Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

I think I lost my hat.
There's no way for me
to conceal my hair now.
There's always a way.
You're now a man again.
Do I look dashing?
You look quite strong.
Do you even know the way to the sea?
I'm following this to the east.
To where the sun rises.
Into the flame.
I'm not sure if it'll suit your palate,
but it'll appease your hunger.
Many things of this world fascinate me.
This modern cuisine,
the sound of the waves,
and even the horizon.
My imagination
has been feeble.
Does America lie beyond that horizon?
Do you miss it?
I miss a few things.
music and hamburgers.
A hamburger is a patty of ground meat
served with bread.
My goodness.
Is it more delicious than this?
This is to die for.
Who's teaching you Korean?
An errand boy at the legation.
He's actually quite strict.
Did you learn English from
the man who wrote you that letter?
One must know the language
to make a living. Did you starve when you were in America?
America wasn't generous to Asian boys.
When I first arrived in New York,
the land was vast, buildings were tall
and so were the people.
Even the sky seemed bigger.
I was so terrified
so I followed Joseph everywhere.
I knew that
I couldn't survive without him.
If it weren't for him,
I would've died.
It's the letter.
You can have it back. Are you sure about this?
Don't ask any more questions
or I'll take it back.
I'm curious.
Why does your name sound the same
in English and Korean?
There's an English name by the same sound.
-What's your name?
-Choi Yu-jin, sir.
Eugene is an English name that
originates from Greek and Hebrew
which means
great and noble.
It's pronounced like Yu-jin.
You have a great name.
We have that name here, too.
The great and noble.
The man who wrote this letter
is the one who helped me
live there as Eugene.
The name suits you.
It wasn't easy living up to the name.
You did well.
What will you write back?
He asked if you were doing well here
with me.
"I went to a beach today.
However, instead of the sea,
all I saw was a woman.
She gazed at the water
and ate canned food,
so I'm upset that I couldn't do the same."
Have some coffee.
It'll help with the cold.
I had it once before.
Back then, I only found it bitter.
How is it today?
Today, it's sweet.
I think
I'm starting to have futile hopes.
What do you mean?
This is
the first time
I've traveled this far out.
Next time,
I wish to travel even further.
I could even get
another chance after that.
That kind of hope.
Where will you go?
Am I there with you?
You are.
It's what I wish.
It looks like she has made up her mind.
I'd be worried about her
even if she took the easiest path.
But she's choosing to take
the most difficult path
out of all the other options there are.
My heart aches to even think of it.
You have no idea how nervous I am.
Lady Ae-sin will be back around dinner.
What if Lady Cho comes by?
She's going to the archery field today,
so she'll fall straight asleep
as soon as she gets here.
Lady Ae-sin chose this day for a reason.
We only need to fool them.
Hi, Jong-seom.
How is Lady Ae-sin doing?
-She's doing all right.
My lady, it's time to take your medicine.
Right, Lady Ae-sin
Make sure to drink it all.
Go ahead. That's it.
There you go.
You emptied the bowl.
She took her medicine,
so she'll feel better after some sleep.
Let's leave the bitter medicine to them.
We should snack on something tasty.
-Is there scorched rice?
-We should go.
-Okay, sure.
Let's go. All right.
Let's go.
That is some decent acting.
Welcome. My gosh, what brings you by?
We're not done yet.
I'm here on another business.
What's this?
Could you forge the signature?
You can think of it as a drawing.
Who's Matsuyama?
It's better if you don't know.
This isn't for a good cause.
Will it take long?
We'll hurry.
It'll be better to get it over with
since we feel bad for this man.
Can I entrust you with this then?
We don't know how to disappoint people.
That means this will cost you quite a lot.
I'll let you know when it's done.
You sure are reliable.
This will take another two days.
I've been drawing so many
that I can even do it with my eyes closed.
I do hope you receive some news this year.
I do too.
I'm now older than you used to be.
Hello, sir.
She came before sundown
and has been that way ever since.
Even she's coming by here now.
What is she running from
to be in a place so bright and crowded?
