Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

You got promoted.
And your English is still terrible.
In my country,
I was always high up.
Unlike you.
You speak Korean.
Do you know why my English never improved?
Because I was studying Korean,
not English.
Dreaming of the day I'd work
in Joseon, my country's colony.
It's been a while,
If I go to Hanseong,
I won't be welcomed.
So you've been
in Joseon since then.
Are you that shocked by our encounter,
or are you angry?
We'll catch up later.
We must submit our reports before sunset.
You will follow me to the legation.
Bring those who escorted you
to the school too.
You may take your sedan chair.
Explain first.
A female American teacher of your school
was taken by the Japanese.
The American legation
is questioning those involved
to get to the bottom of it.
-Ms. Haman.
Bring my sedan chair.
Exactly. Say it with confidence.
No one will understand it anyway.
Why am I saying it in English
when no one will understand it?
There's always Japanese.
I intend to rebel
just a little bit.
The hall is busy due to preparations.
The ladies are already in the VIP Lounge.
Am I the last one to arrive again?
They'll make me pay up again.
The streets are a mess right now.
From what I hear, Gu Dong-mae got shot
and was carried to the hospital.
Move! Where's the operation room?
Bring me a doctor!
He was shot.
I tried to stop the bleeding,
but 30 minutes have passed.
He probably lost a lot of blood.
He's barely conscious right now.
The cause of death comes out today.
The medical examiner works for Lee Wan-ik.
He needs surgery right away,
so please clear the room, everyone.
-Bring the anesthetic.
-Yes, sir.
I don't need it.
Don't let him near a syringe.
Dong-mae, please.
I may not wake up from it.
Just take out the bullet.
Do not leave my side.
If something happens to me,
kill him first.
The bullet is out.
Please sit.
Where would I sit?
I'm just fine here.
I'll try some coffee.
You see, Western food isn't really for me.
That's a very Western beverage.
Gosh, it's bitter.
What's with that taste?
Your English has improved.
Did they really
take Stella?
Don't be afraid.
They don't intend to question her.
I'm not scared
because I know what they'll do.
What are you doing? -Protecting you.
In order to stop
your grandfather from protesting,
they might take you as hostage.
I thought you'd be safer here.
If that's the case,
then Stella will suffer on my behalf.
She's an American.
No country has the guts
to harm an American.
I was trying to make you less worried.
That man
Are you two acquainted?
The Japanese soldier.
We were neighbors in New York.
But it seems all I knew about him
was his name.
My room was ransacked.
I hid everything else,
but I'm worried about
my stitched notebook.
-I left it on my desk.
-What's a stitched notebook?
I thought Americans knew everything.
This is the stitched notebook.
How did you remember
to take this with you?
Thank you so much.
How could I forget this?
His name is written all over the pages.
My name?
You can read this? Of course.
Every time you wrote it down, you'd say
That's my name.
I'll let you rest.
Did I
say it out loud?
"Eugene Choi."
So you heard.
Don't worry though.
Gu Dong-mae is still unconscious
This is an urgent letter to Mr. Rinoie.
Relay it discreetly.
Yes, sir.
Dr. Matsuyama, it's been a while.
I heard you operated on Gu Dong-mae.
The surgery went well.
He's in temporary shock
and will wake up soon.
So that's why you're in a pickle.
Is that urgent letter
for Mr. Rinoie?
Did you ask
if you should kill Dong-mae?
Even if I did,
you're not in a position to question it.
Why not?
Is it because of the autopsy report?
Do you think
Rinoie still has it?
You having this changes nothing.
Also, it's now in my hands.
It must look authentic.
I don't care whether
you report this or not,
but if you want to live another day,
you will make sure that Gu Dong-mae lives.
You can keep that.
I now have a welcome party to attend.
What should I do with this letter?
Shut it!
Can't you see I'm reading this?
What's wrong?
Are you injured?
Not me. Gu Dong-mae is.
