Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

A remote location
where a woman lives alone.
A place where out-of-towners
can visit without being seen.
A place that can make an opium addict
reek of incense.
A shaman's house.
He must be a shaman, then.
The shaman's house
must be Kim Yong-ju's hideout.
Then it'll take you time to locate him.
There are about 43 active shaman houses
in Hanseong.
I heard it myself from a realtor,
so it's valid information.
I know who can find him before dawn.
You met them just now.
They know Hanseong well
and will search every nook and cranny.
Search everywhere!
-My gosh!
-Let's go.
Yes, sir!
Move back, or I'll kill her.
Regardless of whom you see
on that bridge by the entrance,
whether he was your wherryman or not,
you must kill him.
Why must it
be me?
My master could do it.
Seung-gu always lets his emotions
get in the way.
He's not a cold-hearted shooter.
It needs to be done by a skilled gunner
who won't allow any room for mistakes.
In case he walks out of here alive,
it needs to be someone
who is aware of the classified information
that an armed American was here
at the Righteous Army commander's base.
The only one that fits the bill
is you.
If he is on his way here,
it is to provide you with protection,
not to hurt you.
I believe so.
As far as I know,
his path has always been righteous
and correct.
That is the reason why
I will stand my ground.
Shouldn't you be there?
Lady Ae-sin will do
what she must do,
and he will do what he should too.
All I can do is believing in them both.
But what if things go south?
If that were to happen,
it should happen
before it's too late.
Where's the man who came for you?
Is his well-being your only concern?
-Did you kill him?
-What would you do to a man sent for you?
Then you'll understand this situation too.
Joseon is under attack.
America acts all fair and square,
but they've been egging Japan on.
I may not be armed right now,
but a gun is currently aimed at you.
I'll give you a choice.
Either die here
or leave Joseon and live.
Even the people of Joseon
are deserting their own country.
How can I trust an American?
I don't care
who rules over Joseon.
I do not care for a greater cause.
All I wanted
were two things.
That you live a long life.
And for Ae-sin
to not die.
Isn't that Kim Yong-ju?
Yes, this man caught the guy
and brought him to us.
Why are you handing him over?
You can deal with him yourself
since you're all Koreans.
Americans call me a Korean
and Koreans call me an American.
I don't know which path I'll choose
from now on,
so this is
your one and only chance.
I will not be running away
from this country again.
So shoot me.
I was never able to repay you,
so this is what I'll do.
There are three guns
pointed at me anyway.
You shouldn't let him go.
We already lost too much.
We can't tolerate another loss.
Please forgive me.
Just go.
I wish you a long life.
I don't suppose we'll ever meet again.
What I asked of you is now over.
I thought long and hard as to
where I saw those two.
Judging by how he carried the man here,
I'm guessing they were deeply acquainted.
Did the man
who was brought here
killed the missionary?
Did the man
who was brought here
killed my parents?
I see that Seung-gu
was not a very good mentor.
Didn't he teach you
not to ask any questions?
"Don't ask any questions.
Don't look back on failed missions.
You must accept disgrace.
Run if you're caught.
Get caught and you die.
Die and you'll be forgotten."
Is that why
I'm still not allowed to know
how my parents died?
What if you knew?
-What will you do then?
-I'll think about that when I--
Yes, it's him.
He's the man who took
both of your parents' lives.
Now that you know,
should I let you deal with him?
If I do, will you kill him
with your own hands?
If that was a viable option,
you should've told me sooner.
An American
died at his hands,
and another has put his life on the line.
A girl who lost her parents
must step back in agony
even though her mortal enemy
is only a few feet away.
I hope
the decision you make
brings better result than my fury.
The American
handed Kim Yong-ju over to us?
Did he really do that?
Yes, sir.
please blame everything that happened
on Kim Yong-ju.
Please vindicate the missionary's honor
and restore his reputation.
The case is already closed,
so we can deal
with the real culprit quietly.
If we take back our word,
it'll only tarnish our nation's dignity.
Nothing will come out of it.
