Murder in Suburbia (2004) s01e05 Episode Script

A Good Deal of Attention

[CHILDREN] I wore my coat ♪
I wore my coat ♪
With golden lining ♪
Aah ♪
Bright colours shining ♪
Aah ♪
Wonderful and new ♪
And in the east ♪
And in the east ♪
The dawn was breaking ♪
Aah ♪
And the world was waking ♪
Aah ♪
Any dream will do ♪
A crash of drums ♪
A flash of light ♪
[KATE] Are you sure
it wasn't an accident?
You see these tyre marks?
They only start after the body,
which means the driver
only applied the brakes
after the moment of impact.
I'd say the car swerved to hit her.
[EMMA] Deliberately?
Yeah, that's why I called you.
John Stanton?
Detective Sergeant
Scribbins, Middleford CID.
You're the headmaster of
Middleford Comprehensive?
[EMMA] And I understand that Helen McKee
was the school secretary?
Secretary, registrar,
counsellor, you name it.
Were you with her, sir?
No, no, I found her.
She was just lying there.
Do you usually pass this way?
I was working late.
I was on my way home from school and
It was me that called the police.
Do you normally walk home?
Not always, but
tonight I did.
I was having lunch with
her just a few hours ago.
I can't believe that
She was my girl Friday. I
don't know what I'm gonna do.
Excuse me, sir.
Ah, evening officer.
Anything I can do to help?
Not unless you witnessed the accident.
Can you give me a quote on this one?
It's an investigation.
A murder investigation?
Chris, next of kin haven't
even been informed yet.
- Give us a chance.
That journalist is
quite tasty, isn't he?
Was he?
I hadn't noticed.
Yeah, right.
Oh God, I always hate this bit.
Make up bag, purse, keys.
All the usual stuff.
Morning, boss.
Ashurst, Scribbs, found the vehicle yet?
Not yet.
No, we're checking garages
and obvious dump sites.
I don't like hit and runs on my patch.
Makes the public edgy, so let's
get it sorted quickly, huh?
Yes, boss.
We've narrowed down the time of death
to between 7:20 and
7:35, so that should help.
Wasn't he wearing that shirt yesterday?
Heads his washing machine's broken.
Tails, he's a dirty stopout.
You don't wanna know.
Miss McKee?
Yeah, sorry I took so long.
It's fine.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
This used to be my mum and dad's place.
They left it to Helen.
Always was the favourite.
She's always got biscuits.
I'll put the kettle
on, we can have a cuppa.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you sit down?
Bit of a mess today.
Right then.
Let's get on with it, eh?
What do you want to know?
- Miss McKee.
- [JULIE] Julie.
Do you know anyone who
might have had a grudge
against your sister?
She was far too boring
to have any enemies.
Did she have any boyfriends?
Men are more my department.
She was a bit of a prude,
if you know what I mean.
Did you get on with Helen?
I got on all right.
We just didn't have much in common.
I don't think she
approved of my life style.
Two kids, no dad.
She thinks
that I was a bit common.
Found these in Helen's bag.
Front door keys?
Right, we'll give them a try.
Julie, if there's anything else
we need to talk to you
about, where can we find you?
I'll be right here.
Not this house.
Let's get uniform to check them out.
Well, at least she's not
pretending she cared about Helen.
You could say it's refreshing
she's not a hypocrite.
You could say she's
only after the money.
Maybe they just didn't
get on. Sisters for you.
I wouldn't know. Only got a brother.
Is he still single?
No, no, he's engaged. Baby on the way.
So you're gonna be an auntie?
You never said.
You're lying.
Why don't you just say you
don't want me to meet him?
I don't want you to meet him.
Fair enough.
Yep, let me know as soon as any cars
come in for repair at any garage
within a 20 mile radius.
Great, thanks.
Come on!
Um, what are you doing?
Sorry. Habit.
[JOHN] Boundary. It's a boundary.
I don't know what you expect me to say.
Hadley Road is the boundary.
Yes, but I was living
in the catchment area
at the time I applied.
But you're not living in
the area now, Mrs Taylor.
Yes, but Helen said in view of my-
Helen isn't here.
[SALLY] Well where is she?
