Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

Your Highness, Ae-sin
of the Go Family is here.
These are delicacies sent from Chungju.
They're sweet and tasty,
so I've been keeping them for myself.
I had them served just for you.
Give it a try.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I was intrigued
to hear that a nobleman's daughter
was learning English.
How did you become interested
in the Western language?
Your Highness
It's all right. You may swallow first.
Pardon me, Your Highness.
It was so that
I could read someone's name.
A name? I wonder whose it was.
It was of a foreigner.
Can you now read it then?
I now can even write it.
That is truly impressive.
Still, I reckon the decision wasn't
easy to make
when you decided to go to school.
There's an English word
called "sad ending."
The owner of the hotel
who recommended me to you
was the one who taught me its meaning,
which is "sorrowful closure."
When I first heard of its meaning,
I made up my mind
to go to school.
It's because
I wanted to learn the antonym
of that word.
And have you?
Every conclusion harbors sadness
in each of their own way.
So I have yet to learn.
What a wise answer
to such a silly question.
So what else did you learn?
Writings that teach you wisdom,
whether it's from the Book of Odes,
or of Heo Nanseolheon,
or in English,
despite the difference in language,
they're all connected
in terms of their view.
Still, the rules of mathematics
that say one plus one is two,
and the scientific facts about
how the planet we live on is round
are quite intriguing.
Your grandfather
must be very proud
to have such a bright granddaughter.
Looking at you
has reassured me of the benefits
of establishing a school for Korean women.
I'd love to talk some more,
but the owner of Glory Hotel
is supposedly waiting for you.
You should get going.
She said you'll know where.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I had no idea you'd go through the queen.
Was I too impertinent?
You were,
but most of all,
it felt like a display of power
from your end.
I just wanted to inform you
as soon as possible.
I heard something
from Gu Dong-mae himself.
I was waiting for a letter.
I'd rather not leave trails of writing.
Experience taught me that.
So please tell me. What was it about?
Your grandfather sent writings
across the nation,
but they were all burned
before they could reach anyone.
Gu Dong-mae scaled the wall
of your residence
to return the one
that he managed to retrieve.
He's unaware of the content of the letters
and doesn't know why they were burned.
This much I can guess though.
Gu Dong-mae scaled the wall himself
in order to save your grandfather.
Does that answer your question?
Thank you.
Now I'd like an answer too.
Hui-seong had in his hand
the letter of your wedding.
Is that
false hope I see in your hands?
Don't beat around the bushes.
You very well know why.
And you already knew
that it wasn't my first visit that day.
One day, I saw you enter.
-What's the matter?
-The other day, I saw you leave.
It wasn't the same day, but it seemed like you had stayed there.
There's no need to thank me
since I received help from you too.
Thank you for today.
Thanks to you, I was able to get out.
Anyway, I should get back.
I'm still grounded.
I'll pay for the cake today.
Thank you.
How was the palace?
I nearly cried,
but I managed to smile.
Stand at ease.
This is how you stand at ease.
I can't tell the difference.
I'll say.
Sir, please continue.
I am your drill instructor,
US Marine Corps Captain Eugene Choi.
First name Eugene, last name Choi.
Although, you won't be addressing me that.
Cho-hee? Why does he have two first names?
He's wearing the uniform
of the US Marine Corps.
Does that mean he's an American?
I'm not interested
in strengthening your body, mind,
or principles.
Those, you'll hone yourselves.
What I will be teaching you
is how to not die.
My classes
will be short but brutal.
They'll be tough though not frequent.
Let's do well.
Die? Why will we die?
My body has a feeble mind.
I'm already exhausted.
For the meantime,
you will get accustomed to guns.
This one
is a colt pistol
the US Marine Corps carries.
This is the matchlock musket
which operates on gunpowder.
Next is
the Russian bolt-action sniper rifle.
Out of these
I'll use this one.
You'll train with this.
What? Who got appointed
as the drill instructor?
I'm the Minister of Foreign Affairs
and a foreigner got appointed
without my knowledge?
It looks like Lord Lee Jeong-mun
was determined to make it happen.
