Mr. Sunshine (2018) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

Today's photographer is
the grandson of Kim Hyeon-seob,
a former minister at the palace.
Lord Kim Hyeon-seob?
Why is a descendant of his
doing something petty like this?
A man should make a name
for himself in this world.
How do you expect your grandfather
to rest in peace?
What bigger honor is there
than to take the photo of those
who wrote history?
This will be seen
by all Korean descendants,
so I will do my best job.
That goes without saying.
It is one for the history books,
so do a good job.
Let's take the photo then.
Yes, you should be remembered
for generations.
I knew someone would get shot
while drinking in this room.
I took back Hwawollu for you.
It has some blood on it, but it's yours.
-No strings attached.
-A little blood?
It's actually a pool.
Seize fire!
It's empty.
Damn it!
Move out!
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
You won't have to wait long.
I'll soon join you.
Why are you empty-handed?
Where's the bitch?
We followed her palanquin,
but there were no weapons
and only old people.
You idiot!
That's all the more reason for you
not to come empty-handed! You should've brought the bodies
or left weapons by their side
to make them look like mobs!
All of you, follow me!
-Yes, sir.
-Let's go!
-Please wake up.
She's still alive.
Let's get her up.
Get her up.
Oh, dear.
What happened to you?
Why are you here?
My lady.
"My lady"? "My lady"?
You should've been at the base.
You should've stayed there.
I wanted everyone to live.
I wanted everyone in the mountains
and you to survive this
Don't talk.
The baby that cried
in the rain
came into my arms.
She took her first steps
and flashed a pretty smile.
Watching you by your side
became the purpose of my life.
It's also
what I will die for.
Now that I've seen your face,
lightly flap my wings
and dance as I
No, please no!
The Japanese are coming back.
Those fucking bastards.
Protect the lady.
If you don't, I'm going to shoot.
the Joseon people haven't changed at all.
Saving one woman
won't save Joseon.
I must save her.
Because one day,
she could become like me.
The country
that woman protected with her life
is now
protecting her.
We're moving out.
These subjects will be annihilated
by the Great Empire of Japan anyway.
Move out!
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
I think I'll be needing a horse.
The Japanese army has a lot.
Who are you bastards?
Do you have a death wish? Move!
-I'll take the left.
-I'll take the right.
What the hell are they saying?
I wasn't aiming to kill,
but I haven't been in the best of shape.
Aren't you going to shoot?
No more gunshots for tonight.
Besides, I drew faster.
-Hands above your head.
Get off.
-Hey, get over here.
-What's this?
Go report this!
Let's go. I'll give you a ride.
I'll go alone.
-There could be checkpoints.
-That's why you should stay.
Be safe here
as an American.
It's dangerous to be with me.
They weren't
supposed to die for my cause.
Now I'm afraid to witness any more deaths.
-You should've been prepared.
You should've been ready
to witness anyone's death.
That's how wars are.
Do you know where you should go?
They probably moved the base by now.
There's a rendezvous point.
Then go there safely.
And don't worry about them.
There are many willing to help.
I'll give them a proper send-off.
Please treat them well.
I used to be faster and stronger
back in the days.
You know you can't stop the flow of time.
We can't risk
being seen by starting a fire,
so raw barley will be served.
Feed the children after it soaks water up.
Look at us.
We ran to live,
but we're only being hunted like rabbits.
I think the noble young lady
just took her people and left.
Cut the crap and just eat.
We managed to survive today,
but who knows what'll happen next time?
Let's be honest. It's not like
us being like this will save the country.
You and that trap of yours.
Stop being so negative.
It won't save Joseon anytime soon.
If we can't do it overnight,
we can keep trying.
How can we hold out on scraps like this?
Are you blind?
We're not holding out.
We're living a life.
Like them.
How is it that you're worse than the kids?
I completed my mission.
Seeing how you're all alive,
their last mission
must've been a success.
None of them
You must pull yourself together.
These are the people they saved.
Now it's our turn to protect them.
I understand,
Darn it. I'd die for some horse meat.
I hope you rest in peace.
If you happen
to meet my mother there,
please give her this.
Five days
Japanese soldiers framed
six innocent Koreans as mobs
and slaughtered them with guns.
Now that they are
in possession of Korean Law,
they will not stop their brutal tyranny.
My fellow 20 million Koreans,
I know you are terrified,
but we must fight. Like thunder and like a storm.
Mr. Kim,
are you sure about distributing this?