For such reason,
I need a personal bodyguard.
He took too much already.
What did he take?
My mother, my youth,
and my name.
Lee Yang-hwa.
I know you're awake.
Aren't you going to hop off?
No. Fine.
Am I heavy?
Just how heavy is that heart of yours?
You drink because time passes too slowly
and I drink because time flies.
This must be why bars
don't go out of business.
What are you doing here so early?
What do you want?
It's urgent.
I heard you handle everything.
Do you have bullets too?
-Darn it.
-Darn it.
The boy inside the crate is shivering.
More than he was before.
-Darn it!
-Darn it!
So, no bullets?
If you want to stop shivering,
wear something warmer.
How many do you need?
Take them. Sir!
Why are you running again?
I brought a crisis upon myself
due to lack of strategy
and tactics.
What I mean is,
my calculations were off.
Don't talk to me.
Father, what's with the rickshaw?
Get in.
Are you going somewhere?
Of course.
You're the only son of three generations.
We're taking the path to your success.
Any signs of him?
I see him. He's on his way.
Let's go then. Hurry. Goodness gracious!
My gosh. I can't believe it.
Aren't you Lord Lee Wan-ik?
You idiot!
I knew you were going too fast.
Look what you've done!
Sir, were you injured in any way?
I'm good.
What a relief. You must stay healthy, sir.
Hui-seong, introduce yourself.
He is Lord Lee Wan-ik,
Minister of Farming and Trade.
This is my son.
Oh, forgive my tardiness.
I am Kim An-pyeong.
-Kim An-pyeong?
-Yes, sir.
The rich Kim An-pyeong
who you must've heard of.
This is such a coincidence.
It just so happens
that I have dried corvina
from Yeonggwang.
Please take it.
I did nothing to receive these.
Please don't say that, sir.
Thanks to you being a minister
at the Japanese legation,
my son was able to
safely finish his studies in Japan.
Don't you agree? I'm Kim Hui-seong, sir.
Were you in Japan?
Where in Japan? Tokyo?
Yes, Tokyo, sir.
I see. So how old are you?
He's 30, but he is still more invested
in his studies.
My only worry is that
he hasn't found a job yet.
He was the quickest
to accept the Western culture as well.
The only son of three generations
is staying at a hotel, for goodness' sake.
Is it Glory Hotel?
I hear the owner has quite the temper.
How has your stay been?
The messenger must've spoken out of spite.
The hotel and its owner are both superb.
Is that so?
Since that's the case,
I'll come around soon.
Let's have coffee some time.
Of course, sir!
So tell me. Are you married?
We rarely speak of it
since it might sound like bragging,
but he is engaged to the granddaughter
of the noble Lord Go Sa-hong.
He'll be short of nothing
if only he had a job.
An engagement doesn't count as marriage.
Lord Lee asked you so many questions.
That must mean
he's immensely interested in you.
I did all that work
to get you this golden opportunity.
You'd better not let it slip away.
You did not have to do that, Father.
I can figure out--
I'm getting involved only because
you can't figure things out on your own.
Now that he has met you in person,
he will remember you, become fond of you,
and get you a nice position.
If Lord Lee Wan-ik takes you
under his wing,
that itself will keep you safe.
Did anyone ask you
to manage national affairs?
That position will take care of you.
You've always said that.
Both you and Grandfather.
You've always told me that
for my own sake.
Right, so just trust me
and do as I say.
That's it for today.
You should get going.
You'd better walk.
Even the fares for rickshaw rides add up.
Look around, my lady.
Spring is around the corner, so I think
bright colors will look great on you. It's not for me.
I'm shopping for someone else.
She said "a vest," so it must be a boy.
His elder sister seems to be
around 15 or 16,
so he must be younger.
What are some of the most popular
silk colors these days?
This is Western tteok called castella.
Try it.
Doesn't it look like rainbow tteok?
Well, the thing is
I already paid for it.
Don't worry and just try it.
I will, my lady.
But the thing is,
you're holding the fork and knife
in the wrong hands.
I'll do it.
Please have some, my lady.
You should have some too.
