Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

No, my lady. You shouldn't be around here.
I will not let you have
the final say in this.
Now hurry along!
Let's go.
Why are you like this?
Why are you like this?
"I miss you, Eugene.
Dear great and noble one.
My son.
Wherever you are,
I will pray for you.
Even on the nights when I don't pray,
I hope that God is always with you.
From Joseph."
-Did you look into it?
A dead American missionary
was brought here from Jemulpo.
He wasn't in an accident.
He was attacked.
He was shot.
The man who wrote this letter
is the one who helped me
live there as Eugene.
If it weren't for him,
I would've died.
An American was murdered in our area.
The one who looks like a Joseon man?
No, it was a real American
with blond hair and pale skin.
That's too bad.
-At the Japanese settlement in Jemulpo.
Now that's troublesome.
Look into it
and see if it was our men's doing.
Yes, sir.
It's a ferry ticket to Shanghai
dated three days ago.
Three days ago?
That's when we were at Jemulpo Harbor
to retrieve military supplies.
The letters you saw
at Room 205 of the Glory Hotel.
Why were letters from Hamgyong Province
in Kim Yong-ju's room?
And it's odd how only letters sent to you
were found in a different place.
Where exactly was it?
Maybe that's why nothing has been
going my way since I moved there.
Even a thief broke into the house
a few days ago.
Read it.
If you add everything up,
this is connected to the incident
where Kim Yong-ju attacked you.
What's odd is the order of events.
Were you always the intended target,
or were you used to get to the deceased?
How am I supposed to read it
when it's covered in blood?
I had people pay Kim Yong-ju's family
who are currently in Japan.
I also have a man following him.
Are you sure it's all right
to just let him be?
Let him be?
There aren't better shackles than family.
He won't take us down with him,
so don't worry.
Shall we get ready
to enter the palace then?
Enter the palace?
You have the emperor's secret letter.
By blackmailing the emperor,
you can become the minister of foreign
Why would I go to him myself
and announce that I killed the missionary?
Listen to me carefully.
This letter is a fake.
The emperor never saw or wrote this.
It's a fake?
If it was, would the emperor
give me what I want?
But you just said
Just get the door.
I'm sure that you can do.
Yes, sir.
Who opened the gates?
This is highly disrespectful.
Where do you think you are?
Kim Yong-ju was released from the police.
He must be innocent then.
Is that why you came barging in here? This is a minister's residence!
It's a great hideout for a suspect.
Are you insane?
You're nothing but a mere soldier!
You better not try anything.
I'd rather not take it out on you.
I see that you're quite bold.
It's like you have a death wish.
I'm sorry, sir.
They just barged in here.
Three days ago in Jemulpo,
an American missionary was murdered.
I suspect Kim Yong-ju as the killer
and that you're the mastermind.
Maybe I could add on to that.
Half the trouble that occurs in Joseon
is instigated by me.
But no one can hold me responsible.
Do you know why?
Five members of the Righteous Army
plotted to execute me.
In return, I even rounded up the farmers
who aided them
and had all of them killed as rioters.
That happened right before
I was sent to Japan as a minister.
You weren't the only one
who wanted justice in Joseon.
You son of a bitch.
Being an American,
I must've spoken my mind.
I don't know how it's been for you,
but you'll have to worry about your life
when you give future orders.
I'm an American
who has started to suspect you.
No matter how long it takes,
I'll come for you.
You pathetic fool.
Are you saying you want Japan
as your enemy?
I couldn't do that.
Still, I could make them turn against you.
Sure. Keep coming at me.
You should hurry up though.
I'm sure the culprit
has been caught as about now.
So what will you do?
Say that again.
Who are you accusing me of killing?
The American missionary.
That's bullshit.
What will you do if it were me?
Now, who else killed the American?
I did!
No, it was me.
Take me instead!
It looks like
there are many
who wouldn't mind dying today.
That's enough.
I guess it was me who killed the American.
-Stay back.
This isn't something small.
We might all end up dead.
Take care of the boys while I'm gone.
I'm sure they didn't understand that.
Lead the way,
Tie him up.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Young master!
Slow down. You'll fall and trip.
That's not it.
Didn't you hear the gunshot?
On my way here,
There was a gun fired in Jingogae
and I heard an American missionary died.
you should stay away from Jingogae today.