I hear it was already decided
before you were appointed as minister.
Is that what you think I meant?
I'm asking what you've been doing
while Lee Jeong-mun came up with this!
I said I wanted to downsize
the Board of Marshals,
but you let an American
be the drill instructor.
The Royal Military Academy is directly
under the emperor's jurisdiction.
I only found out yesterday.
Are you kidding me?
I had everyone know
including even the court maids
and the interpreters at the palace.
-How could you find out just yesterday?
That's what happened.
They are the newly appointed interpreters.
The minister is busy dealing with affairs
in and out of the country,
so your role here is important.
Devote yourself to the country's affairs
to less burden the minister.
-Yes, my lord.
-Yes, my lord.
I don't understand why you replaced
their hardworking predecessors.
Stagnant water tends to rot.
Those who don't know their places,
tend to die young
and rot in the ground.
All you do is spit out threats.
-What a disgrace of a man.
-What was that?
-You heard me.
And life and death are
in the hands of the deity.
Let's go.
-Yes, my lord.
-Yes, my lord.
That little
He'll do anything to get on my nerves.
We'll see if life and death
really are in the hands of the deity.
Why are you still here?
Get to the military academy!
Ready to fire.
Aim. Fire!
-Bang. As you were.
Right face. Next.
Ready to fire.
My lord, if I knew you were coming,
I would've--
Move. You're in my way.
Is Is he out of his mind?
Is this that hard to do?
What's so hard about it?
Lock the butt plate at your shoulder.
The one who killed Sang-wan and his wife
was Lee Wan-ik.
Keep that in mind.
That is the end of today's drill.
You're dismissed.
Keep what in mind?
How should I know?
By the way, he's a crappy shooter.
That was one loud welcome.
I was curious of the defense budget,
but I see you've been wasting bullets.
I'll be better off spending that money
on a bowl of noodles.
The supplies are from the US Marine Crops,
so don't worry.
Your action just now
can be considered as attempted murder.
Accidents tend to happen
at shooting ranges.
You're crossing the line.
The American spirit sure is nice.
Those guts of yours
definitely aren't Korean.
Let me ask you directly.
How do you know Lee Jeong-mun?
What is he scheming
by putting you in charge here?
Is that why
you boldly attacked Lee Se-hun?
Are you Lee Jeong-mun's spy?
What would Allen say if he found out?
I guess that's how you plan to frame me.
Well, do your best.
I'd like to see you try.
Who's interrupting us?
Cadet, return your firearm and head home.
Keep testing my temper.
It won't be difficult to kill
a Korean with an American name.
It won't be difficult to kill a Korean
with a Japanese name either,
especially in this day and age.
So you should be careful.
By the looks of it,
the Minister of Foreign Affairs
keeps getting killed.
What a mess. You have no idea.
Do you know just how extravagant he is?
Even though coffee
is too expensive for even the emperor,
he drinks it day and night.
He says he picked up the habit in America.
My gosh. You know what else?
His English isn't even that good.
I think the dialect is of West Virginia.
Can you believe it?
I've never heard
of such pronunciation before!
He's always off to some place,
and I end up doing all the work.
Is he close to anyone in Joseon?
He's so cold-hearted
that no one has befriended him.
That's not a surprise.
I also thought he was quite rude.
Is he seeing any woman?
A woman?
Think before you answer.
This meal isn't for free, you know.
Is there a woman or not?
So that's what you're interested in.
Why didn't you say so from the start?
I only focused on his work ethics,
personality, and future plans.
Things like that, you know.
-So I've been thinking.
Is a will or drive
all you need to be a spy?
If you think about it,
those who've betrayed their country
Those who have past experiences do well.
Would I be able to get to that level too?
Why you
How dare you say that
after all I did for you?
What a waste of time.
I'll let it slide this time,
but I expect more solid intel
when we meet again.
Why not follow him
when he goes off on his own?
Right. Take care, sir.
He's gone.
I'm sure you knew,
but I had to be convincing.
I didn't mean any of it.
I know you did.
You were having a blast.
Even I thought I was a scumbag.
Oh, dear.
