Ms. Marvel (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


Kamala Khan.

I guess we're not going to AvengerCon.

A cosplay competition for Carol Danvers
at the greatest fan event of the year.

My costume is near perfect,
just pending the final flourish.

This is so cool.
Is this Nani's?
That is junk.

Your teachers, they're telling
me you're doodling all day
in your fantasy land.

It's not really the brown girls
from Jersey City who save the world.

So, there's this thing
called AvengerCon.

Celebrating our great
heroes of our time.

So you want to go to a
party? Is this a joke?
Check this out.

Teenage girl at AvengerCon.

- I've never seen powers like that.

- Bring her in.

Who do you want to be in this world?
I've seen what happens when people
get obsessed with their fantasies.

You're Kamala Khan.

You wanna save the world? Then
you're gonna save the world.



- Morning, Camelia.

- Morning.

Been meaning to tell you for years,
my name is pronounced "Kamala.

- What's up?
- Hey.

Hey, guys.
Thank you.

You know what I love about AirPods
is that you don't actually have
to stand this close to each other.

I love you guys! I'm rooting for you!
Favorite couple.
I am so sorry!
No worries.

I need to see it.

The videos you sent were
flashes of pink light
- and I didn't see anything.

- You didn't see anything?
I tried to shrink and fly
and talk to ants.
None of it worked.

What makes you think
you have Ant-Man powers?
Because we're both charming, and
we look a lot younger than we are.

It was crazy.

Everybody says that I should've
been live streaming it,
but I really just wanted to
live in the moment, you know?
I heard Zoe's follower count,
like, quadrupled this weekend.

I mean, she had physical
contact with a superhero.

Obviously people are
gonna be interested.

I wonder if it's because
she knew that, like,
I could be the one to handle it.

Dude, just imagine how many followers
the girl who saved her would get.

I feel like secret identities
are secret for a reason.

But a million followers?
That's great.
Can you show me, please?
Theater, after lunch.

- Why are we hopping?
- Zoe's famous.

- Gross.

- I mean, it all happened so fast.

One moment, I was posing
for a couple of pictures
and then all of a sudden,
there was all this screaming,
and I was thrown to the ground.

And then this beautiful white
light, like, cascaded over me.

I felt this wave of calmness,
like, I knew I was safe.

There's another superhero
catastrophe and she's sitting there,
bragging about being saved
by the budget Captain Marvel.

Thank you.

- What?
- Thank you.

Thank you, yeah.

Someone finally said it.

That Zoe, dude, she
just talks and talks.

Okay, calm down.

So who was it?
Uh Night Light.

Night Light.

But she keeps, like, a
really low profile, so
But it was all just so life-changing.

Which is why I'm gonna
have a party on Friday.

You know, to celebrate
the fragility of life.

Also the half a million followers thing,
but mostly the fragility of life.

She's celebrating the fragility of life.

Yeah, we're so not going to that party.

Hey, you're that new senior, right?
- Kamran.

- Uh, yeah.

Well, I'm having a party
on Friday, you should come.

Yeah, no, that sounds
really fun, actually.

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Cool.
I'll DM you the details.

- Yeah.

We should go to that party.


- I really don't want to go to Zoe's.

- It'll be fun.

Wow, that's

How does it feel?
Like an idea come to life.

So I guess super strength is
not a part of the equation.

Yeah, maybe I should've
tried harder in gym.

I saved you.

Only because you almost killed me first.

Okay, maybe I do need
to work on my skills.

Okay, no super strength.

All I got is this.

So it looks like your power
isn't coming from the bangle.

It's coming from within you.

Like the bangle unlocked
the superhuman part of you.

So, what, am I like
Asgardian or something?
- Dude, am I related to Thor?
- No, no.
I didn't say any of that.

- Bruno!
- Maybe?
Thanks, man.

Does that look like some
kind of writing to you?
It's hard to read, um
Looks like Arabic or Urdu? I don't know.

Well, let's focus on what we know.

Light comes out of you and it hardens.

Let's call it "Hard Light.

Okay, hold on.