Oh, dear. I was hoping
to visit a fortuneteller there.
Isn't that man in ropes Gu Dong-mae?
It is.
Wait for me here.
What's going on?
Why have you been arrested?
He's the suspect
of the recent Jemulpo murder case.
Now step aside.
They're trying to frame me
when I had nothing to do with it.
Keep walking, you bastard!
Hold on.
How could you call him that
when he's smiling
even in a dire condition?
Those were some harsh words.
Before he's found guilty,
he remains innocent.
Please treat him with respect.
What is this guy saying? Shut your mouth!
If you're not going to be of any help,
I'll go on my way.
I know the Chief of Police,
so say my name if you're treated poorly.
I'll come and visit!
I hate to say this when we've just met,
but don't let him visit.
Yes, of course.
Gu Dong-mae?
The culprit is Gu Dong-mae?
That's what they say.
Isn't it odd though?
It's not the first time
Gu Dong-mae committed murder,
so what's with the charade?
He's not the real culprit.
Why do you think that?
We ran into each other
at Jemulpo Harbor that day.
Look who's here.
Should I have mentioned the weather?
He was glad to see me.
And genuinely too.
That's why it can't be him.
Sorry? How is that a logical reason?
It is to me.
Kim Yong-ju is the real killer.
From this moment on, we'll go after him.
Ferries to Shanghai and Japan
leave in five days.
If he's still in Hanseong,
we'll have to catch him in five days.
Let's leave before anyone shows up.
When will you crack?
The day before and after
the missionary was murdered
You were seen twice at Jemulpo.
Must I repeat myself again?
I was there on business.
You were there on business both times?
That's what I said, isn't it?
I'm more diligent than you think.
Tell the truth!
At first, you scouted the place
and then returned to murder him!
Since you don't believe me,
let me demonstrate how I murder people
to prove my innocence.
If I had killed the man,
you wouldn't have been able
to recognize his ethnicity.
He'd have been mutilated.
Shut it!
Let's see if you can say that
in front of a witness.
Bring her in!
What are you doing here?
-A witness?
The murdered American
was found in Jemulpo.
A witness saw our boss there
around the time of the murder.
Who's the witness?
That I don't know.
I didn't give you the gold bar
to keep silent.
It's one of your hotel employees.
I think her name is Gui-dan.
She's barking up the wrong tree again.
I'll let you stay,
but I'm not responsible for your life.
It's up to you to take care of yourself.
It's not like you can help him.
Get some sleep.
Use the gun under your pillow if you want.
Either on yourself or others.
Don't be a burden to Dong-mae.
Gu Dong-mae's men
aren't loyal to Japan.
They're only loyal to Gu Dong-mae.
I'm thinking about taking this opportunity
to restructure the Hanseong division
of Musin Society.
Good idea.
They were a pain in the ass anyway.
Those neither Japanese nor Korean will only become
Great Japan's weakness.
Was that for me to hear?
No, we're talking about Gu Dong-mae.
There's no need to get feisty.
I'm curious though.
Gu Dong-mae is a thorn in my side,
but what's your reason?
As you know,
everything I do is for the sake of Japan.
I saw it all.
He led a group of men with swords
in Jemulpo Harbor
and met with an American.
Why were you in Jemulpo Harbor yourself?
I'm ashamed to say this,
but I was with a man.
A girl's got to live. Will you keep denying it?
I said it wasn't me.
We'll find out soon enough.
Bring in the American he supposedly met.
Is this the American he met with?
No, sir.
It was someone else.
Think carefully.
I may make it out of here alive.
Shut it!
The American he met
was dressed like a missionary.
I saw him
drag the missionary into a dark alley.
I don't know why
you asked me here,
but I haven't seen this man
in over a month.
A mob, you say?
They must've had their reason to do so.
Find someone else to do the job.
I think you have me confused
with someone else.
I understand though.
Korean people
seem to have trouble
distinguishing foreigners.
Would you look at that?
How did I let myself get in this mess?
It's the secret letter
the missionary had on him.
It was written by the emperor of Joseon.
He's been refusing Japan's offer
to lend them money
only to beg America for it instead.
I thought you'd only been
clinging to Mr. Allen's pants.
But this?
Not bad.
With this letter alone,
you'll have power over Gu Dong-mae,
Allen, the emperor of Joseon,
and secure a spot
as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
You'll kill three birds with one stone.