Is that what the American demanded?
No, it's what I'm asking of you.
What's important to him
is the missionary's goodwill
and honor being intact.
He has shown us kindness,
so we should return the favor
at least once.
Is that your plan to win him over?
Are you sure
you can win him over by doing so?
I already had, but I didn't realize it.
And now, I've lost him.
Is this a joke?
Kim Yong-ju has been taken.
You're the Chief of Police.
Aren't you supposed to do something?
Lord Lee Jeong-mun
is leading the questioning himself.
The royal guards are on guard,
so it's hard for me to get to him.
Lee Jeong-mun is feisty for his age,
isn't he?
-I admire his vigor.
-What if Yong-ju gives your name, sir?
The anxiety is killing me.
No one has ever died of anxiety.
Can't you see that
I even survived a gunshot?
We've made good use of Kim Yong-ju.
I doubt that drug addict will name me.
He'll die soon anyway.
Let that be the end of him.
Hold on.
Who actually caught the prick?
That's where it gets odd.
Japanese swordsmen got him
and handed him over to the US army.
Even with all the money I spend,
I can barely hire good people.
I wonder what that American's trick
is for always getting the help he needs.
Is Lee Wan-ik the one pulling the strings?
Stop asking me questions
and just kill me.
I'll be executed anyway.
If you talk, we might spare your life.
Is Lee Wan-ik
the one pulling the strings?
Who is this Lee Wan-ik?
I see that even someone like you
has mouths to feed.
If that's the case,
you'll get your wish.
You, Kim Yong-ju,
forged the emperor's royal seal
and murdered an innocent American.
The Joseon Court hereby sentences you
to the maximum sentence
which is execution.
However, before that,
you'll be found as a corpse.
So it's you.
You're here to kill me.
Shut your mouth.
This isn't over for you.
Sang-wan will be waiting for you
on the other side.
This is the revised statement
of the Joseon Court
regarding the deceased
American missionary.
The one who forged
the emperor's royal seal
wasn't the American, but a pro-Japanese.
He was caught and then executed.
What about the dead American missionary?
Isn't it obvious?
The American missionary
who was wrongly accused
will be vindicated.
To honor and thank him
for helping the people of Joseon,
he'll be rested
at the cemetery for foreigners.
You should've left Hanseong right away,
so why were you lurking around
Lord Go's residence?
You could've easily been found.
I wanted to
speak the truth.
About what?
I didn't kill Sang-wan.
All I did was rat on my comrades.
The one who killed Sang-wan and his wife
was Lee Wan-ik.
I only ratted on my comrades because
he said he wouldn't harm my comrades,
and I believed him.
I was such a fool.
If I hadn't done what I did,
Lee Wan-ik would've killed my wife
and children instead.
I didn't have a choice.
You're wrong.
You're the one who killed them.
You did have a choice.
Your comrades also had wives and children, and yet, they didn't make the decision
you made.
Until now, your inside information
has been resulting in the deaths
of others' parents.
But you'd say you had no choice.
Like that, you even killed my father.
He was like a father to me.
Coming through!
Make way!
Coming through.
Please make way.
Lee Wan-ik, Minister of Farming and Trade,
is hereby announced
as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
I, Lee Wan-ik, will accept
your royal command.
It is my great pleasure, Your Majesty.
Did you see?
Ito Hirobumi was in my court.
Japanese soldiers with guns and swords
were in my court.
Did you not see them?
They are trying to keep me up at night.
They'll appear in my dreams
and create nightmares.
What must I do?
Who can I rely on now?
I shouldn't have turned against Russia.
Does America's ruler
have no sense of pity at all?
Let go of me this instant!
We watched the station
for two days and found her.
Why are you doing this?
I just want to leave!
You'll leave Hanseong?
To go where and why?
You packed a lot
to leave your sick mother.
Must I answer?
I no longer work at your hotel.
I didn't expect you to answer.
Why would I care about that?
I just wanted to see
if I should show mercy
before I ruin your life for good.
But just now,
I decided to dig my claws into you.
