Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

You bastard!
You are not a soldier.
In a war, soldiers only fight soldiers.
Does she look like one?
It sounds like you know who she is.
That was my question
and you just
gave me the answer to it.
It was the correct answer too.
That worthless bastard.
My goodness.
Let her down!
She's my wife!
Show some respect and lower the body.
He's the head of the Palace Security,
and the woman is his wife.
The head of the Palace Security?
What a surprise.
You keep giving all the right answers.
I said, put her down!
Don't you smile.
You know something?
You've been making a stand
where you shouldn't be.
This was a first for me.
I'll pay you back for this.
Look forward to it.
You should too.
Because I'm going to kill you.
I promised I would, and I've just made up my mind.
It's been a long time,
Sho Ishida.
My son.
What have you achieved in Joseon
after coming here empty-handed?
How much blood did you shed?
How much fear did you witness?
Lord Go funded the army regularly.
There's a safe place for you in Manchuria,
so please head there.
A few Joseon people
have already moved there.
I'll have someone lead the way.
What about Ae-sun?
Lady Ae-sun will meet up with you
in Hamgyong Province.
Ae-sin, you're coming too, right?
I have
things left to do here.
Thank you for raising me all these years,
-My lady.
-You two go with her.
I've always been grateful.
Please look after my aunt.
My lady
Join us soon.
I'll wait for you every day.
I'll be there.
Are you leaving?
Thank you for protecting my family.
I hope no harm comes to you.
It seems
you have finally sunk your eight-ball.
I was worried you might become a traitor
while wearing my suit.
I'm relieved.
I hear you founded a newspaper company.
I don't believe in the power of letters,
I believe in you.
The written word has power too.
Someone must document it.
The patriots and the traitors
must all be written about.
You fight with your gun,
and I'll write about it.
I'll root for you.
Before you leave,
stop by the hotel
if you happen to pass by.
Sometimes, your ball is hidden
behind the eight-ball,
putting you in danger.
Come by the hotel at those moments.
I will.
Take care.
Why start a fight you can't win?
Why shoot when you can't even
aim properly?
In front of those lowly Koreans!
Colonel, I--
No, no. Save it.
Just die.
Now, there's no soldier
of the Imperial Japanese Army
who has been defeated.
Is that clear?
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Clean this up.
I am honored to meet
the head of Musin Society.
How was your trip, boss?
Takashi Mori.
The proud son of the Mori Family.
The uniform suits you well.
Please pardon my manners.
I had to protect my pride.
We meet again.
How's the gunshot wound?
Sho's sword knows no mercy or hesitation.
It doesn't even contain his soul.
But you say he got shot.
Were you caring for someone else,
Sho Ishida?
No such thing happened, boss.
Sho Ishida, you say?
How unworthy you are to have that name.
Well then.
Pour me a drink,
Sho Ishida,
Hanseong Manager of Musin Society.
Please excuse me.
all men who were sent to Jemulpo
have been wiped out.
All that's left there
are their corpses.
So after losing every possible lead,
you came here to tell me
that we must collect their bodies?
Forgive me, sir!
They all died?
I feel like I have done nothing
but let you down today.
Do you really wish to take me to France?
Are you finally opening up to me?
I'll give it a serious thought.
If you would come with me,
I'd gladly let Joseon
have the Eiffel Tower.
I'll keep in touch, Mr. Traitor-in-love.
I'll wait for you,
my beautiful, little bird.
I assume you understood the Japanese,
and you probably don't want to know
what we said in French.
-It was quite cheesy.
-What is this?
Why are you doing this to me?
Please calm down.
I don't want us widows
to get in a quarrel.
What's important is that
you won't be going to France.
Leo wishes to take me.
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
Lord Lee Jeong-mun
asked me to look into you.
He suspected that you've been
leaking classified information.
What will you do
now that the secret is out?
Now listen carefully
to what I have to say.
It may end up saving your life.
Hand over all the information
you have on Leo
and buy a ferry ticket bound for France
with this gold bar.
Or you could die right here.
The choice is yours.
Why are you giving me options?
I don't care if you live or die,
but I do want to possess some information.
I'd like to see Lord Lee
pissed off as well.
In the beginning,
he asked for information
on the dead American missionary
per Lee Wan-ik's request.
After that, he asked for
the list of covert agents
directly under the emperor's jurisdiction.