Make a vest for your brother with this.
Isn't this silk?
I cannot accept this, my lady.
I don't deserve a gift like this.
You even got into debt because of me.
You are probably not aware of it, but I
I mean, Joseon
is already greatly indebted to you.
Thank you for keeping it to yourself.
I don't know very well, but he said it's the fate of Joseon.
The fate of Joseon?
Who said that?
I'm sorry, my lady. I can't tell you that.
Compared to what you did, this is nothing.
So, you can definitely accept it.
Did I help you protect something?
Yes, something very big.
I don't even know your name yet.
What is your name?
I'm Son Su-mi.
-How many siblings do you have?
-I'm the oldest one.
My younger siblings are
Do-mi, Jin-mi, Yeong-mi, and Gu-mi.
Four in total.
Oh, no. I should have bought more fabric.
That won't be enough.
Please don't worry, my lady.
They can share the vest,
so this is more than enough.
Thank you very much, my lady.
You're welcome.
Let's eat, then.
It is very delicious,
so don't be too surprised.
This is wonderful, my lady.
Gosh, it's still early.
Why are you running around
in that expensive-looking silk vest?
Look at you.
What happened to you overnight?
That's real silk.
Yes, it is.
My sister made this vest for me.
She said that someone who is very precious
gave her this silk as a gift.
Did you understand that?
The sparrow near a school
sings the primer.
He's been here for three months,
so he should understand that much.
If you are done showing off your vest,
go help Captain Choi study Korean.
We can't let you be
the only smarty-pants here.
His Korean is just not improving. Would any of you like to run an errand
and go to the American legation
so that you can practice your English?
My lady, what does that mean?
What did you say?
The literal translation would be
"Come to where I am."
I'm telling them to come here
and greet us.
Oh, hello.
I am running an errand
for my English teacher.
In a situation like that,
you can simply say,
"Excuse me."
I'm telling you in case
you have to say it again in the future.
Please make sure Officer Roberts gets it.
I was chosen to come here
because I'm the best student in my class.
Take this to Officer Roberts.
No problem, sir. Do-mi?
You must be that girl's brother.
Do you know my sister?
I met her recently.
That vest looks amazing on you.
Your sister must have
incredibly deft hands.
My sister said that a young noble lady,
who is very beautiful and kind,
gifted her this silk.
Are you that lady?
I guess I am.
That is an accurate description.
Did your sister actually say all of that?
Thank you very much. I will treasure this vest.
All right.
By the way, I heard that you've been
teaching this gentleman
how to read and write Korean.
Well Yes.
I am doing my best, but
You poor thing. It must be a tough job.
He is still struggling
with bottom consonants.
Yes, he is. I'm just trying to help him
solidify the basics.
It is rude to say such things
right in front of me.
Yes, I bet he can only write basic things
like "Come here" at the moment.
Words with no bottom consonants.
He probably can't even try to write
words like "mountain" and "sunset".
-They have too many consonants.
-He is very enthusiastic,
-but he is quite a slow learner.
-I can't read or write in Korean,
but I understand everything.
Gosh, why is she
so head over heels for him?
Maybe that's why she looks
absolutely beautiful
whenever she is there.
Pardon me?
Oh, don't mind me.
I was just talking to myself.
Make sure salted fish is on the table.
Lady Cho likes it.
No, not that.
Oh, right. I see.
Since marrying into the Go family,
I have been nothing but faithful
even though my husband died 30 years ago.
I looked after this big family
and cared for my niece
as if she was my own daughter.
Ae-sin has grown up
into a fine young lady,
and Ae-sun is
That's right! She is healthy.
I raised both of them.
My gosh. I know that, of course.
You have been
such a devoted daughter-in-law to Lord Go.
Everyone in the family,
including us servants, know that.
That doesn't mean anything.
People say that I brought misfortune
to this family.
They all blame me for my husband's death
and the fact that the family
has no heir now.
You see, I grew up like a princess too.
Gosh, who dared to spew
such horrible things about you, my lady?
Tell me who said it.