Please let me go.

You have to let me go.

Whoo! Whoo!
Always the same two that are late.

You're kidding me!
Move over.

Take that again.
It's hideous.

Tag it hashtag mosque
Or hashtag Deen.

- Hey!
- Come on!
- Shh!
- No Snapchatting in the masjid!
- It's Insta!
- Shh!
They really gotta fix this place.

Uh, no, you mean they gotta
fix our section of this place.

See, but the men's section is pristine.

Small acts of everyday kindness
We got mold under the carpets and
the walls are literally crumbling.

We can't just stick up a poster for
every piece of plaster that falls.

Sisters, no talking
during the lecture, please.

Sorry, Sheikh Abdullah, you know,
it's really hard to concentrate
when we can barely see you.

Sister Kamala! How glad I am
that you've joined us today.

The partition and the side entrance
are there to preserve all
our modesty and dignity.

Thank you, Sister Kamala,
for reminding us that it is
important to share your voice.

Though perhaps except during my lecture.

And another reminder,
nominations are still open
for the Mosque Board election.

Oh, my God, Naks, you
should totally run.

Are you crazy?
Do I look like a 90-year-old man to you?
- Sometimes
- No.

- Just
- Stop that.
I hate you.

No, no, no, no, no, no!
Kamala, somebody stole my shoes!
My new Versaces.

And the mosque shoe
thief has struck again.

That is the 22nd pair of
shoes that have been stolen
and the uncles don't even care.

Maybe a woman for the Mosque Board
actually makes some change around here.


Wait, no, actually, 'cause
Uncle Rasheed is running.

And clearly everyone loves him.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

Rasheed's got nothing
on you, baby, okay?
You're the change.
The change is
here, and the change is her, everyone.

Yeah, you know what? Maybe I will run.


- You're gonna be my campaign manager.

- What?
I can help you.

Oh, hi.
Thank you.


I'm really sorry about sneaking out.

Kamala, I know that you are growing up,
but I need you to stay safe.

That's all that matters.

I know.

Also, I know this is the worst
possible time to ask but
Kamala Khan.

If you're gonna ask something
about AvengerCon Two or
No, no, no, no, no.

Zoe's having some people over tonight.

Bruno and Nakia will both be
And I'll be home by 9:00.

Please can I go?

But this time, you see that
you come back through the door.

Thank you.

Welcome to the party.

Thanks for coming.

Miguel's hovering.

What's up?
You want some?
- No, I
- Is there alcohol in that?
Nah, it's just orange juice.

Dude, why would you do that?
- Come on, dude.

- Plus some vodka.

All right, I'm over
Wanna split an Uber?
No, we can't!
Everyone's here, including us.

Am I drunk?
Wait, who is that?
- Do it, do it! Jump!
- Is he stupid?
Hey, hey, no, no, don't jump, dude!
- Oh, my God.

- Jump!
Should I do something?
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.

- What does that mean?
- Damn!
"God has willed it.
Uh Excuse me.


You're on my shirt.

- Sorry.

- It's okay.

You really belly-flopped it back
there, man.
That had to hurt.

Don't think so.
really feel a thing.

- Uh, I'm Kamran.

- Nakia.

I'm Kamala.
I'm Kamala!
Cops! Everyone scatter!
My parents are gonna kill me!
That way's blocked.
I can't do time.

Hey, guys, I have a car.
everyone just come with me.

Your uncle's car is so
I love the color.

Thank you.


You can take it for a
ride sometime if you want.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- She can't.
She failed.
- Dude.

What? She did.
You backed
up into the car, remember?
Yeah, thanks, Bruno.
almost forgot about that.

It's fine, I failed
my first time as well.

- Wait, is this Swet Shop Boys?
- Yeah.

It's really cool that you like
this kind of stuff as well.

Do you, like, watch, I don't
know, Bollywood movies and stuff?
Uh, obviously.

But only the greats like Baazigar
and other stuff like that.

I mean, it's no surprise
you like Baazigar.

- It's only SRK's best work.

