Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

I heard you're returning home.
Did you come to say goodbye?
I'll come with you.
Take me along with you.
To America.
What if I say no?
I know you won't.
You intend to use me,
yet you're not even
making the slightest amount of effort. Instead of making a request,
you should profess your love.
You should say that you love me,
that you're in love with me,
and that you want to be with me.
Then I'll become blinded by the sweet lie
and end up risking my all.
What's your final destination?
Where are you trying to go by using me?
I resent you so much. It's a shame you must leave.
I heard you
will be joining the garrison army
when you come back.
A shame?
Most people congratulated me
for the promotion.
Well, I'm a businesswoman.
I hope you enjoyed your stay at my hotel.
My lady.
I saw something
while I was in the colonel's room.
Something black passed by the balcony.
I'm sure it wasn't a cat or anything.
Carry the colonel's luggage first.
We don't want him to miss his train.
Something black? Are you sure?
I'm not sure,
but I thought it could be a thief.
I'm not sure either,
but seeing it again might jog your memory.
And you better hope it does.
-Bring back all of our men.
-But your train--
Shut it!
Search every corner of this hotel
and arrest the Joseon rebel.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
You stay next to this guy
and check everyone who passes by.
Yes, sir!
Rest of you, follow me.
My lady.
Don't look at me.
Keep your eyes open
and don't miss anything.
Hina is informing us of danger.
It's probably the Japanese colonel,
Takashi Mori.
Watch my back.
As always, don't worry about me.
I thought I might drop by.
Since you told me to. I thought
you'd come through the door.
That door should stay shut.
Japanese soldiers are after me.
So you're here to hide.
You took your time to open the door.
Aren't you curious about the ruckus?
I'm not curious about anything.
Neither you nor the ruckus.
What's going on?
I'm just here to say goodbye.
Bidding farewell in person
is more difficult than I thought.
I'm going back to Japan today.
I thought you might not be here
by the time I'm back.
So I heard.
You'll be returning from Japan
as a commanding officer.
Does that mean there will be a bigger gap
between us?
Shouldn't you check there too?
Take a look.
You're lucky to be
going back home at a timing like this.
America saved you.
So live as an American, Eugene.
Stay as one.
As a loyal soldier for America.
I will decide my own path,
so you decide whether
you'll keep searching or not.
I wonder what this box is.
It makes me curious.
What's the matter?
A Joseon rebel broke into the hotel,
so we're searching all the rooms.
What are you doing?
Are you eyeing my woman?
What's your name, soldier?
What division are you in?
That wasn't what I was
Pardon the intrusion, sir.
Get changed.
I don't know if this will work,
but I've been waiting for a day
this might come in useful.
Thank you.
Strange, isn't it?
An American object was found
in the room of a Joseon woman
while the national flag of Joseon
was found in an American's room.
Don't forget the list of Korean names
in a Japanese colonel's room.
You bastard!
It was you, wasn't it?
What if it was?
You're Japanese
and I'm American.
What can you do to me?
Can you guess what the first thing
I will do is when I'm back?
I'll track down that noble woman.
you will?
Don't look at me like that, Eugene.
You believe in imperialism too.
You went to war with Spain
and America gained control
over the Philippines.
Japan simply wants to win against Russia
and take Joseon as its prize.
Inevitably, the superior country
will end up
disappointing the inferior one.
America will disappoint the Philippines,
England will disappoint India,
and Japan will disappoint Joseon.
The people of the inferior nation,
especially the young woman
who was once a noble
will get hurt again.
Both her body and soul, inevitably.
Look closely.
Is he here or not?
This was delivered for you
from the tailor shop.
I see. Thank you.
Isn't that the outfit you saw?
But that's Young Master Hui-seong.
Is that the man you saw?
You can't judge someone by his appearance.
What's all the fuss about?
It's just that I saw something.
-Can you go like this, sir?
-Like this?
That man was going in this direction.
It was to the left.
The left, like this?
-Am I the one you saw?
-What are you doing?
Is this the bastard you saw?
Look here.
I may not have introduced myself,
but wasn't that a bit rude?
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
Keep up the good work.
You at the door!
Now is the chance if you want to shoot me.
This might be your last chance.
I'm not sure if it'll be the last chance,
but it sure is an opportunity.
What the hell are you doing?
Colonel, are you all right?
What are you all doing up here?
But the gunshot
The bell boy must've seen wrong.
There's no one downstairs.
He didn't see wrong.
You weren't looking hard enough!
The gunshot was a distraction.
Stop talking and get lost!
Let us carry your luggage.