He said someone who wants it
was coming from Japan.
-And who's that?
-I don't know.
How could I possibly
get my hands on the list of agents
who don't even know each other's name?
That's why I couldn't comply.
That's all there is.
It seems so.
What are you doing?
You said you'd spare my life!
I lied.
Take her.
Did Ms. Kang say anything?
She did, but I need to verify her story.
Take me to Lee Wan-ik's house.
Yes, ma'am.
She paid months in advance.
I wonder why.
Because she won't be able
to come for this long.
she's going to kill Lee Wan-ik.
That imbecile.
Trying to lecture me with his bullshit.
Look at you now. All of your men are dead.
All that for some stupid bitch.
I'll sleep like a baby tonight.
Who are you?
Do you even know
whose house you barged into?
You You're
Go Sa-hong's granddaughter.
You're her.
I should've come sooner,
but I was a bit late.
I'm late, but I'm here.
-They set off to kill you.
-I'm here to kill you.
Even if it takes time
they will come for you.
I knew there was
something devilish about her last words.
Don't be so stupid.
Killing me
won't save Joseon from falling apart.
It'll at least delay it for a day.
Then I'll add
another day to it.
I doubt that'll happen.
You bitch.
If it weren't for my leg
Did I just catch the killer?
I think
we're here for the same reason.
Luckily, the blood is only his.
She wasn't injured.
Then the one injured
should become the culprit.
As you already know,
I'm the one who protects.
How about you protect her
by becoming the culprit?
I'd rather be the witness, sir.
Don't look. How did you get here so fast?
I was on my way.
Bring Matsuyama.
Tell him that Rinoie is asking for him.
Stop by Anything You Want
and tell Chun-sik that I need him.
Yes, ma'am.
Leave this place to me.
After all, he's my father.
I should bid him farewell.
I suppose
Matsuyama will turn out to be the culprit.
He probably promised Matsuyama
that he'd make him the royal physician
and didn't keep his word. Before you leave,
act like a decent father
for once in your life.
Madam Kudo.
What brings you here at this hour?
Rinoie is in his bedroom.
Madam Kudo, what is this about?
Pick it up.
You're right-handed.
It's a song of despair.
I think it suits the fate of Joseon.
By the way, that woman
The Joseon woman with the music box.
Does she know
that you were born a slave here in Joseon?
You should look for another lead.
That's already been sorted out
through a long, difficult ordeal.
Don't get me wrong.
I was just curious.
Why haven't you sought treatment yet?
Why do you even need treatment when you
just got punch a couple times in the face?
Judging from what I see now,
those soldiers who shot me
must be all dead now.
Yes, I killed them.
But you see, even the ones that I sent
to the temple in Jemulpo are all dead now.
We've lost so many soldiers.
I killed the moron who shot you.
I wonder who killed my soldiers
that I sent to the temple.
Who's there? The curfew hours have begun.
The curfew is on.
You'd better watch out.
Here in Joseon,
you confuse me a great deal because
I can't tell if you're American or Korean.
Now, do you have another reason
to kill me?
Call patrol! Patrol officers!
Right, the Police Bureau.
Call the chief commissioner of police!
My, I never imagined
that this day would actually come.
Who knew I'd see an obituary
for Lee Wan-ik in the newspaper?
Lee Wan-ik promised the Japanese doctor
that he'd make him the royal physician
and even got money from him
but never kept his word.
I must say, we did a good job
crafting that will.
What did I tell you?
I told you I could pull it off.
Had I wanted to, I would've
sold this country out ages ago.
Thanks to you, I've become a good man.
Gosh, cut it out.
By the way, why do you think the lady
at the hotel staged the scene like that?
It's probably because she knows
who killed him.
It looks like he knows too.
Will she come here to hide?
Rinoie was found dead
at his residence last night.
I'm very good at
dealing with people of Joseon.
Well, I warned him.
He was killed by a Japanese doctor
at Hanseong Medical Center, Matsuyama,
who took his own life at the scene
immediately after killing him.
So what?
Must I be informed of all these details
about a mere Joseon man's death?
He's not Japanese, so Joseon people can do
whatever they want.
Yes, sir.
That's what happened.
Lee Wan-ik's secretary, Lee Deok-mun,
reported his death to us this afternoon.
It is something that had to happen.
Lee Wan-ik abandoned Joseon
a long time ago.