[JOHN] There was a terrible accident.
She's dead, I'm afraid.
Well will she be replaced?
If you wouldn't mind
But I did explain to Helen
about my circumstances.
Yes, at some length.
This is so unfair.
I'll be speaking to the authorities.
Please do.
They all like that?
Pushy mothers and rejected children.
It's a bit of an explosive mixture.
School's admissions. It's
that time of year again.
We do rather well in the league tables.
In fact, this is the best
secondary school in the area.
We have over 400
applications for 150 places
and some of the parents are disappointed
when their children don't get in.
I see.
Like Mrs Taylor?
Mrs Taylor?
I take it you knew Helen McKee?
Yes, why?
Well, you just didn't
seem very surprised
to hear about her death.
Nothing surprises me anymore.
If you'd asked me a year
ago if I'd be begging
to the likes of him to allow
my son a half decent education,
I'd have thought you were mad.
Did you know Helen well?
Well enough.
We met at a school open day.
She was helping me fill
out Josh's application.
Not that it did much good.
Thanks to my husband, we've
had to sell the family home
so that he can go and find himself.
My new address means that I'm no longer
in the catchment area,
so my son won't be going
to Middleford this year.
And good old Helen
wouldn't budge an inch
when she found out.
When did you last see Helen?
About a month ago. We had words.
What, you argued?
No, I argued actually.
Helen didn't say a word.
She just listened, as usual.
She should have married my husband.
Had you seen her since?
Impossible woman.
It's all right if your child's dyslexic.
Or if the father's attractive.
Well that's a different matter.
But no exceptions for
the divorcee. Oh no.
What do you mean, "If
the father's attractive?"
Have you met the Dawsons yet?
- [EMMA] No.
Well, they don't live in
the catchment area either.
But their son will be
at Middleford this year.
I was wondering if you remembered
anything else from last night?
Sometimes people do after the event.
Sorry. I wish I could be of more help.
Are you sure there isn't anything else?
Yesterday, did she row with anyone?
Or were there any
tensions in the staff room?
How do you mean?
Well, were there any affairs
going on or jealousies?
You know, that kind of thing?
What would that have
to do with her accident?
I mean, I'm sure she wasn't.
It would be bad for morale,
bad for the school's reputation.
Well, if it's all right with you,
our officers will be
talking to members of staff.
Look, I have to
I have to write a speech for assembly.
I think the school's gonna
take this pretty hard so,
if you don't mind.
- And how was Sally Taylor?
Well, I hate to side with a man,
but I can't imagine living with her.
A bit angry, is she?
Just a bit.
Car looked clean
though. No obvious dents.
She's got a grudge against the world,
starting with the Dawsons.
Dawson, Pat and Alan.
She's a full time mum, he's in IT.
- Nice and clean.
- Pat Dawson?
- Yes?
Middleford CID. Can we come in?
These are police officers.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
Is this about Helen McKee?
What a tragic accident.
Actually, we're treating it as murder.
Oh dear!
Did you know her well?
Well, we applied to send
our son to the school.
Nice woman.
And very lenient with the
catchment rules, I understand.
Yeah, well we live right on the edge.
Yes, it appears she
wasn't quite as flexible
with the other families.
Well, she was always very kind with us.
Well, too kind,
according to Sally Taylor.
That woman's got problems.
Sorry, excuse me. Hello?
When did you last see Helen?
That would have been a few days ago.
She wanted to tell us the good news.
About Tom getting into Middleford Comp.
'Cause the letters hadn't gone out
and she knew that we'd wanna
know as soon as possible.
Well, that's very obliging of her.
Yes. Very.
I'm sorry to have troubled
you, Mr and Mrs Dawson.
Thank you.
- No trouble.
- Not at all.
- See ya.
What's happened?
A car just went in for
repair at Harmie's Garage.
The headmaster's.
[KATE] Oh, your lucky day.
- Mm, very lucky.
- What do you mean?
Chris is the one that tipped me off.
Thought this might interest you.
Yeah, you were right. Thanks.
So how did you find out?
Owner's a friend.
But a hit and run wouldn't
cause this much damage.
Looks like someone's given
that a good going over.
[EMMA] Ah, very convenient.
