Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

"Kill him.
It may be a waste of my property,
but this will teach
the other slaves a lesson,
so I guess it is not all a loss."
That is
my last memory of Joseon.
Who said such a thing?
Some noble man.
What was it that shocked you?
What the noble man said?
Or was it
my origin?
That's right.
When I was in Joseon,
I was a slave.
Joseon is the country
that killed my parents.
It's the one I escaped from.
That's why I wanted to crush it,
leave it,
and go back to my homeland
which is America.
But then I met a woman.
She often made me waver.
I knew you'd give that look
if I told you my story.
I knew,
but it still hurts.
This country you're trying to protect.
Who is it for?
Is there a life for butchers?
Is there a life for slaves?
I'll take
the bowl with me.
You should head back first.
I suppose we can no longer walk
side by side.
Thank you.
-Did you hear the news?
-What news?
Last night,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs
was decapitated for treason.
-Wasn't he shot?
Keep it down.
Gyeong-deuk said he heard gun shots.
The fact that he died matters, not how.
it's good for us because more foreigners
come by the hotel now.
If only we could earn this much every day.
I can't believe we're benefiting from him.
You're right.
He should've died sooner.
A nobody like him died
for plotting treason?
That's an honorable death.
His name will be written in history books.
Those goons are nothing
without their swords.
I bet they can't even peel an apple.
You know, I was quite skilled
with swords back in my days.
Enough with the nonsense and carry on.
What about Lee Se-hun's mistress?
She either was lucky
or must've had a hunch.
Half a day before he died, she ran away.
His servants say that
he had a stash of gold,
but it seems like
she took everything with her.
My gosh. That's one hell of a woman.
I wonder where she is now.
My thoughts exactly.
The gold is too heavy to travel far with.
That's true.
you want me to sell you one of my dresses.
That's right.
I must leave post-haste,
so I don't have time to get one tailored.
I'll be recognized if I dress like this,
so I'd appreciate it
if you sold me a French dress.
How do you know
I won't simply turn you in?
You're a brave woman.
There's nothing money can't buy.
Take your pick.
You can wear one
and take two more with you.
You gave me enough for three dresses.
Thank you. I won't forget your kindness.
There's no need for that.
You can repay me with that bag.
This one bar pays for the dresses.
The rest is for letting you live.
What are you talking about?
I earned this
by putting up with that old--
The price one must pay
as the mistress of a traitor
should be death, not gold.
It's cold outside,
so make do with the dresses.
If not, you'll lose both
the gold and your life.
Can't you make it less painful?
Let him be. He's deaf anyway.
Did you look into what I asked?
Yes, sir. You were right.
The streets near Lee Se-hun's residence
were empty at the time.
They must've kept it that way
so that the emperor could pass through.
Lee Se-hun's not clever enough
to get his hands on the document.
He must've fallen
into Lee Jeong-mun's trap.
What is it?
Are you worried about Lee Jeong-mun
since he's your cousin?
That's not it, sir.
If Lord Lee had kept the certificate
all along,
it wouldn't have been necessary for him
to involve Lee Se-hun.
You're right.
He obviously had other intentions.
But I can't guess who's behind this
since so many people benefit
from Lee Se-hun's death.
Leave that be for now
and bring me my fur coat
and a few hunting rifles.
I'm going out on a hunt.
In this cold? But your leg--
Why would you mention that?
The deepest regret of my life
is letting the bastard who did this to me
walk away unpunished.
Had I learned the name
of that little bastard, I'd have him ripped to pieces.
Whether you live or die
is up to the foreigners.
Joseon has abandoned you.
Now that we reclaimed the certificate,
we can momentarily be free
from the countries of power.
-I am glad.
-It's nighttime, Your Majesty.
Coffee should be avoided.
Actually, it's something I rely on.
I wish to be more alert.
What do you think
is the appropriate way
to spend the deposit?
If I may, Your Majesty,
England even lent money to Japan
as a way of defense against Russia.
