Murder in Suburbia (2004) s02e03 Episode Script

The Wedding

Well ♪
You know you make me wanna shout ♪
Look my hand's jumping, shout ♪
Look my heart's thumping, shout ♪
Throw my head back, shout ♪
Come on now, shout ♪
Don't forget to say you will, shout ♪
Yeah, don't forget to shout ♪
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪
Don't you two lovelies
make the lovely couple, huh?
Say you will, come on, come on ♪
Whoa, whoa, watch it!
Drink this. You'll feel better.
If I have a drink I'll have a cigarette.
Come on now, come
on now, come on now ♪
Go away.
We haven't danced yet.
Come on now, come on now ♪
Come on now, come on now ♪
Come on now, come on now ♪
Come on now, come on now ♪
Shout, well I feel alright ♪
[DJ] Okay, calling lovers everywhere.
Nuala and David, where are you?
Well, this one's just for you.
Ladies and gentlemen, the two people
so right for each other,
they knew it before they'd even met.
Wouldn't want one of
those with your chips.
To my grandchild. [LAUGHS]
At least we'll get a bit of peace now.
People always talk about ♪
All the things they're all about ♪
Write it on a piece of paper ♪
Got a feeling I'll see you later ♪
There's something about this ♪
Let's keep it moving ♪
And if it's good let's
just get something cooking ♪
'Cause I really wanna rock with you ♪
I'm feeling some connection
to the things you do ♪
You do, you do ♪
I don't know what it is ♪
That makes me feel like this ♪
I don't know who you are ♪
But you must be some
kind of superstar ♪
'Cause you got all eyes on you ♪
We'll have such a good time, Emma.
You just make me wanna play ♪
Baby take a look around ♪
Everybody's getting down ♪
Got a little surprise for you.
Me too.
My colleague, DI
Ashurst, Middleford CID.
What are you doing here?
Ruining her night by
the looks of things.
Unless, hang on, you
wouldn't be Jason Parker,
the male escort who preys on rich women
by drugging and then
robbing them, would you?
That was quite a performance.
Oh, well, you know, boss.
Well, I didn't think he'd believe
you were a lonely
woman desperate for sex,
but you absolutely had him fooled.
Had us all fooled, boss.
It was all almost as
if she wasn't acting.
Unfortunately, the
awards will have to wait.
We have an unfolding incident
on the other side of
Middleford, detectives required.
You might just want to
The glitter.
Seriously, I was
impressed, when he asked you
to choose between the whipped
cream and the chocolate,
I actually held my breath.
Yeah well, next time
you can wear the wire
and I'll hide.
Cheer up, Scribs,
we're off to a wedding.
And there's a dead body,
what more do you want?
I can't imagine a worse thing
happening on my wedding day.
Precisely the reason I'm
never getting married.
What, because there might be a murder?
No, because I might be the murderer.
Marriage is when we admit our
parents were right, Scribs,
never, ever forget that.
Nice marquee, though.
I wouldn't mind
something like this myself
come the big day.
Big tent, expensive and draughty.
Don't even think about it.
Do you wanna see this body now?
Bet you say that to all the girls.
Bloody tragedy.
All those fish.
There must be 20 koi in there at least.
Take it that's the cable?
Part of the feed for the marquee,
run off the main generator back there.
[KATE] Any way it
could've been an accident?
Only if it detached
itself, travelled 30 feet,
and jumped over that little wall.
[EMMA] Who found him?
I did.
Millicent Goodman, mother of the groom.
Which one of you is Ashurst?
I'm Detective Inspector Ashurst.
Well, what's all this nonsense
about my son and daughter-in-law
not being allowed to
go away on honeymoon?
I mean, we've booked them
two weeks in Honolulu.
The same hotel that Jack
Lord used to stay in.
Well, I'm very sorry, Mrs. Goodman,
but it's standard procedure,
until we've established
what happened here
no one leaves the country.
[EMMA] When did you discover the body?
Well, about five minutes
after the lights went off
and I came down here and
that's when I found him.
He wasn't exactly floating, but,
well, I would say it wasn't good.
Sorry to interrupt.
We seem to have lost the bride.
Get away from me!
- Take it easy!
- Hey, come on.
What happened to your face?
Just leave me alone!
I just wanna be on my own! David!
At my nephew's wedding
they had a Wurlitzer in the garden.
Something tells me
we've just topped that.
