Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

I'm sorry.
I hope you meet a lady
who is better than me in every aspect.
A broken engagement is only frowned upon
for women.
It's not a flaw for men.
I am not sure how this remark
will be perceived in this situation,
but I have been
with more than enough women.
I made a meaner remark.
I figured out a long ago
that there is another man in your heart.
Even though I knew about it,
there was nothing I could do.
This is my father's formal letter
about our wedding.
And just now,
I made up my mind
to do something very bad.
I heard the butler
was bringing over the letter,
but Hui-seong came instead,
and he's kneeling in the yard with Ae-sin.
They kept postponing the wedding,
and now this has happened.
He spent quite some time in Japan,
so the old ways and family arrangements
now probably mean nothing to him.
I'm sure Ae-sin didn't object.
Forgive me for saying this,
but she is not to my liking.
There is another man in my heart.
Don't even bother to look outside.
How dare they try to break off
an arranged marriage.
You should give them an earful instead.
What do you mean by something bad?
Why couldn't you trust me?
You could have at least
believed in the arrangement
we came up with.
The letter was on its way.
I had to stop it at any cause.
By being reckless?
This was arranged by our families.
We needed to take our time
in order to break it.
So what you meant by something bad
wasn't about getting married?
There are two ways to see flowers.
You either put some in a vase,
or set out
to meet them along a path.
I choose
to do the latter.
That will be unpleasant on my end
for there won't be
any flowers along the path I choose.
I will break off the engagement.
I guess I'm being punished
for making you wait too long.
-I'm sorry.
-Just worry about yourself.
Once it's broken off,
you will be frowned upon.
That is what I want.
Would you be able to give me more time?
I've been working on something,
so when that is done,
as you wish,
I will make you a flawed woman.
Do I have your trust?
So this is how I get
my first approval from you.
Young master!
I got worried when you didn't return.
What is going on
when it's supposed to be a joyous day?
I will inform my parents later myself,
so please tell them that I have returned
to the hotel.
What you saw
stays between us. Do you understand?
I hear you, but--
Then go.
Yes, young master.
You should go with him.
I forgot that
your parents will be worried.
If I do,
your punishment won't end.
Let's end yours first.
Same goes for Ms. Haman and Mr. Haengrang.
Elders always like a good excuse.
Once I pass out,
please let them know in a loud voice.
Could you catch me?
My lady! Lady Cho! Young Master Hui-seong has collapsed!
He was fine one minute,
but then he suddenly passed out.
Oh, dear.
A man shouldn't be that feeble.
Dol-soe, open the door to the shed.
Tell Ms. Haman to head to the pharmacy.
Tell Mr. Haengrang
Tell him to carry the young master.
Thank you.
I can endure the numbness in my legs,
but not my hunger.
You both did well.
Dig in.
Are you sure about not seeing a doctor?
I said I'm fine.
Tell Lord Go
that I had medicine prescribed
and that you carried me to the hotel.
Let's agree on that story.
But Lady Cho will never buy that.
I'm not strong enough
to carry you to the hotel.
You should say that it was Ms. Haman.
She'll find that more plausible.
I'll actually give you
a piggy-back ride to the hotel.
I most certainly should.
Do you take that much pity on me?
It's not like that.
I just feel like
you've all been drawing short straws.
Lady Ae-sin, you, and even that acting consul
You all look lonely in my eyes.
Gosh, look at those hats.
Here they come.
We almost crossed paths at the pharmacy.
I could've ended up there myself.
-Are you unwell?
-I'm aching everywhere,
and it got worse just now.
Since what I consider as bad news
might actually be good news for you.
I now know as much as you do.
I know what my family did
and the tragedy that happened to yours.
I won't apologize.
Not yet anyway.
I wasn't expecting it.
Why not?
Because it's in my blood?
No, because you will someday
even if it's not today.
You said "first,"
so there must be a second.
I always seemed to be one step behind
to find out news about that lady,
but I beat you two this time. But I won't tell you what it's about
because I wish
that you'll be the last one
to find out about this one.