He was shot at Jingogae.
They say the surgery went well,
but he's still unconscious.
I doubt he's had a chance
to lie down like this in a while.
He's strong,
so he'll be on his feet soon.
You should rest.
I should head out after I get changed.
I see you're busy.
Still, you found the time
to stop by my parents' house.
My mother must've unleashed
her anger on you.
She did.
Is this the time?
Though it's late,
is it the time for me to apologize?
On behalf of my grandfather and parents,
I sincerely apologize.
I'm sorry about
what my family did to yours,
and how you had
to deal with my mother.
I heard you broke off the engagement.
I won't apologize though. There's nothing you should be sorry about.
You're not the reason
why our engagement was broken off.
What she chose was a life of her own,
not you.
I hope that's true,
believe it or not.
Can I ask you something?
And I am risking my everything for him.
There is no going back,
and I have no regrets.
How far are you willing to go
for her?
Are you prepared
to risk everything you have?
I won't.
I must not lose anything.
Through and through, I must be an American
and a loyal soldier.
That way
I can protect her.
Long live His Majesty the Emperor!
For the Great Empire of Japan!
For the Great Empire of Japan!
You there, bring more booze.
Korean bitches sure don't know
how to entertain.
Have the women work in the kitchen.
The men will serve them tonight.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
Why don't you show me how sorry you are?
Sit and pour me a drink.
I see you get easily drunk.
Should I take you to your room?
Are you suggesting
a private party?
I don't drink with morons.
You may know how to harass women,
but I doubt you have the skill
to pull out your sword.
You bitch. Do you have a death wish?
This is how you pull out a sword.
Why don't you prove yourself?
Beat me in a fight,
and I'll go to your room with you.
This is going to be a fun watch.
Go for it!
What if you lose?
Girls should only work
with kitchen knives.
Being this bold won't do you good.
Don't go for her face.
She's quite the looker.
Why you
Are you crazy, bitch?
Do you want to die?
Are you now ganging up on me?
Lower your weapons.
Major Sasaki.
On your feet.
Yes, sir!
A soldier of the Great Japanese Empire
takes out his sword to fight a woman?
You should be ashamed.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Please forgive their rudeness.
Let me apologize.
It was fun.
I even won, didn't I?
Your Japanese has a Joseon accent.
I'm Colonel Takashi Mori.
Your swordsmanship was sharp.
My name is Hina Kudo.
Hearing you speak Korean makes me modest.
I get that all the time.
The army's defeat translates
to the empire's defeat.
So don't lose no matter what.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Long live His Majesty the Emperor!
For the Great Empire of Japan!
For the Imperial Japanese Army!
Gosh, Dol-soe.
Why on earth are you doing this to us?
Shouldn't you know the reason?
Four pigs cost at least 20 hwans.
Where did you get that much money?
Did you tell them everything?
They asked, so I told them
that you bought me those pigs.
But what is all this about? Tell me!
The thing is, I met a rich widow.
There's nothing wrong with that, right?
Sure, go ahead and babble all you want.
I haven't decided whether I want to rip
your mouth apart or slash your throat.
You don't think I'd know about you
leaking information about this family?
My anger won't go away
even if I beat you up to death.
I'm holding myself back
because of your father.
From now on,
do not come anywhere near this house.
If you do, I'm going to kill you
even if the king is here.
Hey, look. You jerks!
Your Majesty.
We, scholars of Joseon,
came all the way here
to beg you with our hair let loose
when this country is in grave peril.
Please carefully consider our appeal.
If you wish to tell us that we are wrong,
please pick up this ax
and cut our heads off with it.
-Please take our head.
-Please take our head.
Shade has fallen on me because of you.
You, Japanese man,
are blocking my way to reach His Majesty.
Get out of the way!
Your Majesty.
We must not let those old scholars
meddle in the governmental affairs.
Your Majesty.
Everyone in Joseon looks up to Go Sa-hong.