What do you mean
you'll ruin my life?
This is what happens
when a stupid girl has gone bad.
That's a mark for you to remember.
Bear it in your mind.
What did I do to deserve this?
Everyone in Joseon hated Gu Dong-mae!
I don't.
I go free, thanks to you.
Next time,
I'll buy you a drink.
Many people helped.
My superior, the errand boy,
the hotel owner, your men.
A young master
and a young lady.
I'll repay them one day.
I have important business to deal with.
Burn them with honor.
With enough money for the afterlife.
Yes, boss.
-Welcome, boss.
-Welcome, boss.
If you're done welcoming,
it's time to earn money.
You're dismissed.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
You were lucky.
You got out alive.
Here's your sword that was left
in a corner of the Police Bureau.
Minister Hayashi himself
ordered it be returned to you.
That's an honor.
Take it with a bow.
I just met Minister Hayashi myself.
He said he'd send a gift.
It's here already.
A gift? To someone like you?
I told you
that I'd kill you first once I got out.
You are that gift.
I heard
you still haven't found an office.
I did find a place I liked,
but it's already taken.
That sounds a lot like
the situation I'm in.
You seem to have lost some weight.
Is it because you haven't decided
to have ill intentions?
Tell the person to leave.
That you were away for long,
but it's your room.
That you were coming back for it.
That would've been nice,
but I never meant to return.
How honest of you.
Shall I give you a new room?
The third floor has been very noisy.
It has the best view.
It's worth the hassle.
That room's terrace
has the best view of the moon.
The missionary's funeral is today.
I should play something sad.
Dear great and noble one.
My home.
My hero.
I bid thee farewell.
What is this, my lady?
The name of some American.
I would like to light a candle for him.
He'll be buried today.
I see.
I'll do that, my lady.
this man believes in God.
The deities we serve
must know each other well.
I'm sure that Buddha
will show him the way to God.
Then light the candle for me.
Yes, my lady.
My lady.
I'll be right out. What news are you waiting for?
You tried to shoot me.
Perhaps you were waiting for bad news.
I hated you so much. Are you okay?
Are you worried about me?
Well, I'm used to it.
In Joseon and America as well,
it was always like this. Always.
People always said
that I don't belong to any of them.
You're with me.
Walk towards me.
Should I take the hand
that tried to shoot me?
I'm taking the hand
of the man who knew that
and still stepped into the cross-hairs.
I was the one
who received the handkerchief,
so who's crying tonight?
I didn't know Gu Dong-mae
would just kill Suzuki like that.
I mean, he's Minister Hayashi's
trusted man.
He must be the gift from Hayashi.
It looks like Hayashi
sided with Gu Dong-mae.
Then what now?
Nothing will be able to stop him.
There are always ups and downs in life.
I might have someone to turn to.
I'm getting a lot of visitors recently.
Wait outside.
I should stay and--
-What good would that be?
Yes, sir.
It's been a while, sir.
I almost never got to see you again.
Cut to the chase.
If you have something to say,
say it and leave.
It's all in the past.
A swordsman speaks with his blade,
not with his tongue.
My only concern is that
you wanted to ruin Lord Go Sa-hong,
but I failed to incriminate him.
I'm so worried that you hate me for that.
You're a lowlife who
will do anything for money.
What are you trying to pull?
-Are you trying to scare me?
-Do you feel scared?
As I left the bureau, I told
Minister Hayashi an interesting story.
That I found and gave
Lee Wan-ik the deposit certificate
for the king's secret account,
but he and Lee Se-hun
tried to profit from it,
messed things up,
and put all the blame on Lee Se-hun.
Do you think he'll believe nonsense
that you can't even prove?
He's so timid that he looks far ahead
before he leaps.
I just sowed a seed of doubt
in a very imaginative mind.
Minister Hayashi told me
to relay you this message.
Fools who are neither
Japanese nor Joseon
"Fools who are neither Japanese nor Joseon
will in the end become Japan's weakness."
Congratulations on becoming
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
So I hope
that you take care of yourself.