Japan is intensifying
the current press law.
The owner of Daehan Daily
might be banished
even though he's British.
That must be the fate of all those
who deliver the truth.
But don't you worry.
This is why
I never named my newspaper.
Even I'm amazed
by my outstanding foresight.
I lament over
how optimistic you are. I know students
who are on board with the cause.
-Don't worry about the distribution.
-I sure chose the right employee.
And I chose the wrong place to work at.
I'll get going then.
Look who it is.
Room 304.
You're back.
I'm here for what I left with you.
Because of this,
I couldn't even sell my own country.
Thank you.
Where are the owners of this place?
I think they aided the hotel owner.
They're on a temporary leave.
You gave me something too valuable
for just holding on to your belonging.
I was just rooting for you.
This is my payment.
In Japan's hands, it'll be a hit list.
However, in your hands,
it'll be recorded in history.
It will sell for quite some money,
so choose wisely.
I should buy you a drink.
Are you
finally buying?
I recognize those shoulders.
Is it
It's Gu Dong-mae!
Is this the only bar in town?
You're back too.
I am delighted to see you again.
You weren't this delighted to see me.
I heard the rumors.
That Gu Dong-mae came back
and retrieved Jingogae and Hwawollu!
I'm the one who retrieved Hwawollu.
Why not get some rest?
You seem to be
more diligent than expected.
Barkeep, bring us drinks!
Expensive ones!
I'm buying, so drink up. Are you finally buying?
Take out your wallet.
He always gets drunk first and leaves.
There seems to be a misunderstanding.
It's not like I didn't want to buy drinks.
Money was never the issue.
Then what was it?
I didn't have you two.
I've been waiting for comrades.
Let us comrades
raise our glasses together.
Now I'm flustered.
I thought you'd draw
your sword and gun again,
but you raised your glasses this time.
Then let's do it once more.
The English words she first learned
were gun, glory, and sad ending.
We may have taken different paths,
but it was our destiny to end up together.
Special edition!
Special edition!
The steps we took resembled who we are.
The article one wrote instead of a will.
Opium that burned through
one's broken body
in the amount of the life he had left.
The Korean flag that was given to a man
who was forever a foreigner.
Will our final destination
be somewhere between glory
and a sad ending?
Maybe we just didn't know how to stop.
Or perhaps, we had no reason to stop.
it was patriotism.
It was a hot summer night
that blossomed a friendship
which didn't exist before.
More than my thousand words,
a line from this newspaper
raises the spirit of Koreans.
Sir, the newspaper didn't have a name,
and they were distributed
in the middle of the night
Are you saying you won't look into it?
Or that you can't?
Anyone who spots these mobs
can report to the Residency-General
and the Japanese Police for a prize.
Fifty won for their names
and the location of their base.
One hundred won for those who arrest them.
One hundred won?
That's enough to change our lives.
Should we hunt them down?
That's a lot of money.
Each one is worth 100 won!
Do-mi's sister, Su-mi, is at the palace.
The hotel owner asked the king
to look after her.
But the girl
wishes to join the Righteous Army.
As you know, the palace is safer.
I'll contact you.
That's when you'll help her leave. -It's for the tab.
-All of this?
This is too much
for just a piece of candy.
I'm throwing away the rest.
I don't need money anymore.
Just take it
and do business here for a long time.
You woke up?
I'm pretty sure
I was on the street.
It was hard to carry you here.
Did you drag me here or what?
My back hurts.
You threw up a lot of blood.
Is that not big of a deal?
Just pretend you never saw it, sir.
I can't because I already saw it.
I changed bandages for you.
As for the wound
I can't really treat it.
Thank you, sir.
Today, I cannot die even if I want to.
It's the 15th of the month. Take care of yourself.
You too.
Be careful.
I'm in a mess myself,
but I am concerned for your safety.
I mean it.
I should hate you,
but what can I do?
I'm growing fond of you.
This foreigner
is a newspaper correspondent.
He wants to interview you.
Interview us?
Was that the reason?
You dared to expose our location
for something like that?
Yes, for your own sakes.
You folks are hiding now,
whereas your enemies
are busy burying the heinous deeds
they've committed.
No other country knows
about the fight you've been putting up
or the sad situation
this small country is in.
Exposing your current situation
to other countries
is meaningful in my opinion.
It's easy for a foreigner
to say such a thing.
If you want to help, pick up a rifle.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner.