Your Majesty! Do not be swayed by the fact
that he once taught you.
Please punish Go Sa-hong
to set a deterrent example.
Your Majesty.
I must report
the current situation to the mainland,
but Japan
He says he must report
the current situation to Japan,
but he is incredibly upset
because people of Joseon are insulting Japan
for its merciful gesture.
-Please kindly reconsider.
-Please kindly reconsider.
Punish them.
Send guards there
and lock them up.
-Your Majesty.
-Thank you for your grace.
We are here to serve a royal order.
Tie them up!
How dare you!
I am much obliged, Your Majesty.
Have you heard? Lord Go Sa-hong
That is the reason
I came here in such a hurry.
I haven't even published
the first issue of my newspaper,
but I'll publish a special edition first,
which is unprecedented.
So I need you two to gather some boys.
Could you also visit
the print shop for me?
What is this now? Are you asking
for a favor or giving us an order?
A special edition?
March 21, 1903. Special Edition.
Today, Go Sa-hong and his fellow scholars
who were requesting a ban
on the nationwide circulation
of Dai-Ichi Bank's notes at the palace
were sent to jail
as per His Majesty's order.
A special edition!
Lord Go Sa-hong has been sent to jail!
A special edition!
Gosh, those ruthless scoundrels.
How dare they do such a thing to Lord Go.
He got locked up
for saying the right thing.
This is unacceptable.
Even Lord Go Sa-hong got arrested.
What if we get arrested too?
That won't happen.
We haven't even done anything
that deserves arrest.
I haven't told you this before, but
When Lee Wan-ik visited the academy,
I made eye contact with him.
-How did that happen?
-Gosh, why did you do that?
So, why don't we just quit now?
Every part of my body aches these days.
You are such a weak man.
These blisters make me proud.
Don't you feel the same way?
The acting consul who signed this
is me.
We must expedite things.
The situation isn't looking good.
But how can we do that?
We haven't even had a chance
to touch live bullets yet.
Live bullets are
We'll use them when we strike.
We can practice more at night.
If we do that,
we'll get access to the key
for the firearm storage.
So it'll actually work out for the better.
You should tail Lee Wan-ik from now on. We'll make sure
we get our hands on the key.
He's the new head of Palace Security.
Show respect to him and let him in.
By all means, sir.
Is that you?
But that uniform
What happened?
I had to accept the position.
They say that clothes maketh the man. I've always had to climb roofs,
but now,
everyone opens their doors for me.
I'm still not used to it.
Are you
protecting the king
who locked me up like this?
This is my first day here at the palace.
I'm not sure
whether I should protect or harm him.
I haven't made up my mind yet.
Seeing you here like this
is making me wonder
if I shouldn't protect him.
In this cell,
there are two traitors at the moment.
Since you will find out anyway,
I came to deliver the news to you myself.
Japanese soldiers barged into your house
and caused a ruckus.
For what reason?
Was it because of me?
Is Ae-sin okay?
Yes, please do not be concerned.
Lady Ae-sin is in the safest place
on the land of Joseon
where Japanese soldiers cannot invade.
Considering the vastness of the world,
Joseon is such a small country.
I suppose
you still have work to finish off.
Something else has come up.
Have a seat here first.
Did something happen?
You must trust me.
I don't think it's anything serious.
Don't be too shocked, okay?
Your grandfather got locked up
as per the king's order.
I have to go.
I made you sit down first
because I knew you'd say that.
At the moment,
please just focus on your safety.
I'm certain
that's what Lord Go wants as well.
Sometimes, not doing anything
can actually help remedy the situation.
But I cannot just sit here comfortably
and do nothing.
I'm glad you're comfortable here.
Let's see what happens.
We're always the first to obtain
all kinds of intel, so we can help.
Someone else is visiting Lord Go.
Someone whom you'd probably find
most trustworthy.
Is my master visiting him?
He must be in danger too.
He is safe now.
Don't worry.