Whoever it is, I'll teach--
There are so many things
that I wish to say.
But today, I shall say this first.
It's empty again.
My gosh. Goodness, I cannot believe this.
You should have hidden them
in a safer place.
It must've been the day
when I visited the archery field.
I heard Ae-sin had a bad cold.
Yes, that's right.
She had a runny nose and a sore throat.
My gosh, she couldn't even
step out of her room.
-It was very--
-I must say, Ae-sun is
such a thoughtful daughter.
Because she wanted to show me
how healthy she is,
she made sure to ransack
every nook and cranny in the house
and stole my rings.
-Yes, you are right.
-And that being said, she'd better not
sneak in here again.
Go ahead and twist her wrists if you must.
Make sure you find my rings, okay?
Yes, of course. Please leave it to me.
Drink up, ma'am.
My hand trumps yours
My baby, Min-seok.
Mom's here.
Did you have a fun day?
You played cards with those hands
all day long. Don't touch him!
What? You rude wench.
I wanted to caress him
because he is so adorable.
My dear, why are you so late?
Min-seok looked for you all day long.
Say, "Did you have a good day, Father?"
What are you talking about?
He can barely babble yet.
-Have you lost your mind?
-Min-seok will hear.
Why are you so cranky?
My dear, shall I tell them
to have hot water ready for a bath
or prepare dinner for you first?
I won't do either.
Don't talk to me. I have a lot on my mind.
Are your wife's family
and Kim An-pyeong's family in-laws?
Yes, sir.
My cousin-in-law got engaged to his son
about ten years ago.
I heard Kim An-pyeong is
the wealthiest man in Hanseong
after the king.
Yes, sir.
His family's owned a lot of land
for generations.
They're a noble family, but when it comes
to tradition or reputation,
there is nothing to talk about.
No member of the nobility wanted
to marry their children into that family.
Then why did your in-laws
get involved with a family like that?
Unlike my wife,
my cousin-in-law's family background
isn't so ideal.
She was born an orphan.
She was born in Japan
but ended up moving here,
so we're unsure of her origin.
That sounds precarious.
Is there any chance that their engagement
might be called off?
You should sort it out.
Don't let your cousin-in-law
be a roadblock to your career.
Have you heard
anything about what's going on
with your cousin's wedding?
Oh, Ae-sin?
I'm not sure.
Her fiancé is now back in Joseon,
but I don't really know
what's been happening since his return.
You useless woman.
You visit your family awfully often,
and yet you still have no idea?
You're never helpful.
I think she has been frequenting
a fun place
instead of visiting her family.
Even today, she was out all day.
She just got home.
You can't even bear a child.
If you continue to go out that often,
you will never conceive a baby.
let's go to Daddy.
Hang on a second.
Gosh, what?
It was my lucky day.
This is like Western tteok.
Min-seok, it's for you.
How petty.
I can't believe she just bought one.
I guess you're the only one with a mouth.
It seems your mother
doesn't even have a mouth.
-Oh, boy.
-Make sure he eats it.
So, Lord Kim An-pyeong and Hui-seong
met with Lee Wan-ik?
Yes, ma'am. The rickshaws
bumped into each other,
but they still seemed chipper and content.
Is that so?
Anything notable
in their conversations that you heard?
"Let's meet at the hotel sometime."
"I've done nothing
to deserve this dried corvina."
They also talked about Tokyo.
Then Lord Lee Wan-ik
asked Young Master Hui-seong
if he's married.
This is the place. Let's go in.
Are you out of your mind?
This is Hwawollu.
So what?
This place is very expensive.
You can't buy me drinks here.
Goodness gracious.
I told you that someone else is paying.
-Come on, we're running late.
-Gosh, hey.
-My goodness.
-Gosh, come on.
Gosh, this man
This is the friend of mine
I told you about, the one who works
at the American legation.
this gentleman here
assists Lord Lee Wan-ik.
Meet Sir Lee Dong-mun.
Yes, it is nice to meet you.
I'm Lee Dong-mun.
It's the most premium liquor they have.
Drink it before it gets cold.