I told him to bring him here.
I agree with him.
The world doesn't care to know
what's happening in
and to this small country.
However, we should tell our story.
Let's tell the whole world
about our fearless steps
to help Joseon regain her sovereignty.
I'll do it.
Even just four days ago,
there was a battle
in a village over there.
We killed four Japanese soldiers
and lost two comrades.
Three got injured during the battle.
Do you think you can win against Japan?
We, the members of the Righteous Army,
are incredibly brave,
but we don't have many weapons.
Our old rifles get jammed frequently.
And we're running out of bullets.
We know
that all of us are bound to die
if we continue this fight.
But we'd absolutely hate to live
as the Japanese' slaves.
We'd much rather die as free men.
Reporter, you're a foreigner.
Can't you purchase weapons
without being caught by the Japanese?
Please buy some weapons for us.
We'll pay you.
Unfortunately, I'm a war correspondent.
Hence, I cannot help either side.
I'd like to take a picture of you today.
We're grateful
that a foreigner came all the way here
to learn about the situation
we, the Righteous Army, are in
at the moment.
Please tell the whole world
about what you saw.
Tell them about our situation.
you may take a picture of us.
This will probably be the only photograph
of the Righteous Army.
Thank you.
I'll pay you back for this.
You already did, just now.
Just now?
I got to see that smile,
so we're even now.
I mean, I risked my life
for that shoe of yours.
So that was the beginning for you?
That's quite late.
I should get back down.
My comrades are waiting.
-Just a moment.
-It's okay.
Just wait here.
Well Boss.
I am leaving.
It's not that.
I'm here to make my payment.
I didn't think I'd see you today.
You didn't come on the 15th of the month.
This is the last day, you see.
Now, you've paid me back in full.
You no longer need to come here.
Are you planning to leave?
To where?
I'll help you.
You can't help me, my lady.
I heard you're not well.
-Accept my help.
-Do you want me in your palanquin again?
This time,
I refuse, my lady.
The moment I joined Musin Society,
my fate was decided like this.
If I get in your palanquin,
you will be put in danger as well.
I'll be the only one being chased.
You should
soar up high now.
That label of "a spoiled noble fool."
Do you know how much it haunted me?
All of you in the front line,
get ready to fire.
Say "Bang" when I say "Fire."
Aim. Fire.
Well done.
Let's try that again.
Why do we have to go in teams of two?
There is only one rifle.
Because we're short on rifles.
If the shooter dies,
the other person will have
to pick up the rifle and fight.
It's battle funds
from all over the country,
and here's a letter
from South Gyeongsang Province.
In the name of our 20 million compatriots,
we must get rid of the spy.
You got the wrong idea.
I don't think we did.
The letter clearly states
why you must die.
That bastard dared
to bring Japanese soldiers here.
Let's run away.
No, we can't do that.
We're legends.
The sound of gunfire here
will let those noblemen up there
know to flee.
Il-sik, they'll fire at us
even if we run away.
That is true.
And we know our way around in the woods.
Then let's go.
It's that way!
All shooters, stand guard.
The rest of you, pack your things.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
We had to move our base again.
Composite sketches of you
are everywhere on the streets.
They even put up a handsome amount
of cash reward.
That is why I wanted to meet with you.
I have a favor to ask of you.
It is something
that Joseon people can't do.
Didn't you say you'd kill me
because I'm not a Joseon man?
Your voice sounds totally different now.
It's our battle funds we collected
from all over the country.
Are you giving me this
so that I can bugger off?
Goodness, will you bugger off?
What can I do?
We need to get train tickets.
The destination is Pyongyang.
We need many tickets.
If a Joseon person buys them,
it'll arouse suspicion.
We need 12 tickets in total.
For whom?
Those who must live will leave.
Children, women,
and Lady Ae-sin.
The future of Joseon.
Hey, Ishida.
Thanks for coming here
to welcome us in person.
You arrived a day late.
I waited
for ten days.
The weather was horrible,
so the ship couldn't leave on time.
Did the heavens help me?
Or was it Yang-hwa?
Bring it.
He was looking for you
in the mainland.
I should give him some credit
for his loyalty towards his boss.
He was very worried about you.
Thanks to me,
you two meet again like this.
This must be
the last thing I ought to do
here in the land of Joseon.
I can still
slash anyone with my sword.
Just one more of you bastards
You piece of Just one more!
That label of "a spoiled noble fool."
