Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

How nice to see you
while the sun is out.
What brings you here?
Is your offer still valid?
What is?
What you asked me to do with you.
I've made up my mind.
Let's do it. Love.
With me.
Let's do it together.
I hope it was a prudent decision,
considering the time you took to think.
So what's next?
Introducing ourselves.
I'm Ae-sin of the Go family.
I already know your name.
I'll even be able to read it soon.
It's Choi Yu-jin. Yu-jin!
Now, go. Go as far as you can.
Was that your family name
when you were in Joseon?
It was the same in America.
The Americans
just pronounce it differently.
I see.
I've been studying,
but there's still a long way to go.
So what do we do next?
We shake hands.
-Shake hands?
-It's an American greeting.
Shaking hands implies
that one is not holding a weapon in them.
I like its meaning.
This "love" isn't as hard as I thought.
The first step is the hardest, indeed.
When do we let go though?
When you wish to wield a weapon.
At least for now, I do not wish to.
Well, I shouldn't keep my company waiting.
Don't study English too hard.
Stay put for a minute.
I'll escort Lady Ae-sin and come back.
I think our keys were swapped.
So that's why it wouldn't open.
There. Yours is now open.
Why aren't you going in?
You're in my way.
Open yours yourself. I thought you'd catch it.
Is your reason for hatred towards me
the fact that I'm an offspring
of my father and grandfather?
I just don't like you.
I see.
You just haven't been fond
of me from the very start.
I'm glad to hear that.
What are you so amused
and glad about all the time?
What's with the constant smile?
There are days when I do not.
You just haven't seen me on those days.
Won't you tell me who it was?
Tell me who wronged you.
Was it my father
or grandfather?
Why are you asking me that?
You should've asked your parents
if that's what you were curious about.
I thought you were off
to visit your parents.
Do they scare you and I don't?
Are they well?
Your parents.
Even changing the keys
didn't make him come to me.
Gosh, I'm so pathetic.
Welcome. Would you like a window seat?
Don't bother with him.
He won't stay for long.
Yes, ma'am.
This hotel is bigger than I heard.
How have you been doing?
I lost my husband and became a widow.
I think it's been well over ten years
since we last saw each other, Rinoie.
I was too busy to attend the funeral.
The funeral was grand,
but a young widow's tears
piqued the curiosity of many.
There was a debate
on whether she was crying
out of sadness or joy.
A woman is not to be sarcastic.
I saw flyers of your mother's face
at Jemulpo Harbor and the train station.
Was that your doing?
I hired men every once in three months
to do the job.
Now that you've seen it,
I can say it was money well spent.
Stop wasting your energy
and focus on running the hotel.
I doubt your mother will still be alive.
So which room is the quietest?
I need to stay the night.
My hotel is open
to the pro-Japanese, pro-American,
pro-Russian, patriots,
and even stray dogs.
it is off limits to you, Rinoie.
I'm afraid I have no reason
to accommodate you
since I am a member of the Kudo family.
Please leave.
Who do you owe all of this to?
Had I not married you off to that old man,
you would've never ended up
with a big hotel like this.
I'll send someone over later,
so have my room ready.
My late husband's cause of death
is still quite the mystery.
Be careful.
You never know
what you will end up eating at this place.
Is it true?
What is? My husband's cause of death?
Does it scare you?
Have you wronged me in any way?
-I'll find out after a sip.
-You're going to drink it?
If it's my fate to survive everything
only to die by your hands,
then I should.
I'm upset.
Why is it that
both you and that heartless man
are drawn to her?
You will also be to blame
if I go after Ae-sin.
Why did you have to bring up her name
at the end of jokes?
Don't do that again.
So how do you know Lord Lee Wan-ik?
He's my father.
You're his daughter?
We don't look alike, do we?
Please say we don't.
Not even close.
For such reason,
I need a personal bodyguard.
He took too much already.
What did he take?
My mother, my youth,
and my name. What was the name you lost?
Lee Yang-hwa.
It's a pretty name.
But I'm afraid
my men are already his bodyguards.
What if I pay more?
Do you think he's the one
who pays us for our service?
You may be wealthy,
but not as much as Japan.
I guess he'll live a long life.
I'm afraid so.
You see, I work as much as I'm paid to do.
I'm heading over to meet him now.
Don't eat anything
that's tasty or good for you. So, what happened
to that crazy American bitch?
She left Hanseong.
She can't just leave.
Then is the certificate gone with her?
I said she left Hanseong.