So, it was just a normal
family wedding then.
Well, apart from the murder, boss, yeah.
Well, in my experience most weddings
would benefit from a good murder.
Okay, give me the landscape,
starting with the victim.
Kieran Doyle, 52 years old,
father of the bride, Nuala, 25.
And what do we know about him?
Not much, he and Nuala
moved to Middleford
just over a year ago, they share a flat.
Bit of an abstainer by all accounts,
she worked in a sandwich shop,
he held court in the Black Bull.
Ah, a wide boy.
More of a chancer, boss,
good at the blarney.
I'm gonna check out their flat.
You know, I heard the other day
that the average wedding costs 25 grand,
that's enough to drive anyone to murder.
Okay, ladies.
In the words of the former
Mr. Coney, express yourselves.
What the hell's wrong with him?
Do you know what, Ash?
I think might be happy.
It's a feeling people get sometimes
when things are going well.
Oh yes, I remember that.
So, Kieran was in here very
early morning of the wedding.
Steadying his nerves?
No, borrowing the landlord's best suit.
Doesn't want it back, does he?
Look, Kieran had had a skinful
and the landlord had
to shove him in a cab
to the registry office.
So he turned up at his
daughter's wedding pissed?
It's nice, isn't it? It's classy.
I can see why they didn't
hold the reception here.
Doesn't look like Nuala's kind of place.
Well, apparently she never came in here.
Landlord never met her.
Any women in his life?
Only the blonde in the black skirt.
I never heard it called that before.
Sean O'Donoghue, summer of 95.
And what happened to him?
He took up the cloth.
His mammy was mighty proud.
Just go and check out
the flat, will you?
DS Scribbins. Who are you?
Alright, on your feet.
One punch?
One extremely lucky punch.
So there was money on the side
and jewellery in the drawer.
She wasn't trying to rob the place.
And this is the woman who beat you up?
She looks like a supply teacher.
She caught me off guard, alright?
One punch. It happens.
You want to hear them say
the words doctor or teacher.
Policewoman, even.
What you absolutely don't want to hear
is Nuala from the sandwich bar.
You don't approve?
Mother never approves.
If she's lucky she accepts.
She seems a lot better
today, much calmer. Oh.
[MILLICENT] The doctor's
given her some tablets?
Well, yeah, but she's strong,
she'll get through it.
Look, I
Please don't tell me you're
going to the shop now.
Just for a couple of hours,
just to make sure Kim's okay.
Sundays in suburbia, you
know, it's a busy time.
We will need to talk to you
at some point, Mr. Goodman.
Yeah, sure.
My wife will give you all the details.
There goes a man who's
turned being somewhere else
when you need him into
an absolute art form.
I know that it might
sound more than a little ♪
Crazy but I believe ♪
Have you ever hated a song so much
it makes your teeth hurt?
It's called rhetorical, dear.
I'll make us something to drink.
So you're absolutely sure?
She said no, okay?
Why are you giving her such a hard time?
Can you just let your wife answer?
No, I don't know her.
That looks painful.
How exactly did you
say it happened, again?
I tripped in the garden
when the lights went out.
How come it was just you and your dad
at the wedding, Nuala?
What happened to the rest
of your family and friends?
They're in Ireland,
we don't keep in touch.
What about your mum?
She's dead.
How did you get on with your father?
I loved him.
[DAVID] What is this?
[MILLICENT] I believe it's
called looking for a motive.
[DAVID] Mum.
She fled the scene,
when you're trying to
see it through their eyes.
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Enjoying? Let's see.
You're living in my house,
you're married to my son,
just for good luck
there's been a murder.
No, enjoying is not the word I'd use.
David, why don't you tell
your mother the good news?
Might cheer her up.
What good news?
I'm pregnant.
We were gonna tell you
when we got back from honeymoon.
And now I'm feeling really tired,
so if it's okay, I think
I'm gonna go and lie down.
Great work, mum, really, well done.
We've been going
through Kieran's finances
and he had 5,000 pounds
in his bank account
paid in last Tuesday,
which is quite a lot of money
for a waster with no job.
Win on the horses maybe? Maybe not.
Let me guess, recreation
of the crime scene.
I'm trying to put everyone
exactly where they were
when the lights went out.
So, according to what we know so far,
Nuala, our runaway bride,
was up at the house, fixing her hair.
A waiter spotted the nice but please
don't ever let me marry
anyone like him, David
in the garden, heading
towards the marquee.
