Murder in Suburbia (2004) s02e04 Episode Script


Ready boys?
Is that you?
Let go!
Let go!
[EMMA] They look at
your hair and skin tone,
and decide what colour
your clothes should be.
[KATE] So what did they say about you?
That I was an autumn.
That I look best wearing subdued tones.
Apparently bright colours don't suit me.
The mistake I made was
dressing as a summer.
Which is why I've been
attracting the wrong kind of men.
So you're saying the right kind of man
is attracted to a woman
in a mushroom brown outfit?
Do you think I look a bit
No, Scribbs, you look fine.
You look absolutely fine.
Well, actually
You look like a fungus.
The body's out the back.
A Sandra Foy, lived
here with her husband,
and we've got a witness.
Nice paint job.
I was at the front
door, ringing the bell,
but she probably couldn't
hear me because of the music.
She'd just been dancing at our club.
Which is?
Salsa Sensations.
It's in the high street.
I was just going to show
her my three inch Latins.
She was shouting
Let go, or, or something?
I heard a scream.
So I came around the side.
She was lying there.
[KATE] Did you see anyone else?
No, I don't think so.
Nothing at all?
Well maybe I, I
I'm not sure. I don't know.
What's going on?
Oh my God.
- Just keep back sir.
- That's my wife.
What's happened?
- Let me go!
- Stay calm.
Try and calm yourself down, sir.
No, no, take your time.
Can we take you home?
Oh no, it's fine. I called my friend.
Mary, we might need
to talk to you again.
Of course.
Perhaps you should sit down.
When I phoned her, she said
she'd been asked to take part
in a salsa competition.
That's why I got her the flowers.
Where have you been all evening?
All over the place.
Business meetings
Stuck in traffic most of the day.
Mr. Foy.
What's that on your arm?
So the husband's in the frame?
Well, there's scratches on his arms,
and there's no alibi,
and he's definitely
holding something back.
All we need is a confession.
There you go.
See, there's something about him.
He might look a bit
mean and moody, boss.
You alright, Scribbs?
He's what my mother would call, nice.
And nice men don't murder their wives?
Looks to me Like you've
got the case wrapped up.
I want a confession before lunch time.
Which is surprisingly very, very sexy.
So our medical examiner confirms
that you've got scratches to your arm,
cut behind your neck, and
contusions on both legs.
So the question is,
how did you get them?
Not from fighting my wife,
if that's what you think.
From where then?
Come on, John.
Right, where should we start?
I thought, here.
Ah, with the money he
owes on the credit cards.
Yes, interesting.
How many cards?
Seven. No, eight.
Owing a total of 50 grand.
Plus the 700K mortgage,
started six months ago,
already in arrears.
[KATE] So basically he's in debt.
[EMMA] Big time.
I've got plenty of money
in my travel business.
All I've gotta do is shift funds.
Just been too busy.
I see most of these cards
are in Sandra's name.
Well, she was obviously a big spender.
Did you argue about money?
Look, someone tried to grab my mobile,
whilst I was making a call.
There was a bit of a fight.
I was ashamed to mention
it before, because
Well, it was a kid.
I got jumped by a kid.
And when exactly did this happen?
We can check you were
on the phone at the time.
I I'd only just started to dial.
If there were witnesses,
your alibi is rock solid.
I just, wanted her to be happy.
I used to go salsa dancing.
Well do you remember DS
Garcia, from regional crime?
He was horrible.
Yes, I know, but the
salsa was fantastic.
Just close your eyes, Scribbs,
and imagine you're dancing.
You're dancing through the
empty mansions of Havana.
Does Havana have mansions?
That's the streets of Spanish Harlem,
in the arms of an adoring and
utterly gorgeous Che Guevara.
Ugh, I hate men with beards.
Are you Jez Hughes?
DI Ashurst, and this is DS Scribbins.
Do you own this club?
We understand you were
one of the last people
to see Sandra Foy alive?
She was here yesterday,
if that's what you mean.
It's, erm
It's a tragedy. It's
an absolute tragedy.
We were rehearsing for the competition.
Can you tell us who else was here?
Look, I I don't know how to say this.
I was gonna call you.
There's something you should know.
Is there someone we can talk?
Dom, it's the police.
He DJs our parties
and classes and stuff.
Oh, the world and his
wife want to salsa.
Just wish there was more money in it.
So you were saying about the
You've got to understand,
this is very difficult for me,
because what's happened to Sandra,
could be my fault.
