Murder in Suburbia (2004) s02e05 Episode Script


And how's my Lucy Goosey?
Ah, you've missed me, haven't you?
Look who it is, our Lucy Goosey, eh?
You're being an naughty
little friend of Gurner's.
Good dog.
Oh, down down down.
- Ah, that's it, that's it.
- Steady.
- Right.
You go, hey?
Come along, everyone, hurry up.
Going to see our friend, Trixie.
- That's it.
Good girl, Trixie, you're doing well.
You're doing very well.
Good, come on here,
come on here, come on.
Come on, come here, sit.
Oh, that's better, isn't it?
- Good girl, that's it.
Look, there's nothing
more to talk about.
What you did was
unforgivable, unforgivable.
Just go away and leave me alone.
- Oh.
It's a female, mid to late 30s,
down here at the bottom of this slope.
Found by a jogger some
quarter of an hour ago.
She was out walking some dogs.
Anything else?
Yeah, it's the only crime
scene I've ever been to
where most of the blood is mine
and the dog won't let you near her.
Bet once you get to know her,
she's just a soppy old thing.
Scribbs, it's got fangs and
its foaming at the mouth.
Well, go on then.
You did the dog training course.
No, I did first aid.
Excuse me, sir, excuse me.
You can't go down there, sir.
Can you get back up there, please, sir?
Her name's Christine.
[DI ASHURST] Do you know her?
Please don't go down there, sir.
- Well done, Angel.
Good girl, [DOG BARKS] good girl.
Good girl, Angel.
That's it, that's it.
Good girl, that's it.
Good girl.
There's a good girl, that's it.
That's a good girl.
Good girl, Angel.
Good girl, come on, let's
go home and chill out.
What do you say?
Come on, that's it, good.
How'd you do that?
Oh, I'm a dog whisperer.
Everyone talks to their dog,
but not enough people listen.
Come on.
Dog whisperer?
Must be like a horse whisper,
but on a smaller scale.
Right, we need to get a report on this
as soon as possible.
Oh, looks like a blow to the front,
to the left side of her head.
So our killer was
probably right handed then.
Which narrows it down to
about 80% of the population.
And no obvious murder weapon.
Oh, that's hers.
It shouldn't have been taken off.
Well, we'll need to keep it for now.
I'd better take the dogs back
'cause the the owners
will be waiting, so.
Did Christine know the
owners of these dogs well?
Practically the only
people she did know.
Her whole world was the dogs.
Come on.
Is it true Christine Archer is dead?
I can't believe it.
It's terrible, Chrissy was
always so good with the dogs.
I saw her only yesterday.
Poor Lucy was there when
the dreadful thing happened,
she must have seen everything.
Of course, she should
never have been up there.
Why not?
Well, she's only just
had a litter of puppies.
She's still very fragile,
aren't you, darling?
But don't you worry,
I won't leave you alone.
I'll cancel my silly
drinks thing tonight
and stay in with my little princess.
So did you always leave your dog here
with Christine during the day?
Only when I'm on the road.
I used to take her with me,
but some clients found her distracting.
I'm an aromatherapist, you see.
Were you on the road this morning?
Yes, I was on my way to
my 10:30 rejuvenation.
And you were at home?
- Yes.
- Alone?
Yes, I work from home.
I'm an accountant, for my sins.
Doesn't look very good
for the two of us, does it?
We'd better get back
and pop her in the bath.
Well, they might want
to ask us some more questions, darling.
We could be of some help.
They know where to find
us, come on Malcolm.
Was that a ribbon on her head?
Angel's gonna be staying
with us for a while.
She has aggression issues.
And where were you this morning?
I was at the cash and carry
buying the weekly supply of dog food.
They go through a tonne of the stuff.
We'll need to go through
Christine's things.
Oh, go ahead.
Oh, I wanna take one home.
A puppy's for life, Scribbs,
not just a murder investigation, hey?
I didn't knew you were a doggy person.
Yeah, yeah, we had
dogs when I was a kid.
You know what they say,
love me, love my dog.
They're adorable, aren't they?
Little things?
Here, hold one.
So, no sign of the murder
weapon at the scene of crime.