What are you saying?
I'd like to
I'd like to
I'd like to go inside.
Just like that?
I left the clothes
and brought things with writing on them,
so have a look.
I'm glad to see you smile.
Thank you.
-It's nothing.
-Well done.
Do me a favor.
What you said in the telegram,
the things you brought me,
and everything you saw and heard
in Hamgyong Province.
Keep them a secret.
That's not difficult,
but keeping a secret incurs
a hefty expense.
The closer
your investigation got to the truth,
the more threatened
our organization became.
I hid their names and everything.
I lied to Lee Wan-ik.
So destroy that photo.
That's my final request.
You weren't supposed
to know any of the names you just listed.
When the plum trees bloomed.
Song Yeong, Go Sang-wan,
Kim Yong-ju, Jeon Seung-jae, together.
Spring of 1874, Tokyo.
Chun-sik, I'm back.
Il-sik, you're back at last.
He's here.
Talk to him.
What's going on?
He wants to take half our space
and pay rent
so that he can write about things.
Not half. I just need a bit of space.
I just need room for a desk.
I heard this spot has the best feng shui
based on the location
of the land and water.
I'll pay for the space once a month.
You'll take up space which will make
our customers feel uncomfortable.
I won't.
Who'd feel uncomfortable
when faced with my looks?
There are two right here already.
I'll take your customers
when you're both out.
You get rent and an extra worker.
What do you say? You have nothing to lose.
-Young master.
-Young master.
What a dazzling sight.
Young master, you have an office already?
I'm upset that you didn't even invite us.
Not yet. I'm still trying
to persuade these men.
But it might not work out.
Chun-sik, bring the contract.
Il-sik, get a grip.
I've never been this serious in my life!
I never wanted to do anything,
so I studied medicine, law,
and literature a year each,
then quit studying altogether.
So what on earth am I good at?
I thought carefully about it.
Then I realized
that I'm curious about everything
and I'm a very good listener. You've been doing
all the talking all evening.
I thought I was the one
who studied abroad in Japan.
I'm such a good speaker too.
So what will you do?
You talked all evening
about everything but that.
I forgot to tell you.
I'm going to print a newspaper.
I really hope you print obituaries.
You'll go bankrupt.
You write terrible headlines.
That's true.
Rather than flashy headlines,
shouldn't the focus be
on printing the truth and facts?
Most mediums use Korean and Chinese,
but mine will be
in Korean only.
Are you not hunting for anyone?
Of course I am.
I'm looking for one who coughs--
I caught a cold.
Guess what?
You never paid for drinks once.
I know that.
You're not ashamed?
I forgot to thank you.
Thanks for the drinks.
Thanks for the drinks.
I have important business to deal with.
The moon is bright tonight.
I'm not walking with you.
Don't think I am.
No one here is walking with anyone.
We go about our lives alone.
Spring is here.
Everything I like is right here.
Leave me out of it.
I love such useless things.
Spring, flowers, and the moon.
Can you slice a flower petal
exactly in half?
I could cut you in half.
Horizontally or vertically? Why are you so cruel?
Can you shoot a falling flower petal?
Before or after Gu Dong-mae
slices it in half?
What a beautiful metaphor.
Between an American and a Japanese,
I die every day.
My cause of death today
is beauty.
"It's spring and we're looking
for new students.
This school has two foreign teachers,
three Joseon teachers
and two who teach Chinese characters.
We teach English
and other various subjects.
Everyone can come and learn."
It's done.
You write just as well as Han Seok-bong.
That's flattery.
I mean your writing is like a man's.
Come closer.
I'll go and put this up.
I mean your writing is like a man's.
I use spring as an excuse
to ask how you're doing.
I'm well.
Are you?
I want to ask you something.
What does a plum tree flower look like?
I'm using a flower as an excuse
to beg you to meet me.
Why this flower of all of them?
The plum flower is the crest
of the royal family of Joseon.
It has a long history and appears
in many historical documents.
Why do you suddenly
want to know about this flower?