Actually, it'll be four.
Who gave you the orders?
You do anything for money.
Is that what this is about?
If there was a name you wanted me to say,
you should've told me
before beating me up.
Whose name should I give?
How about Lee Wan-ik?
How about Hayashi?
Who are you to dare mention that name?
Keep babbling.
Then I'll shred your men
and that mute bitch of yours
to pieces.
This I'm certain of.
Once I leave, I'm coming after you first.
I'll sure be the killer,
but you'll be left beyond recognition.
Your face will be torn into shreds.
Go Sa-hong.
That's the name you should give.
Go Sa-hong. Do you mean Lord Go Sa-hong?
Don't ask me twice.
Are you satisfied
with just being Chief of Police? Get Dong-mae to name Go Sa-hong,
and you'll be appointed as
Head of the Royal Guards.
Take your pick.
What the
Darn it!
We're taking in every member
of Musin Society.
Until you say the name,
one will die each day.
The choice is yours.
Long time no see.
You've been busy day and night.
I need to head out soon.
I just came to ask something.
The letters found in Room 205
Most of them weren't opened yet.
May I ask about their whereabouts?
I'm sorry, but I don't deal
with the cleaning.
They were most likely burned.
Would they have helped your investigation?
Do you still have them?
Every little rumor or word
will help at this moment.
-I said they were burned--
-It sounded like a lie.
Oh, dear. I got busted
before I could even negotiate.
I don't easily discard the belongings
my guests leave behind.
Especially if the room was rummaged,
the belongings could bring me
problems or a small fortune.
I don't know which it'll be this time.
I'm relieved.
-Tell me your price.
-Gu Dong-mae will pay me.
Since it'll go to saving his life.
-Wait here.
-Thank you.
Not yet.
What if I purposely deceive you?
I said I'd be deceived
and if that's now, so be it.
I learned that from my father Lee Wan-ik.
It's quite useful.
"Peter." "Lazarus."
The pilgrims were all staying
in Hamgyong Province.
Hamgyong Province?
Bring me anything or any information
on missionary Joseph Stanson's
recent whereabouts.
There's a base in Mount Sina
in Kyeongheung District.
I'll pay however much it costs.
That last sentence did it for me.
You watch the store.
I'll do the traveling.
Don't worry about things here. Take care.
Is it front-end or back-end?
Whichever is quicker.
Send a telegram
as soon as you have something.
I'm not sure if you heard.
If you have,
you might be worried.
I won't do anything
that will make you worry.
So for a day at least,
stop worrying about me
and as always
be beautiful.
Exchange of names, handshake, hug.
What comes next must be longing.
In case you went by the hotel
on the way to the market,
I used to stand on the terrace
for a long time.
You're a fast learner.
You'll have learned that
by the time you read this.
We missed each other.
Your Majesty.
I regret to inform you
that we confirmed the dead man
is that missionary.
And yet again,
it has happened.
It seems that
they got their hands on the secret letter.
That secret letter--
Must be a fake.
Must I really not try anything at all?
Your Majesty. What they want
is for us, for Joseon to give up.
We must clean up, plan ahead,
and take a larger step in the future.
Your Majesty.
Lee Wan-ik,
Minister of Farming and Trade is here.
I keep taking backward steps
and Wan-ik comes at me
like water through a broken dam.
"I'm the king of the Korean Empire
and I ask if America, our ally,
will be willing to offer us
any economic respite or refuge.
I ask through John Goodlaw,
the American minister in China.
I send my earnest request
through one of your own people.
I sincerely hope it finds you."
This letter was found on
the dead American.
Your Majesty's seal is on it.
The Japanese investigating it
are having a fit.
I, Lee Wan-ik, your servant,
called this a fake.
And I told them that
there's no way this is real.
I just got back from screaming at them.
This is fake, right?
If this is real,
the Japanese will have
something against us
and Minister Allen will feel betrayed.
Wouldn't that ruin our relationship
with America?
I'm grateful that an American citizen
decided to stand with Joseon.
My only God-given talent
is a small amount of courage
to stick to my belief.
It can't be helped, Your Majesty.
For one nation to use force
to persecute another
is just wrong.
I will never forget your grace.
The Joseon government
didn't plan anything.
An American forged the Joseon king's seal
to try to make a profit.
