Murder in Suburbia (2004) s01e06 Episode Script

Noisy Neighbours

Fly me to the moon ♪
And let me play among the stars ♪
Let me see what spring is like ♪
On Jupiter and Mars ♪
- In other words ♪
Hold my hand ♪
Hold my hand ♪
And this is the living room
where my husband
spends most of his time.
Well you haven't seen the garden yet.
Well, that's another two we've lost.
Are you gonna do something about that?
If you were half a man
you'd go out there and make him stop.
You're pathetic!
Wendy, you tell him to
bloody stop it right now
or I'm coming back
there to stop him myself!
work to be done outside.
We should have waited for back up.
We didn't have time
she was getting away.
We destroyed an entire
restaurant Scribbins!
We stained a couple of table cloths
they'll be up and running within a week.
But all those fire engines.
Aren't meant to Charlesworth
is a spoiled little rich kid
he think she can get away with anything
just cause our father happens to be
A senior government minister.
Yeah exactly, so why
is she selling drugs?
Trust me Ash, I think we're
gonna get a medal for this.
Sullivan's looking for you.
Ms. Charlesworth's lawyer has
filed a complaint against us
alleging unlawful arrest,
illegal search and assault.
Assault boss?
She claims you beat her!
She had a kitchen knife.
She also claims you
beat her about the head
with a frying pan.
Actually sir it was a walk
and she did have a
burning skewer in her hand.
Nevertheless you broke her jaw.
It was either that or
cook her something in it
and believe me I'd have
done her a lot more damage
if I'd tried that.
She also made a complaint about
the use of foul and
abusive language in short,
she claims to use the C-word.
Actually boss I think
I can clear that up.
What Scribbins in fact
shouted was you can't.
Yeah I think you can't do that.
Unfortunately she never
got to do that bit out.
Hence the phonetic misunderstanding.
I have just the two people.
Seems we have a potential
situation on our hands.
Negotiating skills are required.
That's negotiation as in no frying pans.
Well, I have to hand
it to your Scribbins,
apart from the Bullock king,
the threat of legal action
and the complete lack of anything
even resembling a medal
I think that went incredibly well.
You know what?
Deep down I think he really likes us.
And that particular assumption
is based upon what evidence?
Just a really pathetic need
for him to feel that way.
Works for me.
Thank you.
This way ma'am, that's
straight and through there.
What are you then, cheerleaders?
You'll need the heavy mob, love.
We have hecklers now.
- I asked for someone
with negotiating skills.
Yeah well they didn't have any of those
so you got us instead.
Bernard Lloyd, late fifties
lived on the close since it was built.
Do we know what happened?
She hit him from behind
five blows at least
beautiful armour, double-headed crowbar.
Sleek, easy to handle
I've got one meself.
- She?
- Yeah.
Wendy Lloyd, wife of the victim.
Every time we get in
there, she takes a swing.
Frying pan's on the side
if you need it Scribbins.
It was at work okay?
Bloody hell news travels fast.
Just give us a couple of
minutes alone with her all right?
- Who are you?
- I'm Kate.
Kate Ashhurst
you can call me Ash.
And this is my colleague, Emma,
we're from Middlefield CID.
These are nice Wendy.
- You collect them?
- Leave me alone.
We will.
We just need to sort
a few things out first.
Can you give me the hammer?
Stay away from me!
Both of you!
I just want to be left alone!
- Wendy, catch.
There was so much noise.
Was that the noise
that Bernard was making?
It had been going on for so long
I couldn't think anymore.
Just tell me what you remember, Wendy.
I don't remember anything
all I know is I wanted him to stop.
What about the hammer?
The hammer that killed Bernard.
The hammer you were
holding in your hand.
I'm sorry, I don't remember anything.
Interview terminated at 1503.
I think she genuinely can't remember.
Not sure boss, but if she's
making it up, she's good.
What did the doctor say?
Hang on, he called it,
trauma induced short term memory loss
it's like a blackout.
How long took she snaps out of it ?
Today, tomorrow, next year?
All depends on the individual.
Okay why don't you take
another look at the crime scene,
I'll speak to the doctor
and see what they wanna do then.