Let me brew your medicine.
It's for a foot bath.
Please give it to Su-mi.
What about me?
You can take half of it.
I'm sorry about last time.
I appreciate you letting it pass.
Does Lord Lee Jeong-mun
hold something over you? You always seem to be helping him.
I guess you can say that,
but it could also
be a symbiotic relationship.
Let me handle it. It'll be faster.
What's the matter?
I see that your friend is here again.
Same goes for me and your friend
from last time.
I thought you'd be curious
of our understanding.
I was.
I was startled
by how neither of you flinched.
That friend of yours
is getting married soon.
-What do you mean--
-The letter in Hui-seong's hand
is the one sent by a groom's family
to the bride's.
I frequently forget that my friend
is engaged.
Thank you.
You asked me once
about my engagement.
I never found it to be quite real,
but your inquiry had me thinking.
What will happen
if I break off the engagement?
I might be disavowed.
Then I'll head to Shanghai.
Even there,
there must be something
I can do to protect Joseon.
Maybe I could meet
some of my father's comrades.
What about me?
You probably would've returned to America
by then.
You were never part
of my "what if' scenario,
but you are today.
That is more than enough.
Exchange of names, handshake, hug.
What comes next
must be longing.
Come on in.
Are you here to see if I'm alive?
I'm also here on an errand.
You have something there
that doesn't quite suit you.
I couldn't come empty handed, could I?
Eun-san told me to give you this.
It's upsetting to know
where he draws the line.
Hwang Eun-san and Lee Jeong-mun.
No one in Joseon
is as cold-hearted as them.
Then why be his errand boy?
Because I'm a gentle soul.
I heard the American soldier
came by the hut again.
-He even left a gun I'm not familiar with.
-It was my gift to Lady Ae-sin.
I taught her how to use it.
I'm sure there was nothing to teach
since she had one heck of a mentor.
Her basic skills are flawless.
Is this a new tactic of yours?
Teasing me to death?
I've been teaching her
how to shoot for 10 years now.
Just for the sake of learning gunnery,
she made the long trip from her house
to the hut to not get caught.
She'd trip on rocks and
scratch herself on branches,
but she never once complained.
Her road to you will also be that rough.
She says you're further away than the sea.
she insists on making her way to you.
I know how tough the journey will be,
so I have tried to stop her
and have scolded her.
If she must go though,
wherever that may be,
I hope you'll be there for her.
Weren't you against us before?
Even if I am not,
many will disapprove of your relationship,
so I'd rather be the good guy.
Also, I feel bad
for the both of you.
Master, this is the last bottle.
There's no more.
But I just got to enjoy
the bland taste of this.
He said he'd bring more
when he comes back.
I doubt he will.
Why not?
Is the beer expensive?
I guess so.
It must've been sincerity
that made him bring these to me.
I wonder if I can put a price on that.
Tell me.
Ae-sin said
that her heart belongs to another.
Is that true?
My lord,
I knew it!
I knew you were in this together!
How could you two
let it get this far?
Did you stand by and do nothing?
Did you aid her?
They are not to blame.
All they did was follow my orders.
You are in no position to speak!
You should've told me.
You should've at least informed me.
I let you train with Gunner Jang,
and I looked the other way
when you went to school.
It's only fair that
you also make sacrifices too
and follow others' wishes.
Take a husband and
let him shield you from the world
as you find your way to live.
I don't want to.
I loathe the idea.
I wish to decide
how I get to live on my terms.
Why must you be so stubborn?
I knew you'd be against the wedding,
but I didn't think you'd try
to go through me.
You said there was another man.
I don't believe you,
so have him stand here before me.
Are his thoughts the same as yours
and is he just as reckless?
I must check myself.
This has nothing to do with him.
This is a decision I made on my own.
I have trained to the point
where I don't need a shield.
I don't intend to use him as one
in any way.
For as long as I live,
I just wish to give him my heart.
Have you gone completely insane?
I will not have any of this!