They're instigating a war between the two.
If a war breaks out,
the country that has most to lose
would be ours.
I believe your best option
is to realign the Royal Military Academy.
I agree with that opinion.
So is there a man
we can trust with the job?
Someone who won't be bought off
by the Japanese.
Someone who will not be blinded
by selfish interests.
Are you referring to the man
who recently plotted the recent incident?
He proved how useful he could be.
Do you think he is worth our trust?
He may be on our side for now,
but his goal
might not be to aid
or help Joseon flourish.
Why do you say so?
I thought
I knew what kind of a man he is.
Come to think of it now,
I believe he was the one
who saw through me.
That day,
the interpreter who translated for me
changed my words.
If you find the document at his residence,
what will happen to him?
There is someone who knows about him,
so I will look into it more thoroughly,
Your Majesty.
Be thorough
but also be quick.
Oddly enough, I keep finding myself
drawn to him.
Why did you want to see me here?
I wanted some fresh air
and to look around.
Think of it as an investment.
Whether Joseon goes over
to Japan or Russia,
there will always be land to buy.
I plan on buying this house.
A traitor's residence
is turned over to the government.
Joseon has no money,
so it'll be sold to someone.
It'd like it to be me.
Send over your realtor.
I'll let the Ministry of Finance know.
I'll do that.
What about your father?
Have you met him?
He's back in Joseon,
so I'm sure he'll look for you.
You should know
that I don't have a father.
I'm looking everywhere for your mother.
I know. You always say that.
Do you think
I'm lying to you
when I say I'm looking for her?
I have no other way
but to trust you, right?
I should at least have some vain hope.
Just like how my mother is precious to me,
the information I have is valuable to you.
Now, ask away.
It's about the American with black hair.
What do you think of him?
From a businessman's perspective,
he's a long-term guest
who's never late on rent.
What if he wasn't a guest?
You already said so yourself.
He's an American with black hair.
When things go south,
America will say he's from Joseon
while Joseon will say he's an American.
He's nothing
but a lonely foreigner.
Does that mean
he has no family back in America?
Not from what I can tell.
He has no photo of anyone
in his room or office.
Did any guests come to visit him
while staying at the hotel?
He received a letter
from a missionary in Hamgyong Province.
A good fellow American soldier
stays at the hotel as well.
A few days ago,
a friend from America came by.
Besides that,
there weren't official entries.
Usually, they sneak into his room.
His room was rummaged many times.
The certificate of deposit
that Japan, Russia, and Joseon all want.
I'll give it to you.
So most of his acquaintances
are from America.
Does he have any friends in Joseon?
The son of Kim An-pyeong
is staying in the room next door.
They seemed to know each other,
but they're not on good terms.
there have been interactions between him
and Lady Ae-sin of the Go Family.
This country you're trying to protect.
Who is it for?
Is there a life for butchers?
Is there a life for slaves?
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
What brings you by?
How's your injury?
It extremely hurts,
but I still must practice.
This is why I can't trust you.
You must've recovered.
I have something to ask.
Are you the leader of my comrades?
I certainly am yours.
However, these days,
you seem to order me around.
Then go sit there like my minion.
I'm not sitting because you ordered me to.
You just happened to say it
when I was already doing so.
Who is the one that gives you orders?
What do you want to know?
Is he
a noble?
The Joseon he wishes to protect.
Who is it for?
You never used
to ask questions like these,
so why the sudden change?
Someone asked me the same question.
It was only a simple question,
but the one who asked it and myself both
got hurt.
The man you referred to as a comrade.
That American soldier.
He returned
the king's bank certificate to Joseon.
He took Lee Se-hun down
and found a land route
to get So-a safely out.
It was all him.
You always said
it's better if I don't know.
Why are you telling me this?
Your knowing
seems to be important to him.
Is it
important to you as well?
Did you know of his low birth?
You knew already?
When I first brought you here,
I spoke down to you.
