Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

I thought love was easy.
But it's quite hard.
For everything
I apologize.
We can stop if it's too much.
We can stop at any time.
So let's not stop today.
we shall take a step forward.
Now tell me.
An introduction. A handshake.
What should we do next?
You won't be able to do it.
It's called a "hug."
I already learned all the words
beginning with H.
Did I do it correctly?
Didn't I tell you not to study so hard?
Can you wait here for a moment?
Where are you off to now?
It's not what you think.
We'll cause a nuisance
if we stay here for too long.
so let's go elsewhere.
Come on in.
I don't think I have
formally introduced them before. This is Mr. Haengrang and Ms. Haman.
My right-hand and left-hand man.
Is it all right?
Are they on the same side?
It's best you don't know, just in case.
Well, I'll let you have a chat.
I told you this before,
but I'm a man who has nothing to fear.
I'm ruthless.
Are you her right-hand man?
That is our strategy.
People lower their guards,
thinking that's the case.
But I'm the left hand.
Don't be mistaken.
We didn't give you that to be cordial.
You'll need a reason
why you were at an apothecary.
To come here on a regular basis,
you need to know someone who's ill
or be ill yourself. -Like an alibi.
-My goodness.
You can't let others know about this. This guy, seriously.
Should we make you an actual patient?
Will today be that day?
I see you're safe in their hands.
The moment you left,
they both started to threaten me.
I doubt it.
They were just giving you a hard time
and I can understand that.
Let's go.
What was that?
Protecting you.
It must be hard
for him to carry two men in his rickshaw.
Where exactly are we going right now?
I haven't thought that far ahead. I just wanted to sit side by side with you
since we walked side by side last time.
How about we head to Glory Hotel?
You can take back the mask
I was holding on to.
Wait in front of Room 304.
I'll bring the key.
I see you have a guest.
It's a friend of mine from New York. We used to study together.
Do you need an extra room?
That won't be necessary.
He'll be on his way after we catch up.
Are you planning on eating that raw?
I'll have it brewed and sent to your room.
I appreciate it.
I wonder where his head is at.
The suit Lady Ae-sin recently had made?
Yes, I like its style,
but it's a little too snug.
But if I don't wear this,
my fiancée might be disappointed.
You both have such kind hearts.
This is the fabric, isn't it?
It's popular in France.
It is.
So this is what a hotel room looks like.
I've never been in one before.
I've never brought anyone
to my room either.
It's been rummaged though.
You must have many valuables in here.
Now I have one more.
What's this?
This is a music box.
It plays music when you wind it up.
-It's a folk song called "Greensleeves."
Care to listen to it?
So Westerners have a folk song
of their own.
Let's hear it.
He's listening to
a music box with his friend.
How awkward.
Do you like it?
I thought it'd be a merry tune,
but it's heartbreakingly sad.
Is there a story behind it?
When I first arrived in America,
I didn't know the language
the streets were terrifying.
I was starving, my hands were frozen from the cold,
and I was beaten up and in pain. That's when I heard this song.
I cried my eyes out.
Did you listen to it often
after you came back here?
No, not for a while.
But I recently got the chance to.
-Were you hurt again?
-Not me,
but I heard someone was injured.
It scared me.
Were you worried about me?
It seemed like Gu Dong-mae recognized you
at Jemulpo that day.
That's right. That day,
he took the shot after recognizing me.
He confirmed that it was me
the next morning at the train station.
Step aside before I kill you.
Wouldn't I be a bit quicker, my lady?
I don't think so.
Although I can do it,
I don't think you can.
Boss, Minister Hayashi sent a message
regarding what happened at Jemulpo.
He's curious about the result.
But we lost track of everyone
at the scene.
What should we do?
Not everyone.
I saw the face of one of them.
If he wanted to hurt me,
it would've been the perfect moment.
But he didn't.
And I think he never will.
Do you trust him?
I saved him once
when we were both young.
When I offered him a hand
out of good intentions
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
he bit it like a wild animal.
Since he did so back then,
I'm sure that he will
spare my life at least once.
Do you trust him?
If I must answer
I think I do.