Tell Japan
that it is their job to sort it out.
A traitor who betrayed his own country
does not deserve to be
protected by the laws.
Understood, my lord.
Joseon denies that he's one of its people,
and so does Japan.
What a pathetic death.
That's what I'm saying.
That ruthless man will be condemned
as a traitor for generations to come.
We should never do anything
that we'd be ashamed of.
We must always do the right thing.
My gosh, I heard he looked
right into His Majesty's eyes
and said that he wishes to obtain
a ducal title from Japan.
Had he been allowed to live longer,
he would've sold Joseon.
What an abominable traitor.
Thanks for everything.
Don't look back.
Just leave it to us
to sort things out here.
Goodbye now.
From here, we should go our own ways.
No, let's go together.
-Step aside.
-A Joseon person mustn't kill him.
I told you to step aside.
Takashi Mori has a list
of members of the Righteous Army.
It means he has a spy reporting to him
here in Joseon.
First, we must find who the spy is.
But I am enraged as well,
so let's let him live for the time being.
Will you pitch in for drinks?
Madam, what brings you here?
My lord, you're here.
Give us some privacy.
Certainly, sir.
I am sorry
for your loss.
It is not a loss for Joseon.
I will take care of your father's burial.
That is why I am here.
Ms. Kang is at my hotel.
She leaked information to the secretary
at the French legation,
but I haven't been able to find out
to whom he reports.
I will find out who it is and contact you.
Then you must
give me the information
on my mother's whereabouts.
Your mother is
in a Catholic village in Gangwon Province.
She's alive?
I found her
only after she had already been buried.
Don't lie to my face.
That had better be a lie.
If it is indeed true,
I will kill you.
I only did it so that you could live.
I wanted you to keep on living
with the hope
-of finding your mother.
-I was hanging on.
Don't call it "living."
I was barely hanging on.
How could you keep it from me?
How could you use me like this
when you knew what happened to her?
Without that hope and a person like me
using you in such a way,
you would've given up everything
a long ago.
Today, I lost both of my parents.
You just wait.
I will be sure to kill you.
You can't even read Korean.
I skipped lunch and ran here as you asked
to meet up at the postal service office.
I thought you were in danger or something.
I have to search this place.
Can you help me?
I simply came to watch.
I have no reason to help you.
They say an enemy of your enemy
is your friend.
-That makes us friends.
-I'll roll up my sleeves and help.
I, too, must get back at him
for something.
Takashi lived in New York until 1902.
Despite that, he already knew a lot
even before he came to Joseon.
He was already in Joseon
even though he wasn't physically here.
Someone who can travel freely
between America, Japan, and here.
It must be someone
who works at the legation.
A man who fits that description
is right in front of me now.
Suspicious telegrams must've been
exchanged from and to the three countries.
Do what you have to do.
It won't be so bad
once you get used to it.
Just do your work.
By "suspicious telegrams,"
do you mean something like this?
A wooden shoes seller sent
1,000 yen through postal service
to a secretary at the French legation.
Who knew selling shoes
was such a lucrative business?
Forget Musin Society.
I should've done that.
I think we caught the spy.
Who are you?
Where am I?
He's the spy that sold
information about Joseon to Takashi Mori.
I'm certain
that there are other spies
who have been reporting to him.
I've been trying
to track him down as well.
Why are you handing him over to me?
Out of all Koreans that I know,
you are most skilled at blackmailing
and scheming. That's why.
You are helping Joseon once again.
It's about time Joseon pays me back
for everything I've done.
What do you want?
Would another mountain do?
Fighting in a war teaches you
that you can reclaim
what's been taken from you
but that there's no going back
when you give something away.
Even a woman and a gunner I know
are doing everything in their power
to protect this country,
so do not give anything away
even if it gets taken from you.
And you don't even own the mountains.
Please spare my life!
Your Majesty.
Relying on alcohol
in moments of apprehension and uncertainty
only provides you
with a momentary relief--
I asked you to keep me company
while I drink,
and yet you are sitting there
listing your concerns.
At times, your truthful words of advice
hurt me more
than my treacherous ministers' sweet lies.
Your righteousness has caused many deaths.
Aren't you afraid?
Your Majesty, I am afraid too.
what I fear the most
is not even putting up a fight
and letting Japan take control
of this country.
One foreigner told me
that you can reclaim
what was taken from you,
whereas there is no going back
once you voluntarily give something away.