Appealing one bedroom
flat, new to market,
modern kitchen, tastefully decorated,
blah, blah, blah.
What's the problem?
Read it again.
- Oh.
- Exactly.
Appalling one bedroom flat.
James Dashfield, the estate
agent who sells Notch Wells
is marketing my home as appalling.
Appalling but conveniently located.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
How long is this gonna take?
You know I'm tryna sell my house
there are people who want to view.
It'll take as long as it takes.
If you are a speed
speak to a estate agent,
I believe he has a
wonderful way with words.
In case you were wondering
it was going to be a water feature
and a pond, new path,
lights, fountains, the works.
Well he told you that?
No, we never spoke.
No, I know the bloke
down at the garden centre,
he said that he'd been
into all of this stuff.
So he was stood here.
Is that right?
From the angle of the blow
and position of the body, yeah.
So she supposedly came from the house,
walked down through the garden
and entered through the door here
and then picked up the hammer from here?
Why doesn't he see her?
Maybe he did.
You don't automatically
assume your wife's
is gonna clobber you do you?
Or else he didn't hear her come in.
You know anyone could
have entered from there,
afterwards have left the same way.
I think it's about time
we had a proper chat with
some of the neighbours.
When you called, you said
to send someone immediately
because they've been a murder
is that right?
I don't remember my exact words.
Would you mind leaving
those alone please
they're very fragile.
It looks like poor old
Wellington's had it.
That's Napoleon.
Wellington's over there with
Blucher and the Prussians.
You found the body
is that right?
Can you tell us what happened?
Bernard was out in his garden
making a racket issue for sure
and I was just about to go out to him
to tell him to stop
and all it went quiet
- and then I heard it.
- What?
Wendy, screaming and screaming.
They were in the workshop
Bernard was lying on the floor,
there was blood everywhere.
And Wendy?
She was standing over
him, clutching her hammer.
I tried talking to her
she just walked off up to the house.
She seemed really strange
like she wasn't really there.
Those are clothes you were wearing?
No, I changed.
I felt dirty.
We'll need the clothes you were wearing
to check out for forensics.
Was your wife at home?
No, she's at work.
I called her, she was busy out.
I left a message on the answer machine.
How long have you lived
here in Middlefield?
12 Years now.
Did you get on with the Lloyds?
Not particularly.
Why is that?
Bernard was a pest
he was drilling, he was hammering.
It got to the point where
you couldn't stand it.
Is that why you were so keen to sell?
You don't mind putting up
with the occasional bit of noise
but with him it was night and day.
What about the other neighbours?
Did they feel the same way?
Reg hated him
hadn't spoken for years.
But I'll tell you
if looks alone could kill.
Ah Mr. Thornton,
we'd like to ask you some questions.
We were just talking outside.
Detective Inspector, frightening.
Thank you, you better come through.
I mean look at that, fat and smoking.
I can't remember the time
when it was either one or the other.
I understand there wasn't much love loss
between you and Bernard Lloyd.
Well now, who told you that?
Him next door but one?
Patty, the jellyfish.
No that's what they used to call him
down at the town hall.
Housing management assistant my ass.
He couldn't manage a cow, Pat.
Like you must have heard the story,
he locked himself in the
executive laboratory one day
and he took three of them
to drag him out
he hasn't worked since.
You seem to know quite a bit
about your neighbours, Mr. Thornton.
Nothing I wouldn't swap
for little peace and quiet, Love?
In your statement, you said
you were at home at the time,
did you notice anything suspicious?
Oh everything is suspicious to me, love,
including the colour of your hair.
I think what Detective
Sergeant Scribbins is asking
is whether or not you knew of anyone
who may have wished Mr. Lloyd any harm.
Apart from me and everyone else
in Cherry Meadows you mean?
I thought his wife did it.
It's still under investigation.
Hey, perhaps the boy came back.
The boy?
Yeah Bernard and Wendy's son,
oh what's his name?
Scruffy little sod,
looks a bit like Pinocchio.
Anyway he went away some years ago
with his father's boot up his rear end.
Perhaps he decided that
it was payback time.
