Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

"Miss" is for women.
"Mister" is for men.
refers to the light of the moon.
"Miracle" is a fascinating event.
I've memorized everything.
Today, we'll study the letters,
S, U, and V.
As for the letter, S
I know "sad ending."
A sorrowful closure.
Oh, yes. You knew that word
even before you started studying English.
That's right.
A foreign man.
I knew you'd give that look
if I told you my story.
I knew,
but it still hurts.
I knew from the start
that the ending would be like this.
Pardon me?
I was asking you a question.
What is the English equivalent
to "foreign man"?
Oh, what a coincidence.
That starts with S too.
Every word
that starts with S has a sad meaning.
That's not true, my lady. There's also
the word, "snow."
And there's "sunshine" too.
Another word would be "star." Like a ray of sunshine
and the stars in the sky.
Snow, the sunshine, and the stars.
They all sparkle in the sky.
Even the word, "sky," starts with S.
Lady Ae-sin, what is your favorite word
among them?
I'm not sure.
Why do the lights go on and off
every time a tram passes by?
Let's hurry.
-Where are you going? I'll go with you.
-That's not a foreigner's concern.
I wish to burn brightly and then wilt.
Like a flame.
This country you're trying to protect.
Who is it for?
Is there a life for butchers?
Is there a life for slaves?
The streets are a mess.
And I doubt it'll stop snowing soon.
It's a bad day to walk.
Maybe I'll take my chances.
I have a favor to ask.
Take me somewhere others won't see.
Is it this winter's last snow?
Your hand seemed cold.
Let's talk it out.
Be careful when you take a lady's hand.
We don't always carry
rainbows and sunshine.
I keep encountering such dangerous women.
They say we follow our own kind.
But I've been nice these days.
So where were you?
I was wandering around.
It was snowing, the hotel was packed,
and I got a new coat.
Someone made you a coat
that's just like you.
You're saying I'm pretty, right?
How can a lady with a gun in her pocket
not be pretty?
I'll walk you
if you're headed to the hotel.
Let's go this way.
I like the view over here better.
They're not for you to just hold.
About that day
I'm sorry.
I can imagine what look I had on my face
when you told me your story that day.
It must have hurt you.
I apologize.
I wanted
to live as a fighter.
I lied to my grandfather,
made my aunt worry,
and became a burden
to those who are loyal to me.
However, I encouraged myself
by believing that
I was doing the right thing.
after hearing your story,
my world came crumbling down.
During all of our time together,
I never once took your origin
into consideration.
Come to think of it,
I just assumed you were a nobleman.
I thought I was different
compared to other nobles.
But I wasn't.
The cause I fought
for was nothing but ironic.
I'm still
only a spoiled noble girl
who hasn't been able
to step outside her palanquin.
I ask you this.
Please do not get hurt.
You've already been moving forward.
This was just
a small setback.
You should keep moving forward.
I am taking a step back.
It's not because you're too high up.
You could've chosen to stay silent.
You could've overlooked it.
But you're here in tears.
That's why I'm taking a step back.
In this world
differences certainly exist.
Difference in power.
Difference in opinions.
Difference in social status.
But you're not to blame for that.
And neither am I.
It's just so that we met
in this kind of world.
In your Joseon lives
Mr. Haengrang
and Ms. Haman.
The same goes for slave hunters,
potters, interpreters,
and even errand boys.
So be a fighter.
But don't forget you're Lady Ae-sin.
It's the smarter and safer choice.
Survive this mess.
Stay alive for as long as you can
and protect your Joseon.
You should keep them.
I'd rather you not trip again.
Your cheek is still intact.
I heard it was quite the slap.
I'm not used to being hit by someone,
so it somewhat hurt.
What did you to get slapped?
I shot a black bird
so that it wouldn't fly again.
A black bird?
Slap me if you want too.
I heard Gui-dan got caught.
Don't be so naive.
A slap won't cut it,
so consider yourself in debt.
She says her mother is ill.
Her devotion towards her mother
is quite beautiful.
I cried, you know.
If you don't want to shed real tears,
you'll stay away from my people.
I can't now even if I want to.
The men can't get things done properly,
and the new girl
has taken the opposition's side.
I'm hurt.
I even used to worry about her brother.
-Have things been quiet around here?
Coffee seems to be favored
due to the snow.
I see. Welcome
It has been a while, Dr. Matsuyama.
Yes, it has been, Ms. Kudo.
