Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

It's the British minister's birthday
in three days.
Lee Wan-ik was invited too.
That will be the day.
I see you island people have teamed up.
Well, good luck.
Impudent fool.
He asked me
if this was the house of Go Sa-hong.
It's been a while, sir.
Although things are dire in Joseon,
you always seem to be having fun.
I guess there's more to take
from a party than a funeral.
What's with the long greeting?
Did a mercenary become a businessman?
I'm worried my sword might get rusty.
Foreigners of the East and West
gathering to worry about Joseon's fate
I guess that's what we call peace.
Come on in. It's the second floor. There's no need.
When Allen leaves the room to take a leak,
escort him to mine.
Leave the geisha outside.
One more room means better business.
As it happens, I have a quiet one
that'll be perfect for you.
Show him to the Red Room.
Yes, sir.
Tomorrow night,
keep the guards at Lee Wan-ik's house
occupied for half an hour.
This is how you'll repay me for last time.
And don't ask any questions. Sure thing.
The men at Lee Wan-ik's residence
Take them out for dinner
for about half an hour.
Yes, boss.
That is what I'm looking for.
Well, that is what I need.
How about an exchange?
I suppose that's better than arguing.
We both seem busy,
so let's wrap this up some other time.
Come to my hotel.
Around noon in three days' time.
Meet me at the bakery in Jingogae.
Identify yourself.
Why are you coming out of the house?
Where did all the guards go?
A woman?
I said, identify yourself!
This way.
When being chased, it's safer to be
somewhere bright and crowded.
Why were you there just now?
I couldn't stop thinking about
the debt I owe you
and the reason why you're mad at me.
I'm too handsome to be hated,
but that has been the case with you.
Consider my debt repaid in double. It's safe for you to go alone from here.
Go on. Are you just letting me go?
What would I do with you?
I'd rather be where I was headed.
And where is that? The Police Bureau?
The bar.
Time won't pass,
and two weeks is a long time.
Is this the only bar in Hanseong?
It's the only one open until late.
This is the only vacant seat.
It's actually not.
It's the only corner seat.
Here's your drink.
Boss, would you like your usual snack?
I don't need any,
so don't bother me.
Yes, sir.
I heard about the ruckus at the hotel.
Your room was ransacked,
and you almost died too.
You must be disappointed since it wasn't
the outcome you were expecting.
Yes, I'm bitter.
You must be lucky.
No, I'm skilled.
A tall tree catches much wind.
Do you know why you were
almost killed?
-I'm looking into it.
-You better hurry.
Minister Allen or whatever
is having drinks
with Lord Lee Wan-ik at the moment.
I'd advise you not
to associate with that man.
You see, he's not a Joseon man.
He's Japanese.
Coming from you,
I can't really take it seriously. Recently,
an American railway engineer
paid me in dollars for my service.
That makes me American right now.
Thanks for the intel.
Have a snack. It's on me.
-Over here.
-Yes, sir?
One large plate of sashimi.
Right away, sir.
Actually, make it a small plate.
They give you big portions here.
Everything in the drawers are gone.
There's an inconsistency
of what was taken.
Were there two robbers in total,
or did one take on two jobs?
The guards were absent
from their posts at the time.
You should question them, sir.
Leave them be.
Gu Dong-mae's just digging his own grave.
There's no harm in that.
What's wrong with your neck?
I'm sorry, sir.
What should we do with Kim Yong-ju?
You never know
what he'll say at the American legation
once the drugs wear off.
He'll be out soon.
Once he's out,
stick him in the safest place possible.
And where would that be?
A prison cell at the Joseon Police Bureau.
Yes, sir. I wonder.
Why on earth was the letter taken?
I haven't even finished reading it yet.
My life is also vibrant.
The only difference is
that I wish to be a flame.
Lord Lee Wan-ik?
What kind of a man is he?
Tell me what you know.
Was it him who tried to kill you?
How did we get
from Kim Yong-ju to Lee Wan-ik?
Lee Deok-mun looks after
that opium addict,
and Lee Deok-mun is under Lord Lee's care.
The two are connected.
Why did Lord Lee try to kill you though?
I don't think he did.
If that was his goal,
he would've hired a sniper.
There was no need
to send someone to my room.
Was it a greeting then?