I didn't say you should answer.
One thing is for certain.
If I encounter him once again
while dressed like this
I will be the first one to open fire.
So don't you worry.
I will be needing this in order to do so.
I'm taking it back.
But you don't have to do it. Putting on the suit, I mean.
Joseon will become more and more volatile.
You will be in more danger.
"Do not draw attention.
Do not come by the hut.
Do not study English so much."
You're always telling me
not to do something.
Can't you allow me
to do at least one thing?
You said you wanted to love.
I forgot about that.
You could live your life in comfort,
vibrant like a flower.
In my memory, that's the kind of life
all noble women of Joseon resorted to.
I'm not much different.
My life is also vibrant.
The only difference is
that I wish to be a flame.
When I'm out in the field,
I always think about the weight of death.
So I take my shot carefully
and retreat quickly.
You've seen me do so.
When we wear Western clothes
and cover our faces,
we become faceless and nameless.
We become only of the Righteous Army.
That is why we need one another.
I know it's cruel to my grandfather,
but I wish to burn brightly
and then wilt.
Like a flame.
I do fear death,
but I
made up my mind.
She's quite cruel.
Where do I lie between her passion
and cruelty?
I thought I was close,
but I might have to go even further.
One more step
into the flame.
Joseph, it seems like
I'm in big trouble.
I should get going.
The man in Room 303 isn't back yet.
You might bump into him on your way out.
Who's staying in Room 303?
Your fiancé is staying there.
He's still staying here?
Am I more acquainted than you are?
I'm glad.
To be acquainted with my fiancé?
With you.
We'll talk about that later
since it'll take a while.
I'll head out that way.
-This is the third floor.
-I'll leave the rest to you.
What's this?
Why is there a coin here?
For what reason am I being stopped? I believe I've seen you before, sir.
You must earn quite a lot
as an A-frame coolie,
seeing how you can afford a train ride.
I'm not sure what you mean.
I believe we met
on the train bound to Jemulpo
and at the harbor too.
You weren't the only one I saw.
I think you're mistaking me
for someone else.
Don't move or you'll hurt yourself, sir.
Kill me. Kill me already!
You're not very patient.
I already got paid, so I must do my job.
But hunting down every one of you
wouldn't be a very efficient method.
You see, all I need is just one person
to take the bullet for me.
So think carefully before you answer me.
Give me a name and I might let you live.
-Stop the blabbering and just kill me!
-You'll get your wish,
but that comes at the very end.
Before anything though,
I'm really curious about something.
Why do you do it?
I put my life on the line every day too,
but my life comes first before anything.
I'd never risk my life for what I do.
Does the Righteous Army
pay you well?
If it does, I want in.
A piece of trash like you
wouldn't understand,
but if I am to die right now,
these are my last words,
so listen carefully.
"A piece of trash"?
Are you aware
of the current state Joseon is in?
Nothing in Joseon is ours now. Russia took Yalu River,
the forests of Tumen River,
Gyeongwon and Jongseong Mines.
America took Unsan Mine,
our streetcar system,
electricity, and the Gyeongin Line.
Japan took Jiksan Mine,
the Gyeongbu and Gyeongwon Lines.
Britain took Eunsan Mine,
and France stole
the Gyeongui Line from us.
That is why I'm doing this.
I do not want to be
robbed of this feeble country.
Are there that many people
who are better than me in Joseon?
I knew it'd be useless,
but you said you'd let me live
if I told you another name.
But you know what?
I won't tell you a single name.
Have you lost your mind?
"Run away if your cover is blown
and die if you get caught."
Try catching a hundred of us.
Any of my comrades would do the same.
We're taking him with us.
Here's the owner of Hwawollu
you've been looking for, sir.
He went all the way to Busan.
We caught him as he was
getting on a ship to Nagasaki.
What about those rats
in the Righteous Army?
Why did you bring this moron to me?
The Righteous Army
already fled through land routes.
Because of the incorrect
information you gave us,
a couple of my guys got injured as well,
so let's call it even, sir.
Sir, I even sold my business
at a dirt cheap price.
Why do this to me?