What do you mean?
He is quiet and unfriendly.
However, he can shoot speedily
and accurately.
Your Majesty, he is the perfect person
to protect you
as the head of Palace Security.
My enemies are everywhere,
both in and outside the palace.
Hence, I have no choice
but to doubt everyone.
One good thing about it
is that it taught me how to distinguish
the eyes of my foes.
With that said, I'd like to ask.
Why is that you,
the new head of Palace Security,
have the eyes of an enemy,
not of someone who wishes to protect me?
He is very close to Lord Go Sa-hong.
Before coming here,
he got down on the cold floor in his cell
just to bow to him.
As you can see,
he can't hide his feelings.
That is the reason I completely trust him.
Lord Go Sa-hong did not do anything wrong.
I am aware.
The Japanese army has entered our soil
on the pretext
of protecting Japanese merchants here.
By barging
into my former teacher's residence first,
they are probably trying to warn me.
Hence, I thought that it'd be dangerous
to let him protest
out in the open like that.
The fact that I ordered
the arrest of my former teacher
will enrage the people of this country.
My rage is powerless,
but their rage isn't.
trust the power of my people,
which will be brought out
by my teacher who chose to be locked up.
Even in Japanese settlements,
merchants are refusing to sell
-to the Japanese.
-I can't accept that. Get lost. Go!
Gu Dong-mae is not
in Jingogae at the moment.
-No one can sort it out!
-Get lost.
-This piece of paper is useless!
-Go away!
Get lost!
We can't even buy anything.
All right, we heard you.
Please calm down first.
I will arrange a meeting with the minister
as soon as possible.
I told you that he has already left
for the day.
Those who work for the government
mustn't call it a day this early.
I mean, the sun is still up.
Colonel Takashi Mori, he's
I don't want to know. Step aside.
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Go bring that American wench.
-Will you let her go?
No, I'll interrogate her.
You're a missionary, huh?
Are you heading out?
I'm interrogating a suspect.
Why don't you join me?
Was this the only way
you could make me talk to you?
Soldiers of the Empire of Great Japan
would never harm any innocent civilians.
But they can have a sword fight
with a woman? What's going on with that Joseon woman?
Has she told you anything?
Aren't you interrogating her?
Continue along.
This American teacher has stirred up
Joseon students
to harbor anti-Japanese sentiment.
Everything she said is right.
That's incitement, teacher.
You're a missionary. Do your job.
A mere missionary
shouldn't invent a mean story
of a condition in another country.
your Jesus parts the Red Sea,
yet he just stands as a bystander
and just watches the cruel war go down.
Aren't I right? You just made a huge mistake.
-I did?
You can't go to heaven now.
When will you buy me drinks?
You said you'd treat me
if I came to Joseon.
When I'm not busy.
I'm very busy these days, thanks to you.
You can go, teacher.
America is Japan's ally.
Does that help?
How about this evening, American?
Next time.
I have plans this evening.
We're done here, right?
I thought you might be hungry.
-I brought some for Ms. Haman too.
-You came here to drop this off?
I asked people at the palace.
It sounds like your grandfather is well.
I think
the king locked him up to protect him.
So, it looks like
both my grandfather and I
have to get locked up for our safety.
Being locked up here
must have been boring.
There are many fascinating objects
in this room.
It's been fun to study them.
The fountain pen you use fascinates me.
I also find this round object intriguing.
It looks like a map.
It's called a globe.
Joseon is
right here.
I saw it.
And America is
It is two and a half handspans
away from Joseon.
Once you get there,
it will be hard to return
because it is very far.
With my hand
One and a half handspans.
I can return quickly.
Did anything else fascinate you?
That looks interesting too.
It was left to me by Joseph.
It's matryoshka,
a traditional Russian doll.
It's cracked though.
You must've been upset about it.
It opens up like this.
You'll find smaller dolls inside.
I suppose Joseph
always thought of me as a kid.
I do too.