I forgot that I promised
Major Moore with his shopping.
I should get going.
Thank you for today.
You can put it on my tab.
Join me if you haven't eaten.
All we need is some cutlery.
Why the sudden hospitality?
I heard of your heartbreaking backstory.
You and I are similar.
You too are a lowborn.
I didn't say anything
when I found out you were a butcher.
Out of all the lowborns I know,
you sure are the politest.
Don't be upset.
It's not your fault
that I'm the better person.
When I first returned to Joseon,
I killed them all.
Those who spat on my parents, I mean.
It's not like I haven't thought about it.
I've killed them
hundreds of times in my head.
Did you forgive them
or did you not have the courage?
unlike our parents,
can shoot a gun
or drive a sword through anyone.
I made a choice.
We, unlike our parents,
have the luxury of making choices.
You're right.
It can either be a sword or a gun.
I should get going.
Thanks to you,
I now have something important to do.
My guest is leaving. See him out.
Please, Mother.
save me
once more.
My lady, you have a visitor.
Give us a moment.
Yes, my lady.
I begged you desperately
to not tell my son.
How could you
You must feel better now
that you have gotten your revenge.
Your son already knew.
I thought he'd ask me questions about it,
but he's been figuring out
the answers himself.
That is why I am here today.
You didn't tell him?
Just like you said,
the ornament was
the price of my mother's life,
so I'll keep it.
But that doesn't mean I'll forgive you.
The sin you committed is indifference.
Live the rest of your life
without being forgiven.
But I won't ask your son to pay the price.
The child must not bear its parents' sin.
Your son
has been trying to repent for your sins.
Which is why your son and I
will not be stopped by revenge.
We will keep moving forward.
Once, I've taken the long road
and also the road back.
No path was easy.
It'll be the same for your son too.
Root for him.
Hello, young master.
It's been a while.
I've been quite busy.
We actually received this new fabric
just now.
I'm glad you came at the perfect time.
Is that so? Then
make a suit for me with this fabric.
Use my old measurements for the suits
that you used to send to Tokyo.
I'd like to lose a bit of weight.
I beg your pardon?
I think you look great now.
"I, Kim An-pyeong,
in the Southern District
of Hanseong
would like to ask
Lord Go Sa-hong
in Hanseong."
Oh, my.
"If you do not think
too lowly of me"
Teach me.
You said this is what friends do.
"we should follow up
on our discussions."
Thank you.
"If you'd like your granddaughter, Ae-sin
to marry my son, Hui-seong,
with your permission"
As far as I know,
only two people in Joseon can fence.
One is the British minister's
The other is
the French minister's secretary. Leo.
What happened to you?
Your lunges are bad today.
Your knees are very stiff.
I must've ended up in Joseon to meet you.
My little bird
confined in this tiny country.
Would you like to move to France with--
Let go of my knee.
I have nothing more
to learn from you, Leo.
Get lost.
If you see my fencing instructor
and Ms. Kang meeting for the third time,
you must let me know.
If they met three times,
it cannot be a coincidence.
Oh, no.
Look at that on your handsome face.
Can you quit teaching fencing?
I don't like that wench.
I am actually planning on quitting
so that I can be
more attentive to you.
Does that mean we'll move
to France together soon?
I told you that I just need the list.
The list of all covert officers.
You said we could leave
as soon as you sort out
what happened
with the American missionary.
Darling, don't you want to live
a fabulous life with me in France?
With that list,
we can live luxuriously
for the rest of our lives.
And even this time,
you cannot tell me who is behind it?
But I have given you
all the information I have--
I have to be extremely careful this time
as it's a very important mission.
The person who wants that list
will return to Joseon from Japan soon.
I'll tell you who it is then.
It seems that someone in this household
is leaking information about the family.
What nonsense
Where were you, you fool?
What small errand took so long?
I met someone I know on the way back.
Can you find out who it is?
Before more information gets out.
If I do find out who it is,
we cannot keep that person here.
But if he or she is kicked out,
more information will get out.
Whoever it is, kick them out right away.
Someone else will make sure
nothing else gets out.