And Darth Vader?
David's mother Millicent.
She was also heading
towards the marquee,
but from the opposite direction.
I knew I loved you
before I met you, boss.
It's Nuala and David's special song,
it's what was playing
when the lights went off.
[SULLIVAN] No, not one of my favourites,
how can you love someone
you haven't even met?
I think it's supposed to be poetic.
It's about the certainty of love.
Two people so right for each other
that nothing can ever keep them apart.
Visitor for you, sir, downstairs.
Okay, thanks.
That's her, kickboxing bitch.
At least we know why he's so
- Happy?
- Yeah, exactly.
Have you spoken to catering?
Maybe she's something to do with them.
No, we checked, she's not.
And Kieran?
Not according to Nuala.
Hi. Dad, paying in
and paying out, right?
Paying out. Paying in.
David, look, go home.
Be with Nuala, she's the
one who needs you now.
- Go on.
- Thanks.
Milly insisted he come into the shop,
do a couple of hours.
She thought it might help
take his mind off things, please.
Are you happy about your
son's marriage, Mr. Goodman?
Well, paid for it, didn't I?
And Kieran didn't contribute anything?
Only himself. Believe
me, it's more than enough.
Here we are.
Your wife isn't very
keen on Nuala, is she?
Well, she's not very keen on anyone.
I was just grateful he married a girl,
if you get my drift.
There was a time we weren't so sure.
In your statement, you said
you were in the summer house
when the lights went off.
Were you alone?
Hmm, just needed a couple of minutes
- to recuperate, so to speak.
Oh, sorry.
Yep? Ashurst.
Okay. Yeah, great, let's go.
Well, thanks for your time, Mr. Goodman.
I'm sure we'll be in touch again soon.
Well. Anything you need for help, I
- Thanks.
- You know that.
Thank you. Bye.
Recuperate? Never heard
it called that before.
- I know.
- Very quaint.
Well guess who paid Kieran
a check for 5,000 pounds
seven days before he died?
Curry takeaways for the ex-pats.
At least that was the idea,
but he couldn't raise the money.
I believe that we paid
the caterers to do this.
So you're saying it was
a loan, Mrs. Goodman?
A loan implies expectations
of getting it back.
That's very generous of you.
Generous and practical.
Meaning what, exactly?
Meaning Kieran in Magaluf
was preferable to Kieran in Middleford.
Keep to the plan, that's
what my father used to say.
No matter what they throw
at you, keep to the plan.
There was a wedding.
This is the cake, we're
keeping to the plan.
That's very interesting, Mrs. Goodman.
But please can you tell me
how Nuala felt about you
giving Kieran this money?
She wanted to see the back of him
as much as anyone.
I hope you haven't been taken in
by all this long face nonsense.
I'm seldom taken in by anything.
Translation, I am a suspect too?
Don't take it personally.
So you say you were
just outside the marquee
when the lights went out.
I was having what you might call
a Mexican standoff with myself.
I needed a cigarette,
but I'm trying to give up.
We found a cigarette with your prints
down by the pond.
I lost.
I went down there for a smoke
and that's how I found the body.
Share it with someone you love.
Trust me, you'll be amazed.
I think someone's been lying to me.
David came in every day.
Avocado and mozzarella.
He proposed right over there.
I don't think Detective
Sergeant Scribbins
is particularly interested
in hearing how we met, Nu.
Ah, actually I'm a sucker
for true love stories.
But I do have a couple of questions.
The bruise on your cheek, Nuala.
I told you, I tripped
when the lights went out.
See, the thing is we now have a guest
who remembers seeing you up at the house
with what looked like a cut lip
at least five minutes before that.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying whatever happened
happened before your father
died and not afterwards.
He hit her.
I saw him.
Is that true?
You saw?
I followed the two of
you out of the marquee
and you said something to him.
Next thing he lashed out.
I waited for Nuala to leave
and then I told him that if he ever
raised his hand to her
again, I'd kill him.
[NUALA] You should've told me.
Why'd he hit you, Nuala?
He was drunk.
He got like that sometimes.
So why'd you say you fell over?
Why are you making this so hard for her?
It's a murder
investigation, Mr. Goodman,
it's hard for everyone.
He was dead.
What difference does it make
if he was a bastard or not?
Well, I'd say on your wedding day,
it makes quite a bit of difference.
I told him I was pregnant.