See? You keep making me curious.
I'm very curious to see
whether you'll be an American
or a Joseon man
the next time we meet.
Take a guess. I've already made up my mind.
Sir, a high official from the palace
is here to see you.
You've been telling others about me.
I thought I was relaying the message
to someone who needed to know.
I heard you said to the baker
that you'd be waiting for her.
I knew it.
You were all in it together.
When are you leaving?
When I want to.
Stop forcing me.
Will Lady Ae-sin be joining you as well?
I already know
that her destination is Japan,
not America.
-I knew you couldn't be fooled.
-But you tried to.
We don't have any other options.
Please be understanding.
I said that Takashi Mori
must not be killed by a Joseon man.
Do you remember that?
Lord Go asked me, an American, to do it.
Those were his last words.
I think it's about time
I keep my promise to that cruel old man.
So in the end,
that woman and I will part ways.
It's either my plan fails
and death do us part
or we end up parting ways
because we must return to our countries.
That thought scared me for a bit.
I was scared I might change my mind.
is in great debt to you.
You're here.
It's nice and sunny, isn't it?
It's rather cloudy.
What's that thing you're trying to hide?
What do you mean? I'm not hiding anything.
It's nothing.
-You have a customer.
-Come on in.
I thought you wouldn't want to know.
I don't know what it's for,
but she said she really needed it.
But the whole document has been forged.
It's all fake, you know.
Even if it is fake,
they found each other again.
Lord Lee Jeong-mun has been taken
by Japanese swordsmen.
We know you're behind it.
As long as you tell me
where in Japan he is,
this woman won't be hurt.
He'll pass through Manchuria
and Joseon to return to Japan.
Just because we're dressed alike,
it doesn't mean I'm behind it.
Are you saying the Musin Society
was directly involved in this?
We have no reason to trust you.
It's been a while
since I lost my boss' favor.
You see, I got shot by someone
in my own turf one time.
And despite knowing who did it,
I didn't track the shooter down.
He must've found out.
how about you help us out a little?
I'm afraid I must say no.
Even where I come from,
there are moral codes to follow.
We'll catch up later. If you don't have anything more to say,
I have something to say of my own.
I'm afraid you still owe me.
It's been several months
without your visits.
Wait here for a bit.
It's curfew hours soon.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I was waiting for the curfew.
I assumed you were.
I was told you have an answer
for my request.
This is my answer.
Let's do it.
With me.
Let's do it together.
Let's go together.
To Japan.
I'll take you there.
Japan is at war right now.
Entering Japan with your current
nationality won't be easy.
"Ae-sin Choi."
-It's the safest way
of entering Japan.
In America,
the wife takes her husband's surname.
When you set foot on Japanese soil,
your name will be
Ae-sin Choi.
The meaning of this ring is
It means
you are my wife that I love.
In the West,
the man would usually go down on one knee,
show the woman the ring,
and ask the woman in a gentle manner
to marry him.
If you were to go against my will
and leave my side
to save your homeland, Joseon,
I knew that
I wouldn't be able to change your mind.
From the moment I saw you,
I knew that you were a cruel woman.
Still, I grew fond of you.
We can pretend I went down on my knee.
But don't be sorry.
This is the choice I made.
We leave in two days.
I'll meet you at the train station.
I thought love was easy.
But it's quite hard.
For everything
I apologize.
We can stop if it's too much.
We can stop at any time.
So let's not stop today.
Ready to fire.
Right face.
Forward march.
Ready to fire.
On our first day, I told you
the rest will come naturally
once you get familiar with the rifle.
Let's hear it.
-Aim precisely.
-Aim precisely.
-Hold your breath.
-Hold your breath.
-Pull the trigger. Bang.
-Pull the trigger. Bang.
You've all become good shooters.
Which is why
today will be our last drill.
What does that mean, sir?
An Arabic proverb says
that an army of sheep led by a lion
would defeat an army
of lions led by a sheep.
Joseon is becoming
more vulnerable each day.
And when a nation falters,
the first to become the target
is its army.
Japan will soon take control
over the Board of Marshals
and close down
the Royal Military Academy first.
They won't think much of you,
thinking that you are a herd of sheep,
but you are already excellent soldiers.
So become a lion.
Courage makes history.
March forward with courage
and retreat when necessary.
That is
how you will be remembered.
Good work.
That'll be the end of our drills.
Left face.
Salute to the drill instructor.
Don't cry.
We'll be able to meet again.
I mean it.
No, you're wrong.
We won't be able to meet.
America is a faraway country.
America is very rich too.