You're supposed to be
making this rope with me.
What are you pondering?
There is a treacherous jerk I know.
I was wondering what I can do
to destroy his life.
You now know how to hold a rifle.
Next, I want you lads
to learn how to breathe.
It's very simple.
Aim precisely at your target.
Then hold your breath.
Now, pull the trigger.
As you just heard, it's very easy. You'd be a moron if you couldn't do it.
Don't shout, "Bang." All of you, aim.
Hold your breath.
-Now, fire.
Everyone, repeat after me.
I'm a moron.
Are you teaching us properly, sir?
You don't think I am?
The other day,
I noticed that
you are a lousy shooter yourself.
I beg to differ.
Put it on.
Am I fit to train you lads now?
Now, practice individually.
Lee Jun-yeong, follow me.
Why did you wish to see me, sir?
I'm curious about something.
How do you know the acting consul
at the American legation?
Why do you ask?
I was going through your application form
and saw his name listed as your guarantor.
-Are you close to him?
-Is that a problem?
I asked if you two are close.
I never said it's a problem.
Are you close to him, sir?
Well, shall I say that I am?
I do know him very well though.
How well do you know him, sir?
Why do you keep asking me questions
without answering mine?
Does it mean you can't answer?
Will you
ask him about me when you meet him?
No, I won't.
But I bet he already knows
that you forged all the documents.
He did not do anything wrong, sir.
I disagree with that.
I know that he signed this,
fully knowing that it was forged.
Whoever that does such a thing
is called an accomplice.
How do you know that, sir?
The acting consul who signed this
is me.
Doesn't this look like the signature
on the document?
Then what will happen to me now?
Will I be expelled?
You have two options.
If you want my silence,
you have to either kill me or trust me.
Why is the conclusion the same?
You obviously can't kill me,
and I'd like to
be a real guarantor
for a young, foolish student.
But why would you do that?
Because I can.
Is he an ominous blackbird
flying in my skies?
Or is it the other way around?
Young Master Hui-seong sent
this palanquin for Lady Ae-sin.
My goodness.
Knowing the situation, I'm not sure
why he sent her a floral palanquin.
My lord.
Gosh, my lord.
Let Ae-sin know
and tell her to go talk to him.
Oh, boy. Of course, my lord. I will do so.
Hey, wait a moment, okay?
Lord Go is right.
A woman who fancies another man
does not deserve to be loved.
Gosh, what a disaster.
She could be riding
that exquisite floral palanquin.
If you sink that ball first, you lose.
I know.
But it also means
that I can start a new game.
Lady Ae-sin is here.
Where should I take her?
Please bring her here.
Did you have a comfortable journey here?
Yes, thanks to you.
-How have you been?
-I'm doing my best to be okay.
When I taught you how to play pool,
I could tell you have a knack for it.
How about we play a game today?
The loser has to grant the winner's wish.
I'll go first.
It's a game I must win.
The striped balls are mine.
I won.
I won the game fair and square,
so you must grant my wish now.
What is your wish?
end it now.
We are no longer
engaged to each other.
That is my wish.
Once you walk out of that door,
people will gossip and speak ill of you.
stay strong.
You too.
Thank you for everything.
Even for today.
I truly mean it.
I believe you
for you once had
my heart.
I'm sorry that things ended up like this.
I don't even know what to say.
Don't be sorry.
I suppose they are simply
not meant to be together.
It is not really frowned upon for men,
but I am concerned about Ae-sin.
She will have to carry the stigma
for the rest of her life.
I trust that she will get through it.
Thank you for your concern.
And please look after your health.
You seem to have a cold
every time I see you.
Oh, this
It is a scar that I cannot erase.
This scar
is the reason we cannot dare
to welcome your niece into our family.
Don't ask me to tell you more about it.
I will
atone for my sins for the rest of my life.
Even though we can't be in-laws now,
I've enjoyed every encounter with you.
Feel free to come by often.
I hope Lord Go stays healthy as well.
You too. Please stay healthy, Lady Yun.
Her fiancé called off their engagement?
What happened?
Apparently, Lady Ae-sin has a big scar
on her body.
