Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

No! My lady!
Let go of me.
Do you really wish to die at my hands?
You shot down my generosity.
You're just a noble fool
who lives in luxury.
You shot me down as I ran.
And now,
you humiliate me in public.
Do you know
who the first person I slashed was?
It was Lady Ae-sin.
I carefully chose
the most hurtful words
and slashed her heart with them.
Do you think it pained her?
So tell me.
Are you in pain?
You should've left me for dead then.
Because you saved me,
I ended up with hope.
That hope
made me cut your hair off just now.
So what happened is your fault.
You must think so little of me.
If I were to go back to that moment,
I'd still save you like I did.
if I ever catch a glimpse of you again,
I'll kill you myself.
Don't you dare worry about me.
Just think of me
as a noble fool who lives in luxury.
You're already making a scene.
Don't let it go any further.
I shot a black bird
so that it wouldn't fly again.
You can't seem to ground your black bird.
Many eyes are on you.
We should continue in private.
Wait here.
Who knew this handkerchief
would be used like this?
I guess you were meant to have it.
I'll give it back to you.
It's the American's.
Like I said, you're meant to have it.
I've been dragged by the hair.
I've had it pulled and snipped as well.
All your life, you probably had others
brush and apply oil on yours.
If getting your hair cut
is the end of the world,
how do you expect to save Joseon?
-Look here.
-That's why
you should've carried handkerchiefs
instead of guns.
Three men have lost their way
because you decided to wield a gun.
Joseon will end up in Japan's hands.
Your actions won't be able to change that.
We all live in different worlds
and each cherishes different things.
In my world, Joseon, my family,
and my hair given by my parents
are all dear to me.
I do not know how you lived your life,
but I'm doing my best in mine.
So please,
do not patronize me.
But the thing is, Eugene
This used to belong to you.
Are you sure?
Then wouldn't it be odd
for it to be in her house?
It is.
And so is your reaction right now.
The lady said that
she isn't missing anything.
Even if she is,
she said you should come to her.
Nothing's missing?
I see.
You're dismissed.
Yes, sir.
Then why was this found there?
Was it stolen?
She could've bought it
not knowing it was stolen.
Records will show that
my room was ransacked multiple times.
-You be careful too.
-So did you catch the thief?
I couldn't, but it looks like you have.
It was one of your men.
I'm sorry, but you can't have this back.
You said it was stolen.
I never expected to.
I didn't tell you because
Lady Ae-sin told me to keep it a secret.
Because of the document I gave you,
she has been paying back the debt
on my behalf.
Debt? To whom?
Gu Dong-mae.
I don't know why,
but he just cut off her hair in Jingogae.
I came to you
because no one else in Joseon
can go up against him.
Why do others keep infuriating me?
I'll try and step over them one by one.
Don't worry about it.
Yes, sir.
My goodness, it's Western rice cake
Min-seok likes.
My lady.
-Is Lady Ae-sin all right?
-What do you mean?
Gu Dong-mae cut off her hair today.
Everyone in Hanseong knows already.
Didn't you know?
How modern of her.
I'll come back later then.
I see she's quickly
joining the modern trend.
It is said that our bodies
were given to us by our parents.
But in broad daylight,
she had her hair cut off
by a Japanese swordsman.
Humiliating rumors have already spread.
First, she broke off her engagement,
and not soon after
you went through a tragic incident,
-she goes and--
Are you pleased?
How are you different
from those gossiping on the streets?
As her family,
you should see if she's all right
instead of coming to me first!
Grandfather, what I meant to say was--
Mr. Haengrang, are you there?
If you ever come
near my granddaughter again,
I'll show you just how differently
butchers are treated
compared to noblemen.
Let's go.
Add on to it if you want.
He beat me quite good though.
Why did you do such a thing?
Didn't I tell you?
It's every man for himself.
I asked you for the reason.
Lee Wan-ik has been gathering
information on Lady Ae-sin.
I came here to fight you, but we can call it even.
The handkerchief is now in her possession.
Someone will end up crying.
A comrade.
A companion.
And Dong-mae.
Which of the three will end up
in the deepest sorrow?
It'll grow back soon.
Let's just stay out
of your grandfather's sight.
It'll grow over time
as each day passes.
What else can you do?
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
It's nothing but hair.
Even our king cut his off.
You didn't end up
like your mother and father.
That's good enough.
You're alive,
and that's all that matters.
Damn it.
I'm sure
that bitch said someone's name.
The Chief of Police says
no letter has come from Japan yet.
Is that so?
Should I ask the post office?
Save it.
In some cases,
the result explains the reason.
Why would it take so long?
It was obviously intercepted.
