Murder in Suburbia (2004) s02e06 Episode Script

Golden Oldies

Young at heart! ♪
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your lucky day!
I'd like to dedicate this song
to the only woman I've ever truly loved.
Only you ♪
Can make this world seem right ♪
Only you ♪
Can make the darkness bright ♪
Only you ♪
And you alone ♪
Can thrill me like you do ♪
And fill my heart with love ♪
For only you ♪
Oh, darling, please, give
your loving heart to me
and say we'll never part.
Can make this change in me ♪
Oh, yes, it's true ♪
- You are my destiny ♪
When you hold my hand ♪
I understand ♪
- The magic that you do ♪
You're my dream come true ♪
Come on, hop in.
We'll forget what you said.
Oh, I know I haven't been
perfect over the years.
And I've screwed around.
The other women,
well, they were just tarts.
They were nothing.
My one ♪
And only you ♪
One and only you. ♪
[EMMA] You can stop kissing now.
Target clear. She's not onto you.
Oh. Just got away with it.
I want no mistakes, no last
minute surprises, all right?
It's all gonna go just
like we talked about.
Come on, come on. Say it.
All units, stay back.
Wait for confirmation.
Come on, 20 grand, my husband dies.
Come on, do it!
He'll be there Friday
and you'll get the
other 10 once he's dead.
Yep, she said it!
Confirmed! She said it!
Okay, let's go!
20 grand to murder your husband.
Still, cheaper than a divorce.
About last night.
We did what we had to do
to save a three-month investigation.
- Yeah.
- We got a result, didn't we?
You did.
Scribbs, she was nervous.
It's the oldest trick in the book
to pretend you're a courting couple.
Birch Grove, suspicious
death. Please concentrate.
If you did what you had to do
to save a three-month investigation,
then why use tongues?
It's on the video.
Zenith Fisher. I run Birch Grove.
I prefer Zenith.
Ellie Gibson, my PA.
DS Scribbins, DI Ashurst.
Now, can I ask you
In fact, can I beg you?
I know you're just doing your job,
but please, do try and
show a little consideration
for my residents. Hm?
Yes, we don't want our
residents being upset.
What's happened to JJ?
There's a policeman in his room.
There's an ambulance outside.
How many clues do you need?
Nothing to worry about Eric, Laura.
Nothing at all.
How many old people do
you have staying here?
We don't use the term "old
people", detective inspector.
It's derogatory.
We have 18, 17 residents.
Some are recuperating.
For some, this is their
home, but all looking forward.
Our battle cry at Birch
Grove is "Life begins at 70!"
The double suites are at
the front of the house.
Good night last night?
Deceased is John Jones.
Big star in the fifties.
Favourite of my mum's as it happens.
It's a pity.
She would've loved an autograph.
Cindy, the police are here.
We'll take it from
here. Thank you, Zenith.
I'd rather stay.
I'd rather you didn't.
Em, we'll be downstairs.
in the bathroom.
we're gonna need to speak to you.
Probably best if we
do it somewhere else.
Please, he's my husband.
I can't leave him.
Let's find someone to
take you downstairs.
Right. Well, that's the
last of the water samples.
So, with your permission?
- Heart surgery?
- Yeah. Quite recent.
Could it have been a heart attack?
Take a look at his ankles.
Bad bruising.
Do you think he was pulled under?
Well, that's why the GP called us in.
This is interesting.
Oh, my God.
- It's a wig.
You shouldn't be here.
He's been murdered, hasn't he?
JJ's been murdered!
Lying in the water, he is,
like a dead duck!
Is this true?
Please, sir, we'll
Oh, I understand.
You can't tell us.
We only live here after all.
Come along, girls.
- Breakfast.
- Eric!
He was lying in the water!
What happened? What are we gonna do?
Can I ask you a few questions, Mr?
[BRADLEY] Barrington, Bradley.
Bit early for a run, isn't it?
Why? What time do you go running?
So, are you going to
tell me what's happening?
How well did you know your neighbour?
Well enough.
I can't pretend I'm sorry he's dead.
And I'm not the only one.
I hear he was a singer.
Yeah, the big Johnny Jones.
One measly hit in the fifties
and he thought he was
bigger than Frank Sinatra.
Everyone here hated him.
He was arrogant.
Thought he was doing us all
a favour just by being here.
Now, if you want to ask
me any more questions,
it's gonna have to be in the shower.
Here's a list of our residents.