She didn't tell her fiancé's family
about it until she received
the wedding letter.
No wonder why her fiancé lived abroad
for ten years.
Didn't he dump her because she spends
too much time with Westerners?
Goodness. Whatever the real reason may be, those who grow up without parents
always have
many flaws regardless of their origin.
That girl from such an influential family
got dumped.
She'll be single for the rest of her life.
So, it finally happened.
She's taken another step away from me.
I hear people talking about it
wherever I go.
I mean, about Lady Ae-sin.
Lady Ae-sin was actually engaged
to Lord Kim An-pyeong's son,
but I heard that their engagement
has been broken off.
I thought about what the reason could be,
and I'm certain that he has another woman.
Only that explains why
he stayed in Japan for that long.
I don't think so.
What do you mean, sir?
He does not have another woman.
There is only one woman in his heart.
That won't ever change.
But how do you know that, sir?
They must be from Palace Security.
What do they want from us?
The American acting consul,
please come with us.
Gosh, what a relief.
That scared me.
"What a relief"?
I know that it's from a long time ago,
but you did the exact same thing.
Is it good?
Where on earth have you been?
You weren't even at the hut.
First, I went to Jisan.
Then I crossed over the valley there
and even went to Tongyeong.
What was a gunner doing in a coastal town?
I suppose I got sick of wild boar meat.
I had a sudden craving for fish.
So, did you enjoy the fish?
What's the matter?
Why are you asking so many questions?
Shall I make a prediction?
Something will be
put over your head very soon.
How random.
What on earth are you talking about?
What Identify yourself!
Who are you? Who sent you?
What is happening?
Hey! How dare you
Mister, I
I'm going to become a rebel.
I opened up the path for you,
so try and see if you can pull it off
if that is your wish.
Why on earth did you have these lads
drag me here?
Where is Eun-san?
You need not be concerned for his safety.
I asked him to arrange this for me.
What the hell
do you need to talk to me about?
Must you get on my nerves like this?
The palace is filled
with Lee Wan-ik's people at the moment.
I am on the lookout for someone
who can protect His Majesty from them.
Hence, I'd like you, Gunner Jang,
to be the head of Palace Security.
Stop spewing utter nonsense.
those men over there will suffer.
What on earth is this about?
Last fall,
when the American army
first arrived in Joseon,
a rifle was stolen on the train.
I've managed to track down the culprit,
and I'd like to interrogate
all parties involved.
Someone stole it,
and someone else took it apart.
Then someone let it slide unpunished.
About that incident You are correct,
but we already closed the case
without any issues--
Do you think that Minister Allen
would agree with you?
Gosh, why does everyone in Joseon
have to threaten me with that?
I believe that only Gunner Jang
can sort this out.
I cannot let the head of Palace Security
whom I appointed
be convicted of theft.
What's with that look?
That's rude.
It sounds like he's offering you
a position in the government.
I think the robe
will suit you very well.
Tell him that you'll do it.
Who knew you were such a coward?
I'm in no position to be audacious
at the moment.
Well, you see
You asked me to be there for her.
I'm doing this to keep that promise.
If those at the legation find out,
I'll be reprimanded harshly.
Just accept it already.
Come to think of it,
two of my enemies are inside the palace.
I have no reason to turn it down.
I'll do it.
One must be Lee Wan-ik,
but who is the other enemy of yours?
Oh, wait. Should I say there are three,
including you?
So that is what the king looks like. I don't know your story,
but I think one traitor
is enough for tonight.
By the way,
what does the head of Palace Security do?
He'll be responsible for closely escorting
and protecting His Majesty.
It is a very important position.
You told me to do it.
Don't be near me when you do it.
I do not want to die just yet.
Let's drink together to celebrate.
I heard from those in Shanghai.
Seung-jae got there safe and sound.
That is great news.
I haven't seen Gunner Jang for days.
Have you heard from him at all?
He won't be able to visit us
for the next little while.
Don't be surprised even if he shows up
looking like a different person.
What about Sang-mok?
Still no word from him?
Oh, still nothing.
Even the one shoe he left is still there.