There is another piglet inside.
This is truly fascinating.
Could you look at me that fondly?
This one is quite tiny. There must be
only a couple of them left.
This is the last one.
You'll be released.
I'd love to let you go now,
but you may go home tomorrow.
I can't take you home though.
I have to work
at the military academy tomorrow.
Did someone come back and practice
after class yesterday?
Yes, sir. A few students came back
and said that they want
to get more practice.
Aren't you so proud of them, sir?
They show us how bright
the future of Joseon can be.
Did you give them the key
for the firearm storage by any chance?
Yes, sir. Those young noblemen picked up
and returned the rifles themselves.
Aren't they so kind and thoughtful?
By the way, is there a problem, sir?
Let me see the key
for the firearm storage.
The key?
Is there something wrong, sir?
No, it's nothing important.
The future of Joseon
isn't so bright anymore, that's all.
Pardon me?
Where's the doctor? Call the doctor!
Yes, sir!
The A-frame
That A-frame carrier
Find him!
Find him no matter what!
Say you're an officer
in charge of the curfew bell.
Then they'll believe you
because of the uniform.
-Yes, sir.
"The one thing that enlivens a sign."
I adapted a poem
written by a poet from the Song dynasty.
That's a sign for my newspaper company.
And it's the only flower
on the path I chose.
Takashi Mori?
He's the Japanese colonel
we saw at the hotel.
I wonder how he rose through the ranks
so quickly.
Anything you heard when you were in Japan?
Even rumors at the gambling den
would help.
I came to ask if you know
anything about him.
Among the shogun families
that invaded Joseon in 1592,
there's a noble family
with the surname, Mori.
If he is from that Mori family
It's the second most influential family
after the royal family.
In my country,
I was always high up.
Unlike you.
The Mori family supports the Seikanron.
It's a movement led
by the conservatives in Japan.
Supporters of the Seikanron
believe that subjugation of Joseon
will help Japan
restore peace and order in the country.
It's a dangerous thought.
Judging from Takashi's first move,
I'm quite certain
that he is from that family.
And the fact that he's now in Joseon
means that a war may break out.
Do a good job here in Joseon.
When I come back,
I will bring a priceless document with me.
Later on, that document
will be recorded as
Japan-Korea Treaty in history.
Have a safe journey, sir.
Joseon will sign the treaty
with the blood of its people.
I hope you like the food here.
In my opinion,
this is the most authentic
Japanese restaurant in Hanseong.
What a rude prick.
I'm disappointed that Minister Hayashi
was not very cooperative.
Let's not repeat the same mistake.
The two of us should
try to do better, don't you think?
I'm very good
at dealing with people of Joseon.
Joseon people are easy to control.
They obey you when you give them food.
They bend over backwards for you
when you give them candy.
And those who don't must get beaten up.
A man who wishes to sell his motherland
must make more effort.
You speak Korean?
Cut it out.
Joseon has managed to survive to this day
despite being invaded
by the Japanese and Chinese.
Do you know why?
Every time there is an invasion,
people risk their lives
to protect the country.
Who are these people?
The commoners.
They call themselves the Righteous Army.
The descendants of those who were members
of the Righteous Army in 1592
joined the organization in 1895.
Then children of those who were
in the Righteous Army in 1895
What do you think they'd be up to now?
What can those powerless rebels do?
If those bastards in the Righteous Army
were that powerful,
I wouldn't be alive now.
That is the problem.
It means that they don't want to relieve
their anger by killing one traitor
because they are aware
of the consequences it may bring.
I don't want to repeat the humiliation,
which my ancestors experienced in 1592
because of the people of Joseon.
I know that the Righteous Army
will get in our way.
That is just how Joseon people are.
When Minister Hayashi returns to Joseon,
he will bring a treaty to be signed
between Japan and Korea.
I guarantee you.
The people Joseon
will risk their lives to stop it.
All right.
Then what shall we work on first?