Something like that.
He wanted to scare me off
although I don't know why.
Right now, I'm awaiting his next move.
However, I don't know much about him.
According to the rumor,
Lee Wan-ik has Ito Hirobumi's support.
Hence, if the Royal Court
lets Lord Lee into the palace,
it'll be the same
as letting Ito Hirobumi in
which is why they refused to do so.
But since then,
Ministers of Foreign Affairs
have been dying left to right.
And Lord Lee ordered the hits?
Did he really?
Carry on.
I did see something odd
in Hamgyong Province. There was a missing person poster
of his wife.
It's probably his first wife.
-His first wife?
As far as I know,
he remarried a Japanese woman.
Then it can't be him
who's looking for her.
Who could it be then?
it's actually the owner of Glory Hotel.
She's been searching for years.
The owner of Glory Hotel
is looking for Lee Wan-ik's wife?
-There you go.
-Take a look.
Take a good look.
Have you seen this woman?
I'm not sure.
Who is this?
I'm impressed.
A daughter of a noble family wields a gun.
Why did an owner of a hotel
want the autopsy report?
Those are all
of the interpreters' reports.
Did you find anything else among them?
Were you injured?
It was dark and raining.
It'll heal soon.
Thank you for your help.
I made the choice.
There's no need for you to be concerned.
Do you resent me?
You helped me realize my true feelings.
If you hadn't stopped me that day,
I would've run to him.
You see, I had already heard
that he was leaving Joseon.
However, I stopped.
And thanks to that,
I was able to think.
I thought back
on every moment we met
as well as his choices and mine.
His choices were always quiet
and heavy.
They seemed selfish
and sometimes cold.
However, he was always walking
in the right direction.
That's why I didn't regret
having feelings for him.
I can no longer
go back to
before I met him.
That's why I should let him go.
If I don't,
I might end up risking too much.
I hear you're sobering up.
Not killing you at the spot
had better be worthwhile.
Why did you search my room?
-Give me water.
-Who gave you the orders?
-Or drugs.
-How do you know Lee Wan-ik?
I see hospitality is out of the question.
Answer at least one question,
and I'll consider it.
How long
have I been here?
So you know you'll get out of here soon.
That means you've worked
for him for years.
It's an old photo.
It looks like it was taken in Tokyo.
Who are they?
How do you know them?
They set off to kill you.
Even if it takes time
they will come for you.
One of them, I killed.
The other two
will be the ones to kill me.
Answer in Korean.
Is he going to check out of the hotel?
He'll be investigated at
the Police Bureau.
After all, he attacked an American.
We'll show how strict Joseon's laws are.
You needn't worry.
Whoever's behind this
is very smart.
As of now,
the safest place for this man to be
is inside the cell of the Police Bureau.
Sorry for the nuisance. Please return his belongings.
The photo.
Where's the photo?
-What photo?
-Give my photo back!
You should've tried talking to me earlier.
You had many opportunities.
Take him.
I'll kill you! Give me back my photo!
Have you lost your mind?
I barely got you out. Keep it down.
What's this about a photo?
Is there something I don't know?
I'll kill him.
I'll kill--
This is why the police lock people up.
-Take him away.
-Yes, sir.
My photo. I swear I'll come back for it.
What did he do
to be dragged away like that?
Dressed in a suit at his age?
He probably adopted the modern ways early.
The educated tend to commit more crimes.
It was you.
You're the traitor.
I had no other
I had no other choice.
Did he see a ghost?
My lady, close the window.
It's not for your eyes.
Why won't this close?
My goodness.
Let's hurry.
I must ask you something.
Will it take a while? I have plans.
I'll keep it short.
What a pity.
You finally have a question for me
and it has to be today?
I heard you're looking for
Lee Wan-ik's wife.
Why is that?
Lee Wan-ik's wife
is not the one I'm looking for.
It's my mother.
In other words,
that makes me Lee Wan-ik's daughter.
Then that day,
why did you give me the key?
Are you asking if I'm on his side?
There's no evidence that you aren't.
You're right.
The only evidence
that I'm not on his side
is my desperate wish at that moment
that you were to live.
Some relatives are worse than strangers.
If I were with him,
I'd have given you the right key.
If I wanted you dead,
there were many other ways.