One who deserved to die has died.
Can that be our conclusion?
That is so.
That letter
is a fake.
I thank you, Your Majesty.
you can appoint me
as Minister of Foreign Affairs
when you're free.
This is much more pressing.
My appointment can wait.
Does the hotel have this much influence?
Or was I beaten so much
that I'm seeing things?
I can't stay long.
Why would you want to stay long?
You're a worse sight than I expected.
So many people think I'm a thorn
in their side
that I can't tell who did this.
It's okay.
You can say it's Lee Wan-ik.
Will you bring him to me then?
He'll do it quicker than I can.
Eugene Choi.
He was very close to the dead missionary.
He's working on the case
and hasn't returned to the hotel for days.
He seems to think someone else did it.
Not you.
Trust him.
I'm not sure.
A lot has happened between him and me
and none of it was too pretty.
He hasn't come to see me once.
I don't think he wants to save me.
Don't you think that means he trusts you?
If he trusts me,
then I can't hate him.
That's bad.
The interrogation will be worse tomorrow.
The cause of death comes out today
and it won't be in your favor.
The medical examiner
works for Lee Wan-ik. He has so many connections.
As you see,
the cause of death is a gunshot wound.
One shot each in the left chest and leg.
It wasn't the work
of an expert with a gun.
The shot to the leg was a graze
and the chest shot missed the heart.
Based on the location
of the bullet shards, it was close-range.
I think the shooter was very tall.
Is that true?
-I'm asking if that's true.
-That's my opinion.
-To prevent him from running away,
the culprit shot the leg first.
When he fell, the shooter came closer
and from above,
he shot the man's chest.
He shot from close range
to ensure accuracy.
Because the shooter was also injured.
The shooter was injured?
How do you know that?
Because I shot him.
You must've treated him.
-An unstable man was also shot.
Wouldn't he require treatment?
I don't know what's going on.
You'd better amend
the autopsy report.
If you don't, I might kill you.
This man's body.
Keep it here
and don't touch a single hair.
He isn't someone who should be
buried just anywhere.
If something were to happen to me,
I'd wish that you protect her.
I have a feeling
that I don't have much time left.
Will you do that?
Hey, you.
Why are you spying?
Haven't we
met before?
At Glory Hotel, I think.
-I'm Kim Hui-seong.
-You're mistaken.
What's that smell?
Stop right there!
I'm insatiably curious.
The man in the hat who's in a rush.
I won't keep you.
Which one was I mistaken about?
Were you not spying
or did we not meet at Glory Hotel?
Why are you in such a hurry?
Will you stop?
It's you, young master.
It's so good to see you.
Hello, ma'am.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I'm so upset that you haven't been by.
Do you go elsewhere?
I have no time to spend on gambling.
Oh dear.
I lost him.
All right, it was good to see you.
Do you train in something?
Sir, the Police Bureau sent a notice.
Is it about the investigation?
We could say that it is.
I'll read it.
"The Police Bureau has concluded that
an American forged the king's seal
and a letter
in the king's name
to fulfill his own interests
and we have proven so.
Hence, the Japanese swordsman,
as accomplice and murderer,
will be executed
and the investigation
will be closed." Sir.
What are you--
Why is the investigation closed?
An American
forged the king's seal and letter
to fulfill his own interests.
Who came up with that nonsense?
Gu Dong-mae isn't the killer.
The case is closed
and it's Joseon business, so please leave.
Even if we say Gu Dong-mae's innocent,
he will die this way soon enough.
Stay out of it.
That's what the missionary would want too.
Don't pretend to know.
I know what he wants much better.
The day Joseph came to see me,
the king came through.
Is there something to see?
What's going on?
The king's procession is passing through.
He had to be on time which is why he couldn't wait to see me.
There's only one reason
the king would've had to meet
a missionary in secret.
A secret letter.
He died trying to help Joseon.
You can't let his death
be such a disgrace.
Even if what you say is true,
nothing will change, American.
If you don't stop here,
your life will be in danger.
When I left Joseon
and after I came back,
never once
was I not in danger.
The American legation
will take Gu Dong-mae.
Until Joseph's name is cleared,
the investigation will continue.
Let's see if powerless Joseon can stop me.
This statement says
Go Sa-hong paid you to kill the American.
Here. Put your handprint on it.