I hope he's okay.
Does the Righteous Army pay you well?
If it does, I want in.
How is my fortune for today?
At a glance, I can tell
that it won't be my lucky day.
What do the cards mean?
I'm sure it can't always be accurate.
I have to head out.
Today is the 15th of the month.
Today is the 15th of the month.
My lady, everyone in town
is gossiping about you.
They say that you are a flawed woman.
Everyone is saying something.
Is that so?
Here is the payment for this month.
Did you
come all the way here
just to keep this promise?
I was torn,
but a promise is a promise.
I also came to tell you something.
I simply came to deliver something to you.
Thank you very much for everything.
You must know the reason.
Then I will see you again next month.
Hotaru's reading was wrong.
She keeps on giving me hope like this.
The court maids and eunuchs
smuggle out and sell valuable things
delivered to the king.
You can buy them only from her.
Have a look.
My goodness.
All these beautiful things in one place?
It's a lovely sight.
This bracelet is
from a faraway country called Greece.
If you wear it, just like magic,
all your wishes come true.
That's a nice story.
Are you sure you didn't just make it up?
Do you have a wish?
Would you like a handsome man?
All I wish for is to win
every card game I play.
I'm sure.
I spend too much
because of her storytelling.
I'll take the bracelet.
I wonder if I'll find
what it is I want.
If what the peddler said is true,
you came from so far away.
Cast some of your magic for me.
We completed the task.
What about the other job?
It'll be done soon.
Actually, he's getting pretty good.
I don't think I'll need this anymore.
You reached her?
I think she's where I can't reach her.
Your pay.
I put in a little extra to burn these.
Pick them up. We need to bathe.
What for?
I have a feeling we must
burn these respectfully.
Why? Did you ask who this is?
It can't be an employee
who fled with her money.
She's obviously someone older.
If they parted young,
it would be her mother.
I'll hurry then.
-I feel much better.
The grass has grown a lot.
My gosh.
Why are you here?
I just came to see
how you're doing at target practice.
What about you?
I came to see my master
because I thought
he's helping my grandfather.
He must not be here,
so it's a wasted trip.
That's too bad.
I'm trying very hard
to miss two out of five shots.
I think you just missed twice.
Was it because of me?
It's a wasted trip?
You didn't have to say that.
I said that because of Ms. Haman.
And I was surprised.
I wondered how you knew I would be here.
I didn't.
Yesterday was the pier,
the day before, the pharmacy,
today, I came here.
I just go and stand in places
where I think someone will be at.
You spoke with another woman
for a while in the palace.
It was so someone else there would hear.
Which were prettier,
the plum flowers or the other woman?
The prettier
were the flowers.
Give me those.
I'll hit the target with these
so I don't need more lessons.
Well done.
I train some woman's future comrades
at the Royal Military Academy.
They're all from noble families,
but they never listen.
Are you listening?
Thank you so much
for making the long trip.
As mentioned in my letter,
I plan to submit
a severe and serious petition to the king.
Will any of you add your name to it?
If you support in mind but not in name,
I will understand.
You will be persecuted.
Let us young men take the lead.
We just need for you to support us.
He's right.
Our country
has no king.
We just have a weak puppet
who is influenced by Japan.
Based on how weak he is,
we run the risk of arrest
by making a stand now.
That is why I must do it.
How much time do you think I have left?
-My lord.
-My lord.
The people are allowing themselves
to be subject to this
because they don't know what's wrong.
My being arrested
will have great meaning.
If they take our supplies,
it's obvious that
the next step will be to invade us.
Why is the king of Joseon
taking the side of the Japanese?
Joseon has a history of 500 years.
What is happening now
will become part of your legacy.
Your Majesty,
must you go down a path that will lead
to the destruction of our dynasty?
-Please accept our plea.
-Please accept our plea.
An old man called Go Sa-hong
is causing a fuss outside the palace.
What are you doing?
Go to the palace immediately,
pressure the king,
and arrest the ringleader.
You don't know what you're saying.
The king's already under a lot of pressure
and if we arrest Go Sa-hong now,
the Joseon peasants will start a riot.