I could've hired assassins
or poisoned your food.
Eat. We must look natural.
You were quite good with your sword.
I'm learning a sport called fencing.
You're good with a gun.
There just happened to be one nearby.
Why do you learn sword-fighting?
To protect myself.
What are you protecting?
Why were you there?
For the same reason. To protect myself.
Why were you there?
Have some more cake.
It looks pretty and tastes good too.
You won't answer at all.
How do you explain
why your lips are bruised?
No one asks.
They don't dare.
I'm asking you.
Right now.
Don't think you have my weakness.
What you have might just be
a bomb waiting to explode.
That's what I want to say to you.
You and me both are holding
a double-edged sword.
That's fine then.
Let's forget about that day.
Just what I wanted.
Was that natural enough?
How would you explain
a bruise on a hotel owner's face?
Even if I say it was a love spat,
the more people talk,
the more men will come by to have a look
and I will make more money.
Where do you spend all that money?
I buy foods like this and all of that.
He's still here.
I'll cut to the chase.
I came to ask you something.
I need to know what this letter says.
Have you been well?
Read it now
and tell me what it says.
Your lips-- Read it.
Were you hurt anywhere else?
Read it.
As you see, it's addressed to you.
You're the only person I can ask.
Why do you have this letter? I can't say how I got it.
And I'll take it back when you're done.
What does it say?
What if I tell you a lie?
I have no choice
but to trust you. Who sent it?
He's like a father to me.
I want his name.
What does he do?
He's a missionary.
Just then, a missionary with
blonde hair and blue eyes
showed up like my savior.
What does it say?
He asks if I'm well.
That it's cold.
That he's coming to Hanseong.
He misses me.
He learned to make takju.
He wishes that God be with me.
He asks if I'm getting along well
with the woman I mentioned
in my previous letter.
I think I deserve to ask you a question.
Why do you have this letter?
Now give it back.
I must go.
I'll return it when things are sorted out.
If you're still
in Hanseong then.
I'll ask one more thing.
The emperor's bank certificate.
You said you'd take the path
that would ruin Joseon.
Then why did you return it?
I guess it was
to make you turn around once more
like you did just now.
Shall I
get back to business?
Young master.
Yes, I'm Kim Hui-seong.
How have you been?
My goodness, young master.
You went abroad to study
and you're back all grown up.
I'm so happy to see you again.
In these rapidly changing times,
you still managed to stay in office. My grandfather would be proud.
I owe so much to your grandfather.
You do.
That's why
I'm here to see you.
Before his death, my grandfather
gave this to me and said,
"Go to them when you're in trouble.
They will definitely help you."
So I opened the ledger
and on the first page was your name.
could you
lend me some money?
Oh dear.
As you know,
I'm very busy investigating the death
of the Minister of Foreign Affairs-- What a terrible thing that is.
Seeing that you're busy,
I'll leave as soon as I have the money.
Young master.
You honor me with your presence.
All the letters from Hamgyong Province
to Hanseong went missing
and I'm completely out of my mind.
What a terrible thing that is.
You told me of your troubles
without pausing to breathe
which tells me
the chief of police called you.
Then you must know why I'm here.
Your name is right on the second page.
Page two. I wouldn't have bothered
to read page three.
Your name is on page two.
You must have a lot on your mind,
so I'll leave with the money.
Can I have a bowl of soup?
A hefty serving please.
Yes, young master.
Just a moment.
I'll help myself.
Oh dear.
You are
just as loud as thunder.
-What was that?
-Is he crazy?
-Who's he?
-He's mad.
What was that about?
What was that for?
I see you returned from
your studies, young master.
Does your stupid watch
still work fine after all these years?
My lord! My lord!
Please have mercy on my family!
Let go!
My lord!
My family! Have mercy on my family!
Are you crazy?
What are you doing in my diner?
Do you know who he is?
I won't buy water from you anymore.
Get out. I said, get out!
-Bring a dry cloth.
Young master.
I'm so sorry.
Do me a favor.
Yes, master.
Keep buying his water.
He sells good water.
Oh dear.
How long have you been standing there?
I take it you saw everything.
I'm fine. I'm used to it.
Was it my father or my grandfather?
The weather's quite cold. Dry yourself.