That was because I thought
you'd come for a few days
then get sick of it after a while
and stop coming.
But you visited for ten years.
Whatever questions he threw at you,
the past ten years answered them all.
-Am I--
my lady.
If people find out how close we are,
I will be charged
for breaking all moral laws.
I will be killed for mistreating someone
beyond my social rank.
-It has nothing to do with how you feel.
That's the law, my lady.
That's how the world works.
It cannot be. Time has come for you
to part ways with him.
It better be what I'm looking for.
I do not want to make a woman shed tears.
There better be something.
I was cleaning his room.
We were busy during the day.
I just finished the room.
That's understandable.
But did I ask?
You cleaned a room
without a broom, mop, or sheets?
You were in a hurry.
Follow me.
You'd better have a good excuse
unless you want to end up on the streets.
What did you search for?
You're wrong. It's not what you think.
It's not?
You don't even know
what you should be looking for,
but I already know what it is.
Who could be controlling
someone as stupid as you?
You told me
not to cry
and to bite back.
I'm sorry. I really am.
You should at least know
where to bite your opponent.
What's more important
is to not bite even though you can.
That's called loyalty.
I didn't find anything. I swear. I was told
to find an English document and I did,
but it wasn't the right one.
Please help me.
Please forgive me, madam.
Forgiveness is for someone
you'll see again.
It's not like I don't know
who's controlling you.
I'm sick of seeing you cry and bite.
Get out.
Sorry for the late introduction.
I'm Lee Wan-ik.
I got word from the mainland.
What did Lord Ito say?
Is it something worth
bringing me to a place like this?
I'm to listen carefully.
I heard you're having issues
because Dai-Ichi Bank's bills
aren't circulating.
I'll sort that out for you.
We need Japanese bills
to be used widely in Joseon
to build railways
and to transport war supplies.
What is it that you want?
To be Minister of Foreign Affairs.
I'll keep my word
once I obtain that title.
Joseon's emperor
welcomed me back to make sure that
I can't work for either Joseon or Japan.
For such reason,
I need your help.
Let's use the Anglo-Japanese Alliance.
Lee Se-hun was just a dog.
Which are you, Rinoie?
With Lee Se-hun dead,
I was feeling the need
for another dog to order about.
Whether I'm a hound or a mutt,
I'll be the one to boss the other dogs.
They're the ministers of Joseon's court.
Did you call them here on purpose
so they'd see you with me?
If you know that, you might as well smile.
They look a mess, but they're our allies.
I called five of you,
but only four showed up.
You should side with the right guy
if you want to live long.
The Seven Chinese Classics,
Mencius, Confucius
Did you read up on them?
I'm the Minister of Education.
I read that when I was nine.
Don't be a sour-faced fool.
How dare you call me that?
Can't I even ask a question?
Why did you ask about that anyway?
Because I haven't read any of them.
If you read that at nine,
you must write amazing petitions
and documents.
Don't let me down.
One of the maids quit.
Someone searched my room again.
-Is that the reason?
-Is something missing?
The bank document is with the king now.
I suppose nothing's missing.
I'm not following.
A document that
Japan, Joseon, and even America
were interested in had disappeared.
It suddenly showed up
at Lord Lee Se-hun's house.
The maid that was fired was looking
for an English document in a guest's room.
Do you still not follow?
Not at all.
When someone searches a guest's room,
shouldn't you apologize
and suggest I switch rooms?
If your room is searched,
shouldn't you demand a different room
or complain?
I'm an understanding person.
Do you want another room?
I'll lend it to you. You can return it
after you've had enough.
Don't get sick in the meantime.
It's fine. I'm quite patient too.
Welcome back, sir.
Your sister.
Does she still stay with relatives?
The youngest is only 100 days old,
but he takes up a lot of room.
We can barely stretch our legs.
Tell your sister to go to the Glory Hotel.
They're hiring a maid.
With food and lodgings.
Is that true, sir?
I'll tell her. Thank you so much.
will you do me a favor?
