Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

It better not be.
I'd hate to start having ill intentions.
At least not yet.
So you are a young master after all.
-If that's your concern--
-Let me give you a piece of advice.
Don't be like that.
Be the man in Room 303 and nothing more.
And don't you ever put that woman
between us again.
Don't talk about endurance
in front of me again.
It won't end with an advice next time.
There must be
something interesting going on
between you two.
Don't you have anything better to do?
This interests me the most
among everything else.
Now I'm wondering
whom I should hate more.
It would be best if you two fight
and only one of you survive.
You never answered when I asked.
But now that the woman is between us,
you've finally given me an answer.
What answer?
What do you think you heard from me?
That you're enduring.
What is it that you're enduring?
I heard you were looking for servants who
worked for my grandfather 30 years ago.
Why are you looking for them?
Do you think I'm looking for
a long-lost friend?
You were there that day too. Your mother was pregnant with you.
That day, your grandfather said to me
that the child must bear
its parents' sin too.
I was only nine.
If a child must bear its parents' sin,
a baby inside its mother's womb
should too.
So don't stand between me
and your parents either.
Unless you want to give me
more reasons to make you pay.
One may think that his own problem
is bigger than anyone else's.
But when there's a man in front of you
whose heart has been torn out,
you shouldn't say you're hurt.
That would be a shameful thing to do.
The one who was about to feel sorrow
must've been me.
Would Would you like some candy, sir?
Why would I buy this stuff?
It's so sweet that it's bitter.
The owner of Hwawollu wishes to meet you.
Chieko, that bitch.
That Joseon bitch faked her identity.
What's worse is that she was an informant
for the Righteous Army.
I swear, I really didn't know.
I'm not sure if Minister Hayashi
will believe you.
Actually, he is looking everywhere for me.
I mean, money's good and all,
but I need to be alive first.
I need to sell this place quick
and you're the only person I can think of.
You are aware
that a deal with me requires money, right?
An American was shot to death and a Japanese was hung to death.
Don't expect me to pay in full price.
Starting today, Musin Society
will be in charge of managing Hwawollu.
The business will be run the usual way,
but those working in this building will
fill out a record of personal information
and report to the Hanseong manager
of Musin Society.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
What a perfect spot to get shot at
while enjoying the night.
I wonder who will die next.
When did you get here?
There were pauses
between the shots you fired.
It sounded like
you had a lot on your mind.
I wasn't able to focus.
What happened to that woman?
Which woman?
The woman
who gave me the signal
by opening the window.
I recognized her.
So I saved her.
Because we're comrades.
Did that American man help you that day
because you are his comrade?
I don't mean to question you
about that man.
But that day, you exposed yourself.
It could've been dangerous
for both you and that woman.
There was no other way.
I had to save her.
-Did that woman--
-She's alive.
That's a relief.
That girl you saved.
Her name's So-a.
She wanted me to thank you on her behalf.
I might have never known her name.
Forget her name. None of them
have their own names.
And they all share one name.
The Righteous Army.
They'll live without a name or a face.
But if Joseon lives through the struggles
and its history persists,
their names will be remembered by others.
I understand.
You'll burn the rice.
It's been burnt for a while now.
The entire nation is sitting on
a powder keg.
And yet, the night sky
is calmer than ever.
Which obstacle should I overcome first
in order to remedy the situation?
Your Majesty.
About that American man
who confronted the Japanese solider
May I advise you
to summon him and see
if we could use him in a way?
What purpose can he fulfill?
He is currently
the acting consul of the American legation
and a captain of the US Marine Corps.
Above all, Joseon is his native soil.
Native soil?
Do you mean to say he is a Joseon man?
Yes, Your Majesty.
It seems he went to America
at a young age.
In fact,
I saw him once at the American legation.
His appearance was that of a Joseon man.
That is some great news.
Go on.
Minister Allen is currently absent
due to his business in Shanghai,
so it would be best to contact him
before the minister's return.