You're American,
so we won't ever be able to meet again.
Because of the situation Joseon is in,
the fact that you were at the legation
must've made us feel safe in itself.
I did some thinking, sir.
If Japan wins this war,
Joseon will be like a meal
on Japan's table.
As you know, America signed a treaty
with Joseon in 1882.
They promised that they'd help
in case other countries invade Joseon.
But why isn't America siding with Joseon?
America and Britain lent Japan
a total of 410 million dollars,
and 40 percent of the money
is being spent on the war.
The two countries basically
forced Japan into the war.
America will never help Joseon.
The Russo-Japanese War
will result in a great deal of profit
for America.
Make sure you stay at the legation
no matter what.
Considering the current situation,
the legation will be the safest.
And Do-mi should stay here too.
I told you not to get involved,
and yet you had to appear like this.
I said I'd kill you
if I ever catch a glimpse of you again,
and yet, here we are again.
Why did you give me money
if you're going to kill me anyway?
The money is enough to cover
for the next three months.
After the three months,
come and pay in person.
I must see you
to make sure you're still alive.
We're not exactly on good terms.
Why suggest meeting
at such a remote spot like this?
This would be the perfect spot
to get drunk and fall to death.
If you wish to kill me, go ahead.
You may never get another chance
after today.
I'm going back to America.
I leave tomorrow.
That is such great news.
You sounded pretty sad just now.
If you keep up with that attitude,
I might actually push you.
What a coincidence.
A Japanese soldier
just returned to his motherland as well.
Hence, I'm thinking I should keep
my promise on my way back to America.
What? Do you think I'll lose?
Whether I die or he dies,
it won't be a loss to you.
Soon, a festival will be held in Tokyo.
There will be fireworks
throughout the festival.
The sound of firecrackers
at the festival is intense.
It's loud enough to muffle a gunshot.
Are you cheering me on now?
I have been cheering for you.
-Since the day at the post office?
Are you saying it started before that?
Shall I push you off to silence you?
What will it be, then? Death from fall?
Or just an unfortunate death?
I'm not sure. Thank you for everything.
Will there be less theft at the hotel now?
I'll miss it here.
Your jokes
and the coffee here too.
I had a sweet stay.
Come back anytime.
Whenever you suddenly miss this place,
just run back here.
Both Joseon and Glory Hotel
will always be here.
I will.
Do I look strange?
What am I supposed to do?
I'm leaving Joseon again,
and this moment will be
my last memory of this country.
If the last memory is this beautiful,
I won't be able to forget Joseon.
I wondered
how this ring could show
that I'm married to someone.
I kept thinking
and realized that my husband
must be wearing the same ring.
I love you.
I've always been in love with you.
Every single moment that wrecked me
was filled with redness.
Had I known Lee Wan-ik
would die like that,
I would've kept
the dried corvina for myself.
I'll buy you dried corvina often, Father.
You couldn't even marry your fiancée.
Don't even talk about dried corvina.
Just keep your mouth shut
until you say yes
at your wedding ceremony, okay?
Your mother is doing her best
to find a nice lady for you,
so all you have to do is say yes.
-You got that?
Don't waste your time. I won't get married.
You spoiled brat!
What did you just say?
How dare you say that
as the only son in the family?
We need an heir.
Our family needs an heir!
With all due respect,
I'd like to point out
that it's your fault, not mine.
You couldn't have more than one child.
Why blame me?
What did you say?
You'll be admitting it's your fault
if you get mad now.
All right, fine.
One generation
doesn't even make much difference.
I'm going to kill you today.
Come here, you brat.
-How dare you. Come here.
-Gosh, Father.
-You little Look at that.
Hey, one, two
You nimble brat! Come here.
I must teach you a lesson. Gosh.
I must say, Hanseong feels so empty
with that American man gone.
I wonder if he arrived safely.
We'll probably never see him again.
Good for him. Joseon is a mess now anyway.
Hey, can't we throw these out now?
No, don't.
They must be valuable.
These are from people who participated
in the Righteous Army in 1895.
They even sold their kid's shoes
to get money to flee.
I suppose they couldn't return.
Things that someone left with you
can become their keepsakes.
I don't think you have time
to get all sappy like that.
We'll remove your desk if you
don't pay your rent by the end of today.
I wanted to pay you today,
-so I visited my parents--
-But you came empty-handed.
I'd like to leave this with you.
I feel like he, too, might die
because of the conversation we just had.
-Good grief!
-Then next time
I don't think he's actually
concerned about that.
You may go.
All right, next.
You may go. Next.
You may go. Next.
