About "love" Actually, I should take it back.
Have you not made up your mind yet?
Why do I
want to give her my answer?
See? Even you don't answer my questions.
Thank you.
It is very nice to walk side by side
with you.
I won't be able to experience
another moment like this.
Let's part ways here.
I almost stopped her
and told her not to leave so that
we can walk together for a bit longer.
Just until we get over there,
side by side
I don't even know my way around Joseon,
and yet I'm walking
toward somewhere far away.
I keep on walking.
When are you coming to Hanseong?
I miss you.
I'm realizing now
that this letter
is more like a confession.
Hence, I don't think
I can actually send this to you.
"Make way.
I'm in a rush to get somewhere."
It's a book I wrote
on basic Korean conversation.
Even Major Moore completely relies on me.
"You're very beautiful.
Tell me, young lady. What is your name?
Shall we spend the night--"
Oh, he's learning practical phrases
for giving compliments.
Sir, isn't he the man
who came to see you a few days ago?
I told my wife about meeting you,
and she told me
to give you this.
She's been holding on to it
since the day we retrieved the bodies.
It may be pointless to say this to you
after all these years,
but I want to tell you everything now.
Your parents ended up like that
because of someone else.
What do you mean?
That man conspired with Lord Kim.
That's why your parents died.
You were too young to know these things,
but that man lusted after your mother.
You see, It was just something
I had to do to survive.
We, lowly servants, must obey
our masters, you know.
If you must hold me responsible,
you ought to punish him too.
He's still living a comfortable life,
showing off his wealth.
That man is
the Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Lee Se-hun.
French dresses aren't even that expensive.
Must you make me
keep pestering you like this?
You see, I'm the mistress
of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Do you wish to see me being ridiculed
for accepting Western culture late?
Where will you go wearing those clothes?
Do you need Western clothes
to go to the gambling den?
No, I want to go to the new school.
It's not like I'm doing this for myself.
What a good excuse.
Don't do anything if you wish to help me.
You spent gold to get your hands
on that stupid vase.
Shut your mouth!
That is not just any vase.
My success depends on that vase.
If you like that vase that much,
you can sleep with it in your arms
from now on!
That boorish mouth of hers.
She should thank me for living with her
when she's not even young anymore.
What did you just touch
with this filthy hand?
Don't you see this filth?
I apologize, my lord.
I made sure to wash my hands,
but my nails got stained--
Shut it, you wench!
Nothing has been going my way.
Must you ruin my morning like this?
Bring a new robe!
Yes. Right away, my lord.
Make way!
Make way for Minister Lee.
Make way!
This is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Identify yourself.
This is Lord Lee Se-hun,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Make way this instant!
Is he out of his mind?
Horses cannot walk backwards.
My lord.
Find out who that crazy bastard is.
I will rip him to pieces!
Sir, you said you don't like to drink.
Shall I say it's like answering you
when you strike up a conversation
even though I dislike you?
It sounds like
you dislike many people, sir.
I heard you humiliated the Minister
of Foreign Affairs on the streets.
My horse acted up, that's all.
Room 304
and his friend.
This hurts my feelings.
How could you leave me out?
We came separately.
Since we all came separately,
we should drink together.
My coat
Let's drink separately.
I may get drunk if we drink together.
How can the two of you
just drink without saying a word?
You two are friends.
Haven't you made up yet?
We are not friends.
Sorry, you said your name was Dong-mae.
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
But you see, those who drink together
can call themselves friends.
By the way, why did the two of you fight?
We didn't fight.
Not yet.
if the two of you fight,
who do you think will win?
I'm really curious.
You'll never find out who wins
because one of us will
probably kill you first.
That was funny.
Then let me ask you something else.
Why do both of you
always seem angry?
Why are you guys looking at me like that?
I guess
you're enjoying my questions.
Let's say an American
and a Joseon man fell into the river.
Which one will you save?
I'll probably kill this guy.
A Joseon man and a Japanese man
fell into the river.
Which one will you save?
I think I'll end up killing him, sir.
Then what if the two of us
fall into the river?
I hope the river is deep.
What if the two of us fall into the river?
Why do you keep talking
about falling into the river?
I'm dead.
I drowned.
Because no one came to my rescue!
My shoes
So, I heard you used to sell water.
Yes, sir. I went to the well over
ten times a day with my A-frame carrier.
Gosh, does this kid actually think
I'll buy that?
Do you think the acting consul
got your back?
Pardon me?
Look, the wells outside the four gates
are at least 2km away from here.
You said you traveled that distance
wearing an A-frame carrier with water
over 10 times a day.
Let's say you did it 11 times a day.
Each trip must've taken
at least an hour even if you walked fast.
That means
you used to do that
roughly 11 hours a day.
I used to work from about 4 a.m. to 6 p.m.
I know that.
-I see.
-Yes, sir.
I'm the eldest son in my family.
Don't smile like that.
I want to make one thing clear.
Don't ever assume that adults will be
nice to you
because of your sad story
I'll say this again.
I'll never help you
Get back to work.
Do your work.
Hello, sir.
I saw everything. You made him cry.
Are you getting ready for the winter?
Yes, my lady. We must hurry
to prepare the other room in time as well.
Oh, boy. I have too much to do.
Have you eaten yet?
Shall I get them to fix you lunch?
Don't worry about it.
Let's not waste rice.
Let's use the rice for something else.
Have Mr. Haengrang
sell a few bags of rice.
Don't tell Mother about it.
Address me formally, will you?
I'm way above you in the family hierarchy.
How many times must I tell you?
Look, your parents
never even had a wedding ceremony.
They didn't even follow
the wedding customs.
You don't belong here.
Just go sell some rice, you wench.