Yesterday, when we were
rehearsing for the competition,
I told my dance partner, Felicity,
that I was ending it,
that I was entering the
competition with Sandra, instead.
I know, it was a terrible thing to do,
but if you'd seen Sandra,
oh, she was an amazing dancer.
She had everything.
I mean, Felicity's
good, but Sandra was
And how did the Felicity react?
She went ballistic.
Crazy. She tried to hit me.
She did hit me. Look.
And as she left, she
was screaming at Sandra,
and well, her exact words were,
I'm gonna kill the bitch.
Would you sack your dance partner
three days before a competition?
Oh, I'm not ruthless enough
for the world of salsa.
Unlike Jez Hughes.
He looked like he had something to hide.
Scribbs, all people with fake
tans have something to hide.
You're police.
And you think I had something to do
with what happened to Sandra Foy?
Well, to answer your
question, did I kill her?
Am I glad she's dead?
Have you got identification?
Don't bother.
Not going to offer you tea or coffee,
if you're going to be aggressive.
- Now you've probably heard
- Mrs Hendon
That I told Sandra I wanted to kill her.
Can we
If I can explain.
I danced with Jez for five
years, through thick and thin,
and what does he do?
Drops me.
For some little tart dressed
like a Brazilian hooker.
Mrs Ha
Looking for all the world
like she's never worn a
pair of knickers in her life.
Only been here four months,
and she was flirting with
every man in the club.
Mrs Hendon, can you stop
just for a moment, please?
Thank you.
I knew you'd be aggressive.
Don't eat the biscuits,
they're horrible.
So you went to the club,
thinking you were going
to rehearse with Jez?
He wanted to do a last
rehearsal before the competition.
Here, we came second last year.
You can see Jez is disappointed.
The difference is, you see,
I'm obsessed with dancing.
He's obsessed with winning.
Who's he?
Roberto, our coach.
The most gorgeous man alive.
We call him the Italian stallion.
Slept with Sandra.
Ask anyone.
So you went to the club yesterday,
and it was late afternoon?
They were all waiting.
Jez, Sandra, Roberto,
and in front of everyone,
Jez told me he didn't want
to dance with me anymore.
And so you hit him?
And I tried to hit her.
Did you follow her?
I sat in the car park crying,
and then I came straight home.
And I'll show you what I did.
I came in swearing at
the top of my voice,
effing and blinding.
I even used the C word.
I went this way.
See, I was so angry, I
dragged a picture off the wall.
I kicked that over.
I still haven't tidied up.
Threw a clock at the wall, look.
I know it's not the way a
grown woman should behave.
And I'm very sorry, Mrs Hendon,
but I think I've just lost my DS,
so I think I better go and find her.
I've got the giggles, I'm sorry.
She's looking. You're
absolutely hopeless.
What's the matter?
The clock.
All right, this isn't conclusive,
but Felicity said she came
straight back from the club,
which means she'd be home by
six o'clock, at the latest?
Well, when she wrecked her sitting room,
she smashed the clock.
It says quarter to seven.
She's 45 minutes later,
which might mean, she
didn't come straight back,
but followed Sandra home.
But the clock could have
been fast, or broken already,
or that small hand
could've been knocked,
when she smashed it.
All right, I said it was inconclusive.
Very observant though.
Not so hopeless.
Thank you.
We've had to release him.
Boss, but
The scratches didn't come from Sandra.
Her fingernails are clean.
Maybe you're right, maybe nice
men don't kill their wives.
It seems that our victim
had a criminal record.
Well kind of
In the last four years,
Sandra Foy received 27 parking tickets.
28, if you count the one she
got from the day she died.
Maybe she was killed by
delegation of traffic wardens?
[KATE] Let's see.
One through paint at her car,
while another shoved over the balcony.
So there's some speeding offences,
and she was disqualified twice.
I think you should go
and visit the salsa coach.
What was his name?
Roberto Dori.
Otherwise known as the Italian stallion.
Apparently he's one of the
most gorgeous men alive, boss.
Well, assuming you can keep
a clear head in his presence,
I suggest you talk to him
about his relationship with Sandra.
Find out whether they
were involved in anything
other than just peek-a-boo.
It's a salsa move, I think.
I was never sure which move was which,
but there was the
hammerlock, the peek-a-boo
And the cuddle, I think.
Ash, is Scribbs okay?
She, she seems different.
Well. I don't know.
