Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

A painting?
Of flowers, birds, or landscape.
I'd like something plain.
Sin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do
What are all their work doing here?
Don't be mistaken.
I copied theirs, these are all my work.
Which room is it for?
A very dark one.
I wonder if he'll come to see it.
There's one more thing.
Could you get me explosives?
My gosh.
You scared me.
It might put you in danger as well.
Is it possible?
What will it be used for?
I'm thinking about blowing up my hotel.
The Joseon Garrison Army
is using the second floor
as its headquarters.
I'll get it for you.
Thank you.
You bastards!
Hey, you!
What do you think you're doing?
Oh, no.
He went to train this morning,
but then I heard gunshots
and this is what happened.
Go home and stay there.
I'll find Jun-yeong.
No, I'll look for him too.
If you're out here like this
What about Do-yeong who's home alone?
Take this and head home.
My lord! My lord!
Please have mercy on my family!
Let go!
Does your stupid watch
still work fine after all these years?
I heard that this bracelet
will make what you wish come true.
It didn't work for me though.
I guess I committed too many sins.
It might listen to your wishes,
so go on and cast a spell.
Isn't this too valuable--
You're more valuable to me.
So stay alive.
run away as far as you can.
My lady
Also, I have a favor to ask.
Important documents
keep getting delivered by your hands.
I can do this.
I know you can.
You chose the wrong day to rob the place.
This place will soon be blown to bits.
You know I'm a painter, right?
I recognize those features
from the wanted poster.
Are you from the Righteous Army?
Who's behind this?
Are you a woman?
The people of Joseon.
I stabbed one of them in the head
like this.
When the blade went in,
the blood gushed out like this.
You killed just one?
Well, this is how many
Joseon people I killed.
You have my respect, Colonel.
What are you up to?
Something similar to what you're trying
to doing here tonight.
Are you really going to blow the hotel up?
You should get away from here.
You're planning on staying.
Suspicions will arise
if my body doesn't get found.
Now I see which side you are on.
We have different purposes,
but we want the same thing.
Let's do it together.
I met those helping you.
I'll do their job.
Even if we are to die here,
don't you want them to live?
At least,
no one laughing downstairs
will make it out of here alive tonight.
You just had
to become my ally, didn't you?
Has everyone left?
Yes, we're the last ones remaining.
Thank you for everything.
Go as far as you can.
Don't look back no matter what you hear,
and don't come back.
My lady
Hurry before the day breaks.
Come on.
All we need to do is light it up.
It's time. Light it up.
I heard it.
Damn it!
Who are you bastards?
You should go.
The men downstairs
must've heard the gunshot.
I haven't lit it up yet.
Leave it to me.
Where do you think you're going?
What was that gunshot just now?
I lit the fuse.
We must hurry.
What was that?
-Follow me!
She has a pulse.
Let's get her
to safety.
Make sure to find the other woman.
Come this way.
We're closed since yesterday's commotion.
Dear Lord, Father of Joseph.
I'll devote the rest of my life
to this cause.
For each and every step I took
I clung to a vain hope.
Just keep me alive.
As long as I'm alive,
I will go like the wind.
-Get in.
-Why are you helping us?
Then should I help them instead?
She's bleeding excessively.
The hospital is too dangerous,
so head to the pharmacy.
There's no pharmacist there.
It's been abandoned.
Hey, you. Stop the rickshaw.
Just stay still.
We need to check who's inside.
It's from overseas.
It's an American rifle.
This actually works.
I recognize you.
She's injured and needs a place to rest.
Let's move her to the smithy for now.
You must get rid of the bodies.
If soldiers see them,
they'll search the vicinity.
Don't worry.
Please stop the bleeding.
I'll be right back.
Who are you? Why are you here?
I've been staying
at this hotel.
The owner
Did she survive?
This prick could be in connection
with the hotel owner.
Take him to the station!
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
The bomb went off while I went for a piss.
If I had been at the hotel,
I would've died too!
The hotel owner was behind it for sure.
Did you find that bitch?
We're looking everywhere for her, sir.