- Uh
Yeah, I know.
Popular opinion says DDLJ.

Of course.

I like Baazigar.

- You do?
- Yeah.

Cool, man.
I didn't
realize you'd, uh, seen it.

It's good.
I watched it a few
years back.
It was very pleasing.


Wait, wait.
Hold on, hold
Uh, give me your phone.

In case you ever want a driving
lesson, here's my number.

Give me a text or drop me a call.

Whatever you wanna do.

Just make sure I can save
yours as well, and, uh, yeah.

Uh, it was great meeting you guys.

Um, Miguel, Paul, Nakia, Brian.

See you later.


- He knows my name's not Brian.

- Brian's mad.
Why is Brian mad?
He knows my name is not Brian.

- How was Zoe's house?
- Oh, it was magical.

We spend six weeks on ancient
Rome and ancient Greece
but six minutes on ancient
Persia and Byzantium.

History's written by the
That's all I'm gonna say.

Hey, KK, are you feeling all right?

I also have pads.

I know how weird your
mom can get about tampons.

You know what? I'm good.

You sure?
You don't sound too good.

You've been acting kinda weird
these past couple of days.

You know you can tell
me anything, right?
Everything's just
changing really fast, Naks.

I feel like I can't keep
I know it's dumb, but
Are you kidding?
Between the hijab and the girlies,
my parents can barely make
eye contact with me anymore.

How are you making it look so easy?
It's definitely not easy.

My whole life I've either been
too white for some people
or too ethnic for others.

And it's been this very
uncomfortable, sucky, in-between.

So, when I first put this on, I
was hoping to shut some people up,
but I kinda realized I don't really
need to prove anything to anybody.

Like, when I put this
on, I feel like me.

Like, I have a purpose.

It's probably why I ran
for the Mosque Board.

And remember, you're the one
who convinced me to do
it in the first place.

I love you.

I love you too.

Oh, um,
I got you something for your
driving lesson with Kamran.

One, very cute.


All my dreams are coming true.

- Hi.

- Hello, Bruno, sit down, sit down.

- Hi, how are you?
- Hey.


You're sitting down?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, um
You got it!
The Early Immersion program
at Caltech, you got it!
You are spending the
next semester at Caltech.

In the dorms, on the campus, in the lab.

- Sounds expensive.

- No, no.

Everything is free, it's all paid for.

Meals, everything.

It's amazing.

I don't know what to say.

You say yes.

- Can I think about it?
- Okay Bruno.

Have you ever seen a movie?
Yes, I've seen a movie.

You know that part in the movie
where someone comes in to the
main character and they say,
"You're going to be a Jedi"?
"You want to answer
phones of a demanding
but impossibly chic magazine editor?"

Well, that's this moment.

That is happening to you right now.

You're the lead character,
I'm Meryl Streep.

And you gotta do it.

But it's in California.


- Hey.
I didn't see you after class.

- Hi.

- Yeah, um Mmm-hmm.

- You good?
Yeah, so, I was thinking today,
we work on your balance
and concentration, right?
And then I kinda need to
talk to you about something.

Uh, I can't really train today.

What? Why?
- Oh.

- I do want to ask you something though.

- Uh
- Really?
Yeah, my mom wants to know if
you're coming to Eid with us.

- Is it Eid again?
- Yeah, the lesser one.

Um, I know it'd be really fun.

And mosque full of busybodies
all looking to gossip.

Might actually learn a thing
or two about this thing.
- Yeah.

- Cool.

Um, I'll see you later, okay?
- Hello.

- Hi.

How do you feel about driving?
- Really?
- Yeah, seriously.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

De-stress after school.

Best thing you can do.

Who taught you to drive? Bowser?
- I think I did pretty good, okay?
- I think so too.

Don't know if anyone else would agree.

There is no such thing as
a bad Shah Rukh Khan movie.

Okay, look, I only said that
You only said his worst movie ever.

First of all, I thought
this was a safe space.

- Oh.

- Right? It's not.

And second of all,
don't tell me you have a
massive crush on Kingo, too.