Bernard was a perfectionist
everything had to be just so.
Was Christopher the opposite?
He was a normal teenage boy.
Bernard was always
trying to organise him
he thought that was the
only way to get on in life.
In the end, Chris
couldn't stand it anymore,
we came home one day and he was gone.
Do you know where he is now?
And he's never been in contact?
That must have been
very hard on both of you.
Bernard said we just had
to get on with our lives.
He was never very
comfortable with emotions.
Did Christopher ever
threaten his father?
What do you mean?
Did he ever threaten to kill him?
No, never!
He was a good boy,
a little bit head strong that's all but,
nothing like that.
Did she sign a confession yet?
Not exactly.
Not exactly she's going to
or not exactly there's a problem.
Well, it's sort of complicated.
This is gonna be a sad story isn't it?
Bernard and Wendy Lloyd had
a son called Christopher.
He was their only child.
Yes and 10 years ago when he was just 16
Christopher ran away from home.
And they never saw heard from him again.
Knew it was gonna be a sad story.
Well according to the doctor
they both coped in different ways.
Wendy's on nine different
kinds of medication
and Bernard well, he spent
all his time in his workshop.
Typical man, bury your
emotions in something physical.
And I thought he was
just a noisy neighbour.
Now this son, Christopher
is he a suspect?
Only on as much as we can't trace him.
My money's on the wife,
she had the murder weapon in her hand,
sort of a bow and ribbons
I can't see what else you'd want.
Is it okay if we do a little digging?
Oh I doubt Patrick was involved,
he'd fill his pants of a flea burped.
His wife though,
now she didn't mind getting stuck in.
Chloe Walters.
Oh yeah she was shouting all sorts
but just before it happened.
I mean who was to say that
she didn't come back later?
She's very pretty,
- when was this taken?
Oh, we have 1973, yes.
It was taken just a
couple of months after
she fell off the back of my motorbike.
Broke her leg in two places,
mind you nothing stopped her though.
Emily Morton,
we were engaged for a while
then she got sensible.
Australia, land of opportunity
or was at the other place, I don't know.
Anyway, I'm sure it
was a damn site more fun
than here in Cherry Meadows.
If you hated it so much
why didn't you just leave?
Where would I go?
Oh it's the same all over now isn't it?
Karaoke, kids and chips.
No, no, just the same as that
big tree out the back there
just waiting for them to cut me down.
Fly me to the moon ♪
And let me play among the stars ♪
Let me see what spring is like ♪
On Jupiter and Mars ♪
Forget what they say
about three or five,
seven is the magic number.
Seven days of the week,
seven deadly sins,
seven classic outfits.
That's the rule.
Perhaps we can get
back to Bernard Lloyd.
And what do you want me to say?
I know you're not supposed
to speak ill of the dead
but he was a complete pain in the ass.
No wonder that boy ran off.
Now that would look nice on you.
So you were here in the shop
when your husband
phoned us is that right?
Yeah I just popped home
to show a couple of perspective
buyers around the house.
Patrick should do it really
but he says he finds the
whole thing too stressful.
What if you know it was mentioned
there was some kind of altercation
at the Lloyd's front door?
Well I was angry,
those were the fifth
potential buyers we'd lost.
Did you say that if he didn't stop
you'd come in and stop him yourself?
What I might have done?
I can't remember.
Well it's just a turn of phrase.
And what did you do next?
I came back to work.
What time did you get back here?
One o'clock.
Now wouldn't you just die for a man
who wears something like that?
Patrick wouldn't even consider it.
Truth is I made a mistake
when I married him.
I've been with a complete
and as acid bastard
for five years
and I thought the quiet
one would be the answer,
how wrong I was.
Kind of fun with a man who has
more than one pair of slippers.
She's lying, right?
Yeah, except for the
part about the slippers.
Chloe and Patrick Walters,
they're heavily in debt,
she buys more designer
outfits than she sells
and he hasn't worked for three years.
Fortunately the house
has tripled in value.
But first they need to sell it.
Yeah, not easy when you live next door
to someone like Bernard Lloyd.
So we have a possible motive, who else?