Under a pile of debris,
we found a shoe that belongs to a woman.
Only having one on,
she wouldn't have gotten far
Who the hell is this guy?
That's an awful lot of alcohol.
Don't be at the hotel tomorrow.
Take any valuables you have
when you leave too.
You're bringing in alcohol,
but you won't let me stay?
Unlike you,
I decided to have ill intentions.
Thank you for everything.
You've been a VIP guest at Glory Hotel.
It sounds like
you'll be going somewhere far away.
I'm afraid that's how it'll be.
I even bought new shoes for the occasion.
The fuse could've been lit beforehand,
so someone must've saved her afterwards.
I'll track her down no matter what.
That young master over there
was wrongfully accused
since he was a guest at the hotel.
He would never do such a thing.
He's from one of Joseon's
richest families.
He surely would be pro-Japanese.
His family wouldn't be against us.
What's with your shoulder?
You ought to know. Your men shot me.
This is an expensive suit.
The fabric alone costs more
than three times your pay.
Who must I talk to
in order to be compensated?
I don't have time for this nonsense!
Let him go.
Are you okay?
Dong-mae, you're back.
The man who works here
went to get an acupuncturist.
Hang in there.
You already know
I don't have much time left.
My body is a wreck.
You're still beautiful.
Take me
to my mom.
Give me opium if you have any.
It hurts so much.
I have a patient.
I'll take the bare minimum.
A painkiller, an antibiotic drug,
and a styptic.
I'll get you bandages and disinfectant.
Nurse. Where are you?
Stay here.
Officers of the Great Empire of Japan
are being brought in
because of an explosion.
Prepare a room to care for them
and have the doctors on standby.
The Japanese doctors and nurses
are on the second floor.
As you can see,
the beds here are all taken.
For now, put them
The beds aren't taken anymore.
If you accept any Joseon patients,
you'll die as well.
Who are you?
I asked who you are.
Another scuffle broke out here.
They shot each other
and everyone died.
Can you walk?
Are you back in Joseon, sir?
I'm still on my way back.
Let's go. We must hurry.
Do you
recognize me?
I knew you'd jump into the flame,
but I didn't think you'd be standing
outside an exploding hotel.
It's that dream again.
You might feel dizzy and nauseous.
That's because of the painkiller.
The hotel owner
I was with the hotel owner. Gu Dong-mae will have
taken her somewhere safe.
He came back alive.
I'm glad.
What about me?
I had this dream so many times.
I won't fall for it again.
You are
not in Joseon.
It's not a dream. I'm right here.
My master
He passed away.
So don't come back.
Joseon is like hell.
Don't come to me even in my dreams.
It's too painful.
I want to stop thinking about you
at least for a day.
Our comrades will be here soon.
Don't worry about her and leave.
-I'll come with you.
-You can't.
We can't let an outsider know
where our base is.
Then take the wounded man.
I trained him
and he worked for Gunner Jang too.
Hang in there just a little bit.
We must hurry.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
The hotel exploded.
Did you provide the bomb?
What's a bomb?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
The Japanese police
will open an investigation.
You must hide.
What did I say?
I told you they'd find out.
Why did you help?
You were doing just fine.
I bet you knew you'd get into danger.
Because I couldn't eat.
I need to eat at least one meal a day.
I was against it to the end.
Without us
You'll have a hard time.
Don't worry about me.
They won't be able to get to me.
I'm Kim Hui-seong.
You have my trust.
Please look after the store.
I borrowed this.
I hope that you stay safe.
You will what?
You're going to bring in an outsider
and have them eat our food?
I told you to bring a woman you'll marry,
but you brought a woman with a child?
He's not as cold-hearted as he sounds.
You can relax.
Think of this place as home.
Father, Mother.
The boy is the woman's brother
and she is to be my wife.
My gosh, darling.
Say something.
Hui-seong is right.
He speaks like that, but he means well.
Don't worry.
You're welcome.
Let's take the boy inside.
Thank you.
This isn't anything new,
but you married
such a great woman.
What? What did you say?
You're trying to talk your way
out of this, aren't you?
So please keep them safe.