I never said she left for America.
I looked everywhere
including the baby's dirty diapers,
but I couldn't find it.
Did you fail to acquire it?
The word has been out there
for some time now,
but no one has suddenly become rich,
and no one claims that they will be.
My guess is that it's long gone.
It's either rotting somewhere
or in the hands of someone
who doesn't know its value.
That seems good enough, don't you think?
The emperor recently
bought a battleship from Japan.
It cost 550,000 yen.
the emperor has 100,000 yen
secretly stashed at the Russia-China bank.
That certificate is worth 100,000 yen.
Do you really think
it'll just stay rotting somewhere?
If Japan gets a hold of that money,
it could buy them the Gyeongui Railroad
which will destroy Joseon
and transport Japanese soldiers to Russia.
If it falls into the hands
of the Righteous Army though,
it'll fund them with dynamites
that could destroy the railroads.
And what happens
if it falls into your hands?
I can make the emperor of Joseon
lose his sleep.
Whether Japan flourishes or fails,
I ought to be the one to pull the strings.
I see that the world's biggest traitor
is before me.
What's it to a lowly butcher like you?
Just find the damn thing.
That's a poor choice of words
to say to a self-critical man like me.
I wonder what'll happen
if I get a hold of that certificate.
Will that make you lose your sleep too?
What are you insinuating?
You should know that lowlifes like me
won't hesitate to do reckless things
when we don't get our way.
What did you just say?
I'm telling you that our deal is off
in the nicest way possible.
Good day.
-Bring me another bottle.
-Yes, sir.
What a lousy couple of days it has been.
You filthy bastard.
I'll make you regret this.
You idiots!
Joseon people are yakking day and night
about how the soldiers of Great Japan
were humiliated by American soldiers.
Do you know how embarrassing that is?
Who was it?
Tell me.
Who made this mess
without seeking approval first?
Sergeant Tsuda gave the order to advance.
It happened so unexpectedly
that I couldn't stop him.
I'm sorry, sir.
Is that so?
Are you the one to blame?
There is no excuse for what I had done.
I, a soldier of Great Japan,
have humiliated the emperor.
I shall atone for my sin with death.
Those with a big mouth
are worthless anyway.
I'd rather keep a mad man
than a tattletale.
Do something like this again though,
and you'll meet the same fate.
Get rid of him.
Yes, sir!
We got our paychecks yesterday.
He should know better
than to keep it on him.
Yes, sir.
Clean the place up.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Gwan-su.
Get this.
Do you know what Hayashi did?
Do you remember
when we barged into the legation?
He beheaded the soldier
from that day with--
Who are you?
That's what I want to ask you.
What are you doing there?
I'm terribly sorry about that.
Please forget everything I said.
-I thought he was you.
-How come?
How does he look like me?
You have the same facial features.
you should tell that Joseon-American man
to be careful.
The Japanese ministers and soldiers
They're all crazy.
The madness in their eyes
Don't you worry.
He's not a pushover to anyone.
He doesn't even flinch
when there's a sword at my neck.
What did he say again?
When it comes to revenge,
he needs to do it himself or something.
You may bring them dead.
A little higher.
I said higher, not to the right!
Enough with this. We should just run!
What if he comes to seek revenge?
Excuse me.
I need your attention. Let's go inside.
Lock the door behind you.
Lock the door?
Today must be the day we die.
I told you so.
Even a runaway slave can come back.
Mother, I'm coming soon.
Choi Yu-jin.
Why are we stopping here? What for?
Please give me some money.
Do you want to buy sweets?
No, I don't.
Lady Ae-sun had bingsu
or whatever it's called
and put it on a tab under your name again.
Gosh, what is this thing called bingsu?
Why did she get herself in debt to eat it?
Put the palanquin down.
Here you go. Enjoy.
Oh, my. This looks amazing.
This looks like flowers in full bloom
in the middle of winter.
It starts with F.
Yes, right. This is pretty.
Stop chatting away. Please have some.
"Dance" starts with D.
This is so good
that it makes me want to dance.
Considering how good this is,
Lady Ae-sun's debt is too little.
She must've tried hard
to hold herself back.
I can't go to the school today.
Please go without me. Do you have money?
No. But you do, my lady.
Let's have just one more bowl.
How could you?
There are two of us here.
We should each get one more.
Two more bowls, please!
All right, my lady. Then let's go over
what we learned in the last class.
I memorized everything.
A as in "apple."
B as in "boy."
C as in "cook." D as in "dance."