They feel better after they vent at me
and one out of three pities me.
Pity is affection too.
I won't accept your affection.
I'd be glad if you pretend you didn't see.
Gosh. Aren't you Young Master Hui-seong?
You're the ladies who dropped your beauty.
I'm not able to pick it up today.
I got here before you did.
If you care for drugs, take it.
This is all there is worth taking.
Why are you searching this room?
Out of boredom.
You looked thoroughly to just be bored.
I couldn't help myself.
Old habits die hard.
What are you looking for?
I'll help you look.
I'll search on my own.
The bank certificate was one thing.
But I just can't trust you anymore.
Let's go. There's nothing here.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Who do you think you are to refuse me? You won't pour drinks,
you won't take off your clothes.
What makes you think
you can keep saying no?
Take your hands off.
She's not a geisha.
Get lost before things get out of hand.
We won't ask you to pay.
Are you crazy?
How dare a ronin like you
even speak to me?
Just because you
make a living here in Joseon,
have you forgotten what you were in Japan?
You were a bunch of beggars
who licked feces when you were told to!
You scumbag!
Who do you think it was
that let you beggars move here
and make a living?
Gu Dong-mae?
No. It's Minister Hayashi
and the gentlemen above him!
We tamed the Joseon king and queen,
made Joseon a vassal state,
attacked Russia,
and are now at the forefront
of building a great Japanese empire.
That's us!
If you get that, get down on your knees.
That or draw your sword.
That way, I can go after Gu Dong-mae too.
Look who's here.
You hit her.
"I'm not a geisha.
I'm just here to read fortunes.
Please don't hit me."
If you're able to recognize me,
that means you aren't blind.
Why stop a girl from trying to leave
and not let her read your fortune?
She's pretty accurate, you know.
He wouldn't have called her
just to have his fortune told.
She wouldn't give him a chance.
That lowborn wench!
They finally drew their swords.
Does this mean
it's self-defense?
If Gu Dong-mae gets down on his knees,
I might forgive you all.
I think it's time
I teach you that
we're in a different class.
Don't look.
You fool. What have you done?
You're right.
We're in a different class.
We kill anyone.
Because we can die
without regrets even today.
If Minister Hayashi hears about this,
you will not get off unscathed.
He'd better find out.
Even Minister Hayashi
never touched my men.
Do you think that was because
we like each other?
It's because we have a use for each other.
You stupid fool.
Let's say
you paid for the drinks.
Get lost.
Take Hotaru back.
Clean up.
Minister Hayashi docked a battleship
in Incheon Harbor
and is demanding we allow
the use of Dai-Ichi Bank bills.
We should agree
before the rift between our countries
becomes too great.
A battleship in Incheon Harbor?
Japan has great courage and power
when it comes to making demands.
You should watch what you say.
Japan wants us
to use their bills to prevent us
from having a currency of our own.
In other words, this is
an infringement of sovereignty.
We must accept their demand
and accept their currency
so that transfers between
our two countries go smoothly.
That way, we can
keep constructing the railroads.
You keep forgetting because
you're always accepting bribes.
Our country is independent
and autonomous.
With that loan,
Japan is trying to trap us.
And even that railway
will do nothing but cause
a war between Japan and Russia.
If war breaks out between them,
our people will have to sacrifice
their land and lives.
It's all because the position of Minister
of Foreign Affairs remains vacant.
It's not like we don't have
a great candidate for the position.
Why are you all looking at me?
You haven't
said a word.
I was wondering
if you'd like to add anything.
I have
nothing to worry about as long as
vegetables grow well on this soil
because I'm the Minister
of Farming and Trade.
What do you expect me to add?
I am in no position to express my opinion.
A little while ago,
you told me
about Lady Ae-sin's grandfather.
Does he have a son by any chance?
Oh, yes. He did.
He had two sons.
Well, it's quite sad.
His elder son lost his life
during the anti-Catholic riot
while trying to rescue the villagers.
And his younger son returned from Japan
in a cremation urn
shortly after the Unyo incident.
The younger son is Lady Ae-sin's father.
I'm grateful that Lord Go is still alive
and well after everything that happened.
What are his sons' names?
The elder son's name was Go Sang-jin,
and the younger son was Go Sang-wan.
It's an old photo.