Both that boy and that lady.
Please do it for me, Father.
Let me know if there is anything
you want to say
to the American man that looks like us.
He's back.
I saw him too.
Shake his hand for me.
Tell him I said, "Welcome back."
He owes me a handshake.
All right.
That man
is no longer in my heart.
I let him go a long time ago.
I didn't know.
I could tell you didn't.
I was waiting for someone else.
In the backyard of the hotel,
on the streets,
on the streetcar,
and in his room.
I prayed for him to return alive.
That he must come back in one piece.
But Go Ae-sin is the only one he loves,
and he is crazy about that love.
That love has made him crazy.
Still, I waited for that man.
This place
It will be so beautiful when it snows.
Don't you think so?
When it snows,
you have to visit me.
I'll wait for you.
It won't snow for a long while.
Right, so you should keep living
for that long while.
Don't hurry to see me.
I won't be
waiting for you there.
Are you asleep? Did you
fall asleep?
Sleep some more.
We're almost there.
The hotel where our soldiers were staying
blew up.
I am certain
that it was an act of retaliation.
I apologize, sir.
I did not expect the disbandment
of the army to stir things up this much.
All the music and drinking
must have aggravated the public sentiment
in Joseon.
You call that an excuse?
He does not want to hear excuses.
I sincerely apologize, sir.
I will be sure to catch the culprit
behind what happened.
The disbanded soldiers
and even rebels
must have taken part in it.
Those rebels are jeopardizing
the rapport between Japan and Korea.
We must track down and get rid
of every single one of them.
Those who are jeopardizing
the rapport between
When will you learn our language?
He is asking when you will learn Japanese.
Yes, sir!
I will learn it as soon as possible.
Sir, please! Please don't
Sir, please
My son got shot on the street.
Please save his life.
That boy got shot on the street
Hey, why are you just standing there?
Our soldiers are in pain.
Do something.
Yes, sir.
I should do something.
What is this blood on the floor?
Are you in the Righteous Army too?
You prick!
I will be.
What did he just say? That Joseon rat.
The streets reek of blood.
Why bother to start a fight
they can't win?
The streets are a mess.
Go faster!
All right, I'll make you go faster!
Mister, I
I'll never die like my father.
Oh, it's you!
What brings you here?
Are you hurt?
I dressed his wound on our way here.
I figured you could use my help.
I brought food.
I will fight with you.
I came empty-handed,
but I will do anything.
Thank you all for coming.
First and foremost,
I'd like to ask you, Your Majesty,
to look after the girl
who brought this letter to you.
Japan disbanded our army,
and they will have a party at my hotel
to celebrate it.
I am planning to prepare a splendid party
that goes beyond their imagination.
After the party,
they will try to track down the culprit.
Please make sure they don't accuse
an innocent person of the deed
by publicly announcing that it was done by a Japanese woman, Hina Kudo.
For that reason,
I am enclosing
my statement written in Japanese.
This is how you can pay me
for all the coffee on your tab.
What you are holding now
is the hotel owner's statement.
The Japanese woman's statement
revealed the whole story
about the incident.
Hence, I forbid you from calling
the people of this country mobs
and searching them without their consent.
You must stop it immediately.
I will do so.
He says he will do so, Your Majesty.
All right.
Cry all you want today
so you can start afresh
with a new dream tomorrow.
Forget your life as Lee Yang-hwa,
and stop living as Hina Kudo.
Carry makeup in your purse
instead of a gun.
In your room, hang a beautiful painting
instead of your fencing sword.
Meet a good man.
Don't cry
and don't bite.
Just dream of living such a normal life.
She said you owe her something.
I'm here on behalf of her.
The other woman is safe.
She's with her comrades.
She's glad you're back alive.
That's what she said.
I should go now.
I have important business to deal with.
It's the 15th of the month soon.
Do you take opium?
You always see through me.
To keep a secret, I should not meet you.
I like seeing you.
Tell me if you need help.
I'll be staying at Hwawollu.
After you're done with your business,
will you return to take back Hwawollu?
You really know everything about me.
I'll come back for it soon.