You're the one who hired
that geisha.
You must take responsibility.
I really had no idea.
I swear to His Imperial Majesty.
I've been fooled too.
Shut your mouth!
Don't make me want to kill you.
I'll be off, then.
Please spare my life, sir.
Please don't kill me, sir.
If you want to live,
run away as fast as you can.
If you can, flee to somewhere far
from Hanseong.
-I'm certain that others saw you too.
-What are you up to?
Are you saying you will spare my life?
Not exactly. I've simply decided
not to kill you just yet.
If I catch even a glimpse of you
in Hanseong,
I will rip you to pieces.
Since you wish to die.
How strange.
I saw that friend of his coming in,
but I never saw him leaving.
I'll come back another time.
Finish your bath.
Come in. I'm done.
Why do you have more scars than a man
who brandishes a sword for a living?
It was definitely not easy
to live in Japan as a Joseon girl
in this turbulent world.
What brings you here?
I'm feeling a little down today.
I let a member of the Righteous Army go.
You let him go? Why?
Because I thought
that his comrades would be sad
if I killed him.
That is the funniest thing
I've heard this year.
Dong-mae, you'll be shot to death soon.
You shouldn't have let him go.
Most people
beg me to spare their lives,
but that man
told me to just kill him.
And he truly meant it.
I realized at that moment
that I already lost.
I couldn't wrap my head around it.
Why would a mere A-frame coolie
risk his life for this country?
There are things that
even swords cannot destroy.
Such a passionate, righteous heart,
for example.
You certainly lost the fight, Dong-mae.
You can kill him now if you want.
How could I? I let him go.
I may be a man of no importance,
but I keep my word.
That is the second funniest thing
I've heard this year.
You of all people
What are you risking your life for?
I'd never risk my life for anything.
I take lives of others.
How much have you lost?
Don't ask.
But I do remember the days
when I was very rich,
albeit faintly.
Oh, no.
So, that rickshaw was yours.
I wondered where
the rickshaw behind mine was headed.
People usually introduce themselves
when they feel this awkward.
My grandfather's land has been
turned into this pawnshop.
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
What's wrong?
I'm Go Ae-sun.
My future cousin-in-law?
Are we cousins-in-law?
-Hello, my lady.
-I'm not excited to see you.
Your fiancé
He gambles.
So do you, Ae-sun.
Call me "my lady" you wench.
You gamble too, my lady.
You always have to talk back, don't you?
Hey, are you trying to boast
about your handsome fiancé
who is from a wealthy family
that owns a ton of land?
Goodness, who cares if he's rich now?
He can easily lose all his money
in a month.
He must have impawned a lot of things.
He frequents the pawnshop.
It sounds like you know him very well.
I suppose you met him at the gambling den
as well as the pawnshop.
-Hey, I'm leaving.
I even have my shoes on.
I just wanted to stop by to tell you that.
You're a girl. Why bother reading books?
Just buy some jewelry.
She does not deserve
to wear that silk dress.
What a waste of silk.
I feel bad for the silkworms
that died for it.
My goodness.
Thank goodness she's gone.
Ms. Kudo asked me to bring this to you.
Thank you.
Please drink it before it gets cold
and return the bowl.
Thank you.
I guess you're heading out.
Your offer for a complimentary drink
I'd like to have that drink today.
Do you have time?
I gave you the correct key,
and you came to me first.
It seems like you managed to get
your music box fixed.
You listened to it with your friend.
The blacksmith you told me about
was quite good.
I'm taking the herbal medicine too.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
It's not like I decoct the herbs myself.
How long have you been running this hotel?
It took two years to build,
and it opened three years ago.
In Japan, I started learning
about hotel management at a young age
thanks to my late ex-husband.
It is nearly impossible for a woman
to run this kind of business
here in Joseon,
but I had an advantage
because I'm legally Japanese.
But why do you ask?
When we wear Western clothes
and cover our faces,
we become faceless and nameless.
We become only of the Righteous Army.
That is why we need one another.
Do you work for the government?
I'm just a businesswoman.
Why did a mere businesswoman
advise me to converse
through an interpreter?