It looks like it was taken in Tokyo.
TOKYO, 1874 A rifle?
We're absolutely not allowed to have
things like that here. Why ask us?
I thought you did anything for customers.
Hence the name, Anything You Want.
But still, we cannot have
such an object at our shop.
You said yourself that we've been through
enough danger. You even thanked me.
Can't you get one for me? I'd like the Mosin–Nagant model.
There are regulations and laws
concerning pawnbrokers.
The Foreign Affairs Minister died,
and all the letters and parcels
in transit got stolen.
Hanseong has turned
into a dangerous place.
-So you can't do it?
-I'm saying it'll be expensive.
How much are you thinking?
Your logic makes no sense.
Are you here
for the letter?
What is that?
It's a gift.
I thought you've probably
never shot this rifle before.
It's the Russian bolt-action rifle
I told you about a while back.
Why are you giving me this?
I'd like to see you
moving forward with this rifle
and reaching somewhere.
Wherever that may be
and with whomever you may be
at the end of that road.
Then what about you?
Where are you headed?
This was my destination for today.
Like I told you before,
you'll have to practice
holding it properly first.
If you'd like to learn,
I could stay in Joseon
just until you master the craft.
Would you like to learn?
I am not a fast learner.
Then it's even better.
Until the moment I die,
I will be Lady Ae-sin. You should be.
There is no future
in which we can be together.
Just until yesterday,
you weren't in my life.
But now, you are.
That's enough.
Teach me
how to use that rifle.
Familiarize yourself
with its weight first.
Until it feels as light as a feather.
In America, people like you
who are skilled in shooting
are called "snipers."
It used to refer to hunters
who were skilled in accurately hitting
those small, agile birds called snipes.
the word refers to sharpshooters
who can shoot very accurately.
-Like you.
I like that.
It'll still be hard
to hit the target accurately.
You should still try.
That day
The day when we first met on that roof.
I suppose I got busted because
I was in need of a rebellious romance.
What was your reason?
My incompetence?
I got you, didn't I?
Hello, sir.
Don't waste your time.
You know that no one
on this land of Joseon can stop me.
But you should still be taught a lesson.
I must attend to my guest who's waiting.
Was it your doing?
What exactly are you referring to, Rinoie?
The autopsy report.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Did someone die?
Give us a moment.
You should've taken
just the autopsy report.
Why did you take the other things?
They're not worth anything.
That is what I need. How about an exchange?
It sounds like you lost
a number of things.
You should take it up
with the Police Bureau, Rinoie.
You sure are my daughter.
But you see,
you have a long way to go to beat me.
Your deceased husband
had a daughter around your age
with his ex-wife, didn't he?
Matsuyama, that bastard,
was going to give that autopsy report
to that wench.
I had to pay him a large sum of money
to snatch it.
If you were going to boast about it,
you should have just killed him.
That was your only chance
to act like a decent father for a change.
This is why I said
you still have a lot to learn.
Keep this in mind.
Bastards like him always become
the most obedient hounds.
If he threatens me,
do you think I'll do nothing about it?
It's not like
he doesn't have any children.
So, don't even think
about doing anything to him.
I'll make that vicious hound
become a royal physician.
Your face is the only useful thing
that you have.
Who the hell hit you?
Take good care of your face.
You need to get remarried.
Look who's here.
We've met, haven't we?
We met when you were signing
the contract for your house.
Are you enjoying living there?
Don't even get me started.
As you know, the American bastard
who lived there before me
died a brutal death.
Maybe that's why nothing has been
going my way since I moved there.
Even a thief broke into the house
a few days ago.
This is why
where you live is so important.
Is that right?
My hotel room was broken into as well.
It's been such a headache.
Oh, no.
What kind of lunatic would
break into an American soldier's room?
One of the guys who work for you
took that lunatic a few days ago.
They seemed very close.
Is that so?
Whoever that idiot is,
he should choose his friends wisely.
Why does he hang out with such a lunatic?
You didn't get hurt though, did you?
I'm fine, as you can see.
That is a relief.
There's something I'd like to ask you
since I ran into you like this.
Are you married?
You should go in.
Make sure you lock your door.
He's worse than I thought.
What did he say to you?
I saw the two of you conversing.
He asked me if I'm married.