My ammi, my mom, she's literally
obsessed with him for some reason.

Hey, hey, I know what ammi means, okay?
And don't worry.
mean, mine's the same.

She still has a huge
crush on Kingo Senior.

- Concerning.

- Very.

I mean, it must be a generational thing
'cause I don't understand
half the things my mom's into.

You and your mom are close, huh?
- That's sweet.

- Yeah, well
We've moved around together a lot.

Well, I mean, you're here now.

Maybe someday you'll feel
like Jersey's your home.

Oh, shoot!
Why are we, um,
My brother and his fiancée.

And that's bad because?
Because he is going to freak out.

- Okay.

- And then I'm going to freak out.

We don't want that.

- No.

- No.

Don't freak out.

You're good.
He's probably gonna
leave in a sec.
So let's just wait.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I think we're clear.


- Kamala.

- Brother!
This is Kamran.
He's our cousin.

Our cousin?
- Like you-and-me cousin?
- Yeah, yeah, um
I'm Uncle Choudhury's nephew.

Through marriage, of course.

I mean, yeah, look how big he's gotten.

He just like sprouted like a sunflower.

Uncle Choudhury is from Pakistan.

How come you have a British accent?
See, that was actually
just a bit I was doing.

I'm a huge fan of The
Great British Bake Off.

I love that show.
I just binged
it so I was just doing a bit.

Oh, man, that was good.
You got me.

Nice to meet you, Cousin Kamran.

Okay, we should go.

I think I remember you, man.

You were looking at haram
things on the Internet.

We called you "Haram-dot-Kamran.
Gonna call you that
from now on.
All right.

All right.

All right.
See you at dinner, Kamala.

Nice to see you.

Shall we eat? Because
that was exhausting.

That's our Aamir though.

Never been afraid to reinvent himself.

Like, hey, remember the
time you were working with
What was the name? Hot
- Hot
- Hot Topic.

- Topic!
- Hot Topic.

Oh, my God, please tell
me you had a goth phase.

- It wasn't a goth phase.

- Oh, yeah.

I just wore a lot of black.

Yeah, like so much spikey jewelry.

- There was a choker.

- It wasn't mine.

- Come on, come on.

- You did.

That's why we moved to America, right?
So that our children could be
anything that they wanted to be, yeah?
- Almost anything.

- Yeah.

Did your family live in
Karachi for a long time?
My family has been in
Karachi for generations.

Muneeba's family moved to
Karachi only after the Partition.

Back then, there was no
Pakistan or Bangladesh.

It was all one big country, India.

- After the British just
- The British left us with a mess.

It was very hard for many people.

And then there was a civil war.

Every Pakistani family
has a Partition story.

None of them are good.

Okay, enough, this is not
about the Partition, okay?
This is a celebration.


There's a story about Muneeba's
family from during the Partition.

You know, they had to
get on to the last train
that was getting out of the city.
Now, her mother, Muneeba's mother,
Sana, who was just a toddler then,
she got separated from her
parents on the train station.

Her father tried to
find her but, you know,
he was injured and needed a
walking stick to get around,
so he couldn't really keep up with her.

But here's the thing.

Nobody knows how the
little toddler, Sana,
managed to get back on
the train just before
Just before the train
pulled out of the station.

What did Sana say happened?
How did she find her father?
Well, Sana always said that
- she followed a trail of stars
- She followed a trail of stars
right back to her father.

What happened to Sana's mother?
Oh, we don't know.

She disappeared that night,
just like many others did.

- Kamala?
- Somebody grab the Zamzam.

Kamala, are you okay, beta?
- It's got to be the evil eye.

- Mmm-hmm.

Did you not eat anything?
Or did you eat too much?
- Hello?
- Nani, hi.

Kamala? Is that you, beta?
Is it okay if you move the
phone a little further back?
I can't see you.

Why don't you write to me?
I wait for the post every day.

- Yeah, I'll get on that.

- Did you get my gifts? Huh?
Yeah, look, um, about the bangle
What about it? Which one? What?
The bangle, it does
some really weird things.