It was probably a blunt
instrument, maybe a rock.
Estimated time of murder's
between 10:00 and 11:00 AM
and no sign of sexual assault.
This is exactly the kind of murder
that makes the public nervous.
We need to get it wrapped up quickly.
Mwah, bye, bye.
Oh, looks like she was
saving the orange creams.
Well, there's a moral for
us all there somewhere.
They were a gift?
"To Christine, simply the best.
Thanks for everything, Malcolm."
That'll be Malcolm Eysher.
We met him and his wife, Fiona, outside.
Yeah, didn't seem like
the box of chocolates type.
And simply the best what?
Dog walker?
Well, she must have been really good
because these are Belgian truffles.
It's a bit chaotic, I'm afraid.
I got her to move her desk there.
It's Feng Shui.
Yeah, there was a lot of money
being lost in that corner.
Where's Trixie?
Oh, I think she might
have gone upstairs.
Oh, that's okay.
Just as long as you didn't
leave the back door open.
- Trixie!
Trixie, heel!
You'll frighten her,
you're frightening me.
What's happened?
Where's Christine?
Could we come in?
She was my best friend.
Just this morning, she
was here picking up Trixie.
I normally walk her myself,
but I wasn't up to it today.
Had a bit of a heavy night.
So you were here alone all morning?
Yeah, actually, I only just got up.
It's very cosy in here.
Oh, well everything here's my mother's.
I inherited this place when she died.
Came with 200 metres of
chintz and the family dog.
So if Christine picked up
Trixie after the other dogs,
then that means you were
the last person to see her.
Yeah, I suppose I was.
That's a bit creepy.
I dunno how I'm gonna
manage without her.
Oh my God, my breakfast, excuse me.
Nevermind, eating's the last thing
I feel like doing now, anyway.
So how was Christine this morning?
Well, a bit out of sorts.
She's usually full of
beans in the morning,
but she did seem a bit subdued.
I just put it down to
worry about the court case.
Court case?
[ESTELLE] Yes, she was due
to be in court tomorrow.
You're gonna like this.
Christine Archer was
due to give evidence
for the prosecution.
[DI ASHURST] So what was the case?
The Crown versus Angel.
Owner, William Marshall.
He's in court three now.
William Marshall, you are being charged
under the Dangerous Dogs Act
following your dog's
attack on Christine Archer
on the 6th of November last year.
I'm sorry, your honour.
DI Ashurst, we need to
speak to you urgently.
We've got some information
that I think's relevant to this case.
Prosecution's Christine Archer,
she was murdered yesterday.
Well, let the court note
that due to the non appearance
of the main prosecution witness,
the local authority has given notice
that it will no longer be
proceeding with the case.
The court will now
adjourn until the 26th
whilst we consider the reports.
But when do I get my dog back?
Angel will remain in kennels
until the court has
reached a final decision
concerning her future.
No, I want her back now.
Oi, bitch, I'm talking to you.
God, this is all bollocks.
Excuse me, sir.
We need to talk to you
about Christine Archer.
Oh, her.
Didn't even have the
guts to turn up, did she?
Angel wasn't attacking
her, she was playing.
Well, Christine didn't
even need stitches.
No, it's no wonder she chickened out.
She was found dead in the
woods yesterday morning.
You know what that means?
That there is a God after all?
It means we wanna know where you were.
I was at home.
Was anyone with you?
No, I live at home
and I have no friends.
Sad git, aren't I?
Yeah, well, there's no
need to be sad anymore.
Now that Christine's dead you'll
probably get your dog back.
Listen, if you wanna
charge me with something,
I'll see you in court, all right?
We're already in court.
Do you have to put
up photos of the dogs?
Well, maybe Angel did it and
William's covering for her.
Christine Archer's.
She didn't call anyone
during the attack.
She took a photo.
Oh, a photograph of the
murderer always comes in handy.
Doesn't have to be pin sharp.
No, just a few distinguishing features
and a contact number.
got the dog, I'm afraid.
[EMMA] Aw, nice one of Angel.
Shame she can't tell us who did it.
That it?
Thanks, thank you.
The local paper wants
to do something about me,
suburban dog whisperer.
You know, the man that
can listen to your pets,
that sort of thing.