Did he interpret your words
in favor of Japan?
Did you want to check it through me?
Here, I have access
to abundance of information.
And I'm a curious person.
So? What kind of choice did you make?
Does any of the information
happen to be about how I may be
found dead in the near future?
Is that the choice you've made?
I'm not sure.
I'm also curious about
the outcome of my choice.
Lord Lee. What brings you here?
I was told to
You must be here to meet the person
who wanted to hire you as an interpreter.
I heard that you take
personal interpreting jobs.
It's just a pastime to keep myself busy.
Please forgive me, my lord.
I am certain that is
not the only thing
you need forgiveness for.
-Pardon me?
-Hence, it must accept help
from Japan and other powerful nations.
You interpreted incorrectly
in front of His Majesty.
Was it of your own accord?
Or did someone put you up to it?
I've committed a mortal sin, my lord.
How How could it have been
of my own accord?
Of course not, my lord.
It's Lee Wan-ik.
Lord Lee Wan-ik ordered me to do it.
Are other interpreters at the palace
like that too?
That That I do not know.
I don't know at the moment,
but if you spare my life,
I will find out--
There is no need.
I will find out myself.
My lord.
My lord
What's wrong?
I had to disguise myself
given the situation.
You startled me.
You look just like him dressed like that.
I was wondering
why he looked so weary today.
Nonsense. I look nothing like him.
I looked very handsome and youthful
until yesterday.
People turn to families and friends
only in times of difficulty.
I guess you missed someone else
when I'm the one doing all the hard work.
I should've smashed
that darn crate back then.
The person I'm missing
also has some other hard work to do.
So how did it go?
Lord Lee Jeong-mun made a move last night.
He did a clean job. In a single stroke
and without any hesitation.
I suppose that is the outcome
of my choice.
I'll visit again soon.
Then the thing at my shop should be
I'm considering making a different choice.
Lady Ae-sin, what brings you here
this early?
I am here to see my fiancé.
I think he's still asleep.
He should be coming down shortly
to have his morning coffee though.
Then I will wait for him.
Where should I wait?
Since you haven't tried it before,
you should add some sugar.
Why drink something so bitter?
At first, you can only taste
the bitterness,
but it starts to taste sour, sweet,
and flavorful before you even know it.
It makes your heart race
and keeps you up at night.
And most importantly, it's very expensive.
It's kind of like vain hope.
Does that mean you sell vain hope?
For a hefty price.
It is always the vain things
that are expensive and sweet.
Such a momentary, fleeting illusion
of hope makes people spend money.
The greedy hope of becoming wealthy
by selling one's country.
The pathetic hope that we can stop others
from selling our country.
And the wimpish hope
of calling off one's engagement.
Things like that.
A young lady from a noble family
came to this hotel all by herself.
You wouldn't have had to
if your wedding were to happen as planned.
You seem to have immense interest in me.
Because you're in the way
of what I'm actually interested in.
If you're going to be like this,
shall I cry or bite?
Will I end up shedding tears
because I accepted the handkerchief?
No wonder why I dreamed
of strolling in a field of flowers.
Are you here to see me?
This is called billiards.
-Would you like to learn? I'll teach you.
-I have no time for this.
Western men play this when they hang out
with friends.
It's quite fun.
I'm sorry, but I'd like to get
straight to the point.
You already got your message across
by coming here.
There's only one reason
you'd come all the way here to see me.
To break off our engagement.
That's right.
I told you I suffered because of
all sorts of rumors.
Do you remember?
I have already been
criticized and mortified.
I'll have no problem even if I decide
to live alone for the rest of my life.
But it's a promise between our families.
It won't be broken off
even if the two of us decide to do so.
But we should still try.
I will speak with my grandfather.
Do you
have another man?
What if I do?
Will that be enough reason
to call off our engagement?
Then I'll have to fight
regardless of who that is.
I have no reason to back off.
I am certainly at an advantage.
If you don't want me to fight,
do not provoke me.
Don't waste your time on me.
You must
-have a dream too.
-No, I don't.
You're a man.
Do you not have any ambitions?
Must I have one?