E as in "Eugene."
-F is--
-Pardon me?
E as in what?
E as in
F as in "Flower."
Perfect. Excellent job, my lady.
Then today,
let's study the letters,
G, H, I, J, K, and L.
L is everyone's favorite
out of these letters.
Why is that?
Because the letter, L,
stands for love.
I heard it's more difficult
than shooting guns,
and it requires more passion.
You mean that "love," right?
Yes, my lady.
Well, that's not entirely
an inaccurate definition.
Anyway, I envy you, my lady.
You and your fiancé
can do this thing called love.
Oh, but the thing is
I promised someone else
that I'd do it with him.
-Pardon me?
-I found the perfect man for me.
We started it only a few days ago.
I just got started and it's not that hard.
Lady Ae-sin, you cannot do that.
"Love" refers to romantic affection.
A man and a woman
deeply caring for each other.
It's that feeling.
-My gosh.
Let's do it. Love.
This "love" isn't as hard as I thought.
Because if I were to do anything,
it will be for the doom of Joseon.
He must want to
destroy me.
He approached me because he
Why that little
I need you to go to the legation secretly.
And this must stay between you and me.
Do you understand?
Yes, my lady.
My goodness, this is scary.
Why did you try to climb the wall?
It may look like
I was caught and dragged here,
but all of that was part of my plan.
It was very natural.
-Should I take a seat here?
-No, stand there.
So why are you here?
Hold on.
Lady Ae-sin asked me
to deliver this to you.
She seemed incredibly downcast
as she was handing it to me.
I'm a fearless man.
Lord Go and Lady Ae-sin
are the only ones I fear.
What does that mean?
If this somehow leaks
and becomes the subject of gossip,
I will cut your head off
and give it a little tour of the town.
Lady Ae-sin must feel very safe.
She doesn't say it,
but I'm certain that she does.
Anyway, I should get going now.
Summon those soldiers for me.
I must leave
as naturally as how I came in.
Why are you holding the letter
upside down, sir?
We now share another secret, don't we?
I know how to read this.
I just wasn't reading it.
Reading this requires a lot of courage,
and there is a big difference
between the two.
Like the difference between holding it
upside down and holding it properly?
What kind of an attitude is that
when an adult is talking?
Kid, you're very
I'm your boss.
Do you know what "boss" means?
How should I end this conversation?
I'll leave, sir. If you'd like to read--
-Get out.
-Yes, sir.
Gosh, I told you to be gentle.
-Got it? Don't peel everything off.
It's cold, my lady.
Why are you sitting there like that?
You should go inside.
You're just being a nuisance.
I've been stuck in my room.
It's nice to be outside.
what is the matter with her these days?
My lady!
There's a letter for you.
A letter?
How dare he.
Is the man at the American legation
summoning me again?
-I'll teach him a lesson--
-It's not from the legation, my lady.
-Like the last time,
a maid from the hotel is here
with a letter and a floral palanquin.
Refuse politely.
Yes, my lady.
Why refuse them, my lady?
Young Master Hui-seong
must have sent them.
-You should go and
-How dare he do this to me!
Gosh, you startled me.
I shouldn't have said anything.
An empty seat and an empty glass.
I can at least fill up your glass for you.
She's refusing flowers,
a floral palanquin,
and even this handsome face.
I have no idea what to do.
I have never been rejected
by a woman before.
Why give a lady flowers?
Is it to make her jealous
or to give her a blessing?
What moves a lady's heart
isn't flowers that are bound to wilt.
You must show her your sincerity.
The more profound it is, the better.
What should I do, then?
I haven't been sincere
for that long
because I only met her recently.
What if I tell her that she has been
in my heart since before I left Joseon?
-Won't this face make it believable?
-Thank you for your advice.
-No problem.
You say no a lot.
What are you worried about though?
You two are engaged.
After a simple wedding custom,
Lady Ae-sin will become your woman.
No one else will be able to have her.
Why take a detour
when there is such an easy way?
I know, right?
I'm also worried that I might end up
taking the easy way
with ill intentions.
Ms. Kudo told me
that I must choose to bite
instead of crying.
I need money to buy medicine, sir.
My mother is ill.
Hence, I'll bite if I must
in order to survive.
I'm sure your boss can lend you
enough money to buy medicine.
Yes, she is a kind lady.
But I'll have to pay her back
if I borrow money from her, whereas with you, I'll be exchanging
what I have with your money,
which means I won't get myself into debt.