What are you waiting for?
Serve him.
Yes, sir.
please allow me to pour you a glass.
And please allow me
to feed you some snacks.
You ladies are tickling me so much.
Well, without knowing
what this meeting is about,
I can't quite enjoy all this.
I heard you've been working
at the legation for a long time.
I'd like you to
update me
on what's going on at the legation
on a regular basis.
Is this a formal request, sir?
If it was the case,
I wouldn't have to go through you.
And neither of us will gain anything.
That's for coming all the way here.
You can collect the rest
when you make up your mind.
It's all yours.
I'm just holding on to it for you.
What are you doing? Take this.
Your Majesty.
The midnight bell is ringing.
You should go to sleep, Your Majesty.
I have been having nightmares every night,
and I wake up throughout the night.
I am trying to exhaust myself
for I won't be able to sleep otherwise,
so you may leave for the night.
I will tell them to bring you
some medicinal tea.
Give us some privacy.
Do you think they will only bring the tea?
What if there is something else in it?
I'm suspicious of everything these days.
I've even told them to bring coffee
only occasionally.
I'm suspicious of every one of them,
and I wonder day and night
if there is anyone in this palace
that isn't working for Japan.
I heard that the missionary
has boarded the ship to Jemulpo.
Everything is going according to our plan,
so please try to put your mind at ease,
Your Majesty.
That is great news,
but Japan tried to rope us
into loaning money from them.
I am certain that they will once again
try to get in our way
so that we cannot build
the railroads on our own.
That is why we must meet
the minister of America in China
and persuade them to issue a loan for us.
When spring comes, we ought to complete
the construction of the Gyeongbu Line,
which has been put on hold.
Absolutely, Your Majesty.
Need a wherryman?
there are 11 bottom consonants
in this letter.
Eugene and Lady Ae-sin, welcome.
We're friends now.
Hey, Ko. How have you been?
Not well.
Master has been stressing me out.
Really? Then you should drink all of this.
Don't give him any.
Hey, Ko.
Go and bring some bowls.
Oh, boy.
This is what he does.
Lady Ae-sin, please wait just a moment.
My, let's see.
How many bottles did you bring this time?
Doesn't he have two hands?
I can't believe this is all he brought.
Was your one hand too busy paddling?
We walked here
because the river is frozen now.
Was that what was in the bag?
What is that?
Western alcoholic drink called beer.
Western alcoholic drink?
But the color is
Have you tasted it before?
Gosh, it just fills you up.
It's bland.
It's not as good as takju, my lady.
-Why did he
-Then give me a bottle.
I'd like to taste it.
Gosh, no way.
Just buy a bottle for yourself.
You can surely afford it.
-Then just a bowl of it.
-Goodness, even just a bowl is a lot.
This is very rare.
-You said it's just bland and filling.
-That's why I drink it.
What a petty man.
I do not understand why Gunner Jang
is friends with this man. My goodness.
How many times must I tell you?
Seung-gu's father and I were friends.
Forget it.
I wasn't even that curious anyway.
Hurry up and get me some bowls.
I bet he is actually not that good
as a potter.
Every time I come here,
I see broken bowls all over the place.
Do you not know why?
Or are you just pretending?
What do you mean?
Go Ae-sin buys broken bowls
and Gunner Jang is her master.
He's a friend of Potter Hwang.
They're all comrades.
If you actually don't know,
you should watch what you say--
Hey, Ko! Hurry.
Hurry up so that these two can leave
as soon as possible.
Lady Ae-sin.
Put that down.
I know that there are seven bottles.
I already counted them.
He is terribly petty, isn't he?
You will regret this.
Why would I?
I suppose you visited him without me.
You even brought him those drinks.
I owed him a big one before I met you.
You owed him?
He was the one who helped me
escape Joseon.
I didn't know back then,
but now that I'm back,
I'm realizing that I could survive
thanks to many people's help.
Potter Hwang who asked Joseph
to take care of me
is one of them.
The slave hunters who let me go
also saved my life.
Then Potter Hwang deserves
to be treated well.
I'm working on it.