What, you think he did this himself
to disguise the evidence?
Ah, so it is a murder
you're investigating.
Sorry, I know. Just trying to help.
Which you have. Thank you.
Oh, come on. You have to
give me something in return.
The headmaster was
the first on the scene
and now his car's turned up in a state.
That has to be your main suspect.
Don't tell us how to do our jobs.
Well, give me something else then.
- No!
- I'll buy you a drink.
Fine! I'll find my own story.
I bet you sat outside the
headmaster's office a few times.
Only 'cause people like
you used to grass me up.
Can I help you?
- Sir?
- Not you.
We'd like to talk to you about your car.
Come in.
And your car was
vandalised when exactly?
Sometime during the night before last.
I only discovered it next morning.
The night Helen was killed?
My wife took it into
the garage yesterday.
What are you trying to say?
Just making an observation, sir.
What observation might that be?
That Helen McKee was struck by a car
the same night that yours was damaged.
What, you can't think that I did it.
That's preposterous.
Why didn't you report it?
You had all day yesterday
to file a complaint.
Wouldn't have done much good, would it?
[KATE] Why?
My car was vandalised twice last year.
Windows were broken at home.
My office was broken into several times.
I finally gave up reporting them.
Do you have any idea
who was responsible?
It's a school.
In fact, ours is a desirable school.
Meaning that in addition to
the run of the mill vandalism,
we have a number of
highly motivated parents
resorting to threats and bribes.
Surely you know all this.
Last week, I was offered
the use of a villa in Spain
and today I got a check for
£3,000 for the library fund.
Sounds tempting.
I've been threatened, physically.
Headteachers seem to
be the prime targets.
- And their secretaries?
Helen didn't have any influence
over the applications process.
Then perhaps she allowed
people to think that she did.
No, no, she didn't. I
wouldn't have allowed that.
The system has to be seen to be fair.
Well thank you, Mr Stanton.
Forensics will be checking out your car.
Great. Thanks very much.
- You ready?
- What?
Remember the set of keys
you found in Helen's bag?
The one with the estate agent's tag?
Well, uniform have done the work
and the estate agent reckons
they're for a rental property
in Babcot Villas.
So why was Helen
renting another property?
She wasn't. It's leased to
a Mr and Mrs Alan Dawson.
Do you rent a property
at 14 Babcot Villas?
[EMMA] Why would that be?
That's our business.
Well, I'll make an
educated guess, shall I?
You're renting a flat at this address
because it's inside the
school catchment area.
How did you find out?
Does the school know?
That's not our concern.
Alan had this idea
that if we rented a flat near the school
and used that address,
Helen had us submit a
new application form.
So you gave a false address
and she agreed to the scam?
Alan handled it all.
He's a wonderful father.
All he wants is for his son
to have a good education.
I guess so.
Flats in Babcot Villas aren't cheap.
My parents help out a bit with the rent.
We'd like to talk to your
husband, if that's possible.
He's at work at the moment.
[EMMA] Shouldn't we
have a warrant for this?
[KATE] Nah, no one will know.
Why do you think Helen
had a set of keys?
Come on, Scribbs.
What, you think Alan
Dawson was shagging her?
What else?
Why else would she bend the
rules for the Dawsons like that?
And to think Pat Dawson's
parents might be paying
for her husband's shag pad.
Some women are so trusting.
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
- Alan.
Did the two of you plot
to kill Helen McKee?
[ALAN] Don't be absurd.
How long had you been
having an affair with Helen?
A couple of months.
[EMMA] And you were also
having an affair with Julie?
Did Helen know you were
sleeping with her sister?
[ALAN] No.
And does Julie know about Helen?
[ALAN] No.
And did your wife
know about any of this?
Of course not.
Okay, okay.
She found out about Helen.
But not Julie?
No, and I'd really rather she didn't.
I've put her through enough.
You're all heart.
So how did all this come about?
I met Julie at our local,
she works behind the bar.
She's a lot of fun and
things just happened.
And Helen?
Helen came later. We met
at a school open night.
We just hit it off.
She strikes me as a very
different kind of woman
to her sister.
I like variety.
Did you see Helen the night she died?
I told you, I was in the pub with Julie.