I'd hate to work for the government. It's
hard for me to wake up in the morning.
Joining the anti-Japan movement
will be physically taxing,
and becoming pro-Japanese
will agonize my heart.
I've always liked things
that are considered useless.
The moon, the stars,
flowers, and the wind.
and jokes.
Things like that.
I wish to just go with the flow
and die wherever my journey stops.
I suppose I can say that's my dream.
I understand.
However, I cannot root for you
for our journeys will probably end
in different places.
No one is rooting for me anyway,
so it's fine.
We can neither get married
nor break off our engagement,
so let's not be harsh on each other. Today,
just think of me as a friend.
Can't you?
So how do you play this? Teach me.
You said this is what friends do.
So when should you hit the eight ball?
At the end.
All right, we've covered all the rules.
Now, with that cue stick,
hit this white ball
Is that what I'm supposed to do?
Yes, that's right.
Keep going.
You want me to keep going?
Then what will you do?
I'll do this.
I'm only joining because
there's no other table.
Let me pour you one
to celebrate our meeting.
Pour your own. Then how about a toast?
I shouldn't have spoken to you.
Clinking glasses
causes the two drinks to swish and mix.
It's to prove that I didn't
spike yours with any poison.
Do you want to poison me?
Your job.
Is it going well?
Do you even know what I do?
Not in detail,
but you catch people or beat them up.
Or kill them, don't you?
In that case,
I must say it's not going my way.
Why do you do that?
Why do you do nothing?
I've been getting that a lot.
Now that I'm here,
people seem to see what I am.
If I were to do something,
I will become someone very great.
That's why I do nothing.
Maybe I should carry poison with me.
I'm sorry, sir.
There are no seats
Over there.
There's an empty seat.
Please, sir.
That day, your grandfather said to me
that the child must bear
its parents' sin too.
I was only nine.
If a child must bear its parents' sin,
a baby inside its mother's womb
should too.
May I?
I know it's late, but welcome.
Welcome back to Joseon.
Sounds like you want me gone.
Something must've happened again
between you two.
I'm dead curious.
We have more than enough going on.
Did you find the man you're looking for?
The one with a limp?
Should I say I found him or not?
I saw someone.
A man named Lee Wan-ik walks with a limp.
You seemed to be close with him.
I parted ways with him long ago.
And the man I'm looking for is young.
You run out so fast.
You three must be friends.
We just happened to meet.
An American-Joseon man,
a Japanese-Joseon man,
and a handsome Joseon man.
That's what we are.
I see, sir.
the handsome Joseon man must leave.
No need to see me off.
It was the other leg.
Does he even know what he's doing?
He does. He's always straightforward.
You seem to know too.
You're straightforward.
I said I know Lee Wan-ik.
Are you hiding him?
I can't tell.
Who are you hiding then?
I'm also hiding Lee Wan-ik.
He should be the one limping.
That should be the conclusion.
For us both.
No, for all three of us.
You must like it.
Would you like to borrow it?
Can I do that?
I'll lend it to you. You can return it
after you've heard enough.
don't get sick in the meantime.
I don't think you're here for fur clothes.
You never thanked me
for paying for the drinks.
I believe I paid more than enough.
It sufficed.
What? Are you here for your change?
I was hoping to ask you to pay this time.
I just quit drinking.
You'll like what I prepared.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lee Se-hun.
Don't ask for the story.
Will you chip in?
How dare he make me come and go?
He deserves a scolding.
Take me to him.
The acting consul.
The acting consul is out.
If I may ask, who are you?
You're the second man to not recognize me
and keep me standing.
Sir! There he is.
I never called for you.
I got smart.
I couldn't wait until tonight.
The day was too long.
Are you here to return the music box?
I'm saving that excuse for another day.
You owe me this time.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm actually here for a reason. I came across something I don't know.
This is my name.
That's correct.
This was where I got stuck.
I was wondering
how to write this in English.
I just couldn't figure it out.
I told you not to study too hard,
but if you don't even know that
This is
something you should figure out yourself.
It wouldn't help at all
if I were to give you the answer.
It's such an easy one.
I should go. Sorry for the intrusion.
