Ms. Marvel (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


A teenage girl at AvengerCon.

Whoo! Whoo!
So, it looks like your power
is coming from within you.

Like the bangle unlocked
the superhuman part of you.

That bangle belonged
to my mother, Aisha.

- What happened to Sana's mother?
- She disappeared that night.

Do you know what happened
to our great grandma? Aisha?
Where did you hear that name?
Want me to turn off the lights
or are you afraid of the Djinn?
Okay, I'm not 12.

You got it.
The early immersion
program at Caltech.

But it's in California.

There's another superhero catastrophe,
and she's sitting there, bragging about
the budget Captain Marvel.

And then the enhanced individual
tried to kill you.

She didn't try to kill me.

She saved my life.

Someone help me!
It's not really the brown girls
from Jersey City who save the world.

Yo! It's Night Light.

Search every temple,
community center and mosque.

- Get in.

- Kamran?
I've been waiting a very
long time to meet you.

I'd like you to meet my mom.

Fariha, Saleem, I found the bangle.

Should we be concerned
it's on a severed arm?
You heard what that man
from the temple said?
He said we would need two.

Let me see it.

So, where's the other one?
I told you.
The British have probably
looted this place twice over by now.

Oi, you.
What are you
doing here? You can't be here.

- Then one will have to do.

- We will shoot.

By the order of the Crown, stand to.

Don't let him get away.

Check on Aadam.

Najma, it's the British Army.

We don't have time.

Aisha, we don't know what
just one bangle will do.

Fariha! Saleem! Over here!
They're going to destroy
the cave.
They're setting it on fire.

If there's even a chance this bangle
can take us back home, we have to try.

Did you see that?
Aisha, we can't let them
get their hands on this bangle.

You go that way.

I'll go check on the others.

Okay? It's okay.

I'll see you soon.

- I promise.

- Go.

We've been running together ever since.

As for your great-grandmother Aisha,
that was the last time we saw her.

So, how did you all say you knew her?
Was it, like Did you guys meet
in school or something?
Not exactly.
Aisha was from
another dimension, and so are we.

Of course.

We're not here by choice.

We were exiled.

And just when we got close
to finding our way home,
we were separated.

We searched for her, but with all
that happened during Partition,
we assumed she got lost,
like so many others.

Popcorn, popcorn
Don't mind him.
We've been
around for 100 years,
and he picks the stupidest parts
of humanity to be obsessed with.

That's so rude.

Yeah, about that You all look
very good for being around in the '40s.

- Thank you.

- Okay.
Not all of us.
This kid's 17.

Oh, good.
That's a relief.

You're right.
She is adorable.

I never said that.

Not that I don't think that.

- I was trying to keep that to myself.

- This is so awkward.

- You're making it awkward.

- What did I teach you?
- Why are you blushing?
- She wasn't talking about you.

Someone's got a crush on
- Come.
It's getting a bit noisy here.

- This is my house.

Did you even ask if she's hungry?
No one asked if she's hungry.

I never got a chance to thank you
for saving me, by the way.

The least we can do
is protect Aisha's family.

We didn't even know she had any
until you put on that bangle
and we sensed the presence of Noor.

Noor? That means light, right?
Noor Girl.
No, that's not it.

There's Noor within us as well.

It slows down our aging, for one thing.

But we can't access
its full potential in this dimension.

But maybe because you're
from here, you can.

What about Kamran?
Wasn't he born here too?
That bangle helps you unlock the Noor.

Maybe one day something
will do the same for him.

I don't know.
It seems like a lot of
bad things happen
because of this bangle.

Like, I dropped a kid off a building.

And then I got chased by drones.

And so, I really don't think
any good can come of this.

Of course it can.

The bangle and its visions
brought you to me
and to all the people
that you belong with.

Those people out there just see you
as a kid playing dress-up.

But I know that you've
inherited greatness.

So you want my bangle?
It was Aisha's wish
to bring us all home.

And now you must
finish what she started.

So, where exactly is your home?
And also, what are you? Like,
what should I call you?
Like, what are we?
In our home dimension,
the Noor dimension,
we're known as the Clandestines.

As to what we are, we've been called
Ajnabi, Majnoon, Unseen
The list goes on.

But what we're most
commonly known as is Djinn.

I'm sorry.
Did you say Djinn?
Dude, I just had
the craziest night of my
You can't just text me "I'm alive",
and then go get a full
eight hours, okay?
It was insane.
The police showed up
and asked about Night Light
Police? Did they send drones?
I was chased by drones.

Also, we are trying to drop
the name Night Light.

- What are you even talking about?
- It's a bad name.

- It sounds like it's for five-year-olds.

- Kamala, focus.