Their spirit.
We must destroy the spirit of Joseon.
We ought to annihilate the spirit.
That is what I'm going to do.
So, just remember these two things,
which you should never dare to do
from now on.
Getting in my way. And being rude to me.
So, you'd better talk politely to me
at all times, you Joseon man.
I despise people who are rude.
Especially if they're
lowborn Joseon people.
Their spirit.
We must destroy the spirit of Joseon.
We ought to annihilate the spirit.
That is what I'm going to do.
It's Go Sa-hong.
It must be Go Sa-hong.
That's why they went there first.
Let's turn around.
I must go to the palace.
No problem, sir.
Your Majesty.
Minister Hayashi left for Japan
earlier today.
I asked him to make sure that enough funds
can be prepared for Dai-Ichi Bank,
so we will start receiving
chunks of money from them very soon.
They'll have to send us the money anyway,
so just get straight to the point.
I asked for a Western physician
due to my severe headache.
Why don't I get rid of that headache
for you?
You should release Go Sa-hong.
His old, frail body
won't be able to tolerate the cold floor
in the cell for that long.
What if something bad happens to him
while he is locked up?
Then the people's rage toward Japan
will be targeted at you.
You speak the truth for once.
I know I shouldn't listen to you,
but my former teacher has been
in discomfort for too long.
So I'll let you persuade me.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
Officer Jang, have your men
release Sa-hong.
Will do, Your Majesty.
We worked so hard to get them arrested.
-Such an easy release--
-I'm in a foul mood.
Shut up if that's all you can say.
Go Sa-hong cannot die in the palace.
He must die outside by my hands.
The people of Joseon must fear me,
not Japan. Do you get that?
Who is that Officer Jang?
I haven't seen him before.
Lee Jeong-mun's
getting his people into court.
I hear he used to be a gunner.
Lee Jeong-mun is busy
making useless efforts.
What's that man's name?
You're here. Let's get you inside, Father.
I'm tired.
Don't let anyone bother me.
I never thought
I'd brew one of these medicines.
I'm being punished.
It's more of a relief
that we got to brew it for him sooner.
I'm sure you'll find something suitable.
Your hair is shorter.
Your clothes nicer.
One thing led to another, my lady.
I cut my hair,
but the weight on me is heavier.
Do you work in the palace?
No one will protect the king,
so the job came to me.
I guess you can't come to the hut often.
It'll be left empty for the time being.
I erased
all traces of you
before leaving for the palace.
If you left anything,
come for them.
I'll go by there sometimes.
There's nothing more for me to teach you.
Do not do as I say anymore
and even if I stop you,
don't stop.
You did well
trying to put up with the rough
and course way of life.
I'm no longer your master, my lady.
-I have
another job to do now.
Smile and wish me well, my lady.
I wish
you stay safe.
I'm grateful
for everything.
I wish you well.
Thank you, my lady.
How many newspaper companies
are there in Joseon?
Hwangseong and Jeguk
are the two that print newspapers.
There's also one odd company that prints
special editions without a sign.
Run by Kim Hui-seong, right?
I'm impressed
by the taste of the coffee
and the size of the hotel.
It must be a lot
for a young widow to manage.
It takes a lot of work and money.
I miss my husband a lot.
Your clothes are a bit loud
for someone who misses her husband.
I'm not mocking you. Just so you know.
You must've checked up on me.
Your records no longer exist in Joseon.
Do you have a staunch backer?
You enjoy such luxury
thanks to your Japanese ex-husband,
and your Joseon supporter
erased your personal records.
That's a bit shameless.
Is that where you got stuck?
Is that all you're capable of finding out
or am I more influential?
Shall I put
the coffee on your tab?
It's so strange.
The trip seemed so much shorter today.
Burn everything else and take the guns.
My goodness. Who are they?
Aren't those Japanese officers?
My lady.
Why are you in this rough terrain?
What are you doing here?