I had no idea you were in Joseon.
I have Rinoie to thank for that.
He recommended me
to Hanseong Medical Center
as their surgeon.
You should come by sometime.
Not that I wish you ill or anything.
I see.
By the way,
what made Rinoie do such a thing?
The autopsy report I have.
The autopsy report that states
the real cause of death
of your husband.
What moved Mr. Rinoie
was the truth,
Ms. Kudo.
Well then.
This won't do me any favors.
Perhaps it's because of her young age.
She's recovering quickly.
She can be discharged about next week.
Clean her wounds every hour.
Yes, sir.
She's recovering quickly.
She'll be able to leave in about a week.
My gosh, you're not going to die.
What a relief.
Who are you though?
Why am I here?
You're at Joseon's most advanced hospital.
Some man
asked us to look after you.
He paid for everything including
the surgery for your gunshot wound,
every meal you ate,
and every medicine you took.
All you have to do is get better.
All right?
Why are you being so nice to me?
Didn't you hear a word we said?
All you have to do is get better.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would anyone help me
in return for nothing?
Little girl.
You may not know this
because of the world you live in,
but grown-ups should
help children even though
we get nothing in return.
-Just get better, all right?
-That's right.
Who is the man
that is looking after me?
She bombarded us with questions about you
and why you were helping her.
Don't worry though.
We didn't say a thing.
Our lips are sealed.
Why is it supposed to be a secret?
Good deeds should be done discreetly.
Don't let your right hand know
what your left hand does.
There's a touching story
of how I once saved
this kid inside a crate.
I only did what I did
to make myself look cool.
Help yourselves. I already paid.
Usually, when people return home in glory
after a rough childhood,
aren't they supposed to be more decent?
That's how they joke in America.
It was a "joke."
What's that?
It may not be funny now,
but you'll find it so
after some time has passed.
I just made that up.
As if that made sense.
Here, I'm paying you
for the Korean lessons.
Are you really giving me this, sir?
Thank you, sir.
I'll definitely enjoy this.
How do I write, "Goodbye"?
There are steps to learning a language.
You must master all the single consonants
and vowels first, sir.
You're not ready to learn
double consonants yet.
Was the rice taffy good?
Yes, sir. It was sweet and delicious.
Please keep writing, sir.
Good to know.
Digeut. Rieul.
I have plans this evening,
so I'd like to leave for the day now.
Thank you, sir.
You went over this last time.
Are you still teaching him consonants?
He took time out
of his busy schedule for this.
Don't slack off and sit up straight.
Sit up straight and tall, Do-mi.
He's past the age
of not knowing the alphabet.
He has to master the alphabet so that
he can write letters to his future lover.
"I miss you. Let's meet."
What will happen if a man
can't even read such simple words?
Aren't I right, sir?
Do you think I'm stupid?
What are you talking about, sir?
That was insulting. I'm hurt.
Oh, no. I'm sorry to hear
that your feelings are hurt.
You've figured out that I was mocking you,
so I should run.
Hierarchy means nothing
when it comes to learning.
Be strict with him, okay?
I'm sorry, sir.
I wrote out consonants
without thinking anything.
Had I written them with vowels
You're worse than him.
And that's why I think
I'll miss you more than him.
Pardon me?
I wasn't sure if I should kick her out.
I didn't know what to do, sir.
If she is gutsy enough
to set foot in my house,
I should hear her out.
You may leave for the day.
On your way home,
find a room for the man.
Yes, sir.
So? What did you want to talk to me about?
Please take me in, my lord.
As you are aware, I gave you my everything
before that man, Lee Se-hun,
ended up like that.
I am in this mess now,
but I used to be a top-class kisaeng,
whom all high and mighty noblemen desired.
I am yours now, my lord.
I will spend the rest of my life
by your side--
Stop spewing utter rubbish.
I am so baffled
that I'm cursing like this
for the first time in 30 years.
Don't you look at yourself in the mirror?
A top-class kisaeng?
Those days are long gone for you, okay?
You ran away with the gold
before Lee Se-hun died.
How could I trust someone like that?
I will certainly not make
the same mistake again, my lord.
Also, the owner of Glory Hotel tricked me
and took all the gold from me.
She is one malicious witch.
It doesn't look like
I can spare your life after all.
That witch is
my daughter. I guess you didn't know.
Pardon? Your
Your daughter?
My lord! Please spare my life, my lord.
Yes. It's me, Lee Wan-ik.