Did Christine know about it?
Oh, not exactly, no.
But it's great advertising
for my dog classes.
I would've talked her round in the end.
Did you get on well with her?
We made a pretty good team, yeah.
Because you were living
and working together.
So that must have been pretty stressful.
Like a marriage, you
know, you make it work.
Somehow the housework got done.
I started a rota.
Christine's crossed off the rota.
So how come she took
the dogs out yesterday?
That's because of the Eyshers.
Fiona Eysher was in hospital
having a cyst removed.
Although, word was, she
was having a tummy tuck.
She wanted Lucy to be properly cared for
so she put her in the kennels.
Christine let another dog
into Lucy's cage and it
Shagged her?
And which dog was it?
Just a stray Christine found.
Oh, bit of rough.
So Lucy gets pregnant,
has those puppies, not pedigree.
Fiona goes ballistic.
They banned Christine
from ever having anything
to do with the dog.
Thought they'd completely overreacted.
So why do they still
bring Lucy here then?
Me, I guess.
What do you think?
Yeah, it's good, it says,
"Trust me, I'm a dog whisperer."
You don't mind if I carry on?
She's showing tonight
and she hasn't even had
her hair done properly yet
because somebody lost the
heated hair straighteners.
I thought they were in a vanity case.
Mrs. Eysher
Well, they weren't, were they?
Relax, darling, she'll
be all right on the night.
Just go and pack her show bag.
I'll go with you.
I'll have to check it,
he's worse than useless.
Do you mind?
Oh, you want me to, oh, I see.
[FIONA] Thank you.
We know what happened
to Lucy at the kennels.
She still has nightmares about it.
Every time she sees
a whippet, she bolts.
So how well did you know Christine?
Not that well, only through the dogs.
But you gave her chocolates
with affectionate notes.
- Well
- Saying, "Simply the best"
and "Thanks for everything."
She was very special.
To you?
Yes, well, I
You were having an affair
with her, weren't you?
It ended weeks ago.
I am married.
The chocolates were just
to say no hard feelings.
This won't go any further, will it?
I don't want Fiona to find out.
Not about this one.
You mean there are others?
I heard you were very
upset about the puppies.
You have seen those crossbreeds.
And you blame Christine for it.
Of course I did.
It was so irresponsible of her.
Sometimes, I think
she did it on purpose.
But why would she?
Women like that, broken veins,
never been near a pot of
moisturiser in their lives,
they hate women like me.
It was inevitable that
Christine and I would fall out
at some point.
And was that all you had a disagreement
with Christine about?
What do you mean?
Well, did you ever suspect
that there might have been
something more going on
between her and Malcolm, for instance?
He wouldn't dare.
Look, whatever his
indiscretions were in the past,
we've both put that right behind us now.
Sorry, you've lost me there.
You know Estelle?
What Trixie's owner?
Yes, well, Malcolm had
an affair with her mother,
Miriam Harcourt, the
late Miriam Harcourt.
I told him it'd better be his last fling
or I'd throw him out.
Estelle's mother?
That was just a fling.
It ended about six months ago
when Miriam died suddenly
of natural causes.
I used to tell my wife
I was taking the dog out for a walk,
went around Miriam's instead.
Then she found out
and all the trust went
out of our marriage.
Lying and cheating can have that effect.
So first you have an
affair with Miriam Harcourt,
then Christine Archer.
I just seem to have
this effect on women.
I dunno what it is.
They just keep coming back for more.
What is it they find so attractive?
I can only solve one mystery at a time.
What do women see in him?
The mystery of sexual
attraction, Scribbs.
It's all about smell, apparently.
It's got a lot to do with pheromones.
Next, you're gonna
tell me that chocolate
is a substitute for sex.
Well, I'd rather have a
Mars bar than Malcolm Eysher.
Have you got any wet wipes in here?
I've got a dog on my hands.
How did Mrs. Harcourt die?
Said it was natural causes.
Natural causes?
Well, I suppose that
depends on whether you regard
being found dead in bed with
Mr. Eysher as a natural cause.
You mean your mother
died whilst they were
It was quite a scandal at the time.
There was, how shall I put it,
a particularly well
attended coroner's inquest.