I suppose in a foreigner's eyes,
it seems like we're giving
everything away without even giving Japan
a chance to steal from us.
I will fight.
I will show them that it won't be easy
for them to get what they want.
I will gladly
put up with hatred.
So please
use me as your sword.
Your Majesty.
Please fight
with the people of this country.
I suppose
you fought even today.
There are mountains of dead bodies
at every temple and river.
I wonder who did this.
The owner of the music box?
The bitch who was gifted the music box? Or was it both of them?
My, the members of the Righteous Army
truly impress me.
We went through hoops to drag them here
from all over Joseon,
but they're not even grunting,
let alone a squeal.
All right. I'm going to ask you
one more time.
I already know where Jang Seung-gu is.
Do any of you know
where Hwang Eun-san or Go Ae-sin is?
I don't know!
Then goodbye.
What about you?
You also don't know where they are?
We don't know!
Then what about you?
I hope you don't give me the same answer.
Just kill me. We don't know anything.
I guess you prefer to die
than suffer through this.
Then I should let you live.
Cripple these filthy rats.
Don't kill them though.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
This is Doctor Matsuyama's office.
We haven't had a chance
to organize the office.
Okay. You may leave now.
Don't come in until I call you.
Yes, sir.
"Shinichiro Kudo."
I told you not to come in!
Pretend you didn't see anything
if you want to live.
I actually saw
everything that Japanese soldier did
near the market.
Follow me.
I know a route you can take
without being seen.
Make way! Move!
Take him down! -Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Colonel, are you all right?
What is this?
Quick, untie me.
What does this say?
-Read it aloud!
-Yes, sir.
"The Righteous Army of Joseon
spared the life of a Japanese colonel."
Those bastards!
I'll kill them all!
You shitheads.
Why are you all here?
What the hell are you thinking?
Your Majesty.
A colonel of the Japanese army is here.
He is saying he must summon
the head of Palace Security.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of this news,
but the Japanese army was attacked
by a mob of rebels last night,
and they're saying
Officer Jang of Palace Security
is the main culprit behind the attack.
You may let him in.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Colonel Takashi must disarm himself
prior to entering--
As you've heard,
the head of your palace security agency
dared to mock and disgrace
the amity between Japan and Korea
last night.
Colonel Takashi.
I do not know how things are done
in your country,
but this is the Great Korean Empire,
and you are in my palace at the moment.
Hence, I must be the one
starting this conversation
whether it's with a question or scolding.
Pardon my rudeness.
Judging from how you look at the moment,
the attack last night
must have actually happened.
I am truly sorry to hear about it.
However, I would like to clear up
any misunderstandings.
Last night
Officer Jang guarded me
by my side all night.
That is impossible.
Are you accusing me of telling a lie?
We must launch a thorough investigation
to make sure both countries are--
Colonel Takashi.
You just barged into the main hall
of my palace
with your gun and sword.
I may be a king of a weak country,
but I still have the power
to kill a mere colonel right here
to set a deterrent example.
I can be unforgiving at times,
so you'd better stop testing my patience.
Your Majesty,
I did not guard you last night.
I am aware.
However, doing that to the Japanese army
is no different from guarding me
right by my side.
I know your history.
Even back then, you were guarding me.
But back then,
I did not protect them.
I will not apologize.
I am not someone who can apologize.
I tortured myself for years
because of the shame and guilt.
Even just to deal with a mere colonel,
I have to hide behind the face of dignity.
What else can I get you?
How did you hurt your hand?
Oh, this. It happened
while I was baking some bread.
Why do you ask?
I did not know that flour could be
that dangerous.
On the day of Lord Go's memorial service,
this bakery was closed.
I couldn't work
because our supplies came that day.
The ingredients for that bread are rare.
I only get them once a month.
What? Is there a problem?
There's no problem.
This tastes very good.
Tell the lady
that I am waiting to hear from her.
When we wear Western clothes
and cover our faces,
we become faceless and nameless.
We become only of the Righteous Army.
That is why we need one another.
I know it's cruel to my grandfather,
but I wish to burn brightly
and then wilt.
Like a flame.
I do fear death,
but I
made up my mind.
I know her as Go Ae-sin,
but I'm not sure
how she may be known to you folks.
She says you're further away than the sea.
she insists on making her way to you.