Before you bring him to me,
you will be confined to this residence.
I forbid you to take classes at the school
or train with Gunner Jang.
Do you understand?
Gosh, this is crazy.
What did I say?
I told you that you must eat well
even just to put up with the scolding.
My gosh, you haven't been eating at all.
I do not deserve to eat.
I am sorry I ended up
putting the two of you through that.
If Grandfather asks you privately--
We're not fools.
We obviously won't say anything
to Lord Go.
Thank you.
We certainly won't say anything
to Lord Go, right?
We are not fools.
What's going on?
What brings the two of you here?
Something is going on.
We have a big problem.
Lord Go has been hit
with unexpected, distressing news.
Lady Ae-sin said that she has another man
other than her fiancé in her heart
and that she cannot get married.
-She announced that--
-It was a thoughtless remark.
Because of that thoughtless remark,
everyone in the family
is utterly distressed.
I always seemed to be one step behind
to find out news about that lady,
but I beat you two this time.
But I won't tell you what it's about
because I wish
that you'll be the last one
to find out about this one.
Lord Go keeps hounding Lady Ae-sin
to bring that man,
but she is certainly unwilling to give in.
One of them might fall ill at this rate.
Please come with us.
Say that you're just like a wind
that's passing through
and that he has nothing to worry about.
Tell him that you'll leave soon.
Please just say that to Lord Go.
I beg you.
My lord.
What brings an American soldier
to my house again?
I heard you asked for me, sir.
Why would I ask for an American soldier
Mr. Haengrang, tell everyone
to give us some privacy.
Ms. Haman, you go and bring Ae-sin.
So, was it you?
Are you that man
Ae-sin told me about?
Yes, sir. I am that man.
I am going to ask you a question.
I do not wish to hear
an apology or an excuse.
Simply answer my question.
Ae-sin told me
that she has let you into her heart.
Is it true?
Yes, it is true.
Then do you feel the same way about her?
Yes, I do.
I cannot understand for the life of me.
Who is this man?
It's not like the blood he was born with
was completely removed.
How could a Joseon man become American?
Did you betray Joseon?
I left Joseon in order to survive.
Then I joined the US Army
in order to become American.
I had to survive,
and I did survive.
I was deployed to Joseon,
and that's why I returned.
The American army invaded our land
in the past.
How dare you
bring a man like this to me?
He calls America his homeland.
He stands at the forefront of the invaders
who are on our soil to steal from us.
What on earth do you wish to do
with a man like this?
Do you wish to die with him?
I want
both of us to live.
I'm trying to live.
How preposterous.
America did invade Joseon.
However, I want Joseon to be safe.
He must not mean it.
How could a man in an
American soldier uniform
be concerned with the safety of Joseon?
I think
I actually met you a long time ago, sir.
Your eyes should be glued to the ground.
The sky is too high for you.
-If slaves look or aim high,
-"If slaves look or aim high
they tend to die young.
they tend to die young."
It's an advice
a nobleman gave me before I left Joseon.
We meet again like this, sir.
I know that, sir.
Were you aware
of his origin?
-If you knew, how could you--
-That is
not his fault.
Every step toward me must have been
extremely difficult to take.
I learned how far it must have felt
only when I decided to run to him.
How could you
humiliate me like this?
A noble lady
falling for a man other than her fiancé
is outrageous enough,
but why him of all men?
Had I known I would ever hear such a thing
from my own granddaughter,
I would have taken my life a long ago.
Even if you break off your engagement,
you cannot be with him.
I will not allow you to be with him
until the day I die.
You must not put me through that disaster.
Don't get married and grow old all alone.
You will be excruciatingly lonely
for the rest of your life.
That is the outcome of your choice.
Okay, I will do as you say.
You told me to leave.
didn't think you'd be this fast.
I thought I had to be. I didn't even
say goodbye to you.
Is that why you ran here
and even jumped over the wall?
I didn't know when I could see you again.
Please try to understand
my grandfather.
I'm actually grateful.
Thanks to him, I got to see you.