There could be more information
at the American legation
regarding the deposit certificate.
Moreover, it sends a message
to the ministers of other countries,
so persuade him
and have him stand in the forefront.
What brings you here?
I have word from the palace,
-but it's unofficial.
-For me?
Please change into a suit.
You must leave behind
what's on your waist too.
Who is it that wants to see me
at the palace?
The emperor of Korea.
-Why would he--
-I'm not sure.
I wouldn't know
since I'm only the messenger.
However, I'll give you
the correct key this time.
I'm making up
for my previous intentional mistake.
No matter who you meet there,
speak in English.
Have the palace's interpreter
deliver your words.
You gave me the wrong key on purpose?
I was meaning to do it again,
but I feel embarrassed
now that you pointed it out.
I'll look the other way then. So when and where should I be?
Tonight at around 8 p.m.
outside the hotel,
a rickshaw-puller with a red sash
will pass by.
Hop on that rickshaw.
He will escort you safely to the palace.
What are you looking at, sir?
I can't tell if I'm the sky
or the black bird.
My lord, Gunner Jang is here.
Gunner Jang is waiting at the--
"One black bird
can ruin the entire sky."
What a great saying that is.
I wonder who he grew up to be.
A comrade has been exposed,
so I wish to send her off to Shanghai.
I'm afraid taking the official route
could be dangerous.
So she needs to be stowed away.
However, the price is too high.
I know it's too much to ask,
but I had no one to turn to.
How long has it been
since you became Ae-sin's mentor?
About ten years, my lord.
Can she now protect herself?
She's better
-than most men.
-What should she do
with those skills then?
Or is she already utilizing
what she has learned?
My lord.
When Sang-wan took that path,
I aided by funding you with money.
In the end, the money I funded
killed my own son.
I know that she's too willing
to be stopped.
I won't ask you to do
what I couldn't do myself.
So even if Ae-sin can be put to good use,
don't let it be too often.
Sometimes, keep her in the dark.
Please do so.
Use this money to save those you can.
I'm always sorry
and grateful to you, my lord.
You there.
I would like a word with you.
My lady.
Ms. Haman is packing some food.
Take it with you.
I heard you talking
to my grandfather, Master.
Is the woman still in danger?
-When will she leave for Shanghai?
-This time, I will take care of--
You will need me.
I can find help elsewhere.
She's the woman I saved.
I want her to be safe.
I want to be the one
who gets her to safety.
After this mission,
I will sit out a few.
I'll look the other way. I promise.
It will take place
at Jemulpo Harbor.
-I wonder who you take after.
You did not even hesitate once.
-Her life is on the line,
but yours will be too, my lady.
I know.
Your Majesty, it's the man
from the American legation.
I heard you went to
a foreign country as a young child.
How magnificent it is
that you came back to your homeland
to stand up against the tyranny
of the Japanese military
for the security of your home country.
The reason I called for you today
is to get your advice as a Korean man
regarding the relations
between the US and our country.
In your opinion,
what is the US's position
on the Korean Empire?
Please forgive me, Your Majesty,
The Korean Empire is a small, weak nation.
Hence, it must accept help
from Japan and other powerful nations.
That is the US's opinion.
Is that so?
Is that really what America thinks?
-Yes, Your Majesty.
-Hold on.
I know you are fluent in Korean.
What is the purpose of the interpreter?
Since I was unfamiliar
with the royal etiquette,
I meant to seek the help
of an interpreter.
That is proper and correct of you.
I will take that into consideration,
so the interpreter may leave us.
Yes, Your Majesty.
It is not every day I come across
someone with your experience.
What family of Joseon do you come from?
I do not know.
-You do not know?
-How dare you!
His Majesty asked you a question.
You will answer him honestly.
Many of those under your ruling
do not know of their origins.
Those with unknown origins
are mainly slaves and servants,
so they take the name of their owners.