I meant that I should.
This is the regret you talked about.
But wasn't he just too petty back there?
I guess so.
The river's frozen.
So why does she
keep the company of the wherryman?
Isn't it heavy?
It's my job as a wherryman.
Your Korean has improved.
I'm surprised you know the word
for "mountain."
Why are you leaving out "sunset"?
What is it?
Am I too brazen?
I only want to see you laugh.
But I might make you cry.
I must ask something.
This is what you call a photo.
I heard there's a studio in Jongno.
Do you recognize anyone?
Who are they?
I'm investigating one of them
and I'm asking because
something's bothering me.
What's that?
One of them is called
Go Sang-wan.
You don't know your father's face?
He went to Japan
and met a woman.
They had a simple wedding
and I was born.
They both died not long after,
and I, a newborn,
was sent to Joseon
and raised by my grandfather.
I was told
I have my father's eyes.
That I look a lot like him
when I'm being stubborn.
Even Ms. Haman didn't know
what my mother looked like.
She said my face
without the features of my father's
would look like hers.
This is him.
My father.
I can tell.
Tell me that story.
"I was married when I was 17."
That one.
I was married when I was 17.
The young master was 15 years old.
He had a nice forehead and a strong nose.
He was so smart.
He was very exact in everything.
He was nice to the servants.
Everyone who worked there
just adored Master Sang-wan.
I must keep this
while the investigation's ongoing.
Who are you investigating?
Which one?
-I can't tell which one.
One of them attacked me.
He was caught on the scene.
This photo means
he was my father's friend.
-Why would he--
-The best explanation
would be that one of them
betrayed his friends.
I'll tell you what I find out.
Please do.
He's the only person I can ask
about my parents.
When I look at you,
your eyes when you're stubborn
and your lips when you're upset
are just like your father's.
I get so surprised.
It's cold outside.
The sky won't go anywhere.
You should look at it
during the day, my lord.
How much longer do you think I will live?
Why would you say that?
Don't say such a thing.
You should live for decades.
Go to the paper store tomorrow.
There's a lot to buy,
so take someone to carry the load.
On the way back,
find out where Hui-seong is staying.
Yes, my lord.
Can you exchange this?
It's the Dai-Ichi Bank--
We know.
Exchange this at a Japanese bank.
I'd do that if this bill
were widely circulated,
but I'm in a hurry.
Didn't you see the notice?
It says we don't accept Japanese bills.
We don't take Japanese money.
Why not?
We're patriots.
What a joke.
Patriotism doesn't pay for anything.
We don't expect it to pay for anything,
so spend it on what it can buy.
Please leave.
Get out.
Damn you lot.
Is he crazy?
He'd sell our country for meat.
I'm seeing a lot of those bills
here in Jingogae.
I guess there might be a war.
-See how much gold costs.
Where were you, you fool?
What small errand took so long?
Why not come tomorrow then?
I met someone I know on the way back.
-You little
-Am I to carry that?
Hand it over.
You've been acting strange these days.
Boss, what should we do about
our men in Gangwon Province?
Leave them as they are?
Why? Is there a problem?
It's nothing serious,
but they stand out
in the mountainous region.
The porter is lying low,
barely making a living.
He doesn't meet anyone
or send or receive messages.
He's smart.
He knows how an organization survives.
I should let him be.
Young master.
I'll get my key later. This is urgent.
This might be even more so.
A guest's been waiting in your room.
A guest? Yes.
I didn't think you'd visit me. I'm very sorry.
Let me bow first.
I had nowhere else to wait,
so I came in despite you being out.
It's fine.
You must've felt uncomfortable
in the western setting.
I got to see the modern interior.
It was bearable.
Sit down.
Yes, sir.
I heard a while ago
that you'd returned to Joseon.
You came to my house?
And saw Ae-sin?
I didn't know it was improper.
I apologize.
I'm not scolding you.
Well done.
I know very well why you went abroad
to study and didn't return.
You wanted to be free of your grandfather,
so you went abroad as if to flee from him.
I know that.
That's why I arranged for you and Ae-sin
to be engaged.