You're good to go. Next.
You may go. Next.
Are you really American?
You speak English.
At a glance, I can tell
that you two are from Joseon.
How do you even have an American passport?
Just go dress yourself up
with that ornament.
Why did you even come all the way here?
I am Eugene Choi,
a Captain of the US Marine Corps.
We're simply passing through Japan
on our way back to America.
If there is any problem,
you can contact the American legation
here in Japan.
And you'd better be nice to my wife
unless you want to end up
with broken wrists.
I sincerely apologize, sir.
You're good to go.
Let's part ways here.
Thank you so much
for getting me here.
I should probably go this way.
I'll be off, then.
Do you really
not want to go to America with me?
Do you really
want me to survive all by myself
and not care about others at all?
Yes, I'd like you to.
Why care about other people?
Joseon can't win against Japan anyway.
Don't risk your life
for a fight you'll lose.
Let's go. Come with me to America.
I really cannot let you go like this.
Here, I'm certain
that we have many options.
I'll be sure to find a way.
Do you think I've never thought about it?
Even though I've never been to America,
I walked the streets there
every day in my head
side by side
with you.
I studied there,
and I even saw a zebra.
Every night, we fell asleep together.
And we laughed a lot too.
In my head, I left Joseon
more than a hundred times,
but every single time,
I came back.
We must
end it here.
I've left my motherland,
but you are returning
to your country,
have a safe journey.
Hey, that bag looks quite heavy.
Do you need a hand?
She must have many valuable things
inside that bag.
Let's share them.
If you want to live,
you'd better step aside.
Oh, this bitch must be from Joseon.
A Joseon bitch visiting Japan alone?
How brave.
Hey, hand that over.
Thank you for helping me,
but get out of my way.
You're all grown up now.
It's nice to meet you, Ae-sin.
Who are you?
I am your father's friend
and your mother's cousin.
My name is Song Yeong.
Lady Ae-sin.
You must be exhausted
from your journey here.
I put your thing in the attic upstairs.
You can stay in that room.
Thank you.
I'll make you some food quickly.
Give me a moment.
This is from His Majesty.
I was worried about you.
I'm glad you made it here safe and sound.
What will you shoot with?
A Russian bolt-action rifle.
It's in the attic now.
That's a rare model.
I wish all of our comrades
could be armed with it.
This deposit certificate is our hope.
Eun-san told me
how accurate your shooting is.
I'll get someone else
to infiltrate the Musin Society.
You just have to stand guard.
-A Shanghai-bound ship
will leave in two nights.
We must get on that ship
with Lord Lee Jeong-mun.
We can discuss the details tomorrow.
You must be exhausted. Get some rest now.
As for the Japan-Korea Treaty,
we managed to get it signed
without much difficulty
thanks to your absence in Joseon.
That, in and of itself,
makes you a traitor who betrayed Joseon.
Even if you decide to return,
no one will welcome you.
Since this already happened,
how about you simply give up your loyalty?
You must join hands with Japan
if you want your life spared.
Money, women, title.
What do you want?
Whatever it is,
we will give you
more than what you ask for.
Since I do not understand your language,
you cannot defile my ears.
I refuse to converse with you
for I do not wish to disgrace my mouth.
Stop him!
That stubborn Joseon idiot.
I'm looking for my mother.
Lee Yang-hwa.
You finally came.
A nobleman came looking for her
a few years after she passed away.
He has been visiting every year since then
to pray for her.
Do you even tail me these days?
I was just about to get ahead of you.
If this makes you uncomfortable,
I can walk in front of you.
Do you want a piggyback,
Lee Yang-hwa?
an orphan now.
I became an orphan years ago.
All right.
Cry all you want today
so you can start afresh
with a new dream tomorrow.
Forget your life as Lee Yang-hwa,
and stop living as Hina Kudo.
Carry makeup in your purse
instead of a gun.
In your room, hang a beautiful painting
instead of your fencing sword.
Meet a good man
and just buy yourself dresses
that are as beautiful as you.
Don't cry and don't bite.
Just dream of living such a normal life.
But why are you
talking as if you're going to die
or something?
Because I'm not a good man.
I'm a bad guy.
Bad guys tend to die first.
That way, the good can live longer.
Don't die before I do.
I'll be even badder than you.
Don't you die before I do.
Dad, is a commanding officer very high up?
Of course. Your father will do the honor
of escorting Lord Ito to Joseon.
In Joseon,
your father will be the king of Joseon.
Then what about Lord Ito?
Lord Ito will become a god.
Protect my son with your life.