She was working that night.
Ask her.
So on the night of your sister's murder,
you were with Alan Dawson?
Yes, I always do that shift.
How many more times do I have to say it?
What time did he come in to the pub?
[KATE] Are you sure about that?
Give or take.
And you've been having
an affair with Mr Dawson
for how long?
About a year.
He's become something of a regular.
I think he quite wanted
to get out of the house,
know what I mean?
I don't think marital
relations were up to much.
So you were providing a
bit of marriage guidance?
Did you know he was
also seeing your sister?
Don't make me laugh.
It's true.
We found the keys to Babcot
Villas in her handbag.
Alan's also admitted
to having the affair.
I don't believe it.
What would he see in her?
Oh, you tell me. She was your sister.
It could be because
of that bloody school.
What do you mean?
He was always going on about
it, the admissions process.
Wanting to know if Helen could help.
Devious git, I'll kill him.
I'd be careful about
saying things like that
in a place like this.
So on the night of your sister's murder,
what time did Alan
Dawson come into the pub?
I'm not sure.
You said 7:30.
It might have been later.
[KATE] How much later?
It might have been more like eight.
You realise what you're
saying, don't you?
Yes, I do.
How much longer are
you gonna keep me here?
For as long as it takes for
you to tell us the truth.
[ALAN] I'm telling you the truth.
Well, not according to Julie.
She says you didn't get to
the pub until nearly eight.
You've just told her about me and Helen.
I think she's punishing me.
Care to tell us what
you were really up to
in that lost hour?
It was our night to get together.
Whose night?
Mine and Helen's.
[EMMA] So you were
meeting Helen at the flat?
Yeah, and when she didn't show up,
I just assumed she'd been
held up at the school.
So I went to the pub with Julie,
I had a quick pint and I went home.
Tell me, Mr Dawson. I'm intrigued.
One sister just wasn't enough for you?
It wasn't like that.
Julie's really good fun.
We have great sex. Helen was
- Useful?
- No.
To begin with, my wife encouraged me.
To have an affair?
[ALAN] No, to befriend her
for the sake of our son.
Exactly. You were using her.
No, it wasn't like that.
My son's future is important to me.
You tacky little man.
So what made you
decide to tell your wife
all of a sudden?
I didn't. That bitch Sally Taylor did.
And what's happened about
the headmaster's car?
Forensics say it's clean.
The sister?
Well, Julie's a single mum, struggling.
Envied Helen's stability
but genuinely didn't know
her sister was sleeping
with her lover.
Serving behind the bar at The Crown.
Okay, Alan Dawson. Top
of the suspects chart?
Was sleeping with the
victim and her sister.
But the victim was more
useful to him alive than dead.
Over 80% of murders are
committed by partners or lovers.
Assume it's him, work backwards.
That's in the book then, is it boss?
No, it comes with experience, Ash.
What's his alibi?
Alone at the rented flat,
waiting for Helen to show,
and then at the pub.
There's some discrepancy about the time.
Puts him in the area.
Yeah, we know.
Let's get his car checked out.
Just on my way over there now, boss.
I'm not quite sure why
you two consult me at all.
Well, just in case it all goes belly up.
Then as senior officer,
you can take the blame.
Thank you, Ash. I admire
brutal honesty in my underlings.
Keep peeling the onion.
What onion?
Explain, Ash.
Ugh, I could go right off him.
Good breeding stock though.
Yeah, if you want an
arrogant bastard for a child.
[KATE] Our forensic
people are going to go
over your car, Mrs Dawson.
But I don't understand why?
We need to eliminate your
husband from our inquiries.
He deserves all he gets.
When did Sally Taylor tell you
that your husband was
having an affair with Helen?
The night Helen died.
And why do you think she told you?
Because she's a spiteful, bitter woman.
Sally came by to pick up Tom for scouts
and I mentioned the good news
about him getting into Middleford Comp.
And she just lost it.
How do you mean?
I didn't realise her
son had been rejected.
And she said the only
reason Tom had got in
was because my husband was
shagging the school secretary.
I was devastated.
I'm sure.
Mrs Dawson, I need you
to confirm what time
your husband came back that night.