There must have been
a name I'd recognize in it.
He wouldn't
What's the name of your wife's uncle?
Oh, it's
Sang-wan wouldn't
Go Sang-wan?
So that's it.
His name was in the letter.
If you're his cousin-in-law,
you must be Go Sa-hong's granddaughter.
Is that how we're connected?
Was it her parents
that I killed?
Who are you talking about, sir?
You'll find out soon enough.
Bring me my jacket. I'd like some coffee.
Right. Your cousin-in-law
Are you sure that
she broke off her engagement?
Where have you been all day?
Come take a seat.
Stop staring and have a seat.
Hui-seong, you too.
Enjoy your coffee and leave
before I get you a new batch.
Don't leave me with them.
I'm in a crappy mood right now.
The one on the right
is my father.
I'm not in a good mood myself,
and the one on the left is my father.
I heard
about the unfortunate turn of events.
Your engagement was broken off.
Don't be upset over it.
That isn't even a flaw for men.
I'm sure there's someone better for you.
Of course.
He could have any woman of his choice.
The only thing in the way
is that he's unemployed.
That can be a major flaw.
From what I hear,
the railway industry is the future.
The railroad business is all run
by the Japanese.
Oh, dear.
Well, my son only knows how to go straight
which is much like a train.
If you have the financial resources,
I could make some introductions.
Being a millionaire of a rising country
is better than being
a billionaire of a failing one.
Gosh, that's intriguing!
Have you gone mad?
I clearly warned you
about what I could put in your food here.
Isn't the bastard Takashi Mori
staying here?
Put whatever you have in his drink.
The sooner, the better.
Also, don't get too close to that girl.
Go Sa-hong's granddaughter.
She didn't seem like
the company you normally keep.
I now know who she is.
Don't interact with her anymore.
I'm the one
who killed her parents.
What is it?
Are you all right?
I was on a blind date with Hui-seong.
I don't remember him
to be that breathtaking.
He was today.
-We should head in.
-I have a favor.
It's actually quite tricky.
Could you hand out the wrong key today?
-To whose room?
-Takashi Mori's.
I'll give you the master key.
My hotel gets ransacked often anyway.
Thank you.
Go Sa-hong.
Hwang Eun-san.
Jang Seung-gu.
Lee Jeong-mun.
I didn't see you on my way back here.
Do we take the same path?
I thought we were on different ones.
Room 304, please.
Are you off from work?
Should I prepare dinner for you?
Send it up to my room, please.
I'm a bit tired.
Are there many ways
that lead to the hotel?
Most people take the main street,
but those who prefer the rear entrance
take the alleyway.
Make way!
-Make way!
Takashi Mori?
Yes, sir. He's a Japanese colonel
from one of the Kazoku families.
The Kazoku?
What brought him to my judo gymnasium?
He's trying to get involved
in the business district in Jingogae.
Due to the Dai-Ichi Bank issue,
Joseon people and the Japanese
have been fighting a lot.
But only Joseon people get arrested
every time,
so they've stopped coming to Jingogae.
This is why I hate soldiers.
You shouldn't speak Korean
in front of him, sir.
I heard that he's fluent in Korean.
Where did that oddball come from?
I'm Gu Dong-mae, the Manager
of Musin Society's Hanseong Chapter.
I heard that you turned Jingogae
into a complete mess while I was gone
for a little while.
It was already a mess to begin with.
Just like I've heard,
you're really fluent in Korean.
You think that
because your Japanese is disastrous.
Merchants in a Japanese settlement
are refusing to accept Japanese money.
Does that make sense to you?
Japanese people usually pay
by banknotes issued by Dai-Ichi Bank.
How can they accept them,
knowing they can't be converted to cash?
You're a son of a lowborn butcher.
You betrayed your country
and won the favor of Musin Society
just to become a hunting dog for Japan.
How dare you try to lecture me?
I suppose I'm quite famous. I heard some things about you
on my way here.
I heard you're a soldier
from a noble family.
There are two things that I hate.
The nobility and soldiers.
So, you'd better not set foot
in my turf without my permission.
You see, it's quite common for people
to lose their lives or get in trouble
while living in a foreign land.
You're nothing
but a pathetic lowborn swordsman.
I guess you didn't hear enough about me.
I have the most power and authority
among all Japanese people in Joseon.
In other words,
no one in Joseon can give me orders.
It sounds like you got the wrong idea.
I'm loyal to Musin Society,
not to Japan.
You're nothing but a mere soldier. You bastard!
Picking up that gun
is like admitting your defeat, sir.
Please remove your boots
before you walk out. My guys wipe the floor every morning.
Let's go.