When will you need a new bowl?
Why do you ask?
I thought you might need a wherryman.
Around lunchtime on the 5th.
Why didn't you write back?
I haven't read it yet.
Read this.
I said you should study on your own
Can you not read?
My English is excellent.
So you can't--
This is a newspaper.
I should read this.
It's in English.
I'll walk you out. Let's go.
Just a moment.
The herbs you gave me last time.
What were they for?
Oh, that?
Did you take it?
Not yet
-What's the matter?
-The thing is,
if you brew it in hot water
and put your feet in it,
it helps you relax
and gets the toxins out of your body. It gets rid of everything bad
that's inside you.
Don't you ever drink it.
Of course not.
You're educated enough to know
it's not for ingestion.
Take care.
Don't drink it.
What is going on?
Why were we summoned so suddenly?
Listen carefully, Russia.
America was found dead.
He was stabbed.
What do you mean?
America was stabbed? Why?
How would I know?
Who should we report this to?
Isn't it obvious?
We must tell Lord Lee Se-hun,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Then you go to him, France.
-We'll go this way.
-Let's go.
Where are they going?
Why are you alone?
I told you all to gather.
I asked around, my lord.
The interpreters all went to Lee Wan-ik's.
But he's not even a government official.
He's middle-class.
We're all middle-class, my lord.
That's the problem.
What can
a bunch of middle-class men solve?
Will you come to your senses
after you're stabbed yourselves?
I think it's because of the rumor
circulating among the interpreters.
A rumor? What rumor?
Word got out that Minister Hayashi
is displeased with you
and that now you're like
a kite with no string.
That to survive, we must side with
Lee Wan-ik who's close to Ito Hirobumi.
Above all, rumor has it that
Lee Wan-ik even slapped you in the face.
That is my greeting.
What brings you to my place?
A greeting is in order--
It's fine.
There's no need for such formality.
Wouldn't you agree?
So, what are you here about?
There's talk that you're
Ito Hirobumi's right-hand man.
Is that so?
Humility is a virtue
that every great man should have.
My point is
I'll be his left hand.
Do you know that Ito's from
the lowest social class?
You want to be the left hand
of a low-class man?
Who cares about hierarchy
when our country's a mess?
I was very bothered
by how I mistreated you.
I brought you a small present.
You brought nothing.
You wench. Don't just stand there.
Come and bow.
My lord.
You fool.
You should be the one to bow.
The man who asks for a favor should bow.
Don't just sit there.
Go on and bow.
I'll come along if it's a tough job. You've done enough.
I put you in enough danger.
Thank you.
Make way for Lee Se-hun,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
What's the matter?
Has he lost his mind?
You You're that man from
I should have them beaten to death.
Come back here!
You must be the American
who looks like a Joseon man
that shot the Japanese soldier.
It's a great pity
if that's all you know about me.
What are you talking about?
Do you know what trouble you got me in?
Forget about that.
Compared to what'll happen now,
that was nothing.
What did you say?
I'll have your tongue pulled out.
Don't just stand there.
Get him off the horse.
Stay out of it.
I have nothing against you.
You utter fools.
Are the Americans paying your wages?
I shall make use of this opportunity
to show those Americans who's in charge.
Get him on his knees before me!
You fool. Do you know who I am?
Do you have a death wish?
Don't worry about me.
You should worry about yourself.
I'm going to kill you today.
Have you really
lost your mind?
An American on Joseon soil
dares to threaten to kill
the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Joseon?
You won't die at the hands of an American.
you'll die at the hands of a Joseon man.
Who would dare to do that?
My mother who jumped into a well
to get away from you.
My father
who was beaten to death.
And me, a little boy who was a slave
who ran away from Joseon
as if he committed a sin.
It can't be.
Please don't kill me.
Please spare my life.
No, don't beg.
It makes me want to kill you
right here right now.
This is not
where I'll be taking your life.
I will shred that lunatic to pieces.
Where did it all go?
Gye-hyang, where are you?
My gold.
Gye-hyang, you wench!
My gold!
Darn it.
Is anyone there?
