Murder in Suburbia (2004) s01e03 Episode Script

Millionaire's Row

Oh, would have been missing ♪
Lover man, oh where can you be ♪
The night is cold ♪
And I'm all so alone ♪
I'd sell my soul ♪
Just to call you my own ♪
Got the moon above me ♪
But no man to love me ♪
Lover man, oh where can you be ♪
I'm sorry, that ending
always gets to me.
Oh, me too.
I'm not usually this pathetic.
Emotions are important.
It was a very beautiful moment.
It's just so great to
finally meet someone
who's prepared to open up
and show you how they
actually feel about something.
This is a man we're
talking about, right?
What don't you think men
can be strong and sensitive?
Not if it involves doing two things
at the same time, no.
Need your advice on something?
What would you wear to the
wedding reception of an ex?
Well, it depends on the history.
He dumped me for my best mate.
Right, let me just stop you right there.
No, right, listen.
If I don't go, it
looks like I still care,
which I do, but I don't
want them to know that.
What are my two rules about weddings?
You've got rules about weddings?
First off, if you catch a bouquet
don't give it to the
cute little bridesmaid
just because she's someone's niece,
that child will end up
getting married before you do.
And secondly, do not under
any circumstances whatsoever
try and upstate the bride.
But he's marrying the
best mate he dumped me for.
And adust the outfit.
[SULLIVAN] Morning, ladies.
Hope you've both had your breakfast.
Jogger found him an hour ago.
Is that the jogger we
passed on the way in?
Yeah, Philip Whitmore.
We're getting a statement now.
What happened?
We won't know until the lab boys
have had a proper look at the body.
What about a time?
The fire investigator thinks the car
was torched about 10 last night.
Do we have a name?
We're running what's left
of the number plates
through records now.
It might throw out something.
Anything else?
Well, apart from the fresh
tracks, from the jogger,
there is one single other,
but not very distinct set of footprints.
Size eight, according to forensics.
Is that going towards
the car or away from it?
Heading back up down the road.
The killers then?
Looks like we have a possible ID.
Gideon Finch, 48 years old, married,
no children, lives less
than three miles from here.
Harlingford Avenue.
Millionaires row.
So who invited you to this wedding?
Him or her?
Him, there's nothing going on.
We just kept in touch, that's all.
All right, there was something going on.
It only lasted for five seconds.
It was before he got engaged.
Yep, this is it.
[SCRIBBS] Wife's named Hannah.
I'll break the news.
Why can't I meet someone who
lives in a place like this?
Because you go out with blokes
who think the Footsie
100 some kind of foreplay.
That's not fair.
Stanley had some pretty
sound financial investments.
Buying a lottery ticket is not the same
thing as having sound
financial investments, Scribbs.
Mrs. Finch.
Hello, Mrs. Finch.
Is there anyone at home?
Mrs. Finch?
Mrs. Finch?
Right, this is Detective
Inspector Ashurst.
If anybody's here, please
can you come out right now?
On three.
One, two, three.
And according to a neighbour,
Mrs. Finch left late
last night with a man.
[SCRIBBS] Looks like she
took some clothes with her.
So what do we know about
the blood on the door?
Well, only that there's more upstairs
on a towel in the bathroom.
Think she did this herself?
It's the classic pissed
off woman look, boss.
Very popular right now
with wives and girlfriends
who've reached the end of their tether.
[ASH] And we found this
upstairs on the bed.
What do you think?
I think for a pissed off
woman, she's refreshingly brief.
Excuse me.
I know, we do the jokes.
Thank you.
Can't be certain yet, but the lab boys
think the Gideon Finch may
have been drugged with Librium.
You've been reading your
poisoner's weekly, Ash.
A spoonful will put you out cold.
Is it hard to get a hold of?
Difficult, not impossible.
Depends who you know.
So we say he was unconscious before
the car was set alight.
Well, we didn't start the fire, Scribbs,
but let's find out who did.
When did you last see
your brother, Mr. Finch?
A couple of days ago.
And was everything okay?
I asked him if I could
borrow some money.
He wasn't happy, and we had words.
Gideon didn't understand music.
He thought I was wasting my life.