- I'm a Djinn.

- And tonic?
I found out what I am, and
it's not Asgardian or alien,
or anything cool like that.

I'm, like, the stuff of
my childhood nightmares.

See, there's, like, ghost stories,
and then there's Djinn stories.

The Djinn stories are so much worse
because they're real.

Where are you getting
all this information?
So, like, a group of
Djinn people saved me
from all the drone stuff last night.

They call themselves the Clandestines.

And Kamran's one of them.

Did I not say there was something
weird about that kid?
They're really nice,
but, like, they told me about
the bangle and my powers
and my great-grandmother Aisha.

So that's progress.

Also, they need my help,
which means I need your help.

I figured.
Okay, yeah, sure.

I guess.
Why not?
I don't really know how I can
help a group of ghosts
and their average-looking son.

I'm gonna need a lot more information.

And I will tell you everything, okay?
Just, first
You're good at math.

Do you know anything
about interdimensional travel
off the top of your head?
Specifically that of the Noor
dimension? That's N-O-O
Actually, that reminds
me of a paper I read.

I think it's by Dr.
Erik Selvig.

You re-read that.

I actually have to go pick up
some stuff for the mehndi.

Before you go, um
You're trending.

Is there a problem, Officer?
Agent, actually.

Department of Damage Control.

We received a report of
an unidentified enhanced individual
operating out of this mosque.

Operating? Out of here?
I'm afraid not, ma'am.

But if you do know
of anyone who can fly,
please send them my way.

Been looking for someone
to clean out the rain gutters.

Fan out.
Search the premises.

Uh, not without our
permission, you won't.

You have no legal authority here.

- Excuse me?
- Nakia Bahadir, mosque board member.

We still have a few more votes to count.

Okay, all right, prospective member,
but I feel good about our polling.

Pursuant to U.
criminal code,
law enforcement officers
are not permitted
to enter a private space
without a signed warrant.

Yeah? You studied
the criminal code in homeroom?
Law & Order re-runs, but I'm not wrong.

This is a very serious matter.

It is in your best
interest to cooperate.

Serious because your person
of interest is enhanced,
or because she was spotted
at a mosque, ma'am?
Return when you
have a signed warrant.

Excuse me, Miss Agent.

Next time, remove your shoes.


Is this about dance practice?
If you try hard enough,
you can get to my level.

- You wish.
I'm phenomenal.

- Oh, you'll get there.

What's wrong, squishy?
- Nothing.
It's fine.

- That was convincing.

Um, I actually wanted
to talk to you about something.

- It's her.

- What?
Night Light.
Which is a
dumb name, by the way.


Do you know, Damage Control,
an armed government agency,
came into the mosque today?
They stormed in thinking
we had something on her,
like we need another
target on our backs.

She doesn't seem to notice,
and if she does, she doesn't care.

- Damage Control? Why? What did they want?
- I don't know.

They wanted us to give her up
or something.

The whole good Muslim versus bad Muslim,
let's self-surveil our people routine.

It completely ruined
our election result meeting,
where I, a board member,
became a board member.


- Wait.
Did you just say you won?
- Maybe.

- Dude.

- Bro.

Thank you.

Let's get changed for the mehndi.

Kamala, are all these
people your family?
We're Pakistani.

We roll pretty deep.

I see.

Auntie Shirin, I'm so glad
that you made the journey.

Munee, what is a 28-hour flight
with four connections
among friends, huh?
You are more than a friend,
I assure you.

Beta, I was so sorry to see
that Sana couldn't make it.

Must be hard not having your
mother here to celebrate with you.

- It's just typical.

- Mmm.

She wasn't at my wedding.
would she be at my son's wedding?
Well, you have me,
and it's probably for the best
in the end, anyway.
Less drama.

Oh, yes.

Mothers and daughters,
it is the eternal struggle.

You will be sure not to
give your mother any trouble.

- No.
Wouldn't dream of it.

- No trouble.
No, no, she's no trouble.

She's a perfect angel.

Good joke, everybody.

Hilarious, but you're only supposed to
hide one pair of shoes,
not all of my shoes.

- Not funny.

- It's funny.
It's funny.

Hey, Sheikh Abdullah, are you okay?
I heard the FBI came and accused you
of being the Minaret Madman.

No, no.
Only a few Damage Control agents
came poking around
the Masjid.
No biggie.

Did it sound like they knew
anything about her?
The same things we know.

That she's a brown,
most likely Muslim girl.

They didn't seem
particularly happy about it.

Oof, the trouble this girl's causing,
her mother should be ashamed of herself.

Oh, Kamala, Bruno came by earlier.

He said he couldn't
get out of his shift,
but he has left this box for you.