Do you know how much it haunted me?
You see,
I'm such a loser.
I was hoping that you would've
completely forgotten about it,
but hearing that it pained you so much
makes me think that
if I managed to make my mark
even in a moment of your life like that,
then I guess
that is enough for me.
Let's go destroy Joseon!
-Yes, boss!
-Yes, boss!
You mean, Manchuria?
Song Yeong and Lord Lee Jeong-mun
bought guns for the past one year.
And we've been moving the guns
to Manchuria.
We were planning to bring them to Joseon,
but due to the Russia-Japan Treaty,
Japan now has control
over the southern part of Manchuria,
which means we can't carry out the plan.
Hence, we must go to Manchuria.
The matchlock is the only usable weapon
that we have at the moment.
If it rains like this during our battles,
all of us will die.
So we must steel ourselves
for what's ahead of us.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
To get things done effectively,
we must split up into platoons.
You lads will be Platoon One.
Sang-mok, you'll be the captain.
Yes, sir.
My gosh, I've never been a leader
all my life.
Got it, sir.
You lads are Platoon Two.
Mu-geol will be the captain.
Got it, sir.
Lastly, Platoon Three.
Go Ae-sin will be the captain.
Yes, sir.
I managed to get the train tickets.
Platoon Three will leave first
in a few days.
You'll take the train to Pyongyang.
From there to Sinuiju,
you'll have to take a land route.
When you get to Sinuiju,
you'll cross the Yalu River
and arrive in Manchuria.
It won't be an easy journey.
As a captain, you must make sure
everyone gets there safe and sound.
When you get there,
Lord Lee Jeong-mun and Song Yeong
will be waiting for you.
Got it.
Jun-yeong and Jin-guk,
go into town tonight
and get the Japanese military uniform.
When you hear from us,
go to the train station and be on standby.
Help our comrades
to make sure that all of them
-get on the train.
-Yes, sir.
Platoon One and Two,
you will leave later on.
The dismissed soldiers
got in touch with us.
Platoon One and Two will meet up with them
and go to Pyongyang together
via a land route.
-I'm hungry.
-Gosh, you kids.
You won't be hungry if you fall asleep.
Get some sleep, okay?
Sleep now.
It's okay.
We adults feel hunger
just as much as kids do.
That is true,
but when kids are starving,
it's always the adults' fault.
I'm giving you this to apologize.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Say, "Thank you."
-Thank you.
You're hungry, right? Eat this.
This belongs to Joseon.
I'd like to return it to its owner.
Platoon Four will be led
by this foreigner.
Total number of members, one.
All good. Current count, one.
Member One. That's it.
Is it because this flag is a gift
from His Majesty?
It looks amazing.
My gosh.
Oh, boy.
You're in big trouble.
You just imprinted a hand seal.
Do you know what that is?
You've sworn to be a patriot.
Will you really become one?
Even that little boy
wants to be a patriot.
We'll get Joseon back soon.
Should I join in too?
Does anyone have ink?
You can use this!
I dyed my fingernails with balsam.
Even if I'm bound to die,
I want to look beautiful when it happens.
Hand it over.
I have never seen a man do this.
This man I know did it too.
I will be a woman tomorrow.
Don't be too stunned by my beauty.
It'll be less dangerous inside.
The train will leave at noon.
I may not be able to step
on this land again.
Thank you, sir.
But do you think
I can really go out like this?
A long time ago,
an American man with blue eyes
said this.
"God is always
with people of Joseon."
This gat will keep you safe.
-What is this?
-I heard Lord Ito wants to track down
the publisher of the newspaper.
I had an inkling,
so I went through mail records
and found this.
This man imported type
for newspaper printing from Japan.
But the thing is,
the recipient is Kim Hui-seong.
Do you mean that Kim Hui-seong?
That's right.
It's just a speculation though.
That can be enough.
This can probably help us
win Lord Lee Wan-yong's favor again.
Connect me to the Residency-General.
My life was meaningless
before I met you all.
It was an honor to know every one of you.
This looks like the best spot.
Hide here safe and sound for a long time
and get discovered when time is right.
What are you doing?
I'm glad you're here.
You should call it a day
You should take this.
This camera? Why?
Someone gave it to me to root for me,
but I'd like to give it to you.
I'm rooting for you,
Reporter Yun.
Did you make that corny remark just now
to fire me or what?
Right, so just leave now.
And don't come here
for the next little while.
You might be put in danger too.