You take after him.
I always wondered who taught you to be
such a wonderful person.
You should get back.
I'll see you again soon.
Get back safely.
-I've imagined a moment like this too.
-Coming to a beach together?
Walking with you like this.
And one day,
we can be walking on a street
we're familiar with
and go all the way to New York,
where you used to live.
Can a man and a woman
walk together side by side there?
Nobody would stare at them?
Everyone would stare at us
because we look quite lovely together.
I can study there.
What would you study?
How vast the world is,
if the earth is truly round,
and how the stars rise and set.
After class,
I'd walk toward where you are.
What would I be doing?
You'd be looking at me.
Sitting by the fountains.
You're waving your hand
with a big smile on your face.
I blush for a moment,
but the happy feeling lasts a long time.
One day
We even visited a shop
that sells music boxes.
The melody that we like
echoed in the street,
and we stood there for quite a while.
What else did we do?
The sun went down,
and we parted ways.
I heard that this is
what lovers here do when they part ways.
Let's not say that.
"See you" would be better.
I'll see you again soon.
But you have not found my mother.
Did you find her a long ago
but never told me?
That son of a bitch.
A rickshaw is waiting for you outside.
Flowers are in full bloom now.
I figured you could use it
for your spring outings.
It is beautiful.
I like it very much.
This must be your first visit
at the palace in a long time.
I had an audience with you last autumn.
It is my first visit this year.
I remember you taught me
how to enjoy Western liquors.
I summoned you because you are
the only person who is knowledgeable
about what is going on outside the palace
and can be candid with me.
Ask away, Your Highness.
What are the notes issued
by Dai-Ichi Bank? Why does Japan demand that we use them?
And why does His Majesty keep
refusing their request? His Majesty is growing more concerned
each day.
I am very concerned for him.
I will put it in simple terms for you.
The notes issued by Dai-Ichi Bank
is used as a currency only in Joseon.
They are worth nothing
outside the borders of Joseon.
They are too rough
to even wipe your bottom with.
They are pieces of Japanese paper
that are only valuable in Joseon.
If the notes continue to be circulated
throughout the country,
Japan will soon gather a large sum
of Joseon's money and goods,
and Joseon's coffers will be drained.
In other words, Dai-Ichi Bank of Japan
will eventually become
the central bank of the Korean Empire.
So, they want complete control
over our economy.
This is precisely why
I wish to build a school.
Men can't be the only ones
worrying about the future of our country.
You must be aware that Lee Wan-ik
is now the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Yes, Your Highness.
That man has a tongue of a venomous snake.
Even today,
I think there is a discussion going on
at the main palace about the bank bills.
I am very concerned.
Your Majesty, war clouds
are hanging over our peninsula.
If Russia,
who promised to withdraw its army,
continues to move southward,
it will enrage Japan.
It is merely a currency.
There is no need to further enrage
the Japanese.
The government's stance on the issue
remains the same.
Dai-Ichi Bank issued the bank notes
without notifying us
or even seeking our permission.
This is clearly considered
infringement upon our sovereignty.
You keep talking about our sovereignty,
but it's no different from saying
that all of us should just die together.
We should think about the people
of this country.
The Japanese even brought
their warship over to make us
release the bank notes.
Their warship is already here.
We'll be doomed if they decide
to bring an army next, Your Majesty.
We cannot allow it, Your Majesty.
I beg you to reconsider.
What if a war breaks out?
Countless innocent people
will lose their lives.
I beg you to allow it, Your Majesty.
What you said is right.
However, it is hollow.
What you said is very clear.
And for that reason, it is ferocious.
On the condition
that we inspect the funds and the issuance
of Dai-Ichi Bank's notes annually,
we will lift the ban
on Dai-Ichi Bank's notes.
Your Majesty.
Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty.
Gosh, look. Let go of me first.
What did I
It's been a while, sir.
There's something I'd like to know.
That's why I told them to bring you.
What What is it about?
What do you want to know?
That day,
You told me that I must say
Lord Go Sa-hong put me up to it.