Giyuk, nieun, digeut, rieul.
You'll learn it quicker
if you speak out loud.
Ni What?
It's nieun.
-Okay, digeut.
-It's Rieul.
Giyuk, nieun, digeut, rieul.
Write that five times each.
Keep your back straight.
Good handwriting requires a good posture.
Did you clean my boots?
Yes. Now keep writing.
You did that already?
I have to sit up,
but you get to hunch over?
This is your name.
"Eugene Choi."
Eugene Choi.
Can you read this?
What's this?
"Miss"? "Mass"?
"I missed you"? There.
"I missed you." Is that it?
Me too.
Your Majesty.
You must appoint a new
Minister of Foreign Affairs
and bring things back to order.
Appoint Lee Wan-ik who has ties with Japan
and bring order to the court.
Your Majesty, please grant our petition.
-Please grant our petition.
-Please grant our petition.
Your Majesty.
Your country has an abundance of issues
that must be discussed and negotiated
with various other nations.
I expected as much,
but Wan-ik is being very direct.
Summon Lee Wan-ik.
As the new Minister of Foreign Affairs,
I appoint Park Si-deok,
the current Minister of Farming and Trade.
As the new Minister of Farming and Trade,
I appoint Lee Wan-ik who worked
at the Joseon legation in Japan.
Serve your nation as best you can
in your new positions.
Your Majesty, I thank you for your grace.
-Thank you for your grace.
-Thank you for your grace.
Thank you for your grace.
I'm to manage fields
because I was a tenant farmer?
How dare he appoint me
in Farming and Trade?
Does he think I'm nice
because I was soft-spoken?
-Yes, sir.
Go to Manchuria.
There's someone you need to get.
He smeared mud on my face.
I'll put blood all over
Lee Myeong-bok's face.
Drop your gun.
What is my fortune?
Hoping for clouds and a rainbow?
What rainbow?
Even silk cuts skin.
Why are you surprised?
I don't kill those
who aren't worth anything.
It's just that
you appeared suddenly.
You work here?
I just started.
What brings you here?
I look out for the people here.
So I take the back door.
-It was a joke.
If you won't laugh, I will.
That's nice silk.
It's a waste to throw it away.
I was hoping to make my brother a vest.
You do that.
My minions did a terrible job.
They were supposed to make a mess
searching the room.
They should've checked everywhere.
Then it should've been there.
I was looking for something, you see.
But it's too late now.
Now the whole world knows where it is.
What I want to know is
who you gave it to.
Tell me and I'll leave you here.
Don't tell me and I'll take you.
What will you do?
Save me!
Please help me.
Save me!
Why are you doing this?
The people of Joseon
should help each other.
Why are you being so harsh?
She's just a child.
Adult or child,
I was never taught that Joseon people
would help each other.
This is none of your business, my lady.
Do I see you only at times like this
or are you always like this?
What times are you talking about?
Save me, my lady.
Are you talking about times like this?
I hope you also live
through times like that.
-Ms. Haman.
Take the girl.
Come here.
What is the reason?
Why did you do that to her?
I lost a large sum of money, my lady.
She gave something
I was looking for to someone else.
How much did you lose?
I'll pay for it. Will that do?
That would do.
How much was it?
Bring whatever you can.
I'll see how much you bring and negotiate.
Come to me on the 15th of next month.
Bring it yourself, my lady.
Tell me how much you want.
I'll tell you how much on the day.
That way,
that girl will be safe
at least until the 15th.
I'll see you then.
Make your brother a nice vest.
It's good silk.
Let's go.
You smiled.
She wants me to live.
A while ago, she wanted me dead.
Step aside before I kill you.
I hope you also live
through times like that.
Thank you for saving me.
I got you in trouble.
I'm sorry, my lady.
It's not your fault.
I'm glad you weren't hurt.
But I must ask you something.
Is it true that you had something
that was important?
I don't know very well,
but he said it's the fate of Joseon.