Even you, Lady High and Mighty,
cannot do it.
I obviously won't be able to.
-I know what you have been doing
at the hotel.
Liquors, gambling,
bed, love, and soldiers.
What are you talking about? What soldiers?
If you
speak about my parents in that manner
once again,
I will tell Grandfather everything.
How dare you
My goodness.
Fine, I'm off. I will leave you alone.
Gosh. Good grief, that temper.
Dear me, story of my life.
Young Master Hui-seong must've wanted
to express his sincerity through it,
so I could not throw it out.
It's nice to meet you. I am your fiancé,
Kim Hui-seong.
I heard your fiancé is back.
I thought you were friends.
Why is this flower
making me think of the person
who gave it to me as well as someone else?
Pardon me?
Are you just running away
or doing a moonlight flit?
Ms. Taylor said this is filthy.
She wrapped her baby
in a new silk quilt and left.
Thank you, sir.
Drink it before it gets cold.
Yes, sir.
Are you here to see Do-mi?
I think he left for the day
before sundown.
The quilt got ruined after Mr. Taylor
played with the baby.
At first, I was just trying
to sew over the seams.
Ms. Taylor didn't know about it.
She had no idea
where Mr. Taylor kept important things.
Anyway, that's how I found out.
Is it an important letter, sir?
Is it something valuable?
Yes, it's very valuable.
Then I'll give it to you, sir.
I'd like to thank you
for helping me and Do-mi that day.
But I might die if I keep this.
What exactly is it?
The fate of Joseon.
Our ally, Russia, has lost its power,
whereas the British-Japanese alliance
has solidified.
US is observing the situation
without taking sides,
and we still do not know
where the deposit certificate is.
Is the Queen,
who died such a brutal death,
trying to punish me?
Your Majesty, that is not true.
Are we certain that Lee Wan-ik
does not have that certificate?
He is a clever man.
He must already be aware
that I made him return so that
he cannot do anything here and in Japan.
I had a covert officer to tail him,
but he has not done
anything out of the ordinary.
He must also be aware
that we are watching him.
If he makes a move
fully knowing that we are watching him,
his very actions
will show where his true homeland is.
When that happens,
I will take the necessary measures
without delay.
Do so.
Whoever has it
will definitely die, sir.
Your coffee got cold.
I will tell them to bring another one.
Rather than that,
you asked me before
if I would like to know about Gu Dong-mae.
I'm afraid it's not a story
that goes well with breakfast.
Would you still like to hear?
He's had such a difficult life, you see.
He was born a butcher's son.
Should I begin from there?
Let's start from Musin Society.
Let me join you.
Gosh, my head.
I was in bed all day
from drinking too much last night.
How are you feeling, Room 304?
You must have forgotten.
You're the only one who drank too much.
You begged to save you from drowning
and it was such a hassle.
-I did?
-You must be going somewhere this early.
Although I don't sleep at home,
I'm still a noble.
It's only right
to bid my parents good morning
I'm headed there.
Before that, I need my morning coffee
to start the journey.
Why are you sitting there?
Would you like it better
if I sat next to you?
I'm ready to hear the story.
We left off at
"Let's start from Musin Society."
-Let's do this later.
-Let's do it now. It sounds interesting.
Young master.
You're here already. Go have a smoke.
I'll be out in a minute.
Yes, young master.
Young master, please help.
Please help my father, young master.
People are watching. Just go!
By any chance, were you born in 1871?
How did you know that?
Is your father's name
Kim An-pyeong?
Do you know my father?
I've seen that look many times.
You must've been wronged too.
Who was it?
Was it my father
or my grandfather?
Come greet me at once!
I heard you quit hunting slaves
and opened up a business.
Your clothes look decent.
And so does your face.
Your business must be doing well.
Yes, well
We don't starve every other day
like we used to.
Have a seat here.
What brings you here?
The slave boy you failed to hunt
grew up to be a great man
and came back to kill me.
How will you take responsibility for it?
What are you talking about?
The Kims, the noble family
that lived in Ganghwa Island.
You may bring them dead.
Looks like you remember now.
That's right.
The Choi family's slave son.
You even drew his face.
Why is he giving us this?
I don't understand
how this ornament is related
to that man you mentioned.
Now that you remember,
what do you think is next?
We should pay him a generous amount
for that ornament.
Is your father's name Kim An-pyeong?
I'm frustrated.
So am I.
Did you also get a job?
You're better than I. But
why are you sighing?
Is someone giving you a hard time?
-Should I teach them a lesson?
-It's the opposite.
I keep owing him.
I'm not sure in which way I can repay him.
You're more mature than I am.
All I have is karma, my older brother.
Master is away, my lady.
I'm aware.
You can give me the usual.
Oh, just a moment.
How nice to see you
while the sun is out.
The child must bear its parents' sin too.
You sit there and watch.
Watch and learn what happens to slaves
who disobey the law.
My great-grandfather's residence
has become a hotel. I'm Kim Hui-seong.
-You befriend men?
-I'm considering it.
-He's Lady Ae-sin's fiancé.
-I will do everything in my power
to destroy your family.
Just like your father did.
What brings you here?
What is "love"?
Is your offer still valid?
What is?
Would you like to do it with me?
What you asked me to do with you.
I've made up my mind.
Let's do it. Love.
With me.
Let's do it together.
This hotel is bigger than I heard.
Be careful. You never know
what you will end up eating at this place.
It's worth 100,000 yen
of the emperor's secret fund.
It can make the emperor of Joseon
lose his sleep.
After a simple wedding custom,
Lady Ae-sin will become your woman.
No one else will be able to have her.
I wanted to give you a warning.
Since I might end up killing you.
I wanted to destroy someone.
But I ended up destroying myself.
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