Do you remember?
Well, that was
That wasn't coming from me.
I know. Lord Lee Wan-ik
must've ordered you to do that.
But why was he
after Lord Go of all people?
That's what I'd like to know.
You're right.
I wonder why. Oh, gosh.
How gutsy. You tortured me like that
without even knowing the reason?
I'm impressed.
Well, that's
I only did what I was told to do.
I don't know any--
For someone who was simply ordered,
you beat me up too brutally.
Gosh, please.
Wait, hold on.
I heard something from the director
of the postal service office.
Apparently, Lord Go wanted to send letters
to a bunch of people.
That must've been the reason.
I'm sure of it.
My gosh!
Well, what on earth is this about?
I'm here, and I'm sure you can see
what happened to his face.
Isn't it obvious?
All right, then.
Now, let's put together your claims.
"Lord Go Sa-hong tried to send
letters to a bunch of people."
That's what he just told me.
Go on. Tell him.
Hurry up.
Well, what happened was
Mr. Haengrang
who works for Lord Go's family came by
and dropped off letters for scholars
all over the country.
I reported it to Lord Lee Wan-ik,
and he told me to burn all the letters,
so I did.
That's really what happened.
you actually burned all the letters?
Oh, no. Not all of them.
I didn't want to end up in danger,
so I kept one of them just in case.
Don't you think it could be useful
at this very moment, sir?
I've seen you guys do this.
Shall I cut off your arms
and sign on behalf of you?
Or would you like to do it yourself?
We'll figure it out. Let us do it.
Please pass me the brush over there.
Come on.
Even I do not know what will be written
on these pieces of paper.
Hence, you'd better keep your lips sealed.
Does it run
in that family's blood or what?
I'm asking for Joseon money
because this is Joseon.
What is your problem?
Try going to the bank with that bill.
They won't give you cash for it.
"Just a moment, please."
They'll just tell you to wait.
What the hell are you saying?
Talk in Japanese!
Did you just mock
the Empire of Greater Japan?
My gosh.
Welcome, boss.
I'm not going into your shop.
Come on. You were walking by anyway.
You should just come in.
I get that you want me to come in
because I was passing by,
but why are you talking to me?
I'm sorry. Forgive me!
I'm really sorry!
My gosh, thank you so much.
Those Dai-Ichi Bank notes are giving me
such a headache these days.
But I must say,
what you did just now looked real.
-I really mean it.
-You really--
Oh, my goodness!
A joke is enough
to scare people like this.
Why do I even bother
unsheathing my sword every time?
Let's go.
You must grow into a wonderful man,
young master.
Oh, what brings you here?
I got paid today.
Remember the job in Hamgyong Province?
I'm here to pay
your hefty pay for the job.
You came at the perfect time.
We won't charge you for that,
but sign something for us.
Then we'll call it even.
You'll forgo that expensive fee
for my signature?
It sounds pretty risky.
Those mountain trails were so dangerous.
A huge tiger was like,
"I'm going to eat you up alive."
A tiger talked?
I knew it wouldn't work.
I told you we should just threaten him
using those bullets we sold last time.
That was just between you and me!
He wasn't supposed to know.
What do you need me to sign?
At least tell me what it's for.
See? He'll gladly do it
if he deems it necessary.
The young lad who just left
was born into a noble family.
Was it five or six years ago?
Five righteous noblemen
tried to get rid of Lee Wan-ik.
Both of his parents
died that year
because they were framed as instigators.
Now, he and his siblings
are struggling to make ends meet.
That poor thing.
But he'd like to join the military academy
to protect our country.
Isn't he so impressive?
I'm incredibly proud of him.
That is a sad story.
But why do you need my signature?
He wants to protect our country
even after what he's been through.
Are you just going to tell him,
"Okay, do a good job"?
-He must change it all.
A grandson of a nobleman
in a country town would do.
-He needs a new identity.
-That's right.
The thing is, only those
from noble families can join the academy.