And what was the verdict?
Death by misadventure,
which said a lot about
his sexual technique.
And this happened about six months ago?
Yes, he used to come round to the house.
I made sure I was out before he arrived.
It was either that or listen
to my mother making love.
Not something Freud would recommend.
[DC SCRIBBINS] Great coat.
It was in the 70s, it's one of mum's.
Still, keeps me warm.
Did you know that Malcolm Eysher
was also having an
affair with Christine?
Yes, I knew.
- Go, Trixie!
You see, the thing is,
Malcolm Eysher couldn't help himself,
but Christine should've known better.
Did you feel let down?
A bit, it was difficult
that she had a boyfriend
and I didn't.
I'm waiting for the
right man to come along.
Hm, join the queue.
She used to go off and leave
me with nothing to do except
Run a nice bath.
Light scented candles.
Eating eight Crunchie bars.
I can see you've both been there.
Christine was weak
where men were concerned.
Did that include Steve?
Well, not in that way,
but she gave him a
share of the dog centre.
I told her not to.
I said she should at
least check him out first.
Well, I suppose that'll have to do.
Oh, my pie, I left it in the oven.
It'll be burnt to a crisp.
You know where to find me, yeah?
Come on, Trixie.
They say, hell hath no
fury like a woman scorned.
Estelle was hardly scorned.
Well, her best friend has an affair
with a man who slept with her mother.
I'd feel pretty scorned.
Not enough to kill someone.
Depends how badly she took it.
Well, she was obviously
bitter about Christine
having a boyfriend in the first place,
so all that frustration.
Yeah, maybe the dam finally burst.
Well it would've caused quite a flood.
Police, don't move!
This is when we find out
that it can undo bolts.
How much is that
dog in the window ♪
Ruff ruff. ♪
Turn it off.
The one with the waggly tail ♪
Don't ask.
Actually, I was gonna offer you a drink,
tea, coffee, bottle of water?
Now, are you sure it
was William Marshall?
Then we'll bring him in.
Steve's receipt from the cash and carry
the morning of Christine's murder.
60 tins of dog food at 8:32 AM?
He was there an hour before he claimed.
Exactly, he lied.
- Steve.
- Oh.
- Looks like fun.
It's obedience training for
dogs that don't pay attention.
Thought you just whispered to them.
Yeah, I can't teach
that, that's my gift.
Is that why Christine gave
you a share of the dog centre?
Excuse me?
You ever had any experience
of running a business before?
Of course, it's all legit.
My paperwork went
through her solicitors.
We also checked out your card receipt
from the cash and carry.
So are you gonna tell
me where you really were
at the time Christine was murdered?
You can whisper it if you like.
Look, I have some private clients,
ladies I visit in their homes
for a session with
their dogs, one to one.
And that's where you were at the time?
Visiting one of these private clients.
Yeah, Mrs. Brewster.
So Christine gave you a
job, a roof over your head,
access to all her clients,
and you start making money
out of them behind her back?
Yeah, does that make me a bad person?
Listen, why don't you stick around,
watch me do my thing.
Good evening, folks,
how are we this evening?
We've just brought in William Marshall.
Yeah, I'm on my way back now.
No, he claims he was moonlighting.
Yeah, very slippery.
This is what we want to achieve.
If you're staying, stay.
If you're not, bye bye.
Sorry, where was I?
This is what we call
the submissive posture.
A dog will only adopt this
with somebody that it knows or trusts.
Notice the ears flattened
down against the head,
mouth is closed, baring no teeth,
and it's lying on the floor.
Perfect, good dog.
Oh, and that's Prince,
the dog we used to have
when we lived in Norfolk.
[DI ASHURST] Oh, he's nice.
And that was on a holiday,
me and Prince on the beach.
How old were you here?
About 21, I used to do a
lot of rowing in those days.
I need you to look at this.
It only shows the dog.
Yeah, I know, but look at her.
Now, we know that Angel
always barks at everybody
and attacks any stranger
that comes near her.
Including us.
But in this picture, that
was taken during the attack,
she's crouching low, ears
flattened against the head,
tail down, no teeth bared.
That's the submissive posture.