Hurry, go on!
Now, tread on it.
And shake the soil off your clothes.
You have to come back for it, okay?
I will keep it safe for you until then.
All right.
I'll be sure
to get the shovel back from you!
This man is
This man is Kim Hui-seong.
Arrest him!
The information must've leaked.
The train station.
Platoon Three is in danger.
I'll go to the station now. It'll be too late. You can't beat horses.
All we can do
is trust Platoon Three and Four.
We must come to their rescue.
All of you, load your rifles.
Shoot them until I tell you to stop.
Some of the mobs are on the train.
Make sure the train doesn't leave
until backup arrives.
You, search everyone who
gets on the train.
And all of you,
search those who are already on the train.
-To your positions!
-Yes, sir!
What's the matter, sir?
Is something wrong?
I must say,
your instincts are always right.
-Pardon me?
I need you to turn back this time.
The train will be dangerous.
Go to the school and look for Stella.
And hold on to it for me.
Please visit her from time to time.
Gwan Thanks for everything.
Take care.
You too.
I hope
I return
Let's go.
The Japanese delayed
the train's departure.
I think they're onto us.
How many soldiers are there?
About 12.
That's not many.
That means more are coming.
The train must leave
before reinforcements come.
We're still waiting for two more to board.
Come with me.
This train must leave this instant.
Hey, you there.
There's never a quiet day in Joseon.
Things are getting worse in Joseon.
Who might you be?
Have we
met before?
If he is from that Mori family
It's the second most influential family
after the royal family.
In Tokyo.
With Takashi Mori.
I think you mistook me for someone else,
but do you know Takashi Mori?
Oh, sorry.
I knew him since our days in New York.
I haven't heard from him in a while
and was worried.
I'm very sorry,
but he died some time three years ago.
What a pity.
Baron Kuroda.
We got a tip that Joseon mobs
are on board,
so we're searching.
I think it's best you don't take--
I know that much.
You're all making such a fuss.
Go and get them.
Then it's problem solved.
You want me to ruin my business
just because of a few mobs?
Please forgive me, sir.
Are you a businessman?
I own a small coal mine in Pyongyang.
I must get there today
for an important deal.
What business do you have in Pyongyang?
The woman I love
wishes to walk in that direction.
Oh. I'm heading there to get coal
and you're going there for love.
It's embarrassing.
Unless you wish to die,
start the train this instant. Earlier, you told me not to leave.
Okay. We'll leave now.
You must not let this train stop
no matter what.
Whatever happens.
-Can you do that?
-Yes, captain.
Lock the door after me.
The train! Stop it!
Stop the train!
Stop it!
They're lunatics.
I wasn't even on board yet.
How am I to thank you?
If it hadn't been for you,
I'd have lost a huge business deal.
Would you like some whisky?
Thanks for the offer,
but my seat's in economy class.
Is he a humble man?
-Greet me later.
Five or six more soldiers boarded.
There's someone useful
in the premium class.
You are to reach Pyongyang at all costs.
Protect your comrades.
You're a lion.
Now, the greeting.
I'm proud of you.
And I missed you.
It's a Japanese man.
Be quiet and sit straight.
The boy's just a little excited.
Your voice is much louder.
How embarrassing.
Are you surprised
that I caught you trying to leave me?
Or are you pleased to see me?
You did excellently.
I'm the wife of an excellent American.
I must go.
Go where?
My seat is in the premium class.
What will you do?
You only have one bullet.
As always,
I just need to use it wisely.
Gather your weapons
and take turns to watch the wounded.
Move swiftly. We're getting out of here.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Do you think we can win?
I'm not sure.
we can't turn back now, can we?
It's not that only glorious days
become history.
We know we'll lose
and that we won't last long
with these weapons,
but we must fight.
We'll fight and show them
that we were here.
And that we were afraid,
but we fought to the end.
Right. Let's go.
We only die once.
We can't die twice.
I saw this coming.
I had a nice dream last night.
I think
I can take half of them
with me to the afterlife.
Let's go.
I knew you'd come back.
On a long train ride,
whisky's the best.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time.
I must save the woman I love.
Is that woman on board this train?
Unfortunately so.
There's something I forgot to ask earlier.
Takashi Mori.
Who killed him?
The Joseon mobs must've been behind it.
Just like today.
You're wrong.
It was an American
who fled from Joseon.
I'll ask again from the start.
The article in the special edition
was detailed and biased.