Right, yeah, just There you go.

Hey, we're getting the hang of it.

Very good.

The party is over there.

What are you doing
out here all by yourself?
Do you agree with everyone?
About our new masked neighbor?

Do you?
Just thought it would be cool to have
a superhero who actually fights for us.

But I don't know.
she's just making things worse.

I doubt that boy from
the minaret would agree.

So, how does she convince
everyone that she's good?
Good is not a thing you are, Kamala.

It is a thing you do.

There you go.
Have a good night, man.

- Hey, Bruno.

- Hi.

You missed quite the party.

- Yeah, yeah.
How are you doing?
- Can you keep a secret?
- Uh
- Ta-da!
Muneeba forbids me from having
But, hey, look at them.

You know, there's just something
about their syntheticness.

- I just can't resist them.

- I got you covered, Mr.

It's just something
for Cultural Studies class.

- The Djinn?
- Yeah.

- Let me have a look.

- No, I'm actually I'm good.

Let me, please.
Come on.

It's written in Urdu.

Hey, listen, I can help you with this.

Let me help you, huh?
Okay, what do we have here?
"Supernatural beings
of pre-Islamic folklore,
the Djinn have had many names
across time and cultures.

Some call them genies.
Others, demons.

Legend tells of a group of hidden Djinn,
exiled from their home world
and damned to live out
their days trapped in our own.

They move in shadows,
searching for the key that
will help them get home.

But to unlock such an ancient barrier
will require a primordial power".


Haven't heard that one before.

See you, Bruno.

- Have a good night, Mr.

- Yeah.

So I plugged in the energy signatures
from our tests on you
and I ran a simulation.

What's up with your knee?
You know when you bump into a drone,
fall off a truck, and
don't feel it till later?
Seriously, remember the paper
I was talking about?
Theoretically, it's possible.

For sure possible to achieve
interdimensional travel,
but you need the base energy
of the sun, pretty much.

What I realized is all of
these theoretical problems
downplay the margin of error.

And if you need the energy of the sun,
think about how big
the margin of error must be.

Try again.
This time like
you have a social life.
And go.

If you help them go home,
some things might go boom.

- Might?
- Kamala.

- Might.
There's a chance.

- Kamala.

So there's a chance.

Okay? I think I have
this bangle for a reason.

Like, obviously, I can't
be the superhero.

I don't know.

Maybe this is something I need to do.

Something good.

I got into Caltech.

What? I mean, that's awesome.

I didn't know you found out already.

I did.
And I think I need to go.

But I can't leave unless
I know that you
You know, that everything is okay.

- Why didn't you tell me sooner?
- I just think you've been busy.

Look, Kamala, if you want
to help these people,
I will help you help them.

I will do the research,
help you figure things out.

But just right now, today,
I just don't see a safe way to do this.

Carol Danvers wouldn't wait.

She'd punch a hole in space and time
and she'd help them now.

Then Carol Danvers would be reckless.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing
that you're not her.

- Mala.
Hey, what happened?
- I fell off my bike.

Sit down.
Let's see what we can do here.


- Ammi?
- Mmm?
Have you ever felt like you were
up against the world?
Like you wanted something so bad,
and then it actually happened,
but in reality, it's just not
as great as you imagined it.

Yes, actually.
America was my mountain.

Your father and I dreamed
so much of coming here,
and when we finally came it was so hard.

He worked very long hours
for very little money,
and Aamir was barely out of diapers.

My English was not so good.

I'll tell you, I've never felt
so alone in my whole life.

- What did you do?
- I found the mosque.

I found Auntie Ruby and Humaira,
and I found my family
and I let them love me.

Kamala, listen to me.

Whatever mountain you're facing,
you don't have to do it alone.

It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.

Cheer up.
Cheer up.
Come on.

You know why? Aamir
is getting married.
Who would have
thought that would happen?
Who would have thought?

Here you go, beta.

- $732.

- What's that?
All the money I have in
my checking account.

I'm surprised you have that much.

Well, now is not the time to worry.

You'll find your way after grad school.


A man has one fundamental
choice in life.

To live a life in fear or love.

The man who chooses love
chooses joonoon.

He chooses faith, courage.

You wear a shalwar kameez
every day on the street.

You are about to stand in front of God
and your family and commit
to the love of your life.

You are brave, my son.

Because you have chosen family.


And the man who chooses
family is never alone.

Never have I seen a couple so certain
of their love as they are of themselves.

- Do you accept Aamir Khan as your husband?
- I do.

- Do you accept Aamir Khan as your husband?
- I do.

- Do you accept Aamir Khan as your husband?
- Oh, I do.