The sound of the suburbs.
You know, when I lived in the city,
it was all night parties.
And I'm being tormented
by piano lessons.
Your brother's wife, Hannah.
Do you know where she is?
Do you know if there are any
problems with her and Gideon?
What do you mean?
Well, we think she was upset
and we need to find out why.
Beth Whitmore.
She lives opposite.
Hannah thought she and
Gideon were, well you know.
Were they?
I don't know.
Do you have any idea at all
where Hannah might be, Mr. Finch?
Do you mind if I ask what
happened to your face?
I had a little difference
of opinion with a fellow motorist.
And when was that?
About 10, last night up by
the Swan on Walpole Road.
The crazy bastard had just
pulled out in front of me.
Did you report it?
[ASH] Why not?
It was a heat of the moment thing.
Anyway, I think he came off worse.
Well, thank you, sir.
And once again, I'm sorry for your loss.
Now, if you remember
anything you think might help,
please let us know.
Next door's cat must have got it again.
Oh, perhaps it forgot it's pashmina.
Hannah Finch?
Maybe you should get dressed.
We need to talk to you.
I told you already I didn't kill him.
I wanted to about 10,000
times, I wanted to,
but I didn't do it.
Tell us about the blood
on the door, Hannah?
It's Jamie's, he'd been in a fight.
He had to cut on his face of
his blood all over his hands.
I helped him get cleaned up.
[ASH] What time was this?
Just after 10, maybe.
I don't remember.
And did he always drop by that late?
He was worried about me.
He knew things were
difficult with Gideon.
He just wanted to check I was okay.
Is that why you trashed your
living room 'cause of Gideon?
He was screwing Beth Whitmore.
So you decided to run off with Jamie.
Like I said, I just needed to get away.
Rubbing salt in it a bit, isn't it,
leaving your husband for his brother?
I didn't have anywhere else to go.
So how long has this thing
with Jamie been going on?
A few months?
Why wait til now to leave?
Maybe part of me still loved Gideon.
Or maybe part of you
still loved his money.
And now you get it all, so
it's quite a result really.
You seriously think I'd
do that to my own home,
If I'd killed him?
Well, a suspicious person might assume
you did it precisely
so we'd think just that.
Yeah, and you're not exactly
inconsolable, are you Hannah?
I did everything I could
to make that marriage work.
You want tears go cry them yourself.
I wasted too many on
that bastard already.
That's not a house, that's a street.
[ASH] Ah, Beth Whitmore?
Detective Inspector Ashurst,
Detective Sergeant Scribbins.
Would you mind if we had a word please?
Not again, you people
have been here all morning.
This is a real nuisance.
One of them even asked
to use the lavatory.
[MR. WHITMORE] What is it, darling.
Mr. Whitmore.
They want to ask you more questions.
Actually, we wanted
to talk to your wife.
It won't take long.
Well I, this is really awkward.
See, I have friends over.
It's our coffee morning.
Right, well, why don't
you come in and join us?
Oh, Lisa darling, could you make sure.
My domestic help, today is
supposed to be her ironing day,
but so far I have not managed
to get her out of the bathroom.
Ironing usually has
that effect on me too.
Must be something she ate.
She has the most horrendous diet.
I can't even begin to tell you about it.
We drive Jeeps.
We eat salads.
We live in trophy houses.
It's what we do.
Hannah knew that, it's what she wanted.
Well it's what they both wanted,
only she nor Gideon
could quite fit the bill.
And why was that?
They just weren't right for this area.
People think Harlingford
Avenue's all about money,
but they're wrong.
It's about identity.
What type of person you are.
And what type of people were they?
Loud mostly, loud music,
loud clothes, loud everything.
Filthy rich, with the emphasis on filth.
It was the same with the ball.
The ball?
Twice a year we hold a fundraising ball.
It's our way of trying
to give something back.
Gideon wanted to sponsor a table,
but only if he could
approve the guest list,
always had to be in control.
Mrs. Whitmore, could I have
a word in private please?
Of course.
Mrs. Finch seems convinced
there was something going
on between you and her husband.
Yes, I wondered when
this was gonna come up.
There is not a shred
of truth in any of it.