If he asks you that question again,
tell him that you're a patriot.
I will tell my staff
to prepare warm water for you.
Now that I'm seeing it again,
it's actually quite high.
Boss, why did you want us to gather here?
Time is passing painfully slowly.
I'm going to visit the temple
to kill some time.
-The temple?
-You guys stay here.
I'll be back before sundown.
What is a Japanese goon doing here?
People must come to this temple
for many different reasons.
My gosh, you are a Joseon man.
I heard
that Lord Go Sa-hong's granddaughter
was here a little while ago.
Yes, she was.
She visits from time to time
to give alms and help us out.
But she was in a mourning dress.
Did someone pass away?
Not exactly.
That was because
her parents' memorial tablets
are at our temple.
Where are they kept?
I was in the area
to get some spring water and
That was a lie.
I ended up here
because I tailed Lady Ae-sin.
The journey here wasn't an easy one,
and I was certainly not
hoping to see this.
You wouldn't welcome me,
but I still wanted to say hello.
Do you know what your daughter is up to?
I wonder if she tells you such things.
Then do you know why she is doing it?
can't figure it out.
Because I did not expect this, I used my sword.
Do you know
who the first person I slashed was?
It was Lady Ae-sin.
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
I carefully chose
the most hurtful words
and slashed her heart with them.
Do you think it pained her?
Sometimes, I hope she is still in pain.
And at times, I hope she has
completely forgotten the incident.
But I should give up, right?
Even if I hide everything
and act like I know nothing
It won't go anywhere, right?
Because it's me.
I'm sorry.
This is the only way
we can have lunch together.
It's okay.
I'm happy that we get to eat
baeksuk together.
Actually, I've been thinking
what we can do.
If we keep sending letters
through those around us,
it will be such a hassle for them.
We need a secret code.
I can use the market days as an excuse.
Inside the apothecary's drawer
used for chameleon plant leaves,
you'll find my letter.
I'll leave a letter inside that drawer
on every market day,
so come collect it.
if you ever see a red pinwheel
under the apothecary's roof,
just know that something important came up
and that I won't be able
to write you for a while.
Then that pinwheel that day
During that little while,
I'll be a sniper.
I wanted to tell you.
I didn't want you to keep waiting
at the apothecary.
Then why did you return the music box?
Was it your way of telling me
that you'll never think about me?
No, I just wanted to let you know
that I was there.
What would you have done
if you had run into me?
Then let me ask you.
Why did you return the music box?
To let you know that I left.
How cruel!
Thinking that you had left,
I spent my days
-Did you cry?
-I cursed you.
Do you think I went there only that day?
I could not even write you letters
for you cannot read Korean, so
Did you learn to write Korean?
I memorized the letters.
Just so you know, I can read and write
English, Japanese, and Chinese.
I just can't write in Korean yet.
I am glad to hear that.
I thought you were completely illiterate.
I was wondering if I should draw
in my letters. Then I will write in Chinese characters
from now on.
I missed you.
I even know how to write that sentence.
Do you want to see?
You don't have to show me.
Gosh, the bottom consonant here
This is a tricky one.
Have you ever seen the ocean?
Yes, I have. At Jemulpo Harbor.
You probably only got a glimpse of it
since you were busy shooting.
That's correct.
But I learned all the words
that are related to it.
Have you ever seen the sunrise on the sea?
I'd love to see it.
It won't be easy,
but let's go see it together someday.
I learned this word today.
Do horses with so many stripes
actually exist in America?
The boy at the legation showed up
with a ton of plum petals in his arms,
saying they fell from trees overnight.
Are you smiling now by any chance?
The wind must've made the petals fall
to put a smile on your face.
Let's go see the ocean.
Show me the incredible ocean
that you've seen,
the one that takes a month to get to.
The amazing ocean
that continues beyond the horizon.
And let's also watch the sun
as it rises over the ocean.
If Lord Lee Wan-ik takes you
under his wing,
that itself will keep you safe.
Are you married?
I was the one that fired the gun.
I can make you the culprit
depending on your answer.
I think I'm starting to have futile hopes.
Take Ae-sin.
If Lord Go Sa-hong makes a move,
it will shake up the entire Joseon.
I will make sure you end up
as a corpse under a pine tree.
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