He was old fashioned
about things like that.
He lost his temper,
it's just the way he was.
Something interesting?
Yeah, yeah she looks familiar,
but I don't know where from.
Nice car, by the way.
Your friend, very sporty.
Oh, well, it's all
happened very suddenly, Ash,
I don't wanna rush into anything.
No, no, of course not.
Obviously no rushing, absolutely.
So, Nuala says her dad was old fashioned
and I'm thinking somebody strict,
possibly even religious,
but everything we find out about him
completely contradicts that.
It all happened very
suddenly, that's what he said.
I can see the ceremony now.
On a tropical beach somewhere
and the sun's just beginning to set
and that sports car girl's
got some nice little
wild flowers in her hair.
Is she wearing a wedding dress?
No, it's a sarong.
But she looks fantastic just the same.
And what about music?
Oh, there's a steel band
and a choir of beautiful island children
singing "Love is All Around".
What about you, Ash?
You got a special song in mind?
You mean, apart from "The Road to Hell"?
Oh, shit, you've got a
whole list, haven't you?
"Teenage Kicks" as we walk up the aisle,
"Islands in the Stream"
as we exchange vows,
"We Could be Heroes" for our first dance
and "New York New York" when I leave.
So better be your cab.
And as for me,
I'm gonna contact one of
Jason Parker's colleagues
and book myself a night
of unadulterated bliss.
Whipped cream, chocolate,
I'm having it all.
500 pounds of complete
and utter debauchery,
forget love and marriage.
From now on it's male
prostitutes all the way.
Sorry it's so late,
but it just came to me.
Roxy Hill.
She attended a community
policing course six months ago.
Bit of a smart-arse,
but definitely no killer.
She's a private detective.
Thanks, boss. That's great.
Coming in for a drink, boss?
Well actually, I
Oh, come on, boss, if you
can marry a woman in a sarong
you can have a drink with us.
I have absolutely no idea
what she's talking about.
Another time, perhaps.
First off, a warning.
I'm in a truly horrible
mood this morning, Roxy,
so please think twice
before you say or do anything
that might piss me off, okay?
There's two of you. Should've guessed.
Let me see, you must be the blonde,
dizzy but at the same time
practical, down to earth one
and you're the dark, intense,
but ever so slightly neurotic one.
Just one question, who does the jokes?
We both do.
And you're nicked, by the way.
What were you doing
in Kieran Doyle's flat?
And don't say it wasn't
you because we know it was.
And being the dark and intense one,
I'd have to get all dark and intense.
And that would be a bad thing.
What happens if I decide
I don't wanna comment?
Well, that's your right, of course,
but considering this is
a murder investigation.
[KATE] You didn't know?
Someone decided to kill Kieran
at his daughter's wedding.
Still want to go down
the no comment route?
You are absolutely
gonna love this, boss.
Howard Goodman employed Roxy a month ago
to find out what she could
about Kieran and Nuala.
And as far as she's concerned,
she's still working for him.
And in the 48 hours
leading up to the wedding,
she spent the whole time
up in Kieran's hometown.
Talking to former neighbours,
checking out old haunts.
And just before she left,
she spent the morning
in the Office of Births
Deaths and Marriages.
And this is what she was after.
Just had them fax a copy through.
What is it?
It's a marriage certificate boss,
that's what they look like.
It seems that Nuala wasn't
Kieran's daughter at all.
She was his wife.
It was Kieran's idea.
He said David's family had money,
he said that no one
knew us in Middleford
so I could just pretend
he was my father.
And you agreed?
He said David's family would happily pay
rather than have the truth come out.
So the whole thing was a con
right from the start?
Yeah, but Kieran made
it sound okay somehow.
And what about David?
Or didn't he count?
I love David. That's the whole problem.
Kieran said pretend
but after a while, what I felt inside,
it wasn't pretending, it was real.
Did he know how you felt about David?
That you were in love with him?
He said I was just
feeling sorry for him.
That as soon as we got the money,
it would all go away
but I knew it wouldn't.
They didn't have orange
so I got you strawberry.
You like strawberry, don't you?
What's going on?
You gonna tell him or should we?
Tell me what?
I don't understand.
I'm so sorry, David.
And the baby's yours. I swear.
On my life, I swear.
It's bigamy, but it's not murder.
Yeah, but it's a motive for murder.
She had a fundamental change of heart,
Kieran didn't like it, goodbye Kieran.