I can assure you, it's
all in Hannah's mind.
But why would she say that?
Because of Gideon.
When he'd had a few drinks,
which was more often than not,
he was apt to become,
oh, how should I say it?
Over attentive.
Oh, the whole thing was
just hideously embarrassing.
Yeah, I'm sure.
When was the last time you saw
Gideon Finch, Mrs. Whitmore?
Two days ago, there
was a ruckus outside.
Gideon was shouting at his brother.
I wanted to call the police,
but Philip told me to wait.
Well I knew it would all
blow over in a few minutes.
See that was the way Gideon worked.
Furious, one moment,
all smiles the next.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh no, it's okay, Lisa.
I think we're just about finished, yes?
Yes, yes, thank you, Mrs. Whitmore.
You've been a great help.
Please do apologise to your friends
for any inconvenience
we may have caused.
I'm sure, they'd agree
with me when I say that
well, despite what we might have thought
about Gideon and Hannah,
none of us would've wished
either of the many harm.
Of course.
Do you think they're happy,
the Stepford wives back there?
What, living a million pound houses,
wearing million pound clothes?
Hell no, must be a nightmare for them.
Was he that bad, Hannah?
Not in the beginning, but he changed.
I put up with the other women at first,
but he always wanted
to rub my face in it.
Mrs. Whitmore claims
there was nothing going on.
Mrs. Whitmore is a liar.
Gideon enjoyed hurting people.
It took me a long time,
but I can see that now.
I hope he rots in hell.
Look she wouldn't hurt anyone.
She just puts on this tough act.
That's all it is.
It comes from being married
to Gideon for nine years.
How long have you felt
this way about her, Jamie?
Don't try and deny it.
You're obsessed with her.
It's even in the lyrics of
this song you've written.
Where did you get that?
Must have picked up by accident earlier.
All right, I love her.
I'm not ashamed to admit that.
Yeah, it must have been tough though.
Gideon treating her so badly
and you waiting and waiting
with all my heart aching.
We checked out your road rage story.
No one seems to
remember an incident like
that in the spot you
claim it took place.
So no one saw anything, big deal,
but I've got the evidence right here.
But it's a busy road.
There's a busy pub opposite.
You'd have thought someone
would've seen or heard something.
We've done nothing wrong.
Now you accept that or
you try and press charges.
Either way, I really don't give a damn.
Well, Hannah Finch sounds
like a real charmer.
Well she is, boss.
You'd absolutely love her.
Now, what are we thinking?
Well, we think we don't
have enough to arrest her.
So right now, what exactly do we have,
and starting with the victim?
Gideon Finch, hard-nosed,
flash, made his money
flogging cheap jewellery.
[JEREMY] Dodgy?
Just tat.
[JEREMY] And it's good wife?
Ex-catalog model,
found out the hard way,
the more money men have,
the more women they like to spend it on.
Sounds like a motive.
Everything sounds like
a motive these days.
Well, she's smarter than she looks.
She got herself, a house
in Harlingford Avenue for one thing.
What about our friend, the jogger?
Philip Whitmore, heart surgeon,
husband of the suppose
mistress, lives opposite.
Is that just a coincidence?
Does he have an alibi?
Yeah, medical conference.
Didn't get home til midnight.
Just make sure we confirm that.
And Mrs. Whitmore?
Home alone, baking apparently.
Just goes to one of the
coffee mornings, boss.
It's not as crazy as it sounds.
Okay, let's push this.
I don't wanna go in cold.
You see Scribbs is all instinct.
She has a feel for things,
but I need facts.
Like the footprints for
example, is that very,
very stupid or very clever?
And the location, was
it deliberately chosen?
In fact, I think I'm gonna go back
there tomorrow and take another look.
Yeah, right, the murder scene,
that's the thing to be focusing on now.
Just stop talking about work.
There's a bottle of
champagne in the fridge.
Just tell him about that.
Alex, there's a.
There's a bottle of
champagne in the fridge?
If you ask me your best friend,
sounds a little bit weird.
Okay, two things, one,
she's my colleague,
she's not my best friend and two,
she's not a little bit weird,
she's very, very, very weird.
Got ya.