If she must go though,
wherever that may be,
I hope you'll be there for her.
If you're looking for me, I'm here.
How have you been?
Many things have happened.
I started to resent you
because I missed you so terribly.
I resented you every time I missed you.
If you can forget me like that,
that will be okay too.
I came here to tell you that.
Just in case
you'd be waiting to hear from me.
I wanted to tell you
not to wait any longer.
How could you say that to me?
Joseon is in a greater danger now,
and my family has been destroyed.
In my world, there is no more futile hope
or romance.
I can no longer walk
side by side with you.
So, let's please
go our own ways now.
We must part ways.
What will you do if I stop you?
I have to go. My comrades are waiting.
What about me?
The fact that I'm waiting too
means nothing to you?
Should I not have been there for you?
I shouldn't have waited.
Wherever it is, I don't care.
Go your way.
Wherever you're headed,
I'll go the same way.
But I want you to live--
That's precisely why I'm being like this.
I feel like I'll die if I don't see you.
And I don't know if you're aware,
but you haven't repaid me
for anything I did for you.
Don't you dare walk away. No matter where you are,
I'll track you down
and make sure you repay me.
I will repay you.
Wherever I may be, come to collect it.
I will let you know.
You're back, sir.
I'm sorry, but you should go
and check your room immediately.
-Did something happen?
-A thief broke into the hotel.
Colonel Takashi said
something got stolen from his room.
Strangely enough, only the music box
got stolen from my room.
-I'll go and check.
-I bet nothing was stolen from your room.
Do you really have to check?
You have no clue.
I'm the one who lost
the most valuable thing.
Was it you?
Did you partake in it?
What do you mean, madam?
It wasn't me.
I don't know anything. What don't you know?
What do you mean it wasn't you?
I'm sorry, madam.
I'm the one that helped. But the thing is,
I cannot tell you who did it.
I already know who it is.
What did you do with the things?
We must burn them, or we'll get caught.
I brought something else to be burned.
I thought you might be bothered by this.
I've been wondering what to do with this.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
for what happened to your father.
It was bound to happen
since he committed many sins.
He died without honor and even a country.
He died as a father of whom
his child will be ashamed forever.
What a sad ending.
Did you see your friend?
I think she was here earlier.
She left again.
Your story doesn't have
a happy ending either.
We saw Lee Wan-ik's obituary.
It made us realize
that Lee Wan-ik isn't the only enemy
of Joseon in its present situation.
Please accept us back, sir.
We wish to plan a greater revenge
for Joseon.
Is everyone, including you lads,
moving on to a greater world
after the collapse
of a smaller one?
-Please accept us back.
-Please accept us back.
All right, then.
You must run around the track first.
Assemble with your gear. Go.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Three months.
Four months.
Five months. Half a year.
She paid me for three more months.
Curfew hours have begun.
Curfew hours have begun.
I'll head out that way.
Thank you.
It is very nice to walk
side by side with you.
I won't be able to experience
another moment like this.
I think
I'm starting to have futile hopes.
Next time,
I wish to travel even further.
I could even get
another chance after that.
That kind of hope.
Where will you go?
Am I there with you?
You are.
It's what I wish.
Welcome back to Joseon.
I brought sake to celebrate with.
At last, the Russo–Japanese War,
Colonel Mori.
No, should I address you
as the commanding officer
of the Joseon Garrison Army?
The letter of appointment didn't come yet.
It looks like it'll be another bad day.
Why are there no customers at all?
Only the rice seller has a smile.
Rice goes for gold these days.
People like us will never afford rice.
Tea and tobacco prices all went up.
The cloth merchant's out of silk.
Will there really be a war?
What's that?
Families of those at the foreign legation
have been leaving like that
these few days.
Is the rumor true then?
What? What rumor?
In the China Sea somewhere,
the Japanese smashed a Russian battleship.
I heard the Russians
and Japanese might go to war.
Aren't they leaving
because it's dangerous?
You sound like you have a point.
What if there really is a war?
Don't even say that.
Special edition!
Special edition!
Special edition!
Special edition!
Give me one.
"On February 9, 1904,
in waters of Jemulpo Harbor,
the Japanese Navy
launched a surprise attack
on two Russian battleships and sunk them."
What's this about? How could
two other nations fight in our waters?
Are Russian battleships
put together with glue?
Why are they always sinking?
The Russo–Japanese War is happening.