And it's
That bangle belonged
to my mother, Aisha.

The one who disappeared during
Partition, my great-grandmother Aisha?
Let me talk to Aamir and his wife.

You can't talk to Aamir.

Look, about the bangle
But no, I've
spoken too much already.

No, no, no, I'm not going to
talk about this at all, beta.

Your mother will get very upset.

So this belonged to Aisha
and you really have no
idea what happened to her?
Oh, beta, speak up a bit.

My old ears are not
- Kamala, are you okay?
- as young as your smile.

- Nani, please, I have to know.

- Kamala.

And look, the mango man is here.

- Beta.

- I have to get mangoes from him.

- Mango
- No, no, just wait!
Are you okay?
Abbu, is something wrong?
No, no, no, no, everything's
You go back to sleep.


Trust me, even a cover band of Bon Jovi
is gonna get people to
talk for a long time.

- Moreover, your mother loves Bon Jovi.

- Mmm-hmm.

Hey, don't question my
love for the Captain Kidd.

If it wasn't for Slippery When Wet,
your father and I may never have met.

That was gross.

I don't wanna know.
I'm done.

- Ammi?
- Hmm?
Do you know what happened
to our great grandma? Aisha?
Where did you hear that name?
From Nani.

I was talking to her last
night and it kinda came up.

That woman brought shame
on our entire family.

I had to move halfway around
the world to forget it.

- But, like
- Kamala.

You would do best to do the same.

You're the one who told me to
focus on telling my own stories.

Not this one.

Please let it go.


- You look fantastic.

- Oh, thank you.

How do you feel about our
first dance as husband and wife
being to Livin' On A Prayer?
- Ooh! By Bon Jovi?
- Yes.

I'd say it's better than
You Give Love A Bad Name.

Yes! You see? She loves
the New Jersey prince too.

Very good.
Let's go.

Aamir, come on, listen,
even Tyesha has agreed.

- Hi, Bruno.
You look so great.

- Hi.

It's not too, um, bright?
I don't understand the question.

- It's pretty bright, yeah.

- Don't listen to him.

- It's good, it's okay?
- It's so good.

Everything is just so lovely.

- Hey!
- Hey!
How's this?
I'll give you my vote
if you agree to make me the
exclusive catering vendor
for all masjid holidays
and special events.

Look, I'm the real deal, you
know what I mean? All right?
The Gyro King.
Not like some wannabe.

Look at these guys.

Competitors? I mean
Just put this up, and you have a deal.

Eid Mubarak, sister.

Politics is dirty.

- You look amazing.

- No.
We don't have time.

The entire mosque is here with
nothing to do but eat and gossip.


The Illumin-Aunties,
They know everything.

If there was ever a time for me to
make my case to the board, it's now.

Yeah, yeah.

For maximum outreach, we need
to divide and conquer.
Kamala, you're gonna start
with the Mosque Bros.
Come on.
The Mosque Bros
never respect the halal gap.

At least the Pious Boys are easier.

Their life is one giant halal gap.

After that, we'll mobilize
the Sunday school teachers
to help infiltrate the Insta-Clique.

Bruno, your group should be
relatively easy.
The Converts.

Technically, the Reverts.

But for that you have to make
it past the Mini Harami Girls.

And last, the ones who know it
all and will not let you forget it,
the Illumin-Aunties.

I'll talk to them.


Meanwhile, I have to
go after my white whale.

Eid Mubarak, Uncle.

Oh! Eid Mubarak, Nakia.
Eid Mubarak.

I would love to secure
your vote for the Board.

Well, the thing is,
Rasheed is also running.

And he's my best friend.


- Kamala's my best friend.

- Oh, yeah.

Right now, she's helping me
exercise our right as citizens
of this great nation to
participate in democracy.

To dream of building a better future.

- That's wonderful.

- Isn't it?

You wouldn't rob two young women
of that future, would you, Uncle?
I mean, come on, this is Kamala and me.

Your daughter and basically
your other daughter.

Women's suffrage, we fought for this,
people died for this.
You wouldn't
You wouldn't kill our dreams, would you?
Vote for Nakia.