And here's a floor plan
showing who's staying in which room.
It's not to scale, but if
you follow the colour code,
- you'll able to work
- JJ's file.
It came to us after his
first heart operation.
His medical records, financial details.
I've already written "RIP"
on just to avoid confusion.
Um, what happened there?
Some medication was
stolen. Nothing major.
And when did this happen?
Last night, I think. I
thought you told them.
- I thought you told them.
- No, neither of you told us.
You'll have a list of contents?
Excuse me.
The wife. You might wanna hear this.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
Cindy, sit down.
His heart was so weak, but I,
I told him anyway.
What was I thinking?
I feel sick.
Can we get you some water?
I told him I was leaving him
after 45 years of marriage.
After everything.
I broke his heart.
He killed himself
because I was leaving.
Cindy, we don't think it was suicide.
This is a murder inquiry.
Why were you leaving him now?
What have you done to him?
What did you do?
- Sweetheart
- You lied!
Cindy, please!
You did it!
He killed him.
He killed JJ!
He killed JJ!
Can you show Mrs Jones
to Interview Two, please?
And Mr Barrington into
Interview One. Thanks.
How long?
13 seconds.
- All right, Ash.
- See ya.
So, looks like we got something.
I'll sit in, if that's okay.
It must have been a terrible shock
finding your husband like that.
Do you remember what time it was?
When I woke up.
Which is when?
Just before six.
I found Zenith and
she called the doctor.
So you went straight into
the bathroom when you woke up.
And then, you went to fetch Zenith.
When did you make up the bed?
When we arrived, the
bed was already made up.
Cindy, you didn't sleep in
your room last night, did you?
We just held hands and talked.
- All night?
- All night.
Don't look so surprised.
What did you talk about?
Our future, together.
[EMMA] So you wanted JJ out of the way?
Of course I did,
but she'd already told
him she was leaving him.
I had no need to kill him.
And you never left her side all night?
And she never left mine.
You meet someone new,
take a liking to them
and before you know it
I thought, "This is ridiculous.
I'm a married woman. I can't
fall in love, not at my age."
But I did.
Then why did you accuse
Bradley of killing your husband?
I suppose.
Bradley wanted me to
leave JJ there and then.
He hated him for the way he
The way he what?
All through our 45 years of marriage,
he had affairs.
I'm sorry, Cindy, but you're busking it
because one minute
you're saying one thing,
the next, something else.
You think Bradley killed him, don't you?
he wouldn't.
He couldn't have.
We were together all night.
Life certainly begins at 70.
Oh, a bit scary to think
you can still have man
trouble at that age.
Or woman trouble. It's a
two-way street, Scribbs.
If she gives Bradley an alibi,
there's nothing we can do about it.
We'll have to release him.
Yeah, same goes for Cindy,
boss. He's her alibi.
Forensics might give us something.
What about pathology report?
Yeah. Excessive levels of
alcohol in the bloodstream,
plus presence of a semisynthetic opiate,
matching traces found in
the empty bottle of scotch,
but he definitely drowned.
His lungs were full of water.
And drugs were stolen from the home.
Yep. Docosanol, a painkiller.
We'll see if it matches up.
There was no sign of a break-in.
Well, it looks like the
killer could be a resident
or a member of staff.
What about the woman who runs it?
What, Zenith Fisher?
Haven't you read her book, boss?
"Physical Love In Later Life".
Hm, no, I prefer a good thriller.
Oh, oh, Ash.
I'm sorry. I wanted to congratulate you
for your quick thinking last night.
It was brilliant, so well done.
The kiss.
I've just been telling
everyone how you saved the day.
Is everyone gossiping about this?
Well, a bit.
What do you mean "a bit"?
Ash, it's great the way
the station's buzzing
about you and Sullivan.
13-second kiss.
No, it wasn't.
It's been timed.
Anyway, don't knock it. You
could do with a bit of scandal.
- He kissed me.
- Oh, you kissed each other.
Watch the tape. You
were all over each other
like a pair of crazy ants.
I suppose you are wondering
why I asked you here.
We never say no to a cappuccino, Eric.
I didn't want her knowing
that I'd spoken to you.
my alibi.
"Her" being?
She who must be obeyed, Zenith.
Yeah, she's got a secret
or rather, Ellie, you know,
the little hobbit that
follows her everywhere,
she's the one with a secret. Hm.
What about JJ?