I wanted to know
what your father
and his comrades celebrated.
The photo I showed you
of your father and his friends
had a sentence on the back.
"When the plum trees bloomed.
Together with so-and-so."
I'm sorry,
but I burned the photo.
I thought the faces and names
shouldn't become public.
They're in my heart, so it's okay.
Thank you.
We saw the flower.
What do we do now?
A handshake,
a hug,
longing, flower-gazing.
What's next?
I wasn't expecting that.
I just said what first came to mind.
Are you good at fishing?
I'm Eugene Choi,
Captain of the US Marine Corps.
I spent many days on a ship.
Shall we bet on who catches more fish?
Betting comes after fishing?
Grilled fish could be next.
It's nibbling. Pull up.
Come on.
It was too soon.
You should've snapped it up.
Will you keep on holding my hand?
It's all yours.
Is that why you asked if I can fish?
You're funny.
My gosh.
Too bad then.
Because it was the reason for me.
The clear, long lake on an autumn day
flows like a shard of green jade.
Where lotus flowers bloom,
we docked our small boat.
To see you,
I tossed a bait over the wall.
Someone saw me from far away
and I was embarrassed for half a day.
Don't be silly.
-What's the matter, my lord?
-Hush, be quiet.
My dear, this is a disaster! Where are you? Come over here!
What is the matter?
What's wrong? Why is your face so pale?
Will Lee Wan-ik not give you a job?
My job is the least of our problems.
At the hotel where Hui-seong's staying,
he's staying too.
Who is?
You know, him.
The slave Choi's son.
What? You mean, Yu-jin?
He's staying there?
With Hui-seong?
Hello, sir.
A guest has been waiting for you.
This was
mine for a short while,
but it has always belonged to you.
It is like a keepsake
your mother left for you.
I came to return it to you.
I am not asking you to forgive us.
I just
would like Hui-seong
to never find out what happened that day.
You are basically asking for forgiveness.
That is a burden
which my husband and I must bear.
Hui-seong didn't do anything wrong.
He was inside my womb back then.
All he did was
As you know, all he did
was be born into our family.
Then what did I do wrong?
I was also
born under the same roof.
As a son of a slave, that is.
After making my life hell,
how could you hope
that your son never suffers?
I will
I will pay for my sins.
You can make me suffer until the day I die
to pay for everything
that was done to you.
If that is not enough,
you can make me suffer even after I die.
You can dig up my grave if you'd like. So, please allow my son, Hui-seong,
to live his life without finding out
what happened that day.
I will beg you on my knees
if you tell me to.
With those knees?
That won't be necessary.
I have never knelt down before anyone
other than my parents.
But I can do this for you. So, please
leave Hui-seong alone.
I beg you, Yu-jin.
I noticed that you were quite good
at caring for wounds.
Help me out with this.
The most eventful room in Glory Hotel,
Room 304.
I finally got to enter it.
I never said you could come in.
Don't be so mean to a man with a wound.
-Oh, no.
Mother. You dropped this.
Why is this ornament in your room?
This is my mother's.
It was your mother's.
When is your birthday?
Why do you ask?
I want to know what day my parents died.
I forgot the date as I got no sleep
for days while running away
from the slave hunters
your grandfather sent.
When is your birthday?
I was born
on April 17, 1871.
Anything else you'd like to know?
I think I know more than you do now.
It's been such a long time.
Do you recognize me?
Of course, young master.
I worked for your family until the year
you turned seven.
You're all grown up now,
but you still have the face you had
when you were a kid.
-Please accept my bow.
-It's okay.
Why are you doing this to me?
Please spare my life.
I didn't even do anything.
Why beg me already?
How embarrassing.
Let me ask you something.
I'm curious what your conversation
with the young gentleman was about.
I overheard you two
talking about a slave.
I'm asking you
about what I have been speculating.
I'd like you to help me
fill in the blanks.
It is actually a question
I have been putting off asking
for a long time.
To me,
this question is like the eight-ball.
I must accept the consequences
no matter what they are.