Connect me to the Police Bureau.
My lord, please spare my life.
Why don't you step out
for a warm bowl of soup?
Then we'll leave you to it, my lady.
Why give them gold
just for a bowl of soup?
How could you waste my gold like this?
I think I've made it clear to you
that I took the gold for letting you live.
You should've just told me everything.
Why didn't you say
that Lee Wan-ik is your father?
I ran my mouth because I didn't know that,
and it almost got me killed.
I suppose you spoke ill of me.
Well, that's
Yes, I did. As they say,
a cornered mouse can bite.
I don't even care,
so just tell me what you saw
as you promised.
How many servants are there at that hour?
And how many guards?
Where exactly is the room?
Is it a sliding door or a hinged door?
Things like that.
What are you burning?
Madam, you're back.
That's silk.
I think it was foolish of me.
I know that it's late,
but I still wanted to burn it.
You're right.
I should have done the same
a long time ago.
My foolishness
ended up complicating the situation.
Oh, dear.
That American soldier is here again.
I'm here to drop off something.
They're cracked bowls.
It can't be the only reason you're here.
It is the only reason.
I also wanted to thank you in person.
You did owe me money for your drinks,
but we've settled up,
so you don't need to thank me.
If you came all the way here
with an ulterior motive,
you've wasted your time.
I don't think she is coming today.
That's a relief.
I'm trying my best to avoid her
at the moment.
If Lady Ae-sin would like
to build her future with you,
I will help her.
And if she asks me to kill you,
I will do so.
So, what did she say?
I suppose she'd like to do it herself.
She has been coming here often
to practice her shooting.
Now, she can easily hit nine
out of ten bowls.
Even if she decides
to risk and lose many things
to go with you,
it simply cannot happen
here in Joseon.
I am aware of it.
I do not want my presence to make her cry.
I'd rather see her smile in my absence.
What's the rifle that can supposedly hit
11 out of 10 bowls?
Let me borrow it.
I haven't fired a rifle in a long time.
Who knows?
How you saw me that night could have been
romance in and of itself.
A young lady from one of the most
noble families in Joseon
should not make such a remark.
You are right. It is nice to meet you.
It was my pleasure meeting you.
Well, let's eat.
I guess you're treating us to this
to ask us
how Lady Ae-sin is doing,
but you misjudged us.
We won't tell you anything.
Gosh, eating will surely keep
my mouth busy.
We're tight-lipped people.
In other words, we're discreet.
I must eat something
to keep my mouth occupied now.
Is she doing well?
If she was doing well, she wouldn't cry
under her blanket every night.
Her pillowcase is wet every morning.
She's been crying?
Her beautiful eyes that used to sparkle
are all puffy these days.
It's not like
laughing makes your eyes puffy.
We came here to scold you.
We have nothing to tell you.
I just wanted to have a meal
with the two of you.
I hope you enjoy.
It won't be good
after the noodles swell up.
Shall I just throw yours out?
Throwing food away is a sin.
Eat in a few minutes.
It'll be more filling
after the noodles swell up.
He made us come all the way here,
so he'll buy us another bowl.
I'm sure he wants us to leave this place
feeling satisfied and full.
Aren't I right?
You can have another bowl.
Oh, and this
Please give it to Lady Ae-sin.
She'll know what it is.
And both of you,
please stay healthy.
Gosh, what
It looks like he's leaving, right?
He was bound to leave eventually anyway.
Then should we give this to Lady Ae-sin
after he leaves?
Yes, we should.
She is already distraught, you know.
But what if it's something that spoils?
My gosh, what should we do?
That will be a big problem.
We can't even open this. My goodness.
Keep it somewhere cold, not in your room.
And smell it often
to see if it is going bad.
My gosh.
Where should I put it
to make sure no one will see it?
What should I do with this?
You should keep moving forward.
I am taking a step back.
The night curfew has begun!
How can we help you, sir?
Nice to meet you. I'm Kim Hui-seong.
My fiancée is here!
I'm here to see her.
What a warm welcome. I am very much obliged.
Is it this suit that is being welcomed?
It is the suit I sent you every year.
My feelings were hurt as you never told me
whether you got them or not.
It is a little late, but I still thank you
for letting me know.
Was that your plan?
I am not following.
I know.
Don't you want to know
what else I'm up to?
If you are curious, come to the tram stop.
I will be waiting.
Do not walk around in this suit.
I must
walk around in this suit.