My father's first owner was
from the Choi family
which is why my father and I
are Chois as well.
My mother
passed away with no surname at all.
My mother and father
were slaves.
Your Majesty, the senior officials
will shortly be here for the gathering.
If there is nothing more to ask,
I advise you to dismiss him.
You are dismissed.
I apologize, Your Majesty.
I was only focused on
his status as an American.
I did not consider the possibility
of his lowly origin.
It would not have changed anything.
His gaze was cold the entire time,
his manner of speech was half-hearted,
and the interpreted message
was pessimistic.
His feelings for Joseon
are probably the same.
I will be more careful next time,
Your Majesty.
Does it have legs or something?
Where on earth did it go?
What are you looking for?
The ornament.
I tucked it away safely,
but it's gone.
That? I went out and sold it.
I actually got a good bargain.
You startled me.
I remember you throwing a fit
about how it gives you the creeps, so--
How about I throw one now?
Have you gone mad? Have you?
How can you sell something
with such a story attached to it?
What will you do
when he comes back for it?
Please, not the gun.
Please lower your hands.
Who did you sell it to? Tell me!
Here it is. This is it, right?
I brought the money you gave for it.
It'll all be there.
We might have bought it at that price,
but the price gets higher
when you buy it back.
Although, that is not the case today.
Give it to her.
This thing.
It seems familiar.
You recognized it right away.
Your son asked us to hold on to this.
I must teach that brazen brat a lesson.
-Oh, no.
My goodness.
What are you doing here?
I was just
passing by.
You were just passing by?
Don't lie to my face, you brat.
You dropped this.
I can't believe this.
Did father tell you that you have to buy
secondhand ornaments?
He is such a cheapskate.
And you're just like your father.
What is this?
Are you selling your clothes now?
Oh, these are out of fashion now.
Then what about this?
Did you sell this for the same reason?
Your grandfather bought this watch for you
when you were leaving for Japan.
How dare you impawn this?
Gosh, I can't believe
I gave birth to such a brat
The day you gave birth to me--
What now?
How could you have the audacity to
What? What about it?
The year I was born
It could've been the month
or the day I was born.
What about that day?
Why do you ask?
Did anything else happen?
Like a tragic incident that happened
to a nine-year-old slave, perhaps.
Oh, my goodness. I'm so forgetful.
I completely forgot to prepare lunch
for your father.
Listen, don't do anything
and just stay at the hotel
until you hear from me.
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Let's go.
How could you do this to us, my lord?
My lord! Please have mercy on my family!
Let go!
My lord!
Aren't you Young Master Hui-seong?
Do I know you?
I'm not good at remembering guys' faces.
How have you been, young master?
I'm Sin Jong-min,
and I work at Taera Tailor Shop.
When you cut your hair short
and got your first suit tailored,
I took your measurements.
Don't you remember?
I do remember you. Have you been well?
Yes, young master.
I was wondering if you need
to get that repaired.
This is for something else.
Oh, I see.
By the way, does the suit fit you well? I don't think Lady Ae-sin had
the correct measurements.
It's probably a bit too small.
What suit?
Lady Ae-sin got a suit made for you
every year, you know.
The suit I received from Joseon
every year when I was in Japan?
I guess I grew a little.
I wore it very often when I was in Tokyo.
Did you make it?
No, my master did.
I still only take measurements
because I'm a Joseon man.
I'll take your measurements again.
Please stop by soon, young master.
-Take care. See you again soon.
-Yes, master.
She said she wanted
to annul the engagement
and yet she got a suit made for me
every year.
Right, the mask.
What are you--
Let's walk naturally.
Let's do it. Love.
Into my heart.
You caught me.
Did you say "heart"?
Why is everyone studying so hard
these days?
The Korean Empire is a small, weak nation.
Hence, it must accept help
from Japan and other powerful nations.
My mother and father were slaves.