When I saw Zenith go up to
him in the garden yesterday,
she was telling him that
if he tried to grope Ellie
one more time, they'd
do him for harassment.
And could you have believed that of JJ?
Oh, of JJ?
Oh, I'd believe anything.
Yes. Well, I better be off.
I'm feeling generous,
so I'll let you pay.
Are you really police officers?
And breathe in and arms up,
shoulders down, Aggie,
and breathe out and
suck those tummies in.
Suck, suck, suck!
Laura, that's much better.
You didn't say you were coming back.
Well, we don't normally
make appointments.
I am taking a class. A weak pelvic floor
greatly diminishes
the ability to orgasm.
We're not interested in orgasms.
Oh? Ellie, can you take over, please?
You can relax, ladies.
Actually, it's Ellie we want to talk to.
I see.
And we'll need to take
some forensic samples
from everybody.
Um, you won't need your big ball.
Okay, everybody, detective
sergeant Scribbins
would like to say a few words.
The stolen docosanol matches the drug
found in JJ's bloodstream.
Someone tried to drug him?
Is that what you wanted to tell me?
We're gonna get the lock
fixed this afternoon.
What did you think of JJ?
Uh, a bit demanding, I suppose.
He had been a big star and
still had a lovely voice.
Ellie, we've been told that
JJ was sexually harassing you.
Well, I don't know who
you've been talking to,
but that's not true.
Really? So we're being lied to?
No, well,
harassment's a bit strong.
He did touch my bottom,
but he wasn't the first
old boy to try it on.
And did you tell him to stop?
Yeah, of course and, and
it never happened again.
Good. So I take it you
don't have a problem
- with giving us a DNA sample?
- Of course not.
So, as I say, it's all very easy.
All DC Barnes needs to do is
It's all right, Eric. Don't go.
All we need to do is take a
couple of strands of your hair
and a swab with one of these.
Where from, dear?
From the inside of your mouth.
I've just eaten a tuna sandwich.
Should I go and clean my teeth?
No, you'll be fine.
What DS Scribbins isn't telling you
is that they can only
ask you to give a sample.
They can't make you.
So can I ask those of
you willing to take part
to follow DC Barnes now, please?
Well, off you go.
Are you all right?
No, I'm not all right.
I know that everyone hated JJ.
I know they all thought
he was big-headed.
Laura, it's
So, I'm not the only one
who got angry with him,
I'm silly.
I'm just so silly. I'm just so stupid.
I'm sorry, I can't
Laura, shall we go
and talk in your room?
- Mm.
- Yeah, come on.
I never lock it.
You see?
You see what I did?
Because last night, JJ
really, really upset me.
I got angry.
I went back to his room and I
remember knocking on the door
and wanting to hit him, to hurt him.
But I don't remember
anything after that.
I don't remember!
As you see, Laura suffers
from periodic amnesia.
She's also prone to mild paranoia
which can, well, lead to
occasional violent outbursts.
Well, most of us are capable
of an occasional violent outburst.
Yes, but she threatened
an assistant care worker
- with a knife recently.
- Who was that?
Unfortunately, she's gone
back to the Philippines.
That had nothing to do with JJ then?
But JJ had quite a
capacity to upset people.
You had to talk to him, didn't you?
People are complex.
Well, let me be simple.
Did he upset Ellie?
JJ was a very vital man.
His sexuality was a
big part of who he was.
- The truth is
- Did he molest Ellie?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
He took a fancy to her.
His behaviour was
inappropriate and persistent.
I told him enough was enough.
- Persistent?
- Yes.
The first one I fell
in love with was Dino.
Dean Martin, you were,
and always will be,
absolutely gorgeous.
Who are you mad about?
Well, don't tell anyone,
but for a long time,
I was mad on Simon Le Bon.
And for a while now, I've
been Brad Pitt's girl.
So did you think that
you were JJ's girl?
No, not really.
But I bought all his
records over the years
and I was in the audience
when he was on that
Cliff Richard show
Oh, my memory.
Oh Boy!
50 years ago, JJ was fantastic!
So what made you angry with him?
I came up to thank JJ.
It was the first time he'd sang to us.
I knocked, he called "Come in!"
He was crying.
He said that Cindy was leaving him.
And I remember thinking,
"You stupid, stupid woman!
How could you possibly
leave a man like JJ?"
And he held my hand
and I said I'd stay with
him, keep him company,
hold him if he wanted me to.