Oh, I was waiting for
Sally to drop Tom back.
That was about 7:30. He came
back about half an hour later.
Said he'd been to the pub.
And until that time, you'd
been at home on your own?
I'm only asking for you to do this week.
Yes, but what about last week?
Last week, my brother
in law was [INDISTINCT].
How many times do I have to tell you?
It may have escaped your notice,
but I am only just [INDISTINCT].
- Hello.
- Hi.
I'll be off then.
It's not enough that I do
the scouts run every Tuesday.
I've been speaking to Alan Dawson.
Mm, lucky you.
Why did you tell Pat
Dawson about the affair?
When you have knowledge
you shouldn't have,
it's a no win situation.
You're damned whatever you do with it.
Naturally, Pat couldn't
see what was going on
under her nose.
So you thought it was
your place to tell her?
Well, I think she had a right to know.
Don't you agree?
So you weren't doing
it just to get at Helen?
What do you mean?
Well, she wasn't being
very helpful, was she?
About getting Josh into the school.
That bitch was ruining
my child's future.
Enough for you to want to kill her?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Can you tell me where you were
at 7:30 on Tuesday evening?
Yes, I've already told you.
Tuesday nights is scouts night.
I had a car full of dib
dobbers I was delivering
round the parish.
Can you give me your exact itinerary?
I can give you my
route, the drop off times
and the numbers of the parents,
because it never varies.
Nothing ever does round here. Nothing.
You know, these people seem
to spend their whole lives
running after their kids.
Is that what being a parent's like?
I know, and it's not
as if they're threatened
or starving or something.
I know, they're just trying to get them
into the right secondary school.
It's ridiculous, really.
Is the Dawson's car clean?
There's a dent on the bumper.
Probably means nothing.
Forensics are working on it now.
Well, I never knew school admissions
were such a big deal.
Nor did we.
It's certainly not in the
motives for murder handbook.
[SULLIVAN] What about the wife?
- Pat Dawson?
- [SULLIVAN] Yeah.
She was at home.
Probably cooking a nourishing meal
for her cheating bastard of a husband.
So you're taking her word for it
that she's only just discovered
what a cheating bastard he is?
Never dismiss a suspect
just because you feel
sorry for them, Scribbs.
No, boss.
And the sister.
Are you sure she doesn't know
more than she's letting on?
Not sure, boss.
[SULLIVAN] Might be worth another visit.
A bit late, isn't it?
Catch her with her guard down.
Been shopping, boss?
Ah, new shirt. My
washing machine's broken.
[GIRL ON TV] Dad and I
finished our breakfast,
- and mum still hasn't appeared.
It wasn't like her to miss pancakes.
[MAN ON TV] Ah, there you are.
[GIRL ON TV] Where have you been?
Oh, settling in, are we?
There's no point in the
place standing empty.
Comes to me anyway as the next of kin.
The kids even get into Middleford Comp.
How's that for a laugh?
Bradley, turn it down.
Hello there.
What are you doing here?
It's a great story.
Death of the school secretary,
headmaster will go to any lengths
to protect the school's reputation.
No, you're on the wrong track.
Exploiting your sister's murder?
It's my story and I chose to tell it.
I take it there's a
financial incentive involved?
None of your business.
Have you caught her murderer yet?
I'll get out of your way then.
Well no, we thought
now that you've had time
to let things sink in, maybe
you'd remember something.
Anything might help.
No. I've got nothing to say.
What about Alan Dawson?
What about him?
[EMMA] Still seeing him?
Alan Dawson's a spineless little creep.
What do you think?
I'll take that as a no then.
If you don't mind, I've
gotta get the kids their tea.
Yeah, well you know where to find us.
See yourselves out.
Yeah, well put me through then.
Are you match making or detecting?
What are you doing?
Why, are you arresting me?
Not tonight. Fancy a drink?
You trying to get me drunk?
No, I'm trying to get me drunk.
You can watch or join
in, it's up to you.
So, when you gonna tell me
what you and Julie were talking about?
Ah, and I genuinely thought
you might want to get to know me.
I told you, it was a waste of time.
You know what she's like.
I bet you didn't get anything either.
Look, she hasn't got
anything worth printing.