Let's hear it, then. Will it just give you what you need
or be valuable enough
to save your mother's life too?
You asked me to let you know
if I ever see any piece of paper.
I saw something
while cleaning that American man's room.
English words were written
on the envelope.
What was written inside of it?
I was afraid that I might get caught,
so I didn't look inside the envelope.
Now, pay me for this information.
I must return quickly
as I stepped out to run an errand.
It better be what I'm looking for.
I do not want to make a woman shed tears.
Today is the day.
For what?
The day we search your room.
Search the room.
Yes, sir.
You must have hidden it
in a safe place, sir.
You're not even flustered.
Are you just searching my room?
Or will you go through Room 303 too?
Is this work-related
or personally motivated?
I handle both work and personal matters
with my sword,
so there isn't much of a difference, sir.
Your underlings are careless.
They're not well-educated.
This is the only envelope
with English words.
That's a personal letter. I couldn't
I haven't even read it yet.
Then I should read it
aloud for you.
"There has been a change of plans
for what we agreed to do together.
It'd be great if we could figure out
where we each stand as soon as possible.
Do not try to avoid me.
Please write me back as soon as
you read this letter."
Did you really read it?
I guess you made a new friend
in the past few days I haven't seen you.
My feelings are hurt.
You planned something with this person,
but there has been a change of plans.
Such changes usually lead to mishaps,
and avoiding something
often gets you in a bloody mess.
That's what the letter was about.
If I ever see you
with a piece of paper in your hand,
I will kill you
regardless of what it's about.
And it doesn't look like
I'm the only one who despises you,
so you should be careful.
I don't want to see you getting
brutally bashed before my turn comes.
I'm concerned, sir.
-Let's go.
-Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
That guy can read Korean.
Are you sure it was Room 304?
Yes, I heard sounds of things breaking.
It got pretty intense.
I heard there was a commotion.
Are you okay, sir?
I guess people get hurt
when Musin Society causes a ruckus.
I'd be relieved with minor injuries.
Usually, someone ends up dead.
And you didn't even check on me?
Because I would side with you?
I'll send my staff to your room
to clean it.
Send at least three.
And this is broken.
Is there anyone who can fix this?
Orgel is rare here in Joseon,
so I'm not too sure.
But there is a skilled blacksmith
who used to work at the weapon foundry.
This is a music box.
Right, it's called orgel in Japan.
Shall I take it to him?
Just tell me where his forge is.
Did you say this thing can play music?
Can you fix it?
I've never seen this before,
but most machines work the same way.
I'll have to take this apart
and examine the parts inside though.
Will that be okay?
That's fine as long as you can fix it.
It'll take three to four days,
so leave this with me.
You'll hear from me
when the repair is done.
Are you really confident
that you can fix it?
When I reassemble things
for those whom I despise,
I often intentionally leave
a part or two out.
But don't you worry.
I want to hear the music
this thing can play.
She seemed incredibly downcast
as she was handing it to me.
Do you remember the alleyway
where we first met?
Nod your head if you do.
There's an apothecary near that alleyway.
Meet me there.
I'll give you 30 minutes.
Why didn't you write back?
I was told that you received my letter.
-I haven't read it yet.
-I saw you reading it.
Even earlier, you were holding it.
Were you trying to avoid me?
No, I wasn't.
I just couldn't read it.
Do not tell such a lie.
What a terrible excuse.
I guess you've figured out
what "love" means.
What are you talking about?
I obviously knew the meaning
from the get-go.
Then why did you want to see me?
I wanted to give you a warning.
Since I might end up killing you.
So I must die because of "love"? I told you it's not that.
I just want you to die, that's all.
Why do you hate me so much?
You're the one who suggested it first.
How dare you.
-Do you even know how to use it?
-No, I don't.
But I learn everything quickly.
That must be why it took you no time
to learn up to the letter, L.
How do you know how to load it?
-I just gave it a go.
-Let's talk it out.
Don't give anything else a go.
That's up to you.
Answer my question truthfully.
You said you'd do nothing in Joseon.
Yet, you suggested we do "love."
Was that
for the doom of Joseon like you said?
Not exactly all of Joseon.
I wanted to destroy someone.
But now that I think about it,
I ended up destroying myself.
Why would you
destroy yourself?
I don't know.
Maybe it was the beginning of revenge
or the end of jealousy.
What do you mean
by the beginning of revenge?
Is it against me?
Do you understand what I meant
by the end of jealousy?
I considered it a confession of love.
The second one.