The fate of Joseon?
-Who said that?
-I'm sorry, my lady.
I can't tell you that.
Are you trying to protect someone?
I understand.
I don't mind.
Are you with the people
who searched my room?
I lost a large sum of money.
She gave something
I was looking for to someone else.
He returned
the king's bank certificate to Joseon.
I'd like
to ask you one more thing.
How did you come
to have something that important?
I used to work
at an American master's house.
My master had hidden something
inside a baby quilt.
I initially didn't know what to do with it
because he passed away,
but I gave it to someone
to whom I was indebted.
I see, that's what happened.
Promise me something.
Do not tell the person
whom you're trying to protect
that I helped you today.
This will be our secret.
Yes, my lady.
They say clothes maketh the man,
but in your case,
it's the other way around.
You look fantastic.
Lady Ae-sin won't be able
to take her eyes off you.
You think so?
Do you think
she will be smitten by me for a change?
Give me some privacy.
I'd like to admire myself
for a few minutes.
Oh, sure.
This outfit is exquisite indeed.
I wonder who won't be able
to take their eyes off me.
Let's see.
-Gosh, seriously!
-Stay still.
Let go of me for a second!
We're just trying to help you
because you hurt your leg.
I'll walk with my own two feet.
-Stop moving around so much.
-I'll open the door for you, sir.
-Where's the key?
-How dare
Keep it down, will you?
-Get this off me.
Goodness, are you okay?
Well, it looks like Young Master Hui-seong
is seriously injured,
or that is what is to come.
Good grief.
I'm so used to breaking down doors.
It's been such a long time
since I opened one with a key.
Thanks to the two of you,
I got in safe and sound. We can't have this talk outside.
Have a seat.
You and I need to talk first.
I saw you once in Jemulpo.
I never asked.
I know how that feels.
Isn't he terribly annoying?
He surely is.
I could only kill him if he answered.
It's too bad.
I was going to say I asked.
I'm glad I didn't.
Will the story become complete
if I walk with a limp
wearing this outfit?
Even with this, I'm the last one.
I do not think
the three of us should fight.
It's not something
that calls for an amicable discussion.
Let's figure it out on our own.
It seems like we all
have different information.
Then let's have some drinks.
If people see
People already saw everything.
Three men gathered like this
with no drinks will look very strange. The three of us drinking together now
would equally strange.
I'm afraid I may end up killing
one of you if I drink today, sir.
I suppose that will be me.
Don't fight, you two.
And don't worry about the suit.
Since I wore it today, it will become
the newest trend in about two weeks.
That mouth of yours.
Or shall I just rip the suit to pieces?
I thought he was going to be your prey.
Three men who are worse
than strangers to one another
are gathered in one room.
-You hurt your leg.
-I'll walk with my own two feet.
Stop moving around so much.
Why is that girl such a big deal?
So did you
send the woman off?
Yes, sir.
She left with a big smile on her face.
The weather was good throughout our trip,
so the ship must've arrived safely too.
Great, thank you.
By the way,
is there no gift for me?
Actually, I wasn't going to tell you what
happened as I didn't want to worry you.
We thought all would be fine
because we didn't run into any tigers,
but we ended up
running into a group of bandits.
And they only took my gift?
I mean, Major Moore suggested saying that
as an excuse,
and I told him that you wouldn't buy it.
I was like, "What should we do if he asks
why the bandits only took his gift?"
Eat up.
Eat up.
Go Ae-sin buys broken bowls
at the kiln site.
Gunner Jang is her master.
He's a friend of Potter Hwang.
You can only get to his kiln site
via wherry from here through that barkeep.
She once tried to rip me off
but gave me this meaty chicken today.
I saved a geisha's life.
That must be why
the size of the chicken changed.
In other words, they're all comrades.
-What a clumsy organization.
-Did you just say "Liquor"?
Excuse me,
we'd like two bottles of rice wine.
What on earth have you been up to?