And he just laughed at me.
And he said he wasn't that desperate.
I ran out.
And then, you went
straight back to your room
and destroyed the pictures?
Yes, I must've done.
And then, you said you
came back here after that?
Are you sure that's what happened?
Yes. Yes. I came back
here. I was still angry!
But I can't remember what I did.
Do you think I'm losing my mind?
Do you think I killed him?
Did I?
Laura's having a lie
down for a little while.
She's exhausted.
She's a suspect,
Scribbs. Not your granny.
She's got a motive and
a psychiatric history.
She knew that Cindy was leaving him
and that JJ would be alone.
Yeah, but I don't think she's a suspect.
She's just frightened. They all are.
Which is why we're doing this.
Okay, fine. We'll do it your way.
Now, those of you who have
read my book will know.
The key to a healthy and fulfilled life
can only be found in a
sustained and active sex life.
We might learn something.
Or rather, given the
profound shortage of men
in later life, through
a sustained and active
lesbian sex life.
There's no shame,
ladies, no shame at all
in being grey
and gay.
I thought you'd already left.
- Not yet.
- We're staying the night.
Oh, we've got the honeymoon suite.
[ELLIE] There's some more
blankets in the wardrobe
if you get cold.
Ellie, I wanted to ask you about JJ.
- It wasn't just once, was it?
- What?
Him flirting with you
and touching you.
He persistently harassed you, didn't he?
- No.
- Ellie!
Zenith told us.
Why didn't you tell us the truth?
Well, he's dead.
There's no point in giving
him a bad name, is there?
Look, it started the minute I got here.
He kept trying to get me on my own
or he'd come into the office
and kiss me or touch me.
And then, he tried to come
into my room when he was drunk.
And that's when I told Zenith.
Can I go now?
- Why am I doing this?
- To narrow down the suspects.
Could the killer be a woman?
How strong do you need to be?
But why not you?
Scribbs, we found some bubble
bath. What more do you want?
It's hot.
In you get.
Come on.
- Lie down.
JJ was taller than me.
Okay. You're a washed-up
star, you're drunk,
you're sedated and your
wife's just left you.
Maybe it was suicide?
The killer drugged JJ,
which is an obvious
sign of premeditation.
But how did they know he
was gonna be in the bath?
Can we just get on with it?
All right.
I'm gonna try and hold you
under for 10 seconds. Okay?
Now, remember, you gotta
fight me. You gotta fight back.
Yeah. I intend to.
Just don't stuff a toupee in my mouth.
It's really easy.
Any chance of some help?
Compulsive cleaning is your department.
You made a hell of a mess.
Please don't clean the whole bathroom.
the murderer must have cleaned
up after they killed him.
Right, we need to get
all this off to forensics.
Gloves, cloths, anything the
killer might have handled.
Call them and see if
they can give us anything.
I still can't find my phone.
There's gotta be a hairdrier
around here somewhere.
Ah, we're supposed to
feel safe now, are we?
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome, one and all,
to the thrill and the excitement that is
- Monte Carlo!
- Ooh.
Monte Carlo?
Ooh, there you are.
We're so happy you're staying.
We feel so much better.
You can't come dressed
like that. Come along.
Quick, quick.
- Ooh!
- You look lovely!
Ah, thank you.
Welcome to our little casino.
It was planned long before
JJ died and life goes on.
Are they using real money?
[ELLIE] Yes. 5p a chip and
all proceeds go to Age Concern.
You're welcome to check the books.
Well done.
How's your detecting
going? Made any progress?
Do you think the killer had
a thing about thinning hair?
I mean, all this business
about a wig, bit of a cob.
How do you know about that?
Read my lips. I know everything.
Oh, cards!
- Cindy joining us?
- That's up to her.
Fine, thanks.
No, come on. You can't do worse than me.
Well, I'm not really one for gambling,
I think I'll go evens,
eight and nine split
and the rest on 15, my lucky number.
- She counts the cards.
- No, I don't.
I'm in.
So what are you gonna do now?
The plan was to leave together.
Now, I don't know.
- 15 black!
You're feeling much better then.
Well, I didn't want to disappoint Zenith
after all the trouble she's gone to.
Her memory's made a remarkable recovery.
Oh, my granny could
count cards long after
she forgot to put her
skirt on in the morning.
Well, that must have
livened up the bridge club.
How did you get on with JJ?
Bust. You're bringing me bad luck.
I saw you last night.