And that's why he needs a guarantor.
are you asking me to sign
a forged document?
It looks real though.
I think we'll get caught.
No, we won't.
None of us even wants
to join the military academy.
You're such a chicken.
"I think we'll get caught."
No, we won't get caught.
By the way, is the military academy
the only place where we can get guns from?
How about we do a deal with a gunner?
Nonsense! A gunner?
Are you suggesting we deal with people
who kill animals?
I would much rather
be an honorable thief.
You are too tenderhearted.
Can you really fight for the great cause?
Do not worry.
I can be ruthless toward our foes.
The military academy is the best place
to get guns.
The guns there
are owned by the government, and we are people of this country,
so we should be able to use them
for a short while.
That is true,
but even just walking is tiring.
I can't participate in drills.
We've never run
or lifted anything heavy all our lives.
I'm not sure if we'd be able
to pull it off.
I'm a little concerned.
Don't be so weak.
We ought to pull it off.
We must do it no matter what.
But we can't even try
unless we manage to get into the academy.
Don't worry.
I found people who are extremely skilled
in forging documents.
Let's walk to Myeongryun-dong and back
just three times today.
We must become stronger.
-Let's do it.
Let's go.
I am currently working on
getting rid of Lee Wan-ik's people
inside the palace
starting with interpreters.
That must be keeping you busy.
But if it is regarding the palace,
why did you want to see me, sir?
We are also looking to replace
the head of Palace Security.
Gunnery skills are a given.
It has to be someone who has no family
and who won't be tempted by money.
In other words,
someone who won't be bribed
by Lee Wan-ik in any circumstances.
I believe that Gunner Jang
is the best person for the job.
He won't do it.
You must make him do it.
I responded positively to your request.
You mustn't reject my request
because of your personal feelings.
Just bring him.
I will take care of the rest.
To become a rebel.
I need there to be
a country to turn against.
He may actually welcome the idea.
Then that's great.
Let me know what he says.
By the way,
what is going on with that lad?
That American man?
I made a move
that will benefit Joseon the most.
I used you guys
to persuade him to accept the role
at the Royal Military Academy.
You are one shameless man.
I've already heard that.
I will be in touch, sir.
My lord.
How How dare you set foot here.
Is anybody else around?
Dol-soe. Sam-sik!
My gosh,
what is going on at this late hour?
Let's go.
He makes a living
from being a stooge for the Japanese.
He's a ruthless scoundrel.
Why did such a man
jump over the wall
and sneak into my house?
Who I am is not important, sir.
You do not even need to know.
I simply came to deliver something to you.
My lord.
Why do you have this?
It seems like the letters you sent
were never delivered.
They were burned.
I got my hands on the one letter
that wasn't burned.
It must mean
that someone is after your family.
That's all I can tell you.
Do you expect me to believe
a man in Japanese clothing
who scaled a wall to get in?
I'm on someone's payroll, you see.
I'm a Joseon man for now, sir.
I don't know what's going on, my lord.
I definitely posted the letters
at the post office.
How did this end up
in that evil man's hands?
A man dressed as a Westerner
and a man dressed
as a Japanese both came to me
to alert me of danger.
Who on earth
on Joseon soil
am I being attacked by?
My lord,
no matter how hard I think about it
this is just too dangerous. Even if you don't trust him completely,
there's no harm in being careful.
They have seen through my plans.
Even if I take no action,
I'm already in danger.
If he hadn't brought me this letter,
I'd have fallen into despair
at the lack of responses
from the scholars.
But this means my letters simply
have not reached them.
There's still hope.
Mr. Haengrang.
Tell Gunner Jang
to visit me in secret.
Yes, my lord.
Why do you think he jumped the wall?
You'd think he'd come here to steal,
but rather, he brought something.
My gosh.
You're paying him
every month instead of that girl, Su-mi.
Do you think he came
to get your grandfather
to pay an even bigger sum?
You startled me.
That wouldn't worry me at all.
Wouldn't it?
As soon as day breaks,
call the peddler.
In these circumstances?