Untie his right hand.
You'll regret untying that hand
the second you do it.
I guarantee it.
You'd better cut my hand off.
Even without a hand, I still have an arm.
Will the result be the same?
Hey! You morons.
You, hold on to him.
You, untie him!
Go on!
Go on, untie him!
Who are you people?
I didn't think your entrance
would be so dramatic.
Let's go. Can you walk?
I asked you to get me out.
I didn't think you'd lock me up again.
Answer my following questions.
That day, why did you search
Kim Yong-ju's room?
Is he the killer?
Regardless of that,
I can make you the culprit
depending on your answer.
You should've just
left me at the Police Bureau.
I was just about to get fond of them.
I can send you back.
You're so cold.
He was sauntering
about Lady Ae-sin's house,
so I searched his room.
To be exact, he asked
if the house belonged
to Lord Go Sa-hong
when even you, an American, know.
Who told you that?
Someone unrelated to the case.
Are you
receiving reports on Lady Ae-sin?
Did you find Kim Yong-ju?
Is someone within the house
reporting to you?
When I was on the run in Japan,
I had a few hideouts of my own.
A remote location
where a woman lives alone.
A place where men
can walk in and out freely. In Joseon, the equivalent
would be a tavern.
You won't answer my questions.
I asked who's reporting to you.
You'd better find him before my men do.
As you know, my men are crude
and kill without asking questions.
You should cheer me on then.
If he dies, you can't go free.
I'm talking about you, not Kim Yong-ju.
If I were Lee Wan-ik,
I wouldn't look for Kim Yong-ju.
I'd come after you.
Would you consider stopping your men?
I don't terribly mind if something bad
were to happen to you.
Armed Americans will stand guard.
Don't do anything stupid.
Well? Where's Gu Dong-mae?
What did Allen say?
The American legation took him
and Minister Allen
He said he won't meet you.
He said what?
The scumbag.
How dare he take my money then betray me? Why not meet Minister Hayashi
and discuss what to do?
Do you think he'd be on our side
now that this has happened?
They set off to kill you.
Why do I
keep seeing that wench's face?
Like a curse.
I'm an American
who has started to suspect you.
Even if it takes time,
No matter how long it takes,
I'll come for you.
they will come for you.
I think
I messed with someone I shouldn't have.
Listen to me very carefully.
Gu Dong-mae and that American.
Find any weakness they may have.
Parents, women,
even their pets.
-Yes, sir.
-And release Gu Dong-mae's men.
Tell them there's a way
they can save their boss.
Gu Dong-mae's men?
My lord.
He's from the American legation.
I'm Captain Eugene Choi
of the US Marine Corps.
Someone involved
in the murder of an American
was sauntering near your house,
so I was on patrol.
If you require protection,
I can arrange for--
Was the sauntering man
an American?
He was a Joseon man.
Then why would an American
wish to protect my house?
Because Joseon
will not protect it.
I understand what you mean,
but rather than accept your offer,
I must accept why Joseon
would choose not to protect me.
Take the Americans
and leave my property.
I apologize.
I wish that you strengthen security
around your property.
Who was here? Who crossed the threshold?
The officer from the legation.
He stood tall before your grandfather
and said he'd protect us
because Joseon won't.
My lady.
He was sent away already.
Oh, I know this man.
Which man?
This man here.
He comes here from time to time
when we have a lot of work to do.
-He was actually here earlier today.
-Earlier? When?
About two hours ago.
He looked after the plants
in every room and left.
Did I do something wrong, sir?
No, not you.
I think I've been missing something
the whole time.
I grabbed what I could
in the time that I had,
but I heard he sent someone
to Hamgyong Province.
It'll be a matter of time
before he figures out
what these mean.
The nighttime curfew has begun!
-The curfew has begun!
-Funnily enough,
his investigation
is threatening us.
We must not let anyone find out
that the letter was real.
If we leave him be,
he will even track down Song Yeong
in Shanghai.
he was the one who found
the certificate of the deposit
and returned it to Joseon.
His personal feelings happened to coincide
with our great cause, that's all.
From his words and actions,
I can sense his pent-up hatred and anger
toward Joseon.
Even when His Majesty offered him
a role at the Royal Military Academy
You are wrong, Your Majesty.
He had the audacity to reject the offer.
Rather, Joseon helped me get my revenge.