The trouble is, killing Kieran
doesn't stop the truth from coming out.
If anything, it makes it more likely.
So, I suggest another conversation
with our two friends
from the summer house.
Good idea. Rattle 'em up a bit.
See what they say.
Boss, can I have a quick word?
It's about last night.
Actually, Ash, I have to be
Look, I don't know
exactly what you heard,
but I just want to put
the record straight.
I'd had a fair bit to drink
and when I said about, you know,
paying 500 pounds, I
was just messing around.
Well, what you do in your
spare time Ash, is
No, no, you don't understand,
I would never pay 500
pounds to a male prostitute.
I just wouldn't do it.
That isn't to say I'd pay less.
I wouldn't pay anything,
it was just a joke.
The whole thing, a stupid, stupid joke.
And I would never, never pay for sex
'cause I don't need to.
Full stop. Just wanted
to clear that up, really.
You knew about this, you
knew and said nothing.
What did you want me to say?
Stop the wedding would've
been a good start!
It's too late for that.
By the time she got here and told me
they were already married.
We could've called the police!
I mean, you arrest people for
things like that, don't you?
- Well
- There you are.
We could've had them
both thrown in jail.
To what end, Milly?
He loves her, why don't
you just accept it?
This is our son you're talking about.
Do you think I don't know that?
What do you think I've been
doing the last 25 years?
I don't need to imagine,
I know exactly what you've been doing.
It's always the same, isn't it?
It's always my fault.
Let me tell you something about our son.
You're the one who kept
him wrapped in cotton wool
all his life, and what
good has it done him?
He's hopeless.
Have you got any idea
how much he's cost us
since he came to work in the shop?
Stock not ordered, invoices lost.
I know he's not perfect
Not perfect?
That doesn't even begin to describe it,
he is a walking disaster!
For once in his life I wanted him
to think he'd done something right.
Is that such a terrible crime?
It's over. I've left her.
Thank goodness.
Appreciate the vote of confidence, dad.
Nice to know you
haven't lost faith in me.
Whose life are you gonna ruin next?
How long have you worked
for Howard Goodman, Kim?
About 15 years.
And how long have you
been sleeping with him?
My aunt had an affair with
her boss for seven years,
it was always the middle
button that was left undone.
So let's talk about the
summer house, shall we?
Well, it's just a
glorified shed, really.
I go there sometimes
when I'm feeling tense.
Ah, yes, to recuperate.
But when the lights went out,
you weren't alone were you, Mr. Goodman?
He was with Kim.
David's got one of his migraines,
have you got his tablets?
We have what you might
call an arrangement.
He only gets away with
it because I let him,
isn't that right, Howard?
So that just leaves you and David
outside the marquee when
the lights went off, then.
And dear Nuala, let's not forget her.
Don't worry, Mrs. Goodman,
I never forget anyone.
Howard said he'd leave her
as soon as David finished college.
And you believed him?
But I wanted to.
He's very romantic,
you know, underneath.
It's where his son gets it from.
At the wedding, every time
that silly song was played,
David would rush back and find Nuala
and they'd dance together.
Didn't matter where they were,
what they were doing.
Excuse me.
Goodman's Furniture.
Yes, Milly.
I don't know, exactly,
about 700 pounds, I think.
Yes, of course.
What time?
She wants money?
She treats this place as
her own private cash point.
[EMMA] I hope we're right about this.
Well, she rings up and
ask to borrow 700 pounds
from petty cash and doesn't
want her husband to know,
it's bound to be worth a shot.
We'll soon find out.
Alright, this is the fourth time
we've been round this roundabout,
either she doesn't
know where she's going
or she's on to us.
Just drop back a bit.
Do you wanna drive?
She's stopping.
No, she's not.
Do you think it's possible
this is how she actually drives?
Hang about, she's turning.
What's she waiting for?
Right, let's do it.
- Stop, police!
- No, no.
Where's mine? No!
Stop, police!
Ah, Milly I think you were fibbing
when you said you didn't
get on with Kieran.
This is you, isn't it?
I imagine moments like this
must make your job almost
worthwhile, Detective Inspector.
Well, they certainly help.
Just wait here.
Stop! Oi, oi!
[ROXY] It wasn't blackmail
if that's what you're thinking.
Now, why would we be thinking that?
Perhaps it's because you were trying
to sell Mrs. Goodman these?
I wasn't exactly trying to sell them.