Reg Thornton, he's been at
war with Bernard since day one
usual neighbour stuff,
they haven't spoken for years.
Certainly no love lost there.
Not enough to kill him though,
so that brings us back to victim's wife.
But Bernard Lloyd sustained
several severe blows
to the back of the head
so whoever killed him, got him close
yet Wendy had virtually
no blood on her clothes.
My money is still on her
unless you can bring me something
that'll make me change my mind.
I killed him.
You remember?
I was there
the hammer was in my hand,
it must have been me.
And you're certain about that?
So how many times did you hit him?
What other explanation is there?
I was angry, upset.
Did you want to kill him?
- I asked you a question.
- Yes!
Because you felt that Bernard
had driven Christopher away.
Whatever the boy did
it was always wrong.
Bernard never gave him a chance.
I don't want to believe
that I killed him,
but if it wasn't me, who was it?
Is there a problem with the case?
No, no, not at all.
I'm sorry I don't mean to be rude,
but I'm sort of in the middle
of selling my flat right now
and I've got someone coming to view it
in literally two seconds.
They told me you were a woman.
Well I am or rather she is
so Brandy couldn't get here
so she asked me if I
could come along instead.
I had no idea that this was your place.
Yeah she's a closest friend of mine
she was supposed to
leave Tokyo last night
she's got held up
so I'm filling in for it, so to speak.
Right, okay.
Well, come in.
Welcome to my appalling flat.
Oh yeah.
Maybe I could have a look around.
Yes, good idea.
Have a look around by all means.
In fact, why don't I show you around?
Even better.
Well, the kitchen.
- You say she's a dancer?
- That's what he told me.
- From Tokyo?
Lives in Tokyo.
And her name's Brandy.
No woman in the world is called Brandy.
Brandy's got to be a professional name,
and what sort of dancers
have professional names?
And what do we think of exotic dancers?
We pretend we don't mind them
- but really we hate them.
- Yeah, exactly.
They're the enemy
and he's moving one in
right under our noses.
And there's that thing
he said about her.
A close friend of mine.
Close friend?
It's a, what's that word
you are always using?
I'm not sure about this,
I'm frightened.
-Don't be,
you have to go home sometime.
Take your time.
It's so quiet,
I don't think I've ever
known it's so quiet.
Try and remember the first thing you saw
when you came in here yesterday.
Concentrate on Bernard, where was he?
Just think, it's important.
He was on the floor.
Was he dead?
What else Wendy?
What about the hammer?
Do you remember where it was?
- It was by his foot.
- By on it?
There was someone else?
He was standing right there.
Who was he?
Mr. Walters could you
get your coat please
we're going down to the station.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
I need to ask your husband
a few more questions.
- What she said?
- Sir, if you wouldn't mind.
- He's going nowhere.
- Mrs. Walters
He's done nothing wrong.
Could you step aside please?
- Now!
- It's all right darling
I'll be fine, don't worry.
There are two things wrong
with the story you've told us, Patrick,
firstly I don't believe it,
and secondly it's not true.
Now one of those things on its own
and you might have a chance,
but put them both together
I swear to you
I had absolutely nothing to do
with what happened to Bernard.
I'm very glad to hear that
because the good news is
I'm about to give you another chance
to explain what did happen.
I've done nothing wrong.
What were you doing
in Bernard's workshop?
I don't know what you mean.
When Wendy arrived
you were already there,
and don't shake your head Patrick
because shaking your head means no
and that pisses me off
and if I get pissed off I
won't give you another chance
and that would be a bad thing.
I've already told you the truth!
No you've told me some kind of story
about hearing Wendy scream
now I want to know what really happened.
You said you went straight back to work
after you'd shown the
two prospective buyers
around your house,
but that wasn't true was it?
Patrick called you after he
called us, left a message.
I was busy with a customer.
Bernard Lloyd was murdered
at approximately one o'clock.
According to the shop next door,
you didn't open again till gone three.
He's married.
See, I knew we'd have
something to talk about.
He's a salesman,
he's totally different to Patrick,
reckless, exciting,
as soon as I sell the house
we're gonna set out together in Spain.
Hasta la vista Cherry
Meadows, all our sunshine.