What aspect of his actions
has been for the sake of Joseon?
We just managed to deliver
His Majesty's deposit to Song Yeong.
We must do everything in our power
to purchase as many weapons as we can.
Before that American man
gets any closer to Song Yeong,
you must
kill him.
The tavern, the kiln site,
the forge, the bakery
And the apothecary.
If I were Lee Wan-ik,
I wouldn't look for Kim Yong-ju.
I'd come after you.
Gosh, I forgot about that.
Well, I don't want to die here,
so I have to call someone
who can stop this fight.
I know why you're doing this,
but think wisely.
won't save Gu Dong-mae's life.
Shut your mouth! Just kill him!
What is happening?
Why you of all people?
That's not important now.
What is the matter?
Aren't they Gu Dong-mae's underlings?
Why are they trying to attack you?
Wait here.
No, wait.
Gu Dong-mae and I know each other,
so please calm down.
Why don't you guys go
grab a drink somewhere
I suppose they actually want to kill you.
But don't you worry. People don't know
because I'm always such a gentleman,
but I'm actually a pretty good fighter.
The legation is close.
Hang in there for five minutes.
Come at me.
All of you, stop!
You guys, back off.
Please forgive them.
They have no idea what's going on.
They seem very convinced.
They just want to get our boss
out of there.
That's why they were fooled by Lee Wan-ik.
However, I know
that this won't resolve the situation.
Please get our boss out.
We will help in every way we can.
That's very wise of you.
If he can't get Gu Dong-mae out,
you can kill him
I mean, don't kill anyone. That's bad.
By the way, are you a Joseon man?
Weren't you curious too?
That stings.
The bleeding has stopped,
but you should still go see a doctor.
You should get going now.
You won't be coming to the hotel again?
Will you come back to the hotel
only after you catch Kim Yong-ju?
What did you just say?
The ladies at Myeongwolgwan told me
that the American legation is looking
for a man named Kim Yong-ju.
Has that man stayed
at Glory Hotel by any chance?
Do you know him?
I think I might have seen him.
Is it one of these men?
It's him.
I chased him, but he gave me the slip.
I caught a whiff
of a peculiar smell from him.
You must've smelled opium.
Where did you lose him?
Near the bell tower.
I know what opium smells like.
It wasn't opium. It smelled more familiar.
I think it was the smell of incense.
Is he a shaman by any chance?
-A remote location
-A remote place
-where a woman lives alone.
-where a woman lives alone.
A place where men
can walk in and out freely.
A place where out-of-towners
can visit without being seen.
A place that can make an opium addict
reek of incense.
A shaman's house.
He must be a shaman, then.
A bunch of goons are roaming the streets
to track you down right now.
It makes me terribly anxious. For that little amount of money,
this is too
By the way, why are you still in Hanseong
when you're on the run?
I mean, you have a lot of money.
If I were you, I'd leave this soil
and flee to either Japan or China.
I want to tell the daughter
of my longtime friend
who took the lives of her parents.
I'll tell her the truth.
My gosh, that's great.
You absolutely should.
You can have more food if you want.
I beg of you,
the mighty spirits in heaven.
I beg of you, the sun, the moon,
the stars, the earth, and the sky.
I beg of you,
the mighty spirits in heaven.
I heard that American soldiers came by.
Lord Go must've been terribly taken aback.
I was even more taken aback.
And now, I can't even leave the house.
Well, I'll go check on Lady Cho.
why did you ask me to come?
That's right.
I need you to get me out of the house now.
To go see that man?
what's the farthest place
you've ever traveled to in your life?
For me, it's the sea. I had to go toward the east coast
for days.
That trip taught me something.
Next time,
I'd love to go even farther.
And now is my chance.
To me, that place is even farther
than the sea.
You can worry and scold me
all you want later.
Right now at this moment,
I must go and see him.
Master, for just this once,
could you not ask me any questions
and say, "Yes"?
Could you please do it for me?
You should hurry.
The curfew will begin soon.
I'm so sorry.
I thought another intruder sneaked in.
What are you doing here?
I did
sneak in.
Gosh, you startled me.
Aren't you happy to see me?
Of course I am.
I know that this is late,
but I am here to answer
your two questions.
I think I know what one of them is.
How you obtained Joseph's letter.
That's correct.