And what's your point, Scribbs?
My point is, Angel knew the killer.
Hitch-hiking on the M1 in
full view of traffic cameras?
Not exactly the "Great Escape" was it?
I was gonna go see my dad.
I thought I'd lie low for a while.
Has anyone else
befriended Angel recently?
You know, given her some
treats or scraps of food?
Angel can't be bribed.
She's her own woman.
Don't you get it, she's a guard dog.
I've trained her to attack
anybody she doesn't know.
I want to know what
happened to Christine Archer.
Oh, I don't bloody know.
Well, your neighbour, a Mr. Martin,
said he saw you leaving
your house at 9:00 AM
on the morning of the murder.
He only hates me 'cause
I cemented over my garden.
And his wife saw you too.
So where did you go that morning?
I just want my dog.
What's gonna happen to her?
Well, long term, it's up to the court.
I'm prepared to forget
all about last night,
if you tell me where
you were that morning.
I went to visit Angel, just to see her.
I saw her taking her out and
watched her stroking my dog,
slobbering all over
her, it made me sick.
I just wanted to
You wanted to kill her.
I watched her go off into the woods.
[DI ASHURST] So you followed her.
I went back home.
And you saw her with your dog,
the woman due to testify
in court against you
the following day.
And you couldn't bear
it, so you killed her.
You've gotta believe
me, I just want my dog.
I just want my Angel back.
actually crying over a dog.
I think it's sweet
shows his sensitive side.
Makes him look all vulnerable.
Makes him look all sectionable.
And what about Steve?
He could have whispered sweet nothings
into Angel's ear and killed Christine.
Have we tracked down
alibi yet, Mrs. Brewster?
No, nothing yet.
Do you think they're too
busy taking the piss, Scribbs?
Well, if you want a job doing,
come on Ash, walkies.
This must be it, number 43.
Hello, Mrs. Brewster?
Mrs. Brewster!
Something's not right.
Mrs. Brewster?
Mrs. Brewster?
Mrs. Brewster?
Oh, I'm fine now, thanks.
I just had one of my turns.
I often get a bit drowsy.
I keep the heating up
high for my dog, William.
Why was Steve here Mrs. Brewster?
Well, he brought me the new puppy.
It was so kind of him to bring it over.
When we arrived, we found
Steve with your purse.
That'd be right.
I said I'd give him
some money for the puppy
and asked him to help himself.
And what about the pills we found?
Did Steve give them to you?
He might have done, while he
was making me a cup of tea.
I can't remember exactly.
Oh, he's so kind,
never lets me lift a finger.
Mrs. Brewster, the last
time that Steve was here,
do you remember what time he left?
Oh yes, I remember quite clearly.
He left at 09:15 in the morning.
And you're sure about
that, Mrs. Brewster?
It could be very important.
Absolutely sure.
I know because I always leave
my house every Tuesday morning
at 09:20 to go to their hairdressers.
Tuesday, right.
The murder happened on Monday.
Did it?
She's a lovely old dear, isn't she?
Just gets a bit muddled.
Yeah, well luckily we don't.
You've got nothing on me.
She told me to get 50 quid
out for the puppy, so I did.
Would you like to search me?
What about your
relationship with Christine?
What about it?
Were you just friends?
It's always sex with
you girls, isn't it?
Christine wasn't my type.
You've seen the pictures of her.
I like to keep the light on.
Anyway, she was far too
busy carrying on her affair
with Malcolm, 'kiss of death', Eysher.
That finished weeks ago.
No, it didn't.
Eysher wouldn't leave her
alone, the man was obsessed.
That's why Christine dumped him.
Yeah, she broke it off with him
the night before she was killed.
Bloody ridiculous.
You do realise, she's spent
an hour doing her makeup
before she went out there.
It's all just a show for the neighbours.
Although, the only one who watches her
is the pervert with the
binoculars at Number 33.
I think he's more interested in the dog.
Four faults.
I thought you two had finished with us.
We just need to ask your
husband some delicate questions.
Go ahead, just imagine I'm not here.
I tried that years ago, doesn't work.
Go on, darling, surprise me.
Tell me something I don't know.
So you want to know about my
affair with Christine Archer?
Old news.