Because you were that determined.
Now, it's about time
that you take Ae-sin.
Do you have another man?
What if I do?
Will that be enough reason
to call off our engagement?
Forgive me for saying this,
but she is not to my liking.
Her smile.
Her gait.
Her glance.
Her touch.
I like you too much for that.
I dislike her.
I understand.
She'd have demanded
the engagement be broken
and would've treated you coldly.
She'd have spoken harshly.
I ask you to accept
all that about her.
If something were to happen to me,
I'd wish that you protect her.
I have a feeling
that I don't have much time left.
Will you do that?
Japan is trying to take Joseon's goods
using their currency.
Taking our goods
equals taking from our people
and that will threaten our sovereignty.
If the prepaid postage isn't enough,
don't ask the recipient for it.
You're to contact Lord Go.
Okay, we'll do so.
As a nobleman of this country,
how can we keep silent
in this dreadful circumstance?
At the meeting
on the last day of this month,
I hope to gather our thoughts.
Those of you who are
living in quiet in your homes,
come to Hanseong and help me.
"Songbaek Go Sa-hong"?
If Lord Go Sa-hong makes a move,
it will shake up the entire Joseon.
A housebound old man
I never gave thought for
is about to ruin my plans?
This is why nobles are a problem.
How can a few sentences save Joseon?
What shall I do with the letters?
I kept them all instead of sending them.
Why are you even asking?
No one can receive them.
Gather them all and burn them.
Yes, sir.
The old man should just
wait for death to claim him.
Does he want something miserable
to happen to him in his old age?
Fine. I will make sure you end up
as a corpse under a pine tree.
Look who's here.
Should I be pleased to meet you here?
These are supplies from my country.
You seem to be free when everyone's busy.
My job is to command.
Why are you here?
I'm here on work.
I must come and go as my employer says.
By the way.
We always met at a bar
or while I'm searching a room.
Now that we meet like this,
there's really nothing to say.
I agree. I hope you earn a lot.
Take care then.
Should I have mentioned the weather?
He didn't worry about my health today.
We should strengthen security
around the construction site.
The Joseon mob
keeps destroying the railroads
every single day.
The Joseon laborers fight alongside them.
They're driving me crazy.
It's okay, kid.
I have to go soon.
Will you pass this to Eugene?
Take it, don't take it.
Take it, don't take it.
Take it.
By the way,
why have you been plucking leaves?
You saw that?
I saw them and picked them up.
There was a pile in my office.
Is something wrong?
I must tell you something.
If I don't tell you now,
I might tell you
when we're somewhere else.
Tell me.
The truth is, a while ago,
I met Lee Deok-mun.
He gave me a lot of money
and asked me to tell him
what goes on at the legation.
And about you and Minister Allen.
He'll be investigated at
the Police Bureau.
After all, he attacked an American.
If you took money,
it's solicitation, not a favor.
I know that.
It was a huge amount,
so it wasn't for one report.
It must've been for many reports.
My hands shook and my heart pounded.
Now that I told you about it,
I feel better even though
I lost a fortune.
You didn't lose it.
Take the money.
If you refuse,
word about the bribe will get out
and they'll come for you.
If it's not you,
someone at my office will take it.
Are you saying
I should tell them what you're up to?
Just tell them the truth.
How much of the truth do you mean?
That I have a nice voice
and that I am handsome.
-I'm smart--
-And can't read Korean.
I'm learning.
This is him.
My father.
I can tell.
My lady.
There's a letter from
the temple in Jemulpo.
From the temple?
A few days ago,
a Japanese swordsman in a kimono
came to the temple.
He asked if you had been by
and stayed for a long time
in front of your parents' shrine.
I wrote to you because I found it odd.
Jong-seom, are you there?
He tried to check up on me.
That day, that time, that place.
You wrote
"That day, that time, that place,"
so I thought you wanted to see me
in Lee Wan-ik's room.
You're here, so it's fine.
I need to ask for a favor.
Go ahead.
We could consider ourselves allies
for what happened last time.