I stole it from Lee Wan-ik's house.
Do not ask me why I searched his place.
What's the other answer?
I missed you too.
I saw your letter inside the drawer.
You wrote, "I miss you."
I missed you too.
That day,
I saw you.
I did see you,
but I could not stop.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. You made a wise decision.
I wanted to console you.
You already did.
This is more than enough.
I can do this.
"Dear great and noble one.
My son.
Wherever you are,
I will pray for you.
Even on the nights when I don't pray,
I hope
that God is always with you."
I worked so hard to translate it.
I wanted to tell you in his place.
I will pray for you
and console you.
It's from the building across.
I should go to the rooftop.
-What will you do?
-Don't worry about me.
I can sneak out.
If my cover is blown,
the situation will become disastrous.
People at the hotel must've heard
the gunshot, so it'll be all chaotic soon.
You can sneak out then.
Is everything okay, sir?
We heard a gunshot.
There's no exit now.
-I'll make up an excuse--
-Let me handle it. It'll be faster.
What's the matter?
I wondered what was going on,
but I see that your friend is here again.
-I didn't see you coming in though.
-Walk me to the rear door.
I must get out of here now.
Since such a handsome gentleman
is asking
Cover your face with it
instead of wearing it.
You're doing it because of a nosebleed.
Shall we say I punched you?
Let's go.
Thank you.
All of you must've been startled.
All will be sorted out shortly.
Please go to the hall
and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.
It's this way.
Are you causing all this ruckus
just to hide that witch, Hotaru?
Where are you hiding her?
That witch and I have
an unfinished business.
Shouldn't you take me to where she is?
Come with me.
This way.
Walk faster!
Is she in this room?
What is this?
You bitch, how dare you do this to me!
Don't kill him.
There's someone who wishes
to teach this man a lesson.
That's a cheap one.
I know that you have been
frequenting the legation. It means you've had
many opportunities to get rid of me.
Why are you trying to strike me just now?
Because you and Kim Yong-ju are allies?
Or do you
work for Lee Jeong-mun?
Let me ask you first.
What is your relationship with Ae-sin?
-Who is Ae-sin?
-Lord Go Sa-hong's granddaughter
and my friend's daughter.
I saw her a number of times
at the American legation.
You summoned and interrogated her
numerous times.
Don't try to change the topic.
Just answer my question.
Why are you after me?
Don't waste your time, you American man.
Just go ahead and kill me.
According to a telegram
from Hamgyong Province,
Song Yeong is speculated
to be in Shanghai now.
Go Sang-wan returned to Joseon
in a cremation urn,
and I know Kim Yong-ju's face.
Are you Jeon Seung-jae?
Why do you
have that photograph?
Why did you try to kill me?
The closer
your investigation got to the truth,
the more threatened
our organization became.
You weren't supposed
to know any of the names you just listed.
That is why
we decided to get rid of you.
What are you doing here?
You can leave dressed like that, my lady.
I must take you somewhere.
-Our leader
would like to see you.
Who is "we"?
The Righteous Army?
Did the potter, Hwang Eun-san
Did that man
really order you to kill me?
It is all for the great cause.
And let me ask you a favor.
I'm asking in Sang-wan's place.
I want you to distance yourself
from Ae-sin.
If you don't,
you will only put her in danger.
She may already be in danger.
I was the one who aimed the gun
at your head today,
but tomorrow,
it may be Ae-sin.
What will you do if that happens?
Do not worry.
I know that she won't fail the mission
because I won't let her miss.
Actually, it may happen today.
I'll head to the kiln site now.
Don't be stupid.
Just fight for your cause.
-Go catch Kim Yong-ju!
-I already caught him.
Are you the one who summoned me?
Lady Ae-sin,
we need your help with something.
You never asked me
why I always buy those bowls from you.
When my master sent me on an errand
to buy bowls from you,
I did wonder
if you could be a comrade.
Are you
our leader?
Are you surprised that our organization
is led by a lowborn man?
I sent someone to the hotel,
but I think he failed the mission.
Someone is crossing the river now.
Whoever that is,
you must kill him.
the person who is crossing the river now
the American man?
I am certain that he has good intentions,
but his good intentions
will put Joseon in jeopardy.
Regardless of whom you see
on that bridge by the entrance,
whether he was your wherryman or not,
you must kill him.
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