Nine out of ten people in debt
owe Gu Dong-mae money.
Is that where he got his name?
That's the only person I can think of.
Why would you think
of the peddler at a time like this?
Gu Dong-mae jumped the wall last night and passed a letter to my grandfather.
I'm concerned for my grandfather
and you seem to have ties
with Gu Dong-mae, so I ask for your help.
Please look into what it was about.
We may not be on the same side,
but do me a favor.
Does she expect me to know everything?
I'm coming in.
Are you busy?
Come in.
Let's go outside.
I'll buy an outfit that suits you.
Thanks for looking after Hotaru.
Are you causing all this ruckus
just to hide that witch, Hotaru?
If it's about that, I'm not
the only one you should thank.
Buy me something else.
I have lots of clothes.
I don't have anything a lady would like.
Why did you scale Lord Go's wall?
You know everything.
You passed him a letter. What was it?
-Who's the information for?
-Go Ae-sin.
She'd be worried.
Her grandfather spoke with Gu Dong-mae.
How much can you tell me?
Tell her to come to me.
Then I'll tell her.
I can't stand that.
Tell me.
I'll decide whether or not to tell her.
Is the engagement over?
Do you wish it were?
Then she'll be even further away.
I think it's over.
Hui-seong looked very gloomy when he left.
Like yours right now.
You fool.
You took the document long ago
and you come home now?
Why you
I have something to tell you.
You'd better.
You'd better have a lot to say.
What were you thinking when you took it?
-Where is it?
-I'll tell you later.
I want to start a newspaper company.
You'll start what? A newspaper company?
With what money? I didn't give you any.
I'm extorting funds from the people
in Grandfather's old ledger.
What's he saying, my dear?
My father had a ledger?
How would I know if you don't?
He gave it to me and I'm using it well.
Now about the document.
I wish to break off the engagement.
The groom's family must do it,
so I need you both
to annul the engagement.
You've really lost your mind.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
He has lost his mind.
You're 30 years old
and you want to do what?
You need to have a son
to continue our family name!
The best thing your grandfather did
was arranging this engagement.
Why would you annul that?
You're right.
Everything Grandfather gave me was
so valuable that others would never
experience them in a lifetime.
Of all he gave me, this marriage
was the one thing I wanted the most.
That's why I should not claim it.
I'll break it off.
You're You're not making sense.
Why do you want to give up
what you want the most?
Because I know everything now.
What? What do you know?
The story about the American acting consul and what our family did to him.
Everything about it.
Everything you tried to hide from me.
Please, Mother.
save me
once more.
My poor baby
Any customers today?
Let's clean up.
I haven't decided on a name yet. Hui-seong.
Haven't you been away for too long?
I was busy starting a business.
-A business?
-I opened a newspaper company in Jingogae.
I'll print advertisements
and accept information.
Interesting stories,
stories of those who were wronged.
Stories of people who want the truth.
Tell me what you know.
Just in case,
I do the listening in person.
In person?
My goodness. I should come over.
There's a truth I'd like to hear.
How's the engagement coming along?
I shouldn't say this,
but Ae-sin spends all her time
reading philosophy books that men read.
She never embroiders
or paints orchids.
It's such a pity.
Oh, I see.
I can't embroider either.
We have something in common.
He's so funny.
That's not my point.
Ae-sin isn't at all ladylike
when it comes to--
May I interrupt?
Oh dear.
I really think I should go.
What did you say to her?
Her husband had a reservation
here in this hall,
but it was canceled and he went home.
Oh dear. You're short of a player.
Shall I fill in?
Oh dear.
I'm very sorry, ma'am. What a mess.
I'll bring you a change of clothes.
Come to my room.
That means there must be an internal spy.
One of the two officers
that are being investigated
frequents your hotel.
I wish to apologize,
so choose any dress you like.
I'll give it to you as a gift.
I have many dresses myself.
While your dress dries up,
shall I serve you some liquor
from France?
I don't drink.
Then what are you interested in?