You didn't know about that.
Of course I did.
I know the signs I've
seen them before, remember?
And you're so bloody obvious.
Did you know that she broke up with him
the night before she was killed?
So she dumped you?
It's not the whole story.
Dumped by the frump.
You don't know the first thing about it.
Christine, of all the people,
the thought of it makes me sick.
At least I felt alive
when I was with her.
Which is more than she feels now.
You heartless bitch.
Screw you.
If I told you that Christine dumped me
the night before she was killed
it would've look suspicious.
It still does.
And then everyone would think
that the murder was
to do with our affair.
So all the details of our love life
would've been dug up and raked over.
I wanted to spare her
that last indignity.
Is there no privacy anymore?
Not when it's murder
and not when we know you
were besotted with her.
I wouldn't harm her.
I loved her.
I don't doubt for a
second that you loved her,
but she didn't love you,
and that's what really hurt.
You lied to us.
You knew Christine was having
an affair with your husband.
I can always tell.
He's a bit distracted for a while,
then after a couple of
months or so he gets bored,
and we sort of patch things up again.
But this wasn't just
another little fling, was it?
didn't you mention it before?
I couldn't bear another
public humiliation.
He started talking about giving up work,
going after his dreams.
You mean this was the first time
you thought you might
actually lose your husband?
You thought he was
gonna run away with her,
so you killed her.
All right, so I hated her,
but really, if I murdered every woman
my husband had an affair with
I'd be a bloody serial killer.
[DC SCRIBBINS] What odds
do you give the survival
of their marriage?
Oh, I've seen worse couples
make it to the silver wedding.
How'd it go?
Well, they've both been
lying to us from the start
and they've got strong motives,
but it's all circumstantial though.
And if it was either of them,
how come Angel didn't attack
them during the murder?
So if your dog theory is right,
it couldn't have been the Eyshers.
Still, it's not all doom and gloom.
We ran a check on your dog
whisperer, Steve Morgan,
AKA Steve Morton, and
sometimes Steven Matthews.
He's done quite a few
interesting jobs over the years,
none of which have anything
to do with dogs or whispering.
I lied on my CV [STEVE
LAUGHS] take me away.
We all lie on our CVs, girls.
You ought to get out more.
Between 2001 to 2004,
you claimed that you worked
at the Belvedere Kennel Club
as a behavioural consultant.
During that period, you
were actually a barman.
- A florist.
- A mini cab driver.
You're a fake, aren't you?
Christine was onto you, wasn't she?
All right,
I knew she was checking me out.
To be honest, I couldn't
stand the old cow.
When I took over the care
of Lucy, she just lost it,
screaming that I'd taken the
Eyshers side against hers.
I mean, as if anyone really cared.
So you gave her what
you thought she deserved.
Couldn't be bothered,
but it didn't surprise me someone did.
What's happened?
My house, it's on fire.
I was trying to get upstairs.
Trixie was up there but but I couldn't.
You must help me, please!
I just know she's dead.
We don't know that for sure.
None of the firemen
saw a dog, I'm afraid.
I could hear her barking
but I couldn't get to her
because of the flames.
I really, really can't believe
we're doing this.
Four days ago, if you'd have told me
I was going to a dog's funeral,
I'd have said you were barking mad.
Scribbs, four days ago,
I didn't even know
that dogs had funerals.
Oh, don't tell me he's
gonna make a speech.
The life of a dog
He is.
Is measured not in human years,
but in the way it touches our
heart and affects our lives
and reminds us of the
virtues of loyalty,
honesty, and unconditional love.
I can't believe she's gone.
She's left a huge hole in my life.
Will you get another puppy?
No, no, I couldn't ever replace Trixie.
I was thinking I should go
off travelling somewhere.
She's alive!
Oh, ha, well, I was
planning on having a wake,
but now we'll have to have a party.
How's Trixie?
Oh, she's a bit singed,
apart from that she's well.
Oh Steve, I'm just
gonna pop her upstairs.
I think she's a bit exhausted
from all the emotion.
Of course.
He's so kind, letting me stay here
until I'm back of my feet again.
Looking after everyone,
aren't you, Steve?
Yeah, I do what I can.