Walk. Hurry up and walk.
To your one o'clock, on the roof,
there's a man with a gun.
-Get him!
-Yes, sir.
You fool.
What a fool.
You're all too mean.
This Joseon gentleman
must not be used to a place like this.
That's it.
If you can bed him tonight,
I'll give you a chunk of gold.
If you'll let me have a go,
I'll take him down on three.
Do it!
-This should be fun.
-Do it!
Look at you.
Oh, dear.
My skin is like silk,
but there's no hand to touch it.
You found a use for his hand then.
Flip the table on three.
One, two,
What's going on?
The opposite roof! Get him!
Step aside!
-Out of my way!
-Where is he?
Are you all right?
Let go of me.
-Where are the others?
-I think they lost you on the way
Damn you!
You scumbag.
I knew it was you.
I should've killed you
when I had the chance.
I told you
that I made up my mind.
In the end, you've become a Joseon
-It's that way!
I told you not to even hang it on a wall
and you're out here flinging it around?
-Where were you?
-Why ask?
In case you were at home.
How is your quiet lady friend?
You're asking things you never used to.
For your information, her name is Hotaru.
How did you end up living together?
Who is that information for?
I wonder.
Will you buy it?
Was it in Fukuoka?
Before I came to Joseon,
one of my men betrayed me
and I was on the run.
I hid in a shaman's house
away from people's attention.
A girl was being kept there.
I knew right away
that she was living a life full of agony.
Three yen will do.
You got lucky.
She's a virgin.
Then have a nice night.
Don't worry.
I leave tomorrow.
Before I do,
I'll give you a present.
The food you made
was quite good.
Consider it my payment.
Are you
Shall I kill him for you?
Did you have a pleasant night?
I was worried since she can't--
Don't look.
Now, sell me the information.
Why did you ask about her?
What is it?
I wonder how far she would go for you.
A telegram was sent to Japan.
To your boss.
From your quiet lady friend.
We'll meet again, right?
Let's hope so.
I promise I'll visit you.
Thanks for growing up so well.
I feel like I made it up
to your mother somewhat.
It's very late, but thank you
for protecting me.
Your parents
Sang-wan and Hui-jin
will recognize each other
even in the next life.
They will fall in love again,
and many years later, in a better Joseon,
they'll live the life
they failed to in this one.
Of course.
I hope
you have a safe trip.
You too.
Your parents gave you that life.
Let's not
die too easily.
Of course.
-How are you here?
-I was hoping I would run into
This is the only photo studio in the city.
I was just so surprised.
I thought you had left.
I leave in two hours.
I almost missed it.
This face you make
as if you were caught doing something bad.
I just didn't know where else to put it.
That's where it should be.
Shall we go inside?
Do you have something to order
other than a camera?
You met the person you were waiting for.
Can you take our photo?
Of course, may I know the relationship
between you and the lady?
We're married.
This way, please.
Take a seat.
Why are we suddenly taking a photo?
Not at me.
Look at the front.
Okay, here it goes.
One, two, three! I DID IT TO SAVE YOU
It's time for you to leave.
I can't keep you any longer.
Have her gone before I'm back.
I mean it.
Where are you going, sir?
To Japan.
Last notice for the ferry
bound for New York!
Please have your tickets
ready for boarding!
Last notice for the ferry
bound for New York!
Last notice!
That's the ship to New York.
Isn't it too big to pretend
it's not there?
We'll be two and a half handspans apart,
but could you come to me at least once?
Across the sea you see on the horizon?
To see me?
The day Joseon regains peace,
I promise to go.
I think I should leave first.
That's her. Grab her!
-Get out of the way!
-She's over there!
-Get her!
Get her!
Get her.
Why are you still here?
What about the ship?
It left. You didn't get on it?
I saw the swordsmen.
By the time I came to myself again,
I was already running.
Into the flame.
Thanks to you, I saw fireworks.
You're such a reckless man.
I'm afraid I can't deny that.
There's one bullet left.
Leave before it's too late.
This is my problem, so I'll deal with it.
Let's do it together.
We'll use the last bullet wisely.
Let's go.
Get them!
After them!
Get them!
It's okay to resent me.
Because you met me,
you're making such a long detour.
Like how I saved you once,
I'll save Lady Ae-sin this time.
His muzzle is always
pointed in the right direction.
How could we betray them like that
after everything Japan has done for us?
The Japanese government will retaliate.
I, Jang Seung-gu, will become a traitor.
Shall I take part
in winning Joseon's independence?
I'm going on another picnic to Joseon.
I'll be a real outlander..
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