You stupid bastard!
Those scumbags.
I miss the old days.
Sho Ishida.
You were alive?
I'm delighted by the warm welcome.
I think it's about time
I take back what is mine.
Kill him!
If the heavens help me,
and the telegram arrives late
due to the poor service,
and the poor weather delays the ship
Even if all that were to happen,
the time it takes for the others
to reach me from Japan
It would only take
ten days.
Ten days.
I will live as if it's a year.
That's how I'll die.
Because of what happened to Glory Hotel,
he needs a room.
He needs no company,
just food and a room--
You look familiar.
I'm Lee Deok-mun. You asked to see me?
-You're that
-I asked to see the owner of Hwawollu.
I am the owner.
That can't be.
I was just with Gu Dong-mae.
What nonsense is that?
That bastard died a long time ago.
Escort this arrogant American.
Be sure to tell him who owns this place.
Come with me.
There's a terrible commotion in Jingogae.
He's back.
Gu Dong-mae.
Are you sure it's him?
You said he's dead.
I saw him with my own eyes.
It was him.
I saw him outside the bakery.
He caused a bloodbath in the dojo.
That means he'll come here next.
Don't just stand there!
Go to the police and ask for protection!
Yes, sir.
Tell them I'm about to die.
Yes, sir.
Your Majesty.
The American interpreter is here.
Today's paper is
the New York Times printed on
August the 5th.
Read it for me.
There will be a car race
from New York, America
to Paris, France.
The race is long enough
to circle the whole globe,
so it's a huge event
and the whole world is watching
Is that the biggest article
on the first page?
It is, Your Majesty.
Is there nothing on our country?
Not even
a single line?
I regret to inform you, Your Majesty.
That foreigner.
Have you heard if he has returned?
He was sentenced to three years.
He should have been released by now.
I'm sorry to say,
but that American
is no longer a soldier.
I believe it'll be hard for him to return.
I do not wish for his return.
I just
wish that he is alive.
His close colleague whom he
was in Joseon with
is now stationed in Japan.
I will contact him, Your Majesty.
I haven't talked to you for a long time.
How are you doing?
Do-mi has grown up quickly
and I am doing well,
getting used to the life in the palace.
By the way,
I am writing this letter to you
since I don't know
whether Eugene Choi's alive or not.
The weather's so nice.
I wonder if he's alive.
Do you hear my voice?
I bet you think I'm already dead.
Am I over there?
Is it really you?
You're missing an adjective.
You should've added "handsome."
It is you.
It is you.
I thought you were gone for good.
You always say you're going somewhere.
I thought you'd ended up there.
You still think too much.
That's enough.
I thought you wouldn't come.
Didn't you notice?
My face is plastered on every wall.
I've become famous since you left.
It's hard for me to be out in public.
I was in such a hurry,
knowing you'd be waiting.
It's for Gunner Jang.
Yours is here.
You knew I'd come, didn't you?
I can drink too, you know.
Lady Ae-sin
doesn't seem to know that you're back.
The painkiller seemed to be very strong.
As was her sadness.
She kept thinking it was a dream.
Why wouldn't she?
Why did you come back?
Why not stay there and enjoy life?
I know you're glad I'm back.
My goodness.
It's not like that an American like you
would join the Righteous Army.
Why would I be glad that you're back?
You're right.
I still don't care
who has sovereignty of Joseon.
I just wish
that her and those who helped me
stay alive.
So I keep working towards that,
but I keep crossing paths
with the Righteous Army.
Take a different path.
If you don't want to get shot.
I should have.
I knew we would fail to cross paths,
but I was risking my life to come here.
Then I realized something.
That I get seasick too.
So just welcome me back.
Welcome back.
Don't get killed.
That's all I'll do.
I'm here already.
Very well.
This thing.
It was so hard to get my hands
on one of these.
Joseon went downhill quicker
than I thought.
When we add one in number,
they increase by ten.
If you'll eat the poison,
eat the plate too.
If 100 want to save our country,
a thousand people want to give it up.
But the ten that they increase by
will crumble easily.
That's because traitors
don't risk their lives.