We're here with Minister Lee Wan-ik
of Foreign Affairs.
Minister of Foreign Affairs?
Master Lee.
How are you?
I meet Ae-sun occasionally.
If you're his cousin-in-law,
you must be Go Sa-hong's granddaughter.
What is a woman of noble birth
doing in a place she shouldn't be?
This is Minister Lee Wan-ik. Say hello.
My grandfather is weak
and wishes to eat boar meat.
Tell him I'm here to get some.
Lord Go is weak and--
Are you keeping your distance
because I'm a man
or because you look down on me
for being lowborn?
I'm right here.
If the king bestowed you with a title,
then you must have a good use
regardless of social status.
I have no reason to look down on you,
but I must keep my distance.
Say I hope he understands.
When you're done,
see if Gunner Jang is in.
-Of course.
If the king appointed you,
it wouldn't matter what your--
You're just like your grandfather,
aren't you?
-Let's go.
-Yes, my lord.
It wasn't a wasted trip after all.
I apologize.
My lord.
The descendants of those who were members
of the Righteous Army in 1592
joined the organization in 1895.
Then children of those who were
in the Righteous Army in 1895
What do you think they'd be up to now?
How old is your cousin-in-law?
She was born in 1875,
so she's about 28 or 29.
She was born an orphan.
She was born in Japan
but ended up moving here,
so we're unsure of her origin.
How strange.
A girl born in Japan in 1875
was brought to Joseon as an orphan
And members of the Righteous Army
whom I killed in Japan in 1875
If that fool had a child,
it would be her age.
Did that scum Kim Yong-ju
give me fake names?
Did you
Did you ask to see me?
Call the Police Bureau in Japan
and have them list the Joseon people
who lived in Yurakucho, Tokyo in 1875.
No, even the dead too.
I want the list by telegram.
Even the dead?
Yes, my lord.
Just wait until I catch you.
The A-frame carrier?
They're searching every corner
of Hanseong as we speak,
and I sent a few men
to the fishing town he was at.
We'll find him and kill him.
I might die of frustration before then.
Spread rumors that Gu Dong-mae's alive.
Then he'll show up again.
Also, take her and feed her.
Yes, sir.
You're such a troublemaker.
You got me so worried.
It's so good to see you alive.
What a long lie.
It's the truth.
I was afraid you'd die.
I haven't decided whether
to halve you horizontally or vertically.
You're weakening my resolve. Why bother
now that my engagement is void?
I don't know. Maybe it's just how I am.
This is why you got shot.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I was just buying candy.
Were you stealing?
-Won't you leave?
-I just got here.
The woman I saw who just left.
She's always here. Is she your sister?
No. We just live together.
What do you mean you live together?
You had a wife?
You know whom I like.
I saved your life, you know.
How can you say that
when I recently broke off an engagement?
Will you leave?
I spared some time to see you
before heading off to meet someone.
Your temper tells me you're better.
Sleep some more.
You're so sweet when you're asleep.
He makes a long-winded speech
when he lies.
I was very surprised
when you asked to see me.
I should say I was excited.
Then I guess we'll get along.
Can I expect much from our conversation?
My research tells me
you studied in the Japanese Empire.
If you want to get anywhere with me,
speak in Korean.
My research tells me
you speak good Korean.
Very well.
I'll get to the point.
I'm looking for a newspaper
to print pro-Japanese articles.
You rented an office on a monthly basis
without even a sign.
A newspaper company
thrives or dies with funds.
Don't you think?
Oh dear.
You didn't research enough.
I have the prettiest sign in Hanseong.
Come and have a look.
One more thing.
I'm the second richest man
in Joseon after the king.
The monthly rent
is just how I show off.
I could make you an aristocrat.
What is that good for?
I could let you live.
You really need to research harder.
In Joseon, you have nothing to gain
by killing me.
There's something
I've been wanting to ask.
When will you call the girls?
Many beautiful girls work here.
I said I was excited, didn't I?