You'll find out what I mean by that
on your way to the tram stop.
Gosh, my lady.
What is happening?
Is this a gift from my fiancé
or a warning?
What? There are no tickets left?
What the hell are you talking about? This is a huge embarrassment for me.
Look at this long lineup.
How much longer do we have to wait?
I sincerely apologize. You won't be able
to ride the tram today.
Lord Kim's son, Young Master Hui-seong,
bought all the tickets so that
he can ride it
only with his special someone.
My, I envy that lady so much.
Gosh, cut it out.
It's not like I can't afford
to buy all the tickets.
-Darn it.
-Sorry, I apologize for the inconvenience.
I'm very sorry.
You know what?
That was terribly dangerous!
That's what I do, sir.
It seems like a great danger
is awaiting you, sir.
If you walk around in that suit,
you will actually get shot.
And this time, it probably won't end
at you faking a limp.
I must figure it out on my own,
so I'm doing exactly that.
Didn't you see?
Every man on the street
is clad in this suit.
And that is where I come in useful.
I guess you do have a point,
but it's also making me want to punch you.
You can't say that
when you're trying to get a free ride.
I bought tickets for all seats
on this tram.
You can either get out
or pay your fare.
That's refreshing coming from you.
It's usually my line.
Wait here. We'll be back
after going around the route once.
-Let's go.
-Enjoy your ride, sir.
Gosh, there are so many empty seats.
I didn't think he'd be like this.
He has a petty side.
There must be a reason.
That American man
bought us a ton of noodles
and even dumplings.
Are you taking his side
because of the three bowls of noodles?
-Those noodles are nothing special.
Do you want to ride
the steel donkey that much?
Gosh, forget it.
Riding it won't even do me any good.
It'll just make my heart pound
because I'll have too much fun.
I don't want to ride it.
I know you don't mean it.
He got on without a ticket.
I told him to get out, but he refused.
I had no choice.
Just ignore him.
By the way, why is this tram so empty?
It was packed with people
every time I saw it in the past.
I made sure it'd be empty
so that it'd be just us two.
What do you mean?
Are you saying you bought all the tickets?
Lady Ae-sin, do you have the money ready?
Do not worry.
I keep my promises.
What money?
Two weeks will be up soon.
It's just that debtors always
give the same excuse, my lady.
Do you know who the richest man
in Joseon is?
It's this man standing before you.
Then who was the guy that harassed me
to pay for this ride earlier?
Do not bother this lady
no matter how much she owes you.
The mountains in Joseon
belong to the king,
but most of the land in this country
belongs to me.
Good to know.
That means I can bury you anywhere.
Thanks for the ride.
Hey, stop.
Are you all right?
You could've ended up with an injury.
I'm fine.
Shall I look for a burial spot nearby?
Be safe. I won't see you out.
What happened between you and Dong-mae?
How did you end up owing him money?
-Is it a lot of money?
-I had a bit of a situation.
I will sort it out myself.
Why did you
come to see me today?
To ride the tram.
Just the two of us.
So you bought all the tickets?
I wanted to be the only one
to hear you speak.
"How would a modest woman hurt a leg?"
About things like that.
"Where are all the clothes I bought you?"
That too.
"All the clothes you wear,
can I also wear?"
Questions like that too maybe.
I believe I already explained.
I sent everything to Japan.
This is me thanking you for them.
Now that we rode the tram,
let's go to an imported goods store.
-I'm not interested.
A boat trip?
The river's frozen.
Do you enjoy hunting?
I don't. Why?
Do you have an advantage in the mountains?
Will you kill me?
If you won't, let's do this.
Leave me
as your fiancé.
Whether you wear my suits
to fight for our country or to sell it,
I will be your shadow.
So if things get dangerous,
run to me and hide.
If that serves as a reason
to return to Joseon,
it'll be an honor.
So it was a gift.
Do you accept it?
It's better than going to a mountain.
If we go to one,
I have a much greater advantage.
I'm honored.
Minister Allen
returned from Shanghai today.
According to the interpreters' reports,
the emperor asked
to meet him many times
over the matter of a loan.
Allen avoided the emperor
by staying in Shanghai
with an excuse that he'd talk
to the American Minister to Qing.
The emperor must think that
America is a very just country.
What does Allen have to gain
by turning against Japan?
Right. The emperor lost out this time.
Here are the interpreters' reports
on each foreign country.
I'm working on getting
to the interpreters at each legation.