You were going in JJ's room.
I was in the corridor. I was
going to go in when I saw you.
I saw Cindy!
It was the middle of the
night. You were in JJ's room!
It was my room too, you know.
- Did you go back to the room?
- Cindy.
You killed him!
I didn't kill him.
He was my husband.
Now, I know he wasn't perfect,
but I loved him
and he's dead.
And here, you're all dressed
up, playing silly games?
You all hated him!
You were there!
Oh, you bitch!
Look, Laura hates me.
I've seen enough of those
women off over the years.
But that doesn't make her
a liar, though, does it?
Why did you go back to your room
in the middle of the night, Cindy?
I went back because I'm a coward.
I couldn't just walk away from him.
So what happened?
I just sat with him
for hours.
But why didn't you call for help?
Because I was happy.
I looked at him dead
and couldn't believe I felt nothing
but relief,
but I didn't kill him.
Stuffing a toupee into JJ's mouth
was an act of passion or rage.
But the killer drugged him first
and then cleaned up afterwards,
which seems entirely coldblooded.
- Yeah, if they did.
- I think they did.
But was the murder spontaneous
or carefully planned?
Ash, don't take this the wrong
way, but just come to bed.
Do you think Zenith
and Ellie are a couple?
If she practises what she
preaches, they will be.
I can't sleep on that side of the bed.
Maybe that's why she
gave us a double bed.
Okay, these are the rules.
This is my side of the
bed, so no diagonal sleeping
and no heavy breathing in this direction
and absolutely no stray limbs.
Do you do this with
everyone you sleep with?
I usually have earplugs.
It's more interesting
than some of the things
you see on television, isn't it?
You don't expect the police
to be so pretty, do you?
Play it again from the beginning.
We don't need to play it again.
Look, it's plain to see.
What's going on?
I think it's unanimous, isn't it, girls?
[MINNIE] Mm. Freeze.
Now stop.
His head moves forward before yours.
[AGGIE] Yes!
[ASH] And his hand's on my
shoulder, isn't it? Look!
- Yes.
- And he starts the kiss.
- Definitely.
- You see?
Security light's just gone
on. There's someone out there.
They were down there.
Where? I can't see anyone.
I've made a terrible mistake.
Cindy and I can never be together.
She accused me of killing
JJ and she was right.
I drugged him.
I didn't mean to kill him.
I can't deceive her anymore.
[EMMA] Come on, Bradley.
Help me, please!
Oh! I thought they
were going to drown me!
I, I came through here.
They put the light out!
Then pushed me onto the bed!
It's all right. Don't try and get up.
Okay, come on! You can come out!
We know you're there!
Okay. Then, we'll come and get you.
[LAURA] Oh, no.
This better be worth it.
I'm not a killer.
I'll show you.
- No-one uses this place.
That's why it's perfect.
I wasn't trying to hurt Laura.
I was just trying to nick something.
How long have you been taking things?
How long have you been taking things?
Ever since I got here.
Who do you sell to?
Oh, no-one.
I just do it for the buzz.
I used to nick from shops,
but I don't get out like I used to.
Did you ever go into JJ's room?
Oh, probably.
Not the other night though,
if that's what you're thinking.
That's my phone.
Yeah, you should have been more careful.
I could arrest you for this.
Well, I found it.
I was just about to
take it to lost property.
Of course Cindy didn't know.
I stole the docosanol from the office
and I put it in JJ's whiskey
while he was singing his awful song.
I didn't want him running after
Cindy and changing her mind.
So you're saying you
didn't mean to kill him?
I didn't know the silly bastard
was gonna pass out in the bath.
It doesn't sound like
you have much faith
in Cindy's feelings for you.
I think you were so worried
that she'd change her mind,
that you went back in there to kill him.
What are you talking about?
What happened when you
went to the bathroom?
Bradley, you need to tell us everything.
I didn't go back.
I've confessed. What more do you want?
Just arrest me.
Thank you, Bradley.
You can go to bed now.
He didn't kill him.
He could be lying.
No. Why would he admit
to spiking the whiskey?
He didn't know any details.
He drugged JJ, but
someone else killed him.
I'm sure this is yours, Minnie.
Is it?
It's lovely. It goes with my coat.
So clever of you to
find all of this, Eric.
My pleasure.
He took my favourite pen.
Oh, I love his zest for life.
And that's Ellie's.
I do hope that Eric
is not going to get
into trouble over this.