Am I wrong?
Was it the third?
When did you start counting?
Since you said, "Protecting you."
Was there anything before?
I tried to count.
You said you know nothing.
You said all you knew how to do is paint.
I need some air.
Stay right there.
Will this do?
This is so good.
Is that so?
It's delicious. Everything's delicious.
Get lost.
The prettiest girl in Japan
was in Hwawollu.
Where are you from?
I don't know.
I'm an orphan.
I wandered all about Tokyo,
then came here when I heard
I could become rich in Joseon.
I'm from the countryside.
So I plan to make a fortune in Joseon
and buy a house in Tokyo.
This is an expensive bar.
If you keep spending like this,
you'll never buy a house.
I recently came across a windfall.
Now I just need to gain fame.
It will be spring soon.
Good fortune will come to you as well.
How many beans will you eat this year?
I like them a lot.
I'll eat until I'm full.
About 100?
You don't look that old.
How old are you?
I'm 25.
Are you?
And you'll eat 100 beans?
You're a Joseon girl.
In the spring in Japan, after Mamemaki,
we eat as many beans as our age.
Even if you're an orphan,
you'd have known that.
Unless you were a Joseon bitch.
It looks like killing you
will make me famous.
Senior officials come here daily
and exchange information.
What did a Joseon bitch take
while pretending to be Japanese?
If you want to kill me, just do it!
Stop pretending to be Japanese.
If you scream in your language,
someone might help you.
What's going on?
I don't know your story but in Joseon
Move on!
When a geisha in red opens the window,
that's the signal.
What's with this one?
Lend me this.
Don't do it.
You'll just risk your own life
if you go unprepared.
Every moment until now was preparation.
Saving one woman won't save Joseon.
I must save her.
Because one day,
she could become like me.
Wait here.
Don't worry.
There are only five bullets in that gun.
I just need two.
Who was that? Show yourself!
Where are you?
You savage Joseon fools!
I'll kill you all!
You crazy fool!
It's not you.
You're not the one who shot me.
You reek of alcohol.
Listen carefully.
It doesn't matter who shot you.
What matters is whom you shot.
You're done for now.
Because just now,
you shot an American.
Now that I think about it,
I guess I destroyed myself.
What are you doing? Open this door.
Open this door!
Let me out!
Lady Ae-sin helped you?
She was at the scene?
I think it was because it was close
to the apothecary she used as a base.
It was definitely her marksmanship.
What I found strange
was the man she was with.
The American acting consul
who looks like a Joseon man.
It was him.
I don't know if she knew when she helped,
but please thank Lady Ae-sin for me.
I might not get to see her until I die.
You have served us well.
I will pass on your message.
It's too dangerous for you
to move about in Hanseong now.
Go to Shanghai.
I'll contact you
as soon as we have
your travel documents and boat.
Until then, take good care of her.
Yes, sir.
Spend this in Shanghai.
Don't scrimp. Spend as much as you want.
It's from me.
Thank you, everyone.
Please stay safe, comrades.
The stones will be too heavy for Dad.
You poor thing.
What should I do with you now?
We will meet again.
So remember that this isn't farewell.
We might be much stronger
than we ever think.
Yes, captain.
The man Lady Ae-sin was with.
I think he was at the hut.
I don't like how they keep crossing paths.
He might have a motive.
He was at the kiln site too.
If he is who I think he is
My father was beaten to death
and my mother threw herself into the well.
I have nowhere to go
in this whole country.
He will have a grudge
against the whole country.
We might have to go to the legation.
He owes me money for drinks as well.
I hope he gets out safely.
I wonder what His Majesty will do.
I don't trust the king yet.
Both countries' legation got involved.
I'm sure he'll get out safely.
We're stuck between
the Japanese and Americans.
The innocent Joseon people
will take the blame.
Whether you live or die
is up to the foreigners.
Joseon has abandoned you.
The king abandoned his own people.
I abandoned him long ago.
If you abandoned the king,
why do you want to save Joseon?
To become a rebel.
I need there to be
a country to turn against.
Yes, that's right.
Your Majesty. The Joseon mob
colluded with an American
to launch an attack
and harmed Japan's authority--
Your Majesty.
The Japanese soldier
who claims he was injured
is not at all guilt-free.
He's actually the only assailant
in the incident.
As you see, our opinions
are directly opposed.
I suggest we open a joint investigation
to reveal the truth--
Why do you keep interrupting me?
What did you say?
Minister Hayashi.
Yes, Your Majesty.