I just, well, she looks a bit miserable.
I'll have a word.
The boss dancing?
I know, I can't see it.
I bet he's crap.
God, yeah.
Two left feet.
What's that?
It's the financial report
for Foy's travel business.
And according to my
considered financial analysis,
he's screwed.
So I suggest you go and see him,
and find out what he's hiding,
and whether he knew his
wife was having an affair.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna visit the dance coach.
Actually, why don't
you visit the husband,
and I'll visit the dance coach?
Scribbs, at this point in
time, when it comes to men,
you're all over the place.
This business with your clothes.
You're the one with a
weakness for Latin hunks.
Latin hunks with abundant chest hair.
DS Garcia?
I didn't go out with DS Garcia,
because he had abundant chest hair.
I went out with him
because he made me laugh.
You went out with him
because he made you warm.
How was she?
I hope you didn't tell
her I said anything.
I'm sure she has an alibi, hasn't she?
Well, we're looking into it.
Actually, Mr Hughes,
can you tell me, again,
what you were doing on the
night of Sandra's murder?
I was here, clearing up.
Show me, show me.
Bravo! Bravissimo!
Okay class, stop, stop.
Now, I want to see a local sideways,
styling, open out,
I want to see spins,
swivels, and crossover.
Let's go.
Five, six, seven.
It's okay, we all need it sometimes.
You dance the salsa?
Let's go.
Erm, I'm not here to dance actually.
I'm a police officer, and erm
I'd like to talk to you.
Tighter, nearer. Like this.
I'm sorry,
but I'm a police officer!
Okay class, that's it for tonight.
You should have said, huh?
I did try.
John Foy is unconscious.
Looks like a suicide attempt.
They're worried, they're
saying he's critical.
All right, Scribbs, stay with him.
Go to the hospital,
and I'll call you later.
Yeah, okay, bye.
Oh, thank you.
Come on, come on you can do it.
You've got to admit,
he's pretty impressive.
When her husband died,
she didn't wanna go out,
she didn't wanna do anything.
A friend made her take
one of Roberto's lessons.
She hasn't looked back.
What about Sandra?
I'm sorry Jez.
I'm sorry I hit you.
I overreacted.
I'm sorry.
Goodbye Roberto.
You could see, I tried.
I'm afraid to say,
this is probably the last
time we will see each other.
Sometimes, I can't
believe she's English.
Such passion.
And what about Sandra?
What about her?
Well, we've been told you
she were having an affair.
Then you've been told wrong.
I teach a lot to women, okay.
They a lot of them, a lot
to the time, come on to me.
But Sandra was the same,
she was always wanting me to call her.
And did you?
I come here to teach.
To earn my living, not pick up women.
You know, you dance very well,
but you are a
A little stiff.
You need to work on your arms, a bit.
You should join my class.
Use this to practise.
There's nothing wrong with my arms.
How'd it go?
You still here?
So how was the most gorgeous man alive?
Well, he was, he was quite
gorgeous, I suppose boss,
if, if you like that kind of thing.
Oh right.
What's the news on the husband?
He's conscious, stable, but
not fit to be interviewed.
But the paramedic said that
How much did you pay for
this image consultancy?
It's working.
I've been getting comments.
Scribbs, you've be getting comments
because people at work,
look at what you're wearing,
and think you're depressed or grieving.
So, what's this?
It's my swatch of permitted colours.
So you can wear sludge green.
A very nice sludge grey.
Basically, sludge.
Do you want to hear
about John Foy, or not?
Well, the paramedic said
that when he was in the ambulance,
he kept muttering a name, Carol.
So this is the CCTV footage
of the car parked by the club,
evening of the murder.
Oops, sorry.
Do we have suspects?
There's our victim.
With Jez Hughes.
He's leaving early.
And he told me he'd stayed behind.
What's she waiting for?
[EMMA] The Italian stallion.
He's the most gorgeous man alive, is he?
He said that Sandra
made advances to him,
which he ignored.
- Oh.
- Mm.
Then, he lied.
Let's see that again?
And this was what, 20, 30
minutes before she was killed?
Chase up the post mortem.
Find out if she was pregnant.
They're wrong.
They made a mistake.
John, pathologists don't
made that kind of mistake.
Was it his?
Was the baby his?
Who are you talking about?
Don't patronise me.
Don't pretend you don't know.
She had an affair,
with the Italian.
Was the baby his?
Why couldn't it be yours?