DS Scribbins, do you get the feeling
that Roxy's lying to us again?
I get that feeling every
time she opens her mouth.
I'm assuming her husband
doesn't know about these.
Mr. Goodman employed me to
find out about Kieran's past,
not to spy on his wife.
These were just a byproduct.
Lucky old you.
But I never mentioned
money, she offered to pay.
Ask her, she'll tell you.
I was a good and faithful
wife for 27 years.
And then this dreadful man turns up
with his unspeakable daughter.
You never assimilate people like that.
The best you can ever
hope to do is absorb them.
Is that what you're doing
in these photographs, Mrs. Goodman?
Absorbing him?
You never felt the call of
the wild, Detective Sergeant?
27 years is a long time.
I won't say it was a moment of weakness.
It was a moment of total insanity.
But he was predatory like that.
He knew when people were
vulnerable and he pounced.
And how many times did he
pounce, exactly, Mrs. Goodman?
You think I'd make the
same mistake more than once?
So the 5,000 pounds had nothing to do
with curry takeaways for ex-pats,
it was just to keep him quiet.
Nuala says she saw you dancing with him.
She says you were clearly
incensed about something.
Nuala would never use the word incensed.
Pissed off, then.
I'd just seen my only son
married in a registry office
with plastic flowers
and a no confetti sign.
And now I was being
groped by the father,
apologies, the husband,
of his new bride,
so yes, I probably did
look a little pissed off.
But I think I had every
right to be, don't you?
That another rhetorical question?
Detective Chief Inspector Sullivan
has just entered the room,
interview suspended at 11:33.
What do you think?
One honeymoon outfit,
no longer required.
Detective Chief Inspector Sullivan
said you wanted to see us.
You're holding Nuala and my mother,
I want you to let them go.
Why should we do that?
Because they didn't kill him.
[KATE] How do you know?
Because I did.
Me, the walking disaster.
I killed him.
I told you, he was disturbing the fish.
And you don't think putting 10,000 volts
through the pond might
disturb them even more?
Do you have any idea how
serious this is, David?
You're confessing to a murder.
People think I'm a joke.
[EMMA] No one's calling you that.
Well, not to my face, maybe.
It's what you're all thinking.
Go ahead and charge me.
I've got nothing more
to say to either of you.
Three hours.
He's trying to protect
someone, isn't he?
Do you think?
Oh, you don't seriously
think that Nice But Dim
back there actually did this, do you?
Mm, electrocute himself, maybe, but.
I know you're gonna find
this hard to believe,
but I don't think he likes us.
Blame association syndrome.
Well, assuming you haven't just
made that up, I'm impressed.
What does it mean?
Well, when the messenger
keeps bringing you bad news
and there's nothing you can
do about that bad news
You shoot the messenger.
What we need now is someone
who he doesn't associate
with the investigation,
someone who can go back in there
and say everything we want them to say
and not get his back up.
And where exactly do we
find this glove puppet?
Look, if you force us to
go down this road with you,
then we will, but it won't help you.
And it won't help us, and
it certainly won't help
whomever it is you're trying to protect.
You didn't kill Kieran, David.
But I think maybe you
have an idea who did.
It wasn't Nuala.
Okay. But if it wasn't
Nuala, who was it?
Perhaps you don't know for sure.
Perhaps you just heard
something or saw something.
I hear you're gonna be a father.
Something I'd like to be one day.
A parent's job is to
protect their child.
Look, you have to think
of your child now, David.
Don't do something
that you'll both regret.
He's right. He's absolutely right.
Get your list of songs, Scribs,
we're off to a wedding.
Are you gonna tell us what's going on?
I thought it might be helpful
if we took another look
at what happened here
on Saturday night.
Well, this is ridiculous.
Just let them do their job.
Thank you.
So, Detective Chief
Inspector Sullivan here
is gonna stand in for DJ Jazzy T.
Now, the interesting thing about Jazzy
is that he tapes all his performances.
A little bit nerdy, I know,
but very useful as it allows us
to establish exactly what was playing
when the lights went out.
So, Nuala.
When the lights went out,
you were up in the house, is that right?
So, off you go, then.
And David, can you take
up your position, please?
Mrs. Goodman, you're
just outside the marquee.
And don't forget your cigarettes.
I hope this is worth it.
You've upset her now.
Nobody does that and
lives to tell the tale.
Let's see, shall we?