I wonder who will win.
Japan? Russia?
Whichever wins, Joseon
will suffer for it.
Joseon should choose to bite
rather than cry.
I think
the result of this war depends
on which country America sides with.
Is our boss back in Joseon?
He'll pass through Manchuria
and Joseon to return to Japan.
Then why are you standing before me?
We are our boss' eyes and ears.
We have orders to watch you carefully.
Where you go, what you do.
If you are Sho Ishida
or Gu Dong-mae.
Tonight, we will oust Lee Jeong-mun.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir! My lord.
A Japan-Korea Treaty?
Don't you know that's as good as
signing away our country?
If you're colluding with Japan to do this,
that makes you a traitor!
Calm down.
I wanted to object too.
The thing is, I took a bribe
from Minister Hayashi
and they brought that up,
so I had no choice.
You fool!
I shall slit your mouth!
I want to shred you to pieces,
but if I do, they'll only replace you,
so I have just one option.
Run away tonight.
The only thing you can do
as an official of this country
is that.
Well, about that
Sign it.
It's the Japan-Korea Treaty.
If our boss is passing through Joseon,
it means someone's about to disappear.
What does that have to do with us?
You can't get involved.
He's doing it himself
instead of leaving it to you.
That means I lost his favor.
Gu Dong-mae.
I end up kneeling whenever I'm here.
Gu Dong-mae.
I looked into what you asked me to.
Lord Lee Jeong-mun
I hear Japanese swordsmen took him.
Why would you ask me
to look into something you did yourself?
Please don't get me wrong.
I'm not complaining. I'm just curious.
Is he the one who disappeared?
I'm going out for a bit. Stay here.
Where will you go?
Who knows where our boss' men are?
Even if I end up dying,
I must save the ones in need.
I'm glad you're here. I needed company.
I think my boss from Japan
got to Lee Jeong-mun.
I think they took him to Japan.
Are you sure?
I risked my life to come here.
In case they get to you too.
Regardless of what happens to him,
you must stay safe. You just wait.
I will be sure to kill you.
Will he die if I do nothing?
Lord Lee Jeong-mun.
Usually people don't get taken
if they are going to be killed soon.
I should get the word out.
This is dangerous.
I started as a housemistress,
but now I'm a covert agent for Joseon.
I can't let my leader die.
Get me the palace.
Put His Majesty on.
Jeong-mun was abducted.
We must save him as soon as possible.
Based on his temperament,
if Japan tries to use him as a hostage
to make a deal with me,
he'll try to kill himself.
Now you're saving people?
First, it was me.
Now are you saving the people of Joseon?
Will you help?
Head of Palace Security, Jang Seung-gu.
I will uphold your command, Your Majesty.
It's a royal command.
We must save Lord Lee Jeong-mun
who was taken to Japan.
This is
from His Majesty.
A certificate of a deposit
to the Russia-China Bank.
The Russo-Japanese War broke out,
so we must move quickly.
Lord Lee and I planned to use this money
to arm the Righteous Army.
Hence, we must rescue Lord Lee Jeong-mun
and get him to Shanghai
with this certificate.
To do so,
we cannot help but travel to Japan.
It's the heart of the enemy
and even if we take utmost precautions,
we might not return alive.
Will anyone help?
I'll go.
I have no family.
I'll go.
I will go.
It might be a tough trip for a woman.
That could give me an upper hand.
They might let their guard down.
You can't go, my lady.
There are restrictions starting
with a woman taking a boat abroad.
There's always a way.
There's always a way.
There's a way
to get that certificate
into Japan unnoticed.
I know the way.
It's been a while.
I thought you'd be pleased to see me.
You lied to me.
You said you'd let me know,
and you show up after half a year.
That's why I'm here.
My master has an important title.
I hear things quickly.
I heard you're returning home.
Did you come to say goodbye?
I'll come with you.
Take me along with you.
To America.
She's quite cruel.
Where do I lie between her passion
and cruelty?
I thought I was close,
but I might have to go even further.
One more step
into the flame.
Where are you trying to go by using me?
I said I'd kill you
if I ever catch a glimpse of you again.
The young woman who was once a noble
will get hurt again.
Bad guys tend to die first.
That way, the good can live longer.
He must have rooted for me
in the midst of falling in sorrow.
Courage makes history.
So become a lion.
The day Joseon regains peace,
I promise to go.
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