I was so excited
when you asked to meet me here.
If you're too shy,
I'll call them myself.
Kim Hui-seong's here!
My lady.
Someone from the Japanese legation
is here.
I apologize, my lady.
The day we intruded upon you,
one of the Japanese soldiers
stole something from your room.
Colonel Mori wishes to return it to you.
He'll meet you at Glory Hotel at noon.
What are you talking about?
I didn't lose anything.
Is that so?
How strange.
That's what Colonel Mori said.
Even if a Japanese soldier stole something
that belongs to me,
the one who stole it
should come and return it himself.
How dare he ask me to come?
Relay that message.
Yes, my lady.
I'll go to the pharmacy.
Get ready.
Lee Wan-ik wants this list?
That's right. I was wondering
whether to go to him or to you
and I decided to come here.
-I ran here.
-We did.
I'm very glad to see
that you've gotten better.
From what I hear,
officers were nowhere to be found
when I got shot.
That That's
It all happened so quickly, you know.
When you start wondering again whether
to go to Lord Lee or to me,
you should come to me, sirs. Don't forget the signature you wrote down.
-Of course, I remember.
-That goes without saying.
Did any of you manage
to keep the stone on your rifle?
I guess the midnight practice paid off.
Give him a round of applause.
Then do I get to train
with live bullets now?
No. That's it for today's drill.
Any questions?
Sir, how did a Joseon man like you
become an American?
I'm not sure.
I guess it was due to the fact
that I'm a lowborn.
What's a lowborn?
I'm sure you're all aware. What in the world
Soldiers are divided by rank,
not social status.
Which means I'm the boss here.
If you don't want to train under me
because of my origin, you may leave.
Even better if you get me fired.
Return your firearms.
All of you are dismissed.
It's a waste of bullets
for a lousy bunch like them.
Can you spare me a moment?
That depends
on why you're here.
Shall we have a cup of coffee?
I insist.
What's it like being the drill instructor?
They're very enthusiastic.
I'm simply teaching them how to use it.
I tell them not to be afraid
even though the enemy
might seem indestructible.
Because the enemy
might be more clueless than they think.
Sounds promising.
I'm sick of battles
you barely have to try to win.
I'm going to head upstairs.
I didn't get much sleep.
Go ahead, then.
Have a sweet dream.
What's wrong?
Does it look familiar?
And what's that?
In Japan, we call this an orgel.
That's not what I asked.
Oh, right.
That day when we went
to that noble lady's house,
one of my soldiers took it from her house.
How embarrassing.
You could say that again.
But the thing is, Eugene
This used to belong to you.
What's the matter? What is it this time?
Lower the sedan chair.
-Give us some privacy.
-Yes, sir.
You scoundrels. What are you doing?
Let go. Let go of me!
Why are you doing this? What do you think you're doing?
Where are you headed?
-What does that have to do with you?
-I'm giving you one last chance.
"One last chance"?
You're not making any sense.
Why do you keep making
such choices, my lady?
You break off the engagement
to become a flawed woman.
You wield a gun and become a target.
I'm talking about those dangerous choices.
I ask of you
not to do anything.
Don't go to that school.
Don't study the Westerners' language.
Don't become involved.
Don't question this world in any way.
How presumptuous of you.
I don't regret making any of my choices.
Either letting you live
or having gotten shot by your gun.
Does having the knowledge
of my secret identity
make you feel more of a man?
No. Not yet.
I intend to become a man of use
for you from now on.
I know I shouldn't, but
I don't care if I have to make
the whole world my enemy.
Even if I have to make you my enemy.
I will end your life myself.
You just wait.
If I ever catch a glimpse of you again,
I'll kill you myself.
Please protect Ae-sin.
A man who will provide protection
by any means necessary.
And a man who will not allow
any mistakes along the way.
You've been making a stand
where you shouldn't be.
Because I'm going to kill you.
You must live, Ae-sin.
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