I'm here to meet Lord Lee Jeong-mun.
Is he inside?
That day,
the interpreter who translated for me
changed my words.
It was neither for the sake
of America nor Joseon.
He did it for Japan.
Why are you telling me this now?
You could have told His Majesty
right away that day.
You could have also taken it
to your grave.
I've had a change of heart.
You've had a change of heart.
I am sure
you have had enough time to ponder.
You wish to take back what you said,
don't you?
Would you believe the words
of a man who left Joseon
because he was born a slave? Whether you trust me or not is up to you.
However, visiting you in person like this
was more difficult
and dangerous than shooting guns.
It also required more courage.
But I guess I wasted my time.
When did you
I've been so worried about you, sir.
Where have you been?
I had to be somewhere.
Something must be going on.
You saw that just now, right?
-Are you talking about the inspectors?
Lord Lee Se-hun ordered the Police Bureau
to block every street and alleyway
in Hanseong
to inspect all passersby.
I bet he's trying to track someone down.
-Who could that be?
-A geisha who ran away from Hwawollu.
A geisha? Why?
He wouldn't look for her
if he were on Joseon's side.
He's obviously on Japan's side.
As they say,
geishas know every man's secrets.
I bet the one who ran away was a spy
that was planted in Hwawollu.
-Okay, I get your point.
-All right. Stop whispering and don't stand so close.
Continue along without me.
Where are you going now?
This palanquin belongs
to Lord Go Sa-hong's granddaughter.
Let's go.
Stop right there.
We must inspect the palanquin,
so please put it down.
What? Did you not hear
what I just said to you?
How dare you order us
to put down Lady Ae-sin's palanquin?
-Have you lost your mind?
-Don't be offended.
It's just that our higher-ups
are hounding us.
The suspect is a master of disguise.
We have been told
to inspect every passerby, no exceptions.
Mr. Haengrang, put the palanquin down.
We apologize, Lady Ae-sin.
We've been told to inspect everyone,
including those from noble families.
Is that person
my fiancée?
All good.
You can get back on it now, Lady Ae-sin.
Have you seen a woman
who looks like this by any chance?
My, she's beautiful.
What did that pretty lady do
for you to make such a fuss at this hour?
People are already disturbed
by what the Japanese have been doing.
But she abandoned
her pride as a Joseon woman
and worked as a geisha to earn money.
She does not deserve to be forgiven,
don't you think?
That is sad.
My lady.
It's chaotic out there now.
If you stay here--
I'm aware.
I shouldn't waste my time like this.
Let's go.
I'll be busy for the next couple of days.
I need to come up with an excuse
to go to Jemulpo.
That filthy Joseon wench!
Because of that one Joseon wench,
our soldiers were executed.
And the king of Joseon belittled me
to curry favor with America.
When we catch that wench--
Then go catch her.
What brings you here, sir?
If the Japanese legation
gets involved directly,
it may turn into a diplomatic fight.
I cannot burn the entire house
to catch one little rat.
That being said,
I need you to find her.
Joseon's police bureau is already
making a big fuss to find her.
We're doing that to make the word spread.
We want her to know
that every land route is blocked.
Go to Jemulpo and block the port there.
She'll try to flee to Shanghai
with a fake identity.
This is
a group travel certificate,
which was issued after she disappeared.
Five are Japanese, nine are Chinese,
and six are Joseon people.
She must be one of them.
All right.
But you'll have to pay me first, sir.
You must pay me up-front.
You keep telling me to find things
that don't exist.
So I'm worried you may not
pay me later on.
I do this for a living, you know.
What did you just say?
Find someone else to do the job
if you don't want to pay me now.
You'd better tell us now.
No, sir. Stowing away?
That is impossible.
I don't know anything about it, sir.
My guys beat you a little,
but you're way too noisy, sir.
All right. Now, use your brain
and try to think.
Please don't kill me.
Do you think we're beating you up
because you're a stowaway broker?