On the night Gideon Finch was murdered,
you checked your car out of
the hotel car park at 6.55,
even though the conference
you were attending,
wasn't due to finish
for another three hours.
I was tired.
I decided to cut loose a
little early, that's all.
But in your statement,
you said you didn't
get home till gone 12.
I stopped at a service
station for a coffee.
You don't believe me.
With all due respect, sir, that's crap.
You aware of the rumours concerning
your wife and Mr. Finch.
This is suburbia.
There are always rumours,
Detective Sergeant.
So didn't bother you then?
People choose to indulge
in that sort of gossip,
that's their business.
I'm certainly not gonna
lose any sleep over it.
Do you always jog up by the woods?
Sometimes, as I said, in my statement,
I go wherever the mood takes me.
I swear I had nothing whatsoever
to do with that man's death.
I'm a surgeon, I'm
dedicated to saving lives.
So why did you leave
the conference early?
I wanted to be sure.
If the rumours were true,
I wanted to see for myself.
And did you?
There's a spot about
half an hour from here.
I pass it every time I come home.
Beth and I used to
go up there sometimes.
In winter, it's quite beautiful.
You can see the whole
of suburbia lit up.
On the drive home last night,
I suddenly had the urge
to go up there again.
Sitting up there, I realised something,
love without trust isn't worth a damn.
So I waited till just before 12,
then I continued the journey home.
Hello, thought you might
like something hot to drink.
No thanks.
Where would I be without
this beautiful woman?
See how she looks after me?
Well, I'm off.
I've got to sort out the final
arrangements for Saturday's ball.
These ladies who lunch.
If they can't save a few lepers,
they don't feel justified in
buying that second Chanel bag.
Don't let him kid you.
He likes to dress up just
as much as the rest of us.
Anyway, sir, til this is sorted out,
No trips abroad, hey?
Who's there?
I'm a police officer!
I want you to come out right now!
Please, please, I haven't
done anything, please.
Why did you run?
I panicked.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I just, I just don't wanna
get involved if that's all.
[ASH] Did you leave those flowers?
[ASH] Were you friends?
We said hello.
That's all?
Can you account for your movements
between eight and 10:00 PM on the night
that Gideon Finch was murdered?
Why are you asking me that?
Just answer the question.
I was at home watching television.
Can anyone verify that?
Oh no, I live on my own.
Are you feeling better
because you were sick weren't you
the other day when we called?
Oh, some sort of a
stomach bug, I'm fine.
How long have you known Mrs. Whitmore?
15 years.
She took me under a wing
when I first arrived here.
I joke sometimes that in another life,
I'll marry the wealthy husband
and then she can be my cleaner.
[SCRIBBS] Do you resent that?
No, she's always really good to me.
I mean, she pays me good money,
and I have holidays
whenever I need them.
Any problems, she sorts them out.
Was Beth Whitmore having
an affair with Gideon Finch?
It's a yes or a no, Lisa?
I don't believe.
You know, every murder investigation
throws up a number of innocent people.
They haven't done anything
wrong, but they know something.
Now I believe you're
one of those people.
So I'm gonna ask you again,
was Beth Whitmore having
an affair with Gideon Finch?
You don't understand.
I mean last year alone,
we raised over £25,000 for charity.
People seem to think we just sit around
all day having our hair done,
but I like them to spend their day
and they'd soon see that.
Could you just excuse me for one moment?
Sorry about this, Mrs. Whitmore,
but am I afraid we need
to have another word?
Well, this is very inconvenient.
I'm giving an interview
for the local press.
It's about Amber.
Do you think I could
have a proper drink?
What would you like?
Oh, I seemed to recall that Amber
was rather partial to dry martini.
Excuse me, can we get
a dry martini please?
So Gideon was one of your clients?
We used to meet at the
same hotel every fortnight,
usually on a Wednesday.
£300 a time, it's a lot of cash.
Yeah, well he got his money's worth.
[ASH] So what changed?
I met Philip.
It was raining and I ran for shelter
and he was standing there.
We looked at each other.
It was like a film.
Anyway, six weeks later we were married.
Thank you.
And Philip never knew?
At a conservative guess, I
must have slept with 500 men.