Will I win
or lose? Help me out here.
He is
the son of a slave couple who used to work
for your family
when your grandfather was alive.
Your grandfather, Lord Kim
What are you waiting for? Roll him up.
wanted to sell his mother.
My lord, we are sorry.
Lord Kim had the servants
beat the father to death.
Even the boy got beaten up.
So his mother
held your mother
I will stab the baby next.
who was pregnant with you hostage.
Now, go. Go as far away as you can.
After making sure her son got away,
jumped into the well.
One may think that his own problem
is bigger than anyone else's.
But when there's a man in front of you
whose heart has been torn out,
you shouldn't say you're hurt.
That would be a shameful thing to do.
The boy saw all of that.
He ran away
and came back as a man
of such a powerful country.
Thank you.
He was born a slave?
I had no idea that the two of them
shared such a tragic story.
I told you everything that I know.
as you promised, you should pay me
Yes, I should.
I should pay you a lot
since you told me such a surprising story.
Our covert officers
could not protect the missionary.
Not only was his route leaked in advance,
but it also seems that they knew
about the secret letter all along.
That means there must be an internal spy.
there is something I need you to do.
That day, three officers were sent
for the operation.
One came back dead with the missionary,
and we are investigating the other two
at the moment.
One of the two officers
that are being investigated
frequents your hotel.
Who is it?
We could not rule out the possibility
that something could happen
to the missionary on his way,
so we had the officer follow him
from Hanseong Station
to Jemulpo Harbor.
Is it Ms. Kang by any chance?
If you see her doing anything
out of the ordinary,
let me know.
And one more thing.
Bring the American man to me.
You can summon him yourself, sir.
He won't want to see me.
Did you already
get on the wrong side of him?
Then what will I gain from it?
The information
on your mother's whereabouts.
I must have misheard what you just said.
No, you heard me correctly.
But you have not found my mother.
I have.
Did you
find her a long ago but never told me?
Please forgive me.
I have no choice but to rely on whatever
I hear, including rumors and gossip.
I heard you decided not to leave Joseon.
I have no reason to leave.
I was on my way to work,
so please keep it short.
I need you to take the role
of a drill instructor
at the Royal Military Academy.
I already rejected that offer.
Yes, I heard.
But you are the only viable candidate
for the position.
How shameless.
Now that Lee Wan-ik has gotten
the position that he wanted the most,
he'll try to gain control
over the Board of Marshals first.
I need someone whom he cannot mess with.
An American who can at least pretend
that he is on Joseon's side.
You wanted me dead because I'm American.
What now?
You suddenly need me because I'm American?
Why should I care
whatever Lee Wan-ik is plotting?
Because you can help them live longer.
I'm talking about
the potter, Hwang Eun-san,
and his people.
It matters even if you help them live
just a day longer.
Even if I decided to do it,
I wouldn't be glad to do the job.
I do not even expect you to be so.
I'd be grateful if you could come
with no bad intentions.
Tell me if there is anything you'd like.
Whatever it is, I'll grant it to you.
Whether it's a title or a piece of land,
just tell me.
Then I'd like a mountain.
A mountain?
There's a small valley in Ganghwa Island.
I'd like that mountain.
In my next life,
I wish to be one of those.
And me?
live in a house like this.
I will bloom in the garden.
You bloomed like this here.
Shall I build a house here?
Father, it's me.
I heard that you have been
barely getting any sleep
and haven't been eating much at all.
Mr. Haengrang told me.
Please drink this.
I'm sorry I'm such a bad daughter-in-law.
Don't worry.
You've never been
a bad daughter-in-law to me.
Have we
heard anything from Lord Kim's family?
About what, Father?
I'd like to marry Ae-sin off now.
It should have happened a long ago.
I'm sorry, Father.
I will meet with Lord Kim's wife
as soon as possible.
I, Kim An-pyeong,
would like to let
all of my ancestors know.
My son, Hui-seong, the third-generation
only son of the family,
would like to marry the granddaughter
of the Go family, Ae-sin.