Pardon me?
We simply want to check.
So please do not make me use
my sword when fists should be enough.
It's It's in three days.
They said they'd arrive by noon.
I've been told to just make sure
a girl gets on that boat.
I'm telling you the truth.
Please don't kill me.
It must be a young guy, not a girl.
No, sir.
I've been told that it's a girl.
I'm telling you the truth, sir.
He is telling us the truth.
Three days from today.
At noon.
Where are you supposed to meet them, sir?
I'm here to meet the American soldier
who looks like a Joseon man.
Please let them know.
You owe me for your drinks.
You're a gunner?
I heard an American soldier
came by my hut.
That must've been you.
You knew, didn't you?
-You're Gunner Jang who lives in that hut?
-Did you get shot in the arm?
Is that geisha okay?
-Who is "that geisha"?
-Are you the leader?
What are you talking about?
Forget it. It was just a shot in the dark.
How much do I owe you?
Why do you keep
hovering around Lady Ae-sin?
"Lady Ae-sin"?
The one I was with was a guy.
He at least looked like a guy.
It sounds like
you already know everything.
If that is the case,
I cannot let you live.
That geisha Why did you help her?
-You and your pupil are very much alike.
-Do you think I'm joking now?
-Don't bother.
-Talk after I pull the trigger.
I'm telling you not to bother
because it doesn't work.
It is loaded with bullets,
but it's missing this.
It's from overseas.
It's an American rifle.
Why is it that every man around her
is dying to kill me?
I will cut your head off
If I ever see you with a piece of paper
in your hand, I will kill you.
All I did was to try to help
ever since I returned to Joseon.
That is precisely why.
You look like one of us,
but you're still an American soldier.
I witnessed everything you Americans
did to us back in 1871.
It seems like you already know
everything about us.
Shouldn't you arrest and interrogate us?
Why are you trying to help us?
I can do whatever I want.
You don't want my help?
I bet you're helping
because you have a hidden agenda.
You're the one who's interrogating me now.
Just take your money and leave.
-Pay me back, then.
-How much?
Will you give me however much I say?
Then it'll be quite a bit.
Make way!
All right, let's go. Come on, let's go.
Search everyone that looks suspicious.
Everyone from Joseon people to Americans.
For example
Like this bastard here.
That filthy Joseon wench!
I guess Hayashi doesn't trust me.
This is one of Hayashi's men.
Focus on doing your job.
Get lost.
Everyone, please board!
12:30 P.M.
The Shanghai-bound ship will depart soon.
Come on. Hurry up.
Get on before it's too late.
Board the ship now.
Please get on now.
The ship will depart shortly.
By the way,
the merchants we saw
in the third-class compartment earlier
Why don't we see any of them here?
We must leave now.
We have to catch the one o'clock train.
If we miss the train,
we'll lose that girl too.
-What do you mean, sir?
-The detailed information we got.
It was too detailed
that it felt like something was off.
It's not here! Hayashi was fooled.
That wench took a land route.
Let's go! We're headed back
to the train station!
Over there. Get that bastard!
She's not there.
We must get on that train!
Those bastards are trying to keep us here!
We don't have time for this!
We must contact those in Hanseong first
Right, a phone.
Damn it.
That geisha
She's not safe yet.
Then what are you doing here?
We made it look like
she's supposed to stow away
from Jemulpo to Shanghai.
As soon as Musin Society finds out
that it was a trap,
they'll search the land route.
there are only two trains a day.
They'll miss the train
and get stuck in Jemulpo.
It's that way!
Our plan is to get out of Hanseong
through a land route while they're there.
Why are you telling me all this? Because the American army and its soldiers
don't get searched.
Please help us.
Help us so that she can get out
of Hanseong safe and sound.
How can you trust me?
Why would I help Joseon people?
You shot yourself in the arm
to save her life.
No, you're wrong.
I wasn't trying to save
that geisha's life.