Not exactly the sort of thing
you tell the love of your
life, so no, no he never knew.
We moved out here.
He made consultant.
I learned to bake and we've been happy,
really happy for 10 wonderful years.
And then one day the past came calling?
Yes, of all the places in all the world,
he had to move in here.
[SCRIBBS] Did he recognise you?
Oh, straight away.
I wanted to keep things
adult for the sake
of our partners if for nothing else,
but he wanted, well, he wanted Amber.
I gave in because I
thought I could control it.
I was wrong.
Did you arrange to see Gideon
Finch the night he died?
Yes, because I wanted it to stop.
And he said that if I
met him one more time,
then he would leave me alone.
And you he believed him?
Well, I was at my wits end.
He was threatening to tell Philip.
And so you agreed?
Yes, we arranged to meet at,
it's an Italian restaurant,
about 10 minutes from here.
So what happened?
Well, I mean, he never showed up.
I must have waited for, it was
over two hours, but nothing.
And that was the last
you ever heard from him?
Yes, I didn't know
anything until yesterday.
Look, I'm really begging you.
Can you not tell Philip
about this please?
Because we've been really
happy and this would kill him.
In all the years I've been here,
I've never had a
public complaint before.
You mind my kitchen now, all right?
Can you believe these
public health bastards?
15 years I've been here.
Now we get one silly little complaint
and they're trying to close me down, I.
If you could just take a look.
Which day was it again?
The ninth.
The ninth.
Ah, here we are.
Tuesday, the ninth, eight
o'clock table for two,
booked in the name of Gideon Finch.
Is there a number?
Whereabouts was she sitting?
Table 15.
And she was definitely on her own?
Ooh, it was a very busy
night, but I think so, yes.
Oh, you don't know what
time she left, do you?
As I said, it was very busy,
but sometime after 10, I think.
Thanks, you've been a great help.
It's a pleasure.
Thank you.
Hey, what you going with all those bags?
You've just taken
half of my kitchen out.
Now what else are you gonna take, eh?
I don't wanna rush you, Scribbs
but Alex is due here
in less than an hour.
[SCRIBBS] I still can't
believe he was crying again.
Hey, we just made love, it
was a very emotional moment.
[SCRIBBS] Yeah, so?
Just say something bad about him now,
and I'm gonna hit you.
Well, what do you think?
I'm not sure.
What do you mean, it's perfect.
Yeah, but.
But what?
Look this says it all.
It's sophisticated and successful.
Yeah, I know.
It's just that [INDISTINCT] hoping
for something a little bit sexier.
Oh, I get it.
You wanna be the wedding slut?
The what?
The wedding slut.
The one in the short
skirt crying in the loo.
No, I don't wanna be
that, I just want to.
[ASH] What?
You know.
To show him what is missing?
Right, okay, major warning,
show him what he's missing,
soon turns into show
him I'm still available.
The wedding slut is the
mistress in waiting, Scribbs.
She's the shag on tap?
No, it's not like that at all.
It's just, oh god, I am.
I'm the wedding slut.
See what I'm saying?
I'm just gonna forget the whole thing.
Tell him I can't come.
Well, you do that, and this
bitch who stole your husband,
she just gets away with it.
So what am I supposed to do?
You wear the suit.
These clothes don't say,
see what you're missing.
They say, this is something
you can never have.
There's a difference,
Scribbs, believe me.
The three people with most
to gain from Gideon's death
are Hannah, his wife.
She gets the money.
Jamie, his younger brother.
He gets Hannah.
And Beth, the neighbour.
Well, she gets rid of her past.
What about Beth's husband?
Well, if he knew about Gideon
and her previous life than maybe, yes,
but right now we don't have the motive.
Oh, what's that?
It's my reconstruction
of the crime scene, boss.
Barbie and Ken?
Always knew it were
done badly, didn't you?
Scribbs has got a very good
theory about the footprints.
Gideon Finch was a size eight.
The footprints we have
perfectly match his.
Yeah, but a dead man can't
walk to his own funeral.
No, listen.
Right, our killer
arrives, parks the car,
walks back to Gideon, gets in his car
and together they drive off
the road and into the woods.
Another Barbie and Ken moment?