Her sister was a school
secretary, she got run over,
end of story.
are you single at the moment?
See, the thing is, Chris,
I've always been
interested in local news.
So if you're lying, I'll
read it in the paper, won't I?
And yeah, I am single.
But only 'cause I can't
seem to find an honest man.
That's better.
To my girl Friday, love J.
Julie reckons the
headmaster gave it to Helen.
What do you think?
I think you're journalist scum.
A woman's been murdered
and you're trying to write
some tacky little piece
about her personal life.
On top of that, you
could destroy the case.
I could have you for
withholding evidence.
You're a disappointment to me, Chris.
God, you're good.
Yeah, I know.
Now print that story and you're dead.
Where are you going?
[EMMA] See ya.
And I thought we were
getting along rather well.
Helen was on her way to meet Alan Dawson
the night she died.
Did you know she was having an affair?
No, I wasn't
I thought there might have been someone,
but I didn't know it was him.
He was only doing it to
get his son into the school.
I can't believe she'd
let him use her like that.
I don't think she realised.
Love is blind, as they say.
[KATE] You were in love with
Helen McKee, weren't you?
No, no, that's not
We had a good working
relationship, but
Helen, Helen was um
Helen used to make me laugh.
I told her I'd leave
my wife for her but
Perhaps you can clear
this up for me, Mr Stanton,
it's been bothering me.
You work late, as did Helen.
You headed home in the same direction.
You were the first at the scene.
You must have left within
minutes of each other.
I followed her.
I saw her leaving, I
thought it was strange
that she didn't take her
car, so I followed her.
I wanted to see who she was meeting.
So you saw the accident?
No, no, I,
I heard it, but I
The car was gone when I got there.
If I'd been a bit quicker,
I might have been able to save her.
Convinced me.
I bet that's not the first
time you made a headmaster cry.
So Stanton was on foot
and followed her here.
And Alan Dawson was
waiting at the flat here
and then walked round to the pub there.
And Pat Dawson was at home,
waiting for Tom to be dropped off.
Sally Taylor was on the scout run.
So she's the only one who we know
was in a vehicle at the time.
[EMMA] Yeah.
Come on.
- Where are we going?
- [KATE] Scout hut.
Yes, Brown Owl.
But why would Sally Taylor
want to kill Helen McKee?
Because her son didn't
get into Middleford
and she blames Helen for it.
But Stanton said that
Helen had no influence
over the admission process.
But she overlooked the
Dawson's false address,
she could have done the
same for Sally Taylor,
but she didn't, did she?
Murder's a bit extreme, isn't it?
Just 'cause her son
didn't get into the school?
I guess that's what we need to find out.
Now, I'm Kate and this is Emma.
And you must be the scouts
that go home with Mrs Taylor.
Is that right?
Now which one of you's Josh Taylor?
Now what I want you to do is to line up
in the order that Josh's
mum drops you home, okay?
- So who's first?
- [TOM] Me.
Good, and your name is?
- Tom Dawson.
- Good. And who's next?
Me. Danny Smith.
Fine. You stand there behind Tom.
Then it would have to be you, I guess.
And your name is?
Ravi Raman. I'm always
last except for last time.
What happened last time?
I wasn't feeling very
well. I had the squirts.
So Mrs Taylor dropped me before Danny.
So that just leaves you, Josh.
Um, I stayed over at Danny's.
You didn't go home with your mum?
[JOSH] No.
Okay. Well done, boys.
- Thank you.
So Sally Taylor dropped
Tom Dawson off first,
then Ravi, then went to Danny's.
That would take her
right past the school.
I'm gonna have your jobs for this.
You lied to us about the route you took.
I did not lie. I'm a mother.
At that time of day, you
hardly know which way is up.
I just didn't think about it.
My client has nothing further to add.
She maintains that she
did not hit Miss McKee.
She has an alibi for
the time in question.
I really must insist that you
release my client immediately.
We don't believe you.
You do know it's a criminal offence
to withhold relevant information?
You could be charged with perverting
the course of justice.
- I saw Helen.
- Sally!
[KATE] When?
That night.
I went to talk to her at the school.
I just couldn't believe
that my son had been rejected
and she hadn't had the decency
to even tell me about it.