It's an attack! Call the Police Bureau!
An attack? What's going on?
Don't ask questions and run!
How does this thing work?
Soon-sim. Soon-sim.
My lord, you just shot her.
It was her fault for standing there!
Don't just stand there.
Get the Police Bureau.
The rest of you, surround me.
Surround and protect me!
When will the bureau get here?
You. Report this immediately.
Right now!
I'll go to a physician first.
She'll die if I don't.
You stupid fool!
Shall I shoot you first?
My arm!
Call a physician.
Call a physician!
Who's there?
What brings you here?
Search the house.
Don't forget to check
every chest and every vase.
Tie up Lee Se-hun
and get him on his knees.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Let go of me.
I'm the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Let me go!
I'll make you all pay.
The certificate of deposit
that Japan, Russia, and Joseon all want.
I'll give it to you.
You showed up suddenly
just to talk nonsense?
How can you do that?
That certificate
is at Lord Lee Se-hun's residence.
How do you know that?
Because I will put it there.
What do you mean? It belongs to Joseon.
I'm simply returning it.
I'll do it my way.
Do you
expect me to believe you?
You believed me last time.
If you find the document at his residence,
what will happen to him?
Plotting high treason.
Treason is the worst crime
a Joseon national can commit.
Lee Se-hun will die a traitor.
I like that.
Let's go with that.
Why are you doing this?
I'm the one who reported a theft!
My lord.
The document that
His Majesty looked so hard for.
Why is it in your house?
I don't know anything about this.
I swear I don't know.
Did you say there was a thief?
You stole what belongs to Joseon.
That makes you the thief.
No! I was framed.
I'm the one who was shot. Look!
Here comes His Majesty,
the Emperor of Korea.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty!
Joseon has abandoned you.
So that is
what the king looks like.
I don't know your story,
but I think one traitor
is enough for tonight.
We found this in his house.
Your Majesty.
I was framed.
I've never seen that document before.
is trying to frame me.
Don't fall for it.
I'm being set up, Your Majesty!
This is treason.
Lee Se-hun is a traitor.
Kill him.
Your Majesty!
Were you hurt? How?
It happened during training.
The river's frozen. You wouldn't need a wherryman.
we could walk side by side.
There was a ruckus in the city last night.
The square was crowded
and it took me a while to take a detour.
I heard.
Minister Lee Se-hun
turned out to be a traitor.
Is he someone you knew?
I'm not familiar with officials of Joseon.
He was pro-Japanese,
so I had my eyes on him.
He was there when Logan died.
No one mourns his death.
It's slippery. You should watch your step.
You really should.
Joseon's rivers are very slippery.
The Hudson isn't like this.
Did you move to America
when you were young?
Before you learned to read?
It's fascinating.
How did you end up so far away
from where you were born?
Do you want to know?
I'm curious.
About your long story.
When I'm done telling my long story,
we will have to part ways.
What makes you say that?
I left Joseon when I was nine.
I just ran. Far away from Joseon.
The farthest I could get.
Just then, a missionary with
blonde hair and blue eyes
showed up like my savior.
With his help, I sneaked into
an American warship.
I thought it would take ten days.
But it took a month.
Why did a nine-year-old boy
have to leave?
"Kill him.
It may be a waste of my property,
but this will teach
the other slaves a lesson,
so I guess it is not all a loss."
That is
my last memory of Joseon.
Who said such a thing?
Some noble man.
What was it that shocked you?
What the noble man said?
Or was it
my origin?
That's right. When I was in Joseon,
I was a slave.
This country you're trying to protect.
Who is it for?
Is there a life for butchers?
Is there a life for slaves?
Who is the one that gives you orders?
Time has come for you
to part ways with him.
Someone who won't be bought off
by the Japanese.
Someone who will not be blinded
by selfish interests.
Had I learned the name of the bastard
who did this to me,
I'd have him ripped to pieces.
I wonder who won't be able
to take their eyes off me.
Three men who are
worse than strangers to one another
are gathered in one room.
That's right. A foreign man.
Wherever it may be, it won't be Joseon. Subtitle translation by Hyun-joo Choi
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