But we fight to protect our country
with our lives.
"Go Sa-hong, Hwang Eun-san,
Jang Seung-gu."
Where did you get this?
When Colonel Mori was alive,
I made a copy just in case.
At that time,
I didn't know what it could be worth,
but I knew as soon as
I saw the wanted posters.
This is Hwang Eun-san, the potter.
This is Park Mu-geol, the bell-ringer.
I couldn't identify the other two.
I know this person.
Who? Lady Ae-sin?
Hwang Eun-san's vase
was at Go Sa-hong's place.
Go Sa-hong's boar meat
was provided by Jang Seung-gu.
I saw Go Ae-sin at his hut.
This is definitely her.
Couldn't it be someone else?
There was something written in English.
It was scribbled out,
and I couldn't copy that.
I don't care. It must've been the name
of some missionary.
This one is important.
She'll make us the most money.
We're now in the same boat.
Get lost.
Captain Hasegawa is busy.
I have urgent business.
I have important information.
I must see him.
You arrogant Joseon fool.
You arrogant foot soldier!
Do you even know what information I bring?
Do you want me
to get you killed this instant?
You little
What's going on?
How dare you put something
this filthy on my desk?
I located the mobs' base, Your Excellency.
Gunner Jang Seung-gu
who served as an officer
under the previous emperor.
His hut is their base.
That's not all.
I also have a list of members.
It includes the local leaders
not only of Hanseong but of other regions.
Then you should've brought me that.
Where's the list?
I dream big, sir.
If you help me realize that dream,
I'll bring it to you this instant.
How can I believe you?
This woman is my wife's cousin.
My wife's grandfather was
the previous emperor's mentor,
Go Sa-hong.
Your Excellency, you have nothing to lose.
Let me check and confirm.
The previous emperor's
mentor's granddaughter
is in the Righteous Army?
This is a great excuse.
Search thoroughly
and be sure of everything.
Bring me something, even a hand.
However, if once more,
I am humiliated before
the previous emperor
Captain Hasegawa.
You too will not be spared.
Yes, sir.
Dismissed soldiers are gathering
at the hut.
There will be dozens at least.
They'll be short on food and supplies
and will definitely visit
villages close-by.
We can get them all in three days.
I shot one.
Be quiet.
They say drinking before dusk
could make you highly intoxicated.
Where did you get the money to drink here?
I'd feel better
if I could just get inebriated.
One piece of paper was worth this much.
What paper was this expensive?
Tell me the truth, you bastard.
You went to Lee Deok-mun again,
didn't you?
What did you sell this time?
Colonel Mori's list
of the Righteous Army members.
You sold what?
You crazy bastard.
How could you sell something like that?
You sold your own country.
Not just a piece of paper.
You sold our country.
I really didn't know
it would get out of hand like this.
You fool.
I didn't know
it included Lady Go's name.
Who would have even imagined?
What is it?
What should we do?
It seems that Lee Deok-mun
got his hands on a list of our members.
Me, you,
and our hideout is now in danger.
If you believe one must die,
take the shot.
This can't be a dream.
I'm the one who contacted the potter,
Hwang Eun-san.
Are you all right now?
I also treated your wound
This shows me
that I treated your wound pretty well.
I thought it was a dream.
But it felt so real.
I couldn't stop thinking about it
for days.
Then why did you tell me not to return?
Let me see your face.
I only saw you when you were in pain.
Are you in a deeper pain now?
How could you show up like this?
What am I to do if you are standing
right before my eyes like this?
When we were parting ways,
I said I'd see you again.
It is too dangerous here in Joseon now.
I had no choice
but to return.
You went back to that faraway land.
For me, it was only one
and a half handspan away.
I missed you too much.
Don't worry.
You should
protect your country, Joseon.
I will protect you.
This is my history,
and I've decided to do this.
You reckless man.
Your target is Lee Deok-mun.
Will you be okay?
If you can't do it, let me handle it.
I heard that the owner of the hotel died.
I will
fight on behalf of her too
so that every patriotic death
is meaningful.
Besides, I'm a better shooter than you.