If this happens,
the emperor will take a stand.
He'll try to contact
the American minister to Qing himself.
Wouldn't he try to find someone
to arrange a meeting?
Who does such a job these days?
There's talk that a few missionaries
in Hamgyong Province
are helping the emperor.
When I ask about a certain person,
you must give me a name.
That's what you're supposed
to do for me. Understood?
Will you wake up?
Okay. I'll find out right away.
Tell that idiot, Yong-ju,
that he'd better get his job done.
Yes, sir.
The servants weren't there.
Lee Deok-mun was there alone.
I think there was a guest.
Lee Deok-mun was sent out
to get the guest a room.
Where are you?
Come on out.
ROOM 205
ROOM 205
You're so slow for someone so young.
Get moving.
I could go faster just by crawling.
No wonder you starve.
You starve because you're lazy.
A man
A man's dead!
Is anyone here? A man's dead!
What a terrible thing to happen.
The ministers of foreign affairs
keep dying.
This means that
that title might as well be cursed.
If this keeps happening,
it'll be our turn next.
Who do you think did it?
What did the police say?
Do they have evidence?
Watch your tongue.
We should be hiding the evidence
if there were any.
What should we do then?
Sit and wait for our turn to die?
There's just one way to find out.
Put someone we suspect in the seat.
See if he lives or dies.
Wan-ik's scheming
is crueler than I thought.
Will anyone stop him?
Is there really no one?
Your Majesty.
Make Lee Wan-ik
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Your Majesty.
Appoint Lee Wan-ik.
Your Majesty.
You must appoint Lee Wan-ik.
-Your Majesty. Please hear our plea.
-Your Majesty. Please hear our plea.
Must I give in?
Your Majesty.
-I'll do it.
-Do not get involved.
You must have expected this.
Do not
leave me alone in this palace.
Your Majesty.
I saw a suspicious-looking man
in front of my house a little while ago.
I had a bad feeling.
A strange man that gave you a bad feeling
isn't worth anything.
I didn't come to you just with that.
He asked me
if this was the house of Go Sa-hong.
I mean, everyone in Hanseong knows it is.
Just when I was thinking that was odd,
I saw him again outside the hotel.
I came right over here
after seeing him take a key.
Is that worth something?
Do you remember his face?
That might be worth something.
Of course I do.
The guest who just left?
What about him?
I'm just curious.
Which room is his?
I know who's in 303 and 304.
Is it 102?
Is it 205?
You want to search rooms again?
Then I'll have to close the hotel.
How do you think I feel
doing this knowing that?
Take pity on me.
Don't you know I can't give out
our guests' information?
Then I'll see for myself.
Lee Deok-mun?
There's no way he'd stay here.
Who's staying in 205?
When you're this eager,
it's usually about that bitch.
You shouldn't speak like that
with your pretty face.
She's just a flower swathed in silk.
Don't create a weakness.
Thanks for your concern,
but it's too late.
What's the fuss about this early?
I apologize.
I have news from Hamgyong Province.
I think it needs your attention.
-Get talking.
-Yes, sir.
As you thought, the emperor
is planning to send a secret message.
A missionary from Hamgyong Province
is on his way to Hanseong.
His name is Joseph.
There was
a record of him writing to Hanseong. We intercepted the letter
during transport.
It's to someone interesting.
The American acting consul
and Marine Corps officer.
Isn't this the man
the American who threatened Lee Se-hun
in his carriage?
That's him.
What's more interesting
is that a while ago,
the emperor himself went to Glory Hotel.
This man has been staying there
for a long time.
What nonsense is this about God's grace?
A missionary should just pray.
Why is he getting involved in politics?
This American guy. Search his room.
We should see if he's protecting America
or something else.
Who knows?
While you're there,
break a few limbs.
Is this God on Joseon's side or not?
Let's find out.
Did you eat breakfast?
Have some.
Yes, my lord.
Do not tell the person
whom you're trying to protect
that I helped you today.
This will be our secret.
What are you staring at?
It's so strange.
I just came from the third floor.
I'm sure someone was in 304,
but the key's right here.
I see.
Yes, ma'am?
Serve Room 205 a complimentary drink.
Yes, ma'am.
Another deliberate mistake?
Turn around slowly.
What's going on?
Take the shot.
I got myself a pretty little shield.
Close your eyes.
What's this photo?
I need drugs. Opium!
I'm about to die.