All I wanted
were two things.
That you live a long life.
And for Ae-sin
to not die.
-Let's hurry.
-Yes, master.
You should also find a safe place
to lay low.
If I leave,
they'll find out very soon
that Eun-san ran away.
Most importantly,
I'm waiting for someone.
There is a handsome man.
I wonder if he has another woman now.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Thank you.
You'll get sick if you eat so fast.
This one is very pretty.
Well, it's too bland. I don't like it.
Just go.
What's the matter, sir?
Who are you? Why are you tailing me?
You sneaky rat.
This isn't the first time, is it?
You followed me all the way here.
Be a man and answer my question.
How could you tail me if you
aren't gutsy enough to answer me?
You're correct.
Seven years ago,
you killed five righteous noblemen
and 50 innocent commoners.
On behalf of my 20 million compatriots,
I wish to avenge their deaths.
That bastard, Mori, was right.
He said the descendants of those
in the Righteous Army in 1592
joined the organization in 1895.
And one of their children
is glaring at me like this right now.
I'm actually very excited.
I have a feeling that you can help me.
So? What is your plan?
Have you picked a date?
You can't be planning it alone.
How many are in it with you?
Tell me.
This was delivered for you
from the tailor shop.
I see. Thank you.
Why don't you come in for a minute?
We even had a blind date.
I suppose your family wants
to find another woman for you to marry.
They do want me to get married.
I'm the only son in the family,
so I understand.
What did your father say about me?
Will you marry me if I say he liked you?
Why would I marry a man
who gets a suit made for another woman?
Another woman?
What kind of woman wears a men's suit?
It's a gift for a friend of mine.
I think it'll look great on your friend.
Do you know something?
I'm the one who killed her parents.
I know too much for my own good. Familiarize yourself
with its weight first.
Until it feels as light as a feather.
It'll still be hard
to hit the target accurately.
You should still try.
How have you been?
Your hair
got shorter.
Yes, it did.
Do I look handsome?
You look strong and brave.
I was expecting to hear something else.
The word that starts with I.
I missed you.
I guess that's not it.
Not at all.
That's not even close.
Lady Ae-sin!
See you again.
Having difficulties?
I skipped dinner to wait for you.
Why must you do this to me?
I came here at this hour because
Wait, how did you know?
It has to be after our training
and before the curfew hours end.
And I figured you'd choose a rainy day
to avoid people.
Like today.
Your nighttime training
has improved your accuracy.
You even made a copy of the key
for our firearm storage.
I bet you forged documents
to join the academy
because you wanted access to firearms.
Aren't I right?
Are you upset that I figured it out?
It was that obvious.
Your clumsy plan is a problem,
but you had no idea
I was standing right behind you.
How will you assassinate anybody?
I can do it. Please do not stop me.
My friends are waiting.
All right, then.
Go in and get the rifles. Let's go.
This is what I ought to do.
Please do not get involved.
I won't. I'm simply headed the same way.
Don't mind me.
Look, there he is.
Now, you can go your way.
-What are you doing?
His left shoulder is drooping.
Do you see that?
He either dislocated his shoulder
or has a fracture.
I think you guys
have been busted.
No, no way.
I have to go. He's my friend.
Don't come! Don't come anywhere near me!
Lee Wan-ik is watching!
I didn't give him any of your names.
If you come, you will die.
Don't worry about me and just run!
Pull yourself together.
Your friend just sacrificed his life
to save yours.
Will you run out there and die?
First, just get out of here
safe and sound.
Go save your other friends now.
Attending the military academy
means you're a soldier too.
Think like a soldier.
Follow me.
We heard a gunshot. What happened?
what's our instructor doing here?
I'm sorry. For what?
Because of the gunshot, we came here
on the way to our meeting place.
What happened?
By the way,
where is Do-hun?
Wait, was that gunshot we heard
Doing something
with passion and nothing else
makes you lose precious things.
Get your revenge
after you build your skills.
I won't stop you then.
Now, make your choice.
Will you run away
or survive no matter what?
Is this my unlucky year or what?
I can't believe I was fooled
by this kid's ruse.
How embarrassing.
I have no choice
but to use the last resort.
Who is the head of Korea Railway
at the moment?
Oh, a man named Park Gi-jong
is the president of the company,
but he's actually
Minister Hayashi's puppet.
He even submitted a petition
requesting to allow Japan
to build Gyeongui Railroad.
Bring him to me tomorrow.
With a map of Hanseong.
A map, sir?
If Japan were to have war with Russia,
a ton of things
would have to be transported.
We must make sure
that the railroad is built well.
I've figured out the perfect spot.
Pardon? Where is it, sir?