John, you keep lying to us,
about the business,
We hadn't slept together for months.
- So
- I want you to go.
I wish to God you'd never found me.
I understand how
difficult it must have been
when you found out your
wife was having an affair.
Serves me right.
I was too busy rushing
around Eastern Europe,
trying to save the business.
The Italian,
saw she was lonely, went after her.
But I forgave her.
Because I loved her.
Now can't you just accept
that, and get off my back?
I'd have done anything
for her, anything.
One other thing.
Who's Carol?
No idea.
You're gonna have to give
me a stronger lead Jez.
You're not following my signals.
We've made up.
Just for the competition.
The husband is lying.
He's angry.
Angry his wife was unfaithful, or
Oh, so you did sleep with her?
You, you are an attractive woman, right?
Men fancy you, and come
on to you all the time.
Because you are beautiful.
And I think
Bet at some point in your life,
you've been to bed
with a man for charity,
giving him what he wanted,
in the hope he go away.
So you're saying that
you slept with Sandra
as an act of charity?
Oh come on Roberto, it's on camera.
You're keen and she's not.
She was having your child, wasn't she?
Admit it.
Okay, I left the club at
the same time as the others,
'cause I was meeting someone.
My lips are sealed.
Is he married, Jez?
As if, no.
Let's just say he has a
very possessive boyfriend.
Well, we'll do everything
we can to be discreet.
He'll kill me. I know he will.
And it'll be your fault.
I'm afraid that's not
really good enough.
Well, I don't care.
I'm not giving you his
details, and I didn't kill her.
She was having my child,
and I wanted her to leave
her stupid rich husband,
and be with me,
but she wouldn't.
I was angry, yes, but
I would never hurt her.
I adored her.
You have evidence?
I killed her? Fine.
Arrest me.
[KATE] Have you ever slept
with a man out of charity?
[EMMA] You mean mercy sex?
[KATE] Yeah.
Probably. You?
Once, when I was a
student, I slept with a boy,
'cause his bike had been stolen.
To cheer him up?
I think so.
Some flowers today.
What did you get her?
[MARY] Some yellow roses.
[NICK] Oh, good.
Sorry, I think we might be early.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I said 12:30
This is Nick, a friend.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you mind if I get some fresh water,
for my husband's flowers?
No, of course not, there's no hurry.
[EMMA] Young.
[NICK] Yes.
So what happened?
Heart attack. Completely
out of the blue apparently.
They were childhood sweethearts.
I wish I'd have met him.
Everyone says he was an amazing guy.
She looks happy enough, but
[EMMA] She's not?
It's just to see if we
can jog your memory, Mary.
Are you sure you don't
want me to come with you?
Don't be silly, it'll be fine.
This is where I saw her
arrive home, and park her car.
And she went straight into the house?
She was still wearing her salsa dress.
She looked really happy.
Anything else?
No, not that I can think of.
I could hear the music.
And Sandra? You said you heard her.
She was shouting as if she was
Struggling with someone.
And then I
It's all right, Mary, it's okay.
Was it him?
Mary, was John Foy here?
Was John here when Sandra died?
I, I don't know.
I, I don't want stay here any longer.
I, I want to go.
He should be in hospital.
Where are you going?
Leave me alone.
You're not well enough to drive.
John, John, get out the car.
Armed police.
We're police.
- Back off.
- We're police!
Back off now!
Back off. Back off.
Both hands on top of the wheel.
Back off!
Step out of the vehicle.
Get down on the floor, now.
On the floor.
Look away from me. Spread
your hands away from your body.
Don't move unless I
tell you. Keep still.
Karel Ugarov.
An organised crime boss based in Latvia.
John Foy's been
laundering money for him.
When John's travel
business got into trouble,
Ugarov lent him money,
which he couldn't pay back.
So Ugarov had him beaten up,
and threatened to kill Sandra.
What do you think you're doing?
We're handing over to organised crime.
Yeah, boss,
this is our case and
all we need to do is
I'm sorry, Ash,
but Sandra's death had
nothing to do with salsa.
I need a coffee.
look, I know you haven't
seemed yourself, lately,
so this probably isn't
the time to lose a case,
but if you're getting
disillusioned with the job,
if you need to speak
to me, or a counsellor,
well, just let me know, okay?
[EMMA] They want the CCTV.
Well, they can come and get it.
Shut the door.
I, I just don't believe they killed her.
It doesn't fit Scribbs.