Patrick know?
Patrick doesn't know anything,
too busy playing with his soldiers.
I thought, if I could
just make him stop,
it would prove something to her.
Show her that I still cared.
I just wanted her to
be proud of me again.
You came in down the lane
beside Bernard's house?
I tried calling out
to him over the fence,
he didn't answer.
So what happened?
By the time I got there
he was already dead.
Maybe he was dead when
I called out to him
I don't know
but he was definitely dead by then.
You checked?
I could tell by the
way he was laying there.
So much blood.
What did you do?
I didn't do anything,
I just stood there,
I couldn't believe it.
Then Wendy came in.
Yes, go on.
At the moment she saw the body
she started screaming.
I tried to calm her down
but she wouldn't stop.
Maybe I got frightened or something
but the next thing I
knew I was shaking her.
And then?
She stopped.
It was as if somebody
suddenly flicked a switch,
suddenly she was gone.
You could see it in her eyes.
I tried talking to her
but as if she couldn't hear,
next thing I knew she bent down
and picked up the hammer.
- And that's when you left?
- Yeah.
And you went straight back home
- and you dialled 999?
- Yeah.
Why didn't you tell
us this to begin with?
I didn't wanna get involved.
Yes but you are involved,
you're involved now.
While you were there,
did you notice anything else?
Anything unusual?
Anything at all?
There was one thing, I saw Reg
when I was phoning the police.
- Where?
- In the garden
heading up towards the house.
He's always there
so it's not that unusual, I suppose.
If Patty, the jellyfish
says I was in my garden,
then I obviously was.
I just don't remember.
Things like that happen
when you get to my age.
What were you doing?
Putting out the rubbish.
You don't get along with your neighbours
do you Mr. Thornton?
I don't get along
with anybody you, love,
it's what keeps me sane.
Well so far you've had disputes
with just about everyone
in Cherry Meadows.
Think so, they give me grief
I give them grief in return.
Would that include murder?
One person killed Bernard
and we both know who that was, don't we?
But you had her in your grasp
and you let her go.
Why would Wendy kill him?
I don't know.
Perhaps Bernie the boat
had some deep dark secret
and she discovered it.
Or perhaps she just had enough
either way I don't care.
As far as I'm concerned,
whoever did it
deserved a bloody medal.
So is Sullivan's mistress
still coming over to view tonight?
Will you please stop calling her that?
I'm sure we've got this all wrong
just 'cause she happens
to have a stupid name.
She's probably a
choreographer possibly trained.
I'll bet you anything
she turns out to be 59 years old,
bodly and very sensible.
Good evening.
Oh, come in.
It may be an appalling flat,
but it's my appalling flat.
But if he thinks he can turn it
into his own personal little shag pad
he can just about think again.
And as for his bimbo geisha hoe
Okay, I never like the
judge book by its cover
but if the cover happens
to be of a naked woman
reclining on a bed with
a smile that says
My car wouldn't start
so the boss gave me a lift home.
You were saying?
Oh my brother, can you believe it?
He turns up tonight out
the blue just after Brandy
and announced that he
wants to buy my flat
for his girlfriend of all people.
The bimbo geisha hoe?
Oh, is that what I called her?
Her name's Susan actually,
she wears a silk kimono sometimes.
- Ash.
- Yes.
- Ash.
- Yes.
- Stop digging, okay?
- Thanks for the lift boss.
See if we had guns
I could shoot you now.
If we had guns, I'd shoot myself.
Let's just call it a
misunderstanding, shall we?
Boss I feel really bad
I'm sure Brandy is a lovely person
- and I didn't
- Ash, just leave it, okay?
There's something else
I wanted to ask you.
What you said last night about digging.
It's a turn of phrase Ash.
Yes I know,
but it got me thinking,
Bernard Lloyd's been a pain for years
so why kill him now?
Why wait all this time?
It can't be about noise.
There must be something else
something he was doing.
I'm assuming you have an answer.
Well, not exactly an answer
but it's more a question.
Why was Bernard Lloyd murdered
at that particular moment
on that particular day?
What exactly are you suggesting?