Don't act like you're not following.
I know you are.
I'm going to destroy your wife's family.
What will you do? It's about time
you decide with whom you'll side.
What's the problem?
Are you scared to the bone?
You're merely betraying your in-laws.
I'm selling my country.
How do you think I'd feel?
That's That's Lee Wan-ik.
That's Lee Wan-ik.
Gosh, my lord. My lord!
Identify yourself.
How dare you
barge into my house like this?
I'm Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lee Wan-ik, sir.
You must have had such a hard time
in the lockup.
Why try to make your own life
so difficult at your old age?
I have figured out a way
for you to truly help Joseon.
Minister of Foreign Affairs
just changed the routes
for the railroad we are planning to build.
Now, the railroad will pass through
your residence.
Hence, this house
and the surrounding areas
belong to the government
as of this moment.
You shameless man.
You won't get what you want
by threatening me like this!
Gosh, what is happening now?
What should we do?
This is how much the world has changed.
Marvelous, isn't it?
I'll leave it at this today.
When I'm back,
the house had better be empty.
People and belongings
Everything will be destroyed.
Mr. Haengrang, lock Ae-sin in the shed.
Go on, you heard him.
-My lady.
-My lady.
What's wrong with you all? Let go of me!
Lord Go is very right.
Don't just stand there.
Open the shed door.
My lord.
The tenant farmers are all here.
I think it's about time
we cut off our ties.
I selected plots that
the railway won't go through.
Take a plot each.
The land is now yours.
Those who worked for 30 years
and those who worked for 20
were differentiated.
-My lord.
-My lord.
However little the land gives you,
even if you're threatened at gunpoint,
you must never
sell the land to the Japanese.
Give it to your descendants
and protect and preserve Joseon.
Will you promise?
-Yes, my lord.
-Yes, my lord.
-I'll do that.
-I'll do that.
-My lord.
-My lord.
-My lord.
-My lord.
Why not?
Why won't you go?
Why do you think I lived with you
when you can't even give me a son?
It was for your grandfather's fortune!
I can't go.
I don't want to.
Why don't you want to?
Will you lose all that land
to the tenant farmers?
Claim your right to some of it
or steal the papers!
You bastard!
Lord Go, what brings you here?
How have you been?
She dared to talk back to me,
so I was teaching her a lesson--
Shut your mouth.
How dare a man use force
to hit a woman?
-Do you think
I didn't know what you were doing?
It's between the two of you,
so I thought you'd sort it out.
I left you alone, but I've had enough.
I came to ask you
to treat her with care.
Now I saw for myself how you treat her,
I don't expect you to change.
Let's go.
Thank you for narrowing my options
down for me.
It's been a while.
They found out
I was giving you information.
So they kicked me out.
Oh, no.
The thing is, Lord Go is
dividing his wealth
between the farmers and servants.
I worked for that family for 20 years.
I don't think that's fair.
I need you to pay me handsomely for this.
After the Japanese soldiers
searched Lord Go's house,
I found this on the floor of his room.
Do you even know what this is?
Of course.
It's a receipt for a donation
to funds for the war.
One of these
can turn anyone into a traitor.
You're smart.
If you had told anyone else about it,
it would be worth nothing.
Not at all, sir.
You're the first I told about it.
Very well.
It seems he threw you out
and wanted me to silence you.
Whoever it is, kick them out right away.
Someone else will make sure
nothing else gets out.
I heard
you do anything for a price.
That is all I can give you.
Please protect
You said you don't want Joseon to fall.
I feel the same.
I beg of you.
Please kill
the Japanese colonel.
Why must I protect
while he gets to kill?
A man who will provide protection
by any means necessary.
And a man who will not allow
any mistakes along the way.
That's the difference
between a man who scales the wall
and a man who enters through the door.
Why the Japanese soldier,
not Lee Wan-ik?
Lee Wan-ik
can die at the hands of a Joseon man.
However, if a Joseon man
happens to kill the Japanese soldier,
it will give Japan
a reason to attack Joseon.
That's why
I'm leaving it to you,
an American soldier.
You are
so very cruel to me.
Blame me all you want.
I intend to become the black bird
flying above you.
In the end,
he got us both well away from Lady Ae-sin.
He made me protect her
and you a killer.
Cruel old man.
It didn't matter which of the three
would end up in the deepest sorrow.
We lived our own lives,
but we were destined
to reach the same place.
I love you.
So, my dear,
stay alive.
no one's ending
will be a happy one.
I want a simple funeral bier,
but serve plenty of food at the funeral.
The wake will be for five days,
and accept all visitors
and mourners regardless of origin.
There's no one
who didn't help me throughout my life.