I wanted to save Go Ae-sin.
What an expensive drink I owe you.
Must I save the geisha now?
Everything's ready.
When will Major Moore set off?
As soon as he finds an interpreter.
Why find someone when you have me?
It's a private trip.
It's not part of your duty.
I did some thinking, sir.
What now?
The Police Bureau blocked
all roads leading out from Hanseong
to find a geisha
and that's just when Major Moore
decides to go on a trip.
On top of that,
with a man he barely knows.
I'm positive
that he wants to help that man.
Then of course that makes it my duty.
Why would you
Because I am a man of Joseon.
I'm more of a Joseon man
than anyone in this building.
So you can trust me.
Take care. I hope you arrive safely.
Thank you. Also,
I apologize for searching your room.
That was you?
I tipped them off.
Why are you helping me?
I want to prolong Josoen's demise
a little more.
How is it that this watch
always returns to me?
Just like my karma, Grandfather.
Lady Ae-sin got a suit made for you
every year, you know.
There are too many uses for a suit.
Of what use would it be to my fiancée?
What now?
The next train leaves at
7 a.m. tomorrow morning.
Go to Hanseong on horseback.
They're heading to Shanghai.
They aren't going by boat.
Go north.
I have something to do here.
You'll remain on your own?
Is something wrong?
I must check something.
Is he
an American?
Yes. This man is an American officer.
We're interpreters from the legation
aiding him on his travels.
Is that man in the back
also an interpreter?
The first part of that
was his own introduction.
The rest were curses.
Get going. Get out of here.
Come over here. Come on.
My lady, drink this.
Drink it up.
It's a painkiller.
Stay with us.
It's deep and needs stitches.
I've seen others do it
but never did one myself.
I think you need a physician--
No way. Do you think we came here
because we don't know that?
I'll do it.
I was a seamstress for 30 years.
It'll be just like sewing.
Give me a needle and thread.
He wishes you luck.
Stay safe.
Don't come.
Don't come here.
I told you not to come.
We meet again, my lady.
So early, at a train station.
I went to a temple.
What must I do with you?
Do you not see I'm wearing
the clothes of a mourner?
Step aside
before I kill you.
Wouldn't I be a bit quicker, my lady?
Would you be?
I don't think so.
Although I can do it,
I don't think you can.
I told you not to come and you did.
On top of that, you already know.
I heard you fixed it.
Wait a moment.
It was such a sad tune.
You really fixed it?
We meet again, sir.
I was at work yesterday
and broke a sword that I cherished.
It must've been a tough fight
since you broke your sword.
I was up against a shooter.
I'm a sword-fighter and not a shooter,
so I shot him in the leg instead.
If you see someone with a limp,
please tell me, sir.
I tried to chase him but I lost him.
I was told to wait here.
I thought I'd miss you again.
Me too.
How is your wound?
How is yours?
Gu Dong-mae is
looking for a man with a wounded leg.
-Is it you?
-It's true that I was shot,
but I'm no man.
So keep it a secret.
You're asking for another favor?
Thank you.
Let's call it even
for the boat ride.
I shouldn't have taken that boat.
I did all the rowing.
It's too late for regrets.
I thought love was easy.
But it's quite hard.
For everything
I apologize.
We can stop if it's too much.
We can stop at any time.
So let's not stop today.
we shall take a step forward.
Now tell me.
An introduction.
A handshake.
What should we do next?
You won't be able to do it.
It's called a "hug."
I already learned all the words
beginning with H.
If I don't wear this,
my fiancée might be disappointed.
I will burn brightly then wilt.
Does the Righteous Army pay you well?
If it does, I want in.
What's fruitless is sweeter and dearer.
If that's what you wish,
do not agitate me.
The pathetic hope that we can stop others
from selling our country.
I do fear death,
but I made up my mind to be a flame.
You'll die at the hands of
a Joseon man tonight.
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