Eid Mubarak.

What are you doing?
How are we today, Miss, uh, Zimmer?
Is this about the party?
- Because it really was not that loud.

- Wait!
Wait, you're You're
not the Zoe Zimmer?
The only one I know.

What? You have got to be
I'm a big fan.

- Wait, really?
- Yes.

Everyone in the office is.

That video that you made
about low calorie popcorn.

- Popcorn, popcorn.

- Popcorn!
All we get for the break room.

- Are you serious?
- I'm not joking you.

Well, I'm so glad you liked it.

And you went to AvengerCon? Oh, my gosh.

You must've been mobbed
by all your fans, no?
- No
- Have a good time?
It was so fun.

The costume contest did get cancelled,
but everybody said I
was a front runner
And then the enhanced
individual tried to kill you?
- She didn't try to kill me.

- She saved my life.

I have a feeling that you
did this for the likes.

Am I onto something?
You and your bestie
Maybe Actually, you know what,
maybe it was your sister?
You and that masked woman
looked pretty identical.

White girl, red hair
We don't look alike.
looks nothing like me.

So you do know what she looks
like, what else do you know?
- Hmm?
- Nothing.

I didn't really get a good look at her.

I mean, it all happened so fast.

Did she have an accent of any kind?

Was she Latina?
I'm sorry.
I'm supposed
to say Latinx now, right?
Middle Eastern perhaps?
South Asian?

Let's do the tri-state sweep.

Search every temple,
community center, and
And mosque.

Just be respectful.
The FBI is already
surveilling them, you know that.


Please enjoy the party.

- And that's why you vote for
- Party, party, party.

She's the change that we need.

And, um, can we go back
to my great-grandmother?
Oh, your great-grandmother.

My family knew her.

Many people knew her.

And probably wished that they hadn't.

Why? What do you mean?
You have a good mother, Kamala.

She did not deserve the shame
this woman brought to her family.

What kind of shame are we talking here?
My father called her a snake.

She put a curse on
everything she touched.

I heard that she had a secret affair.

And took off with someone.

I heard she had many affairs
and she had a secret family.

I heard she killed a man.


Happened during Partition.

Somebody help me!
Please! Mom! Dad!
- Help me!
- There's a boy up there.

Oh, my God!
- What do we do?
- Who is that?
- Help me! Please!
- Someone call 9-1-1!
- Oh, my God!
- Hameed!
- Call for help.

- That's Hameed! Please help.

Hold on, beta.

- Somebody help!
- Help!
- Hold on, hold on!
- Someone call the police!
Someone's gotta help him.

There must be another way in.

Hey, where's Kamala?
Think she went home with her parents.

Help me, please! Someone help!
I can't hold on.

I'm coming.
I'm coming!
Yo! It's Night light.

Don't worry, Hameed.

I shouldn't have climbed all the
way up here.
Why did I do this?
Hey, you're not gonna fall.
Just calm down and think happy thoughts.

Like, what's your favorite thing?
- What?
- Something you like.

- Something I like?
- Yeah.

Yeah, let's focus on that.

Do you have a favorite food?
Ice cream pizza.

- Come on.

- She's gonna save him!,
Please help him!
Is that two foods or one food?
I put ice cream on pizza.

Did someone say ice cream pizza?
- I like the flavors.

- That's really gross.

Yeah, we can work with that.

Now just think of a nice plate
or bowl of ice cream pizza.

This is insane, he's going to fall.

No, no, no, no.
She'll get him.

Are you seeing this?
I'll get you.

Call an ambulance!
- She got him.

- That was close.

Did you see that?
- You good?
- Yeah.

I've got you, okay?
My ankle.

- Is he going to be okay?
- How did she do that?
Help is on the way, son.

Hold it right where you are!
Go, go, go.

- Get in!
- Kamran.

- Let's get eyes up.
Where'd she go?
- We lost her.

Bravo, we got nothing.


I've been waiting a very
long time to meet you.

I'd like you to meet my mom.

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