There's a time for everything, so wait.
What if we wait
and the king decides
not to circulate our currency?
I made you Minister of Foreign Affairs
and now you ignore me?
Look, Minister Hayashi.
I got to where I am by myself.
I'm the one who got
Dai-Ichi Bank's bills in circulation.
What nonsense.
-What did you say?
-If you don't understand then forget it.
Are you really going to be like this?
Just because you're called Rinoie,
do you think you're a Japanese citizen?
A bothersome task like this
is for Joseon people like you
to take care of!
That's why I told you to wait!
Why are you ignoring
a Joseon man's advice?
If things go wrong,
the first thing that will happen
is you losing your head
with the ax they brought.
If arresting them would help,
I'd have done it already.
Does he think
it's that easy to take over Joseon?
Why is life so difficult?
My lady.
How's my grandfather?
You don't want to know.
He's outside the palace
with the young noblemen.
Their hair's loose
and they're in white.
They're demanding to see the king.
He submitted a serious petition?
That's why it's such a huge fuss.
Why would he badmouth
his own king right outside the palace?
He could do it in the house.
Everyone will hear what he says now.
My lady.
The elders from your family are here.
-Why aren't you talking to me?
I thought you were just passing by.
This was my destination.
I want candy.
Can anyone help?
Gu Dong-mae has been shot!
What happened?
Stay with me.
Can you see me?
Isn't this a relief?
I thought it was that woman.
What do you mean?
Look at me.
You have to stay with me.
Get a rickshaw
and call his men here.
Thank you very much for everything.
You must know the reason.
Gu Dong-mae.
It was a sincere greeting.
I see that now.
Gu Dong-mae.
Gu Dong-mae!
Gu Dong-mae!
Tie her up!
What on earth are you doing?
Women learn to read and write here.
-You can't--
-Shut up!
This American witch sold
Japanese information to America.
She's a spy!
I don't speak your language!
Who are you?
Why are you taking my teacher?
Do you want to die, you Joseon wench?
-Yes, sir!
You're the eldest daughter-in-law.
Why are you so mindless?
You should've clung to his robes
to stop him from doing this.
This happened because you have no son.
Please come inside.
Mr. Lee will be here soon.
He ignored our family's business,
but he cares so much about his country.
Is he trying to ruin
our family's reputation?
If he were going to do this,
he should've adopted a son first.
What's going on?
What on earth is going on?
How dare you?
You can't come in on horseback.
Get off right now!
The teacher of the school
the young lady of this house
goes to was arrested for spying.
Therefore, we are
interrogating the students.
The teacher from the school
someone here goes to
was arrested for spying.
They're investigating all the students.
A school?
What school?
Who here attends a school?
Sir, I will make it all right.
I'll make things right.
Ae-sin? You attended a school?
What a disgrace this is.
A woman of a noble family going to school?
This is all because there's no son
in the family.
Now is not the time for such remarks.
Interpret for me.
Is this how the Japanese
request for cooperation? How dare they act so disgracefully
in another country?
If I did anything wrong,
I will accept an interrogation,
but it'll be at Joseon's Police Bureau,
and not by a Japanese soldier.
Tell him to leave this house immediately.
You dare smile?
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
How dare they?
I'll tear you all apart.
Who do they think they are?
Do not fight back.
They're armed soldiers.
They brought an interpreter,
so watch what you say too.
There are American soldiers outside.
American soldiers?
Eugene, Japan and Joseon are very close.
When I go back home,
you should visit me in Tokyo.
You got promoted.
And your English is still terrible.
In my country, I was always high up.
Unlike you.
You speak Korean.
Do you know why my English never improved?
Because I was studying Korean,
not English.
Dreaming of the day I'd work
in Joseon, my country's colony.
It's been a while,
I tell them not to be afraid
even though the enemy
might seem indestructible.
People risk their lives
to protect the country.
The commoners.
They call themselves the Righteous Army.
If that fool had a child,
it would be her age.
I don't regret making any of my choices.
I intend to become a man of use
for you from now on.
I don't care if I have to make
the whole world my enemy.
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