Let alone help me out,
like she did the Dawsons.
It's just so unfair.
So what happened?
I lost my temper.
She said there was nothing
she could do about it
and I stormed off.
Last time I saw her, she was
loading up the boot of her car
and she was very much alive.
Sorry, what did you say she was doing?
Loading her car.
Now if you don't mind,
I have to pick up Josh
from the child minder.
This will be costing me a fortune.
Not that you care.
What's this about you
illegally interviewing children?
We weren't interviewing them,
we were just playing a game.
Don't split hairs with me.
Oh, and another thing. Sally
Taylor's solicitor was right.
Danny what's his name's mother confirms
that he was dropped
off at quarter to eight.
Therefore, she can't
be placed at the scene.
Sally Taylor said she saw
Helen loading up her car.
So why was she on foot?
John Stanton said the same thing.
So she decided to walk.
She didn't live that
far from the school.
Yeah, but the car isn't at the school.
It's parked outside her house.
How did it get there?
[EMMA] Hi.
We'd like to take a look at Helen's car,
if that's all right?
You're welcome to, if
you can find the keys.
You haven't got them?
Never had them, don't
know where they've gone.
They're usually up there.
So you didn't pick the car up
from the school car park?
No, it's been sitting there in the drive
since I got here.
Yeah, we're here now.
Right, I'll keep you
informed. Okay, bye.
There's damage to the
underside of the car
and what looks like traces of blood.
I think we've just
found the murder weapon.
So who was driving the car?
Here you go, girls.
Soccer found this down
the side of the seat.
That's ma'am to you, boy.
When Sally Taylor told you
your husband was having
an affair with Helen,
you went round to
confront her, didn't you?
What's the matter?
Couldn't pluck up the courage,
so decided to run her down instead?
This is absurd. You're
bullying my client.
Your client is a cold
blooded, calculating murderer,
who used the victim's
own car to run her down.
You can't place her anywhere near.
Can't we?
We found this in the victim's car.
It's a letter to you,
confirming Tom's been
accepted into Middleford Comp.
[DONALD] So my client
has travelled in a car.
That's hardly an offence.
[EMMA] It's dated the day of the murder.
But you already knew that
Tom had been accepted,
didn't you?
Because Helen had told you.
Or had she?
Maybe she told Alan while
they were in bed together.
Does it bother you?
Them discussing your
son during pillow talk?
All Alan cares about is our son.
After Tom was born,
it was like I stopped existing entirely.
Must be hard.
How did you get the keys to Helen's car?
Oh please, this is too much.
They were in the lock.
[KATE] Sorry?
I don't care, Donald. Not anymore.
What's the point?
- I've got nothing to lose.
Sally Taylor told me they
used to meet at the flat.
He was wearing the shirt
I'd ironed that morning.
I couldn't believe it.
My husband and that woman.
I tried to tell myself
he'd done it for Tom,
but seeing him go into that flat,
the one my parents pay for
You planned it?
It just happened.
I went to the school to give that bitch
a piece of my mind.
But I couldn't do it.
I watched her walk away
and then I saw them,
her keys.
I was gonna throw them down the drain.
Our song. It was playing on her stereo.
And it came to me. It seemed so obvious.
I couldn't do it the first time.
[KATE] You parked the car
outside Helen's house. Why?
It's just around the corner from us.
Sally was dropping Tom back from scouts.
I had to be there to let him in.
He doesn't have his own key.
Do you really think
Helen deserved to die?
Oh, we don't always get
what we deserve, do we?
I suppose, if we did, then
my husband would have been
walking down that street with her.
[DONALD] I think we can end
the interview now, don't you?
I'm sorry I nearly
compromised your case.
I'm sorry I spoiled your story.
Actually, you didn't.
I'm running it anyway.
It's about the school's
admission process
and how parents have taken
to bribing headmasters
and stuff.
It's all very now.
I've gotta go.
Okay, but let's have dinner.
I'll ring you.
He's trying very hard.
I think he likes you.
Well, too complicated.
Why is it always so difficult?
I just want the good bits.
Yeah, me too.
Shall we only have
relationships with good bits?
Could end up growing very old together.
There's always a down side.
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