It's as if you never left.
I love you!
I wanted to remember this place
for a long time,
but you ruined it all.
These dried persimmons are very sweet.
By the way, what are you making, my lady?
I wanted to tell him.
I wanted to come up with a signal
that only we knew.
A red pinwheel
under the apothecary's roof
would mean that I left for a mission.
I didn't want him to keep waiting
at the apothecary,
not knowing what was going on.
Well, shall we test it and see
if it spins well?
Look at this.
I was saving this excuse.
Please don't be hurt.
How dare a butcher like you
set foot in the market?
That's right, you bitch!
New Year's Day is around the corner.
I may not even recognize you now.
I'm afraid, Mom.
I guess I shouldn't have returned
to Joseon.
Aren't you lonely these days, Uncle?
Even if I am,
I will never chop my hair off
or mingle with Westerners
and worship Jesus like they do.
Many of our distant relatives
wish to be adopted by you.
You should adopt one as your grandson
so that you can have an heir.
Ae-sun is already married.
Ae-sin is the only unmarried one.
Will you
have her live here with you
even after she gets married?
Kim An-pyeong would never let
the family's third-generation only son
live here.
And would you really want to give
our family's reputation and money
to someone who doesn't even
share a drop of blood with you?
Please think carefully.
We understand how devastating must be
for a parent to lose his children,
but they died years ago.
It's about time you came to terms with it.
Let's hold a memorial ceremony--
Are you saying that my sons became
of the mere ashes in that crate?
If you keep denying their deaths,
they won't be able to rest in peace.
You are killing them with your words.
Get out of my sight.
I have no interest in adopting a grandson.
Get out of my sight!
Are you saying that my sons became of
the mere ashes in that crate?
Who gave me my looks
and my ability to shoot so accurately?
I cannot miss you
because I do not even know your faces.
Are you two there together?
You left me all alone like this.
Are you happy that you're together?
Please visit me even if it's in a dream.
Tell me to come to my senses.
You can scold me all you want.
On my way back to Joseon,
I may have had some hopes.
I hoped that I had changed,
and I hoped that Joseon
would've changed too.
Hence, I hoped to stand
next to the woman I met on this soil
and walk side by side with her.
From the very first moment I saw her.
But it doesn't seem like
I've managed to get out
of that small crate yet.
Even though I knew she'd give that look
if I told her my long story.
Because of her sincerity,
I've decided
to run away from Joseon again.
I will leave Joseon.
I don't think I'll see you before I leave.
Please stay healthy.
Did something happen?
This way, please. He's been waiting.
Your Majesty.
I just wanted to stop by.
Coffee is only an excuse.
I have a favor to ask you.
I'd like you to be
a drill instructor
at the Royal Military Academy.
That is not a job for me.
I'm certain that you
can find a better candidate.
Do not reject my offer.
You helped Joseon.
You do not care about things
such as class or factions.
You are a just man
who wants to do what is right.
You are the perfect candidate.
You are wrong, Your Majesty.
I did what I did
because I care about class.
I did not help Joseon.
Rather, Joseon helped me get my revenge.
-It is a personal matter.
And most importantly,
I will leave Joseon soon.
Are you going back to America?
Wherever it may be, it won't be Joseon.
something cause you despair?
decided to leave
so that I don't end up hurting someone.
You are not one of my people.
Hence, I cannot give you orders.
And for that reason,
I cannot ask you to stay.
I got your point.
You may leave.
I guess you couldn't persuade him,
Your Majesty.
Even a king cannot have his way
with everything.
And even a king
must pay for his coffee.
Please make sure you pay
before you leave, Your Majesty.
How much do I owe you?
A new year has begun,
so you should move back in.
Expedite your wedding too.
Don't you agree, my dear?
No, I do not agree.
Forget the wedding. I told you
that he needs to lay low for a while
All eyes will be on him, you know.
Is something going on?
Just eat your food.
Some guys have been tailing me.
Is it about them?