Do you accept Tyesha Hillman
as your wife?
I'm down.

Do you accept Tyesha Hillman
as your wife?
I do.

Do you accept Tyesha Hillman
as your wife?
I do.

You are now husband and wife.

Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
Mom, have you seen my phone?
You weren't going to tell me.

I was gonna tell you.
just needs some more time.

We don't have more time.

Apparently it might be dangerous
if we don't do it right.

Of course it's dangerous.

Why wouldn't it be?
You knew? And you
asked Kamala to do it anyway?
This place will never be our home.

We're going to make her help us.

I'm not asking anymore.

So, what's the actual point of this?
Oh, well, it brings fortitude
to your marriage
so that every time you clash
you become closer.

- Is that actually true?
- Who knows?
Honestly, it's just good fun, isn't it?
Looks like the auntie
got ahold of Bruno.

And now, a very special
presentation for the bride and groom!
Got to go.
It's time.

Oh, my God.

- She's gonna fall.

- She doesn't like it.


We are Brown Jovi.

Now, we also do Eid,
Diwali and bar mitzvahs,
and Sweet Sixteens and quinceaneras.

Brown Jovi does it all.

Okay, everyone.
Let's slow it down.

Wanna dance?

Hey, can we talk?
- I need to talk to you alone.

- No, no, no.

You're in danger, and
so is your entire family.

- I've come here to warn you.

- What?
I thought they'd listen to reason.

I didn't realize it was
- You're not safe.
None of you are safe.

- What?
They're coming after you.

They were so nice to me.

I'll just go talk to them.

They're not here to talk.

They'll kill everyone.

You have to get out of here.

Hey, I think you should leave.

Seriously, please just back off, Brian.

This isn't your fight.

When my mother wants something,
nothing stands in her way.

- Kamran, my whole family is here now.

- I tried to call you.

Kamala, everyone will die.

- I'll distract them.

- How? Isn't that too easy?
Stick to the classics, right?
We need to get everyone out of here.


There's a fire.
Hey, you need to leave.

Come on, come on, come on.

Go, go, go.
Yep, yep, yep.

There's a fire.
I'm so sorry.

- Fire?
- I gotta grab the money.

Aamir, come on!
- Let's go.
Tyesha, come on.
Let's go!
- Please, Mom.

Do not get in my way.

Quickly and safely, everyone.
almost have the back hallway clear.

Excuse me, sir.
I need
Everyone needs to get out right now.

Absolutely not.

Can we just talk?

At least you look really pretty.

- So do you.

- Thank you.

Kamala pulled the alarm.

Saw with my own eyes.

What? You can't see anything.

You know the DMV revoked
her driver's license?
I saw it.

No use resisting now.

That bangle is made for something
bigger than you.

Don't be so selfish, Kamala.

Bruno, where is Kamala?
Is everything all right?
They're not letting us back in.

What's happening?
Just help us get home
and it will all be over.

Leave him alone.

Bruno, hey.
Are you okay?
- Get Brian out of here.

- I swear he gets my name wrong on purpose.

Come on.

Come on.
Come on.

Where you gonna go, hmm?
There's nowhere to go.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Why are you doing this?
You said you would protect me.

Why should I protect
those who betray me?
Federal agents! Put your hands up!
I said, don't move! Do not move!
- Head to the back door, now!
- On the ground! On the ground!
- I've got a woman detained now.

- I've got her! Go!
Back up! Back up!
Got one ready to go!
You! Don't move!
Let's go! Move, move, move!
- Up, up, up!
- Take this one out!
- Kamala?
- Nakia.

What was that?
I'm really sorry.

- It was you?
- Um
This whole time it was you,
and you didn't say anything?
Kamala, you have to go.

They're after you.

- Just wait.
Just wait.
Just wait.
- No, no.
No, no, no.

- Nakia will take care of me.

- Wait.

Just go.

You dropped this.

I'm gonna explain everything
I swear.

- What just happened?
- I'll explain it.

- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not.

Oh, Kamala.
Thank God.

Where have you been? Hmm?
Did you pull the alarm?
Who were those people you were
with? They were arrested.

Can you tell us what exactly happened?
Kamala, please.
Just be honest with us.

You're our daughter.

We want to help you.

But we can't if we don't know
what's going on with you.

I just I can't.
- Hi, Nani.

- Hello, Kamala?
- Can I call you later?
- You need to come to Karachi.

What? Ammi wouldn't even let me go.

Oh, you both need to come.

Okay, Nani, please can we
Can I call you tomorrow?
Did you see it?
- See what?
- Did you see the train, beta?
- How did you know about that?
- Because I saw it too.

Which is why you have to come.

You have to come to Karachi.

Nani? Nani?
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