I don't think anyone's pressing charges.
Ooh! There's your
boyfriend from your film.
He's tall, isn't he?
Ash, I've got the results
you wanted from forensics.
Got them to work all night for you.
Let's go and have a look at them.
Well, you lead, as always.
- Ellie, this is yours.
- Oh, yes. Thank you.
And I think these are yours too.
Signed "Elena".
Oh, yes
Thank you. I'd wondered
where they'd gone.
Now, Aggie, did you
say these were yours?
Oh, yes!
Thank you.
Why would your DNA be on the gloves?
I occasionally help
out with the cleaning.
I find it therapeutic.
And you clean JJ's room?
Are you having a relationship
with your assistant, Ellie?
Oh, for God's sake. Yes, we are lovers.
And I don't think you'll
find that lesbianism
has ever been illegal in this country.
Nor, to my knowledge,
is cleaning a bathroom.
So you felt protective of Ellie
and when JJ assaulted
her, you took revenge.
This is nonsense.
Zenith, the gloves with your DNA
show traces of whiskey and docosanol,
so you were in the bathroom that night.
I did not kill JJ
and you'll find no
evidence to the contrary.
But you cleaned up after
JJ was killed, didn't you?
- No.
- Who are you protecting?
I told Cindy everything.
She's leaving.
Where are you going?
Stay with a friend for a while.
And Bradley?
I can't think about that.
Not until I know what happened to JJ.
Have you got another one of those boxes?
Yes. There are three of
them. It's here somewhere.
What's in it?
Just some letters to JJ.
Nearly finished.
Last one.
I was nine years old when I wrote this.
Stupid to think he'd
ever want to meet me,
ever love me.
[EMMA] Ellie, don't.
I read the letters.
JJ was your father, wasn't he?
but he didn't want me.
He didn't reply to any of these.
My mum met him after one of his concerts
and he took her out and
told her she was special.
And then, by the time she
found out she was pregnant,
he'd gone.
- So he'd never met you?
- No.
She died last year,
so I came to Birch Grove
to try to get to know him.
Then I had it all planned.
I was gonna tell him I was his daughter
and he was gonna be so happy.
And then, before I had
a chance to tell him,
he started trying it on.
So you never told him?
Well, until the evening I
heard him singing the song,
it was all going to be alright.
And I went to his room
and I told him everything.
- You stupid bitch.
Who's filled your head
with that nonsense?
Dad, please, you must remember.
what do you want? Money?
Look, you're not a kid
and I don't wanna be your father.
Go on, out.
I waited outside his
room, he put his music on
and got in the bath.
Cindy, the other women,
they were just tarts.
- They meant nothing.
For it's true ♪
You are my destiny ♪
When you hold my hand ♪
I understand ♪
The magic that you do ♪
[ELLIE] I couldn't bear
what he said about my mum.
And I just wanted to
shut him up forever.
I went cold and killing him was so easy.
Let's go.
I tried to help you, my darling.
I tried to stop them from finding out.
- I'm sorry.
- Can I just speak to her?
Oh, Ellie,
I wasn't sure,
but I,
I guessed.
JJ never saw the letters.
I didn't want him to see them.
You see,
I couldn't have children.
I used to read them,
wanting her to be mine.
We're just leaving.
Good luck with everything.
- Bye.
- I'll never forget you.
- Thank you.
- Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
Oh, your friend's still waving.
- Bye-bye, Laura.
- Bye-bye!
I've grown quite fond of the place.
I've booked us in for 2050.
What, you and me growing old together?
Never forget you.
- What's that?
- It's from Laura.
Oh, that's sweet. She hasn't
even gouged his eyes out.
- Where's that coming from?
You are my destiny ♪
When you hold my ♪
Okay, everyone, listen up.
Hello! Excuse me!
Can I just say, this isn't funny, okay?
It's boring.
And if you wanna have
a laugh at someone,
then I suggest you
have a laugh at the DCI.
Because if you study that video,
you will see quite clearly
that it is detective
chief inspector Sullivan
that initiates the kiss, the snog,
the "whatever you wanna
call it" and not me.
Because if it was me
that had started it,
me who'd kissed him, then
Then this is what it
would be like. Excuse me.
Thanks, boss.
I think I made my point. Don't you?
So what do you wanna
do now? Go for a drink?
Ask for a transfer?
Commit suicide?
- I need some air.
- Me too.
Only you ♪
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