International criminals in suburbia.
They didn't even know Sandra.
That is the point of a hit man.
Well, there's enough people
here with a good motive.
She was an adulterous,
with an obsessive
compulsive spending disorder.
So, paint thrown over the car,
what does that say to you?
Messy. Chaotic.
No premeditation, spur of the moment.
Not the actions of a
professional assassin.
Could be the actions
of a clever assassin,
trying to make it look
like a crime of passion.
That would explain why there
are no prints on the car.
No, no, this was personal.
The killer knew Sandra,
I'm convinced it's
someone from the club.
Are you sure we're not
just trying to get one over
on organised crime?
What's that?
Can we enhance it?
You were right about the clock.
Felicity didn't leave before the others.
She waited.
Hi, looking for this boss?
Oh yeah. Thanks.
So, did anything else come up?
Oh no, no.
Just better leave it to the experts.
One, two, three.
Felicity, you're not
Don't, look tell me what I already know.
Just give me confidence, please.
Ah, who do you want
to speak to this time?
two three, positions please.
No, please.
We're on in about a
minute. You can't do this.
Wait till after the dance,
- please.
- Please.
two three, floors please.
It finally paid off.
You did really well.
I don't want to miss my dance.
Then you need to answer the question.
I've been through all this.
If you don't mind, I
You didn't go straight home.
I did.
two four, to the floor.
Come on!
You waited in the car park,
you waited for Sandra,
and then you followed
her home, didn't you?
The clock you smashed said 6:45,
and we know you were there.
He told you did he?
Look I was angry.
She'd been a complete cow.
She'd taken my place,
I wanted to hurt her.
I wanted to make her pay.
All I did was throw paint
over her stupid bloody car.
He can back me up. He saw me.
[KATE] Who saw you?
There was a man, a man watching.
A bald man, in a blue car.
have two four, two four
to the floor please.
When I do the basic
I'm sorry, er, excuse me.
Mary, we need to talk to
you about your friend, Nick.
[NICK] No, please come in.
Anything I can do to help.
[EMMA] Thanks.
[NICK] After you.
Nick we're still trying to
clarify people's movements,
on the evening of Sandra Foy's murder.
Now Mary said she called you
to pick her up from Harcourt Road,
after the police had
arrived, is that right?
But the thing is,
we have a witness, who said
she saw you in Harcourt Road
before the police arrived.
A witness saw you in Harcourt Road,
before the police arrived.
So what was your
relationship with Sandra Foy?
[EMMA] Was she a friend of yours?
[KATE] So what were you
doing outside her house.
Were you alone?
I thought you said you'd
never met Mary's husband?
[MARY] They're coming.
What did Nick tell you?
That most weeks he took
you to your salsa class,
and that one evening,
when he dropped you off in the car park,
he saw the girl who crippled him,
killed your husband.
[SANDRA] No. Why?
What's wrong?
It's her.
I just wanted to know why
she'd lost control of the car,
why she'd just driven
off, and left them.
They were walking along
the pavement, you see?
And she went into them.
She hit them from behind.
He'd only glimpsed her, just
as he'd lost consciousness.
And she'd got out of the car,
to look at them,
before she drove off.
And she was never traced.
Never seen again.
So on the evening Sandra died,
Nick drove you to Harcourt Road?
I just wanted to talk to her.
I just, I just wanted her to say, sorry,
but she wouldn't listen to me.
Why did you drive off?
You must have seen what you'd done.
Get out.
Oh, no. Get off me.
You killed my husband!
Ah, what are you doing?
What are you doing! Let go!
I kept thinking, how
can you be so happy?
You've destroyed our lives.
How dare you be so happy.
If I go to prison,
who will look after his grave?
You got the case back.
Well I'm sure John Foy
can still help them with their
fight against the Red Mafia.
It's much more important
than some petty little suburban murder.
What's this?
Oh, it's just a, an
old salsa CD I dug out.
Um, boss?
Just to answer your question,
there is a move called the cuddle.
Well, I might be little rusty.
Oh now he tells me.
Oh, sorry, the man has to lead.
Oh, no problem.
In fact, some people claim,
a little controversially I must admit,
that what women crave,
more than anything, is
Not bad.
That was great Ash, thanks.
No, no problem.
Well that's er..
That's that little confusion cleared up.
Yes, good.
He just wanted to know the difference
between a cuddle and a hammerlock.
You're a summer.
I'm a summer.
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