Even the other day,
two jerks grabbed me
by the collar.
What? Who?
Who did that to you? They were
just some ugly jerks.
I didn't want to hurt them,
so I had a word with them and let them go.
I don't know what's going on,
but you don't need to worry
for the time being.
And Father.
What is it?
-Did something else happen?
You haven't given me my lucky money yet.
I can't leave until I get it.
You see,
this is my second bowl of tteokguk,
You brat. You're 30 now,
and yet you still behave like a kid.
It's now been 3 years since I turned 30.
Then this is long overdue, you brat.
I shall Gosh, you little
What brings you all the way here
at sundown?
You're not welcome here.
Let me stay the night.
Let me stay the night.
I'm exhausted.
Well, you introduced yourself
as a wherryman last time.
Are you a wandering traveler today?
If you're looking for a tavern,
you'll find it on your way back.
I have American beers in this bag. Well, it's too bland. I don't like it.
So will you let me sleep here tonight?
Why do you keep asking me
to let you sleep here?
Stop spewing nonsense and get lost.
I brought you expensive drinks.
Why are you so short with me?
Then let me take some broken bowls
in return for the beers I brought.
Since I can't stay the night,
I shall get going
before it gets dark.
Are you mad at me now?
Yes. I'm mad at you,
so I'm just going to leave.
Keep being that cranky old man you are,
but don't get too old.
I'm glad I got to meet you again.
Don't act like you know nothing.
You saw everything, didn't you?
When you searched my room.
You fool, I don't even have enough time
to make bowls stuck here in the mountains.
What on earth are you talking about?
You must've seen an ornament.
The kind that'd be worth
at least three mals of rice.
Had I seen such a thing,
I would have sold it a long ago.
All right, then.
You must keep acting
like you know nothing.
I survived
and made it to America safe and sound.
I'm sorry I couldn't do much
to repay your kindness.
That young slave boy was me.
I know that this is very late,
but I wanted to thank you.
You've done enough.
You saved So-a's life,
returned the certificate to Joseon,
and got rid of Lee Se-hun.
You've done more than enough to repay me.
You did repay my kindness,
but you're a stingy man, I must say.
If you were bringing these anyway,
you should've brought two big bags
filled with them.
My goodness, why not use both hands?
Oh, dear.
Sleep here tonight.
I'll let you stay.
I should go warm up the room.
Lady Ae-sin.
You must review everything
you've learned to master English.
"Miss" is for women.
"Mister" is for men.
refers to the light of the moon.
"Miracle" is a fascinating event.
I've memorized everything.
My sincere apologies.
Today, we'll study the letters,
S, U, and V.
As for the letter, S
I know "sad ending."
A sorrowful closure.
Oh, yes. You knew that word
even before you started studying English.
That's right.
A foreign man.
I knew from the start
that the ending would be like this.
Pardon me?
I was asking you a question.
What is the English equivalent
to "foreign man"?
Oh, what a coincidence.
That starts with S too.
Every word that starts with S
has a sad meaning.
That's not true, my lady. There's also
the word, "snow."
And there's "sunshine" too.
Another word would be "star."
Like a ray of sunshine
and the stars in the sky.
Snow, the sunshine, and the stars.
They all sparkle in the sky.
Even the word, "sky," starts with S.
Lady Ae-sin, what is your favorite word
among them?
I'm not sure.
Why do the lights go on and off
every time a tram passes by?
Let's hurry.
I knew you'd give that look if I told you my story.
But it still hurts.
I keep encountering such dangerous women.
I'd like to keep my grace,
but this world is not letting me.
Is this a gift from my fiancé
or a warning?
Tell that idiot, Yong-ju,
that he'd better get his job done.
I saw a suspicious-looking man
in front of my house a little while ago.
I should meet the missionary
sooner than I had planned.
We need an extra pair of hands.
Will you help us?
So if things get dangerous,
run to me and hide.
You should keep moving forward.
I am taking a step back.
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