Lee Deok-mun?
That's the name the man you arrested put
on the register.
Lee Deok-mun works for Lee Wan-ik.
He's the cousin
of Vice-Chamberlain Lee Jeong-mun and
Lee Deok-mun's wife is from that family.
Lady Ae-sin's family.
Is there anything else I should know?
Who's staying in 205?
That's all I know.
I hope that was of some help.
I'm Lee Deok-mun. You asked to see me?
His wife is Lady Ae-sun,
Lady Ae-sin's cousin.
He's Lady Ae-sin's cousin-in-law.
You put your name
on the Glory Hotel's guest register
for the man staying in Room 205.
How do you know him?
He's an acquaintance. Where is he?
I heard you arrested him.
Putting your name and not his
means you'll be responsible for
anything that happens.
That's correct. When I was in Manchuria,
-he helped me greatly.
-Be specific.
How did he help you?
Let's see. I think he showed me around.
Why did you bring a doctor?
Like you saw for yourself,
an unstable man was also shot.
Wouldn't he require treatment?
What kind of sights did he show you
that your friendship is so tight?
This and that.
I heard you were the one who shot him.
If I hadn't, he'd have shot me.
And we had never met before.
Do you know why
your acquaintance would do that?
Who's behind him?
That too. No idea.
He'll be half-dead.
Shouldn't you let him get help?
Only the doctor can see him.
My men will be standing guard.
No speaking.
Very well.
My late husband's cause of death
is still quite the mystery.
The autopsy report I have.
The autopsy report that states
the real cause of death
of your husband.
Hina. Why are you so aggressive today?
Do you know why I like fencing?
You can aim directly at a vital point
and take someone down
swiftly and accurately.
That's true, but you must remember that
your opponent also has a blade.
The tougher you fight,
the more you show your weakness.
You should remain elegant.
I'd like to,
but this world is not letting me.
It is a personal matter.
And most importantly,
I will leave Joseon soon.
Send a message across the river.
I should meet the missionary
from Hamgyong Province
sooner than I had planned.
The interpreters' reports
that Lee Wan-ik is getting.
I'd like to see them soon.
Yes, sir.
I hadn't heard from Sang-mok,
so I went over there.
And a shoe was hanging from the eaves.
I think he was exposed.
His last job was at Jemulpo,
so if he was found out,
it would be by the Musin Society.
The Musin Society had never
targeted anyone from the Righteous Army.
That's why
we never considered them an enemy.
It's too dangerous
to move just based on a guess.
Keep an eye on the Musin Society
but continue our work.
A note from the palace.
With Sang-mok out of commission,
we're down on men.
What to do?
So even if Ae-sin can be put to good use,
don't let it be too often.
Sometimes, keep her in the dark.
Please do so.
I'll do it.
You can't.
What if you were
to come across Lee Wan-ik?
I trust your rifle,
but I don't trust you. -Please.
Find someone else. Thank you.
It is very nice to walk side by side
with you.
Let's do it. Love.
With me. Let's do it together.
Darn it. What's wrong with this?
Oh dear.
-How does this--
-Why do you have that?
What do you
Oh dear. You're done already?
I thought it might get spoiled,
so I opened it up
and it started to sing
on its own like this.
I asked you
why you have that.
So the thing is,
the American man gave it to me
and told me to give it to you.
You met him?
It's been a while now.
Oh, the hell with this.
My lady.
I think he's going to leave.
He's leaving?
-I wasn't able to ask.
He could be leaving today or tomorrow.
He could've left already.
He left this for you
saying it's for the boat ride.
Wait, my lady.
My gosh.
You can't leave wearing those clothes.
Oh, you're here.
Where are you going
without even changing?
We need an extra pair of hands.
Will you help us?
There are some bowls left.
Finish them before you go.
"Eugene Choi." Why is this here?
Identify yourself.
I said, identify yourself!
Lee Deok-mun looks
after that opium addict,
and Lee Deok-mun is under Lord Lee's care.
The only evidence
that I'm not on his side
is my desperate wish at that moment
that you were to live.
Gu Dong-mae's just digging his own grave.
There's no harm in that.
I take it you saw everything.
I'm fine. I'm used to it.
I'd like to see you
moving forward with this rifle
and reaching somewhere.
Even if I hide everything
and act like I know nothing
It won't go anywhere, right?
Until the moment I die,
I will be Lady Ae-sin of the Go Family.
There is no future
in which we can be together.
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