A drunk Japanese soldier
killed two innocent Joseon people.
Do you believe
two Joseon lives mean less than
one Japanese soldier's injury? It is true that he had been drinking,
but he was on leave.
It's true that he was drunk,
but he was on leave.
Do Japanese soldiers on leave
carry weapons?
Do you carry weapons when on leave?
Your Majesty.
See this for what this is.
Your Majesty.
See this for what this is.
If you're siding with America because
they're a rising power--
Listen carefully, Minister Hayashi.
The statements of all
who witnessed the attack
indicate the Japanese soldier
as the attacker.
You're in our country
and your man gunned down
two innocent people,
and instead of apologizing,
you complain the wound
on your hand hurts more.
Do you still think
I side with the Americans?
Minister Lee of Foreign Affairs,
inform the Police Bureau.
Yes, Your Majesty.
The Japanese soldier who killed
two innocent Joseon people
will be judged by our laws.
-Your Majesty.
-Release the American today
and execute the Japanese for murder.
Japan will carry out the execution
and our Police Bureau will observe.
That is
my last act of mercy.
Yes, Your Majesty.
I thank you, Your Majesty.
My lady.
Is something the matter?
Boss. I know that handwriting.
Hand over that piece of paper.
"There has been a change of plans
for what we agreed to do together.
It'd be great if we could figure out
where we each stand as soon as possible.
Do not try to avoid me.
Please write me back as soon as you read
My lord!
My lord!
Just like you ordered,
I found the servant from 30 years ago
and sent him to the American--
My goodness.
What's the occasion, young master?
Why wouldn't you come home?
I'm afraid I can't do that
in the current circumstances.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Not at all, young master.
Why did you want to see me?
A few days ago,
when I was at my house,
you said you found somebody.
Who was it that you found?
Lord Kim ordered me to find
the servant from 30 years ago
who used to serve the family
back in Ganghwa Island, so I did.
Why look for a slave from 30 years ago?
I’m not sure,
but an American soldier barged in recently
and caused a ruckus.
It was intense.
He had a gun and everything.
I was given the order
after that man came by.
An American soldier?
Did that American soldier
look like a Joseon man?
Yes, young master.
He looked like one of us.
What I want to know is
Why was the American solider
looking for a slave,
not a noble?
I'm not sure, young master.
I was asking myself.
Oh, I see.
I want you to pawn this.
What did you say?
It probably means that he wants us dead.
Get a grip.
I'm not sure if this will worth anything.
Don't check what's inside.
Please take it in.
The boy inside that crate
is shivering with fear again.
Just a moment.
Bring me a certificate.
The petals turn yellow from white.
This helps blood circulation, ma'am.
It seems you have an injury.
What happened?
It happens often to soldiers.
The American soldier who got in a gunfight
with a Japanese solder
I'd like to rest a bit.
You must be tired
from showing up here and there.
Will I see it today?
Your face without a smile.
How do you like it?
Is it more pleasant to look at?
I'm not sure about that.
But you do look like a young master.
Carry on, sir.
I'm only here to get some air.
We ran into each other.
You've probably figured that out already.
I must've jinxed it.
Changes usually lead to mishaps,
and avoiding something
often gets you in a bloody mess.
You got shot.
-I appreciate your concern.
-I should wish for your death next.
I wished you well,
but I'm afraid
the exact opposite happened.
Am I on everyone's agenda today? You see, I feel like you cut in line
while I was
never even given a chance.
-What do you mean?
-Be an American soldier and nothing more.
What you have in your possession
no longer matters.
You already have
something important.
Just what are you talking about?
I think I know what he means.
The reason why all of you are angry.
I get it now.
Is the person by your side
the same person who is by my side?
Although not present,
that person was with us all along.
That person.
Is that person
my fiancée?
It better not be.
I'd hate to start having ill intentions.
At least not yet.
So I saved her. Because we're comrades.
Did that American man help you that day
because you are his comrade?
The emperor of Korea.
And have him stand in the forefront.
Did anything else happen
the year I was born?
You were there that day too.
Your mother was pregnant with you.
Are you the leader?
If that is the case,
I cannot let you live.
By the way, does the suit fit you well?
What suit?
I've been told
to just make sure a girl get on that boat.
Where are you supposed to meet them, sir? So even if Ae-sin can be put to good use,
don't let it be too often.
Sometimes, keep her in the dark.
I want to be the one
who gets her to safety.
I told you not to come and you did.
On top of that, you already know.
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