- According to Wendy
Christopher never left a note
to say why he was going
they just came back
one day and he was gone.
That's why it's called
running away from home Ash,
you don't hire a van
and draw up a list of must haves
you just go.
But isn't it unusual
just to leave like that
without even a word?
Maybe he just wanted to get out.
In 10 years he couldn't
make one phone call
or write one little card
telling them he was okay?
That's family.
Come, I think we found something.
It's all a bit hazy I'm afraid,
little treasures given
up by the earth like this
takes some time to reveal their secrets.
Was it murder?
Skulls fractured so possibly.
She was fairly young though
I can tell you that much.
- She?
- I did mention that.
How young?
20's, possibly 30's.
Right now I can't be more specific.
How long has she been buried out there?
Oh I'd definitely say sometime.
10 years?
Almost certainly much longer
probably 30 or more years.
One unusual thing,
at some point her left leg
was broken in two places
it hadn't healed properly
so she probably died within a
year of receiving the injury.
Anyway, give us a bit more time
and we should have some
better idea of who she was.
I think we already know.
So what is this then?
- The heavy mob.
- Just like you wanted.
Yeah, better come in.
We had plans,
dreams I suppose you'd call them.
We were going to move out a bit,
find somewhere quite out and peaceful.
There would be children,
long summer days in the garden.
What happened?
Well there was this bloke, Australian,
they fell in love.
Now she kept saying how sorry she was
but I wouldn't listen.
I just would not listen
I couldn't bear to listen!
I thought of them both together,
his hands all over her.
You killed her.
Well she made me angry.
I mean I felt betrayed.
I just lashed out
and then when she didn't get up
I walked towards her and
that's when I first saw the blood.
She had caught her head on a rock.
I mean it was an accident,
I never intended, you know.
So you buried her out there?
By the tree.
You see, I wanted some place
that I could go back to later, a sign.
I thought she deserved
that at least you know.
Anyway some years later
on one of my visits,
I discovered they were building houses.
I was sure they'd discover her,
but they didn't.
I buried her too deeply you see?
Well they grasped over the whole area
and turned what had
been cherry orchards into
little strips of back garden.
So you thought you'd bought the house
with a garden containing Emily's body?
When did you find out you
bought the wrong strip of land?
Well, when I found
out that the developers
had scrimped on the boundaries
and part of what I thought
was gonna be my back garden
was given to number seven.
The part where Emily's body was buried?
Yes, just a few feet out you see.
There was she, a few feet from
-the other side of the fence,
- with me sitting up here.
Still at the mercy of
anyone deciding to do?
And that's why you've
stayed all this time.
Well I had no choice in the matter.
I mean I had to keep
watch over her you see.
And don't you think I haven't suffered,
I have, I've suffered
every single day since.
And what about Bernard Lloyd?
Did he have to suffer too?
Oh, come on
he was just a bloody annoyance.
Listen, the minute I saw
that man digging up that path
I knew he was gonna find her.
I couldn't bear the thought
of her being disturbed by that idiot!
I don't know if I could go back,
change things.
You better get your coat Mr. Thornton,
it's cold outside.
And what about Wendy Lloyd?
Someone with her?
We offered but she declined.
Will she be okay?
Well first she loses
her son, now her husband,
I don't know boss.
I spoke to Brandy,
I think maybe it's best for all parties
if she looks elsewhere
for somewhere to live.
Boss, I can't tell you how
sorry I am about all this.
Just for the record, she's a friend,
no more, no less.
Really boss I couldn't
be more ashamed of myself
if I tried.
Well, perhaps I could but,
anyway I've decided not to sell.
I mean I don't need a bigger place
or not yet anyway.
- Thanks boss.
Who's that?
- You're joking!
- No,
just heard about his father,
wondered in about half an hour ago.
He's been living in Milton
Keens for the last 10 years,
computer salesman, married, two kids.
- So she's got grandchildren.
- Respectable suburban man.
This job makes us cynical Ash.
Don't you mean more cynical?
I'll be honest Scribbins
I don't think it helps.
Sometimes it seems
really worthwhile though
doesn't it?
Most times actually.
That's gotta be a pretty
good average, right?
- Better than most.
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