I'd like to propose a little toast
to Estelle and her good news,
but I'd also like to take a
moment to remember Christine.
We all loved her and,
in one way or another,
she made all our lives
just that little bit better.
And so I'd like to announce
that I'm starting a collection
for a bench to be placed
in the woods in her honour.
- Ah.
- So, to Christine.
[ALL] Christine, Christine.
Oh, very nice.
I do hope I'm not
disturbing your poncy party.
Don't worry, I'm not staying.
Got a court order, come for my dog.
Well, don't just stand there.
So you finally got what you wanted then?
Well, they said I could take her home
as long as I took her
to sociability classes.
Maybe you should join her.
Well, I still don't think
there's anything wrong with her,
and if there is, it's all
her previous owner's fault.
Sorry, Angel had a previous owner?
[FIONA] Maybe you can speak to him.
I've said everything I
have to say, I'm leaving.
Malcolm don't, please don't.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Get another dog.
Tell him he can't go.
He's leaving the country, you know.
Mr. Eysher
A bloody round the world cruise.
I need to put an ocean between us.
I'm starting a new life.
With a ship full of frumpy old women
who can't escape you?
You're supposed to inform us
if you're leaving the
country, Mr. Eysher.
This is a murder inquiry.
Haven't you found out who did it yet?
Actually, that's why we're here.
You used to own Angel, didn't you?
I really don't see what that dog
has to do with us anymore.
I hated it, and it hated me.
Mr. Eysher, is that true?
Yes, Angel was my dog, Lucy was hers.
I loved that dog and she
made me give her away.
It's always my fault, isn't it?
Mr. Eysher, we'd like
you to come with us.
This is a detective inspector Sullivan.
And we've got an old friend
we'd like you to meet.
- Hello, Angel.
- Hello girl.
I thought you said Angel was your dog.
She was, but after my wife found out
about my affair with Miriam Hardcourt,
she refused to have Angel in the house,
made her sleep outside, everything.
Looks like Angel hasn't forgotten.
Why did your wife take
your affair out on the dog?
Because Miriam loved that
dog, the dog loved her.
My wife said she could smell it.
The scent of Miriam Hardcourt.
My wife's very highly strung.
I'm sure she was exaggerating.
She said Angel reeked of it.
Right, can everyone stand back?
William, will you take off Angel's lead?
Scribbs, what are you doing?
Okay, let her go.
This is your mother's coat, isn't it?
The one you were wearing when
you murdered Christine Archer?
So you felt that
Christine had betrayed you?
For running off with Malcolm Eysher?
What, God no.
It was all because of
that bloody little dog.
Yes, she was my mother's dog.
As a condition of the will
I had to promise to take care of her,
pamper her, and live in that
house with her 'til she died.
Those little dogs live forever.
Typical of my bloody mother,
always trying to control
me, even after she died.
So you decided to get rid of Trixie?
And that's what the fire was about.
I just wanted a bit
of time for my myself.
Just shut up, you bloody freak.
What happened with
Christine that morning?
It was Trixie, she'd kept
me up all night barking.
Then in the morning, I found
out she'd peed on my duvet.
I'd had enough,
so I decided to smother her
with her favourite cushion.
I thought it would be
a nice touch of irony.
I'd already told Steve not
to walk Trixie that morning,
but what I wasn't expecting
was for Christine to
suddenly turn up instead.
You were trying to kill that poor dog.
You're wicked,
I'm going to expose you.
Please, don't tell anyone,
I'll lose everything,
the house, the money.
You're evil, evil.
It isn't fair, Christine.
I knew then, she was no
different to my mother,
always choosing her dogs over me.
So I went after her.
Look, there's nothing
more to talk about.
What you did was unforgivable.
I've always hated dogs.
Well done, you two,
and not one animal was harmed
in the solving of this crime.
[BOTH] Trixie!
God, it's dead, right, so what do we do?
Kiss of life?
You did the first aid.
What's one less dog in the world?
Ash, come on get on with it.
How was I to know it was just asleep?
I thought you knew about dogs.
Yeah, I do, but I'm not an expert.
The thing was bloody snoring.
- Tell you something though.
- What?
That dog is bloody annoying.
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