I will send a formal letter
to her family today,
so I came to inform you
with my deepest respect.
A letter about my wedding?
Auntie, I'm
I'm not ready yet.
I don't want to get married.
-I can't.
-I also can't
-let things go on like this.
I'm old-fashioned. I tried to understand you.
I already know that wild boar meat
is not the true reason
you visit Gunner Jang.
I've also seen
mysterious scars and bruises on your body,
but I turned a blind eye to them.
However, I won't go easy on you anymore.
I do not know exactly what you're up to,
but I ought to protect all of us
as the lady of this family.
When we receive the letter,
we will rush the wedding,
so consider yourself informed.
Young master!
Are you on your way home?
Yes, I am. Where are you going?
You seem to be in a hurry.
I'm rushing like this to make you happy.
I'm delivering this wedding letter
to Lady Ae-sin's family.
Oh, you should hurry home.
Your father has been waiting for you, sir.
Give it to me.
Pardon me?
In some cases, the groom-to-be
can deliver the letter himself.
I'll go.
Would you like
to deliver the letter yourself?
I know that this will enrage you,
but I must tell you
because I cannot put it off any longer.
I will not get married.
I will live alone.
That is the most preposterous thing
I have ever heard.
-I thought about it for a long time.
-I never asked you what you think.
You should have prepared yourself for this
when you sent me to Gunner Jang.
Would you like me to fill my time
with embroidery and calligraphy?
I do not think I can live like that.
I've come too far for that to happen.
I cannot go back.
No woman of noble birth in this country
lives alone without getting married.
That is against Joseon's code of conduct.
Do you expect me to put up with people
speaking ill of you and our family?
If I must give up everything,
I will.
I will live as an outcast.
That is no different from telling me
that you will take your own life.
How could you say such a thing
to your grandfather?
There is another man in my heart.
I will walk alongside him
and won't marry anyone.
I would have been okay
with everything else,
but not this.
You should've given other excuses.
You should have never said
what you just told me!
This is all because
you have been going out too often.
How dare you run your mouth
so thoughtlessly.
Mr. Haengrang and Ms. Haman are to blame.
They have been way too lenient with you.
Is anyone outside?
Lock Mr. Haengrang and Ms. Haman up
in the shed.
They even put a steel padlock on the door.
What can we do? Lord Go is furious now.
Gosh, what should we do?
Whether she'd get married or not,
I'd be worried either way.
My goodness, what should we do now?
I'm more concerned about you.
Worrying and being all anxious
won't solve anything.
Aren't I right?
We must try to conserve our energy
from now on.
It'll be a long fight.
-My gosh.
-What should we do?
-We can't even stop her.
-What is going on?
-This is incredibly frustrating.
-What is going on?
-Why is Young Master Hui-seong here?
-Is he here to see Lady Ae-sin?
I do not know what you did wrong,
but let me be punished with you.
You should go now.
This is tolerable.
Try it.
It helps.
That didn't make you laugh.
Leave, please.
My sin cannot be shared.
What did you do?
I told my grandfather
that I do not wish to get married.
I also told him
that there is another man in my heart.
Once, you asked me if I have another man.
That's right.
I've let another man into my heart.
And I am risking my everything for him.
There is no going back,
and I have no regrets.
I'm sorry.
I hope you meet a lady
who is better than me in every aspect.
A broken engagement is only frowned upon
for women.
It's not a flaw for men.
I am not sure how this remark
will be perceived in this situation,
but I have been
with more than enough women.
I made a meaner remark.
I figured out a long ago
that there is another man in your heart.
Even though I knew about it,
there was nothing I could do.
This is my father's formal letter
about our wedding.
And just now,
I made up my mind
to do something very bad.
As you wish,
I will make you a flawed woman.
He makes a living
from being a stooge for the Japanese.
He's a ruthless scoundrel.
It must mean
that someone is after your family.
The American army invaded our land
in the past.
How dare you
bring a man like this to me?
"If slaves look or aim high,
they tend to die young."
Even there, there must be something
I can do to protect Joseon.
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