That's what mine always got up to.
What if Barbie administer the
Librium disguised in a drink,
waits until Ken's unconscious.
Then puts on his shoes,
dowses the car in petrol and
then walks back to her car,
still wearing his shoes.
Forensics confirm that they can't find
any trace of Gideon shoes.
It's possible that they
perished in the fire.
It's equally possible that
they were removed beforehand.
So we're saying the killer was a woman?
[ASH] Maybe.
Thanks, or maybe not.
I think we just got a break.
Hope you don't mind,
the front door was open?
What do you want?
I've just been around your flat, Jamie.
Neighbour seemed to
think you are moving out.
Yeah, well I'm staying here
with Hannah for a while.
Step into your brother's
shoes, so to speak.
Jamie's helping me get through this.
Just say what it is you
come to say and clear off.
Yeah, I've got a
problem with your alibi,
specifically the part about
the road rage incident.
What do you mean?
Well, a witness has come forward.
He claims he saw a fight
between you and another man.
And why is that a problem?
That just confirms my story.
He confirms it, yes.
Trouble is, he places the incident
two miles from where
your brother was murdered
and not at Walpole Road
where you said it took place.
I can explain.
I do hope so.
He was following Gideon?
Yeah, Jamie wanted to prove
there was something going on with Beth,
mainly so he could convince
Hannah to leave Gideon for him.
But this other guy cuts him up.
Jamie gets out, next thing,
it's pistols and dawn.
By the time it's all over,
Gideon and is long gone.
So Jamie drives back to
Hannah, still bleeding,
hence the blood on the door.
Hannah decides she's finally had enough.
They get him cleaned up
and they leave together.
Okay, but how does this change things?
Because if we follow Jamie's route,
we can see that Gideon wasn't
driving to the restaurant
to meet Beth, he was
driving to the woods.
He was gonna meet someone there first?
And according to Antonio,
Beth was in his restaurant
from eight till just gone 10.
That makes it impossible for
her to have killed Gideon.
Unless she's found a way of being
in two places at the same time.
So we are back to square one air one.
Got a decent frock
in your wardrobe, Ash?
Beth Whitmore has just sent over
these tickets for annual winter ball.
I think you should go.
Might jump start the investigation.
I think I might have something
stuffed away in the bag somewhere.
I'm up for it, boss.
Any excuse to dress up.
Why don't you come?
Yeah, we could do with a backup.
So there's three key motivating
factors to any murder,
desire, despair, and need.
So for example, I'm
in a queue at the bank
and I need to be served.
And I despair because
the idiot in front of me
is telling the cashier
his entire life story.
And I very much desire
that he dies, now.
What's the matter?
That's all you ever talk about.
Murder, death.
I don't know how you can stand it.
It's my job.
I don't think this is gonna work.
What you mean us?
Well, there's other stuff I
do apart from gruesome stuff.
You know, there's fraud and car theft,
and robbery, armed robbery.
I'm not being funny, Alex,
but you're the one who's
breaking up with me,
so shouldn't I be doing that?
I can't help it.
I hate breaking up,
even when it's my idea.
Hey everybody
gonna have some fun ♪
You only live once ♪
When you're dead you're done ♪
Let the good time roll ♪
Let the good time roll ♪
I just can't believe
he dumped me like that.
And at lunchtime too, no
one gets dumped at lunchtime.
At least he picked an
nice restaurant for it.
You're not making me
feel any better, Scribbs.
When Danny dumped me,
he just left a message
on my answer phone.
You're still not making
me feel any better.
Ash, I hate to say this,
but don't you think a little bit
of this might be your fault?
You're not exactly divorced
from the job, are you?
Maybe he's a really nice guy,
who's just got a bit scared.
You know, he called you a weirdo?
Little cry baby.
Now I feel better.
The merry widow.
If you were married to a woman like
that and you thought
she was having an affair,
what would you do?
Are you asking whether or not I think
her husband killed Gideon Finch?
I'm just interested in
your opinion as a man.
Well, that would depend on the woman.
I'm talking about someone
you love with a real passion,
someone that you'd throw
away the rule book for.
I can't answer that.
Are you scared you might
incriminate yourself?