Mr. Goodman, you're in the summer house
with Kim, recuperating.
So what the hell am I doing here, then?
I told you, I left ages before then.
I've got a special job for you.
That's it.
All the way.
Bit further.
Nice, yeah.
Let's see what had just started to play
at 10:57 on Saturday night.
Jazzy T.
This one is just for Nuala and David.
Two people so right for each other,
they knew it before they'd even met.
For the fifth time that night,
Jazzy T plays their song.
Maybe it's intuition ♪
To David and Nuala, it's
like a call to prayer.
She hears it up in the house.
Outside he hears it too.
What was it you told DS Scribbins
about David and Nuala each
time this song was played?
I said it didn't matter where they were.
They'd rush back to be together.
It was their way of saying I love you.
And here comes David now, drawn back
by the song just as he was on the night.
So no doubt Nuala's on her way too.
And then of course, this happens.
So now everyone's exactly
where he or she was
when the lights went out.
But hang on a minute.
If you're still in here,
how can you be inside the marquee?
In your original statement
you said you struck a match
and Milly lit her cigarette
and that's when she made the remark
about getting some peace at last.
But how can you do that
if you're still in here?
Well, we must've left
just before the lights went out.
Let's start this again,
can everyone get back
to exactly where you were
when the lights went out?
Okay, so, Kim, you're here
with Mrs. Goodman and Mr. Goodman.
I was sat just over there.
That's not what you
said in your statement.
Or what you told us at the shop.
Did you leave the summer house together?
No, I left first, Kim followed
just a minute or so later.
So Mr. Goodman was already here
when you got back, is that right?
You don't seem too sure about that.
It's just I can't remember
exactly, that's all.
Kim got back here first.
But how did she get back here first
if you'd already left the summer house?
Well, maybe I made a mistake,
I mean, yeah, maybe she did leave first.
We're only talking about a minute.
No, Mr. Goodman, we're
talking about a murder.
[KATE] Which one was it, Kim?
Did you leave Howard
or did he leave you?
I'm not sure.
Well, I don't believe you.
He left first.
So why wasn't he in the
marquee when you got there?
He was.
He just said you got
back here before him.
You wouldn't be lying
to us, would you, Kim?
No, no, it's just you're confusing me.
We're confusing you? My head's spinning.
Where is he, Kim?
[KATE] Is he still in the summer house?
Or is he down at the
pond with Kieran Doyle?
He can't be in two
places at the same time.
[EMMA] So which one is it?
Just stop it!
Mr. Goodman?
Wouldn't you know, spent all that money
hiring a private
detective, she's too late.
Dad, don't say anything,
I've already told them it was me.
It's true, Mr. Goodman. David confessed.
Dad. Don't.
It's okay.
I begged him, Nuala.
I told him that you two
kids deserved a break.
I offered him money to go away,
but he just said he'd discuss his terms
when he had time to think.
What we're talking about here
is not so much a single payment
as a series of negotiations.
I have certain rights of ownership.
I want to see them honoured.
I've grown very fond
of your family, Howie.
Especially Milly.
That's a very obliging
wife you have there.
Very obliging indeed.
He told me a lot of things I
Didn't wanna hear.
Things that made me very angry.
He was laughing at us, Milly.
You and me, thought
we were one big joke.
He said he owned us
now and he could have
Anything he wanted.
I tried to walk away.
I tried.
And then I saw the
cable lying on the grass.
To my grandchild. [LAUGHS]
Something just snapped inside of me.
I did it for all of us.
I did it for all of us. [SOBS]
I'll pack you a few things.
Can I go now?
But next time we meet like
this, one of us dies, okay?
I see my future in an instant ♪
And there it goes, I think
I've found my best friend ♪
I still say it doesn't make any sense.
It probably does if you're in love.
More than a little crazy, but I ♪
You need to come and see this.
Well, it took a bit of haggling,
but I got there in the end.
You were after her car.
Well, like I said, it all
happened very suddenly,
but when you fall in
love, you fall in love.
And the previous owner?
Who? Oh.
Yeah, well between you and me, Ash,
she was a little bit shallow.
- So. Who wants a quick spin?
Well, I'm still up to
my eyes right now, boss.
Actually, I'm sort of
up to my eyes too, boss.
Okay, just me then.
It's alright.
Anyway, I'd look silly in a sarong.
Especially one wrapped around your neck.
Only kidding.
Me too.
I look great in a sarong.
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