We only cook once a day, in the morning.
It's because of the smoke.
And there's a little stream over there.
It's a bit far, so please make sure
at least one person goes with you.
There's a mulberry tree by the stream.
The mulberries will ripen soon,
so please don't pick them yet.
They're too bitter and sour now.
Now that we have some young people here,
we feel much safer.
You're brightening up the whole place.
Kid, you too. The journey here
mustn't have been an easy one.
You must not shoot your comrades.
Shoot those Japanese jerks.
I shot them earlier,
and they ran away.
Oh, my. Nicely done.
-He'll grow into a brave fellow.
-I know, right?
Earlier? When?
-At home?
On our way here,
I shot them down like this.
Two soldiers.
It looks like our base here
has been exposed.
We must be ready to leave before sunset.
Those of you who know
how to use firearms, gather over here.
Separate grain from other things.
And women must look after children
and make sure they should not cry.
Kiddo, we could find out about it
thanks to you.
This old man should
make a contribution too, right?
What is this? There is no one here.
Don't you see this residue of bonfires
and these footprints?
I'm sure they were here.
That is not important!
They already fled!
So what now?
They couldn't have gone far.
We must search the woods.
I bet girls and children can't walk fast.
I found him hiding in the woods.
Bring him here.
Oh, you're
Identify yourself.
Are you one of the rebels?
Yes, sir. I think he is,
but that man is deaf-mute.
Damn it!
-Kill him.
-Yes, sir.
Please don't shoot. Spare my life, please.
I will tell you everything.
You said he's deaf-mute.
You don't know a thing, do you?
No, I mean
He's willing to tell us everything.
He said he knows everything.
Hey, tell us.
Where is Go Ae-sin?
And where the hell did Hwang Eun-san go?
They went into town.
I heard they have a big plan today.
Lady Ae-sin, Mr. Haengrang, Ms. Haman,
and a few more people
went together.
They want to assassinate
the captain of the Japanese army.
That bitch went into town.
They're planning to assassinate you.
They're planning to kill me?
Please do not worry, sir.
I know what that bitch
and all of her family members look like.
Listen! Stop the search. We're leaving!
Hurry! -Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Are you scared?
No, not at all.
I didn't get to see Lady Ae-sin.
It's the only thing that's worrying me.
I'm a bit sad.
I haven't even held your hand,
but I must leave everything behind.
My goodness.
Oh, boy. You're being silly.
Why would you want to hold my rough hand?
Go ahead and hold her hand.
Hurry up and hold it now.
Yes, we don't have much time.
It's now or never.
You folks are making me blush.
Why did you even follow us?
We're scared shitless now.
Don't change the subject
and entertain us
so that we can relax a little.
I'll lead the way, sir.
She must be in a palanquin.
You need to give me credit
for all of this, sir.
Platoon One, go that way.
And Platoon Two, this way.
Look for a palanquin.
Anyone can spot a palanquin.
Stop spewing total nonsense.
Just bring me the list.
They've already fled the hideout.
Now, the only thing left
is the list, which you supposedly have.
If even that is nothing important,
I will cut your head off
and take it to Lord Ito.
I'll tell him you're one of the rebels.
You got that?
Yes, sir!
Find the palanquin!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
I see a palanquin. This way!
I hear footsteps.
They must be following us now.
I'm impressed by that man.
He's deaf-mute,
but he must have done a great job.
Gosh, what are you talking about?
That man is such an eloquent speaker,
and he even sings well.
-Are you serious?
Am I the only one who knew it?
I've never seen him talk.
He must've been incredibly well-spoken
in his final moments.
Actually, how about
we also give ourselves a chance
to say the things we never got to say?
-Great idea.
-I mean, all of us will die soon anyway.
Yes, let's do it.
There is something
I've always wanted to say.
What is it? Go ahead and say it.
-Come out and greet!
Come and out greet!
Gosh, you're right.
If this is indeed the last day of my life,
I have no reason to hold back.
Thank you for always staying by my side.
Come here.
Let's hold hands.
Go on. Hold her hand!
Are you sure?
My goodness.
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