Would you like to dance, Kate?
Hello, enjoying yourself?
Very much, thank you.
Your Mr. Sullivan's rather gorgeous.
You're not letting an opportunity
slip through your fingers there?
Actually, he's a
little bit of a mystery.
Oh, there's nothing
mysterious about men.
Trust me, I know about this.
You can certainly say that again.
[BETH] Hannah.
What's this then, police protection?
Detective Sergeant Scribbins
and her colleagues are guests of mine.
Yeah, well I thought I'd come
and do my bit for charity.
From what I hear
you've been doing rather
a lot of that since Gideon died.
No, it's it's fine.
It's all fine, absolutely fine.
You're nothing better
than a whole, Beth.
I just wanted you to know that.
Right, I think that's self defence.
Wouldn't you agree?
Not a good idea, Hannah.
Let go of me.
Make any more of this,
and I'll have to arrest you, I mean it.
Now, if I was you, I'd go home,
and I'd take Jamie with you.
You have to admit she's got style.
I can spend the next thousand
years looking for something
for this wedding and still
not look half as good as that.
Why don't you just wear
what I told you to wear?
Because on you, it works.
On me, I look like
someone from Atomic Kitten,
trying to pretend she's got A-levels.
If you really want him to notice you,
Scribbs, just be yourself.
It's not like simple, Ash.
Men don't see inner beauty.
It's not the package they
care about, it's the wrapping.
In that case, why don't you
just wear a wedding dress?
With any luck, he
might marry you instead.
I'm just gonna call the
office to check something.
Well, as always, it's just great
to see so many faces
back again this year,
which goes to show that the
arm twisting really did work.
So keep on giving
and keep on believing in yourselves
and oh, just have fun.
Okay, thanks so much.
What's going on?
Lisa's having trouble remembering
what happened the night
of Gideon's murder.
I think maybe we confused her.
She told you, she was at home.
That's right, isn't it, Lisa?
Well, no. Mrs. Whitmore.
We think Lisa was at the
restaurant instead of you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, no one really remembers faces
in a place that busy do they?
All they remember is a woman
about the same age eating alone.
And your point is?
With Lisa sitting at the restaurant,
you had an opportunity to
meet Gideon and to kill him.
Somehow I think you're gonna
have a hard time proving
that in a court of law.
The fish was off.
Okay, now you've really lost me.
Nine people had the fish that night
and nine people were
violently sick the next day.
Public health was called in.
And I've just check your bill.
You had the fish too.
But you weren't sick the next day,
were you Mrs. Whitmore?
That was Lisa.
We saw her, remember?
I didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything.
Shush, I know it's all right.
Listen, all I told her was that I was
going to talk to Gideon.
That's all she knew.
Do you understand?
You met Gideon.
You drove down into
the woods in his car.
How did you get him to take the Librium?
Please, always like to drink our Gideon.
And then you put on Gideon's
shoes to disguise your
footprint, dowsed the car in petrol.
After you'd set at a light,
you walked back to
your car and drove home
in time to meet Philip
from the conference.
I was Amber for seven years.
You can't even begin to
imagine what that was like.
He wanted to drag me back to that place,
to take away everything that I have,
everything that I've become.
Couldn't let that happen.
I am Bethany Whitmore.
No one's gonna take that away from me.
No one.
Oh, Phillip, darling, I.
Darling, I'm so so sorry.
Oh, just thought you'd like to know,
Beth's husband is
bringing in a sharp lawyer.
Looks like they're gonna
fight this all the way.
Wow, what are her chances?
Well, most of what we have
so far is circumstantial.
So if she can hold out
in court, who knows.
Going somewhere?
Yeah, wedding reception.
[SULLIVAN] Looking good.
You look fantastic.
Thanks, boss.
Anyway, I'll see you both Monday.
[ASH] You might as well go too.
What about?
No it's okay, it's
fine, I'll finish off.
No, I will, really, really, I'm fine.
Yes, yes, go on.
All right, I'll call you later,
let you know how it went.
Okay, have a good time.
Hey, Scribbs.
Don't worry, if I catch
the bouquet, I'm keeping it.
Doesn't matter how cute she is.
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