Since we're allies, lend me some money.
I'm not your ally.
You don't have to be.
Lend me money.
You're so straightforward
it sounds like I have your money.
Why would a rich young lady need money?
I must pay a debt.
You'll borrow from me
to pay another debt?
However hard I think,
you're the only person I can borrow from.
And if I refuse?
I must threaten you.
I wonder if it'll work.
I believe we were both holding
a double-edged sword.
If I let the police know,
you will be the one
ending up in a bigger trouble.
Then I'll tell Lee Wan-ik
that I had an ally.
This is why you wanted me? If I remember correctly,
the document you took that day
was an autopsy report.
A document like that
causes problems down the line
that turn very bad.
What you're asking from me
could also be problematic.
A loan.
Are you going to pay back Gu Dong-mae
with that money?
How did you know?
Nine out of ten people in debt
owe Gu Dong-mae money.
Is that where he got his name?
I won't be your ally,
but I'll silence you with money.
This is it? Even I have that much.
Then you can just leave.
This is more than enough.
With him,
the amount will be meaningless.
How did you find me?
I asked
the hotel owner
where I should go to see Gu Dong-mae.
Send everyone out.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
You must be very interested in me.
It's not interest. It's caution.
You're being cunning
and forcing me to pay you back.
You aimed a gun and shot me.
-I was the one that fired the gun.
-So what will you do?
Will you report me to the Japanese?
No, I won't.
I'll do nothing.
If you'll do nothing,
why did you follow me?
Why did you go to the temple?
That day,
I mistook you for someone else
and I will keep doing so.
If anyone sees you,
I'll pull out their eyeballs.
To do so, I must know a lot about you,
so I did what I did.
What if I say I don't need your help?
What then?
That day long ago,
I had no more use for my life
and you saved me
without asking for my consent. I was told every man's life is precious.
Did you bring the money?
You can pay me once a month.
This is for this month.
Now that you paid me,
that child
and the person
she was passing the thing onto,
I will leave alone.
Are you saying we must meet forever?
That's exactly it.
For as long as you keep me alive.
I don't think you'll get
everything I owe you.
That really hurts to hear.
But don't worry.
I'll see to it that my wound heals.
Someone came to see you yesterday
while you were out.
He was an elderly American.
He asked me to give you this.
This must be the takju.
He probably went to
the missionary base-camp.
He'll come back soon.
Okay. So,
what are you reading?
You can't seem to stop smiling.
A letter from the man who sent the takju.
Shall I read it to you?
Can you read this? It's in English.
Study as if you're learning the basics.
You're such a slow learner.
I'm so very worried about you.
Sit next to me. I'll read it to you,
so listen carefully.
Sit up straight.
This means he's writing to me.
"Even after many years,
the cold here in Hamgyong Province"
What's wrong?
The body of an American was found
at the Japanese settlement in Jemulpo.
They sent the body
to Hanseong's Police Bureau
and they think it's murder.
"Brushing your hair
and putting ointment on your wound
was all I could do as I prayed to God.
Please give this foreign child
freshly-baked bread and clean water.
Please keep this foreign child
out of the cold
and grant him the warm sun."
Why are you like this?
Why are you like this?
"I shouldn't say it was all I could do.
To a poor missionary, ointment cost a lot.
I miss you, Eugene.
I recently learned to make takju.
I plan to bring some
when I come to see you.
I'll try not to
drink it all before I reach Hanseong.
Dear great and noble one.
My son.
Wherever you are,
I will pray for you.
Even on the nights when I don't prey,
I hope that God is always with you.
From Joseph."
But you'll have to worry about your life
when you give future orders.
But no one can hold me responsible.
I'd come after you.
What if I purposely deceive you?
And now is my chance.
To me, that place is even farther
than the sea.
Whose name should I give?
That's the name you should give.
Go Sa-hong.
This letter is a fake.
The emperor never saw or wrote this.
There's only one reason
the king would've had to meet
a missionary in secret.
-A secret letter.
-Whoever that is,
you must kill him.
I know that she won't fail the mission
because I won't let her miss.
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