You were engaged to Go Ae-sin,
one of the mobs.
Where are the photos you took?
Where's the list of those rebels?
I know you're working with them.
The mobs.
Hwang Eun-san and Go Ae-sin.
Those are
such beautiful names.
You prick!
I'm a man
who loves beautiful,
yet useless things.
The moon. The stars.
Things like that.
If I were to become
one of them for those reasons,
it would be an honor.
I told you to speak in Japanese.
Search again thoroughly.
She's got to be in here.
-I'm sorry.
Get out of the way.
Excuse me.
Which platoon are you with?
I've never seen you before.
Don't you hear me? I asked you a question!
If you're looking for me,
I'm right here.
That's her! There's the mob!
Oh dear. My goodness.
Get out of the way!
It's her!
Tie both of them up!
I order you to stop!
-Baron Kuroda.
-Step back!
He told you to step back!
Didn't you hear?
Get lost!
My gun is empty.
What are you thinking?
I'm hoping to delay the fall of Joseon.
Hang in there.
A tunnel's coming up.
A tunnel?
Like an underpass.
Which is why I must say
Don't cry.
This is my history
and my love story.
That's why I must go.
I wish for your victory.
You should take a step forward.
I will take a step back.
Move forward!
Choi Yu-jin!
Wrap it up.
They were just mobs.
Their names will be buried.
They never should've existed
in the first place.
Make sure the foreign press
doesn't mention any of them.
They must not be remembered in history.
Yes, sir!
Leader of the Righteous Army,
Hwang Eun-san.
Member of the Righteous Army,
Park Mu-geol.
Member of the Righteous Army,
Lee Sang-bok.
Member of the Righteous Army, Kim Nam-jin. Member of the Righteous Army, Kim Gyu-tae.
Member of the Righteous Army,
Seo Ho-jeong.
Member of the Righteous Army, Lee Jang-ho.
I regret to inform you, Your Majesty.
First of all,
I deeply regret to inform you
of Eugene Choi's death.
He who was born in Joseon
and died as as an American,
remained as a foreigner to the last.
He wished to bury the final chapter of
his life here in Joseon,
the country that never embraced him.
Hence I have a favor to ask of you.
Would you be able to put
in a formal request
to the Korean and Japanese governments
so that he can be buried
in the foreigners' cemetery in Hanseong?
Wishing you all the best.
From the Joseon man, Im Gwan-su.
"It is shameless of me
to write another letter like this."
I'd like to pay off my overdue rent
with this watch.
Excuse me, are you back in business now?
Do you buy things like this too?
I found this on the street.
What's this doing here?
People like that.
Give it to me.
By the time this letter reaches you,
I probably won't be in Joseon anymore.
Tomorrow, we're going to Japan together.
I think
that will be how we part ways.
No matter where you were headed,
I wanted to stand right in front of you,
but I did not know
that parting ways with you
was what was ahead of me.
Every step I took with you
meant everything to me.
Every moment I spent with you
was like a picnic to me.
In English, it's spelled as "picnic."
It starts with a "P."
What did I tell you?
I told you I've done a lot of sailing.
Are you even aware
that I caught all these?
I'm sorry for being so clueless.
Like I've said many times,
all I can do is paint.
Is that why?
You didn't even try
to catch any fish today.
All you did was hold my hand. Well, what's "fish" in English?
Don't change the subject.
It's "fish."
"Pish." Then that means
It starts with a "P."
I pick things up pretty quickly.
It starts with an "F."
"Fish" is spelled with an "F."
Let's clean up.
We shouldn't stay at someone else's house
for this long.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances,
I must go now.
Are you still working
on protecting Joseon?
I hope you are. Go Ae-sin
was a very passionate woman.
And Go Ae-sin
was the woman I deeply loved.
Well, then.
The moment you pull the trigger,
your location will be exposed.
Then what should you do next?
Shoot again?
You should retreat quickly.
All right, sprint all the way down
to that boulder and run back here.
Those were glorious days.
Each one of us was a flame,
and all of us bloomed,
burnt, and wilted vehemently.
And once again, we wish
to ignite the embers
left by our comrades.
My English still hasn't improved much,
so I had to keep my goodbye short.
Goodbye, my comrades.
When our country regains independence,
YEAR OF 1919
This is your fight. I'm only helping.
Got that? Okay?
Yes, sir.
Okay. Let's go.
Yes, we will keep on moving forward.
This is our fight, sir.
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