Lord Go
Lord Go
-My lord.
-My lord.
-My lord.
-Why did you leave us?
-My lord.
-My lord.
-My lord.
-My lord.
Grandfather. No, Grandfather
A woman has no place in a funeral.
You can't go out there.
That's not how things are done.
You can't go outside.
Don't get your hopes up.
Until tomorrow,
that door will stay shut.
Why is that?
Because you'd rush out tonight
and wield a gun.
Even your father was nothing like this,
so you must
take after your mother whom I haven't met.
This is a photo of your parents.
Keep it.
Is this really
for me to keep?
In return,
forgive me for what I said that day.
Then I would rather die.
Do not die.
You must live, Ae-sin.
-My lord.
-Make way.
It is His Majesty the Emperor.
What is he doing here?
Not only did he come here,
he's dressed in mourning clothes.
It's ridiculous enough
for a nation's emperor
to come to the wake of some old man,
but you even bowed twice on your knees.
What would other countries say about this?
Wouldn't they mock and belittle Joseon?
How dare you?
Crazy bastard
What was that about? Has he gone mad?
As of today,
Lee Wan-ik is relieved of all his duties.
That is my royal command.
What did you say?
Fine. Do whatever you want.
I don't need an office
in a nation that will soon fall.
Filthy bastard.
I will end your life myself.
You just wait.
Come for me.
I've been waiting all along.
Who'll bring news of the wind and rain
From all corners of the country?
The typhoon caused strong waves
How many were drenched by them?
We come to this world empty-handed And leave the world empty-handed
We poor human beings
Take pity on us all
-That worthless son of a bitch!
-What is he
-My goodness.
The house was trashed
and the family scattered.
Lady Ae-sun and Lady Cho
went to their family in Namwon.
Lady Ae-sin
She disappeared that day
and no one has heard of her since.
He's been skipping meals a lot lately.
He's worried about what happened
to Lady Ae-sin's family.
Why would he care
about what happened to her family?
You don't need to know.
You just need to stay by his side
and look after him.
That must be your brother
who works at the American legation.
Yes, he is.
What were you talking about?
It seemed serious.
That evil man, Lee Wan-ik,
crushed Lady Ae-sin's family
and caused Lord Go's death.
We were talking about that.
Even at your age,
you think that Lee Wan-ik's evil?
Everyone curses him.
Older boys I know
want to beat him to death.
I see.
Get back to work.
It was nice meeting you.
Thank you.
Let's go.
You're quite good at what you do.
I didn't think you would get rid
of Go Sa-hong that cold-heartedly.
Thanks to you,
the Joseon people have become quiet.
You said those people will get in our way.
I learned from you.
Turtle ship didn't do anything wrong.
Yi Sun-sin was the one to blame.
I learn another thing from you.
Go Sa-hong's granddaughter disappeared
and no one has heard from her.
I have something that belongs to her,
but I can't give it back now.
I've already been working on a plan.
She'll come to the 49-day memorial.
That's tomorrow.
If you send me some good men,
I'll see if I can catch her.
Once we get her,
we'll get every one of them
including the head of Palace Security.
Sounds good.
If that's sorted,
shall I sort out the other end?
-Who are you?
-You don't need to know.
Where's the kiln site?
Take me there.
The kiln site's across the river.
Why point a gun at me?
You just need to pay for the ride.
We must take a boat.
Come with me.
Don't try to do anything stupid and row.
Why did you stop?
I'm checking the current.
Guess what?
This is the deepest point.
So what?
Darn it.
I shouldn't have shot.
I should've asked where she took her.
I was too hasty.
Bring her up. See if she's dead.
Yes, sir. Go check.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
What about the body?
Should I burn it?
I had a question
I didn't get an answer to.
Should I
ask in a different way?
You stay here.
I'll go to the temple in Jemulpo.
Things don't look too good.
We'll come with you.
Won't it seem worse if you came along?
Stay here.
It's been a long time,
Sho Ishida.
My son.
What in the world is that?
-Who is that?
-My gosh.
Who on earth is that?
Let her down!
He can't hang her there.
This is terrible.
Powerless Joseon's history
is visible from up here.
I wondered who'd be the first to show up.
It's you.
Can I help you?
Where's Go Ae-sin?
What does he want?
He's looking for someone he shouldn't be.
When I give the signal, run away.
What did you say to them? Don't move!
Someone he shouldn't be looking for?
Who's that? Ae-sin?
She keeps causing us trouble.
Let's go. We might all end up dead.
My lady.
Get out of here!
Get away!
Are you okay?
No, my lady!
Get up.
Come on, get up. Hui-seong!
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