I'd like to repay--
Isn't that a fencing blade?
How do you know about fencing?
Do you play the sport?
I just thrust the blade
a few times for show.
I see.
I'm so interested in Western cultures.
It's such a charming Western sport.
You can aim directly at a vital point
and take someone down
swiftly and accurately.
Do you know why I like fencing?
You can aim directly at a vital point
and take someone down
swiftly and accurately.
That's what fencing is like?
As far as I know,
only two people in Joseon can fence.
One is the British minister's
The other is the French
minister's secretary.
If you're that interested,
would you like to learn from them?
Which of the two would you prefer?
Neither of them would refuse my request.
I took a few lessons myself.
I can sort out my own lessons.
I feel unwell and must leave.
It's her mind that's disconcerted,
not her physical state.
It's definitely jealousy.
Her Highness
would like to meet your granddaughter.
Have her come to the palace tomorrow.
Why would Her Highness
wish to see my granddaughter?
I believe it's to hear about
the new school and what they teach.
Her Highness asked for recommendations
and the hotel owner
mentioned your granddaughter.
The whole city
knows she goes to that school.
I'm grateful for her interest,
but tell her my granddaughter
lacks to be the rightful candidate.
Her Highness has sent her own people.
It wouldn't be right
to send them away with a refusal.
How many girls her age
would be invited to the palace?
Ae-sin might be grounded,
but grant your permission this time.
What did she do that you grounded her?
She ruined something she was embroidering.
It's still daytime.
What is wrong with the sky?
Let's go.
Why is it so eerie?
It seems so dark outside.
The observatory reported
there would be a solar eclipse today.
It's an evil omen.
Lee Wan-ik was here
and now the heavens are upset.
Your Majesty,
it's just a natural occurrence.
Please clear your mind and be strong.
Your Majesty, the man
from the American legation is here.
The instructor nominee
of the Royal Military Academy is waiting.
Is he?
That's good news. Let him in. As the emperor of the Korean Empire,
I appoint US Marine Corps Captain
Eugene Choi as the foreign instructor
of the Royal Military Academy.
To show his trust in you,
His Majesty bestowed you with
our national flag.
Accept it with grace.
"Thank you, Your Majesty."
Thank you, Your
"Your Majesty."
Your Majesty.
Do your best to train the students
of the Royal Military Academy
into fine soldiers and men.
Lord Lee Jeong-mun told me
to just fill in the position.
That's what I plan to do.
That's very good.
Having someone like you around would be a great comfort to us.
"Thank you, Your Majesty."
Thank Thank you, Your Majesty.
You refused the position once.
I'm so pleased you changed your mind.
Why did you?
Lord Lee Jeong-mun
made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
What was it?
He gave me a mountain.
A mountain?
Because you can help them live longer.
I'm talking about
the potter, Hwang Eun-san, and his people.
Was that really the reason?
Was a mountain enough
to make you change your mind?
It was a big mountain.
I just can't figure you out.
I am
Eugene Choi,
a Captain of the US Marine Corps.
The emperor appointed me
as an instructor
of the Royal Military Academy.
I wondered who you were.
I see.
I plan to work hard.
I could be training someone's comrade.
I hope
that my sincerity gets through.
How honorable.
Fancy running into you here.
You're so beautiful
that it took me by surprise.
My goodness.
These are plum flowers.
The crest of the Korean royal family. I wish I could see this flower
all year round.
What a silly thought.
What a pity.
It blooms only in the spring.
It was a pleasure
to meet you like this.
Yes. For me too.
Thank you all for standing alongside me.
I will put my trust in you.
Compared to the grace you've shown us,
this is nothing difficult.
We'll be back, my lord.
We'll see if life and death
really are in the hands of the deity.
That is why I must do it.
How much time do you think I have left?
If you want my silence,
you have to either kill me or trust me.
Keep testing my temper.
I intend to rebel just a little bit.
Please stay strong.
Every conclusion harbors sadness
in each of their own way.
So I have yet to learn.
I'm sure it can't always be accurate.
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